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Books on Witchcraft & Magic

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Books on Witchcraft & Magic

Author: Peg Aloi [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: February 2nd. 1997
Times Viewed: 198,713

Welcome to our recommended reading list! Modern Witches are known to be avid readers, always eager for new insights and information. It is not the intention of The Witches' Voice to give the impression that these books are the "last word" about Witchcraft or Magic or that the "levels" listed below are the opinions of the masses. . There are literally hundreds of books written about Witchcraft, Ceremonial and various other forms of magic. The books listed below include some of our personal favorites and we do plan on adding to this list on a regular basis.

This book list is but a sampling of the many books available on these topics! Books which are out of print are marked OOP. If the bookstore near you does not carry any titles you want, you can almost always order them. Even if you have checked the "New Age" or "Occult" sections, continue to look for some of these titles in "Mythology" or "Women's Studies" sections. We eagerly await the day when many of the titles listed below are displayed in the "Religion" section of our local bookstores!

Peg Aloi
Media Coordinator - Witches Voice
(c) Imbolc 1997
Email: [Staff Email]

Many Pagan Authors have their own Web sites... Click HERE for a listing.

Witchcraft, Magic and Paganism

Witchcraft, Magic and Paganism - Beginner
  • 21st Century Wicca Jennifer Hunter, Citadel Press.
  • An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present Doreen Valiente 1973/1985 Hale/Phoenix Publishing.
  • Earth Magic: A Dianic Book of Shadows Marion Weinstein 1980 Earth Magic Productions.
  • Natural Magic Doreen Valiente 1975/1991 Hale/Phoenix Publishing.
  • Positive Magic: Occult Self Help Marion Weinstein 1978 Pocket Books.
  • Power of the Witch Laurie Cabot w/Tom Cowan 1989 Dell Publishing
  • Practical Solitary Magic Nancy B. Watson 1996 Samuel Weiser
  • The Spiral Dance (Rebirth of Ancient Religion of Great Goddess) Starhawk 1979 Harper &Row.
  • The Truth About Witchcraft Today Scott Cunningham 1988 Llewellyn Publications.
  • To Ride a Silver Broomstick " Silver Ravenwolf 1993 Llewellyn Publications.
  • West Country Wicca Rhiannon Ryall
  • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Scott Cunningham 1988 Llewellyn Publications.
  • Witch Blood! Diary of a Witch High Priestess Patricia Crowther 1974 House of Collectibles. (OOP)
  • Witchcraft: The Old Religion Leo Martello 1973 University Books.
  • Witches Erica Jong 1981 Harry Abrams. NOTE: Rereleased in Hardcover 10/2000

Witchcraft, Magic and Paganism - Intermediate
  • A Book of Pagan Rituals Herman Slater 1978 Samuel Weiser.
  • A Witches' Bible Compleat Janet and Stewart Farrar 1981/1984 Magickal Childe Publishing, Inc.
  • Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft Raymond Buckland 1986 Llewellyn Publications.
  • Drawing Down the Moon Margot Adler 1979 Viking (reissued by Beacon Press).
  • Dreaming the Dark Starhawk 1982 Beacon Press.
  • Lid Off the Cauldron: A Handbook for Witches Patricia Crowther 1973 Frederick Mueller.
  • Paganism Today G. Harvey /C. Hardman, eds 1995 Thorsons.
  • Psychic Self-Defense Dion Fortune 1930/1993 Samuel Weiser.
  • The Complete Art of Witchcraft Sybil Leek 1971 World Publishing.(OOP)
  • The Magickal Year Diana Ferguson 1996 Samuel Weiser.
  • The Pagan Path J. and S. Farrar/Gavin Bone 1995 Phoenix Publishing.
  • The Witch's Book of Days Kozocarl/Owens/North 1994 Beache Holme Publishers.
  • The Witch's God Janet and Stewart Farrar 1989 Phoenix Publishing
  • The Witch's Goddess Janet and Stewart Farrar 1987 Phoenix Publishing
  • the Witches Way Janet and Stewart Farrar 1984 Hale
  • Witchcraft for Tomorrow Doreen Valiente 1978/1986 Hale/Phoenix Publishing

Witchcraft, Magic and Paganism - Advanced
  • Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbat Carlo Ginzberg
  • Persuasions of the Witch's Craft T. Luhrmann
  • The God of the Witches Margaret Murray 1970 Oxford University Press.
  • The History of Witchcraft Jeffrey Russell 1980 Thames and Hudson.
  • The Witch Cult in Western Europe Margaret Murray 1921/1970 Oxford University Press.

