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13 Keys: The Mercy of Chesed

Author: Robin Fennelly [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: January 26th. 2014
Times Viewed: 2,825

The focus of these articles is not the Paths of the Tree, but some explanation of their energetic state and connective function from sphere to sphere is necessary. The 22 Paths that connect the Sephiroth act as conduits/ filters and refiners of the energies of the connecting spheres. The Spheres are the pure states of Being, and the Paths allow for the movement of energy between the pillars of Force and Form. On the evolved or “Middle” Path, they become the direct line that mirrors the adage “as above (Kether or the Divine) , so below” (Malkuth or Manifestation) .

For this series of articles, we have followed the Paths of the Lightening Flash. There is no designated path and associated correspondences that connects the spheres of Chesed and Binah on ascent. This action crosses the Abyss of the hidden sphere of Da’at. As you will read further, the sphere of Chesed and this place on the Tree is the last stop before reaching the Supernals of origin- Binah, Chokmah and Kether.

Keywords For the Sphere of Chesed


The Energy of the Sphere

The Sphere of Love and Majesty

Chesed is the last sphere ascending the Tree before crossing the Great Abyss (Da’at) that separates the pure Divine essence of the Supernal (Godhead) Spheres of the Tree. Its energy is that of coalescing, refining and establishing the summation of experience afforded by the spheres leading up to this point. This sphere is often considered the Hall of the Masters; the point for those who have attained this level of spiritual evolvement where choice is given to either remain on the wheel of incarnation to serve humanity or to ascend beyond the realm of physical expression and be fully reabsorbed back into the source of all creation.

Descending the Tree, Chesed is the first sphere of actuality. The place where flow (Chokmah) and form (Binah) have merged and the juncture that is the beginning of the work towards actualizing the concept or idea of manifestation may begin in its journey towards a place of reality. Divinity (Kether) in a state of awareness of ITSELF and having found the means to polarize and create something more from ITSELF (Chokmah and Binah) yearns for manifest expression (Malkuth) , and once having manifested, yearns for the natural return to ITSELF. It is from the place of Chesed that this cycle takes root and foundation.

The sphere of Chesed is the foundation upon which all creative effort begins its journey into being. It is the receptacle of the outpourings of the Supernal Triangle above the Abyss (Da’at) . This outpouring is the combined essence of the One (Kether) , now polarized, becoming two and expressed through Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) .

The sphere of Chesed is one of abundance, obedience to the spiritual laws, authority and foundation. The extreme nature of its polar sphere, Geburah, has now been brought to a place of greater insight into awareness of the necessity of final release in order to move forward. The point of focus and discomfort that arose in Geburah has now expanded to a place of truly seeing and experiencing the greater whole (an all inclusive perspective) and the importance of having both a strong container to hold (Geburah) the outpour and flow of expansive energy (Chesed) so it may be drawn down into a place of useable manifestation in Malkuth.

The energy of Chesed acknowledges and accepts the limitless potential that arises when true abundance is embraced. Within this acceptance is also the potential of acting upon and creating more fully from what insight has been acquired through the energy and experiences of the previous spheres on the ascent up the Tree. These lessons and insights have now reached a place where they may be refined, adapted and molded to be more closely in accord with Divine Will versus the desires of ego.

Chesed is the place of cosmic memory. This is the refined aspect of the sphere of Yesod (the storehouse of images) having been filtered, synthesized and finalized by the spheres acting upon this Yesodic energy in the ascent towards Chesed. Having arrived at this state of full access to memory of the aeons and creation itself, work may begin towards incorporating and using that memory where choice and Free Will are called to action. Chesed teaches and demands obedience to the laws of nature and the cosmic laws that is without question because the ego has been put aside and the workings of the Inner Divine have been activated. There is a gnosis or knowing that all will be and is as it should be, so there is no need to question, as there are no personal agendas.

The Receptive Intelligence

Chesed is considered the Receptive Intelligence. In this way its energy is in the place of receiving the Supernal energies of Binah, Chokmah and Kether and forming the ideology of these spheres in a way that is more easily understood as being brought down towards manifestation. Its nature is that of abiding within a state of deep gnosis, founded upon the stability of higher purpose and then being able to release that energy to be further refined through Geburah. Chesed is assigned the element of water, and thus, in making use of this watery nature of healing, deep insight and an infinite “sea” of possibilities opens to complete the larger whole.

Location on the Tree

As we move up the Tree the energy of the spheres becomes more intense. Simultaneously, these energies also become less dense and more refined, with higher vibratory frequency. Because of the higher vibratory frequency it becomes paramount that each sphere work in tandem with its opposite. The distinction between each sphere is magnetically drawn towards the center point of balance (the Middle Way or Pillar of Equilibrium) , with the polarized energy of each depending upon the other for full expression, thus those spheres held on the pillars of Force and Form must work cohesively.

