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13 Keys: The Beauty of Tiphareth

Author: Robin Fennelly [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: July 21st. 2013
Times Viewed: 4,165

The focus of these articles is not the Paths of the Tree, but some explanation of their energetic state and connective function from sphere to sphere is necessary. The 22 Paths that connect the Sephiroth act as conduits/ filters and refiners of the energies of the connecting spheres. The Spheres are the pure states of Being, and the Paths allow for the movement of energy between the pillars of Force and Form. On the evolved or “Middle” Path, they become the direct line that mirrors the adage “as above (Kether or the Divine) , so below” (Malkuth or Manifestation) .

For this series of articles, our inclusion of the Paths will be those of the Lightening Flash. The next Path of connection on ascending the tree is the 24th Path connecting the spheres of Netzach and Tiphareth. The 24th Path represents the synthesis of the fire of the heart and strength of sacrifice working in dialogue and exchange with one another. The Hebrew letter placed on this path is NUN meaning fish. If we think in terms of heart felt will and the courage of personality centered sacrifice, this is the action of moving from a place of balanced compassion (Netzach) that willingly offers its energy up to become part of a filtered and transfigured outpouring (Tiphareth) .

Similar to the 27th Path, its element is Fire and the planet of correspondence is Mars. This is the Fire of quickening, having gone through the reason and informed state of the preceding Path and the energy of Mars is that of asserting itself towards the goal of greater refinement and collaborative effort that will be found in the pure essence of Tiphareth.

The Tarot card placed upon this Path is The Death Key. It is the ending of one state of being that must be relinquished in order to move to a state of greater service and ultimate rebirth. Having the experience of in-spiration into the realms of Tiphareth, and receiving the influx of multiple paths converging in and through the dynamics of the Tipharethian sphere, Death is a necessary state within which the seeker with the fires of selflessness can enter the beauty of a more synthesized whole.

Keywords For the Sphere of Tiphareth


The Energy of the Sphere

Communion with The Higher and Lower Selves
"As above, So Below"

The sphere of Tiphareth is the central core of the Self. It both emanates its sustaining and strengthening energy and also serves to quicken. This energy is magnetic in nature and as it absorbs and draws towards itself, it simultaneously releases, distributes and emits the transformed energy. This action is very similar to the process of the heart within the physiology of our being. The heart serves to cleanse and purify the blood for recycling and release to those vital areas that are reached via the elaborate network of vein and artery. This action puts the body is a state of attunement, so that the nutrients may be received and the body will remain viable, strong and healthy in function. Tiphareth acts as the place of attunement and synthesis of return and release whereby the energies of the other spheres have a place of common meeting ground to blend and distribute in accord with the needs of balance and equilibrium.

Tiphareth is not only the place of deeper connection but it takes that connection further in the call to be "fully present". Fully present in the sense of the bright light of the sun shining on you, moving you into the spotlight and making you accountable for not only showing up to do the work, but to do so in an illuminated and fully enlivened way.

Ascending the Tree, we transcend the limitations of human form and evolve towards a state of pure being of Light. Descending the Tree, the Light that emanates from Kether reaches Tiphareth; is harmonized by drawing on the qualities of the surrounding spheres and moves down into the density of concrete form, carrying with it the seeds of the previous spheres energies.

The Mediating Intelligence

Soul and Body, Self and Ego and Higher Consciousness and Personality come together magnetically, electrically and willfully in a meeting of Higher Consciousness and Personality before ascending upwards towards the Supernals or drawing that synthesis downwards towards the human experience...rcf

Tiphareth is known as the "Mediating Intelligence". When we "mediate" we act from a place of bridging and standing between, not giving more emphasis or credence to one thing over another. A decision in favor of one side may be made, but only after carefully weighing the differences and similarities of the opposing sides. This is the action of Tiphareth. Holding many paths of influence in steady balance and sorting and acting upon the varied influences as they present. This vantage point of being centrally located also gives a much greater perspective to each of its connecting paths and spheres. A perspective that is illuminated by the combined Light and truth of each acting as a hub around which the Universe of ideas, thoughtforms and energies revolve.

Kundalini and Tiphareth

If we consider Tiphareth from the perspective of its solar energy and enlivening qualities it is not too far a stretch to map that similar energy into the process of personal energetic alchemy. The fundamental principles of the awakening of Kundalini energy are that of the combining of the solar (Pingala/Surya) principles and the lunar (Ida/Chandra) as they intersect specific chakras in an upward ascent up the sushumna (the central column that runs just behind the spinal column vertically from the perineum up through the crown of the head) . These pathways are referred to as the Nadi's.

