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Financial Sorcery and the Pagan Path

Author: Jason Miller (Inominandum)
Posted: July 15th. 2012
Times Viewed: 3,485

It may seem strange, but I want to start this article about Paganism and Financial Sorcery with a quote from the Bible. In the book of Matthew, Christ famously says "you cannot serve both God and Mammon", Mammon being a word implying money as a demon. Of course, like many quotes from the Bible, it has affected attitudes and culture far beyond Christianity. It is in fact a sentiment that I tend to agree with. You cannot SERVE Mammon and Spirit. If you serve Money you tend to become a slave to money, which tends to run counter to the aims of spirituality. Money can corrupt those who serve it as sure as any demon, and I think it is fair to say that a lot of the problems facing our nation today are caused by people obsessed with money. So let’s talk about money as a spiritual art, and financial sorcery magic, and then I’ll give you a Negotiating Spell to help boost all of your financial negotiations.

The Avoidance of Money

So how do you avoid serving money? One way people avoid serving Mammon is by avoiding him entirely. This approach was quite popular amidst the counter-culture movements of the ‘60s and ‘70s, a time that also saw the first stirrings of Paganisms emerge from the broom closet into popular awareness.

Renouncing money and materialism is a noble tactic and one that really works if you do it wholeheartedly. The problem is, if you are going to avoid money and finance as a part of your spirituality, then you really need to do it! Become a monk or a nun or a wandering mystic. Anything less than that is kind of fooling yourself.

For those wishing to become monks or nuns, I have a list of contact info for Buddhist and Catholic Monasteries that you can apply to. I also have the number of Tom Brown’s Survival Training down in the Pine Barrens if you want to go the wandering mystic route. Spend a few weeks with him and you can walk into the woods and be self sufficient for life with just a good knife and the clothes on your back.

Any takers?


Me neither.

Mastering Money as a Spiritual Art

If we decide it is unacceptable to serve money, and undesirable to avoid money, that leaves only one option. Mastering it. Thankfully, Pagans are especially suited to the task.

Paganism has been a huge blessing to those looking for a spiritual path that possesses the deepest and most ancient mysteries religion has to offer, yet is consistent with the developments and values of a modern and free society. Many things that other religions consider sinful, the Pagan considers sacred.

Paganism has taken sex and made it a healthy part of the spiritual path.

Paganism has taken radical freedom of expression, the right to be gay, kinky, and plain old freaky, and made it part of the spiritual path.

Paganism has taken Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft and made it part of the spiritual path.

It is for this reason that Paganism is the ideal platform to take financial wisdom and join it to spiritual wisdom. To marry fiscal responsibility with environmental responsibility and make the financial craft a part of the Witches’ Craft

Financial Sorcery vs. Money Magic

Once we recognize the need to master money and incorporate it into our spiritual and magical lives, we need to find an approach that will let us do that. Unfortunately the typical approach to money-drawing magic is not going to cut it.

In my experience, the flow of money magic follows one of two scenarios:

  • Have emergency > Do spell > Get just enough to fix emergency and maintain status quo.

  • Attempt to win tens of millions of dollars in the lottery > Do spell > Buy ticket > Lose.

The thing that both the above approaches have in common is that they are both attempts to not deal with money. In the first case you are doing a spell just to get by without really having any plan outside of that. In the second example you are attempting to conjure so much money that you never have to think about it again.

The reason I named my new book Financial Sorcery is that I wanted to differentiate the sorcerer's approach from the two approaches above. Financial Sorcery assumes that you will never not be engaged with finances, and thus will be using magic at each stage of the game.

You might only do a love spell once and meet the person of your dreams. You might only need to do a healing spell every once in a while. Hopefully you only need drastic protection measures a handful of times in your life. Financial Sorcery is not like that.

If you are in debt, you assess the details of your situation and use magic to create and stick with a plan to get out of debt.

If you are out of work, you figure out a plan of attack, for finding new work and or getting re-trained, and you use magic to assist in that.

If you have a job but want to get promoted. If you are starting a second business. If you are making investments. These are all steps that can be made more effective through the strategic application of Sorcery.

