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Energy Raising, Magick and Timing: A Primer for Invoking, Focusing & Manifesting

Author: Moonschild [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: August 22nd. 1999
Times Viewed: 16,277

Firstly, the materials covered here are my own personal perceptions and not to be taken as the "be all & end all" concerning energy workings from a magickal perspective. It is my hope this may help stimulate your own thoughts, feelings and endeavors in the future, as you continue your personal spiritual journey. Differences of opinion and perceptions, along with experiences and/or techniques come with the territory, so the more we share with one another, the more we each have an opportunity to expand and grow over time.

Energy workings cover a wide range of aspects, far more than can be covered here in a couple of hours or pages, however I'll try to pass along a few basic techniques and personal experiences/opinions for your consideration.

As we all know, energy workings are a primary aspect of the Arts Magickal and our spirituality, both individually and collectively. The raising, focusing and manifestation of personal energies, group energies and elemental energy (e.g. earth, air, fire, water, lunar, solar, etc) deeply affect & effect our experiences when working magick, participating in rituals or other endeavors in everyday life. Many aspects or influences can effect (positively or negatively) how we perceive, raise, utilize and manifest magickal energy, this is especially true for Spell work, Shamanic journeys or practices, astral or Otherworld projections, and our own day to day experiences.

The wisdom & guidance of "As Within, So Without" reflects this concisely & clearly; our own state of mind, emotional states, experiences and ability to focus precisely with intentionality for the desired or needed results impact how we perceive & use the energies in their various forms or aspects. Also, the threefold law of return and Rede serve as guides and cautions when considering the how, why, when, what and where of energy work and magickal endeavors. That said, here are the basic areas being covered in this brief Primer tonight.

Types of Energy

As was mentioned earlier, there are far more types of energy and their collective aspects or influences than can be covered in one brief primer on them. So we'll focus on the basics we're familiar with and use in our everyday spiritual endeavors: Energy Dynamics, Individual & Group Energy, Focus & Perceptions, Intents, Timing & Ethics, Energy Aspects & Forms: Elemental energy, Ritual energy, Magickal Energy* and a few other aspects. Lastly we will turn our attentions to some Practical Magick to get a little "hands-on" experiential work with raising. Focusing & manifesting magickal energy. (* These types of energy will be covered in the sections on "Energy Aspects & Forms")

Energy Dynamics & Natures

Energy is the basic building block and manifestations of both the physical and ethereal/metaphysical realms. It is universal & neutral, available & present on all levels of existence in the physical and spiritual realms. It is how we perceive, utilize, manifest & focus energy that, in my opinion, is the primary aspect or goal regarding magickal endeavors and our spiritual journeys.

Individual & Group Energy

The differences between individual and group energy workings are subtle, yet perceptible. Each of us brings our own energy state(s) with us whenever, however & wherever we go, be it in our mundane life or spiritual pursuits.

On the individual or solitary level, the dynamics of energy work are more easily perceived, focused and manifested as a general rule. Since we have a good grounding & centering of how we "experience" the flow of magickal energies it is oftentimes more perceptive to our conscious awareness of how they are manifesting.

Within a group setting, the personal energy dynamics we each bring to the Circle influence and blend together in subtle and not so subtle fashions. Being aware of and perceptive to the collective flow within the group definitely enhances the overall results and experiences we have, be it an Esbat or Sabbat ritual, spell & magickal workings, shamanic journey, healing, etc.

This is one of the primary reasons we make an effort to "shift the focus", ground and center ourselves PRIOR to performing any ritual or magickal endeavors. It is a time to turn inwards, still the mind, be in-tune with our inner spirits/self, focus our emotions, and clear a pathway for the Spiritual realms to enter and be present.

We should respect and honor people's personal needs for quiet time in however manner they need or desire to express this; be it standing at the altar for a time, walking away for a few moments alone, attuning with others or just sitting quietly holding hands with others.

The same principles also apply when working alone or individually, it's just (usually) easier to accommodate and take time to focus on them without the presence of others. I always make time for grounding, centering and focusing myself prior to energy workings as the beginning aspect for my efforts. Most of us know this already so let us move onward to cover more aspects of individual & collective energy work.

Focus & Perceptions

Being open to, perceptive and consciously aware of, your own "frame of mind & state of be-ing" is one of the key aspects and foundations for energy workings and the results we may achieve. For example, if I'm out of focus, scattered, and stressed when attempting to work with or raise energy, you can easily guess the type of results that will likely manifest or be apparent during and afterwards for whatever is being attempted.

