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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: December 13th. 1998
Times Viewed: 11,241

Shining Woman - Lake Elsinore, California
United States

"Having followed the Witch Wars online and having been assaulted in some personally in recent years...I am more determined to stay solitary. I do not have to validate myself to others...Mother knows and to Her only do I answer. After 28 years as a witch...I have witnessed some pretty outrageous behavior and the rationales given are ludicrous. While I acknowledge difference of opinion is healthy and debates can be purposely harm another in words is just as destructive as physical injury. Egos must not enter in our faith and yet you hear my trad trad that...youre wrong...Im right...whats your lineage and degrees and yada yada yada.Well...excuse me. I was trained in the Old Religion where respect was granted to all. Where difference was acknowledged and explored. Discussions were lessons of life and each was allowed to gain what they could from them. And when necessary...apologies were made and accepted without fear of ridicule. Above intentional harm was done in word or action. What has happened over the particular this decade. Why are we so quick to judge when there should be no judgement. It is better to be silent than to create discord...something many people...pagan and nonpagan seem to have difficulty practicing. These Witch Wars dishonor not only us...but our Goddess and God.Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say Im a dreamer but Im not the only one. I hope someday youll join us and the World will live as One. Thank you John Lennon. I couldnt have said it better. Abundant Blessings to all who have taken the time to read this."

Date Posted: 5/14/99   Email:

SilverUrsa - Montgomery, Vermont
United States

"Merry Meet all these witch wars are disterbing in more ways than one. Iv been reading some of the other posts and everyone is so well spokenWe as Pagans Wiccans Witches are a communinty with in a community.Wer brothers and sisters under the Lord Lady. We should be standing up for eachother and supporting everyones view pointsnotjust our own. Walk in Love Light"

Date Posted: 5/20/99   Email:

Ravenwood - Chadron, Nebraska
United States

"It bugs the heck out of me to see people in the Pagan community fighting over diddly-squat stuff. I was part of a coven now Im a solitary and frankly I prefer it that way. I subscribe to a few different Pagan zines to keep in touch seems like the letters pages are people attacking the zine or the trad that produces the zine with the editors defending themselves from the onslaught. Stop it folks. The fundy fascists are getting louder and more of them are in political power. If we waste our energy over the piddly crap we may end up as guests of honor at Mr Quayles marshmallow roast. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. B*B* Ravenwood"

Date Posted: 5/20/99   Email:

Wolfe - Bremerton, Washington
United States

"I though that the standards for goodbad clergy wre well thought out and apporpriate for todays pagan community. Not only should solitaries and coven members have a good idea of what to expect from craft elders the elders themselves should constantly touch base with articles such as this to prove to themselves that they are providing for their covens in the best way that they can."

Date Posted: 5/25/99   Email:

Wolfe Rowanspear - Bremerton, Washington
United States

"After carefully reading all of the articles and comments currently attached to the Witch Wars section I must say that I am rather heartened by the wisdom and care for our greater community shown here. When those of us who are capable of illuminating these subjects with skill take the time and effort to do so our entire faith is enriched. I would personally like to thank each of the contributors for sharing thier keen insights with us. Blessed be."

Date Posted: 5/25/99   Email:

heather bukovsky - charlotte, North Carolina
United States

"First of all I have had it with witches and the likesaying that only a witch can make another witch. Thisis absurd to me since witches are not supposed to mockthose of other religions nor are they supposed to be mean spirited to others ofcourse this is only how I was raised. I feel that if we all stopped picking on each otherand started helping each other we would all be better off. Tome wicca is the best thing that has ever happened to me my life is more complete than ever however I do not feel the need to join a coven or have some priestess with a big ego tell me that Ican not be a witch until she has said so. I do not have anything against covens as a whole but I do have something against the oneswho feel the need to dominate the community boss people who wantto learn around and give wicca witchcraft and pagans a bad name.certainly this is not working for the good of all is it Witches atleast true witches I feel would not behave this way and certainlyneither would adults. As I said I have nothing against covens ortheir beliefs but when they act this way or when solitarys act this way it almost makes me ashamed to call myself witch."

