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Little Witch and Her First Lesson

Author: Mistress Ravenfyre
Posted: June 10th. 2007
Times Viewed: 4,557

“Children! Children! Come here now and settle in," said Grandma Witch

“That’s right. Everyone find a place and get comfy.”

Grandmother Witch looked at the smiling faces waiting to hear her tale of Little Witch.

The children came every day to hear what the Littlest Witch did and learned. It was as though they were all transformed into Little Witch, learning and feeling what she did.

Grandmother Witch knew this and loved seeing the lessons learned by the young. It was important for their learning experiences. Telling about Little Witch was a pleasure for Grandmother Witch. And so the learning circle was now open and she began.

“Let me see. I think today we shall hear about one of Little Witch’s travels in her many lessons she learned while young".

“Oh we love Little Witch,” sang out the children.

“Yes, of course you do", smiled Grandmother Witch.

“Are we ready to begin?” she asked with a wink.

“YES!” yelled the children.

Then let us begin.

When Little Witch was just a very small child, maybe five or six she began her lessons. Little Witch was so excited to begin as now she felt like a Big Witch in going to the schoolhouse to be seen by a teacher. She could barely wait for her first lesson to start.

Today was the big day! Oh how happy Little Witch was. She had had many lessons but mainly they were in the care and training of Master Frog.

Feeling him wiggle and waggle in her hands made her giggle with delight. He was a handful! She shared many a laugh with Master Frog.

He of course would only stare at her and ribbit.

Today though the lesson plan changed. Her teacher, Gwenneth was holding Master Frog as Little Witch entered the classroom.

“Little Witch, you are late. Please be seated", Teacher Gwenneth said to her.

Little Witch took her seat and looked at both teacher and frog. She could feel something… but what it was she did not know.

“Today my child you will be taking your lesson out of the classroom and into the outside. Take Master Frog and take good care of him for he shall help you with your lesson.”

“But what is my lesson I am supposed to learn?” asked Little Witch.

“Little Witch, it is time that you learned that lessons are not always learned from books and by teachers but by experiencing them. It is time you did just that".

“I do not understand,” said Little Witch. Little Witch thought it was so silly not to be in the classroom but this was her assignment.

“Little Witch, when you have learned the lesson answer you will know”

“How will I know the answer?” exclaimed Little Witch.

“You will know, my dear Little Witch. You will know,” said Teacher Gwenneth.

“Now it is time to begin” and with that being said, she opened the school doors and gave Little Witch a gently push out.

“Little Witch, listen and hear.”

Before Little Witch could open her mouth to say anything, the teacher closed the door.

“Well, Master Frog, I am in a pickle. I have no idea what I am supposed to learn or do. Do you?” asked Little Witch to Master Frog.

Master Frog only blinked. “Humph, you aren’t much help, now are you?” Little Witch said putting him in her pocket.

Might as well start, she thought. And she did

Out into the grounds she went. Not really knowing what it was she was supposed to learn was confusing and hard. Especially for a little witch of 5 or 6-years- old.

Skipping and singing down the path she saw in the distance some older students. “What are they doing? She said to herself for Master Frog had decided to take a nap. Since it was a warm sunny day and the breeze was scenting the air with the flowers from the garden it was an outdoor lesson day for all students, young and older.

Little Witch ventured closer to the group. The older students were all in a circle standing. She could not quite make out what they were saying as she was still too far away.

Once she got closer she said to them, “What are you doing?”

At first there was no answer so she waited thinking that maybe she was not close enough to hear.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” This time she yelled at them.

One if the students turned to look at Little Witch and said, “Little Witch, how rude you are to yell at us while we are studying”

“You aren’t studying. You are only standing there in a circle looking like tree stumps” she laughed and pointed at all of them.

Tilly, one of the students, turned at Little Witch. Seeing that there was no smile on her face worried Little Witch, as she did not know what she did wrong.

“Little Witch, that was not nice to say to us. Now go away you are disturbing us” Tilly spoke to her firmly.

“NO, not until you tell me what silly things you are doing,” Little Witch said

“If you must know nosey-rosey, we are practicing creating a circle. Now, will you go?” Tilly replied.

Little Witch had heard of this but since she was still young really did not know the true meaning. Instead of asking she snapped, “I know it is a circle and I am not a nosey-rosey, you mean stump people.”

“IF you knew why did you ask? asked Tilly. Then the circle of students began to giggle and laugh. “Ha-ha look!” pointed one of the students “She has a toad as a pet! ” They all laughed even louder now. “He is not a toad, he is Master Frog and he is not my pet but a lesson I carry with me” Little Witch fighting back her tears. She didn’t like being called names and being laughed at.

