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The War of Christians vs. Pagans and Heathens in America

Author: Rhiagwedd Emrys Pendraig
Posted: July 9th. 2006
Times Viewed: 7,807

As a Gwyddon Clan Chieftain of Cymric Cunning Folk (Welsh Celtic Traditional Witches), I have perceived with the aid of the Cymry Feeorin Ancestors in Annwfn and Afalon, as well as the Cymric (Welsh) Gods and Goddesses, the Fate of America. I and other Elders of several Pagan-Heathen Traditions are preparing to live off the Land, and within the next few years to form Pagan-Heathen villages. These fateful words in this essay are not just from my visions, but also from discussions and wisdom from other Pagan Elders, the Cymric Gods, Goddesses, and Gwyddon Cunning Folk Ancestors. I am honored to reveal and share the wisdom contained within.

There is currently a Culture War in America between Pagans-Heathens and the Christian Conservative Reich, whose objective is to create a Christian American Empire. The Conservative Christians are attempting to change American Law to Christian Law and declaring war against those who are different than the believed Christian way of life in America - Pagans, Heathens, gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals (of which many are Pagan-Heathen). This is part of a series of events, of several combined contributing conditions, that will cause a social-economic collapse in the U.S. and its fall as a world power.

We Pagans-Heathens need to stop wasting our efforts trying to change Christians to tolerate us, or integrate with a dying dominant Christian American Culture and start unifying to form Pagan-Heathen Villages to live a traditional way of life off the Land, which we should be doing as Pagans-Heathens. Pagans-Heathens need to realize what is going on and consider abandoning the dominant U.S. Christian way of life where we Pagans-Heathens do not belong.

The Native Americans are already making plans to form their own villages. The Amish have their own laws, communities, way of life, and live off the land. As Pagans-Heathens we should as well. This is the main reason why Paganism-Heathenism has dramatically increased in the last 15 years in the U.S., the opportunity bestowed to us by Fate and the Ancient Gods of Old Europe.

To deny the truth of what is going on will only cause Pagans-Heathens to be more threatened than we already are. If one reads enough newspaper articles and watches the news on TV, it is easy to see the Culture War that the Christian Reich has already declared against Pagans. In the last 100 yrs. the Christians have taken over the U.S. and the faster their dominating grip tightens on American Society, the faster this country is socio-economically collapsing. In three years the Christian controlled U.S. will fall and the rebirth of Natural Way America will begin. Then Pagans-Heathens will be free and no longer be oppressed second-class citizens. Many Pagans, Heathens, and Christians sense it. Why do you think Christians are so frightened and threatened?

Abandon the Christian United States

There is a Second Civil War going on in the U.S. This time it’s called a Culture War. It’s not just religious based; it is culturally based with diverse cultural values, spiritual morals, worldviews, and philosophical ways of life - none of which is actually right or wrong, just different. The Culture War that has already started and the Christian Unites States is dying. In three years there will only be America, a country of several surviving prominent cultures (Pagan-Heathen, Native American, Amish, Muslim and Christian) with no national unity. In the next 5 years each culturally specific community will need to learn to survive on their own, as well as, learn tolerance towards others.

It is my hope that more Pagans realize what is going on, before it gets worse in the next 3 years and the U.S. collapses. Although we Pagans did not start this war, we cannot ignore or deny the truth of what is going on. We cannot just walk away from a conflict when Christians are attacking us. That would mean just lying down and dying without a fight to survive. Just as our Pagan-Heathen Ancestors in the past who were threatened by Christians, we must keep our traditions and various Pagan Cultures alive for our descendants – just as our Ancestors have done for us.

Too many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans are failing everyday attempting to be bi-culturally Pagan and Christian, barely surviving and experiencing severe distress attempting to live in a Christian controlled U.S. culture. For centuries Pagan and Native American Elders were aware, and still are, of what is happing and going to happen.

We cannot change the Christian dominant U.S. culture when Christians will never accept us and barely tolerate us. We do not have the political backing or financial support, nor do we need it. We do not need money when our Pagan values are bartering and trading. We do not need to live the dominant Christian American way of life. As Pagans we should live a traditional way of life in rural Nature. Our unified efforts should be directed to forming diverse Pagan-Heathen Villages, not trying to teach tolerance to Christians and be intolerant to each other.

Do We Really Need To Live In The Open? No, we do not.

Do we really need a public common voice in the Christian U.S.? No, we do not.

