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Age Group: Adult

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Rising Sign

Author: Wren
Posted: September 23rd. 2002
Times Viewed: 40,802

The sign that is on the horizon at the moment of your birth is called the rising sign. Every two hours, a new sign appears on the horizon. This helps to explain why people born on the same day can sometimes be very different in personality. Your rising sign is "how you see the world". It is your outlook on life or window of perception. Ascendants may be different in a professionally cast chart, but the designations below will be true for most people. Look up your birth time (Ask your mother!) in the charts at the bottom of the page under your Sun sign.

Rising Sign and Personality: if you read the average Sun sign horoscopes available through most newspapers, you know how general those can be. However, if you know your rising sign (as well as your 'moon' sign), you can flesh out that general reading a bit more. It is recommended that you read the astrological blurb for both your Sun sign and your rising sign. Remember that your rising sign is how you 'view the world'. Directly below are some general personality traits reflected in the twelve rising signs:

Aries -- You are impulsive and energetic. Keen and alert, you get into combat with life at an early age. Easily bored with the 'status quo', you are always trying to find new ways to do things. Just because something "has always been done" a certain way is no real reason to continue to do it this way in your mind. There are many "Hall of Famers" with this rising sign. You are a person who thinks and a person who acts. You always make the first move (although often other people don't realize it as you also know that letting people think something was really their idea is a quicker way to gain acquiescence) and are never too old to learn something new. If it can be imagined, it can be done...and you will do it.

Taurus -- You are strong, stable and persistent. You are quiet until you are pushed too far and then there WILL be trouble-count on it! You are a good steady worker, but you can't be hurried. You can be stubborn, but you will pick up where others leave off and can turn what seems to be a hopeless situation around. You love animals and since you are good with your hands, various handicrafts appeal to you. You like gemstones and things that shine-to you all that glitters is gold. The most fertile of the signs, you may have many 'children' (animals, collections, group affiliations) or a "goddess" figure. You can be "bull-headed" about your opinions, but you really do mean well.

Gemini -- You are two personalities in one body: Indecisive and unsure, but also adaptable and friendly. You love an audience when you talk-as long as you can use your hands while you are doing it! Very mentally active, you can wear yourself out through nervous tensions. You notice EVERYTHING. And you want to do everything -all at the same time. You love to start things, but hate to be kept to a schedule. Usually can stay up until the wee hours and catch up on rest later. The salesperson of the Zodiac, people can never remember how you talked them into some of these things-but you really do believe that it is for their own good. You need a varied and active social life filled with diverse and intelligent people with which to share stimulating conversation. You'll talk to yourself if no one else is around.

Cancer -- Shy early in life, and you hold a bit of this need for personal solitude and security within yourself all of your life. You are quite sensitive and will retreat when your boundaries are threatened. You are prone to give others the "silent treatment" rather than talk things out. You like to travel, but you also need a home base that is secure. You tend to brood over things, but your moods usually don't last very long. Fond of friends and family, you are very loyal to your "chosen few." Sometimes you feel a bit insecure around strangers (although others might never guess it) and feel that everyone is always "looking at" you. Set in your ways, you like your things to be "just so" and you don't like people messin' with your stuff. You can be a harsh critic of other people, but if someone has earned your trust he/she will find you the most loyal of friends.

Leo -- You are self confident, romantic and charmingly sentimental. Many actors and public figures have this sign. You like children and animals and they always want to be on your lap. You forgive, but you don't forget. You like to roam about the country, travel to foreign places and collect things along the way. You usually have a drawer or two-or even a warehouse! - for your acquired treasures. It is the thrill of the search that you enjoy. You like color and enjoy artwork and music. You are a natural speaker, singer or musician. Responsible and disciplined, you are a "softy" at heart. You may seem cooperative on the surface, but no one can get you to do anything you don't really want to do. But if you love someone, all he/she has to do is ask and you will be there with bells on-and a candy bar in your pocket for the kids as well as treat for the dog!

Virgo -- You are ingenious, active and possess an alert mind. You always look ten years younger than your age. You are never crude or coarse in personality. Very restless and nervous, so you usually are thin all your life. You may hold negative thoughts much too long, but you are always refined in expressing disappointments. You just do not cuss. You have many more eloquent ways to call someone a jerk than that! But you do like things to go your way-which to you is the most orderly way. You don't compromise easily. Careful about your outward appearance, you will straighten someone's tie or pick lint off his or her shoulder. You are good with facts and figures. If something is distracting, you have to deal with that before you can concentrate on anything else. You just can't help it. If you are looking at someone in an attitude of obvious distress, he/she probably has a piece of spinach stuck in his/her teeth or a button missing somewhere. And it's driving you nuts now, isn't it?