“A toad as a lesson! How funny!” Tilly rang out over the crowd.

"Is your lesson… not to get warts?” another student giggling said.

The students laughed and laughed.

Little Witch nearly started to cry but then out of the circle came Correna. Correna was the oldest and one of the few being trained and taught to be a Priestess when she came of age. She was a vision of beauty. Little Witch saw this beauty and stopped the tears.

Coreena came closer; taking Little Witches chin into her hand she said, “Little Witch, you must be kind and patient.”

She looked back at the students who were now silent

“As well as you all should be the same. Kind and gentle with your thoughts and words.”

“Now, Little Witch you must go to finish learning your lesson and let us get back to ours.”

“Bbbut I don’t know what my lesson is” Little Witch cried in dismay.

Correnna smiled. “You will, Little Witch. You are half way there".

Little Witch braved a small smile and turned to leave. Instead of walking, she ran as fast as her little legs would take her. She wanted to get as far away from the circle students as possible.

“Well Master Frog that was just terrible. They were mean and hateful laughing at me. I didn’t do anything at all. I will never like them again.”

Little Witch began slowing up a little and soon it was as though what had just happened was like a dream.
Master Frog only blinked his big eyes at her. Uttering not a sound.

Little Witch still had no idea what her lesson was to be learned that day. She saw many things on her travels but didn’t learn anything.

“Maybe that is the lesson! Not to learn anything,” she thought.

But she kept going and talking to Master Frog who really just wanted to sleep and feel the warm sunshine on his back. He didn’t complain to her, only quietly blinking.

It wasn’t much longer until Little Witch came upon another group of students. These students were not standing like the stump people she had nicknamed. No they were all sitting cross-legged in the grassy meadow with eyes closed.

Little Witch could not help herself she laughed so loudly that all the students opened their eyes and stared at her. Little Witch felt a little uncomfortable and kept shuffling her feet side to side.

Master Frog poked his head out of her pocket and looked at the others. Still he was quiet only blinking.

“What is so funny Little Witch?” Called one of the sitting students.

“Why you are! You all look so silly I have to laugh” Little Witch cried out still laughing and laughing.

One of the girls, not much older than Little Witch it seemed, pointed and laughed herself “We are funny? Who has an ugly toad in their pocket? ”

All the students laughed. “Master Frog is not ugly and he is not a toad. He is a fine Frog” she defended her lesson helper.

The children began to chant loudly “Frog Girl! Frog Girl!”

All were laughing, pointing and calling her names.

“Well I may be a frog girl, but you are all silly sitters. Too lazy to do your lesson of the day! said Little Witch.

One of the young boys, Jeremy, yelled at her “There is no lesson to be learned with a frog, silly little witch!”

“No, no it is a lesson,” Little Witch stomped her feet and cried out.

From somewhere in the crowd one could hear “You laughed at our lesson Little Witch. So we have laughed at yours!”

“You are all a bunch of mules! Little Witch shouted and she again ran away still hearing their chant of ‘Frog Girl! Frog Girl!” in her ear.

Huffing and puffing, she ran and ran. Tears were hot on her tiny little face. Burning her cheeks as the warm breeze swept over her.

I must find some place to rest, she thought.

Master Frog was not a happy frog. All this running was shaking him and he did not like this. No, not one bit.

Little Witch saw up ahead a log that was near a running creek. Oh good, we shall rest here for a while before going back, she panted. Little Witch sat there catching her breath. She let Master Frog hop out of her pocket.

He sat there for what seemed to be hours not blinking, not making a sound.

Little Witch finally said to him: “Master Frog, all those students were so mean to me. I only wanted my questions answered. Did I do anything to them wrong?”

“No, I did not” she said firmly.

With that Master Frog seemed to be sparked with life. He hopped and he leaped. He leaped and he hopped. With a RIBBIT and a Ribbit, he hopped on her head with a very loud THUNK!

“OUCH,” cried Little Witch. “Master Frog, you have hurt me. Now are you not my friend also?”

RIBBIT RIBBIT RIBBIT and he hopped in the air and again landed with a THUNK. It was harder than the first THUNK! Little Witch winched in pain.

“Stop that Master Frog. Stop! It hurts”

Master Frog seemed to be laughing at her. “What is so funny?” she asked rubbing her head. But Master Frog only blinked and winked and gave out the loudest RIBBIT she had ever heard!

Master Frog kept right on ribbitting and ribbiting some more. Not stopping, not even for a quick breathe. “Please stop you are hurting my ears and head,” Little Witch said to him.” I do wish I knew what you were saying".