Do we need to be united as Pagans-Heathens? Yes, we do.

There are far too many Pagans who are still too influenced by the dominant Christian U.S. Culture. Pagans need to become free of the dominant American way of life; it’s Christian influenced values and ethics. We do not have to assimilate the values of Christians, their concept of politics, their social values of materialism, nor social prestige, although our Ancient Pagan-Heathen Ancestors of Old Europe did have community Elders of various types.

We do not have to live by Christian Laws to live in America. We do not need political or financial backing, which actually conflicts with the majority of Pagan-Heathen values. The Native Americans, as well as the Amish, live off the Land in their own communities without getting involved in Christian dominate American politics, or accepting Christian dominate American values. They have their own way of life, just as we Pagans have our own traditional way of life.

As I have stated several times in other discussions, to be out in the open publicly will only make you a target. The vast majority of Christians do not take us seriously, do not acknowledge our existence, nor do they tolerate us. The public Wiccan agenda to educate Christians about Paganism, to elicit tolerance in them towards us, has only brought Paganism to their attention. Their goal to educate Christians about Paganism cannot be used to change them the way we want them to. Because of public exposure, just as in the past, Pagans have again become their "moral enemies".

The solution of our dilemma of being discriminated and oppressed second-class citizens can be very simple. In my opinion as a Pagan Elder we should abandon the dominant American Christian values, ethics, and way of life in America. Abandon their communities and laws. Live in our own communities, with our own Pagan laws, traditions, and cultures. If they don't want us, we surely do not need them to be Pagan, or to live free with sovereignty.

The wisest option for Pagans, especially Traditional Pagans such as myself, is to abandon the dominant Christian Culture and live off the Land in our own culturally traditional Pagan-Heathen Villages. As Pagans we can be united living a traditional way of life in rural Nature, which does not mean to be culturally or traditionally alike. Many Pagans need to learn what tolerance truly means and hypocritically claim that Christians are intolerant. Perhaps those Pagans should consider looking at themselves.

Why do so many bi-cultural Pagans, who have not been de-Christianized, think that we have to be part of the dominant Christian way of life in the U.S.? There is nothing stopping us from forming our own self-sustaining villages based on Pagan-Heathen cultural traditions, unified by tolerance and strength.

We do not need Christians, or be a part of Christian culture, to be Pagan-Heathen. To preserve Paganism-Heathenism for our descendants, just as our Ancestors have for us in times of oppression they dealt with, we must be concerned not just for our own welfare, but our descendants as well.

In Traditional Paganism, material wealth and money are not as valued as in Christianity. Therefore, Pagans should consider gathering money to buy large areas of land and form Pagan villages in states that have vast natural unspoiled land and the highest number of Pagans-Heathens, such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

The creation of Pagan villages is not regression to a Bronze Age way of life. It isn't difficult to drink water from a well, grow your own food, hunt, cook over a fire, make your own clothes, and learn Wortcunning for not only the Cunning Arte, but also for healing. It is only difficult for someone to do this if one cannot let go of modern luxury and materialistic values. I know of too many “Pagan want-to-be's” in the U.S who have no idea what it actually means to be Pagan, which it is not just to have a Pagan spirituality, but to also have Pagan cultural values, Pagan worldview, and Pagan way of life.

Few Pagans and Native Americans have perceived the terrorist attack that will kill approximately 40-45% of the U.S. population, the next Great Depression starting in about two years, and the collapse of the Christian United States. For almost 10 years in much of America there will no longer be electricity, gas, petrol, phones, TV, or computer access.

The U.S. Govt. will declare Martial Law and seal the borders when America internally collapses. The cities primarily in the north, east, and west coast will become "cities of the dead".

But, there is a great new beginning, a rebirth of Paganism-Heathenism, to the end of the dying Christian United States. Pagans do not need to openly fight against the "Christian Reich", just wait until "their way of life" dies. Then Pagans will no longer be oppressed second-class citizens and be free to live our traditional way of life in rural America with sovereignty.

The Culture War, the Second Civil War, and the Death of the Christian United States

Death of Christian American Way of Life? Indeed, it is Fated and far worse than most people in this country realize, including most Pagans I know. Soon we will be having a draft and be at war with Iran, Syria, and North Korea. I do not see the next Presidential Election in 2008 as a vote of the masses of America. The Federal Govt. will appoint the next President during the beginning of Martial Law. The Fundamentalist Christian U.S. Pres. Bush will be thrown out his last year in office. From 2010 C.E. to 2018 C.E. is an era of the fall of the U.S. - the Dark Ages of America. The entire time of the death and rebirth of America will be approximately from 2010 to 2018 CE.