If you are aware of unsettling or disruptive influences, emotions, or distractions coming into focus, it is generally a good practice to consider whether to proceed and make a point to deal with it before proceeding or continuing. Better to postpone or delay than to try "forcing" the flow of energy. Energy is fluid, dynamic and pliant by nature, so it takes the shape or form of the vessel its contained in, much like water or other liquids. It is up to us to understand & be aware of how we are "shaping" the energies, influencing them and focusing them for the desired intentions.

One of the primary reasons many of us find collective group energy to be effective stems from our individual experiences in working with others in a focused manner to achieve a heightened level of attunement & clarity of intentionality. For most of us, the best experiences come from working with others whom we have established a deep rapport, familiarity & comfort level, (i.e. "perfect love & perfect trust") over time. As our experiences and trust build, we are better able to open ourselves to deeper levels of both conscious and unconscious awareness, thus entraining ourselves to the dynamics of energy being raised, focused and manifested for an express intent or purpose.

It greatly enhances the overall experiences when the individual(s) chosen to lead or facilitate are aware of the finer arts in working with others, able to direct and focus the intentions towards the collective/individual goals, and conscious of the dynamics involved in both the mundane and magickal realms.

Those who are chosen, either as HP/HPS or other specific roles (Squire, Maiden, Summoner, Calling Quarters, Invoking or Calling the Spirits, God & Goddess, etc) should be given the attention and respect of the other participants, as well as any requested assistance to make their tasks flow smoothly without being distracted or interrupted, especially once the ritual or magickal works have commenced.

Individuals should take it upon themselves to be responsible and aware of their own feelings and energy states, then make appropriate choices when choosing to participate or contribute within the group for the intended purposes. Better to graciously decline to participate or take on a responsibility than to do so grudgingly or without clear intentions. This is best dealt with prior to entering the Circle, but should the need arise, use good judgements & be conscientious in handling the situations. *Stuff Happens* ...we all have that experience sooner or later.

Intents, Timing & Ethics

Learning & expanding our own awareness of how we interact with the energy resources & influences surrounding us should be a goal we strive for, regardless of how we choose to express our individual spirituality. Taking responsibility for our actions (intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, etc) and being grounded within an ethical framework is an individual responsibility & choice. As the saying goes "be careful what you ask for, you just might *get it*" seems a wise course to follow.

In my experience, it is much more difficult to truly know or comprehend the *real needs* and understand the questions than to find the answers or what's "best" for a given situation/individual. I find it is much easier to keep focused on my own self improvements and needs than to solve or focus on what others "should be" dealing with or doing.

This is why we make a habit (or should) of getting the consent of others before we attempt any magickal workings either on their behalf or for them. Understanding that each individual has their own free will and choices, as well as what THEY wish/need/desire. It is good practice to set aside time to discuss things with the individual(s), seeking the possible sources of the situation and the potential options for achieving the desired intents or resolutions in a positive fashion.

Energy, (magickal or otherwise) seeks its source and flows out in both directions (sending & returning). This is why there are strong cautions about doing spell or magickal works such as "binding individuals", making someone "fall in love with" another, or sending out baneful energies or curses intended to cause harm or ill intents to befall others. Naturally, we are always free to choose to do left handed magick, but remember the threefold return will be waiting in the shadows to balance the scales eventually and perhaps in unexpected fashions. So hey, if ya wanna go there, just be willing to accept the consequences and learn the lessons from the experiences. Enough said on this, you know the drill & can hum the tunes by now anyways, just felt it needed to be mentioned.

Generally speaking, a large percentage of your magickal and energy workings will be focused & directed from within yourself, for your own needs and desires. I find the majority of my own energy works for magickal intents are self directed, and almost always done after a period of delving inwards, seeking the guidance and wisdom of the Goddess and God or others in the spiritual realms, seeking out the council of those people whom I've come to trust in times of need or when troubled by the events of life.

Once I've done the groundwork and considered things, if there is a clear and present need to perform magickal works then it is time to make the needed preparations & choose the best timing & manners to manifest them. This can be either solitary works or done with others participation depending on the circumstances & needs at hand.

Be open minded and creative, listen to your own inner guides and the inspirations that may come your way. This may take the form of a dream vision, a serendipitous "inspiration or insight", a visit from a friend or loved one, etc. Spirit moves in mysterious ways.

It need not be a complicated endeavor when you choose to perform magicak energy works or spellcraft. A simple, personally meaningful, and focused act or ritual can often times be more productive & effective than a long, complicated & overblown theatrical performance. What truly matters in the end and all comes down to is "did it work for you and produce meaningful results". And remember magick has its own unique ways & timeframes, so don't be surprised if it may take a while for the seeds to germinate & sprout.

