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The New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches (NECTW)

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Wyvern Moon Tradition

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Chalice Well Tradition

Author: Aurora Raven [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: July 11th. 2010
Times Viewed: 9,445

History: The four original members and founders were active in a public group of solitaries by the name of Council of Circles who held open public ritual for the community in Berkshire County MA. beginning in 1994.

Out of that group Aurora Raven, proprietor of Woman of Wands, a small Wiccan shop in Lee MA. invited three of the COC members to join together in Dispelling the Myths surrounding witchcraft as a religion which would involve organized public forums i.e.: colleges, high schools, printed media: Berkshire Eagle.

In 1996, after six months of working together Chalice Well Coven was formed. With a background in practice of over 30 years Aurora Raven began teaching within the coven setting; out of that material and the four existing members it was decided to 'open' the coven which soon resulted in an increase in size.

Chalice Well became a formal training coven through three degrees or levels within the apprenticeship. Due to the time and commitment involved it was decided that all new members would need to be sponsored by an existing member. All members would need to go through the first level of training, that of the candidate, in order to be a member of coven. There after moving through the levels was optional within membership. Every first degree initiate (those who completed the candidate year and a day training) could then sponsor or mentor a new member.

Dedicants, those who would like to become members of coven, were welcome to attend open celebrations and once a month meet and greets. After a period of time of no more than one year and no less than six months the Dedicant could enter into the apprenticeship program as a candidate.

First degree initiates (those who completed the candidate year and a day training) were welcome to continue training after a three month break between training levels. The second degree apprenticeship lasted two years after which time those who completed the training were recognized as priests and priestesses able to help coordinate and take on greater levels of responsibility. They taught one or two of the candidate classes, functioned as a mentor to a new candidate, and were able to perform all the functions within the Chalice Well Tradition ritual format.

Over the years that followed, many of the active members contributed a great deal of time, thought and energy into the creation of the Chalice Well Tradition, what would later be defined as Reformed American Progressive Traditional Witchcraft.

Chalice Well Coven would host public ritual from 1996-2008. The largest gathering every year surrounded Samhain. With increasing numbers of individual looking for a place to celebrate the Wheel of the Year it was decided in 2005 to open The Chalice Well Fellowship Temple. Over the next four years CWF hosted monthly moons (esbats) and the Four High Sabbats, Imbolc, Beltane, Lamas and Samhain.

Final training requirements. Those who wished to continue their training through the Third Degree level in order to be recognized as clergy within our tradition, or completed third degree training by filing for clergy credentials through the Universal Life Church in order to perform legal handfastings, were invited to continue an additional year and a day of training. The third degree initiation opened the door to hiving and forming a coven of their own. The only requirement being that the coven name include the word 'well' in order to reflect the mother coven.

As of December 2009 Chalice Well Fellowship and Tradition became a legal 501 (c) 3 temple in the eyes of the IRS. Our temple resides in Berkshire MA. on 1.5 acres of land. Through that endorsement we were able to ordain clergy within the Chalice Well Tradition.

During the 14 years of Chalice Well Coven existence in Berkshire County MA, four daughter covens emerged: Madron Well, Sacred Well, Ravens Well and Crimson Well. Aurora Raven, the original HPs of Chalice Well, served two consecutive seven year terms/oaths of service to Chalice Well and continues to serve out her days as 'Senior High Priestess' of the Chalice Well Tradition in Maine where she now resides.

As with all covens, especially those that survive and do not succumb to the' dreaded first year burn-out', Although there were times of great joy, times of intense struggle and gifts of strength and rebirth, it can be, for many of us, an experience of a lifetime.

The outline that follows is the Chalice Well Covenant. Let it be a guiding light to those who step on this path of self-discovery known as a coven. May it, in whole or in part, be of service to those who are hopeful and strong enough to begin their own.

In Service, and in Peace,
Aurora Raven CW Senior HPs

Our Purpose and Oath:
To live in a way that honors the five aspects of the God and Goddess, the Elements, and our Beloved Dead both recent and past.

