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Balanced By Chaos

Author: Cahira Cadwallen
Posted: February 18th. 2007
Times Viewed: 2,294

Many have inquired, “What is your religion? What do you believe in?” and unfortunately I have had to dismiss their questions with the simple dull response, “It’s too complicated to understand right now.”

Lately, I have been annoyed by my own incapability to reply such a straightforward question that most other people seem to be able to answer in few words. To solve this problem, I have decided to write a short paper describing my own beliefs. This will help me sort out my own thoughts and will be available for others to read if interested. I will start by stating paradox: I am a left hand path Wiccan and chaote.

There are two types of religions: right hand path religions and left hand path religions.

All RHP followers believe in some higher power or higher powers. Wiccans believe in the God and Goddess in Their many forms, Christians believe in God, Buddhists believe in Buddha, etc. These powers and beings all have some control over human’s lives, but the most important concept that differentiates RHP from LHP religions is that believers in RHP religions consider their higher beings to be the perfection of what man should be, or at least in someway “better” than mankind.

The goals of the followers of these religions are to become as much like their god (s) as possible. Followers of these religions often use prayer to achieve their goals or follow a set of teachings that their God (s) approve of, such as to love everyone, an idea in Christianity. RHP religions are generally thought of as “positive” or “good.”

Followers in LHP religions may also believe in higher powers, but not always. For example, Luciferians believe in the angel and light-bringer, Lucifer, but Modern Satanists believe in none. The goal of LHP followers, however, is not to follow a God but to become a god.

Of course, that’s not taken literally, but what that means is that LHP religions are religions of the self. Gods, if there are any, are used more like tools to achieve one’s goals. Gods symbolize concepts such as rationality and knowledge.

LHP followers believe that life is short so one should make the most of it, which means indulging in one’s pleasures as long as no negative effects occur and also taking vengeance on those who deserve it. LHP followers believe man is no different from any other animal and struggles in nature’s battle for the survival of the fittest. Beliefs in LHP religions are usually very Darwinist or Humanistic. LHP religions are generally thought of as “negative” or “evil.”

I follow the LHP and have always despised organized religion. I am a believer in Anton LaVey’s writing, for he seems to one of the few men able to put rational thinking into religion, which has been, until recently, a huge oxymoron. Because LHP religions are of the self, I can honestly say I am selfish, as are all LHP followers. That does not mean I am an evil person; it means I’m a fair person.

I do not waste time helping others I do not know, nor do I go out of my way to kill people who mean me no harm. Most importantly, I think before I act. I love and care for my friends, family, and boyfriend just as anyone else. I give my loved-ones the help they need, but I do not go out of my way to help those I am not acquainted with.

The secret to my happiness is that I live I guiltless life. Sure, I make mistakes just as anyone else, I think about them afterwards and think about what was wrong with what I did, so I will not repeat my mistakes. But, I never let any guilt weigh me down.

LaVey said, “We all know the reason why white witches’ curses bounce back. If these crones are consumed with enough guilt to call themselves white witches, their dastardly act of cursing is indeed threefold guilt producing.” I agree with that statement completely.

Many people think that Modern Satanists believe in the Christian devil. This is not so. Satan is an idea representing the rational thought and knowledge within us. When a Satanist cries, “Hail Satan!” he is merely saying, “Hail myself!”

Satanists do perform rituals and spells like other LHP religions, but they are usually for ceremonial purposes only. Modern Satanism is a religion of flesh, not spirit. Although you may think of me as an evil person for being a Satanist, LaVey’s ideas have compelled me to be content – and even happy – with my life and with myself as a person.

Before I mention Wicca, I would like to talk about Chaos Magic first. Chaos magicians realized that throughout all religions -- including Christianity, Wicca, and Luciferism -- some sort of “magic” has been performed successfully. (Magic being here the engaging the help of a supernatural power to help achieve one’s goals.)

Chaotes’ reasoning is, “If Christians or Wiccans can do it, why can’t I?” If followers of a religion have gotten results from using their method of magic, then it must work. Chaotes adopt many religions for spells or even use fictional pantheons such as Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. I have even used physics, such as quantum mechanics, to explain magic.

A popular form of magic among chaotes is sigil magic, i.e. planting idea firmly in one’s subconsciousness through pictures of sigils. Many magicians have created their own gods. Choosing a religion – or making up a religion – that they’re comfortable and familiar with, chaotes perform magic according to the beliefs of the religion. If positive results occur they will repeat the magic.

