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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Witch Community Thoughts Page 11

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: April 30th. 2000
Times Viewed: 14,219

Morris - Jacksonville, Florida
United States

"Witch Wars are a natural consequence of the nature of our faith and I might add not necessarily unhealthy. Religiously ours is the biggest tent of all but even the largest tent must be made from a single cloth. As we come more into the public eye and meet more and more of our kind from all over the country we will inevitably have struggles over what is orthodox Wicca. To say there should be none is to accept and allow endless legions of wannabes and wackos until we become exactly what our detractors accuse us of being. . .an anchorless do your own thing pseudoreligion with no foundation or common values.But there is a difference between this legitimate quest for self definition as well as the condemnation of those that warp and abuse our faith and an unyielding Jihad so rigid and fierce that we strike out against legitimate and healthy denominational differences. The solution is to talk first of what we share then of what we dont. Let us first accept as a group our common ground and then not be afraid to speak out against that which goes against it. Let us pitch the tent then gather within."

Date Posted: 8/17/1999   Email:

Bloodrose - Orlando, Florida
United States

"Well to say I am surprised at this kinda of news in our religion would be a lie At the young age of 22 I have already seen enough in fighting and ego trips to make me cynicle towards anything in life. Just what is keeping all this burning In fighting ourselves or creating false faith just to battle we are in essence BURNING ourselves. Many of us at this time have to spend more time explaining to others who do not understand our faith or why we vary so much from witch to witch. This seems frighteningly close to the battles that rage within even the Christian church and its many factions. Our religion is about self and self fulfillment however it is not about battling each other for power. Leave such bragging contests for the BAR. Instead of fighting those of you who are try sharing with each other... together you may find something that neither of you had seen before and in the end we all get to party............"

Date Posted: 8/17/1999   Email:

Heather - ashland, Oregon
United States

"I was unwittingly the subject of a tug of war between witches in my small community when I first declared myself Wiccan a hereditary witch or Druid priestess of the fourth degree as she called herself wanted to become my mentor while two very softspoken and unassuming witches who owned an herb and book shop in the railroad district quietly offered me their thoughts and advice on Wicca based on their experiences. Needless to say I found the gung-ho disciple-seeking Druid priestess to be very elitist egocentric and off-putting while I naturally gravitated to the more balanced individuals. Frankly I think we all must find our own path and while we may not agree with this covens practice of the Great Rite in Truth or that covens practice involving spells they got off the Internet or the back of a blessed box of Crackerjacks we still MUST HONOR AND RESPECT THEIR BELIEFS AND TRADITIONS. Despite our differences and the discomfort we may feel knowing that our small spiritual minority is split into still more subgroups of belief I know that the only way to achieve balance is to recognize the validity of EVERY spiritual path. Including ugh Christianity. We may not like it but as Witches we must remember that WE ARE ONE. May the Lord and Lady bless your lives everyone"

Date Posted: 8/17/1999   Email:

Jason J. Blodgett-McDeavitt - Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

"Ive seen Witchwars tear apart communities sever friendships and cause good people good teachers of the Craft go underground. Power Money and Sex are all symptoms of these horrible events yet at the core of each of these is the Ego. The Craft has drawn many people who have wounded Egos for a number of reasons parental abuse of some sort which is extremely common in all layers of American society unhappy lives unsatisfactory jobs or relationships and the ever pervasive negative self-concept. We need to ask the question of what is drawing so many people to the Craft in the first place. Clearly Paganism is a very healing religion. First by offering a position of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust the Craft creates a safe space for an individual to explore their self-concept free in theory from fear of criticism and scorn by those closest to them. The High Priest High Priestess Elders and other members of a Coven or simliar folks in parallel systems such as Groves in Druidry and so forth are duty bound to represent the qualities of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Whether we like it or not the High Priest represents the Good Father archetype and the High Priestess the Good Mother. This is so in a healthy structure.We place wounded Egos into the Coven mixture or into a community scene. It is not unusual in counseling to find someone who has damage to lash out at those who are most likely able to provide help and healing. Thus someone who isnt ready to receive the healing love from the Lord and Lady is going to strike out at their representations in the HP and HPS. The persons Ego is damaged and the Ego will resist all and every attempt to fix it because its in a familiar situation. They will lash out at all potential authority figures in thier new religion in an attempt to put themselves as high up on the pecking order as possible. This is often very bizarre since many in the Craft community arent hierchally focused.This is of course the extreme example. The reality occurs at various levels. The Craft community is growing extremely fast. Unfortunately we lack much of the infrastructure needed for as many people as we have entering the community. I personally see a great need for Pagan and Pagan-friendly counselors and therapists who make themselves known to the Craft community. I am talking about trained professionals. There is certainly the need for spiritual counseling from Pagan clergy but many pagan clergy have little or no training in counseling. Peer counseling is very useful to a point as well.How many nasty Witch Wars could have been averted or at least reduced in potency if there was a trained mediator or if a Coven was able to enter into a Group Therapy process As a member of the Craft community for over 15 years and a counselor-in-training I feel that this is not a silver bullet for preventing the Wars but is a way to minimize their effect and hopefully prevent some pain in the community."