To abide by The Wiccan Rede, Law and Rule within and outside of coven

Our Goal:
To study and explore the Old Religion as it applies to our current lives.
To practice our beliefs
To build our tradition
To grow spiritually within an extended family atmosphere
To explore our strengths and discover our greatest potentials
To provide support and safe environment for one another
To show respect and encouragement for each member

Our Work:
To celebrate the phases of the moon and the changing of the seasons
To heal ourselves through ritual, magick and celebration
To teach our members the necessary skills to be educated priests and priestesses of our tradition
To educate the public by consent and when appropriate, never to proselytize
To participate in Chalice Well Fellowship, our mother temple, as responsibilities requires and as personally responsibilities allow.
The founders of CWC are founders and active members in CWF and CWC and ‘hold the space’ for both as they are able.

Our Shared Commitment: All members of Chalice Well Coven adhere to this covenant, its beliefs, and the practice therein.

What Makes the Chalice Well Tradition of Witchcraft

Lineage is the connection that initiated individuals obtain when trained in the Chalice Well Tradition.

To Obtain Daughter Coven Status the following is required:

Second Degree HPs may ask for help or assistance from the mother (originating) for one full year after hiving after which time they are fully *autonomous but accountable.

Third Degree HPs are fully autonomous at the time of hiving.

* Nine Points in the Chalice Well Tradition:
When teaching these points must be included and new coven members must understand the basics of these points in order for the coven to retain active Hived Daughter Coven Lineage.

The Rede: Active and Passive Harm

The Chalice and the Blade: Transcendence of Duality

The Little and Big Will: Self vs. Selfless

Five Faces of the Goddess: (by way of archetype, symbol or culture. If culture is chosen the five faces need to be related to each other)

Five Faces of the God: (by way of archetype, symbol or culture. If culture is chosen the five faces need to be related to each other)

How Magick Works: Words Have Power; Thought Have Form; Permission; Self-Image Factors for Magickal Practice

The Frame: structure the same but verbiage can be different

The Full Moon Esbat: The Way the Charge and Star Goddess Invocation are used throughout the Esbat. Does not have to be used at each Esbat but must appear in coven BOS and used at least once a year.

The Wheel of the Year: High Holy Days Marking the Seasons

If setting up a Training Coven all above points must be included in the training of coven members. No member can be elevated to a leadership degree level within the daughter coven without undergoing full training for that level through the newly hived daughter coven.

Contact the mother coven if you have further questions or needs. Note: Any member of a daughter coven that is trained in a way that is not in accordance with the nine points of lineage will not be recognized by the mother coven. In order to insure checks and balances within a community that has few rules, all titles must follow strict guidelines.

Membership Qualifications:

1. Acceptance of individuals petitioning for Chalice Well Coven membership is at the discretion of the coven HP/s and Initiated members’ consensus.

2. All individuals are over the age of 21 and initiates of the Craft either through our tradition or have the equivalent through another. Those who are initiated through another tradition must prove said knowledge in accordance with the CWTradition to achieve membership without training through the Candidate Program.

3. All petitioners must show passion, maturity, and self-discipline; they must be a contributor in all ways necessary for participation in our group atmosphere.

4. No one is denied access to membership because of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual preference, or physical handicap.

5. Membership on an individual basis opposed to joining due to a friend or family member's membership
Shows willingness to be fully participatory, contributive and prepared

6. Maintains a healthy mind and body

7. Represents coven and its members in a positive and courteous manner; works to maintain coven relationships in and outside of coven

8. Open, honest communication with all members, no hidden agendas

9. Must be willing to solve whatever problems may arise and always speaks with HP/s concerning any fears, confusion, or hardship they are experiencing that they cannot work through on their own

10. Participates in all required activities, arriving on time and fully prepared

Degrees of Membership:

Dedicant: Persons, who dedicate themselves to the study of Wicca, the service of the Gods, and who, upon approval of all active Initiates, follow the prescribed course of study and covenants required for Chalice Well membership. Duration may be varied by HPs pending Dedicants aptitude of the genre and tradition.

Candidates: Persons, who have passed all the requirements of a Dedicant, and have entered ‘year and a day’ formal training toward First Degree through CWFellowship.

