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Why Some Pagans and Witches Still Hide

Author: Lady Abigail Welcher
Posted: March 17th. 2013
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As a child, I was extremely lucky to be raised my Great Grandmother. She was a well known Witch and healer in the Ozarks. Her history and roots blended from her Native American family to her Cajun traditions, French history and very old South upbringing.

My memories are filled with love and magick of those times. However, there are memories I have that still to this day cut my spirit to the core. Yes, my Great Grandmother was a well-known Witch, but as a child growing up in the 50’s and 60’s it was a very harsh time for those who were different. Sadly some of that still survives even today.

My Great Grandmother would never turn a soul from her door. If someone needed help, she was there to give it to him or her. When families were hungry and had little to no food, we would take them baskets filled with beans, corn meal, smoked meat, teas, honey and bread. She would give what we could give and never spoke of it to anyone ever. She believed that to speak of the good you did, was to remove the good from it.

Many times in my life, I would walk with my Great Grandmother along the dusty dirt roads as she would check on those who were housebound and those that just had need for healing. I would stand on the path as she would walk up and leave a basket of food by the door and leave, without them knowing she was there. Sometimes in the fall, she would package up the clothes, coats and sweaters I had out grown and we would leave them with the baskets of food for the children. She did this because there was a need and to see a need and let it be is to call need into your own life.

But still people would not or could not accept my Great Grandmother. When we would go into town and into the stores, I would hear people whispering about her. Horrible things. I could not but notice them leave the stores and sometime even cross the street to keep from walking past us. Then, one day while my Great Grandmother was shopping, I walked of the store to where some children about my age playing on the sidewalk. I asked if I could play, since I always loved playing with other children. One of the little girls turned and began calling me names. It only took seconds before the other children had joined in. It’s a lie, by the way, that words cannot hurt you. Sometimes they hurt more than stones.

I turned and ran back into the store to my Great Grandmother. I had noticed that one of the little girls was wearing the sweater that we had packaged up just a few days earlier. I grabbed my Great Grandmother’s hand as the tears ran down my face. She picked me up and gave me a hug and told me not to cry. It wasn’t me they were being so cruel to. (Sure felt like it) . She explained that I should feel sorry for them, because even young people could be lost in fear. Because they only mirrored each other and had no minds to think for themselves. She told me they could not allow anyone new into their game because that might confuse them.

You see, when people are open to others, they grow and their world grows. But some people didn‘t want to know how to see anything or anyone different than they were. Because if they did, then they might have to see the world differently also. I have to admit, I didn’t understand for years. But now I know she was talking about the same frightened people we deal with still today. They mock us, make fun and call names because they are frightened and cannot allow themselves to see those different from them. Because it they did, they might have to think for themselves.

This kind of close mindedness is why so many feel they cannot share who they are, even today.

After the degrading comment made by FOX News about Wiccans, Witches and others of alterative religions, many of us were outraged by the blindly bigoted comments that were somehow acceptable to other people because, as the one news caster said, “I don’t know a single Wiccan”.

“Every Wiccan I've known is either a compulsive Dungeons and Dragons player or is a middle-aged twice divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife, " says anchor Tucker Carlson.

It seems to me that society’s misconceptions of who we are as Pagans, Witches and Wiccans stems from both ignorance and the fundamentalist of religious. Our plight is much like the misconceptions held at one time, and still by some even today, toward anyone outside their considered norm, be it a color issue, ethnicity, levels of income, weight, education and even religions. Anything outside their understanding or comfort level is made fun of and ridiculed. It is perfectly okay to laugh at and mock those people who they believe are too stupid and uneducated in their eyes.

I think we shocked FOX News and some of the mainstream world with our strength and impact demanding an apology. Even if many of us see it as a very weak and insincere apology, we did get one.

If we look back over time and the hate planted inside the human race, we can see that many of those within mainstream religions have blindly made it acceptable to hate, poke fun at and degrade all those with differing religious views. It is made acceptable to hurt and even kill those whom are seen as less than themselves.

