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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: July 26th. 1998
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Oberon Alan Toubeaux - Hamtramck, Michigan
United States

"Where to start. It can be really depressing when you realize that clever Pagans can turn nearly an entire community against you especially when you know you did no wrong you merely QUESTIONED authority or those who feel they areits happenned to me but at some point you just have to keep on. those Pagans of true quality can see through the deceit. Like Wren Ive been in the craft for a long time-- late sixties. Ive always felt that those who truly are Wiccan or of the Wise can see with their heart. A persons body of work will stand up to the few whiney nay-sayers. But its the access that may be the problem.Thats why you have to keep on keeping on. In general I think it is most excellant what you are doing. As I have not read through all the commentary I would pose a question. Are you looking for people to bring such unresolvable conflicts our Witch Wars to this forum. Are you wanting to know of the fights what the issues are etc. I dont know for sure if that will help. I tend to believe because of my own experience that those who dont wish to resolve a situation will just feel you are making matters worse. dont know if I can continue to go there. On the other hand we run a newsletter based on the idea of comment and controversy. go figure Oberon httpgeocities.comsohocoffeehouse5710crowspage.html"

Date Posted: 7/8/98   Email:

Wolfhawk - Clintonville, Wisconsin
United States

"I have just starting reading the articles in Witch Wars so this comment has probably been made before. I agree with everything thathas been said as to what can be done to avoid Revolutionary changes in our community but in mentionomg our Core Values as Witches In our quest to become better understood by the Cowen Community We have given up one of our most basic Values. Secrecy. Everyone knows what witches are now and they want to become one of us. We have literally thrown open the doors of our Covens and let them enter. When we were still misunderstood and to a degree hunted we screened who we let into our trust and our Covens we looked harder at those that came to us for learning and searched them harder to find out what their true mettle was. Now with our desire to be more open about who we are we have practicully let in all and sundry. Is this a bad thing. To show the world that we are really on their side and make known who we are and what we do. Certainly not. But in throwing our doors open as wide as we have....we have failed to look at those we initiate into our Orders. It is taught that we should live in the world but live apart from it sort of a seperate but equal mentality.Should we be an exclusive club...maybe a little more than we have been.These are my thoughts. Good Day."

Date Posted: 7/17/98   Email:

Runing Wolf - Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
United States

"Seems to me that most self-proclaimed Pagans say that they are open minded but when it comes down to putting the words into actions they fall short of that ideal. I found this out when my wife and I were writting the ceremony for our marriage.I am Shaman and I got all sorts of flak for not being Wiccan. It was typically a matter of being allowed to write what was Wiccan and nothing of my own beliefs.While this bigorty is not a core belief in all Wiccans I found that the majority I encountered who were not even involved told me it was either teh Wiccan Way of the Highway. I have been on my Path for the past 15 almost a decade longer than anyone who was flamed me. Id expect that type of behavior from fundie Christians but not Pagans."

Date Posted: 7/21/98   Email:

Kristy - Lake George, New York
United States

"I feel that all paths are valid and we should be tolerant of others views as we ourselves wish to be tolerated by others of non-pagan views. They have burnt maimed and killed us for no other reason than our beliefs and thoughts. Have we become enough like them to attack our own kind and fragment the pagan community If we are fighting amongst ourselves how can we ever hope to be seen as a serious religious group. The thing that attracted me to witchcraft is that as we have no documented proof of what they did and there is none no matter what anyone says we can do our rituals as we feel is right and needed. which is more sensible than spending our time bickering about if they used 3 candles or 9 or how big the circle should be. this is a completely different time and we must bend as such. to protect ourselves and our future as a religion lets put aside our petty differences and grow up a little. Show tolerance for others as you would like in the regular community yourself instead of trying to be right.We must come together if we are to prevent the burning times from reoccuring and as human nature has not changed in the past 300-400 years we should be careful. Blessed be... and try to love all in heart as we are all sacred."

