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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Witch Community Thoughts Page 15

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: April 30th. 2000
Times Viewed: 12,599

Morgan StarDancer - Marysville, California
United States

"Witch Wars... Hmmm... What is the point dont we try to tell gung-ho Christian Bible-thumpers that we each have the right to believe and practice religion as we see fit I think that we need to take our own advice and quit fighting. It is senseless for us to think about who is right and who isnt. I think there are more important issues to deal with... like raising our families or helping those that want to come out of the broom closet but dont know how to.I know this is kind of short... but I dont know what else to say...Brightest of Blessings to allMorgan StarDancer"

Date Posted: 12/24/1999   Email:

Dragon Dreamer - Arlington, Virginia
United States

"Alot of pagans out there dont seem to realize that while we are fighting with each other we are all saying the same thing. If we would all take a step back and look at what we are saying as a third party would see it we will solve alot of the problems that we are having.Also where is the room for the hatred and jealousy that is fueling the witch wars. There are so many things going on in the world and in our lives that are so much more important that there is no reason to waste our time on hate. It takes up to much of our energy to hate so much.Blessed Be You And Yours"

Date Posted: 12/24/1999   Email:

starr - somewherein, New York
United States

"Unlike many pagan sights this is one of the most intelligent sites I have found. I cannot express how nice it is to go and see people who know what are true values are. Our circle is trying to achieve our goals some personal and some group. I have to say thier are many inspirational words and pages on this web site. It gives me hope that more pagans will see that they are not alone. I hope this page lasts a very long time. Blessed Be. Monn_daughter_Starr"

Date Posted: 12/26/1999   Email:

nemeton - louisville, Kentucky
United States

"as a solitary wiccan i have fortunately been spared involvement in any war witch or otherwise. so perhaps i am not qualified to speak but i feel that i must at least share my dismay. one of the reasons i originally was drawn to wicca was the tolerance of other spiritual paths with the understanding that all beings choose a path according to their karmic evolvement and needs. i simply cant imagine witches passing judgement on others as we are the target ourselves of religious intolerance and pursecution. all paths lead ultimately to the divine only the routes are different. to my fellow wiccans i can only say Please stop the warring amoung ourselvesremember that we all serve the lord and lady and we all have things to teach one another. rejoice that we have the freedom to follow the tradition the speaks to our hearts. blessings .Nemeton"

Date Posted: 12/26/1999   Email:

Vescia - St. Peter, Minnesota
United States

"Thank you to all of the authors especially Craig for the time and energy spent on this topic. As one who has been out in the community for nearly a decade solitary for a period before then and semi-solitary now it has never ceased to amaze me how little stock some including elders put into the words and meaning of in perfect love and perfect trust. The truth of the matter is that there are not very many who walk the walk. Unfortunately there are just as many that dont but believe that they do. As the recipient of malicious backbiting I have discovered one thing people that abuse power are afraid of those who with true power. In my experiences with the Goddess and the God along with power one is given responsibilityaccountability for hisher actions. I believe that this shows up in our everyday lives. How we live and whether or not we prosper is a direct manifestation of whether we live in perfect love and perfect trust. Through the years I have watched the mundane lives of those who defamed me go steadily downhill. There is no need for me to retaliate the Goddess takes care of Her own. My wish for these coming years is that we all learn to be accepting and tolerant of other views--that we learn openly from each other rather than simply negating something because it cannot be found in a book. The GoddessGod teach us in many different ways and in turn we teach others. We are in a time where our right to worship is seriously being attacked now is a time for unity not division.Walk in WisdomVescia of Annwvyn"

Date Posted: 12/27/1999   Email:

Wolf - Springville, New York
United States

" I see it we as witches have the abilitiy to *make or break* a novice with a simple word. Since 95 of children who are interested in Paganism andor witchcraft are interested due to television and movies we need to be polite and upfront about how the *real* witchcraft stands apart from the make believe witchcraft.Now granted everyone has something to say. And the many regs I have seen online lately on AOL have shown very little patience with these teenie bopper witch wannabes. Yes it is hard to sort out the playgans from the pagans with all the terminology loose on the TV today but we still have to be polite. It will not *kill* us to be nice to the person throwing the biggest rocks. But to stand and curse with each hit adding fuel to the fire with our own words..come on time to stop and think.In general...there are more Christians then Pagans out of the closet. You can stomp your feet yell scream until you are blue in the face but until you tell the Christians what and who you are and what you represent they will NEVER listen to or attempt to comprehend you or us.Talk softly and carry NO stick. show them open arms of understanding and NO prejudice on OUR part. Their religion is just as valid as OUR beliefs why argue about it Show them that you are further along on your path by NOT arguing or cursing or berating them. If they wish to poke fun torment torture crucify..let them. Remember this always Death for the Pagan is another journey. Another lifetime another chance. Death for the Christian is a choice of *Heaven* or *Hell*. They just dont realize that their Hell is being born again as a Pagan to live thru the torment torture and crucifictions that we endure now. Everything that goes around comes around.....and sometimes it takes death to realize it.These are just my opinions. Try not to get bent out of shape over them and see the humor. IF you can see beyond the eternal torment of the Pagan community then see the eternal beauty of the pagan lifestyle. Look past the hateful people and see the open arms of the Pagans welcoming you home.Merry partings and be blessed Wolf"

