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Rocks Rock!

Author: Greymentality
Posted: November 4th. 2007
Times Viewed: 2,261

Iím sure anyone would agree with me that rocks are quite helpful in magical workings as well as in the more physical realm that we deal with on a daily basis. Buildings have been made with them, people use them for Reiki, and they can just look pretty!

But, whatís the difference between a rock that is a cornerstone in a bridge and a centerpiece of an altar? The secret here is that all rocks are magical all the time, just like a tree, coal, wind, or anything that can hold a source of energy. I would consider everything on this planet as magical, as well as outside in the stars and in the ether.

However, right now we are talking about rocks, stones, and minerals.

When I was a little girl, I would sneak stones into my mommyís purse to take home with me. When I got older, I asked for rocks for Christmas. Iíve always had a special bond with stones and looking around my room, I see plenty.

Am I alone? Nope.

But why? Why do we as people have a connection with something that seems to have no life? We walk on the tiny bits called soil every day and think nothing of them. We kick gravel in a parking lot just to watch it roll. We just donít seem to give this mighty entity the proper respect.

At Stonehenge, people go during Summer Solstice to celebrate. Why? Is it because these stones are on top of a node of energy? Is it just another thing to say youíve done? Or is it deeper?

I donít know. Iíve never gone, but all of these questions Iíve asked come from something we must admit. We come from this Earth. Our bodies live off and exist because of Mother Nature. The magnetic forces beneath our feet pull us as much physically as it does spiritually.

Beneath the waves and continents on this great planet lie rock, molten and otherwise. Geese feel the energy of the poles guide them South for the Winter. We, as human beings, forget these things. We, as sons and daughters of Mother Earth, still remember in our bones the call of our friends, the stones.

Now that Iíve gotten that out of the way, Iíd like to talk about meeting a stone friend. I know, this sounds a little silly. Stay with me on this. Finding friends among the stones is just like finding friends among people. Your energies should be compatible in order to have a stable relationship.

If you are lucky enough to be near a rock store or new age shop, you could find a great deal. Sometimes the energies could overwhelm you.

The first time I went into an all-rock store, my face turned red and I got dizzy. Thatís what I get for not grounding first. I got too excited. Anyway, if you are sensitive to outside energies, ground yourself in the regular fashion by sending a root down into the earth before going into one of these stores. Then, enter breathing steadily and from your abdomen (not chest).

Usually, the stone knows youíre coming before you do. It usually rings a Ďbellí to your inner core. Use your palms to get a better idea of what stone is calling you and your spiritual ears.

Listen to your guides. I donít know how many times Iíve gone in looking for a specific type of stone and left with something I never thought Iíd get. The stone chooses you. If you do choose a stone that doesnít mesh with your energies, your Craft will probably not work as well or not be fruitful at all.

Donít make yourself buy something just because youíre there and excited. I always end up giving those away that came to me without that true vibration.

After you find the stone you want, donít forget that other people have probably touched it (if found in a store). Cleanse it with water, oils, or what method you prefer to get otherís energy out.

Now, I have heard that citrine does not need to be cleansed. Itís always a good idea to cleanse a new tool.

On the note of a question Iíve heard a lot: What stones go with what spell? What stones do what? Every stone is different, just like a person. And they will tell you what they do best if you will just listen.

Hereís an example:

The last time I went into the rock shop, I came out with a jet sphere. My plan was to use it as a protective foundation in a crafting. I picked it up and felt the levity that it held. Well, jet is a very light stone.

As I got to know it better, feeling it in my hands and listening to its song (the vibration) I knew that it wasnít meant for that purpose. It was too laid back. Its energy vibration was good for something else, something relaxing and calm.

Then, I thought: meditation. He could be a meditation sphere that you hold as a focus. Odd that I am using a black non-shiny stone instead of a bright clear crystal.

However, it worked and very effectively. Did that answer your question? No? Well let me go on. Each stone is a stone. It is what it is. A rock is a rock is a rock.

Iím not trying for riddles, but each stone doesnít have a personality until you feel the energy and translate the energy into something more primal, like emotions.

We as human beings use both our mind and our heart to understand the world. Itís hard to convince your mind that a rock is talking to you or even vibrating. So, we learn to understand the vibrations through something that our mind sometimes comprehends.

Something on the border between instinct and insight. Emotion. Think on this. Itís a hard thing to describe love, but everyone knows what it is.

So, if a stone feels tranquil and focused, we reflect ourselves on that thoughtÖthat emotion. Through emotions our brain can understand as long as it doesnít think too hard on it.

Iíve met stones that have made me laugh.

Since our emotions can cloud our vision, it is important to prepare yourself as I said before. Grounding at the least. Clear your mind, or else you will end up with a stone that might not have actually called out to you, because you just wanted the pretty crystal or the one said to bring luck.