Date Posted: 7/21/98   Email:

Vicky. - Bangor.,

"It seems to me as a relative newcomer to this way of life that there is altogether to much talk and not enough action within the community. As someone who came out of the Broom Closet this year I was pleasantly surprised to find many people had a much better idea about Wicca and the Craft than I had imagined they would. Somehow the message IS getting through but while the folks State Side are increasing in numbers on a daily basis the amount of knowledge here in the UK is still slow to penetrate to all levels. In my own community the problem seems to be one of apathy more than anything else and as has been said so often in these Witch War pages its time to find some common ground.No one should imagine that just because were Pagans we should automatically agree. No one said that because were pagans everything should be all sweetness and light...but it seems to be becoming an increasingly prevelent idea within some communities. Everyone has suffered some kind of hurt in their lives...just the way things go I guess...BUT its only when we can freely exchange ideas without having to always be Politically Correct and Careful that were ever going to get our message across to each other. Real communication begins when ideas flow freely between people...when people put aside any feeling that someone is out to get them and listen to what is actually being said...because sometimes when we talk to people we say things that offend them...even when we have no intention of doing anything of the sort. So it seems to me that in some cases we need to get over the Im A Victim thing that were carrying round with us and just get round to dealing with issues of here and now. The Past belongs to the World but the future belongs to us. I cant remember who said that but its true. Brightest blessingsVicky."

Date Posted: 7/27/98   Email:

Lord Ausaret-HP - Huntington, New York
United States

"MM all. I believe that we as Witches Wiccans have to remember that we are Children of the Goddess and God. We are to respect all religious denominations and paths. Our Rede states An ye harm none do what you will. Back biting gossip etc. tears our very fabric apart. We as Witches should know what it feels like to be discriminated against. Why then do we do it to our Brothers and Sisters in the Craft. We need to practice what we teach. Remember that ALL PATHS lead to the same place as long as it is do for the good of all and harm to none. Blessed Be."

Date Posted: 7/28/98   Email:

Dayali - New York, New York
United States

"Witch Wars are not just about egos. It has alot to do with the baggae one s bring form whatever religious background one is escaping from. I see more going on here than just rumor and spitefullness. A type of Reformation is going on and there is a struggle for who will carry the title of The One true Way. You hear the phrase that you cant be witch if your not wiccan. This is the same as telling someone your cant be a doctor because your parent wasnt one. I lurk with great delight most of the time on several different NGs - I DO post when I feel like it. ALL foment rumor and deliberate dissention But for the most it is handled without the degeneration into flame wars. Why this group has such a hard time of I think bears quiet examinations on what we fear so much that rational thought goes right out the window."

Date Posted: 7/31/98   Email:

Melody - Amelia, Ohio
United States

"Well I believe that we are all to find our own paths. Age should not matter in this. What you feel and believe is just that...yours. I truley believe in Do what thou wilst and harm to none. I am so tired of all power mad and greedy ones trying to control others. It truely only shows how insecure they are. I think that personal accountability is good and never much payed mind to anymore. Everyone always wanting to blame something or someone else for their actions and thoughts. Well I will get off the soap box now. Merry part and blessed be."

Date Posted: 8/2/98   Email:

Traeonna Firemane - Toledo, Ohio
United States

"Is not it bad enough that mainstream belief systems are fighting with us. Do we really need to fight amongst ourselves too. I have found in the town I live in that some are more Witchy than others and I am not one of them...partially because I am a Fam Trad and most people where I live are Wiccan. But even within the Wiccan can be not Wiccan enough...and I think that is wrong. It is hard enough for some of us to be open about our spirituality as it is not always looked upon with a welcoming eye...but being turned away by people of basically the same beliefs just because they do not practice every single ritual you do or not in the same fashion. I have stayed out of the Witch Wars around here...and off the news at 11 PM. The more we fight amongst ourselves the more BAD publicity we get..."

Date Posted: 8/4/98   Email:

Joey Decker - Tracy, California
United States

"Personally I cant understand how the Witch Wars began. Isnt part ofWitchcraft being able to accept the practices of other ways as long asyou are both working for the same goal. The people that started the WitchWars remakably act the way Christians have acted for thousands of years.If we Witches are going to get the message across to people not of arereligion do think the talk of Witches waring with each other is going togive them a positive look upon us I mean we are all working for the samegoal here arent we Then why do we have to go and say somethingnegative about the way other people practice From what I have learnedabout being Pagan is that you should accept other religions and thier practicesas long as you are all trying to reach the same goal in the end. A way youshould look at this is two people live next door to each other. They bothwork at the same company. If your nieghbor drives any other way but yourway are you going to criticize him or her about it If you are a person whohas initiated on of these Witch Wars you should take a hard look at yourselfand ask yourself why everyone should follow what you say and practice.Remember not one religion aor practice is right for everybody in this world."