One gauge that has proven a good measure for me is how it *feels* or *flows* during and afterwards. If you come away with a deep sense of positive & uplifting energies within yourself, or change in perspectives & emotions, then that in itself can be a good portent/indicator that you've gotten things off the ground, so trust to the Spirits to do Their job & let go of it...just trust the answers and results will manifest and see what happens next.

If you should have a less positive experience or result, well don't get bummed or pissy about it. Sometimes things just don't quite flow or take root; examine and get a sense of things. We've all had times when we learned from our experiences, so this just might be one of those times to seek for improvements or more effective ways to achieve the results. One of those "live, learn & grow" lessons down here in Earth School, as it were. You can always change or improve things next time, so don't get yourself in a funk over it, bunky. Have a good laugh & get on with your life.

Concerning the timing aspects be aware of the usual cycles, seasons and related elements in shaping the form(s) for your energy works. Be creative, it's not the limitations of the moon phases, astrological alignments, the time of year, etc, which inhibit us, but rather the barriers & limitations we impose upon ourselves. It's just a matter of understanding the subtle ways & means to manifest the magick and energies for the desired/needed results. Turn things on their heads and look at it from many different angles then see what inspirations may come.

You can do a wonderful banishing ritual during a waxing moon or vice versa. It's just how we approach the situations and use the resources & creativity at hand. Use your imagination and seek out new awareness, learn about the symbols, elements and tools you can use. Ask others how they've handled similar situations or for some *tricks of the trade* when you're stumped. You never know where a good inspiration may come from, so again be open-minded and perceptive and don't give up from frustrations or feeling self-doubts or inadequacy.

Energy Aspects & Forms

Elemental energy refers to earth, air, fire, water, lunar, solar aspects, as opposed to raising "elemental" energy as in Ceremonial Magick. Each element has unique aspects, symbols manifestations and type of energy. The use and familiarity with each brings to focus various conscious and metaphysical properties when they are invokes and utilized.

For example, take the elemental energies of water. It can take the form of a solid, liquid or gas, be sticky, viscous or slippery in its liquid state, steamy or cool in gaseous form or brittle & frigid when solid. These are the outward (physical) manifestations of water, but similarly water takes on several forms or aspects in the metaphysical or magickal aspects. Understanding the properties, symbols & energy dynamics of water greatly expands & enhances the ways we perceive, utilize & manifest it in our magickal workings. The same principals apply to the other elemental energies mentioned above. What comes to your perceptions when you consider them? How would they appear and be incorporated in their different forms when you are using or invoking them? How would you symbolize and manifest them?

Let's consider the elemental energies of fire for a moment. One of the primary aspects of fire is the principal of "creation through destruction/consumption". It can be used for banishing or invoking energies symbolize the Sacred Flames of Life-Death and Rebirth and many other manifestations. Studying and learning about the varieties of elemental energies and understanding how to incorporate them to bring about the desired intentions or results is a primary aspect in our studies and efforts.

Work with and learn how each separate element takes shape, its feel and vibrations, how to visualize & attune with them. Then as you delve deeper into these energies, learn how to manipulate & shape them in your magickal and ritual workings. How can they be paired or woven together to heighten and intensify the powers of focused energies you're raising.

What shape or forms might they take as you use them for your desired intentions or to aide the magickal workings within a ritual or raising Cones of Power? Oftentimes, individuals have basic attunements or alignments with certain types of elemental energies. Knowing which of them may be your own area of affinity can bring their collective powers & spiritual aspects to your magickal endeavors & practices. In a group setting where individuals are well acquainted, understanding the energy dynamics on the elemental levels within each individual can bring about more intensity & focus when well understood and utilized.

All of us have a basic knowledge & attunement with all the elements and their aspects, even if certain ones are more prominent. Just because "you've ALWAYS had an affinity with Fire", doesn't mean you can't get in-tune with the others. Make a practice to get out of your *comfort zones* and explore more in depth. Experiment by doing simple visualizations or ritual exercises to attune with and manifest the elemental energies. Learn how they speak to you, when you feel their presence or powers most deeply, how to incorporate and weave them together, be it for an Esbat or Sabbat, magickal or shamanic workings, or in your visualizations and meditations.

Another aspect worth noting here is the invoking and manifestation of both the masculine and feminine energies, be it as the lunar and solar, Goddess and God, or other comparable duality pairings. Each of us whether engendered as a male or female has BOTH energy aspects within our being, on the emotional, sensual and spiritual levels. Simply because we are engendered in the physical (outward) form of a male or female does not limit us from attuning to the opposite polarity on the Spiritual (inward) levels.