The Middle Pillar is the direct route of access to the Source of Kether. In spiritual aspiration to follow the middle way is to move through the spheres of Yesod and Tiphareth, crossing the abyss of Da'at and reaching the finality of Kether. In using these same qabalistic principles we could liken this journey to that of a Kundalini awakening. In this format the Lunar or Chandra energy emanates from Yesod. As it moves upwards and comes to the gates of Tiphareth, this energy entwines and is quickened by the breath (remember the attribute of Air associated with Tiphareth) of life fires from Tiphareth, the solar principle. In this domain, the lunar and the solar principles merge, blend and synthesize, before moving upwards on their continued paths. Each moves outward until they reach their final place of union and illumination within the sphere of Kether- the place of the All.

Now, this is all speculation, but when we learn to think of the attributes and energies of the Tree is conjunction with that knowledge which we can grasp and bring into a physical experience we have a greater understanding of the way in which the Tree of Life is mapped onto and scaled into everything at all levels of being.

Location on the Tree: The Middle Sphere of the Middle Pillar

Strategically placed at the center of the Middle Pillar of Equilibrium, Tiphareth has a panoramic view in all directions. It also has the distinction of being the place of that which divides the lower half and upper half of the Tree. That which is manifest and denser in matter and form must first pass through the heat of Tiphareth before it can be exhaled towards the heavens and more refined natures of the upper spheres.

Intersected by 8 Paths

At the level of Tiphareth the PATHS of the Tree become the Living means of conducting energy to and from the Central Source devoid of their singular attributes and codifications. Each of the spheres as they proceed into the heart of Tiphareth becomes less identifiable as it blends with and establishes a place of collaborative energetic flow, one to the other. None being more important than the other, and all being of great necessity for the overall output. We can think of it in this way. Drawing from the sphere of:

Yesod - The creative image board from which conclusion can be formulated.
Hod - Decoding of Symbols, Metaphor and the Illusions of Yesod and communication.
Netzach - The Intelligence of the Heart or combination of pure thought and compassionate grace.
Geburah - The necessary release and rebirth.
Chesed - The broader perspective and keen discernment.
Binah - The womb that gives form to what is formless.
Chokmah - The first impulse and creation towards duality.
Kether - The infinite Source that both begins and ends the process.

The Briatic Color of Tiphareth: Sun Gold Yellow

Each of the spheres is assigned four colors in accord with which of the Four Worlds that sphere’s energy is correlating to. In some readings you will find them identified by the nomenclature of a Royal Scale.

The King Scale, which correlates to the Divine World of Atziluth
The Queen Scale, which correlates to the Archangelic World of Briah
The Prince Scale, which correlates to the Angelic World of Yetzirah. This color is a combination of the King and Queen Scale colors of the sphere.

In this way, you could think of Divinity (Atziluth) sending froth its Divine Messenger (Archangel of Briah) to command and guide the work to be done by the Angels (Yetzirah) that will extend into manifest creation (Assiah) .

The Princess Scale, which correlates to the Manifest World of Assiah. This color is the deepest hues and tones of the combination of the colors preceding it. This is also the densest form of those combined colors (often with flecks of light corresponding to the King or Queen scale colors) .

The Expression of Tiphareth in the Four Worlds
Atziluth- The World of Archetypes- Deity
King Scale: Pure Pinkish Rose

The Supreme Lord of Life
Deity of Sacrifice and Light

In the sphere of Tiphareth, Atziluth is exemplified in the archetypal energy of those deities who provide the light of sustaining form and those who represent the sacrifice inherent in rising above the lower aspects of form. When we think of RA and Apollo, the Sun and its glory of radiance and light come to mind. These Gods also had the triune phase of that solar cycle as part of their energetic purpose. It is Khepra-RA we greet at the dawn of day, the youth who is just beginning to bring the glory of his light to earth. Amun-RA holds reign over the noonday sun as full peak and majestic glory of the King. But, in the evening as darkness returns once again, Atum-RA in the form of the sacrificial Lord, who must diminish to the underworld (a proverbial death) for renewed life and quickening during the night's time of balance and synthesis before he may return once again as the illumined light of day. If this death did not occur, if this sacrifice was not made the balance of night and day would be mourned.