Date Posted: 8/4/98   Email:

Devorah Delaney - Vallecito, California
United States

"Im cant help but wonder why your coverage didnt include another aspect of the Witch Wars. Non-religious Witches verses religious Witches. Speaking as a non-religious Witch putting us in the position of outside looking in is the reason there is now an ongoing war between us. It is a battle over exclusion and the right to be recognized. Validated. Not brushed aside as though we dont exist. This could very well escalate to an extreme. I believe this matter should be addressed and resolved. Dont youEgnoring the problem wont make it go away. Just add more fuel to the fire. Im looking for a peaceful solution to a potential time bomb.I hope talking to you about this is a step in the right direction.Thank you for your time.Devorah Delaney"

Date Posted: 8/4/98   Email:

Mark Tamirisc Mimar Dagda Richards - Denver, Colorado
United States

"I LIVED THROUGH A WITCH WAR. First off Brightest Blessings and Bless it Be to all who read this my My first article here in THE WITCHES VOICE WITCH WARS. Brief Introduction my Name Is Mark Tamirisc Mimar Dagda Richards I am a Celtic Norse Shaman who has been a practicioner in Magick for 6 years and was always a Witch although until 6 years ago I did not know that I was blessed with the ability to do Magick. Six years ago I began to start to learn about Magick and how I could use it what different candles to use how incense can amplify a spell and make a place safe how music can reinforce what the spell is about. All new and I was nieve. I didnt believe there was such a thing as Black Magick that it was the creation of Hollywood and other religions looking for an excuse to make Witches the bad guys and gals. My ego blinded me from certain dangers that are very real and especially in the relationship I became involved in just in my first year as a newbee Witch. My shields were screaming at me outsiders and friends even my teacher were warning me but my ego and heart Kept me from the truth until I found myself fighting for my life and soul. This happened to me. I fell In love with someone who was a Black Magick user and there are different shades of Magick. Besides Black Magick there is Gray a neutral path a balancing point between the healing of all and thyself and defending oneself from attack. Then there is White Magick which is a total dedication to healing aloneThe woman I fell in love with made me feel wonderful but was out to control my life and take my soul. She did not believe in love and was going to prove to me that power and sex were the only realities. I was a true romantic with her wrote poems sent candies and flowers and included a little something special I amplified my feelings using love Magick. Bad move on my part . Love magick is to a degree a gray spell that could go to Black all depending upon intent. I thought my intent was clear to show this woman total and honest love. This is where Ego came into this is. For honestly I believed that If I showed this person honest love I could win her over and I was willing to prove that anyway at all including using magick. Didnt work. In part I now know that I brought this war on myself because I was new to Magick and thought gee Magick can solve any problem can change anything to what I want. I acted on impulse and then I found my mind being taken control of I found her everywhere and trying to break me and convince me that Sex and Power were the only reality. I didnt accept this and I didnt want to believe this was who she really was. I kept at it trying to win her over trying to bring out the person who was loviong and caring in her. But that would have meant that she would have lost all power and would have to accept that she had done terrible things in this life and the past. What could have ended immeditately after knowing the truth I didnt allow I believed love was so much stronger that I stayed in there and had to fight then to gain back my soul and my very freedom.

So my advice to those new in the Magickal community is this if your shields are warning you and you really see red around a person or in a situation then pull away and stay clear the physical and amotional pain and exhaustion of a Witch War is very heavy and costly. Costly because it takes time to regain your power and your identity worst of all it takes time to be able to trust again and Trust is one thing we witches must have. Our intent is always the key to the out come of our actions. If we intend to have power we will have it but there will be a heavy price. Yes we must follow our hearts as humans but we also must learn to accept the warning alerts and when we can avoid a war. Because sometimes love isnt enough to change a situation and sometimes MAGICK can bring on the opposite of the intent. It comes to the fact that not all wars start over power some start because of the heart and because love will blind us to dangers. I survived my first Witch War and I will always remember it. I will remember the lesson it taught me and I will move forward with my life. But this was my experience I hope it helps others avoid a similar situation. Bless it Be and Brightest Blessings to all"