Initiates/Priest/esses (First Degree Status or Higher) : Persons, who have formally trained, completed all studies and exams to the satisfaction of all elders, and have undergone formal initiation by our coven into our tradition.

Second Level Priest/ess: Priest/esses within this tradition, who have trained and met all requirements through CWF Second Level Program, shown ability in leadership role and strength in-group dynamics; have also completed all required studies and exams to the satisfaction of all elders; hold an office within coven; mentor a needed; and are active in CWF.

Third Degree: Persons, who have received and are formally initiated 1st and 2nd status priest/esses within this tradition, have met all requirements, demonstrated proficiency in ritual and leadership skills, teach, mentor, counsel and lead group process while showing administration abilities. Individuals must pass their exams to the satisfaction of their elders and are active in the greater community.

Additional Titles of Recognition: Mistress or Master of the Arts granted by coven to any initiate in recognition of their special achievement in a selected craft or art.

Coven Patrons and Totems and Emblem

Coven honors the group patrons in order to bring members together in service and meditation enabling everyone to ‘connect’ through our mutual and unified recognition of the Divine at that moment.

Coven members ‘personal’ patrons are recognized, honored, and called upon during certain rituals and rites of passage in order to accomplish specific goals as needed.

The mythical guardian of Chalice Well is Drac A'rth, Celtic Dragon of the Air, a representational figure of earth energy and power called within our ritual framework.

Coven representatives are in the form of Ravens and Crows.

Coven emblem is the Chalice Wellhead, the Vesica Pisces, found in Glastonbury England.

CWTradition does not necessarily apply to Daughter Covens except for certain ritual structure and rules for lineage. Chalice Well Coven members may practice their own personal form of worship when on their own but adhere to Chalice Well traditional customs and procedures when in coven our setting.

Group Structure: Offices within Coven

’The’ Senior High Priestess - coordinates training program, spiritual counseling, co-leads rituals, supervises mentors and officers, directs initiations, supervises advanced training program, overall guidance with the aid of Consort and Elders, representative of coven in community, and exercises final authority.

Co/Leader Consort - chairs coven counsel, spiritual counseling, co-leads rituals, shares in initiations, represents coven in community, gives support, training where and when appropriate

Scribe - organizes coven BOS, minutes of meetings and all correspondence for coven.

Purse Warden - coven treasury and accounts, collects dues and handles reimbursements

Ranger - reports to coven the environmental and celestial observations news as it happens or is called for

Ravens, Rooks and Crows

Ravens – keepers of lineage and coven lore, first level initiate priestesses, representatives in community

Crows help set up sacred space, making sure everything is prepared for ritual, maintains the safety and security of coven during rituals and events, has knowledge of laws pertaining to religious rights and free assembly, and keeper of the peace through peaceful means. All members

Rooks – first level initiate priests; keepers of lineage and coven lore, representatives in community

Training in the Chalice Well Tradition: Educated Priests and Priestesses:

1. The elders of Chalice Well Coven believe that formally trained priests and priestesses are important in order to meet the needs of coven and representation in community forums.

2. Chalice Well Coven provides seminary-like environment for both the priest/ess to belong to hone current skills and explore new ones in order to meet the demands of our evolving community and its needs.

3. Although the higher degrees may not be for everyone who enters coven, all members must obtain Initiated status of the First Degree within our tradition in order to be an active member of Chalice Well Coven. No exceptions.

Role of Clergy

Chalice Well Tradition is a "teaching tradition" within the three levels of training instruction focuses on Initiation and Clergy status.

Chalice Well Tradition views our Priests and Priestesses of Second Degree status as teachers of our tradition and clergy within the coven setting.

Third Degree Initiates are viewed as fully capable of orchestrating public ritual and/or able to hive and begin their own covens.

Ordination through Chalice Well Fellowship and Tradition is for performing initiation, legal handfastings and marriages and other rites of passage.

In addition to be viewed as clergy to the general community offering pastoral and spiritual counseling, they are encouraged to continue their studies through a seminary of their choice whether Interfaith or Earth Based.

Ways of Worship

Chalice Well Tradition groups observe Esbats and Sabbats within with a circle setting following our liturgical format. The exact execution of the circle may vary depending on the group, but most follow the format in which they were trained.

