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The Seen and The Unseen

Author: Lord Ansur
Posted: June 14th. 2009
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Science without faith is lame, religion without science is blind. --Albert Einstein

Science is the study of perception (s) . And this may be science’s fallacy since our perceptions, our senses, are very limited compared to the huge mass of a much greater reality—most of which we cannot detect.

There are practical reasons for our sense limitations. If, for example, we could see all of the electromagnetic spectrum instead of the limited band we do perceive, we would be so overwhelmed with visual input that we might just walk off a cliff that we did not see. Logically, sentient aliens on planets with different types of suns would have eyes that have evolved to function within the practical limits of those spectrums—and therefore see differently from us. Additionally, if we could see more of the spectrum, our eyes would have to be much different which in turn would cause major modifications to our heads and brains.

We are fully aware of three dimensions: length, width, and depth. We are only partially aware of an important fourth dimension—time--or to define it a bit more accurately “time of existence”. We perceive time as passing but its rate of passing varies with our situation.

When we are bored or sad, it may pass slowly. When we are happy and having fun, it usually passes quickly. If we could “see” time perfectly, it would likely appear more like a “persistence of vision” effect: A ball or any other sphere would look like a worm as it progressed through the time dimension since we would see it in the past, present and future, at the same time. But we are only cognizant of the present.

Currently, new sciences, like quantum theory, string theory, and the idea of Parallel Universes (The Multiverse) all suggest that there are 11 dimensions. If this is true, then that leaves seven dimensions that we do not detect at all!

The world of what we perceive we may call the “Seen World”. The universe of what we do not perceive we might call the “Unseen World”. Although we do not accurately observe the Unseen World, we still sometimes get hints that a greater reality exists—ghosts, deities, strange attractors, actual magic and the like…

Scientists look into the what, where, and why of the Seen World while philosophers, magicians, and religions investigate and theorize about the Unseen World. In the past, when religions moved into speculating about the Seen World—based upon their assumptions about the Unseen World--much of which was sheer conjecture or faith-based, were wrong, they ran into conflicts with scientists—which they promptly burned at the stake. On the other hand, until very recently, scientists ignored the possible existence of anything in the Unseen World.

Conflicts between Science and Religion have always occurred when Religions crossed the line into the Seen World. For example many still claim the universe is only 4, 000 years old—yet the light from some visible stars took billions of years to reach us!
Science is based on OBJECTIVE knowledge that is inductively derived from empirical observations of Seen Reality over periods of many years.

Spirituality is (perhaps) based on SUBJECTIVE ‘knowing’ collected by the ‘soul’ from experience in numerous lives or by experiences with spirits and/or “things that go bump in the night.”

Science basically refuses to recognize or investigate the Unseen--things like ghosts, reincarnation, or even things that leave visible traces like UFOs and Big Foot. This tendency to ignore the unseen often results in failure to make new discoveries. And sometimes possible research opportunities in new areas are suppressed due to peer pressure from “stick in the mud” scientists. After all, how many scientists are willing to investigate the possibility of alien piloted UFOs or Big Foot- forest creatures when their colleagues ridicule them?

But Quantum Physics and advanced Astronomy have begun to show us that the universe we assumed we knew the basics about is far different than we imagined. And the whole of reality is more bizarre than we ever imagined. To investigate these greater truths scientists have been forced to begin to look into the “forbidden” processes and matters found in the Unseen World. In effect, more and more of the Unseen becoming the Seen.

In many cases what they are discovering has already been discovered by philosophers and magicians thousands of years ago. Eventually, Science and Religion may have to reconcile to more accurately understand the universe and our place in it.

Some few simplified “greater truths” are: All matter is mostly empty space. But that does not mean that such empty space is actually the absence of anything—it means that it exists as a potential. Thoughts are non-physical, immeasurable things that exist in the Unseen World even though they are generated by brains that are in the Seen World.

In general, everything is a formless potential of nothingness until an “Observer” experiences it. And we are the Observers! In Quantum language, the Observer, in the process of observing, “Collapses the Waveform” therefore forming the unformed and making it whole.


Another way of looking at this is that if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear (observe) it, and then it really doesn’t make a sound. To take this concept further, if we place a live microphone near that tree, it will make a sound because we are still observing it—which is the same as measuring it. When we measure something, we are “observing” it—and therefore changing it! To go even further, if there are deer in the area, they, also being observers, will hear it fall—as will a myriad of other animals near that area.

Everything exists as a possibility that does not manifest until someone or “some ones” solidifies it by observing it. So what about the vibrations of the sound in a theoretical totally vacant nearby forest? Will not those sound waves have some effect on surrounding plants, soil, rocks and etc.?

The answer is that unless an observer comes along later to observe the area, there will be no effect, because there is no sound. However, if an observer does come along after the fact, the effects will coalesce and manifest in common reality. In this way, the unformed, chaotic universe depends on us and other observers to take on the cloak of perceived reality.

Perhaps we should ask a more pointed question: If a tree falls in an unobserved portion of the forest where no creature can hear (observe or measure) it, does its lack of sound even matter? Or to rephrase the question in a more Zen-like manner: If no living thing observes it, does it even fall at all—or does it just appear to have fallen when an observer comes along later?

Seemingly solid objects, like electrons circling a nucleus disappear and reappear in an almost random manner. We can “observe” (calculate) accurately where an electron will be at any moment. Or we can calculate that same electron’s velocity. BUT, we cannot do both since one or the other answers will be wrong. In addition, electrons, protons, and other particles can act as non-physical waves (waves of potential) when they are not being observed or measured but change back to physical mode when they are watched. One scientist asked, “How do they know?”