Throughout the centuries wars all over the world have been rooted in religion and hate. People have always stood by and allowed all forms of atrocities to happen, because these peoples were, “in their eyes”, somehow less human or less significant than they were. Examples are those called heretics or Witches (this was anyone who believed outside the church.) , the Native Americans who were seen as being ignorant savages, and the Jewish people who, much like Witches in the centuries before, were blamed for every difficulty, therefore they were enslaved and killed and it was acceptable. Even a few short years ago, we saw how even those who loved differently than the accepted norms were harassed, beaten and blamed for a disease that could be passed to what that called normal society. I heard people talk about how AIDS was a curse from god on sin so “these” people should just die and the world would be better off.

How I hope and pray to the Goddess that someday these people, ignorantly blinded by prejudice, will see us for who we are. Truth is we are the only ones that can make this happen. But it will never happen until we allow ourselves to be seen. To be seen in every facet of life, in our jobs and for whom we are in this magickal world.

Unfortunately many must still stay hidden because of the fear of what can or will happen when others find out who they are. Because of people like these Fox news people, they know they will be instantly marked as a lesser person, somehow less of a human being.

I did some research and here are some examples of those jobs and people in our lives today who still have to stay hidden to survive. Not all, but many, because if their beliefs or religion is known, they could lose their jobs. This is still happening all over, carefully and in a way as to not say, “fired because they are a Witch”. But they find a reason, and they are gone.

Some Witches still in hiding to survive:

Only a few years ago in Florida a history teacher during class, while teaching on how our county was formed on freedom of religion, spoke to his students about the fact that he was Wiccan. He was fired 2 weeks later for “unsatisfactory work”. He was a well-known, awarded teacher who had been with the school for over 10 years. He was treated as if he had the plague afterward.

Politicians (Judges, Governors, Mayors, Vice President or President) :
I know that we are told that there should be a separation of church and state. REALLY! How many thousands of billboards, TV ads and pamphlets have you seen of people running for government office where they show them standing with their perfect little family with a big church in the back ground? How many times do you hear a politician saying how they were raised with good Christian values? Can you image what would happen and how far in politics they would go if they said, “I am a Witch, raised in the old ways who believes in the Goddess and Mother Earth”?

The healers. I have to say that I have had the fortune to meet ONE Pagan doctor. I was extremely surprised with what he said, “Please don’t tell anyone. It will cause me all kinds of problems. I am to believe in god and that god helps me. To say I believe otherwise would end my career”. As he said, what sick person of the mainstream religion is going to want a Pagan non-believer as their doctor? Especially since most of them might believe this doctor is working with Satan.

I know there are many more. I have to believe that even FOX News has a few Pagans, Witches and Wiccans working for them. But after hearing the comments made the so called “news crew”, would you be comfortable coming out of the broom closet? The list can go on and some may be closer to home: PTA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, homeroom and parents. I have spoken with people who volunteer for these organizations and worry about others knowing who they are or know of people hurt and asked to leave because someone felt uncomfortable with having a Witch or Wiccan around their children.

We cannot judge the whys or how’s. We can only support them in the choices they have made and understand it is what they have to do. But for the rest of us, we can stand up and show the world who we are. Because we are strong, proud Pagans, Witches and Wiccans by whatever traditions or name we call our religious belief.

We are intelligent; we are extremely moral … doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. We are their neighbors, family members and friends. And when possible, we are also their bankers, their teachers, their hairdressers and we are the people who will be there to help when it is needed.

Let’s not let the world judge us by what a few narrow-minded bigoted people say we are. They are only interested in keeping everyone different, every free minded soul so pushed down that we are afraid to stand up. It’s not working any longer.

Blessings to all, in love and light.
Lady Abigail
Copyright © 03042013

Copyright: Lady Abigail
Copyright © 03042013


Lady Abigail Welcher

Location: Titusville, Florida


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