Briah – The Creation of a Concept- Archangelic
Queen Scale: Golden Yellow
Raphael and Michael- “Glory of God”

”Air fans the Flame and the Flame ever spires towards the Heavens” …rcf...

The Archangels Raphael and Michael are associated with the creative aspect of Tiphareth. Their task is to bring into view the aspects of those who are considered the heroes, the saviors and the saints. Michael brings Fire to the creative process and Raphael provides the air that feeds the flame of Michael's creative fires. Being the master of the Light, Raphael also provides the necessary illumination after the destruction of those principles and ideals that are not in alignment with the concept of the "perfected" man. This "perfected" man is one who is no longer bound by physical matter and having the wings of grace bestowed by the archangels to the worthy has the potential to ascend upwards towards union with the Divine Source of all being. Michael provides the spark of Life necessary to quicken. Together they forge the fires of desire to achieve a state of illumined form.

Yetzirah- Forming the Image of the Concept- Astral/Angelic World
Prince Scale: Salmon Pink
The Angels are the Malachim or “The Angelic Kings”

The Malakim (chim) are considered the angels of balance and centralization. As they go about their work they bring authority and kingship to the equilibrium that is established. This state of balance is not necessarily of each part the weighing the same to arrive at a state of equal exertion. This is the balance that flows when there is continued flow, one from and to the other, allowing movement and interaction to be equalizer. All is in a constant state of change around them, so their job is to provide points of balance for the action of change itself so that a minimum of disharmony occurs. They may be considered the "checks and balances" that ensure there will not be overload, thus causing chaos is any one area of action. They are also responsible for the form of whatever the place of synthesizing and organizing may be—and how that form and shape relates to those other things impacted by and surrounding the original concept.

Assiah- Active/Material World- Manifestation
Princess Scale: Gold Toned Amber

The Sun (just as the Moon of Yesod) holds dual meaning within the sphere of Tiphareth. It's energy is both that of the physical sun and all of the correlates that describe that body of energy as well as the exoteric meaning of the Greater Sun and its mysteries which lay behind what we see physically.

Within the physical domain of the Sun, its energies are that of being a source and sustainer of life as we know it on this planet. Light and heat are necessary and vital components to existence of all living things. It is central to the world of our particular Universe and scope. However, if we were to move too close to that same sustaining Light and heat we would perish in flame. Matter returning to the state of formless, pure energy.

Esoterically, the Sun is seen as the Light of Reason. The grand illuminator that provides the spark or nuclei of energy necessary to cause creation. The Sun behind the Sun is the place of the mysteries. The birthing place and point of origin of all spiritual action. Just as in the physical sense, with the light of day- everything is seen in a clearer state, so too within the greater light of the spiritual sun clarity of purpose, intent and the Source of all Life are revealed.

In spiritual practice, the Sun of Tiphareth is the call to finding and balancing the light that emanates from within from which all other experiences of growth and purpose are renewed. Once this place is activated and empowered, the Greater Light is drawn towards you as the magnetized energy of the Sun and the mystery of your inner Light is revealed for all to see.

The Spiritual Experience of Tiphareth: The Vision Of Harmony and Of Sacrifice

In the article about Netzach, it was stated that the spiritual experience of this sphere was the Vision of Beauty Triumphant. This "beauty" was that of all of nature and its components. When we arrive at the level of Tiphareth, this vision becomes one of harmony underlying that which has been organized into something of beauty. The sum of all its parts has come together in just the right manner to produce something that is harmonious, has integrity and is whole. This is the first glimpse of our Higher Self-the pure intuitive self that has established a working collaboration between the personal and manifest needs and the greater desires of spirit. Leaving behind those manifest and physical attributes that are not in alignment with our higher state of being that we so fiercely cling to are often regarded as sacrifices. This is the illusion, for the place of sacrifice is not held within the material world, but much deeper within the Soul where desire is driven by the individual personality and is only achieved in letting go of that personality to become at once singular and part of the greater whole that is humanity in its Divine place of kingship.

The Illusion of the Sphere: Identification and Separation

We as humans like to label ourselves and often seek approval, attention or simply community through the identification we make with those groups, energies, personality traits, etc. Identifying with something is not in itself a negative attribute, but when we very strongly confine and bind our being within that identity to the exclusion of acceptance or consideration of another way this creates a lack of movement or stasis within our being.