Libra -- You are artistic, creative and sociable. You need to learn cooperation rather than dwell in competitive behavior. Best pastimes for you would be those where you can compete only with yourself such as in golf or marksmanship or artwork or photography. You make good arguers and thus good lawyers. You cannot stand disorder or disarray unless it is your disorder and disarray. Apt to "try too hard' to please, you actually have a great inner strength and are able to bounce right back. "Cursed" with the ability to see both sides of any argument, you are often accused of changing your mind in mid-stream. And you frequently do. You really can't understand why this drives other people nuts. You think that you're just being 'flexible'. You have a way with words and can say the most cutting things with a smile so bright that others can't stay mad at you for very long. The fact is, you abhor cruelty and find other ways to achieve what you perceive to be justice. You can be seen as eccentric and unconventional and, in many ways, you are.

Scorpio -- Inner battles rage within you between your emotional and mental responses. This is the only zodiac sign with three aspects -- the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix --and so you are a very complex personality indeed! You have great depth and you really want to be either an angel or a devil -- but you often can't really decide which one! Self controlled, reserved on the inside while often being social and vocal on the outside, you are hard to 'really get to know". Yours is also the strongest sign, so while the war may be difficult, you have the resources to win it. You can slay people with your piercing eyes. You are upfront about what you want and expect from other people and can be almost ruthless when it comes down to expecting other people to honor their contracts, promises and agreements with you. Often a 'babe magnet', you like to play the field. But once you fall in love, that's it. A closet romantic, your rational side still finds love and dependency a bit scary. You hate feeling vulnerable and may find it hard to ask for help or affection. You try to be fair, but no one should ever think that a slight has been overlooked; you are simply biding your time...

Sagittarius --Breezy and outgoing, but you are not at your best in the long-term concentration department. You like to flit about both socially and artistically-trying first this, then that. You have many acquaintances and admirers, but few real friends. Some people find you too hard to keep up with. You love to be on the move and variety IS definitely your spice of life! Your inclinations run towards religion and philosophy. And you can be very talkative when it comes to those subjects. Jumping out of an airplane is both a sport and a spiritual experience for you. If female, you were the 'tomboy"; if male you like your adventures in natural surroundings. You tend to experience big ups and bigger downs and sometimes all within the same five minutes. You are a strange combination of the quite ordinary and surprisingly unconventional. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a quirky outlook on life. Gregarious party animal that you are, you have your definite limits as to what you will tolerate. Folks would be wise not to goad you into a real rage-they wouldn't really like you when you are angry.

Capricorn --You are delicate early in life, but very healthy as you mature. You are the typical "late bloomer' and really don't come into your full power until middle age. Extremely sensitive and shy by nature, you have developed a tough 'outer' personality just to survive. Ambitious and hard working, you do your duty as you see it. Just don't let anyone load you up with trivial tasks-if it isn't important work, you are just not into it. You may seem cold or distant on the surface, but you often have a quirky sense of humor that you share only with those closest to you. Reserved with strangers, you love intensely and passionately those whom you have chosen to include in your small inner circle. A friend for life, people really have to work to get you angry, but if they do, they will probably be quite surprised at the level of anger that you can generate when pushed to the wall.

Aquarius -- You are very positive and intuitive with a good mind and incredible organizational skills. You never forget a face or a name. You relate to others through logic and reason. An appeal to emotions will only cause you to become irritated. Always sizing people up to see what makes them tick, discord and chaos leave you feeling emotionally drained. You can be quite chatty, but not about your own inner feelings which can be very deep indeed-and best left for you to deal with in your own way. Very visually oriented, you have a flair for color and design and are attracted to all things occult in nature. You'd be a great tarot reader. You try to be fair, but have little tolerance for fools or slackers.

Pisces --Easy going, you are also supersensitive and impressionable. You are always asking for advice, but usually will never take it. Sentimental and extremely psychic, you are a romantic dreamer making castles in the sky. Sometimes you really do seem to lead a 'charmed' life. Outer discord and noise has a physical effect on you and you need your quiet spaces and retreats. You have a love of water and the beaches and have very refined tastes in furnishings. You want to live in the lap of luxury even if the velvet isn't real or the tableware crystal. Everything has to at least look 'rich'. You are very likable and open, but you may need to develop more practical ways of obtaining what you want. You keep secrets about yourself, but love to hear someone spill his/her own. You want people to think that you are mysterious and they usually do. You have a love for music, dance, magic and all things spiritual. If only wishing would make it so, you'd be one happy magical millionaire!

