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The Spiral of Time: Dreamloops and the Infinite Present

Author: Verda Smedley
Posted: March 4th. 2012
Times Viewed: 1,903

“The dreamloop made possible by his discipline and my inherent predisposition, disintegrated my perception of linear time and I was left embracing the Infinite Present of the spiral.”

Over decades of research I came to realize that mythology and quantum physics were becoming two sides of the same coin. The fragmented threads of mythology, uncountable millennia old, persist into this moment of our lives where fantastical journeys to other worlds suddenly collide with quantum theory. Is it possible our ancestors actually had a working knowledge of physics? It seems unlikely that they called the phenomenon physics but the degree of mythology still remaining certainly describes an actualizing of theoretical concepts re-emerging as quantum.

The idea of traveling into both the future and the past is an important theme in Ancestral Airs and I needed to invent a word for it. That word is dreamloop. It refers to a practice where a person living 6000 years ago could reach into the future, connect with a 20th century individual, and take that individual back to his world. I know it is farfetched. I wondered if physics could shed some light on the possibility. It did with its theory of transversable wormholes that are described as “holes in spacetime in which a person could walk freely back and forth in time”. Now isn’t that tantalizing? Quantum theory also suggested that by harnessing energy appropriately gateways (wormholes) into other worlds could be opened.

In The Adventures of Connla the Fair we can find a passage that states: “With the fall of night the world slipped away. We seemed to stand in a dim place where two worlds meet.” We can find all kinds of validation for this in quantum physics with its assertions about parallel and multiverse universes. Michio Kaku describes them exquisitely, comparing them to soap bubbles floating on the surface of water where the bubbles adhere to each other. Some break and are no more; others divide and multiply. In other words, universes are coming and going all the time and yet those that remain touch each other.

Kaku states, “When we analyze the constants of nature we find that they are tuned very precisely for life.” I would add, to life, as we know it. Life in another “bubble” could be profoundly different. Our ancestors apparently encountered some extremely diverse life forms. They encountered giants that come and go such as the three maids, keepers of great wisdom, that could be summoned or otherwise came from the Well of Urd. In mythology we meet creatures that live in springs, the roots of trees, hills, mounds, groves and countless other places. We find the Firbolg who live under lakes, and in caves and other subterranean places. Access to hidden passages into their world required extraordinary skill or the combination of improbable events. Stories such as these strongly suggest parallel universes that exist right here on Earth and that our ancestors cultivated both the awareness and transformation needed to access these other worlds.

The dreamloop as a practice would have to be based on the idea that there existed no past, no future. I called this the Infinite Present where both ancestors and the unborn were as accessible as the Internet, both worlds existing in the present. Such a belief collapses the concept of linear time which demands that there exists a past, present, and future. Any number of quantum theories allow for such a possibility where “there exists no wall between the microscopic and macroscopic world. There is a continuum.” And quantum entanglements where “the concept that particles vibrating in coherence have some kind of deep connection linking them together.”

From ideas such as these I could only conclude that the Infinite Present (time) was not a straight line but a spiral. And when we draw or envision a spiral we can see that crossing eons of time is not improbable after all. Jumping from one spiral arm to another (perhaps connected by a transversable wormhole) rather that traveling the spiral’s entire length seems quite practical and possible.

So what does quantum say about teleportation? It tells us that electrons can be in numerous places at one time. It also says “ anyone hypothetically teleported would probably die in the process, but the information content of his body would appear elsewhere”. Perhaps our ancestors overcame this dilemma somehow given that apparently they traveled into parallel worlds but managed to return to tell the tale. So where did these marvelous abilities go?