Being aware of and in touch with the Goddess & God within you brings a rich & deep level of consciousness and energies to focus. It does take time, efforts & directed intentions, to say nothing of getting past your own roadblocks or predispostions/experiences to do this, but I feel it is well worth the sacrifices, struggles & efforts. The unity of one-ness and balance, depths of perceptions and receptivity to new awareness are a deep wellspring available for you to explore. Who knows what unexpected treasures await for your discovery?

Ritual Energy

Within the ritual context, energy manifestation, focus and dynamics play a crucial role for whatever workings are being done. This applies on the individual levels and especially within a group or Coven setting.

As discussed earlier, the blending and focus of the group energies definitely impacts the overall depths of experience(s). This cannot be emphasized too often; as you experience different rituals, recall how they *felt* or flowed, depending on the dynamics of the group and individuals participating.

When there are significant disruptions or distractions, the ability to raise, focus, manifest & utilize energy in a collective, coherent fashion gets stifled or does not come to full expressions. The participants and especially those leading the ritual have to either pull the group back or exert ever more energy & efforts to contain & keep things balanced. Doing so drains away energy from the intents and bleeds off the capacity to stay focused on shaping & sensing the energy states and peaks. Be aware and conscious of your own energy levels and how your interactions may manifest for boon or bane in your ritual experiences.

It has been mentioned in previous classes that as the Circle Casting is invoked, everyone should turn their focus & intentions to fully visualize & charge the ritual space & those participating with elemental and spiritual energies. Otherwise, it's just a lot of fluffery and theatrics without substance. Our perceptions, focus and awareness of elemental energies are definitely the meat and potatoes of making any ritual experience or magickal energy workings meaningful & significant. This doesn't mean it has to be a hairshirt or sackcloth experience, laughter & pleasures are a wonderful blessing in their time & place. And we all know that sooner or later some small faux pas or slip of the tongue will crop up. Have a laugh and enjoy it, but don't go overboard. Plenty of time later after the ritual or working is finished to laugh your ass off about the goofy shit and craziness of the moments you may experience.

Above all, be spontaneous and open to the flow of energies being raised, invoked and have fun with them. Explore the levels and aspects they may take, learn and grow in your own awareness of how the elements move and flow as you continue your spiritual journey. Nuff said on that, let's move onwards.

Magickal Energy

Magickal energies are a somewhat special and more deeply intense form of energy manipulations, with a very specific and focused intentionality.

As we all know magickal energy is not bound by physical limitations of space, time or human perceptions. It is a unique form that transcends our mundane perceptions and day-to-day experiences in endless manners or forms.

Thoughts, blessings, good intentions and ritual invocations move dynamically from the source(s) outward in a spiral wave, then wind back upon themselves once more. Ebbing and flowing like the tides of the oceans, cycles of the seasons or peaks and valleys of reality. This is why we observe the cautions and guidance of our traditions and the ancient wisdom/teachings/principals that have come down to us over the span of the millenniums.

Summary & Final Thoughts

The more we work with and entrain or attune to the raising, utilization, focus and manipulations of energies the more efficacious and potent our magickal workings tend to be over time. We learn and grow in our understandings and comprehend the principals, ethics, esoterics and metaphysical natures of energy and magick.

In addition to the tricky business of "when, how, why, if and where" to call on these primal forces for our needs and the beneficent well being of others. More times than not, the wisdom of knowing when NOT to call upon magickal resources and energies can be far more beneficial and effective to meet the true needs at hand. To quote Starhawk from "The Spiral Dance, " a stout lock is far more effective than a thousand spells of protections". Not every need or desire is best served from calling upon the magickal resources at our disposal, oftentimes a little practical *mundane* efforts and hard work will serve us far more effectively than just chanting a spell. The Goddess and God aren't the Big Momma & Daddy in the Sky; after all, we have to take responsibility for our own choices and accept the lessons and consequences from our choices.

When it is time to utilize and raise magickal energies, study and delve into the matters at hand before proceeding whenever possible. Choose your tools, symbols and other essential elements with thoughtfulness, then weave the magick or spell craft together. Don't be afraid to make changes or enhancements when necessary, even once your ritual or magickal workings have begun.

If you feel you need a fresh perspective or someone to give you some feedback, then request their help and consider their perceptions. If this will be a group effort, be considerate of others and give them ample notification. That way, they will be able to more fully become involved and participate in bringing their energies to the Circle.

Practical Magick

Okay, we've had enough ""head talk", so it's time to do a little practical hands-on work and *experiential* applications. Everybody take a 5 minute mental health break, make a comfort stop, get off your root chakras & get the blood circulating above the shoulders again...then we'll get back together and see if we can re-charge each other a wee bit, have some fun and maybe even learn something new or find a different aspect for working with magickal energies.

"Energy Working, Magick and Timing"
Copyright: MoonsChild 08/10/99



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