The Charts:


6-8am (Taurus) -- 8-10am (Gemini) -- 10-12noon (Cancer) -- 12-2pm (Leo) -- 2-4pm (Virgo) -- 4-6pm (Libra)
6-8pm (Scorpio) -- 8-10pm (Sagittarius) -- 10-12mid (Capricorn) -- 12-2am (Aquarius)-- 2-4am (Pisces) -- 4-6am (Aries)


6-8am (Gemini) -- 8-10am (Cancer) -- 10am-12noon ( Leo ) -- 12-2pm (Virgo) -- 2-4pm (Libra) -- 4-6pm (Scorpio)
6-8pm (Sagittarius) -- 8-10pm (Capricorn) -- 10pm-12mid (Aquarius) -- 12-2am (Pisces) -- 2-4am (Aries) -- 4-6am (Taurus)


6-8am (Cancer) -- 8-10am (Leo) -- 10am-12noon (Virgo) -- 12-2pm (Libra) -- 2-4pm (Scorpio) -- 4-6pm (Sagittarius)
6-8pm (Capricorn) -- 8-10pm (Aquarius) -- 10pm-12mid (Pisces) -- 12-2am (Aries) -- 2-4am (Taurus) -- 4-6am (Gemini)


6-8am (Leo) -- 8-10am (Virgo) -- 10am-12noon (Libra) -- 12-2pm (Scorpio) -- 2-4pm (Sagittarius) -- 4-6pm (Capricorn)
6-8pm (Aquarius) -- 8-10pm (Pisces) -- 10pm-12mid (Aries) -- 12-2am (Taurus) -- 2-4am (Gemini) -- 4-6am (Cancer)


6-8am (Virgo) -- 8-10am (Libra) -- 10-12noon (Scorpio) -- 12-2pm (Sagittarius) -- 2-4pm (Capricorn) -- 4-6pm (Aquarius)
6-8pm (Pisces) -- 8-10pm (Aries) -- 10-12mid (Taurus) -- 12-2am (Gemini) -- 2-4am (Cancer) -- 4-6am (Leo)


6-8am (Libra) -- 8-10am (Scorpio) -- 10-12noon (Sagittarius) -- 12-2pm (Capricorn) -- 2-4pm (Aquarius) -- 4-6pm (Pisces)
6-8pm (Aries) -- 8-10pm (Taurus) -- 10-12mid (Gemini) -- 12-2am (Cancer) -- 2-4am (Leo) -- 4-6am (Virgo)


6-8am (Scorpio) -- 8-10am (Sagittarius) -- 10-12noon (Capricorn) -- 12-2pm (Aquarius) -- 2-4pm (Pisces) -- 4-6pm (Aries)
6-8pm (Taurus) -- 8-10pm (Gemini) -- 10-12mid (Cancer) -- 12-2am (Leo) -- 2-4am (Virgo) -- 4-6am (Libra)


6-8am (Sagittarius0 -- 8-10am (Capricorn) -- 10-12noon (Aquarius0 -- 12-2pm (Pisces) -- 2-4pm (Aries) -- 4-6pm (Taurus)
6-8pm (Gemini) -- 8-10pm (Cancer) -- 10-12mid (Leo) -- 12-2am (Virgo) -- 2-4am (Libra) -- 4-6am (Scorpio)


6-8am (Capricorn) -- 8-10am (Aquarius) -- 10-12noon (Pisces) -- 12-2pm (Aries) -- 2-4pm (Taurus) -- 4-6pm (Gemini)
6-8pm (Cancer) -- 8-10pm (Leo) -- 10-12mid (Virgo) -- 12-2am (Libra) -- 2-4am (Scorpio) -- 4-6am (Sagittarius)


6-8am (Aquarius) -- 8-10am (Pisces) -- 10-12noon (Aries) -- 12-2pm (Taurus) -- 2-4pm (Gemini) -- 4-6pm (Cancer)
6-8pm (Leo) -- 8-10pm (Virgo) -- 10-12mid (Libra) -- 12-2am (Scorpio) -- 2-4am (Sagittarius) -- 4-6am (Capricorn)


6-8am (Pisces) -- 8-10am (Aries) -- 10-12noon (Taurus) -- 12-2pm (Gemini) -- 2-4pm (Cancer) -- 4-6pm (Leo)
6-8pm (Virgo) -- 8-10pm (Libra) -- 10-12mid (Scorpio) -- 12-2am (Sagittarius) -- 2-4am (Capricorn) -- 4-6am (Aquarius)


6-8am (Aries) -- 8-10am (Taurus) -- 10-12noon (Gemini) -- 12-2pm (Cancer) -- 2-4pm (Leo) -- 4-6pm (Virgo)
6-8pm (Libra) -- 8-10pm (Scorpio) -- 10-12mid (Sagittarius) -- 12-2am (Capricorn) -- 2-4am (Aquarius) -- 4-6am (Pisces)

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, September 23rd., 2002



Location: Tampa, Florida

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