We certainly know from history that invaders and conquerors forbid an uncountable number of practices or even speaking of them, once regarded as everyday things. Everything from dreams to divination were banished on fear of torture and death. Most of these conquered pagan tribes relied entirely on oral tradition. In the blink of an eye the how-to manual disappeared and was systematically replaced by the dogma of conquerors. This was particularly insidious with Christianity where in less than a lifetime beliefs that offered a chance to remain alive in lieu of persecution and death replaced more ancient ones. Physics even has a place here with its theory of decoherence which states that “all these parallel universes are possibilities, but our wave function has decohered from them (no longer vibrates in unison with them) and hence no longer interacts with them.” We need only to look at our world today to understand that we may well not vibrate in unison with our Earth worshipping pagan ancestors anymore.

During the Cold War, both Russian and U.S. organizations, such as the C.I.A., cultivated remote viewing to gain an insightful edge on each other’s doings and possibly perfect it into some obscure weapon. To anyone’s knowledge the programs were utter failures. But the theory of remote viewing, explored in quantum physics in perhaps its more moral or esoteric form, seems the very stuff of the ancients and their many practices of divination. They seemed to have mastered remote viewing with descrying and crystal gazing.

In mythology, we read countless accounts of reading stones, bones, and sticks. Some practitioners were astute observers of nature, studying the motion of wind and waves, flocks of birds, fires, most anything that offered a glimpse into other worlds, hidden secrets, or worlds yet to unfold. Ideas such as these were highly cultivated, incorporating chanting, disciplined states of trance, and the reliance on dreams. They included practices such as being tied up in a hide and left at a waterfall for days, allowing the participant to travel great distances into other worlds. Eventually the concept evolved into what we now call games but they were certainly not games for entertainment. These “games” in my estimation were all about remote viewing, peering into the unknown.

There are many “impossibilities” now described by quantum physics such as multiple, higher dimensions that include dark matter. And then there is the elegance of string theory where all of matter is nothing more that different vibrations of strings. It is hard to conceive of math and science now acknowledging the very foundations of mythology. One of the most dazzling principles claims, “ In the netherworld of quantum, every object is described by the sum of all possible states.” That suggests to me that we can be alive while existing simultaneously in the world of our ancestors and that of Earth spirits, in the realm of dreams and that of the unborn. M.C. Escher stated, “Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” I think Escher had his finger on the pulse of improbable journeys, once dismissed as quaint or heretical, looming again in quantum physics. And of course I had something to say about it too in Ancestral Airs:

“All I could think about were the creatures I had met, so other worldly and yet so deeply rooted in the Earth. I had always believed it had to be so, a multi-dimensional world where life flourished on every constructed level. These layers had the patina of completeness and supernatural savvy. No wonder humans lacked any significant encounters with celestials. No one would cross centuries of space to meet us when layer after layer was inhabited by those who had mastered time travel by merely thinking of it and manipulated matter as easily as we reduced water to steam.

The Dreamers and Spirit Handlers had figured it out. So had the Bards. They hadn’t shot the Veil merely to bring back the spirits of humor or aggravation. Poetry and songs were not the ends of journeys but the beginnings that swept open gateways through which anyone could burst. They understood that the Earth was not solid but was shimmering concentric rings of gelatinous energy through which one could extend a hand, cross into a dream or choose to enter for a century, or forever. And in the end they were driven into secrecy and silence or reduced to court jesters. Most were crucified, retreating to the source and leaving behind only shards of wisdom as clues that they had ever even been here. And now we are left with only the holy hope that mythological inklings would lead us back to the reality understood by the Ancient Ones.

I could no longer believe that the mystery of Creation lay concealed in the vacuum of space. I had met the astronauts who had soared through the dimensions right here on our Mother suspending time, witnessing history before it unfolded and transcending matter. There were prayers made for us thousands of years ago and I could hear them; pristine power that traveled through Infinity and reconstituted itself to words I could understand. The makers of those prayers were now nothing more than particles of soil, dissolved in streams and washed away to oblivion. And yet they hover like mist enveloping the Earth.”

Ancestral Airs by Verda Smedley

Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe by H.R.Ellis Davidson

Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions by James Bonwick

Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kauku

Copyright: I own the copyright on Ancestral Airs


Verda Smedley

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico


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