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The Law of Attraction- Free of Charge!

Author: Avren
Posted: November 9th. 2008
Times Viewed: 4,064

Perhaps some people just weren’t raised the same way I was. That is the thought that seems to run through my mind continuously, like a CNN banner across the television screen of my mind. At a very young age, my grandmother told me that to attract the things I need I have only to meditate on it.

She also cautioned me to not dwell on the things I feared, or anything “negative” as I could also draw them as well. She told me thoughts have a kind of energy or “magnetism.” Quantum Mechanics explains that all things including thoughts have energy. Thus, with each individual thought you can make your own reality.

How does that explain why it seems we all live in the same reality? Well that’s easy enough. We don’t. Sure we interact with each other, yet ask an eyewitness what he saw, and his story will be completely different from someone who sat right next to him. If that doesn’t explain it, look at politics. A room full of people can watch a debate and walk away with a totally different understanding than everyone else.

I don’t have the same reality as Tanya Harding, though I’ve lived most of my life in Oregon, share the (somewhat) same color of skin, have female reproductive organs, and have been schooled in the same school system. I don’t, however; usually bash in the knees of my competitors.

The power of thought has fueled poetry and music, laughter and tears for eons. All this stemming from an “insignificant” thought? Do you see what I mean? This essay is on how people will, after watching some new Hollywood movie or read a new book, “rediscover” some “new” or “forgotten” idea, that is not only not new, it is often a way of life for lots of folks like myself. It also contains some examples of the Law of Attraction. I have read several essays on this site, and have really enjoyed them. Many “advanced” people may already know all of this. Perhaps it will be helpful for those who are new to this side of the spiritual pond. They aren't grand, but they are real and sometimes subtle.

I have been thinking about the Law of Attraction (L of A for the rest of this essay) a lot lately. I decided not long ago that I wanted a cat. I had thought of it quite a bit, but none ever appeared. As a matter of fact, I often wondered if the people we recently bought our home from had poisoned them, for you would see them all over the neighborhood, just never in our yard. So one day I said out loud, and with determination in my mind that I wanted a cat to appear to me. I didn’t want a kitten or a store bought one. I wanted a cat that needed a home.

A week later a cat (Female, black. Exactly what I wanted) walked up to me. Through her runny eyes, and nose she looked up at me, and purred against my legs. She was way too skinny, riddled with worms, covered in fleas and exactly what I had asked for. I took her to the vet immediately, and now she is doing wonderful! No more worms or fleas, and her stubborn sinus infection is almost gone! I have yet to meet a more loving cat. Of course I need to turn off the cat beacon, because they have started to flock to our home. Perhaps it’s my L of A, or possibly it is theirs? Might they be focusing on a place where food, shelter and love are given freely?

Another L of A example, I don’t particularly like to cuddle with bugs. I know they have an important place, and I am ok with that. As long as it isn’t on my body, or in my bed.

It wasn’t long ago that I was sitting outside on a warm evening with my new cat Luna, when I felt this feeling like a praying mantis crawling on my back. It’s hard to explain if you’ve never held one, and felt that sometimes-pointed grab they do when off balance. It persisted on my back, though every time I looked there was nothing there. I kind of mentally shrugged, and then that same feeling came again! I looked again, no praying mantis.

The third time I sat up, looked behind the bench, and ran my hand down my side. No praying mantis. Then about a minute later, a small kamikaze flew right into my chest! Wearing a sundress, it landed in my cleavage! My first instinct was to swat at my bosom, but something staid my hand. I gingerly pulled the front of my dress forward and what do you think was gazing up at me? A half grown praying mantis! I carefully lifted him out and set him on the armrest.

I looked up at the street light 25 feet away and wondered why a mantis would fly away from the light and right into my bra. Is the L of A stronger in those who know how to use it? I’m not sure, so I asked some friends and family who reminded me of some “events” in my life.

When I was little, my great grandma said I could have moved a mountain with my will power alone. She maintained that if no one had told me, I wouldn’t have known it was “impossible.” I have sometimes wondered if it really is possible. I tried to move my mom, who at times seemed like a mountain of will. She would try to take a nap, and Gods know being a single mom with three kids and working full time, that having a nap was a privilege, not a right. I would ask to go to the store, or do something I wanted, and she would say, “Maybe, but not until after my nap.”