Date Posted: 8/6/98   Email:

Shining Star - boston, Massachusetts
United States

"One of the 1st rules to live by - Observe without judgement- was long ago forgotten . It is because many of the thou shall laws were broken that the 10 thou shall nots became possible . If we could only let go of the many layers of bull around us and let love be the law ... We forget when we judge we allow ourself to be judged .A karma made by our own act . For me when a soul comes on too strong I wonder why they must make so much noise... the power of north teaches us silence A wisdom seemed missed by all those who judge others ..We must turn from the bad habits of the New Ways and return to the wisdoms of the Old.0"

Date Posted: 8/17/98   Email:

Robyn Lorgrath - Fresno, California
United States

"Unfortunately Witch Wars do exist and can be deadly. I am glad to see that the Witches Voice has a special section on this subject.I would also like to state that I find it extremely disturbing that some of the people who supposedly follow the Wiccan Rede harm none are violent against Christians in general. I am very good friends with a Christian and have never had any difficulties concerning our difference in philosophies.On my home page is a link to a Christian web page that contains many anti-Pagan comments. I feel it is important for Pagans to be knowledgeable of these sorts of pages and the Bible as well. We must learn that you cant always fight fire with fire. It only increases the destruction. To all spiritual people out there no matter what your path may be--blessed beRobyn Lorgrathhttpwww.freeyellow.commembers3gaiaindex.html"

Date Posted: 8/21/98   Email:

United States

"Blessed be and bright days. I have been involved with only two witch war this lifetime and i can tell you it hurts.people you trust and call friends know where to put the knife so to are right that they are most often caused from ego trouble. My personal way of dealing with this was to remove myself from the situation being unavailable to chat or quitting a job until the person either comes to their senses or doesnt. In the first case they didnt and in the second they are getting there. Keep your light shining with truth and in the goddesses love hoomaikai"

Date Posted: 8/23/98   Email: TWOPAGANS@WEBTV.NET
Cielia - Marion,

"Goddess I guess I have practiced alone to long. Can it be true that we attack each other this way We must guard ourselves on all fronts. It is a shame that some must skwable it in the ranks as well. We have our foot in the door of acceptance. It hurts to think a brother or sister would step on the other foot Goddess save us from ourselves"

Date Posted: 9/14/98   Email:

Lady Jessica - Ketchikan, Alaska
United States

"I have been actively involved in the Witchcraft and Wiccan community for many years and have helped to educate the public regarding the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding our faith. Perhaps in some instances I should have also directed my efforts toward the Witchcraft and Wiccan community itself. One of the comments that I share with the public comes from the 5th Century scholar named Symmachus. In his words he writes...We gaze up at the same stars. The universe encompasses us all. What does it matter therefore which practical system we adopt in our search for the truth. Not by one avenue only may we arrive at so tremendous a secret.More true words could not have been uttered. Yet within the Wiccan community we seem to have lost sight of these words. We perhaps feel they were intended solely for religious philosophies as a whole rather than also pertaining to secular understanding. In Wicca we have numerous sects. They are called traditions. One tradition may have numerous associated sects. These are commonly referred to as eclectic circles...yet it is not so much eclecticism as individual interpretation. We are all unique individuals. We share common interests yet we see things and interpret things within our own frame of consciousness. Were I to mention a cat you would know what I was talking about. However your understanding of the cat may differ from mine. You may feel a cat is a nuisance. Or you may feel that a cat is a furry creature that is a wonderful companion. Two different associations from the same cat. The same is true of our faith.Each person understands God and Goddess in their own way. It may be in a way that is not shared with another person. This by no means invalidates it. What is true for you may be true for another...but it may be a different understanding of that truth. Then again it may be blatantly false for another. Again this does not invalidate your truth or the truths of another.To paraphrase Symmachus We look upon the same stars and see them in a different light from one another. The universe encompasses us all but our understanding of it may be different from our neighbor. What does it matter therefore how we interpret that which is around us and within us in relation to another personal interpretation. What does it matter how we elect to honor that which has given us existence and life. Not by one tradition...not by one sect...not by one understanding...not by one coven...not by one circle...not by one interpretation...and not by one avenue only may we arrive at so tremendous a long as we walk along that avenue in love and in trust.Blessed beLady Jessica"

