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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Witch Community Thoughts Page 17

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: April 30th. 2000
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Lynda Abbott - Newark, Ohio
United States

"I have seen these Witch wars and it bothers me a great deal. I have always felt in my mind to get to the place we all long to be on this plane we must have understanding and love. If you do not have these you have layed the stone to block your journey. This journey has no name and no religion.

We can go back as far as man has walked the earth to see we as people have fought over differences. Today turn on the tv and see wars raging over religioncolor sexual preferences. We as witches or wiccans what ever tradition we are thought we are different then the organized religions we left or fled from. Now look and see what we are becoming they very thing we had contempt for.

Let us stop for a minute and think not what it does to the other person but how it affects us if we hate. Feel that anger for just one minute does it feel good Can you sit with that hate in our heart and walk with the goddess At the same time does she hear your light or feel your rage. Hate of any kind is a wasteful emotion it hurts us much more that it can ever hurt others.

Now what others do or say does this really have any baring on what you are or how you practice Only if you let it and dwell on it. Do you feel they are winging negative energy your way as you yourself have the contempt in your heart If so you are validating their energy.

Let us as a comminity concentrate on what we are trying to acheive and let the others do the same. Let us ignore the differences and celebrate the the common goal. Open yourself up and hear the differences you dont have to agree with it just understand it.

Oh I have heard they are doing harming magick let them be and they will fall to their own devices do not join in with the negative engery let it be...Live and Let Live We can not control what others do or say we can only be true and responsible for ourselfs.

As i see things its not the religion be it wiccan christian muslim ect its the light and love in the person. Does this relgion or belief make these people loving understanding open beings Then it is right for them. They have found what they need to make them better people and so have I Live and let live Dont lay the stone to block your journey move it and carry on"

Date Posted: 3/18/2000   Email:

Maria Paula Oliveira - Belo Horizonte,

"I just want to congratulate you for your attempts to try to solve a problem that can only bring harm.I am starting my studies and reading everything I can.I came across witch wars and was surprised.Brazil is a catholic countrywith christians claiming to be more christians than the others which is stupid.HowWell...Then I found a site about traditional wicca saying that we should eat fluffy bunnies or whatever they call silly people like myself who are doing their best to learn and to keep freedom after centuries of bullies telling fellows what to do.Brazil survived 21 years of dictatorship thanks to our ability to learn how to say no more.I really thought wicca was a no frontiers land and that the idea of nature and its wholeness was the key.I see now that some individuals come with flags and territories and colonies.Wow.Maybe if they were doing their homework with mother nature they would understand that all things share space and live in peace and harmony.THIS IS NATURE.For me this is wicca and I will keep on believing that there is a hope for mankind.So friends cut the crap and lets get to work shall weAs a horse friend of mine says enough kicking because there is grass for everybody if we share.Leave the idea of sole holders of the knowledge to the medieval monks.Blessed BeMaria Paula."

Date Posted: 3/24/2000   Email:

Dreamwalker - Augusta, Maine
United States

"I am a 23 year old female solitary witch. I greatly appreciated your articles on witch wars since I just got through a small but nasty one myself. Another solitary witch an ex-friend of mine were planning to start our own coven and work magicly together. Ill call her Becky for a reference We were also co-workers which in fact was how we met each other. Much to our delight Becky was also expecting her first child. I shared some of my deepest darkest secrets with her and regarded her as a trusted friend. Although I had every intention to stay solitary when I became a witch I had changed my mind and seriously considered the benefits of a coven. Becky had mentioned that she used to have a coven. However she said it ended very abruptly with many hurt feelings and resentment. I didnt think think too much of it at the time.Just as Becky and I were planning to start our new coven I caught her in some hurtful lies. I also found out she was telling other people about my secrets I felt deeply hurt and betrayed. When I confronted Becky about her lies and gossip she just started crying. The truth hurt her. I later found out Becky was also caught cheating on her fiance her fiancee is also a friend of mine The very next day Becky quit her job. I know Becky has probably tried to cast spells on me. I have proof Now Im not generally a vengeful person. I just wanted to be left alone. I refuse to counter attack though luckily Im very good with protection magic such as high magick. With Becky being pregnant I feared for her unborn child since it is innocent. With all of her reckless behavior I am sorry to say that she has had many difficulties in her pregnancy and it is likely she will lose the baby. I consider this bout over and done with and this is why I am staying solitary. This was a great example of karma as in what goes around comes around. I know this is long winded but it is a true story. I used it as learning experince and I hope others will too."

