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13 Keys: The Wisdom of Chokmah

Author: Robin Fennelly [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: June 1st. 2014
Times Viewed: 4,004

The focus of these articles is not the Paths of the Tree, but some explanation of their energetic state and connective function from sphere to sphere is necessary. The 22 Paths that connect the Sephiroth act as conduits/ filters and refiners of the energies of the connecting spheres. The Spheres are the pure states of Being, and the Paths allow for the movement of energy between the pillars of Force and Form. On the evolved, or “Middle” Path, they become the direct line that mirrors the adage “as above (Kether or the Divine) , so below” (Malkuth or Manifestation) .

For this series of articles, our inclusion of the Paths will be those of the Lightening Flash. The next Path of connection on ascending the tree is the 14th Path connecting the spheres of Binah and Chokmah. The 14th Path holds the honor of providing the base of the Supernal Triangle. This path is the place of polarization through the actions of Binah (Feminine) and Chokmah’s (Masculine) energies as the conception of what will be brought into manifest form as the energies emanate from Binah. This flow of energetic exchange is directed and towards a singular goal of unifying what lay in opposition to produce the space of neutrality where positive and negative give pause and ultimately produce the spark of creative outpour. This is the path of transmutation and the synthesis of wisdom (Chokmah) changed into the aspect of understanding (Binah) or knowledge of how to concretely use that wisdom in productive manner.

The Tarot card placed upon this Path is The Empress. She is the Mother of all life. She sits in quiet repose and strength in the verdant landscape of her own domain. She is the sexual energy that is ripe being both pregnant in her fertility and exquisite in the afterglow of promised union. Placed upon the 14th Path, the Empress offers the vision of what will become and will bear fruit from her union with Chokmah and the manifest and spiritual fruits this union will yield. She is the promise of continued life and expression of that life in all of the elemental worlds over which she reigns supreme.

Keywords For the Sphere of Chokmah:


The Energy of the Sphere --The Sphere of Creative Force

The sphere of Chokmah is the creative vessel, which holds the Divine Spark in preparation for its eventual initiatory experience of birth. Its holy name YHVH, the Tetragrammaton, means, “to be”. As the root of Fire, Chokmah is the first sphere of desire towards greater expression. There is also objectivity and detachment in that desire. The goal is one of continued creation by the means that are necessary to ensure that. This is not questioned and remains in state of neutrality moving ever onwards in its natural sequence of events.

Within the energy of Chokmah, we find the Father/Stimulator. His is the seed that ensures that the egg of potential will not remain inert and unviable. It is the nature of the male to provide the seed of life, and without this outpour the feminine principle that gives it life, provides the space for gestation and ultimately releases the manifest form into existence or being would never occur. It is from this principle that the Wisdom of Chokmah is made evident. This is the Wisdom of the cyclical and continued nature of energy, life and the universe. It is pure unadulterated “knowing” and simply “Is” because it knows no other way “to be”.

In descent from Kether, Wisdom is the first attribute of the great Divinity received by Chokmah. On ascent from the manifest plane of Malkuth, Wisdom is the last gift that is received and as such this all knowingness destroys the boundaries and limitations of the world, as we know it, including our perceived notions of ourselves. It is for this reason that in discussion of these Higher Supernal spheres, metaphor and analogy that resembles and is comprehensible to us as human beings is all that can be used; for these are the spheres and energies that cannot be articulated or described in any manner that one in physical incarnation could comprehend. They are ideals we are striving towards as translated into a human experience.

The energy of Chokmah is that of the archetypal Sage of all learning that extends into the furthest and most ancient reaches of the Universe. It is the experience of worlds before they were created as moved through its essence by the Source of those creations. Within the emanation of Kether into Chokmah and Binah, Chokmah stands as the Cosmic Father just as Binah holds the essence of the Great Mother. It is the prime need for polarity of energy that creates and separates into the two distinct energies we call Male and Female- Force and Form. But, as with all states of potentiality there is still within each of those spheres (Chokmah and Binah) the opposite polarity. In this way, Chokmah is also equated with the Greek Sophia or Spirit (Goddess) of wisdom. In this way the dynamic interplay between Force and Form, Male and Female, Chokmah and Binah is a necessity that must be initialized to complete the action become at the place of Kether.

