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To Know, to Will, to Dare...

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The Mineral Kingdom

Author: Lightdragon
Posted: August 18th. 2002
Times Viewed: 7,456

Well I use crystals for most of my practices. Initially I used the knowledge from several books. Then finally own experiences. The following books I use/d are Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham (Llewellyn, 1988), (the Appendix section of) Dancing With Dragons by D.J Conway (Llewellyn, 1994), Love is in the Earth-A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody (Earth-Love Publishing House, 1995), and Love is in the Earth-A Kaleidoscopic Pictorial-Supplement A by Melody (Earth-Love Publishing House, 1996). There are probably other books that are good but I never got around to use them. The books by Melody are by far the most diverse and for many uses outside the Pagan circles. Silver Ravenwolf usually has fair decent amount basic information on stones in her books.

One of the first things I usually do is let the stones pick me or just feel if it's right for me. Later on I will attempt to research the stone from a book. Or the very least see what the stone can do. I found it harder, although not impossible, if you know the properties already when you feel a need for it. A lot of times I have the pull of a certain stone and don't really have a desire to purchase it, later on I end up buying it. So the bottom line here is this: if a stone/s is meant for you, you will receive it. Also you have to be careful on where to buy certain gems. Much of jet and amber on the market is usually plastic. This also goes for fossils. Sometimes the store will label it as such sometimes they will not. Also a lot of crystals are usually glass. A reputable dealer will tell you if it's not quartz. A good example of glass is Austrian crystal. Some dealers usually have low regards towards the intelligence of the customers. Many stones labeled as agates are usually carnelian. Carnelians are agates, but there dozens of different types of agates. Most colored flat agate slabs are usually colored Brazilian agates. Those little red garnets you see in stores are usually pyrope garnets and green garnets are usually grossularite/grossular. A low-grade form of aquamarine or pre-aquamarine is usually sold simply as beryl. A reputable dealer will tell you what type of stone it is, even if it's simply sold as beryl, agates or whatever the name is.

After you receive your stone, cleansing it is the next step. Although some stones need never be cleansed. Citrine and all the types of kyanite are good examples. For a further list of such stones see any of the books by Melody. For the rest of the stones, there are many variations of cleansing stones. There are about a half dozen ways to cleanse them. Any book about Wiccan tradition should show you. My general method is to put the stones in water mixed with sea salt overnight. I ignore the moon's cycle on this one. Sometimes I leave it there for a couple of days. Although one stone I cannot recommend for this method and that is angelite (It's a light blue stone with sometimes a dash of red hematite in it at times). The reason for this is for some reason the polish will wear off it. For this stone I use my secondary method of just letting it soak up the sun and moon's energies. All stones can use my secondary method. If you really want to cleanse angelite in water then no more that 15 minutes of to a half hour the most. Any longer and I can't guarantee anything.

I use my stones for most rituals and magickal applications. That includes general spell works, (to a lesser extent) Sabbaths, Esbats, the wearing of them and the use of elixirs. In the use of elixirs certain stones like lead can be fatal if taken in a drinkable elixir. In Melody's books, it will describe how to prepare it properly without danger to the user. I would highly recommend that you start with regular non-lethal gems before starting with more dangerous ones like lead. I myself never use such an elixir, but it's good to know about.

In all my elixirs I use seven stones and at least one of them a quartz crystal. Also you will need some sort of alcohol such as such as whiskey or brandy to preserve it. I found you have to be careful in what type of liquor to use, because after a few months the elixir will start to grow mold. I found elixirs stored in smaller vials last longer than larger ones. Most of the elixirs I used were for healing, particularly those with colds. A few years ago that was all I used to cure myself. I can't recommend anyone to totally rely on elixirs. If you have serious problems with an aliment, CONTACT A PHYSICIAN AT ONCE!!!! The following stones are some of the ones I used in healing elixirs: angelite, pyrite, polished ruby (I use non-gem quality), tektites (any type will do), amber, carnelian and have course quartz crystals.