Date Posted: 9/14/98   Email:

NightFairy - jaxsonville, Florida
United States

"personally when anyone asks me if i am a witch i tell them with all my pride that i am. i dont care what people say about me. so many people judge things before they even think or know anything about it. i think its sad that alot of people dont even look into the matter of witchcraft before they judge it. most christians dont know any thing about it but what their Bible tells them which is that its dealing with the devil so most consider it evil the moment someone mentions. witchcraft is becoming a very popular religion so its becoming a threat to the popularity of the other religions. this may be a reason to the rejection of it. i think as long as we dont hassle other religions they shouldnt hassle us. we shouldnt compare the pasts of our religions or the people in the past of our religions. all that matters is the future of our religions. which hopefully will be a peaceful future."

Date Posted: 9/21/98   Email: nightfairy@mailexcite

Glowing Rainbow - Hpt, Virginia
United States

"As High Priestess of the Circle Of Isis I have learned that since the beginning of time to the end of time we will have witch wars. How we deal with it is not a easy solution. Even on the internet we are told by Bible thumpers we are going to BURN IN HELL. Webpages are made that are so far off its sad yet they remain. How can you help The internet is a powerful tool and you can make pages telling others about our craft and the hate groups we face each day"

Date Posted: 9/21/98   Email:

Aradia - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States

"I just finished reading your articles about witchwars. What an eyeopenning experience that was In my area we have no shortage of them. They are so discouraging. I have remained a solitary practitioner because I have yet to find a coven in my community that does not have some beef with another group or individual. I digress. My point is that your articles really enlightenned me. It seems entirely possible to get involved even if you are solitary even if you absolve yourself from specific wars.....because you can hold resentment of these wars in your spirit thus involving yourself in them through the negative energy you expend on them. This has given me a few good working on neutralizing or transmuting enrgy every time I think about or hear about these needless wars. Thankyou for talking about this. Your eright. We see nothing about this online...but it is always at the forefront in local communities. This has also forced me to look at othre reasons I have remained solitary reasons that I have let get overshadowed by this issue. KUDOS to you fine witches.... Bringing this issue to the forefront not only crystalizes the witchwar issue for what it is- a hinderance to inner growth as a harmonic community outer growth inwhich we will be recognized as a legitemate religion. But you wonderful witches also challenged the point solitaries have been making for years against covens...that a witchwar feeds on the energy EVERY witch who comes in contact with it give it. BRIGHT BLESSINGS MANY THANKS"

Date Posted: 9/21/98   Email:

Auntie Wren - New London, Connecticut
United States

"I have a hunch there may be a squirmish brewing. I am attempting to stay neutral. I understand both sides. Lack of communication youthful impatience and enthusiasim is running into wisened caution and conservatism. Im looking at the possiblity of Circle vs family. It all takes too much energy and gives me a headache. I guess Im just a hobbitish crone. Peace...good food...good company...happy discoveries along the path...this is joyful. Squabbles are counter productive. As much as I love working with others it was a lot less complicated as a solitary...I really appreciate the coverage. I was somewhat aware of disagreements between traditions...between covens...between individuals. There is someone who has rubbed my fur the wrong way. I file this under individual personality issues...maybe kind of office politics type games. It truly hadnt touched me until recently. I was beginning to feel as alone and isolated as I did when I first began my quest when the trouble began to brew here. Finding the Witch Wars offerings was as reassuring to me as discovering my sister had chosen a similar but had begun her quest years before I began mine. A touchstone. It is reassuring to know others have face similar situations...survived and are willing to offer suggestions. As usual my Lady has led me to a resource when I required it. I thank as always and bless you.Auntie Wren"

Date Posted: 9/27/98   Email:

Alder - Lake Mary, Florida
United States

"I have practiced most of the past seven years as a solitary. The brief time I spent with a group showed me a lot of bad politics and a couple of small wars. Reading these articles I realize the problem is far more wide spread. I also realize that working as a solitary can lead one into thinking of the future vision for wicca as being the future vision one might have for ones own personal growth. I agree that as individuals and as a group having a defined vision--however loose the definition--for our religion is imperative.We are in a time where more than just secrecy and survival need to be addressed. Thank you so much for discussing this very uncomfortable topic."