Date Posted: 5/31/1999   Email: i do not have one this is not my computer

Graywalker Bobby Kearan - Louisville, Mississippi
United States

"With people in power such as Bob Barr now is a time that we the pagan community need to pull together and solidify our strength. Witch wars sap our strength and we need to get over it and get together. One saying I have heard a few times recently sums it up we hang together or we will HANG seperatly.In Peace and Spirit Be Graywalker"

Date Posted: 6/10/1999   Email:

Red Adder Wolf - West Palm Beach, Florida
United States

"THERE HAS BEGUN A LIGHT IN THE COMMUNITYLast year I put in a posting as Lady Shadow Wolf. Yes the name has changed and so has many things for myself in this past year. I have managed through WVOX to connect with a variety of individuals in my area that I could talk to and get more feedback from. If you had asked me last year this time I would have said NEVER IN A THOUSAND LIFETIMES would you have found me part of an active group or willing to start one again. Well I am eating those words and I am teneatiously starting a new ecclectic association in our area. The funny part is I think this time it will not invoke the nastiness that incurred.Nope not a new coven but an ecclectic network teaching arena. Covens small groups and individuals can join. I am nothing more than an administrator. I was asked by one of my past coven memebers if I was seeking power fame and falling back into the same old rut of many covens in our are. I gently reminded him with love and tenderness that if he recalled when accused of these things I voluntarily stepped down and stayed with the group until if fell apart. HE then asked what is the difference. Simple this is a network that I am good at it is a source for those who want to remain solitary to find teachers without the pressure to join an exclusive group. It will allow people to teach to others and others to teach to those who want to learn without pressure. I am merely doing the legwork to get it going. Myself and friends who prompted me to get my act back together after sebatical have been planning this for 9 months on paper. Our goal to cease as much of the warring in our communtiy as possible. It is tearing our area apart severely and we are hoping that what we consider many of us a last ditch effort to rescue the hopes of our community to bring peace to a long ending battle.He then asked Well what about ritual and other items such as that Simple if the want to do a mass ritual they will be forced to diplomatically work with each other. There are rules that no one person or coven may lead more than once in a year. Yes I had to put restrictions there are very intelligent and smart and well versed people out there but as in one of the articles read egos are not in check. If they want to be a memeber they must abide by the rules. And there arent that many.We hope to have our fisrt gathering of minds in the fall. I am nervous but I have support from those I never thought. We are hoping that if this can work it might be a modle to be used in other areas.We will have an online web site and anyone or group can join even if they are not in the state. I have gotten much of my support from a friend in Germany the Goddess doth worketh my lyfe in mysterious ways she does. This is one very nervous very tenatious Red Adder Wolf bitting her nails. And there are 10 of us yep I have people jumping into this with me and THEY came up with most of the ideas Asking for prayers and blessings. We are trying to keep this candle going before it gets completely snuffed out.Red Adder Wolf"

Date Posted: 6/13/1999   Email:

Shadowdancer - Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

"When I first began networking in the pagan community I attended some circles where this kind of thing was occurring. This was one of the main reasons I have chosen to remain solitary and rarely share my views with anyone. The issue of Witch Wars is one that needs to be discussed and I am pleased to see you taking a stand. I think that ultimately if everyone could just heed the Rede and the Rule of Three these situations would no longer occur. I am however a realist and I know that people make mistakes and do things without thinking. I believe that raising awareness and mediation is the key to curtailing these type of episodes. I also believe that one should make INFORMED DECISIONS or not bother making them at all. This is just another thing to add to the list of things which are easier said than done."

