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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: April 30th. 2000
Times Viewed: 11,923

stacy - jewett city, Connecticut
United States

"It is hard for me to understand how or why witches war. we are all entilted to our oppinions but when it goes so far as to hurt another we defeat our purpose. We as witches are always trying to convince others that we aer good. society has misunderstood us for so long and by warring this way we prove them right. We will never all agree but remember the circle is the key and when broken we will never achieve our goals"

Date Posted: 9/7/1999 Email:

Rowan - Cheboygan, Michigan
United States

"The natural path of any organism is evolution. When a revolution begins it never ends the way it was intended. You only get a mixture of what was and what is desired. There will always be those with power who abuse it. They will not go away and unfortunately they will always be heard first. Whether the rest of the community will silence them or let them ramble on is its own decision. And lets come right out with the truth of the matter at hand. In order to gain some type of firm structure you need a centralized group of people in control. This is the only way to let society know what we are and what our position is.And What is our new role now that we have been recognized This will be up to each group to determine. As it always has been. There can never or will ever be a central control on what a witch or group of Witches believe. In conclusion I will sit back and let the wind blow where it has always blown and I will watch the stars move on the same course they have always moved because in the end we will be herenot because of what we stand for but because our ways are the same as the ways of nature. And only those who live outside her ways will have reason to worry."

Date Posted: 9/7/1999 Email:

stephen yoakum - merriam, Kansas
United States

"Witch wars are a natural byproduct of a basic type of religious pathbecoming accepted.Witch wars happened before paganism became somewhat accepted into the mainstream.But as a religion growsso do differences. LIke christianity paganism has good peoplebad peopleand people who just want a good life.The only difference I see off the top is that pagans take a more aggressive ie.magical role in conflict with each other.The problem I have with these conflicts is that people automaticly think that they are pagan because they wield magic and ceremony.No one can totally avoid human conflict and religion shall always shall be a source of difference.Negative of me I know.But I believe that people should not use religion as an excuse for crappy behavior.If you want to show your path as the best path prove it by living by the philosphy instead of using it as an excuse.Just a few words for a simple-minded fool."

Date Posted: 9/9/1999 Email:

SilverSeeker - Simcoe, Ontario

"Merry Meet all..I cant believe what I am seeing. After all the troubles we have gone through in the centuries now this. I realize that we are all just humanbut for some reason I thought those of us who followed a Pagan pathaccepted everyone as who they are and not for what they could get. Simply because everywhere else in the world it exsits. I guess I am being very naive in believing in the thought that we must stick together more now than ever because alot of us are letting people in the community know what we are. I had mistakenly assummed that we all were on this path to express our love for life and all that it encounted. Not that life is easy by any means. I feel that I am on the Wiccan path because I wanted to accept others and life as they were. My sence of peace is totaly focused on the Goddess and my ablity to help others as a healer. I am deeply saddened by the road many of my Sisters and brothers have choosen to take. When the world is violent enough all we have to count on is ourselves. These Witch Wars sadden me greatly I feel we have let ourselves down in the greatest way posssible. Have we not learned from the burning times that we must always be united and accept other Wiccans as they are and not as we wish them to be.. SilverSeeker"

Date Posted: 9/20/1999 Email:

Tanya - Bronx, New York
United States

"Blessed BeI was involved in what I guess would be a witch war myself. I went to a certain website. You know to surf the net. And the creator of the website said that Wicca is used to describe male witches and Wica is used to describe female witches. Ive never heard of this. Witches I know including a couple who are well-known said that this wasnt true. Maybe it is but Ive always known for the word Wicca to represent the religion itself and its practioners. I tried to correct this person who is an elder by telling them that the most accepted way of using the word wicca is to describe the religion and its practioners. He said that I was very inexperienced and that I had a lack of knowledge He also said that my anger seems to mess up my spelling. Maybe just maybe I type fast and sometimes dont bother to make any corrections Maybe it was wrong to try to correct someone...I wasnt doing it to be a smarty pants or to be sarcastic. I just tried to explain to him that the way the word Wicca used by me was the most acceptable. I never said that he was totally stupid and didnt know anything until he insulted me. So like a fool I kept arguing with him. He then posted all of the email I sent him up on his website to make an example of me. His wife then got involved and agreed with me on the way I use the word. I heard that he took the email down but I dont know for certain because I havent been back to that website.Im afraid to go back for fear that my email may still be posted. But all of this over the word Wicca No no one way is right nor wrong. But I did try to inform him on what was more acceptable....mainly because I had never heard of the word used the way he used it. Ive always known it to be used in describing the religion and its practioners...ALWAYS.So now I say that to try to inform someone that they POSSIBLY could have made a mistake wasnt worth it. We try to inform people of who we really are and what we really do... that we are healers who protect and try to help mankind instead of hurting mankind. Anyone can have a website. Anyone can own their own domain. But its the type of information we display and how we display the information that counts. So because someone is older that says that they know everything That means that noone younger than you can correct you when youre wrong or teach you anything I dont think I know it all. I have too many problems of my own that I dont even have the answers to but I think that it is safe to assume that if everyone else including me say that the sky is blue and you have been taught that the sky is gray and I try to correct you or inform you otherwise that youve been taught incorrectly. And so this is how I got involved in a witch war. It wasnt worth it. Regardless of the fact that I thought that I was helping someone by informing them about something that is accepted and most definately used the word Wicca in the wiccan communityI got insulted and my email posted up for everyone to see It wasnt worth the energy. I think that it was a deal where he being the elder didnt want someone younger than him correcting him or trying to share some factual information.It wasnt meant as an insult. But if everyone in the wiccan community uses the word Wicca to describe the religion itself and the practioners then I will assume that I am correct...especially if this is the way it is constantly endlessly used by the wiccan community. It wasnt worth it. It just wasnt worth it.PS-I would like to send this bit of info to you guys in the hopes that you guys can help more people like me...what we can do to stop and fight thisThank you for reading this book of mine.Hey Wren I had a dream that I met you"

Date Posted: 9/20/1999 Email:

Les - Novi, Michigan
United States

"I dont see why we must have witch wars. Its stupid and not necessary. I really dont see where fighting over who has the right way will get us anywhere. Its a waste of time and effort. I really dont see why we cant just have our own ways and beliefs and leave it at that"

Date Posted: 9/26/1999 Email: ReMmy715@aol

Roger - Sandiego, California
United States

"Witch wars.Perhaps just another facet of the funniest joke in history. and the grimmest. It seems mankind and I do not mean specifically those possesed of Y chromosome has a truly wonderous ability to degrade harm and roundabout be the most horrible of enemies to itself. Speaking from an inhuman perspective I could and should probably say I do not find these events surprising. But I do. Here you have found this wondrous gift of MAGIC and a truly open minded spiritual path these two things everyone in the Pagan and Neopagan community share. And yet these like so many other things have been twisted into objects of war. You have been given so many many gifts. And all I have is time. Is Tolerance such a bad word It seems a little bit long to be an Anglo-Saxon MonoSylable... In a Universe of infinite possibilities what part of Everyone is Right is So hard to Grasp But what do I know Im not even human."

Date Posted: 9/27/1999 Email:

Samuel Selby - Auburn, Washington
United States

"Having been involved in Wicca now for the last nine years I have seen some really strange things. The worst that I have seen was a so-called High Priest using his position to get Sexual favors from his Female Coven members. He claimed that the only way a woman could become a Priestess was to do the Great Rite with him. I had already voiced my opinion that this was not an acceptable Tradition in Wicca and should be abandoned but this person refused to listen to softly voiced suggestions. When he decided to try his move out on my Wife I removed both my Wife and myself from his Coven. I am also sorry to say that I didnt quite follow the Wiccan Rede on this one. After me and my Wife left I went back and physically explained it to him. The last that I heard the coven disbanded and he was attempting to start a new one. As it stands I doubt that my Wife and I will ever join another Coven. We know that this isnt the standard Mode of Operation for 99 of the covens out there but our trust has been sorely tested and my motto is once bitten THRICE shy. One woman from that Coven has asked to join us in our Rituals. At this time we still havent given her a yay or nay. I am a little hesitant to allow this because it smacks of starting a Coven to me. My wife is all for it. She wants to start our own Coven. I would rather the woman practice as a Solitary. I have no problem about teaching her what I know and learning what she knows but I do have a problem about her joining us. Any advice If so E-Mail me at Sam Selby"

Date Posted: 10/6/1999 Email:

Arcana Myst - Atalla, Alabama
United States

"Reading some of these commentaries I realize what I have been doing wrong. I have fought against those of local Pagan communities alone with only me myself and I. And then I completely isolated myself from anyone. Any misconceptions and slander against my character I never attempted to clear up. And and the few occasions I emerged into the open to discuss issues somehow I came across offensive to others. I even became to be greatly feared because no one really knew where I stood in my beliefs. I was initiated as a witch in the late 1980s. At the time I was in California a progressive state in the areas of respecting anothers beliefs. A central state for alternative religions. The only problem I have ever had in gaining respect from others in California was from extreme fundalmentalist Christians my father mainly. But in the South it has always been other Pagans because I have strongly disagreed with them Issues I feel strongly about and I still feel self-righteous about are A. Witchcraft is a way of life not a hobby. It is a constant process of changing oneself and the world as a whole towards a constructive and POSITIVE future. The world doesnt need more chaos released. We do not need more Darkness or Shadows. Nature will provide the balance. I dont understand why people take the stance that they must provide the negative energy to the cosmos. I firmly believe that Wicca is a constuctive positive and creative way of life. It angers me to see it equated - by pagans - as something to be used destructively. B. Witchcraft teaches us how to manifest our visualizations into the physical reality. It is a process of becoming aware of how much control we actually have over our lives. I believe we need to become more aware of our thinking processes both consciously and subconsciously to prepare for the changes of the new age thats already in progress. It is not an easy endeavor or something that will happen instanteously. We as witches and pagans have an unique opportunity to have an extra edge over the mass populace in being prepared for the changes of as above so below. This needs to be understood somehow and used responsibly to honor the Source from which this Power comes. Dreams both in the forms of daydreaming and in deep sleep are in the process of becoming our reality. C. This point goes along with the last subject role-playing games. Gamers are often also professed pagans and vice-versa. In the recent years I have seen a greater growth of role-playing and card trading games taking over the Pagan Community. Is it only here in the South or is it wide-spread Especially Vampire the Masquerade. I have nothing against gaming I used to be an avid gamer myself. But I do have a problem when games take precedence over spiritual issues at a pagan gathering One Full Moon a group of pagans gathered together to celebrate with a big bonfire in the woods - not religiously but for an all night Vampire game Games have become obsessions and occupy these pagan minds even during normal daylight hours. Do these people really want to manifest becoming a vampire Is this what they want their reality to be My questions were rewarded with the community laughing at me for believing vampires were real D. Wicca is a nature based religion. Thats what drew me to Wicca to begin with. Several pagans out here do not think ecology is something to practice nor is it something to worry about. These people are college students for the most part. I dont know how ecology has come to be excluded from paganism. E. I believe that all gods and goddesses are One. I believe personally that all religions worship the same Source. My most optimistic vision is to see universal unity universal respect to others beliefs no matter what they are. The pagans I have spoken to here will accept all religions are One EXCEPT Chrisitianity. Why is Chrisitianity still the enemy Jesus taught essentially the same beliefs as Wicca. The problem is in the imperfect interpretations of Christianitys followers - yet no human is perfect. The only Law of Christianity is LOVE. The written Laws are stubbling blocks under their feet. Wiccas only Law is Harm None. Are we so very different from each other I dont think so. I believe we as witches need to set the example of respecting anothers beliefs including Chrisitianity. As humans we are all on this Earth together. We each have our place in reality. Everyone is important. F. I have a problem with too much 1st Chakra references ie sex and violence. When in public or an open Pagan Forum I dont think it is appropiate to discuss sex in lustful ways. Sex is something sacred to the gods and should be honored. This is a difficult issue and an inflamatory one. I just dont think it is appropiate to talk about how at a Pagan Gathering how much tent sharing goes on when presenting Wicca at a public forum especially when it is an area of the Bible Belt. G. And my last issue has to do with that Wicca is a life-affirming religion. Witches are to respect life in all aspects. Is it appropiate for a witch to express views that death and violence is the solution to the problems in society In other words should those who claim to be witches or pagans express the view of He deserves to die a horrible death The crime does not matter. Sometimes it is as minor as a person pulling out in front of them in traffic. Is this a way a witch should conduct themself in their manifesting thoughts and spoken words These are the issues I have engaged in War with other witches about. After these debates usually in public forums at Auburn University or in restaurants I have felt ashamed to be associated with these people who claimed to be pagan. I believe witches and pagans have a responsibility to be aware of how they conduct themselves in public especially in a Christian majority community. I was ridiculed by other pagans for engaging in volunteer services in the community - charity is strictly a Christian concept according to them. I believe we should honor those witches who have worked hard to make Wicca a respected and an accepted religion. When I dedicated my life to the Goddess I made the choice based on some very deep core beliefs that Wicca was a constructive creative life-affirming positive nature-based religion. And that Wicca did not require a person to give up their previous religious beliefs like other religions did. If Wicca no longer encompasses these beliefs then it has changed greatly from the religion I dedicated myself to over 12 years ago. Was I wrong to challenge others who professed otherwise and who were making a public display their own concept of Paganism to a largely Christian audiance Thank you for allowing to express my views. Please feel free to comment."

Date Posted: 10/7/1999 Email:


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