Placed at the center of the Pillar of Mercy, Chesed receives the emanation of energy from Chokmah and the upward striving of Netzach’s energy. If we equate Chokmah with wisdom and Netzach with victory, Chesed becomes the central activator that takes in both streams of emanation, transforms them through its action of cohesion and causes the necessary expansion based on memory of all potential outcomes to create a deeper expression of the victory of love’s power that is informed by Divine wisdom.

Chesed is the last sphere on ascending the Tree before stepping into the realm of the Supernals of Kether, Chokmah and Binah. It is the place of final choice that has been informed by the energy of the spheres below it and the decision to brave crossing the Abyss of the void to reach the womb of the Great Mother (Binah) . It is the Gateway to both Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah) and conversely, Chesed is also the natural outcome of the directed energy of these Supernals.

The Briatic Color of Geburah: Turquoise Blue

When we see the color Blue we usually respond in a relaxing gentle way. Blue has long been associated with healing. If we think of the color blue in nature, the sky and the oceans, each hold a mystery of their own. Each is expansive and infinite in quality and each holds within its nature the necessary components for survival- air/breath and water/moisture. The Briatic color of Chesed holds the memory of these mysteries. The sky contains the currents of air, which reflect the fire, and heat of the Sun. All embrace the earth, which holds the oceans’ waters that contain the molecules of air warmed by the sun with its fluids. Air-Fire-Water and Earth, the elements of foundation, are thus contained within the simple vibration of Chesed's Briatic color.

Each of the spheres is assigned four colors in accord with which of the Four Worlds that sphere’s energy is correlating to. In some readings you will find them identified by the nomenclature of a Royal Scale.

The King Scale, which correlates to the Divine World of Atziluth
The Queen Scale, which correlates to the Archangelic World of Briah
The Prince Scale, which correlates to the Angelic World of Yetzirah. This color is a combination of the King and Queen Scale colors of the sphere. In this way, you could think of Divinity (Atziluth) sending froth its Divine Messenger (Archangel of Briah) to command and guide the work to be done by the Angels (Yetzirah) that will extend into manifest creation (Assiah) .
The Princess Scale, which correlates to the Manifest World of Assiah. This color is the deepest hues and tones of the combination of the colors preceding it. This is also the densest form of those combined colors (often with flecks of light corresponding to the King or Queen scale colors) .

The Expression of Chesed in the Four Worlds:

Atziluth- The World of Archetypes- Deity
King Scale: Deep Violet
The Supreme Lord of Life
Deities of Authority Expressed through the Higher Emanations of Mercy and Love

In the sphere of Chesed, Atziluth is exemplified in the archetypical energy of those Deity who exemplify the merit of sacrifice to achieve right action and the merciful splendor of bestowing the fruits of these labors upon humanity. These Deity act as the guiding Rays of Light towards the Divine and remind us of our spiritual nature that is contained in this incarnation within manifest form. Each of these Deity has the potential, authority and capacity for cruelty and destruction, but each has mastered the necessary control that can be giving and merciful in what is provided.

On descent from the Supernals, the Deity within Chesed serve as a reminder that Mercy is always the conduit that is first attained from the Divine Source. The dismantling of that Mercy that is seen as the energy flows to Geburah is necessary for ultimate manifestation, but is not the original source of intention.

On ascent towards Kether, the authority wielded by the Deity of Chesed is the final stopgap or testing place of pure intent, before one may stand the test of faith in Da'at and return to a natural state of Divinity. These God forms provide hope to humanity and inspire the desire for re-absorption of SELF through Binah and Chokmah and final return to the ONE of Kether, and it is through the beneficence of their Grace that one may aspire to Kingship.

Briah – The Creation of a Concept- Archangelic
Queen Scale: Blue
Tzadkiel- “The Righteous of God ”

The Archangel Tzadkiel is called " The Righteous of God". It is his province that deems that a state of "right" and "correctness" has been achieved once all the previous trials and tests have been faced and successfully navigated. He acts as the higher conscience of man; the man/woman who does what is right and necessary because there is nothing else that the individual can do. This is the only vision that is seen and it is no longer tainted or skewed by those energies that would produce haphazard and random correct action. The course is solidly planned and firmly bound by all the Laws to which it may be subject and all is in accord and in a state of abundance.

Tzadkiel is the angel of judgment who urges us on towards this foundation of right-doing. He is the holder of what we only fleetingly know as our best nature. It is his job to remind us as we move through our mundane lives of that best or Divine nature. His is the voice that whispers in your ear when an action is not in keeping with that Divine nature and his is the mage in our minds that calls us forth from our daily slumber when we become sated by illusory wealth and greed. It is through the inception of the idea of our "goodness" that we can aspire and fulfill our Higher nature.