Even if you have millions, there is the matter of protecting your assets and making sure that your money lasts through your life, leaves a nice inheritance to your children, and makes a positive impact on the world around you that is in accordance with your spiritual ideas.

A Negotiating Spell

As an example of the type of work I am speaking of, let me provide a quick sample. The following invocation can be used by anyone that is in debt or simply looking to reduce their expenditures. Although ideally you have a full strategy to accomplish your goals, one of the steps in that strategy should be to call up creditors and re-negotiate deals. You can start with credit card companies and threaten to transfer the balance to another card with a lower APR if they do not drop your interest rate by 4.0%.

Anyone can do this, but it helps to have some magical influences at work. In this case you want Mercury for making your communication clear and influential, and Venus for making the person on the other end of the line sympathetic to your request.

Sit down with your phone, and mentally tap into the two planets that you are working with. If you like, you can do it during the hour of Venus on the day of Mercury (Wednesday) , or vice versa. I sometimes also use Google Sky to see where the actual planets are, so I can have a sense of energetic connection to them. You can invoke them as follows:

Oh Mercury divine, quick communicator
Oh heavenly Venus, fair persuader
I call to thee in my hour of need.
I am seeking to be sovereign and free
But am I am unjustly bled by banks
and swindled by those in power.
Mercury, please bless my tongue,
That my arguments be persuasive
And my case be clear.

Venus, please enchant those who hear my plea
Win them over to my side
That they grant my request for leniency.
Assist my work.
Grant me grace
And when I succeed,
I shall thank the Gods and increase your glory.

At that point, pick up the phone and dial your credit card company, mortgage company, gym membership, or wherever it is you are trying to negotiate better terms.

When you do succeed, be sure to publicly thank the gods as an offering.

As I said, this is just one step that you might take in the process of establishing financial security. In my book, Financial Sorcery, I provide full strategies for getting out of debt, finding work, getting promoted, starting a business, and saving for retirement.

The New, New Deal

I don't need to tell you that we are in troubled economic times. You know that the deal you were educated for, the one where one parent works at one job their whole life, is able to support a family on one salary and retires at 65 with a pension is NOT the deal that you got.

Instead you are living in a world where you switch jobs every 2-5 years, two salaries barely support a family, You will experience long stretches of unemployment at various stages, your whole industry can disappear overnight, you are making less now than you did 10 years ago, and retirement is something that you have had to carefully plan for yourself if you can swing it at all.

That's the bad news. It is what happens when money becomes the master of its handlers rather than the other way around.

The good news is that is we are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity for building prosperity by throwing off the old deal and making our own. Modern technology has made starting your own business easier than ever. Rather than take out a loan, you can start a web based business for a few hundred dollars. Businesses that do need a large amount of capital up front can raise money through sites like or through angel investors and micro-loans. New modes of education are available to get trained and credentialed for up-and-coming industries faster than ever. Even traditional Bachelors and Masters programs can be completed from home in less time than ever.

To use a business cliché, it takes ‘thinking outside the box’ – and folks, one thing is clear: Pagans know how to think outside the box. We have creativity and genius and strength of spirit. There is no longer a well-trodden path for living a prosperous and happy life. Today we must make our own, and we are good at making our own paths.


Jason Miller (Inominandum)

Location: Toms River, New Jersey


Author's Profile: To learn more about Jason Miller (Inominandum) - Click HERE

Bio: Jason Miller’s (Inominandum) interest in the occult was sparked by a series of psychic experiences he had when he was just five years old. He took up the practice of both High Magick and Hoodoo Rootworking while still a teenager, learning how ceremonial and folk magick can work together and complement each other.

He has been involved with a number of orders and groups over the years, always seeking the quintessence of the arte. He has traveled to New Orleans to study Hoodoo, Europe to study Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick, and Nepal to study Tantra. Miller is a member of the Chthonic Ouranian Temple and the Sangreal Sodality, as well as an initiated Tantrika in the Nyingma and Bon lineages of Tibet.

He is the author of The Sorcerer’s Secrets and Protection and Reversal Magick . His latest book, Financial Sorcery has just been released. Find him at

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