Chalice Well Tradition places more emphasis on rituals of worship rather than the performance of magic.

Attire: Robes

1. Members are encouraged to wear a personal ritual robe or ‘station’ or attire appropriate for Full Moon Esbats. Personal robes should be dark green or black. Sabbats are times for festive clothing in acceptable condition

2. Wearing dark clothing in place of a robe if preferred is acceptable.

3. Clothes must be laundered and in good condition.

4. Jingle belt worn for ritual with acceptable attire, in place of wearing a station robe, is permitted.

Different colored cords worn in coven show the varying levels of experience and responsibility of each member or apprentice. Cords are not about ego or power.
A Cord also aids the individual in meditation, memory connection and purposes of magickal work

Colors include:
1. Candidates: wear a 9ft woven White cord while undergoing training through CWF. Candidate cords are recycled through training, by handing it down to the next Candidates who enter the training program.

2. First Level Initiates: wear a 9ft woven RED cord with degree symbol charm and recognized as a priest/ess and witch of the Chalice Well Tradition.

3. Second Level Initiate HP/s: wear a 9ft woven GREEN cord with degree symbols and recognized as a High Priest/ess and Elder within the Chalice Well Tradition.

4. Third Level Initiate: wear a 9ft woven BLACK cord with knots, charms, ribbons.

Meeting Schedule: Sabbats and Moon Esbats

Sabbats: Held on the actual date. Potluck Feast
High Sabbats are held through CWF.
Equinoxes and Solstices held in coven and are sometimes combines with the Full Moon of that month.

Full Moon Esbats: Held on the actual date. Additional Moons: Coven New Moons: Inner Work

Finances: Dues

Use: Dues defray costs of CWFellowship yearly membership, which is the legal umbrella and mother temple of coven. Other possible costs, teaching materials, coven supplies and field trips.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco:

1. Use or possession of illegal drugs brought to covenstead or any function hosted by Chalice Well is strictly forbidden. (Yup, forbidden)

2. Coven chalice may contain wine during ritual. If alcohol is an issue for a member, they need to bring it to the HPs or an Elder’s attention.

3. Personal alcohol consumption is allowed after ritual when the 'circle is open.' Overindulgence is discouraged. Coven doesn't let coveners drive drunk.

4. Smoking tobacco is restricted to outside the ritual area when outside and outside of covenstead dwelling at all times.
'House host' policy always observed when attending events or rituals other than covenstead.

Chalice Well Daughter Covens:

Must have full endorsement of the Chalice Well elders to obtain a recognized hive

Hived Daughter Covens; 2nd degree HPs one-year mother coven connected; 3rd Degree HPs fully autonomous

Hiving: Members with Third Level Initiate Status

1. Must retain outline of Full Moon Esbat, Individual Patrons, Sabbat theme for high holy days in their practice in order to retain tradition lineage

2. If request to hive is not challenged by another coven elder, a formal Rite of Passage is arranged as soon as possible.

3. Members of coven who wish to hive with the HPs starting her own coven may do so provided they speak with the HPs and Elders of both covens concerning such plans in order to explain their intentions concerning relationship with past coven members

Full Autonomy

1. Daughter Covens with Third Level Initiated High Priest/esses may ask for supervised practice during their ‘fledgling year’ for a sense of security, but are granted full autonomy.

2. Third Degree Initiates and Ordained Clergy may remain in coven after their initiation; they do not have to hive unless that is their calling.

Daughter Covens

Madron Well.
Lotus Well.
Raven Well
Crimson Well

All Candidates must be able to perform ‘the Frame; Opening & Closing’ completely in order to receive ‘Initiate Status’ as part of their final exam.

All explanations as to ‘why’ will be explored and the verbiage (which is customary to British traditions) will be explained in the class on ‘the Frame’ specifically.

In the meantime, practice the outline to get familiar with the movements and words. Over the next year we will rotate positions within the ritual so that everyone experiences all the stations and responsibilities.

The Altar:
Spirit Candle
Elemental Candles
Incense Burner & Incense
Lighting Sticks
Bowl of Water
Bowl of Salt
God & Goddess Images or Symbols
Illuminating Candles
Personal Chalices

‘The Frame’ – Opening - First Half
Note: All language will be either I or we depending whether you are performing the Frame alone or with others. Please adjust accordingly.