Chaotes believe that if one gets the outcome he/she wanted then it doesn’t matter how the results occurred. The key to magic is willpower and belief. If one believes a spell will work and wills it to work, there’s a huge chance it will.

In Chaos Magic, one first must truly believe the magic will work and, that all ideas of the chosen religion are true. Doubt destroys magic. Only a touch of doubt while casting will ruin a spell. Most importantly, Chaos magic is not a religion in itself but the act of using other religions to cast magic. A chaote can follow any religion and still practice magic (although there are a few who follow Christianity as their religion and who state that the use of magic is forbidden). I am simply a LHP chaote.

Although I mentioned a liking for Modern Satanism, I am not a Satanist. I do not agree with every word said LaVey said, and I disagree with many of the ideas he wrote down.

As with other religions, I cannot say I follow all the beliefs. It seems improbable for one group or person’s ideas to be completely correct. Perfection is impossible. Also, a Satanist follows the type of rituals described within The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals. I cast spells from all different religions, RHP and LHP, and hardly ever follow LaVey’s structured rituals.

Surprisingly, contrary to Satanic beliefs, I have particular respect for the Gerald Gardener and the Wiccan religion.

There are many reasons why I prefer Wicca to other religions. One is its compatibility with Chaos Magic, its simple explanation for other all religions: All gods and goddesses are aspects of one God and Goddess.

I can perform Hindu magic, Greek magic or Norse magic, and give myself the justification that all the goddesses from the different religions are the same one Goddess and all the gods are the same God. It’s an obvious explanation, which makes perfect sense. I have always wondered why no one had thought of it before.

I also favor the ritual format with the protective circle and the symbolism of the pentagram. One great aspect of the religion is that Wicca can give an explanation for everything spiritual from tarot to runes and spells. My mind cannot simply accept facts; I need proof and reasons for everything. Wicca provides that. Wicca also supports my theory about how magic truly works.

As technology progresses, science is uncovering more and more secrets. Phenomena, which would have been thought of as magical, such as communicating with a person across the world, can now be explained with a few long mathematical equations.

Science is ‘explained magic’. Magic is ‘unexplained science’.

Every day, physicists are uncovering many secrets that offer explanations to magical spells. All magic can only be performed within the boundaries of physics. No one can levitate off the ground or shoot fire out of his/her fingertips. If magic follows the laws of physics, then the laws of physics should show how magic works. It’s that simple.

I have a theory how magic functions. All forms of magic tap into unseen forces. Christians tap the power to their God when they pray; necromancers call the forces of the undead; ancient Greeks tapped into the power of their many quarrelling gods when praying at a temple; Wiccans release energy when casting a spell.

There are hundreds of different forms of unseen energy in the cosmos including the basic, yet strong constructive and destructive forces of nature that are continually evolving the universe. The Wiccan God and Goddess are personifications of nature’s energies.

Humans find it easier to perform magic if they have a clear picture of what they’re doing, even if it’s only symbolic. What’s easier to visualize: a young seducing Norse woman with big breasts, covered in furs (or lack thereof), or an invisible blob of sexual energy? I would choose the first as I’m sure most others would, too. Through complicated mathematical equations, magic can be proved to be nothing more than energy directed towards a goal with the magician’s strong will.

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining my beliefs and why I call myself a LHP Wiccan Chaote. Now one less person will be confused when seeing me wear pentagram and inverted pentagram. As Menelaus said in the Odyssey, “Balance is best in all things.”

My soul is fairly balanced between carnal and spiritual, and my favorite colors – red for the carnal and purple for the spiritual – prove it. But, one thing about me I can say for sure is that I’m never stable.

One of the reasons why I’m a chaos magician is because I have trouble believing that one set of beliefs is completely true and others are false including my own theory.

I am only constant in my inconsistency. * And although I’ll perform magic and call myself a witch or magician, I’ll never forget my Jewish heritage!

I hope I have achieved what I wished to accomplish: to enlighten the reader of the paper of the truths about the occult and my beliefs and possibly spark an interest in the unknown. Whether I have achieved what I wished for or not, I am satisfied that the reader will leave this paper with newly gained wisdom.

Blessed Be, Reader. Ave Satanas!

*which I'm probably quoting from someone, but I don't know whom.


Cahira Cadwallen

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

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