The illusion of Tiphareth is one of cutting off the flow of other input. Of so strongly seeing itself as only the one nature and fabric of its energy that the magnetism ceases and what, by necessity, had to be continued flow stops. At this juncture everything implodes from the force of misdirected energy. Take pride in what you wish to claim as your own, but allow the flow of what is not to pass through as well. The goal is to achieve a balance of individualization and dropping away of ego to allow for the individual to realize its place as both a piece of the greater whole and as an individual source of contribution and effort at the level of its working.

The Magickal Image:“A Majestic King, A Child and A Sacrificed God”

The images that are attributed to the sphere of Tiphareth may seem to have no connection at all on first glance. A child, a King and a sacrificed God seem as incongruous to be placed in a triad of empowerment as to combine the forces of a dancer, an artist and an engineer. But, as with many endeavors it is the collaborative efforts of each bringing their own particular piece to the puzzle that creates the masterpiece that would have lain uncreated had they not looked deeper for the common as well as the differences inherent within each.

The child in this case is our point of birth. The place where all potentiality is imbued within a life and light filled being, before the impact and influence of the world is set upon him/her. The child knows nothing other than unconditional Love and sees the world in its true from of light and magick. The inner beauty and light of everything is revealed and there is untapped strength, which if fostered and nurtured (Binah, the Great Mother) and acknowledged and honed from a diverse perspective (Chokmah) will serve the child as he matures.

The Majesty of the King is the natural process for this child. Having garnered and gathered from years of experience and selectively and carefully weeded those things that served no productive ends (Geburah) , authority and process of wielding this power is held within his command. If the lessons have been learned well, compassion (Netzach) will grace those decisive moments.

And, there will come a point of testing, a Dark Night of the Soul (Da'at) when the Kings' true worth and aspiration is put to the fires. Intellect (Hod) and drawing upon the lessons of the storehouse of knowledge (Yesod) will be critical to this process. This is the place of turning point and choice of dedication to the Greater Work that serves all and the ALL or choosing the path upon which he will remain as a King only.

If the choice is made to step into the place of greater Kingship, the King of Majesty and right becomes the Sacrificed One. He becomes in human eyes a God for he has set aside personality and ego and has embraced the individualized self that has achieved union with the Divine. This choice has been offered at great sacrifice, but has been made willingly and shows us that we must lay aside our separate (individual) lives to achieve the ultimate union with the Divine Source and the All. This Sacrificed God is the attainment and awareness of our Higher Self in balance with our place among humanity.

So, you see, the work of great acclaim was achieved when the artist provided the visual backdrop, which inspired the dancer to choreograph a performance piece which required the skill and knowledge of the engineer to design the set that would allow the dancer to safely and beautifully fly, seemingly in mid-air, as she moved across the blazing sun of Tiphareth beautifully painted by the artist.

Personal Study: The Living Tree-Journaling

The suggestions in this section are meant to open your awareness and understanding of the particular sphere in ways that are physical in action and viable in result. This month, as we focus on the sphere of Tiphareth this exercise is intended to make you more aware of the impacts and motivations in offering up ourselves to stand in a place of sacrifice. The word itself conjures up multiple definitions and what we believe to be sacrifice is in actuality making a choice that is convenient, doable and ultimately safe. True sacrifice comes from a place that has perfect love and perfect trust that what is being giving up is done so willingly and is something that is of import and deep connection to you.

Facing Your Place of Sacrifice:

Think back to a time in your life when you felt you had sacrificed something you had strongly held on to. Bring this image clearly into the mind's eye and allow the scenario to play out in front of you on your inner screen.

When the image is clear and strong, begin to write about this experience. Write down all that you remember in as much detail as possible. As you write about this experience, allow to flow any additional insights that you may have.

Then, after finishing, go back and take a look at what you have written. Add to this the thoughts and perceptions you have now regarding the situation. What would you have done differently? Would you have made the same choices or would you have held more tightly to what was given up?

As you think on these questions, allow the writing to simply flow. Do not concern yourself with grammar or spelling or even putting into coherent sentences. Just allow the words to flow and build in whatever manner they choose.

When you have finished. Close your journal and allow the thoughts to sit over night. Do not give any further conscious thought to what you wrote. At your next available time, reread what you wrote. Find the places of beauty within what transpired within the scenario of sacrifice you described. Make note of whatever, if any, changes you would have made. Trust in the inner strength and courage that you showed at that time and gather the wisdom you recently crafted into the scenario towards this inner strength you have cultivated now. These are the keys to transformation and new approach towards those things we wish to "willingly" give way to so that something of beauty may be born from it.

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Robin Fennelly

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