‘Announcement to Begin’

Air Priest/ess
Lights incense in the censer and ring the bell

Fire Priest/ess
Lights Spirit candle and says:

‘Kindle this little light on the earth plane,
I/We dedicate it to the service of Spirit;
I/We guard and cherish this light as a living symbol,
and as an act of faith in the power of light.’

They light the Fire candle and the illuminating candles.

Water Priest/ess
Steps forward, picks up water bowl, turns to the West honoring that Quarter briefly, then turns and places the bowl on pentacle.
Using the fingers of their projecting hand, they touch the water and state;

‘Water Cleansing Evocation’ –
“I exorcise thee, O creature of water that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleanliness of the spirits of the World of Phantasm; by the powers of the Lord and Lady’

Water Priest/ess lifts water bowl from pentacle, steps to West Quarter and remains holding bowl.

Earth Priest/ess
Picks up dish with salt
Turns to the North honoring that Quarter briefly.

Earth Priest/ess uses the fingers of their projective hand, touches the salt and states:

Salt Blessing
“Blessings be upon this creature of salt; let all malignancy and hindrance be cast forth hence from, let all good enter herein; wherefore do I bless thee, that thou mayest aid me, by the powers of the Lord and Lady.”

Water Priest/ess steps toward the Earth Priest/ess.
Earth Priest/ess places three pieces of salt into the bowl of water.
Both Earth and Water Priest/esses stir mixture with their fingers.
Water Priest/ess places the bowl of water on the altar in the Northwest.
Earth Priest/ess places the Salt dish on the altar in the North.

‘The Casting’

All Priest/esses Face North; ground and center by pulling energy up through their feet and send it out from their ‘projective’ hand as they turn clockwise.

When they reach the East quarter they begin speaking the invocation while continuing clockwise to complete the circle and the invocation ending in the North.

Circle Invocation:
“I/We conjure thee, O circle of power, that thou behest a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a rampart of protection that shall contain and preserve the power that I/we shall raise within thee. Wherefore do I/we bless thee and consecrate thee, for *as above, so below, as within, so without, and as the body, so the soul.”

‘The Consecration of the Circle’ – Movement of Elements

Water Priestess
Turns and honors West briefly
Carries the bowl of salted water West to West around the Circle. Sprinkling downward, stopping in front of each person in the circle so they may to anoint themselves with the following prayer:

‘Salt & water,
Inner and outer,
Soul & body be cleansed,
Circle is cast’.

Upon returning the West quarter, the bowl is placed back on the altar in the Northwest.

Air Priest/ess
Adds incense as needed to the brazier (incense burner) picks it up, turns briefly to the East honoring that Quarter briefly, then passes or walks with the brazier around the Circle, East to East replacing the brazier on the altar in the East.

Fire Priest/ess
Lifts South candle, turns to briefly honor the South, then passes candle around the Circle, deosil, South to South or walks the perimeter of the circle South to South replacing the candle on the altar.

‘The Calling of the Quarters & Warding’

Call East:
East Quarter Candle is lit by the Fire Priest/ess and held by the Air Priest/ess who faces East and states:

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East,
Powers of Air;
I/We summon stir and call you up,
To witness this rite and to guard the Circle;
All Hail and Welcome.”

The warding pentagram for Air is inscribed in the air, envisioning it as a rich golden color, and completes the inscription with the sixth and final stroke.
Candle is placed on the altar or on the edge of the circle in its quarter.

Note: all other elemental candles will be placed in accordance, on perimeter or altar, with the placement of the Air candle.

Call South:
No need to light the South candle as it was lit at the beginning by Spirit.

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South,
Powers of Fire;
I/We summon stir and call you up,
To witness this rite and to guard the Circle;
All Hail and Welcome.”

The warding pentagram for Fire is inscribed in the air, envisioning it as a rich crimson color, and completes the inscription with the sixth and final stroke.