Yetzirah- Forming the Image of the Concept- Astral/Angelic World
Prince Scale: Deep Purple
The Angels are the Chasmalim or “The Brilliant Ones”

The Chasmalim direct the focus of Archangel Tzadkiel's call to "conscience" in a manner that will be both productive and beneficial. They are regarded as those who act to bring cohesion and balance to that which has been torn apart and reformed. They are the Angels of FUSION and provide the fires that act in a manner of cauterizing what needs to be healed from the act of excision that occurred at Geburah. In this way they are also considered the restorers of order and work in conjunction with the Seraphim (the Fiery Avenging Angels) of Geburah to light the way for newly found balance amidst the chaotic outpour at the level of Geburah. Within the jovial expanse of Chesed, the Chasmalim are the keepers of cosmic joy and bliss. They are the warm feeling that produces the smile of contentment and the energetic heat that is acquired by a good laugh and state of relaxation and calm.

Assiah- Active/Material World- Manifestation
Princess Scale: Deep Azure Blue Flecked Yellow

The expression of Jupiterian energy in Chesed is found in the work of reaping the abundance of flow and expansion by rising ABOVE the glamour/ seduction and overwhelming experience of unrestricted receiving. It brings the lesson of learning the control of Power (through Geburah's actions) before the use of power may be claimed. There is an abundance of goodwill that can be achieved through the application of restraint and taking an asking only for the amount that is needed, and then passing on what is left in excess to others in need. In this place of expression, we are able to enjoy the rewards of right action we have attracted to ourselves, and in so doing provide the model for others to follow suit.

The Spiritual Experience of Chesed: The Vision of Love

The spiritual experience of Chesed is that of LOVE expressed in its Highest Form. This is considered the Sphere of Saints and the Hall of Masters or those who have ascended to their highest state of being and choose to remain on the Wheel of Incarnation to aid humanity. This energy, having claimed the mantle of power in Geburah is carried forward to a new state of energy that is infused with authority and mastery over the baser nature and becomes the expression of compassion and unconditional Love of a Higher Order guided by the merciful Divine. The separateness that prevents us from seeing our interconnectedness has been stripped away and in its place love holds supreme as each sees the other as a part of themselves.

The Illusion of the Sphere: Bigotry, Hypocrisy and Tyranny

History holds the lesson of Chesed in its illusory state. The once beneficent ruler who, after having achieved an expansive state of power, becomes the tyrannical despot. Authority, control and power are all very seductive energies, and ones which the human ego feeds strongly from if not held in check. When the naturally inclusive state of Chesed takes root within a state of human will those things which would be seen from a more open and broader view begin to take on the narrow gaze that moves towards exclusion and elitism.

Bigotry against one or another group- that are ironically all part of that larger perspective- becomes the survival mechanism that is put into place to preserve one’s authority and power. Of course, this authority and power are humanly ordained rather than achieved through Divine inspiration. At this level of being, what should be of pure intent becomes a travesty of hypocritical display, sought in final desperation as the false foundations lay in ruin.

The Magickal Image: “A Mighty King, Crowned and Throned”

The image that is attributed to the sphere of Chesed is that of a mighty king, wearing the crown of authority and seated on a throne of royalty. King Solomon and the Emperor Key of the tarot are apt representations of this image. True authority emanates from a place of great wisdom, much experience and a sense of the "right" balance and natural order of things. If a ruler is considered just and fair these attributes are enhanced and each decision arrived upon or order decreed comes from a place of wanting the best for all concerned.

The warning here, however, is that the "best" is not always what is the desired or favorable outcome that would be coveted. The "best" could be considered negative in all aspects; and this is where experience and having the broader scope in mind come into play. When we are able to step into the place of the merciful loving King, we are able to acknowledge that there will always be disparity between what is perceived as favorable and beneficial and what is harsh and cruel. Being able to distinguish, and more importantly, to accept this knowledge is the first step towards stepping into a place of Divinely inspired authority and truly becoming the Mighty Crowned King sitting upon his justly deserved Throne.

Personal Study: The Living Tree- Meditative Focus

Meditative Focus

This exercise is designed to guide you towards a place of balance and understanding of the need for claiming your own power of authority.

“ the essential rightness of anything is defined by its relationships with what is not…? (1.

a. Reflect on the quote above.
b. Think back to a time when you were absolutely convinced that your course of action was the “right” thing to do.
c. What was the outcome of that action or decision?
d. Most importantly, what did you use as your measure of to what degree the “rightness” of that decision was? What would have been its antithesis?

Additional Links and Resources:

1. Gray, William G. Ladders of Light. Samuel Weiser, Inc:Maine.1968

The link below contains supplemental resources to enhance this series of articles. Included are Pathworkings, images and graphics, as well as other features.


Robin Fennelly

Location: Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania


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