Then it came to her. What had the teacher said when she was leaving? Listen and hear.

“Master Frog, I was mean first to the others when I met with them. I was mean to you also by making you uncomfortable in my pocket by running and running. I was the mean one. I harmed the others first. Master Frog! Thank you! Thank you! I know what my lesson is now.”

With that she scooped Master Frog up and began walking quickly this time so as not to jostle Master Frog.

“I can’t wait to get back to the teacher. I am so excited! ” Little Witch said over and over again to herself.

On the way back there sat the sitting students. They all looked at her. Waiting for her to say something again unkind.

“I am sorry that I began talking to you all with such harmful and mean words. I hope you are able to accept my apology,” Little Witch told them.

The sitting students talked amongst themselves and Jeremy stood up.

“Little Witch, yes, we accept yours if you will accept ours. We spoke unkindly to you when we should have treated you kindly. We meant no true harm.”

“Oh yes! I accept yours and am so happy you will accept mine.” They all were smiling with forgiveness.

“I must go now. I will see you all later,” she said running and waving to them. She was in a hurry to get back to her teacher.

She no sooner made amends to the sitting students than there she was again with the circle students.

They were all chatting on a break when she ran up to them. “Listen to me please,” Little Witch said catching her breath.

“What is it, Little Witch?” Correna asked softly.

The others were glaring at Little Witch, as they knew their last meeting was so not nice for any of them.

“I just want to say I am sorry that I harmed you with my yelling and terrible words.”

“Yes, Little Witch you were not nice to us, but we in turn were not nice to you.” Correna said. “We all need to apologize for our harmful words, don’t you think?” she said to her group. Each circle student nodded in agreement.

“Little Witch, stay awhile with us and we will teach you about the circle,” Correna offered.

“I would like that so much, but another time. I have to tell my teacher what lesson I have learned!!!”

She ran off with barely a good bye. All the circle students smiled and laughed to see her running so fast with Master Frog in her pocket.

Tilly looked at Correna. “I remember my Master Frog lesson like it was yesterday. “My, Tilly, I think it was only yesterday!” Correna and Tilly laughed together.

Little Witch did not have much further to go until the schoolhouse came into sight. She bounded in the door with a THUD.

“Little Witch, that is no way to enter the classroom!” the teacher tried to sound firm.

“Oh, but teacher I have the answer to my lesson! I really and truly do!”

“Well then sit and share with me.” the teacher sitting and smiling at her. Little Witch went over the entire day. From all the harmful and mean words that she said and that was said to her in return. Telling of how Master Frog helped her with her lesson.

“In fact he gave the answer away! ” Little Witch laughed.

“Little Witch, what is the answer to your lesson?” asked the teacher.

“That is easy!”

“Well then share it with me.”

“An it harm none, do as thou wilt. Do what you will, so long as it harms none.”

“But what does it mean?” asked the teacher.

“I harmed others with my sharp words. When I did this they harmed me. Both sides were wrong. But righting the wrong was lesson. Accepting our responsibility in our actions and words.”

“Why Little Witch you are so right! I am proud of you! Lesson learned well. Is there anything else?”

Little Witch turned a brilliant red “Well, you told me to listen and hear.”

“Yes, I did”

“Master Frog taught me to do that. I learned that from him talking and jumping on my head. It hurt but I heard him,” Little Witch smiled slightly

The teacher smiled at her littlest student. Knowing that she had learned about harming others, listening and hearing the words within herself.

Yes, someday Little Witch will grow to be a fine Witch thought the teacher. A fine Witch indeed.

“Now go play your study day is over.”

“Teacher I have but one more question to ask.”

“What is it, Little Witch?”

“Why is Master Frog a part of my lessons?”

The teacher and Master Frog looked at each other. Neither saying a word or a ribbit.

“Little Witch, that is a lesson for you on another day.”

With that, Little Witch with Master Frog in her pocket ran to play like all little children do. Waiting for her next lesson to be learned.

Grandmother Witch smoothed out her dress and looked at the faces that were intensely looking at her.

A tiny hand popped up from the back of the group.

“Yes, Millicent, what is your question?” asked Grandmother Witch.

“What is Little Witches next lesson?” asked Millicent.

Grandmother Witch looked at her little chickies and chuckled.

“Tomorrow is another day. Another lesson. Just like Little Witch, go play now while the sun is still shining bright".

Standing watching the children at play Grandmother Witch only hoped that the lesson of harming others was learned.

Only tomorrow will tell.


Mistress Ravenfyre

Location: Montpelier, Indiana


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