Date Posted: 8/17/1999   Email:

Lilith - Walnut Creek, California
United States

"It makes me really sad to see people fight. I can completely understand it though they are discussing passionate feelings. I have read alot of the opinions one the witchvox feedback pages and I dont agree with most of you. There is no need to push beliefs or even morals on people. If you dont want to debate pagans dont. But please dont tell other people how to act. Manners are nice but people dont have to use them. Morals are nice but not all people have them. And we being the good hearted pagans we claim to be dont need to push them on others."

Date Posted: 8/21/1999   Email:

Dianna - Honolulu, Hawaii
United States

"Hateful behavior from our own is a beautiful challenge. There will always be sharks in the sea and vultures in the air. There will be hornets at our ears and snakes underfoot. They are all a part of who we are in both life and faith. It may behoove us all to remember that destructive forces are a necessary part of our magical realm. It is easy to forget the the Goddess and God and all Their Forms are not always benevolent. Storms come. Tornados ravage and drought starves. These forces are sometimes our most powerful teachers. Our Brothers and Sisters are telling us something worth listening to. It is not their choices that effect reaction and change. It is our own. Let their selfishness instruct our investigation of and dedication to our Rede. Let their spite remind us of who we do not want to be. Let their manipulations remind us of the child in each of us who would stomp her feet and hold her breath to get her way. Let their offensive behavior be a challenge to us all to improve our own choices. Let their ugliness inspire us to seek out beauty. The battle is within ourselves and not in confrontation with others. All serve a purpose under the Great Mother and Great Father. See that purpose and decide for yourself what it all means."

Date Posted: 8/21/1999   Email:

David Sacred Wellhead coven - Cheltenham,

"I think there are two sources for our problems here1 were a hugely diverse group of people I hesitate to say community2 were nearly all individualists

Any group or community that tries to be too diverse is going to end up either being very loose or tearing itself appart - Ive seen this in the Gay Community on Newsgroups in the Fetish community - hell in every community Ive been inTo establish a community you need common roots ties ideas... you need to establish a set of rules a list of If youre one of us you must meet these criteria. But in a diverse group of people who decides what that list will be In the PaganWiccanOccult is it ever even possible to produce an inclusive list that isnt also dogmaticWe all have different views as to what it takes to be a pagan a Witch a Wiccan an Occultist Hell we even have differing oppinions on which of those terms we should use. Even within one of the Paths or Traditions each group will have its own views as to what it means to be a member of that Tradition. HOw more so wil those differences of oppinion be when you expand those groups to include all paths all traditions all countriesMaybe one of the causes of the Witch War phenomena is the very Community urge itself If you dont know about the activities of Coven X how can you disagree with them and thereby start a war Whilst I applaud the urge to meet and know and love again still I cant help but wonder that maybe there was Truth in those early Laws about being the Hidden Children of the Goddess and not knowing were another Coven meets at least we have these Laws in our own BOS as Alexandrian Wiccans - but thats Wicca and just mentioning that has probably raised several hackles already...David.HP Coven of the Sacred Wellhead"