Celtic Traditions

Celtic Traditions - Beginner
  • A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year Ellen Evert Hopman 1995 Inner Traditions.
  • A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk Edain McCoy 1994 Llewellyn Publications.
  • Oak, Ash and Thorn: The Celtic Shaman D. J. Conway 1995 Llewellyn Publications.
  • Practical Celtic Magic Murry Hope 1987 Aquarian Press.
  • The Aquarian Guide to British and Irish Mythology John and Caitlin Matthews 1988 Aquarian Press.
  • The Celtic Tradition Caitlin Matthews 1989 Element Books.
  • The Celtic Year Shirley Toulson 1993 Element.

Celtic Traditions - Intermediate
  • An Encyclopedia of Fairies Katherine Briggs TBA Pantheon Books.
  • Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses R. J. Stewart 1990 Blandford.
  • Celtic Heritage Alwyn and Brinley Rees 1961 Thames & Hudson.
  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water R. Skelton/M. Blackwood 1990 Arkana.
  • Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland W.B. Yeats reissued 1973 Colin Smythe Ltd.
  • Fire in the Head Tom Cowan 1994 HarperPerennial.
  • Guinevere Norma Lorre Goodrich 1990 Perennial Library.
  • King of the Celts Jean Markale 1994 Inner Traditions.
  • Merlin Norma Lorre Goodrich 1988 Perennial Library, Harper & Row.
  • The Book of Merlin R.J. Stewart 1987 Blandford Press, Poole.
  • The Handbook of Celtic Astrology Helena Paterson 1995 Llewellyn Publications.
  • The Mystic Life of Merlin R. J. Stewart 1986 Arkana.
  • The Prophecies of Merlin R. J. Stewart 1986 Arkana.
  • The Silver Bough F. Marian McNeill 1989 Cannongate.
  • The Underworld Initiation R. J. Stewart 1985 Aquarian Press.
  • The Veil of Isis, or, Mysteries of the Druids Revealed W. W. Reade 1992 reprint Newcastle Publishing Co.
  • The Way of Merlin R. J. Stewart 1991 Aquarian Press.

Celtic Traditions - Advanced
  • Pagan Celtic Britain Anne Ross 1967/1996 Academy Chicago Publishers.
  • Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles Ron Hutton 1993 Publisher TBA
  • The Avalonians Patrick Benham 1993 Gothic Image Publications (Glastonbury)
  • The Celtic Twilight W. B. Yeats 1893/1990 Prism.
  • The Celts T.G.E. Powell 1958 Thames and Hudson.
  • The Druids Stuart Piggott 1968 Thames and Hudson.
  • The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom John and Caitlin Matthews 1995 Element.
  • The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries W. Y. Evans-Wentz 1911/1977 Colin Smythe Ltd.
  • The Golden Bough Sir James Frazer 1922 Macmillan.
  • The Household of the Grail John Matthews, editor 1990 The Aquarian Press.
  • The White Goddess Robert Graves 1948/1973 Farrar, Strauss & Giroux.

Goddess Worship/Feminist Spirituality - Intermediate/Advanced

  • Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood Merlin Stone 1979 Beacon Press.
  • Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex and Politics Starhawk 1982 Beacon Press.
  • Gyn/Ecology: The Meta-Ethics of Radical Feminism Mary Daly 1978 Beacon Press.
  • The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe: Myths and Cult Images Marija Gimbutas 1982 University of California Press.
  • The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets Barbara Walker 1983 Harper & Row.
  • When God was a Woman Merlin Stone 1976 Dial Press.


Astrology - Beginner
  • Astrology for Lovers Liz Greene 1989 Samuel Weiser, Inc.
  • Gay Love Signs Michael Jay 1990 Plume (Penguin Books)
  • Linda Goodman's Love Signs Linda Goodman 1978 HarperPerennial.
  • Seduction by the Stars R. Lexander/G. Rose 1995 Bantam.
  • Sex Signs (A Women's Guide to Love, Men, Sex, Anger & Personal Power) Judith Barrett 1985/1996 St. Martin's Press.
  • The Astrologer's Handbook F. Sakoian/L. Acker 1973/1989 HarperPerennial
  • The Astrology of Fate Liz Greene 1984 Samuel Weiser, Inc.
  • The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need Joanna Martin Woolfolk 1982 Scarborough House

