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Good vs. Evil…Light vs. Dark. What Is The Truth?

Author: Sleeping Moon
Posted: June 27th. 2010
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I understand that in writing this article, I might (more than likely) get some uproar about it. I'm willing to spout off what I am thinking and am willing to accept the consequences. I'm going to go ahead and start off scientifically (in the very loose definition of the word) instead of magickally. Even in magick, science has its place.

The color black is the absorption of all colors. The color white is the absence of all colors. If you hold a crystal to the sun, the rays of the sun will fracture and bounce off the crystal creating a rainbow prism. If you hold a piece of coal to the rays of the sun, no color will bounce off yet the coal will get very warm.

During the day, when the sun is beating down its warm rays upon the earth, we can sometimes see for miles around us. (Depending on where we are.) Nothing is hidden and all in plain sight. Yet, when the sun sets, a chill dampens the air and the light gets snuffed out. Everything is hidden in shadows and darkness. Everything that was there during the day remains the same at night, but light has been taken away so we cannot see. Our perception has in this case, decreased.

Beneath our skin we find blood, muscles, tissues, organs and bones to make up our bodies. We don't see these on a daily basis, but we know that they are there. We see that with a cut, a scrape of the knee, with a break with in a bone. But, there are other things that we also don't see; like atoms and protons, cancerous cells, diseases, sickness and so forth.

More often than naught, what we can't see, we fear, and what we fear, we tend to hide from. Why hide from the dark when it is a major part of us?

I will admit that until I started on this path when I was 19 years old, I had been afraid of the dark. I didn't understand why nor did I care until my eyes were open to it. Before I opened my eyes, I thought things where going to come out of that dark and attack me. I had no idea how much that darkness could be an ally. And how much fun it could be. Once I embraced the darkness, I found myself (on so many levels) .

We also, as a culture, have categorized depression as a negative, as the ‘bad’ along with debt, loneliness, aches and pains and even death. We have dubbed bubbly happy energies such as wealth, good health and love as good. Of course this is true for the most part, but we need to acknowledge both in order to prosper. How can we grow if we do not accept our faults, our bad habits, and our bad moods? I don't care who you are, but no one is happy all the time. And I don't care who you are, but no one is perfect either. It's impossible. What would be the point of this life if it where so? We need the Ying to our Yang to balance ourselves out. It's the laws of nature. It's within our genetic make up. It's our trial and error.

There are people who we run into on a daily basis who throw us off, who rub us the wrong way… but are they "evil"? Not necessarily. If at all. I could give countless examples here, but for the sake of the article, I'll leave this to that single point.

Now magickally:

Since white repels all colors and black absorbs them, how do we know we don't have every thing backwards? I'm not saying that demons are really the good guys and angels are the bad, but it makes me pause to wonder. What if, for centuries, we have been wrong?

It's been proven that the Bible has been rewritten numerous times to suit that current authors’ needs. And we, as pagans, know that most of our deities have been demonized throughout history by others who don't understand them. What my point is, who is to say what's the truth and what isn't? History’s authors may have deceived us all. Please note that I said, "may".

Typically in general culture, we view the good or the light as the angels, as the playful faeries or as the source of all things. We view the bad, dark, evil as demons, devils, trolls, goblins and other nasties that go bump in the night.

Are we right?

I have to question it myself through my own personal experiences. I've worked with less than so-called "light" entities before and have had a great many POSITIVE responses from them. Never have any of these beings asked for something absurd from me in return for their services. I've never been demanded a living sacrifice (for the Gods honor life) and never been asked to harm myself or someone else. And in company, I've never gotten anything "testy". I've opened the door numerous times to the other side and nothing strange ever happened.

I've never experienced a nasty entity in the "real" world and often wonder why. Is it my perception on them? Is my psychic shield that powerful to the point where they can't get within ten feet of me? Do I try to work with something that a lot of people shy away from and therefore they respect me because I give them that chance?

No. I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong. I've had plenty of bad stuff happen to me throughout my life and expect more to come. But, who is to say if it comes from the good guys, the bad or if it was even predestined before my birth?

And to be honest, completely, brutally honest with yourself… If some kind of harm ever befell your friends or family that you loved, would you really send them love (the perpetrator) in return? Would you really just sit back and say, ‘it was meant for a reason so let it be’? I think not. You would do every thing in your power, physically, mentally, spiritually to prevent that person from harming another soul again. (Physically--within the law, of course.)

For quite a few years, I worked with this specific entity (that shall remain nameless) and the breed of it. It helped me out of some dark holes in my life and I can attest to it even saving my physical life once. (I will swear to this until my dying breath!) So, how can an entity that had been dubbed by the masses as "negative" be so bad?

*I also wanted to note here, I'm not some fanatic, and I know the difference between the waking world and the astral world where these beings reside. I know they can cross over planes from time to time as energy forms, and it isn't at all like how they portray them in Hollywood. But, I'm not naive enough to say they don't exist either. *

I have a friend who once told me, and a very valid point it is, that in the Biblical sense, Angels are the ones that are threatened by mankind. And yes, Demons want power, but they aren't after revenge as the Angels are. They aren't here to take over the world, as we know it. There is a movie out there that recently been out of the big screen portraying just this idea. Legion
Another friend of mine recently gave her impression of what I'm trying to get across: "There are many different energies in the world. Some are known as "evil" and some are known as "good." But I don't think it's really a question of whether THEY are the evil or good; instead I think that they might reflect the energy we give into them. For example, there may be an entity that is perceived as evil (name any so called evil spirit or demon) , yet if you were to ask their cooperation and/or assistance with good intentions, or at least with fair intentions and respect, I think you are likely to find them cooperative and perhaps even helpful.

Of course, I do not mean to say that this will always be the case. I am sure that there are some entities out there that are better left untouched, because you certainly don't know what the consequences will be and it might be more than you are expecting or willing to give...but in general, I think so called "demons" are capable of good deeds and cooperation, just as "angels" are capable of negative energy, mischief and general non cooperation - after all, I would think that the "fallen" angels are demonstrative of this."

As she stated, if we "feed" a certain type of entity a certain form of feeling or thought, then that entity will more than likely take that to heart, because that's the only type of energy it is getting. In a sense, it's sort of like a ‘Tulpa’. A Tulpa is a form of energy that takes on a mass of energy from one person or many and acts in accordance to its creator. For example (possibly a bad one) : the Christian/Catholic God. (He just may be a real entity. I for one don't know either way and I could care less at this point.)

I am not stupid enough to say that this applies to all things that have been dubbed negative. Or even to say that the dubbed masses of good should be questioned here either. There are some things that even I am wary of working with. Both good and bad. What I'm just trying to say here is to use your own intuition on what you work with. Even if this article has opened one person's mind to the possibilities of working with different types of energies (other than just lovey-dovey good) , that's good enough for me.

Use your head. Use your intuition. Try working with an entity that you have never considered working with before with no fear in your heart and you just might be pleasantly surprised. Just as you can't judge a person until you've met them, so can't you judge an entity before you work with them. (Unless the source you hear it from is a good and trusting one!)

How are we really to know what entity is "good" and what entity is "bad"? I for one am not going to judge ‘just because’. Will you?


Sleeping Moon

Location: Saratoga Springs, New York

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