Date Posted: 12/27/1999   Email:

Willowdancer - Boone, North Carolina
United States

"This is section is most useful. As a fledgling Wiccan I decided to join a local coven in my area. However lately Ive come to a rude awakening of how corrupt this group is. The leaders are very self-centered and make decisions on what the group will do without consensus from all of us. They also bad-mouthed other Wiccan covens and coven members that have moved on. I have now separated myself from them and feel freedom to practice my own traditions. Even though the coven was useful in gaining information it still was not a real coven in that the energy didnt all flow together."

Date Posted: 12/31/1999   Email:

David - Detroit, Michigan
United States

"I Was in a War I won . I did not fight what would that prove.It takes two Armies to make a war.The Old Ones Know. Karma fights for you.LOL Dave"

Date Posted: 1/4/2000   Email:

darkstar - sarasota, Florida
United States

"great coverage and very informative and helpful to me. thank you"

Date Posted: 1/4/2000   Email:

Kaylin - Baltimore, Maryland
United States

"Hi EverybodyI think it is good to talk about Witch wars. Clarity happens when the subject is brought to the light of day. The old saying still holds true--United we stand Divided we fall. As long as we continue to honor each other it makes no difference what religion we are. If we stand united as Pagans we will present a very powerful force. If we can be convinced to fight within our ranks we can be defeated because we are too busy fighting ourselves.My personal opinion is that it makes no difference what path we take to Spirit as long as we go.Traditions are merely different flavors of a marvelous feast. Taste everything on the smorgasbord and choose what suits you best. No one way is perfect for all of us. Thank the GoddessSo says Kaylin"

Date Posted: 1/4/2000   Email:

JOANNA HAUTIN-MAYER - Denver, Colorado
United States

"After having considered the whole ugly issue of Witch Wars and after having read and digested the many views expressed in this forum I am sad to say that all in all this sort of thing is bound to continue. Wiccans in general are still unable to honestly establish genuine moral systems so long as we insist that all things are true valid and real. All thinks are NOT True or Valid or Real and until we are willing to realize this basic fact....politically incorrect though it may be....We cannot expect to free ourselves of the bitter and nasty elements of Witch Wars. This is not to suggest that Lady X is always right or that Lord Y is always wrong. Far from it. Although we can all make nice pithy remarks about how BAD Witch Wars are....unless we are willing to actually establish a stronger ethical base than the so often quoted Rede...then this religion is pretty well doomed to remain nothing more than a feel good self help club full of gossips and cliques."

Date Posted: 1/11/2000   Email:

rev.lady armida hps - new york city,

"merry meet i truly belive that we should have a coven of eldersabove reproach for witches to go to when in time of need. i started in the seventys and theere was no one but thanks to the new age of coming together i just discovered this night its awful to be tormented by alleged elders and their followers they can destroy you and it seems as though you must bow to them or your black balled and you thank the goddess and her consort that you gather the strenth to fight to stay alive . dont permit yourself to bow to no one because they claim to have the keys to the kingdom only the gods have them witchcrafte has become in some places a trial of thirteen but not of our peers mine being elders i want to be judged by them as long as they are not the ones i found. what the goddess puts together will stand what an alleged elder told me one time in new york when confronted about abusing a stranger who had come for helpwho are they going to belive a perfect stranger or me yes elders carry power but for all the wrong reasons seems to be the rule here. thank the goddess for this page to let out my thoughts this night i feel that the lady will reach my real brothers and sisters of the crafte. in the service of the lord and lady.rev.lady armida hps. merry part"

Date Posted: 1/24/2000   Email: morgana131313

barry r. vronay - homewood, Illinois
United States

"blessed be brothers and sisters in magical circles in my area they call me skyeyes. the world is shrinking. we can no longer afford to have prejudices mis conceptions and stereotypes domonating our thinking. the hallmark of living the magical life is highlighted by a mind that is truly open and non-judgemental. the wiccan rede is what i live my life by do what thou wilt and it harm none. this automatically means non predjudiced thinking the fostering of it.pagans have friends like myself but they need MOREfriends hopefully the day will be here quickerr than we think-when all pagan brothers and sisters will be free of fear and predjudice. in a world where slavery has been abolished afro americans freed women given equal rights with men this i know in my heart will happen blessed be and live free and hope barry aka skyeyes"

Date Posted: 1/30/2000   Email:


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