Date Posted: 3/24/2000   Email:

punkshades - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

"Hasnt the pagan community suffered enough Now some of our own are tearing us appart from the inside...WHY What is wrong with us The christian religion spent hundreds of years and thousands of lives trying to tell people that their way was wrong and christianity was the correct way...and now we are doing it to ourselves. Dont you realize that you are carrying on the tradition of hatred Cant we all just practice the way we wish If no one is harmed... what does it matter After all isnt that the wiccan rede And let it harm none...Do what thou wilt Last week I spent 3 hours with my great grandmother talking to her about religion. She is...I think... protestant-catholic and she is 94 years old she is pretty set in her ways. I couldnt convince her in 3 hours that some people around the world practice different religions. Her answer was that the way she believed was the correct way and none other mattered. She said ..quote.. there is one god in heaven and youd better believe it..end quote.. In three hours she wouldnt even listen to anything different from what she belives... I couldnt even get her to listen..."

Date Posted: 3/28/2000   Email:

Rebecca Atkins - Wakefield,

"Hi. I wanted to say that I am sometimes teased about my religion and so are my friends. We get given dirty looks and people talk about us. My friend recently had a breakdown because of this. I wanted to say that it doesnt matter because whatever people think it is none of their buisness and your religion is your choice. As I said my friend was recently reduced to tears because of this and I just wanted to say BELIEVE IN YOURSELF over anyone else if this happens and dont give up.Blessed BeRebecca xxx"

Date Posted: 4/12/2000   Email:

Tarostar - Toronto,

"Group dynamics and organizational growing pains and politicalin-fighting do not seem to qualify as witch wars. What I remember as witch wars from 20 or 30 years ago wasa lot of Mr. Macho Big Wigs and various Witch Queens on sortof an affronted power trip because someone else just did not seethem as the important be-alls and end-alls of witchcraft. Insecurity as to ones craft validity and claims to authenticitycaused more hard feelings in the craft back then. From being an occult shop proprietor all these years I haveseen many come and go and have heard all the tales before. The craft from the trade aspect deals with many of the variouspsychic practitioners as customers. boy do they fight and donasty things and apply unethical standards to each other. Theycome off as the least spiritual people on the Gods green Earth. My idea of witch wars is those who cast hexes on each other at the drop of the proverbial conical hat. These petty squabblesin coven and craft groups and childish name calling do notqualify. Advice Do not identify with your pen name or public craft name.Let them rag on that all they will and it wont affect you. BB Tarostarfinis"

Date Posted: 4/16/2000   Email:

Tarostar - Toronto,

"Group dynamics and organizational growing pains and politicalin-fighting do not seem to qualify as witch wars. What I remember as witch wars from 20 or 30 years ago wasa lot of Mr. Macho Big Wigs and various Witch Queens on sortof an affronted power trip because someone else just did not seethem as the important be-alls and end-alls of witchcraft. Insecurity as to ones craft validity and claims to authenticitycaused more hard feelings in the craft back then. From being an occult shop proprietor all these years I haveseen many come and go and have heard all the tales before. The craft from the trade aspect deals with many of the variouspsychic practitioners as customers. boy do they fight and donasty things and apply unethical standards to each other. Theycome off as the least spiritual people on the Gods green Earth. My idea of witch wars is those who cast hexes on each other at the drop of the proverbial conical hat. These petty squabblesin coven and craft groups and childish name calling do notqualify. Advice Do not identify with your pen name or public craft name.Let them rag on that all they will and it wont affect you. BB Tarostarfinis"

Date Posted: 4/16/2000   Email:

Nicolle - Jacksonville, Florida
United States

"If we are to be respected and acknowlaged by other religions than we need to stop fighting ourselves. The Wiccan traditions and passages from numerous sourses say that we are to respect and accept other traditions and faiths as equal to our own even if we dont aggree with them. Lets show a united front against those who would gladly persecute us. I think of all Pagan traditions as being my brothers and sisters regardless of how they worship. If it pleases the Lord and Lady.. who cares how they go about thier worship. Its Blessed Be... not Condem other Covens."