Date Posted: 6/16/1999   Email:

Stephanie Stanton - New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

"Most of us are thrilled when we meet Cowans who are Pagan Friendly. It occurs to me that the first step in being Pagan-friendly is being friendly to other Pagans. Personally I am thrilled when I see another local Pagan at the grocery bank etc. I kinda thought that the idea was were all in this together. At least that is the way it should be. During the Inquisition neighbor turned on neighbor family on family to the point that almost whole villages were wiped out. We need to learn and remember that history to make sure that we dont repeat it. Ive seen the Christian turf wars at the local abortion clinic. As an escort I saw the Catholics show up at 730 AM to protest only to leave at 900 AM when the fundamentalists showed up to protest. All of the escorts including a Christian escort thought it was hysterically funny. We dont need turf wars. If we truly believe that all the Gods are one and we truly believe that all the paths lead to one why do turf wars amongst Pagans exist If we are truly following the Rede where do witch wars exist in An Ye Harm None Do as Ye Will By the Goddess we need now more than ever to stick together respect each other and be truly ecstatic that other PagansWitches are out there. In my e-mail to Bob Barr I told him that we are everywhere we have been here since before the time of Christ and people like him will not get rid of us. They have burned us drowned us raped us drawn and quartered us but we are back because we have never left. And they had better get used to that. People like him are supposed to be our opposition. We are not supposed to be our opposition. So you know what It is time for witches to get over their egos which is what leads to witch wars. This is our time...lets make the most of it. GET OVER IT AND LETS GET TOGETHER UNIFY AND PRESENT A COMMON FACE. THE FACE OF THE WITCH. SHE IS BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND TERRIBLE. A FACE TO BE RECKONED WITH. Blessed Be Stephanie Stanton"

Date Posted: 6/17/1999   Email:

Scott - Parsippany, New Jersey
United States

"First let me thank TWV for allowing these issues to be addressed on there site. I am a solitary wiccan who has been contemplateing joining a Coven. I now feel more comfortable trying to find one and actually forming kind of an interview process to eliminate any covens that practice in a way that is not comfortable to me. Just as I interview jobs to see if I fit in there I now have some ammo with which to see if I fit into a Coven or not.I feel that any major decision in our lives needs to researched and the Positives and Negatives lined up side by side to see if it is good for us or not. As I tell my Nieces and Nephews if someone touches you or talks to you in a way that is not comfortable leave. I guess the important thing is to allow people to do what feels right and this is of course within reason. If it makes Chaos of the ritual then it maybe fine to disallow it. Lines must be drawn but these must be reasonable lines and we must be flexible. Final word of advice that my mentor told me and I use as a rule. It feels right to you and it harms no one else then thats the path for you. ThanksScott"

Date Posted: 6/17/1999   Email:

DNYSA - Ft. wayne, Indiana
United States

"Do even Pagans -open-minded individualists that we are- have boundaries that we feel should just not be crossedThis is a quote from the article by Steven Craig Hickman.The problem i have with it is this. If you decide its ok to draw lines then who gets to decide where they should be drawn You Me Or maybe the public The talk of morals disturbs me morals are personal choices should we judge other peoples If you disagree with how someone is conducting themselves why not just say i am uncomfortable with that personally and leave it at that Deciding who is being a good pagan and not trying to get power money or sex and who is frankly is no better then deciding you are an elder and leading people. You are guilty of what you are accusing other people of deciding what is right or wrong. Maybe fostering a better eviroment for equallity and peace would work better than accusing people of bad motives"

Date Posted: 6/20/1999   Email: DNYSA@AOL.COM

gyoko - Orangeville, Ontario

"I think these Witch wars are irritating but not the end of the world. I train in the martial arts and also compete in tournaments and the same thing happens with the different styles of karate. Everyone seems to think that their style is the best and all the others are wrong. I have even been given low scores by judges just because of who my sensei... karate I find that the best way to deal with this is to work around it. It is better to view other wiccan traditions as something that appeals more to its practitioners than to view them as different or wrong. Just because someone views something differently from you doesnt mean they are wrong. I think maybe a lot of Witch wars could be resolved if the practitioners of different covens tried to think this way. But then again thats just my opinion."


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