The "cities of the dead" I have had visions of, are a result from a terrorist biological attack that will target specific cities on the North, East, West Coast and Texas areas. There will be a lethal concentrated bacteria put in the water supplies in cities that are high in population, economic, and govt. centers. The biological attack will kill in about three days anyone who drinks the water, exhibiting symptoms that are cold-like. This terrorist attack will kill about 40% of the U.S. population.

The Christian U.S., which is already dying, will go through its death throws in 2008-2009 C.E. The collapse will be a result of several conditions: bio-logical attack, economic depression, Culture War in America by the Conservative Christian Right (primarily against Pagans), and the drain on U.S. resources in foreign wars in the Middle-East and Far East. Money and credit ratings will have no longer any meaning.

Natural Way America will be reborn with several main cultures of people left alive that will lead America in a new direction: Christian, Pagan-Heathen, Amish, and Native American. There will no longer be state borders or state governments, only Native American, Pagan-Heathen, and Amish Elders in small communities. The remaining Christian influenced American Federal Government will remain. No one culture will be in power. Christians will have no choice but to learn tolerate the Pagan-Heathens and the Native Americans. It will be the hardest lesson that they have ever known in American history.

The Mistake Our Pagan-Heathen Ancestors Made

Why has Fate put us here, staring into the face of such radical changes in the U.S.? As Pagans-Heathens what will we do? In my opinion we are here because we have an opportunity to fully bring back from the Otherworld the beliefs of our Ancestors and prevent the Old Ways from being forgotten. We have knowledge of the legacy Christianity has had on us that our Ancestors didn't, because the events, which took, place between the times of the conversions and now had yet to happen. The long-term effect of Christian dogma in Europe had yet to fully manifest. It had only begun to cause disastrous effects on Pagans when many had begun to convert.

But we are living in a new era of reviving the Old Faith of our Ancestors with the understanding of the effects Christianity has had on our people. We know their methods, we know their tools, and we know their plans. We also know their ultimate goals. Therefore, we have what we need as a result of this to do what our Ancestors couldn't. To turn this opportunity, the Fated fall of Christian U.S., to our advantage to revive our ancient and honorable Pagan-Heathen Traditions.

We need to look at what did and did not work for our Ancestors, and with wisdom determine what we can learn from those mistakes. The mistake our Ancestors, as well as the Native Americans, made was too much tolerance towards others. We can't allow unrestrained tolerance to permit people who are not our own kind to assume control over our lives. We should not tolerate those who would threaten our sovereignty, our spirituality, our traditions, and our Pagan-Heathen way of life.

Our Pagan-Heathen Ancestors didn't understand the full impact or potential that Christianity hid within its destructive grip. Like the Native Americans, our Pagan-Heathen Ancestors were too tolerant. Christians were not willing to extend to other people the same freedoms that Pagans and Native Americans were extending to Christians. And while it showed how spiritually and socially mature our Ancestors and the Native Americans were, it was also the opportunity that Christianity needed to undermine our cultures and societies.

The Christians used the decency and tolerance of our Ancestors against them, and it mostly worked. When you look around you now, the Christian churches have instilled into contemporary Christians an almost unconscious intolerance that has become ingrained in them, you see can how well it worked. But their supremacy did not entirely succeed because we Pagans still exist.

In every generation, a hidden and ancient current of Paganism has continued to exist in America, revealing itself in many ways - some subtle, some not so subtle. Christendom fought against it, and when they could no longer put their finger on it openly, when it became too hard to see, they tried to assimilate it.

And yet, we Pagans are still here. We are not just assimilated pseudo-Pagans who are okay with Christianity. The majority of Traditional Pagans no longer want any part of the dominant way of life in the U.S. Although Pagans may be of different Old European cultures and traditions, we crave with desire the same things - a rebirth of a balanced existence that is intimate with the Land which does not conflict with our own way of life. We long for a similar way of life as our Ancestors had in the past, although not necessarily identical, that puts us in the ancestral current of an intimate experience that manifests a great feeling of what it means to be Pagan.