Date Posted: 4/24/2000   Email:

lizzyfaye - Hopland, California
United States

"To draw down the moon for the first time is a eye watering experience. At least for me. I had found my place. When my friend asked me to practice with another friend I was honored. When she wanted to initiate a circle we studied quizzed each other and continued the great rituals. Since there was 3 of us we really didnt assign postions and designed the rituals ourselves. Pretty soon I noticed that although we designed the rituals together two of us didnt have much say. Our suggestions would be lost in the shuffle of just not done. I had a child so I was not able to meet as often because they lived in another town. The other two women had a disagreement about something such as our voice and that she couldnt just assume the role at priestess. It wasnt so much as we wanted to be priestess but we didnt like her having complete control. It became her circle not ours. She then said she would step out and take place as a elder and we could just report everything to her. Being that there was only three of us we just put a closure to the circle. The point to all of this is power. She tried to hold onto that power by making us report to her and that is not what this road is about. We get a taste of it and some of us loss sight of why we love the pagan road so much. Dont let the power turn to posion. It is not right to belittle any human being for their religious beliefs and we are being no better than anyone who looks down on witches. Plus karma will take a huge bite out of your butt for it Thank you for giving me a voice. Lizzyfaye"

Date Posted: 4/26/2000   Email:

Sir Bonnie Knight - Pittsfield, Massachusetts
United States

"Greetings and Merry MeetIn all my years as a Green Witch which to the others out here in the Berkshires as a dark one I am certainly surprised that there are many of us witches that are fighting umungst ourselves. The reason for it is that the WHITE ones belive that they are the supreme witches who thing that the white light is the only way to go. I beg to differ to that statement. There is too much friction between us and in my oppinion dear ones WE SHOULD ALL UNITE AS ONE NO MATTER WHAT MAGICK WE PRACTICETo me this is the most preducial way of running a coven. True I am only a roaming solitary crusader of the stars but for all practical and diplomatic purposes we all should unite as one and to give us a better purpose of community within the Berkshires.Blessed be the musickSir Bonnie Knight"

Date Posted: 4/26/2000   Email:

skyeyes - homewood, Illinois
United States

"very recently i have been learning the hard way thatthe pagan community walks a very thin paradoxical multifaceted line between wanting to reach out to the community dissoving the myths and misconceptions surrounding the earth based spirituality beliefs contacting others creating an opportunty to join them working towards the day when to use a figure of speech every pagan can have a float in the local parade without being afraid of being pelted with eggs while at the same time having a high standard for conduct personal character and mode of living and being very very unforgiving when that standard is not measured up to particularly on the coven level. the standards of caution neccesary to pass on teachings in many ways would ssem to be a potential for problems as much as misconceptions from the majority outside the community. ---whew well i cant make it any planer. skyeyes"

Date Posted: 4/28/2000   Email:

Robyn/Ariel - ,

"Witch Wars: Christo-Pagans vs. "Pure" Pagans I would like to throw in a little-discussed subject into this debate: the discrimination of certain "Pagan" traditions by other "Pagan" traditions. We have all heard the old Dianic vs. Druidic arguments, or Wiccan vs. Shamanic. But what about the so-called "minority" among Pagans? The Pagans who follow an ancient earth-based tradition, but combine it with the more modern Christian beliefs. For instance: belief in the Messiah, and a single deity as compared to many.