Astrology - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Asteroid Goddesses Demetra George 1986 ACS Publishing.
  • Astrological Voids Jan Huntley 1993 Element Books.
  • Astrology, A Cosmic Science Isabel M. Hickey 1992 CRCS Publications.
  • Astrology for the Aquarian Age Alexandra Mark 1970/1990 Fireside.
  • Astrology, Karma and Transformation Stephen Arroyo 1992 CRCS Publications.
  • Choice-Centered Astrology: The Basics Gail Fairfield 1990 Ramp Creek Publishing, Inc.
  • Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns Babs Kirby/Janey Stubbs 1990 Element Books.
  • Love and Sexuality: An Exploration of Venus and Mars Babs Kirby/Janey Stubbs 1992 Element Books.
  • Moon Signs for Lovers Carole Golden 1992 Henry Holt & Co.
  • Planets in Transit Robert Hand 1976 Whitford Press.
  • Sun Sign, Moon Sign Charles and Suzi Harvey 1994 HarperCollins.
  • The Goddess in Your Stars Geraldine Thorsten 1980, 1989 Fireside. (OOP)
  • The Knot of Time L. River/S. Gillespie 1987 HarperPerennial. (OOP)
  • The Scientific Basis of Astrology Dr. Percy Seymour 1992 St. Martin's Press.
  • The Twelve Houses Howard Sasoportas 1985 HarperCollins.
  • The Uranus-Neptune Influence Joy Michaud 1994 Samuel Weiser Inc.


  • Creation Myths Marie-Louise von Franz 1972/1995 Shambhala.
  • Dionysus: Myth and Cult Walter F. Otto 1965/1993 Spring Publications. (OOP)
  • Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth James Lovelock 1979 Oxford University Press.
  • Goddesses in Everywoman Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D. 1987 HarperPerennial.
  • Gods in Everyman Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D. 1989 HarperPerennial.
  • Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece A. R. Hope Moncrieff 1995 Gramercy.
  • Pagan Grace: Hermes, Dionysus and Apollo Ginette Paris Spring Publications, Third Printing: 1995 Tr. from French by Joanna Mott...
  • Pagan Meditations: Aphrodite, Hestia, Artemis Ginette Paris Spring Publications, Eighth Printing, 1997 Tr. from French by Gwendolyn Moore...
  • The Greek Myths Robert Graves 1959 Penguin Books.
  • The Hymns of Orpheus R. C. Hogart 1993 Phanes Press. (OOP)
  • The Myth of the Eternal Return Mircea Eliade 1954/1991 Princeton University Press.
  • The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell 1988 Doubleday.

Magickal Herbalism

  • 777 and Other Quabalistic Writings Aleister Crowley 1973 Samuel Weiser
  • A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year Ellen Evert Hopman 1995 Destiny Books.
  • Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Scott Cunningham 1985 Llewellyn Publications.
  • Magickal Formulary Herman Slater 1981 Magickal Childe Publishing.
  • Mastering Herbalism Paul Huson 1974 Stein & Day. (OOP)
  • The Complete Book of Incenses, Oils and Brews Scott Cunningham 1989 Llewellyn Publications.
  • The Magical and Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs Richard Miller TBA Destiny Books.
  • The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs Richard Miller TBA Destiny Books.
  • The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes Richard and Iona Miller TBA Destiny Books.
  • The Master Book of Herbalism Paul Beyerl 1984 Phoenix Publishing
  • The Wicca Garden Gerina Dunwich 1996 Citadel Press.
  • Wylundt's Book of Incense Steven Smith 1981 Samuel Weiser.


  • Binding Spell Elizabeth Arthur (OOP)
  • Cat Magic Whitley Streiber
  • Firebrand Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Lammas Night Katherine Kurtz
  • Love Medicine Louise Erdrich
  • The Fifth Sacred Thing Starhawk
  • The Mabinogion series Evangeline Walton
  • The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley 1981 Bantam Del Rey.
  • The Once and Future King T.H. White 1952 Collins, London.
  • The Witches of Eastwick John Updike

Also check out the novels of Dion Fortune and the short fiction of Charles de Lint and Jane Yolen


  • Speak Daggers to Her By:Rosemary Edghill (mystery)
  • The Book of Moons By:Rosemary Edghill (mystery)
  • The Bowl of Night By:Rosemary Edghill (mystery)
  • Practical Magic By:Alice Hoffman (mainstream/literary)
  • Crystals By:Ann Zavala (mystery)


Peg Aloi

Location: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

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