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Magical Living

Author: Levi
Posted: July 3rd. 2005
Times Viewed: 6,087

There is an old mossy cobblestone path that winds deep down into a lush and seemingly magical forest. Somewhere deep in this forest is a small clearing where the soft breeze is always scented by the vivid wildflowers. As you step into the clearing, butterflies flitter about and at the same time, you can hear light laughter somewhere in the distance. Within this small clearing lays a cozy little cottage, appearing to be well aged, and yet well kept and loved, with its stone structure, rounded windows and thatched roof. If you were to walk inside this cottage you would see that magic has filled every conceivable space of this house. The family who owns it spends their days harvesting, cooking, cleaning and contemplating, as they take care of each other, bless each other, hold rites of the seasons and cast spells of love which bind them as a family in spirit.

I think that this brief description summarizes a little fantasy that a lot of Pagans may have had at one time or another. Interestingly enough this fantasy may really be too not far from the reality of ages past. Time and again I have had friends and other people within the Pagan community ask me about living “the magical life.” How do you practice your faith every day? Well, my answer to these questions can be found within the individuals themselves as well as in the wheel of the year.

As Samhain approaches, this is the perfect time to reevaluate your self, and the goals within yourself and the Pagan community. Ask yourself simple questions: What are your thoughts on faith? How do you practice your faith? What may or may not be lacking in your practice? With some of these things in mind you will find that your goals often change naturally. So cast away whatever is withered or worn in your life or maybe things that really are not needed in your life and as the wheel once again turns, look to the new. It is now my pleasure to share with you, within this article, some of the practices and other tidbits around my home, that are special to me, and there may be some ideas to help you enhance your own ways as well.

First of all whenever someone walks into my home, they usually know who really lives here, and or have a pretty good idea; something is a little different. Is it because every doorway has a beaded entrance? Is it the excessive amounts of candles throughout the house? Or that every room has a minimum of three plants, not to mention the large stones and crystals that I have collected over the years? Better yet it might be the assortment of altars or the working water fountain and wind chimes; yes I do keep these things inside my home as well. Some may view me as over-the-top or eccentric, but I keep these things in my home to help keep me in touch with nature, on an everyday basis. I do feel that it is crucial that, as we live in the modern world with all of its trappings, we make it out and be at one with nature, but alas at times it simply is impossible to get out. You will find that simply keeping a variety of plants in your home will add a certain energy or aura to your area of living, as well as making the air within your home a lot cleaner, and naturally at that! So learn the qualities of your plants and place them appropriately throughout your home in order to benefit from the energies that they will lend to you. As examples: a cactus by the entrance or windows promotes protection of the home; palms in sunny areas of the home promote spiritual energies of the sun; violets or African violets anywhere in the home promote higher spirituality, and the realm of the Fae; avocado and tulips, both ruled by Venus can be kept in the home to promote love, and maybe something extra when kept in the bedroom!

In addition something that I feel is a must for any Pagan, who lives openly within their faith, is a permanent altar or shrine, kept in honor of the creative source or however you may envision your personal deity. This shrine can be as simple or as complex as you wish; what is important is that it should be a reflection of you and the depth of your spirituality. An altar of this type is often referred to as the household shrine or altar, which in our modern world can and does replace the hearth of old, where many oral traditions would have been passed on. Upon my altar in the past I have used such items as a mid-to-late 1800’s antique bronze figure of a woman holding a large oval mirror. This was passed down through my family to me and naturally represents the goddess. Also I have used a Romanesque statue and a porcelain phallus that I found while shopping in Poland to represent the male aspect of divinity. So many candles, incense holders and flowers later, I have this shrine at which I can on a regular basis sit and meditate, pray, talk to the gods and make offerings in a very relaxed and peaceful manner. The point behind this is to be creative; let it be a reflection of you and use it at least once a week. You will begin to see how much of an impact it can make, and truly see how powerful a home shrine can be, to keep a consistent link, as well as adding depth to your relationship with you, and the divine.

In addition to the altar I keep for the Lord and Lady, I also keep another near my front door in honor of my loved ones and ancestors who have passed into the other world. This is a practice often kept by many different cultures out of respect for not only our ancestors, but also the spirits of the home. I feel as though it can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home. Upon this small altar I keep flowers, a statue of an angel, an incense holder, pictures of loved ones who have passed and a tea light candle for each. Every Sabbat, full moon, or simply when I miss them, I light the candles, burn a sweet incense and talk to them or say a small prayer.

There are various other simple touches that you can add to your home environment. For example: displaying your working tools throughout the home, each having a special stand or altar in the proper spot in your home so as to link it with the direction that it symbolizes. This will not only enhance their energy but also draw simple elemental energies into your home, making it more in balance.

By burning the appropriate colored candles, according to the days of the week, you can also draw upon planetary energies to enhance the home, without being a genius within the realm of astrology. If you find coordinating colors and dates too much of a hassle in your busy life you may simply burn white alone to promote peace within your home.

For the person who has a green thumb and some patience, a small herb garden in the kitchen window can be a delightful enchantment. Have fun collecting unique jars to store and display those dried herbs and the flavored vinegars and oils that you can make from them. Remember that these things also make great winter gift ideas as well, for the kitchen Witch in mind.

One of the simplest things you can do to draw you closer to the cycle of the year, is to change the scenery within your home according to the seasons. Fallen leafs, dried flowers, and pumpkins in the fall; evergreens and Yule logs in winter. Fresh flowers during spring and summer. You can find wreaths, door swages and various other items for just about every season if you shop around a bit. If all these things fail, it is always possible to find a wreath for every season to hang on your front door, symbolizing the never-ending circle of all things and as a reflection of the season itself.

If you would be interested in any other ideas in reference to a magical lifestyle, I would suggest taking a trip to your local metaphysical store, browsing your local second hand store, checking out flea markets, and reading a couple books on the subject matter. Two oldies but goodies are The Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli, and The Magical Household by Cunningham and Harrington. You will find that these small and somewhat simple-looking books are jam packed with tons of useful information.

In closing, living a magical lifestyle may not seem simple…but in reality, it really is! The only limits being the bounds of your creativity. Remember that all of these ideas that I have presented to you are simply ideas. These ideas are merely props used to strengthen your state of living. In addition to these ideas contemplate the rising and setting of the sun and moon, live with love, live by the standard ethics and rules of our faith and you will find that’s the real magic of magical living.

Scott Cunningham and David Harrington; The Magical Household: Empower Your Home With Love, Protection, Health And Happiness; ISBN 0-87542-124-5

Pauline Campanelli; Wheel of the Year: Living The Magical Life; ISBN 0-87542-091-5



Location: Bonita Springs, Florida

Author's Profile: To learn more about Levi - Click HERE

Bio: Rev. Levi Hayes was raised near Manhattan, KS, where he first learned of the Pagan way by reading books by Kisma Stepanich, Laurie Cabbot and Scott Cunningham. He is currently a practitioner of the Faery Faith Tradition, and a member of the Fellowship of Isis. He is ordained through the Temple of Isis, Isis Invicta Military Mission, and he is the Designated Faith Group Leader for Earth Light Circle on Ramstein AB in Germany. Currently he is continuing guided training within the Faery Faith Tradition.

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