Why am I mentioning this, you might wonder? Because I have dealt with such discrimination as a Pagan who believes in the Messiah, and in angels. Silver Ravenwolf, a highly acclaimed Pagan author, was heavily criticized by many "witches" for her book Angels: Companions In Magick. "Angels are strictly Judeo-Christian entities and have no place in our religion" these so-called "purists" would say. I have emailed Ms. Ravenwolf personally and commended her on writing that book, though I have only been able to leaf through it at the bookstore, and have not yet purchased it. What I have read within those pages so far has impressed me greatly.

There are many "purists" out there who are probably saying: "But we must keep true to our tradition. If you say you are a Witch, act like one! Don't be adding all this New Age crap into it!" Remember, these are the same witches who cry and complain about how they aren't allowed to practice their religion openly, aren't allowed to shout their love for the Goddess from the rooftops. And yet these same people are discriminating against "their own kind" because of a slight difference in theology - a slight difference in tradition. Goddess forbid if I should rely on my own mind and will to move a spell or ritual along, rather than all the pomp and circumstance seen in the brandishing of athames, lifting of chalices, and the pounding of drums. If you find more comfort in a lifting a chalice to the moon, or beating a drum next to a balefire, then that is your right. If I find more comfort asking my "angel" for guidance, or calling upon the Master Of All Life to guide me through a difficult decision, then that is my right. It is impossible enough to speak of my spiritual views with my immediate family. If I cannot even talk to an anonymous, faceless stranger about it, then what is the point of networking?

There is nothing wrong with being a Witch. There is nothing wrong with being a Christian. Why then is there something wrong with being a Witch and a Christian?

"I rejoice in our differences" is no longer a valid mantra for those within the Pagan community. It simply puts our differences under a spotlight, and that "perfect love and perfect trust" I hear so much about, will never be completely possible - because only our differences are emphasized. Instead, I say, "I embrace our similarities, " for it is the things that are the same about each of us that forges that common bond we all so desperately seek.

I think that the Christo-Pagans have it harder than any other Pagan group. Think about it. They are cursed by the Christians, and scorned by the Pagans. If they are neither Christian nor Pagan, then what are they? Such people (like myself), truly walk between two worlds. Forever separated from their fellow humans. Why? "

Date Posted: 6/25/2000   Email:

Record Keeper - Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

"We are a couple living here in Nebraska and have had an ongoing problem with some of the local Pagan community. Mind you it is not all of them, just a few. You see we have been together for 15 years now and have bound ourselves through a contract rather than a marriage license. We are also polyamorous and actively open about this. Well, a few years back we were set upon by some of the local pagans who, when finding out that we were poly, started telling us that we were living an improper lifestyle and that having more than one mate was wrong. They had even went as far as turning one of our partners away from us and sending out spells and the like against us. We were shunned and made to feel unwanted or unneeded by these people. They even went as far as to tell people who did not personally know us that we were the wrong type of people to be with in so many words. we then disappeared for many years until recently when we found another group that welcomed us into their family. We have found that they too had been informed that we were the wrong sort to associate with and they decided to make up their own minds and we have been with them for almost a year now.

We have often wondered why that Pagans, of all people, took to disrespecting us and our way of life without seeking the truth about us. We have wondered if this form of prejudice is the norm of pagans throughout the web as well. Why is it that these so called Pagans we quick to cast spells before they even asked us about what they had heard? Why is it that there is only about fourteen percent of the world population engaging in a monogamous relationship and above forty percent that are in poly or group marriages? why are we being hurt and attacked for our way of life and not allowed to be a part of the local community as a whole?

We are asking that anyone who hears anything about anyone seek out that person or persons and ask them directly about what you hear before you cast spell and ruin their lives. Seek out the truth and understand that it is okay to disagree with their way of thinking or lifestyle but it is not okay to cast spells and harm them just because they do not think like you. That is what killed thousands of Pagans throughout the ages and should not be happening now especially by pagans.

What are your ideas on polyamory and pagans? What do you feel should have been done? How would you have handled being attacked by these pagans? We were alone and are still suffering from the spells harassment and isolation even today as we are an extreme minority even in the Pagan community."

Date Posted: 6/29/2000   Email:


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