I will use apache tears to bring loving energy into the house. By this I will put one stone in front of each window of the house. Also by having the stone exposed to sunlight, it will be constantly being cleansed. So there is no worry about the stone ever absorbing too much negative energy. A good substitute for the apache tear is black tourmaline and black onyx. Also to an extent I will use jet as a substitute. But jet is more of a protective stone. If you feel you have psychic attacks or some sort of negative entity then use one or two pieces of jet. When working with stones in magick, certain stones combined can perform various tasks. A few combinations I would recommend are: jet, aqua aura quartz, with carnelian would help in getting rid of depression and help a person go on with their lives. Another group is employing low-grade aquamarine, pyrite, and amazonite. This is to help you communicate and help find and maintain a better job. The last set I'm going to include is carnelian, serefina (a form of chlorite), ruby crystal and tanzanite is helpful in the dealing and protection from ghosts. Always experiment to see what works for you. In working with the so-called birthstones. I have to agree with Scott Cunningham. As there are many who say they have the correct astrological sign for each stone. Here's what he had to say from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magick on pg. 192 "If you decide to wear a stone because it is associated with your sun sign, remember to do so only if you wish to bring that particular stones influences into your life". I've seen many gemstones, which have many astrological correspondents. So the choice is up to you.

The rest of this essay I will deal with stones that I couldn't find in any book or uses of such stones that didn't come from any book that I know of. So here they are:

  • Blue Tiger's Eye (a.k.a. Hawks eye) -useful in increasing energy. Also helps in meditations. It is said to help release negative energy.

  • Red Tiger's Eye - it is useful in decreasing excess energy from the body. It is also helpful in releasing energy blocks from the 1st charka.

  • Snowflake Obsidian - among its uses, it can give a person a peaceful night's sleep if a person's head is place between two pieces of the stone.

  • Ruby crystals - addition to what is written about it. Crystals, which have a triangle shape on them, are the ones which can help you gain access to the akashic records by rubbing the stone with your thumb towards the point. To help you leave the records then rub in the opposite direction. Sometimes you just might have to do the opposite of what I said and by rubbing away from the triangle to gain access to the akashic records.

  • Irradiated quartz - by the way this was the first type of stone I ever bought. In addition to what is written up on it. It can help in removing negativity. It also helps in reducing the radiation from televisions and to a certain extent computers.

  • Goldstones - one of the two stones I will address here where I could not find information anywhere else. Basically this stone is a mixture of natural glass, mica and copper. Usually they come in red/orange or a deep purple with the appearance of glitter or faerie dust in them. In addition to the magickal properties of the three stones it is made up. It can help a person fulfill their dreams and help reach for the stars.

  • Ocean Jasper - This is a new stone for me. Its colors are green, yellow and brown and no two-color patterns are the same and it is similar to that of picture jasper and Picasso stone. It starts its life from undersea volcanoes. From there it will shoot into the air and land in the sea where it finally form into jasper. Hence this stone is an element of fire, air and water. In addition to elements associated with all jaspers the stone can aid in creativity and artistic pursuits. When you have it in the house it can help in the healing or maintance of aquariums particularly fresh water variations and to a limited extent marine tanks. (Since it has green a color for healing, prosperity and fertility. And brown a color known for animal healing magick and grounding especially after using magick.). Also when holding this stone I get a deep sense of the ocean. This would be an ideal stone for meditations where the person wanted the imagined environment to be that of the sea

Randel James



Location: Rego Park, New York

Bio: Randel James August first studied magick in 1985 left it in 1987. Briefly started some aura readings in 1991 and then went into the new age format, especially astrology in 1996. In 1997 started to study astral creatures, ghosts and stones. Started to enter the Wiccan /Pagan themes in 2000 and is basically a solitaire and eclectic with a tendency towards Seax-Wica. Randel has no formal groups save for an online group known as the Long Island Paranormal Research Group. Also no formal training except some courses taught by Cerridwen Iris Shea in basic tarot reading and working with astral dragons.

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