Date Posted: 9/29/98   Email:

Waric - witchita, Kansas
United States

"I am a solitary practitioner in the community a rather oxymoronic statement I suppose find it hard to understand why pagans as a whole would fight amongst themselves. I would be overjoyed to spend time with others who thought along the same lines I did even if it was only closely related. I am not a new-ager but I have no problem discussing matters with those who are I see no need to judge them for their choices of belief.The whole problem seems to me to stem from the ego its search for justification empowerment through subjegation sp of those who are different. Little more than a bigotry of religion like a methodist a baptist going at it. This is sheer lunacy ...LOL... blessed be.........."

Date Posted: 10/4/98   Email:

Catherine - Rochester, New York
United States

"It would appear as though even the open-minded Wiccan community is not immune to arguments and political b.s. And with such a diverse group of independent thinkers full of opinions and ideas it probably never will be. Through the articles presented here the authors have given the wiccan community an objective perspective as well as the tools to help them keep their cool during volatile situations. Surely a great service to everyone. Thanks."

Date Posted: 10/21/98   Email:

Vilishkis - Bonita Springs, Florida
United States

"You can never win an argument you can only lose a friend."

Date Posted: 10/21/98   Email:

Lady Vivianne Diana - New York, New York
United States

"My goddess What a relief to finally find a rationally minded group of bretherin at last. The bar has been raised.As a high priestess who has learned a survival lesson in an ego war living well IS the best revenge...cackle cackle I am truly heartened to have found your forum. The desert that is the lack of intelligence and intelect in the New York City Wiccan community has been disheartening. It is the usual story of people of low self-esteem thinking that this path of power will get them what they want or the control freaks who are vampires in disguise generally a large bunch of pscyho cases who need a whole lot of healing. There is too much at stake in this world we inhabit there are too many of us who are talented and powerful and wonderful who are NOT channeling righteous engery into IMHO important world issues. I believe its time to get real and start working on real stuff"

Date Posted: 11/11/98   Email:

Rev. Obdisian - Louisville, Kentucky
United States

"Its amazing how much mudslinging that two Christian candidates can accomplish during the course of an election campaign. If Jimmy the Body Ventura can get elected as governor of Minneapolis... then we should consider encouraging pagans to run for office next election year... who knows we just may get someone in office to make a good example to the rest of the world."

Date Posted: 11/11/98   Email:

Shanndarra Ravenswings - Oak Harbor, Washington
United States

"I wanted to thank those responsible for the articles on the Witch Wars. Personally I thought that we Witches were above such petty b.s. as in-fighting but I suppose we all are still human and thus such emotions are expected. It is good to know that through this type of forum we can learn from each others mistakes and build a stronger community for tomorrow. Like some of the other comments I have read I was involved in a conflict with another coven member. I would not call it a Witch War simply because I would not let it go that far. Although there were no rumors flying around our group I still knew what was going on and who started it. I found out later that the probable cause of the tension was due to a medical condition with that individual. I know we could have done more to help her had we as a coven been told of it. Unfortunately it was not diagnosed until after the coven split. So for all of you out there involved in conflicts or full-blown Witch Wars remember one key thing You need to TALK about the problems that you have BEFORE things spiral out of comtrol. If you cant trust your covenmates who can you trustTira pa gera gwen"

Date Posted: 11/14/98   Email:

BanSidhe - Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

"As a solitary Wiccan practicing from a famtrad foundation I have been able to avoid the brunt of the Witch Wars. However I am not unaffected entirely as I have watched dear friends become caught up ground down and spit out during political infighting among groups who really should know better. I am grieved that so many have allowed their egos to overcome their ethics and that the diversity that promised to be our salvation may in fact bring about our downfall.No other religion in the world offers so much freedom of expression and it would be a real shame if that offer became an empty promise. The practice of politics has no place in Wicca nor does dogma slavish obedience to some grand Poobah of a high priest or priestess nor the intimidation of newcomers by those who ought to know better. At the risk of drawing a barrage of friendly fire we begin to sound like the Baptists.Nuff said"

Date Posted: 11/14/98   Email:


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