Some scientists theorize that electrons that seem to disappear and then reappear may be jumping out of our universe into a parallel universe and then jumping back into our reality. This fits with the Multiverse Theory that is gaining more and more acceptance. It is theorized that the “Big Bang” creation of the universe was the result of the membranes of two parallel universes slamming into each other. (This is known as the Membrane Theory) .

If we delve deeply into the theory of parallel universes, we can come up with all kind of strange ideas but Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and Membrane Theory, are all counter-intuitive mainly because we do not have the physical senses needed to “see” them.

Offshoot Note: I have been arguing with some medical doctors about the number of human senses. Just about all of them insist that there are only five senses: sight, hearing, taste, feeling, and smell. But perhaps they are convinced of this because that is what they were taught in medical school. Established curriculum's too often limit imaginations and do not encourage questions by those that think outside the box. For example, there are two other senses that I know of: The Sense of Balance and the sense of the positions of body parts—called “Sense of Presence”. Sense of Presence is very important to tumblers, dancers, and the like
So! There may be an infinite number of universes, multiplying for each individual according to their actions or decisions. And there could be many an “other you” in universes just like this one. The only difference is that last night in another universe, the ‘other you’ did not eat the peanuts that made you sick in this universe.

So the “other you” went to work this morning while the “you” in this universe stayed home sick. There could also be other universes where Hitler won and conquered the whole world. And this is why there are so many other universes—each one is following each and every possible variation in each person’s life. And I have met people that seem to sense their other selves in other universes
It is also possible that multiple universes exactly like our own, with other versions of us exist at different time periods. This would mean that in the Grand Universe of Things, we are con-currently living our past and future lives. And this idea also matches some occult thought.

It is also likely that other universes may be totally unlike outs and have different laws of physics. We couldn’t live in those universes nor could the creatures in them live in ours—at least without some protective gear.

It is also possible that UFOs, ghosts, gods, angels, and etc, are accidental or purposeful imports/exports from parallel universes. In fact, it would behoove advanced travelers in our own universe—where we cannot exceed the speed of light—to invent a method by which we could use other universes as short-cuts between the great distances in our own space-time.

It is also possible that beings from universes unlike ours have found and/or developed means to explore and/or exploit other universes—including ours. This would account for specters, UFOs, and other odd phenomena.


Our awareness of anything outside ourselves actually only exists inside our brains and “things” are what we think or perceive “them” to be. These “pictures” (interpretations of reality) consist of the non-physical thoughts that exist outside of time and space. Therefore, we can’t be certain (and are likely wrong) when we think that what we see, hear, feel, etc. is precisely real. When the Buddhists say that all is illusion, they are essentially correct!

A Holograph is a partially three-dimensional picture. A Super Holograph is what the universe is—a four (or more) dimensional picture. And we Observers are holographic creatures with holographic eyes, ears, etc. and holographic brains observing a holographic universe. While this idea may seem peculiar, advanced mathematics currently suggests that if everything was not a holograph, we would be unable to sense anything at all. Perhaps it takes a holograph to recognize a holograph.


In the beginning all was nothingness—but it was a special nothingness about the size of a pea. There was no time and no space. Then something happened. There was a big bang, the pea of nothingness exploded and time and space came into being as the universe began to expand.

We, like everything else in the universe are the offspring and part of that original explosion. Therefore, in ways we do not quite understand, everything is still connected because at a basic level everything IS STILL ONE. This, in Quantum Sense is evident in what is called “Bi-Location”.

If for example, we shoot a proton through a crystal, it becomes two protons, each have a reverse spin relative to the other. If we move these two particles apart, no matter how far, and “mess “with one, the other immediately reacts in kind. In fact, no matter what the distance between them, the reaction of one to the other exceeds the speed of light! Since Einstein theorized that nothing could exceed the speed of light, this reaction really bothered him, and so he called it, “Spooky action at a distance.”

We are then presented with odd possibilities: Either the speed of light can be exceeded or the particles are connected—no matter how far they are apart—or perhaps they are still the same particle and our view of their distance apart is an illusion… Other experiments with different particles only seem to prove the existence of Bi-Location.


Since we Observers change reality just by our thoughts or observations, it would seem that magic could be worked just by thinking. And of course, some mages claim that is true. But I think they are either wrong or trying to put us off the path to secret wisdom. If we could just affect the universe by thinking then every fool with a big ego could create a mountain of gold and diamonds—which would immediately destroy the worldwide value of gold and diamonds.

No one has ever picked up his or her delivered rural mail without going to the door, walking out to the road, and opening the mailbox. You have to take an action to accomplish anything! So magic with sigils, chanting, rattles, dancing, and grand gestures with chicken legs can all work. But sitting on your butt is likely useless unless you are just working out a plan to take real action. This is the value of performing rites!


Based upon history and science, I really doubt that there is an ultimate truth. And the greater the truth (the more true it is) the more bizarre it seems to become. Therefore, if such a thing as an ultimate truth could be found, we probably would be unable to wrap our minds around it.

So facts are only facts for now. Tomorrow, they may be replaced by better facts. So when I see “true believers” who are usually brainwashed religious followers or published and renowned scientists making grand pronouncements, I take them with a grain of salt—or maybe a pound of doubt.

And that is also “true” for this article…


Movie: What the Bleep Do We Know?!!

The Little Book of Bleeps by Captured Light Distribution

Was Einstein Wrong?: A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity by David Z Albert and Rivka Galchen—March 2009 Scientific American Magazine

Matter Into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D


Lord Ansur

Location: Milwaukie, Oregon

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