Call West:
West Quarter Candle is lit by the Fire Priest/ess

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West,
Powers of Water;
I/We summon stir and call you up,
To witness this rite and guard the Circle;
All Hail and Welcome”

The warding pentagram for Water is inscribed in the air, envisioning it as a rich azure color, and completes the inscription with the sixth and final stroke.

Call North:
North Quarter Candle is lit by the Fire Priest/ess

“Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North,
Powers of Earth;
My/Our Lord & Lady;
I/We summon stir and call you up,
To witness this rite and to guard the Circle;
All Hail and Welcome”

The warding pentagram for Earth is inscribed in the air, envisioning it as a rich emerald color, and completes the inscription with the sixth and final stroke

Sacred Space Declaration
Fire Priest/ess States:
‘This is a time, that is not a time,
In a place, that is not a place,
On a day that is not a day.
The Circle is cast,
I/We am/are between the worlds;
Beyond the bounds of time.
Where night and day,
Birth and death,
Joy and sorrow;
Meet as One.’

End of ‘Opening the Temple’ the Frame First Half
Bell is rung. –

‘Statement of Purpose’
(This signals the beginning of the Esbat, Sabbat or other event being celebrated or performed)

Lead in Verse by the Earth Witch
“Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who of old was called”:

The Recounting

‘Whenever you have need of anything,
Once in the month,
And better it be when the Moon is full,
Then shall you assemble in some secret place
And adore the spirit of me
Who am Queen of all Wise.

There shall you assemble,
You who are fain to learn all sorcery,
Yet have not won its deepest secrets;
To you I will teach all things that are yet unknown.

And you shall be free from fear.
And as a sign that ye be truly free,
Ye shall be naked in your rites,
Dance, sing, feast,
Make music, and love,
All in my praise.

For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit;
And mine also is joy upon Earth,
For my law, is love, unto all beings’.

Lead In Verse by the Air Witch

“Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess, She in the dust of whose feet are the hosts of Heaven, whose body encircles the universe”.

Drawing Down the Moon

‘You who are the beauty of the green earth
the white Moon among the stars,
and the mystery of the waters,

We call upon You to arise and come unto us;
For You are the Soul of Nature
Who gives life to the universe.

From You all things proceed,
And unto You they must return;

Let our worship be within the heart that rejoices;
For behold all acts of love and pleasure are Your rituals.

Let there be;
beauty and strength,
power and compassion,
honor and humility,
mirth and reverence, within us,

And we who think to seek for You,
Know our seeking and yearning will avail us not,
Unless we know the mystery;
For if that which we seek,
We find not within ourselves,
We will never find it without.

For behold, Great Mother, You have been with us from the beginning,
And You are that which is attained at the end of desire.

Mighty Mother of us all,
By seed and root,
by leaf and stem,
by bud and flower and fruit;
by life and love.
We ask that your essence
Descend into this symbol of Your womb; so that we may drink
Becoming, refreshed, renewed and healed.
Blessed Be.’

The Blessing of the Cup

Lead in by Water Witch:
“Beloved of Gods, and to all beings, let thine inmost divine self be enfolded in the infinite.”

Lead by 2nd or 3rd Degree Priest/ess
‘What does the Goddess ask of us?
She asks us to ‘keep pure your highest ideal;
Strive ever toward it;
Let naught stop you or turn you aside.
For She says;
Mine is the secret door
Which opens upon the land of youth;
And mine is the Cup, the of the Wine of Life,
The Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of Immortality.

I am the Gracious Goddess
Who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of all;
Upon Earth I give the knowledge of the Spirit Eternal;
And beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion
with those who have gone before;
Spill no blood, take no life, in my name
For I am the Mother of all living,
And my love is poured out upon the Earth.

The Great Rite

Lead by 2nd or 3rd Degree Priest/ess

‘As the athame is to the male;
So the chalice is to the female;
And conjoined they bring forth blessedness.
May you never thirst.’

The Blessing of the Cakes

Lead by 2nd or 3rd Degree Priest/ess

‘Bless this food unto our bodies,
Bestowing health, abundance, strength, joy and peace;
And the fellowship with which we share it.
May you never hunger.’

The Frame – Second Half
‘Closing the Temple’

Bell is rung to signal ‘the Frame - Closing’ is about to begin.