Our honorable Pagan Traditions have different opinions about things, about Kith and Kin, Goddesses and Gods, Otherworldly spirits, the Ancestors, what they represent, what becomes of us when we die, from where we came and where we are going, and what we should be doing with our lives. To disagree is just as important as agreeing, if both are done honorably. But, we Pagans must become united to continue bringing back to this world our ancient and honorable Pagan Traditions and way of life.

I, like most Traditional Pagans, believe in Fate. And I believe that the situation that is before us in America was meant to be before us. Why has Fate put us here, again confronting the oppressiveness of Christendom? What will we do? I believe that ignorance from egocentrism influences people to believe lies about themselves and others who are different underlines Christendom in America. Greed is from materialism; hate is from insecurity; selfishness is from self-centeredness, and fear is from ignorance.

If you have wisdom, you have the power of facing your Fate with full awareness and consciousness. You also have the opportunity to attain freedom. From this conflict in America, the possibility our freedom of sovereignty is before all Pagans-Heathens who possess wisdom.

The other outcome is the certainty of the continuing loss of our freedom of sovereignty by Christendom if we do not. That is what our Pagan-Heathen Ancestors all agreed on - freedom of sovereignty. Ancient Pagan societies of Old Europe were based on the virtues of the freedom for individuals, alongside the needs and demands of tribal society.

A tribesman could not be forced to do something dishonorable, even by a Clan Chieftain, a King or Queen. Our Ancestors developed laws that protected everyone, tried to accord each in the tribe with honor and freedom. Even the Tribal Elders who interpreted the law had to respect the individual and conform the law among their peers. They even extended these rights to Christians who came to live among them, and those Christians saw to it that eventually, laws that honor fairness would be leveled to make way for absolutist laws that served only power mongers and material greed.

Christians instituted foreign cultural norms into Indo-European Pagan people who once venerated many Ancient Gods, who once venerated nature and freedom, and who once lived lives of passion and pursuit of honor, valor, and great deeds. Such a magnificent ancient way of life we Pagans-Heathens once had, which was almost completely destroyed by Christendom in the name of their God and savior.

Right now in this American Culture War, the Native Americans are our friends and allies. We have to understand what it is we are opposing, who is our enemy, and what we are fighting for. We have to find our common strength. When we decide what to do, we have to do it wisely together. We have to have the resolve to go on until the end, even if that end has a high personal sacrifice. Nothing you lose or sacrifice in pursuit of wisdom or freedom is ever ultimately lost, or ever in vain.

So, for those Pagans who desire to be free, to live our own Pagan way of life with our own Pagan laws, and bring back without restriction our ancient traditions and spirituality - then keep this in mind. Look to the Native Americans as allies in this conflict against the Christian Right, look to Pagan Elders for guidance, and look for Pagan-Heathen villages starting to be created.

This is what we Pagans have desired and have asked our Ancient Gods for. They have heard our whispered voices in the shadows and have manifested the fate of Christian United States upon them. Our Ancestors and Ancient Gods have been waiting a long time for us to live with sovereignty and our ancient way of life to return.

Do not fail them, for we are their hope to continue our ancient Pagan-Heathen traditions.


Rhiagwedd Emrys Pendraig

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

Bio: As a Clan Chieftain and Cunning Man (or Crafter) , I have been studying and practicing Traditional Witchcraft and Traditional Wicca for many years. Since then, through Atgof (memory) and Awakening, I have reclaimed my Ancestral Lineage of the Cymry Gwyddon Cunning Folk (could be called Bloodline Welsh Traditional Witch) and have been transformed by the Mysteries of the Cymric Old Craft (could be called Welsh Traditional Witchcraft) . My Fate as a Celtic Cymric Clan Chieftain in this life is the continuation of the Old Ways and the Old Faith of the Cymric Gwyddon Tradition from the Bloodline of the Ancient Celtic Cymry Gods and our Cunning Folk Feeorin Ancestors, and to form Pagan-Heathen Villages when the United States falls. It is not the education, degrees, or titles we hold that determines our value or merit. We are recognized by our honor, actions, words, and values perceived by others that determine our importance. We are remembered by our wisdom and virtues. I welcome all in the Old Craft (Traditional Witchcraft) who desire to contact me. I offer my knowledge, wisdom, and fellowship.

"Our Nameless Arte is of the Land, of Serpent Fire in the Head, of Hollow Hill and World Tree, of Heart in Hand;

We who are People of Fire - Bloodline Born, Kin of Ddraig and Tylwyth Teg, of Skull and Stang, of Cauldron and Horn".

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