Being bull headed, and not a little on the impatient side I would want to go now, not in hour. I knew that to say that though, would only guarantee a “NO! “ So, perhaps I knew on some level that I could push with my will. I would set my mind on this thing I wanted, and concentrate on it in my room. She would come in and yell, “Damn it! I want to nap, you can wait!”

Looking back I think she could feel my will pushing for what I wanted. As a matter of fact, this type of thing has happened all my life. About six years ago, I was stunned speechless when a friend I was waiting impatiently on, whirled around and shouted, “Stop pushing! I’ll be ready in a minute!”

Now, if I had said, or acted in anyway impatient, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. However, I hadn’t said a word. I admit that I had been thinking, “Come on, anytime now. Let’s go!” As a matter of fact, it was like a mantra in my head, now I swear she could feel it. Needless to say, I stopped thinking it!

My best friend has told me on several occasions that she just “knew” when the winds had changed in my mind. Often in a social situation, her head would snap up, or her eyes would seek mine. If something upset me, I can always count on her to meet my gaze and know. I always thought it was our long years of friendship; perhaps it was instead her sensitivity to my mental call for her.

I can’t count the times I’ve looked at my phone and thought of her or my love, and damned if my phone didn’t ring and it was they! From what they tell me it’s a mutual thing. I know my baby and I call each other at the same time constantly. I can tell because it will go strait to his voice mail, I leave a message, hang up, and my phone beeps. He left me a message too! At the same time!

Just recently, I was enjoying a show on T.V. (Rare, for me. I’d rather read.) When I felt this tug to go to my love. It was incessant, like when a child says, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM!) You know, right when you get on the phone, or a friend you haven’t seen in ages is visiting with you. You try to tune it out, (Non-emergency of course!) but they keep calling. Well, I finally got up, a bit huffily, and went to him in the other room.

He smiled at me and I said, “Were you thinking about me?”

He said, “As a matter of fact, yes! I wanted you to come in here…”

I just smiled. Gee, how did I know?

Lots of scientists discount the L of A as people looking only for what they want to see, and thus, coming to the conclusion they want. There isn’t a double blind test for this kind of thing. To them it cannot be real if it can’t be tested scientifically.

What a load of nonsense! You can’t test love or faith, but they still exist! Doctors have known for years that patients get well faster if they set their mind on it, and “attract” wellness. Some aborigines believe you can heal at incredible rates if you believe it and, if you focus on it. Who knows if it’s true? I sure hope so!

Apparently there is some disquiet in the Christian world about this law. Some fear you are courting the devil and greed when you use it to attract money. They obviously don’t know that it works best with real need, and that it also works great when you are positive. Being a greedy person wouldn’t hinder the effects of the L of A. The only problem is, it would probably draw the negative aspects know, the ones we’re trying not to attract. Being greedy means that you fear your money being taken away more than you actually enjoy it.

We know what happens when you fear something that strongly. It acts as a magnate to the thing you don’t want most of all. So, Christians need not worry about that. As a matter of fact, doesn’t it say, “Ask, and ye shall receive.” right in the Bible? Why fear what we’ve known since the dawn of time? Jesus knew it. “Knock at the door and I shall answer” what more do you need? (Speaking for Christians that is.)

Speaking of religion and the L of A. Isn’t “magick” just the result of meditating on a solution for a need, asking for help from the Lord and Lady, and “attracting” it to you? I don’t have to wiggle my nose, or fold my arms and bob my head for magick to happen. I simply pray for help, concentrate on the thing I need, and for a little extra juice, light a candle or carry a stone in my purse or pocket. Usually that which I need or want most (within reason, never to harm anyone or infringe on their will) appears in my life. I mean no disrespect for ritual, as it is very helpful in directing your conscious energy. I give constant thanks for the lovely gifts that are given to me.

There isn’t a seminar needed or a DVD, or even a book for three easy installments of $29.95. If you have good teachers, like my grandmothers, and mother it’s totally free! Mankind never ceases to amaze me. We are so quick to slap a price tag, or a claim on something our ancestors knew. We have just forgotten to use it. If you don’t believe me, just Google “Law of Attraction” or, “Power of Attraction.” You’ll be inundated with claims like, “We were the first!” and “The official guide to EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted! Only $49.95!”

I just roll my eyes, and smile at my new cat, and the many blessings that have found their way to me. Experience and faith are my guides, what more do you need?



Location: Cd' A, Idaho

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