‘Releasing of the Quarters’
Coveners face the Quarters as they are released by Elemental Priest/esses.
(Adapted from ‘the Witches Bible Complete’)

Each candle for the quarters is extinguished in turn.

Release North:
“Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North,
Powers of Earth, and the Lord & Lady
I/We do thank you for being near and
Bid you a fond farewell as you take your leave.
Hail and farewell.”

The banishing pentagram in inscribed in the air including the sixth and final stroke and the candle is extinguished.

Release West:
“Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West,
Powers of Water,
I/We do thank you for being near and
Bid you a fond farewell as you take your leave.
Hail and farewell.”

The banishing pentagram in inscribed in the air including the sixth and final stroke and the candle is extinguished.

Release South:
“Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South,
Powers of Fire,
I/We do thank you for being near and
Bid you a fond farewell as you take your leave.
Hail and farewell.”

The banishing pentagram in inscribed in the air including the sixth and final stroke. The candle is not extinguished but remains lit on the altar.
Release East:
“Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East,
Powers of Air,
I/We do thank you for being near and
Bid you a fond farewell as you take your leave.
Hail and farewell.”

The banishing pentagram in inscribed in the air including the sixth and final stroke and the candle is extinguished.

Fire Priestess walks the perimeter of the circle Widdershins beginning and ending in the North stating:
“Fire releases this circle round, let it melt beneath the ground, *may this space be as before.”
The fire candle is extinguished and placed in the South on the altar. (*Vibrational and physical law; ‘leave no trace’)

Libation for the Gods – Earth & Water Priest/esses
A small portion of the beverage, food and salted water placed outdoors. The salted water should not be discarded on plants due to its salty contents)

‘Libation Prayer’ spoken separately or in unison:
“There is nothing I/we can offer thee which is not already thine,
Please accept this libation with love.”

The ‘altar is put to rest’.
Everything is cleaned and put away in a timely and respectful manner.

The Rite is ended.

Reading and Other References

The Chalice Well Tradition has no formal written record of its tradition.

Our traditional is passed on orally from teacher to student.

Recommended Books Include:
Wicca: A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world by Vivianne Crowley (Paperback - 22 April 2003)

Principles of - Wicca: The only introduction you'll ever need (Thorsons Principles Series) by Vivianne Crowley (Paperback - 20 Oct 1997)

Phoenix from the Flame: Living as a Pagan in the 21st Century by Vivianne Crowley (Paperback - 18 Nov 1996)

Your Dark Side: How to Turn Your Inner Negativity Into Positive Energy by Vivianne Crowley and Christopher Crowley (Paperback - Feb 15 2001)

Progressive Witchcraft by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Paperback - Jan 30 2004)

The Healing Craft: Healing Practices for Witches and Pagans by Janet Farrar, Stewart Farrar, and Janet Stewart (Paperback - Jan 1999)

The Outer Temple of Witchcraft: Circles, Spells and Rituals by Christopher Penczak (Paperback - April 1 2004)

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft Meditation CD Companion by Christopher Penczak (Audio CD - Nov 1 2002)

Age Group: Adult

Chalice Well Tradition est. 1996

Author: Aurora Raven


Aurora Raven

Location: Mid-coast, Maine

Author's Profile: To learn more about Aurora Raven - Click HERE

Bio: Aurora's Profile...

Involved in the Pagan and Witchcraft Community since the 1970's having been introduced to Witchcraft by her dad at an early age; her mentors in her teens and twenties were Herman Slater owner of the Warlock Shop and Magickal Childe in NYC and Pat Patterson of the Georgian Tradition.

Aurora still teaches and practices the Chalice Well Tradition in Midcoast Maine. She is also a death-midwife, hospice volunteer, and ordained clergy performing all rites of passage. Her blog Owls Gathering began in 2012 and features topics, book reviews and videos pertaining to Witchcraft and Folk Magic.

She lives with her husband and two Maine coons on the rugged coast of Maine in a small fishing village and is a member of both the Ash, Birch and Willow and Temple of Witchcraft communities.

She is grateful to the community in which she shares her passions and her life and blessed to be a part of the rhythms of her community.

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