Date Posted: 8/24/1999   Email:

Black Sage - Oak View, California
United States

"I personally am a beginner of witchcraft. And to my elders though I say this with the utmost respect I find your childish examples of personal hate and disreguard to others a major violation of the three folds law by witch all witches are supposed to live. It sadens me to know that those who I so highly respect and look up to are so manipulating the craft to satisfy there personal greed. I hope that for the sake of not only me but witches and Pegans all over the world they learn to compermise and live together in harmony and restore all of our impressions of them. They need to realize that they are letting black magik steal the Goddess inside them. Sincerly Black Sage"

Date Posted: 8/27/1999   Email:

mystraven - Sta. Maria, California
United States

"i have been a solitary and in the broom closet for quite awhile now.i have enjoyed my spiritual path and the growth incurred in such a walk. but for all the appreciation for the contributions of solitaries it is an extremely lonely walk. i find it very difficult to connect in realtime with other wiccans because when i do get the chance it seems every one of them has been a witch or a pagan for twenty years. its like twenty years is some kind of a benchmark number that separates the real followers from the newcomer of the old enough to know what it was like twenty years ago and truthfuly i dont think there was as many followers of the path then as there are authors today if you know what i tired of all the readings all the authors all the t.v. interviews that preach on and on about the blessings of miraculuos synchronicity that lead them to where they are now.......millionaires on t.v. meanwhile im in real pain and synchronicity feels like a rich kid conspiracy fostered upon the rest of us in order to keep us buying their products.i guess what im trying to say is that the conflict of humanity is always about ego vs spirit. let us all remember to...harm none and to act in perfect love and faith. towards ourselves each other and even the baptists-"

Date Posted: 8/27/1999   Email:

mystraven - Sta. Maria, California
United States

"sooooooooooo disheartening. soooooooooooooo human. i came from a background of fundamentalist christianity. i have seen this type of backbiting and soul stealing before. thank the goddess she appeared in my life to toss me a thread that would lead me to spiritual sanity. alas it is human nature to complicate the beautifully simple precepts of do what you will yet it harm noneperfect faith and perfect love. how can these terrible crimes against the sacred exist where there is such an ideal to live up to or is it that everyone else is so much more advanced in their walk that they have time to try to control the rest of us for me i am kept very busy trying to follow the path of spirit. path of beauty. and applying the above precepts to my own development. let us all become humble in the sight of the sacred. let us all follow the way of divine love. and greet each other with sincerity and grace. for if we are walking the way of truth it rests on our shoulders to serve as a guide to the rest of humanity. we must be up to the challenge of that task. blessed be.0"

Date Posted: 8/27/1999   Email: Skyqueenxx

iela - lebanon, Pennsylvania
United States

"I am very new at wicca. have only begun serious study in the past 2years or so. i know why i chose this path . because I can be a SOLITARY and not have a church telling me what to do at every turn. the witch wars sounds to me from what i have read to be alittle too much like the religious right and not enough like ... choice . freedom of religion. DO WHAT YOU WILL AND HARM YE NONE..... peace .blessed be."

Date Posted: 8/29/1999   Email:

Dana Corby - Tacoma, Washington
United States

"Two thoughtsFirst A few years ago my dear friend Bjoern put Witch Wars into perspective and in a nut shell -- sibling rivalry. Makes it all a lot less important and more normal doesnt it Every family has its fights and most of the time we grow heal make up and move on. Second There are occasions when for the good of the family in this case community a person must be warned against or even excluded. When a person has consistently shown a lack of theics andor respect for others when they are predatory either sexually or monitarily when they exert unhealthy control over their students -- all these are causes for community action. This too gets called a Witch War usually by the person being thus restrained from further harming the community. As a long time Elder in my community and Tradition I cannot let accusations of fomenting a Witch War deter me from acting in defense of my community nor should any of us. By the same token we had best be prepared to accept Threefold Return if we let our own ego issues lead us astray. Theres no such thing as turf."

Date Posted: 8/29/1999   Email:


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