That brings me to books. Should you trust them? Well, you tell me. I suggest that you ask yourself that question. If you still feel odd about assigning stones emotions or vibrations or even aptitudes, do look into some books on the meaning of stones.

I suggest ďLove is in the EarthĒ series by Melody. It has the most listing of crystals and stones that Iíve seen. If you want to go with a more common author, Scott Cunningham has a book called ďCunninghamís Encyclopedia of Crystals, Gems, and Metal Magic.Ē

Books are good places to start when you have no idea how to get to where you want to go. I still suggest hands on work. Get to know the stones that resonate best with you.

Everything is a source of power and should be shown respect. The tiniest pebble can be the carrier of a well-constructed ward. Size is deceiving. And so is shine.

Some helpful hints from someone whose made the mistakes:

1-Do not, I repeat, do not let just anyone hold your stones that you do crafting with. I once pulled down energy of a full moon on Samhain into a circular piece of rainbow moonstone. It was my pride and joy. That pride I had got the better of me and taught me a lesson when I let someone I just met hold it to show off its lovely sheen.

This young man proceeded to drop it on the hard tile floor. As I watched in horror, the lovely stone proceeded to crack, breaking the energy work I had woven into it.

I felt I had done a dishonor to the stone and sent it with a person who is extremely careful with such things. I still canít forgive myself for my carelessness and instant prideful disaster. It put me down a peg, Iíll tell you that. Also, that person who is holding my moonstone had an issue with someone trying to force energy into one of her stones.

If you do let someone hold the stone, make sure they understand not to push energy into it. Just be careful. Put a ward or spell around the stone for protection if the stone gets passed around a lot or is in your hope openly.

2-Sometimes you just gotta let 'em go. Iíve had a lot of stones that I felt call me, but never ring again. I donít force the issue, because itís not meant for me yet, or at all. What? I bought you and now you donít want me anymore? Iím hurt. Oh, just remember that the stone knows before you do where to go. You could just be the cab ride to the airport. Iíve given quite a few stones away that call to others, my brother for instance.

I had a stone that called to him, and I knew it. I let him borrow the tumbled fluorite, because he couldnít sleep. He kept it for months and months. Finally he tried to give it back to me, I could tell he really didnít want to. He even bought a new one to replace the other.

However, that one kept him awake and poked him as he slept. I told him he could keep the one I gave him. It was his now.

Sometimes you just gotta let 'em go.

3-Amathyst fades in sunlight. Donít keep it at your window, or else that deep purple you love will turn into watered down grape soda. When in doubt, keep sunlight out. Also, Hematite is brittle. If you use it as a ring, be careful how you use your hands. If you are rough with stuff, a ring isnít the best option for you. Malachite is also pretty brittle if cut thinly.

4-Remember what you have in your purse or book bag. Iíve broken many aí trinket by tossing my purse to the ground. If you carry your stones in your purse, please be careful!

Some uses that work for me:

Clear Quartz Crystal- a focus for past life regressions in a group or alone, divination catalyst in Tarot, Third Eye focus, Catalyst for spell craft in most situations, not as good at grounding as darker stones (but all rocks are good grounders), can store information extremely well if done properly

Citrine- cleanser for ritual objects, amplifier/resonates with Sacral Chakra

Onyx (black) - A good base for protective spells, good grounding stone for excess energies, Guardian Stone, good balancer

Tigerís Eye- A fiery stone that aids masculine energies,

Blue Tigerís Eye- A good Seer stone, good for divination and looking into oneís self and motivations.

Hematite- Extremely masculine stone and extremely grounding, pulls energy naturally

Moonstone- Contact feminine energies and the collective unconscious, a Goddess stone, is more brilliant in the moonlight than in the sun, secret keeping stone

Smokey Quartz- All forms are good for protection and cleansing. Good grounder.
Fluorite- Comes in purples and greens, helps you organize your thoughts, it helps one sleep (smooth round stone, sleep with it in your bed)

Turquoise- a healing stone, of mind and spirit

Rose Quartz- A good stone for sex magic as well as bringing softness to oneís life

Now, it is extremely possible that you will find a stone that disagrees with what I have said here. I say, go with your gut. Perhaps a Tigerís Eye finds you and says ďHey, Iíd do best as a traveling stone to keep you out of trouble.Ē We like to put things into nice tidy boxes and label them. In nature, itís not that simple. A predator is also pray and the earth is not always solid.

Strange enough, nature isnít that hard to understand. Go with the flow and adapt. When you start listening for the vibration of a stone, youíll notice that it has no words. It just is. It has no wants, it has no gender, but its energies can be used like a tool or a guide.

Just remember to respect their energies and they will respect yours.

In the end, we are all just energy.

Peace be, Greymentality



Location: Kernersville, North Carolina

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