The Illuminating Intelligence

Chokmah, standing in refection of Kether cannot be anything other than reflective of this Great Light that is the All. Its nature is that of the intelligence of Higher understanding, potential and creation because it has received firsthand the experience and wisdom of this point of separation. Chokmah is Action and impetus in its most pure aspect, not yet restricted and limited by the Formative and ordering energies of Binah.

Location on the Tree

The Pinnacle Sphere on the Pillar of Mercy

“ It is the Crown of Creation, the Splendour of Unity equaling it. It is exalted above every head, and it is named by the Qabalists as the Second Glory.”1.

The First Seeds of Insemination

Chokmah sits at the top of the Pillar of Mercy. If we look at the energy of this pillar, we see the pattern of Love that flows one from the other. We see also the transformative quality that occurs when simple knowledge of love is acted upon through actions and experience of loving-kindness and is drawn upwards towards gnosis of the Divine essence of Love. Chokmah, having directly received the outpourings of the source of the highest nature and principle of Love sees it only from the vantage point of pure energy striving to reach form in the manifest realm. It is these first viable seeds that when implanted within the womb of the Great Mother will grow and adapt to a form that offers hope and potential to life as it reaches upwards towards the source of its life.

Through the Root of Water (Binah) the Directive Energy of the Root of Fire (Chokmah) moves to a place of discharge within the organizing, lawful movement of the Root of Air (Kether) all held within the space of Ether (The Three Veils-Ain-Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur)

The Briatic Color of Chokmah: Grey

The Briatic color of Chokmah is grey. This coloring contains the white of Kether coming to a place of force and moving to a place of density by the time it reaches the blackness of Binah. Chokmah is the intermediary point standing between pure brilliance and density of light and flow contained within greater form.

In fact, the Briatic Colors of the Supernal spheres tell the story of creative movement from the brilliance of the pure light of Kether to the synthesis of light and dark in the grey of Chokmah and finally infused with greater boundary back to the black density of form in Binah. Chesed is the last sphere ascending the Tree before stepping into the realm of the Supernals of Kether, Chokmah and Binah. It is the place of final choice that has been informed by the energy of the spheres below it and the decision to brave crossing the abyss to reach the womb of the Great Mother (Binah) . Just as Chesed is the Gateway to both Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah) , once having crossed this threshold through Da'At and approaching Binah, the realm of Pure Spirit has been entered. Binah provides a place of Foundation/Stability and being connected to Chokmah via the 14th Path the two interact cohesively together to balance these highly refined energies in readiness for reunion at the Source point of KETHER. Within the space of connection and eventual interface between Chokmah and Binah, Force and Form must work cohesively

Each of the spheres is assigned four colors in accord with which of the Four Worlds that sphere’s energy is correlating to. In some readings you will find them identified by the nomenclature of a Royal Scale.

The King Scale, which correlates to the Divine World of Atziluth
The Queen Scale, which correlates to the Archangelic World of Briah
The Prince Scale, which correlates to the Angelic World of Yetzirah. This color is a combination of the King and Queen Scale colors of the sphere. In this way, you could think of Divinity (Atziluth) sending froth its Divine Messenger (Archangel of Briah) to command and guide the work to be done by the Angels (Yetzirah) that will extend into manifest creation (Assiah) .
The Princess Scale, which correlates to the Manifest World of Assiah. This color is the deepest hues and tones of the combination of the colors preceding it. This is also the densest form of those combined colors (often with flecks of light corresponding to the King or Queen scale colors) .

The Expression of Chokmah in the Four Worlds

Atziluth- The World of Archetypes- Deity
King Scale: Clear Soft Blue

The Supreme Lord of Life -- Deities of Creation

Atum - Odin - The Dagda

Within the sphere of Chokmah, Atziluth is exemplified in the archetypal energy of those Deity from whose seed life is created. This life takes many forms and it is through the power of the supreme force of the “WORD” upon the waters of the formless energetic pattern that all is gathered to a point of useable and extrudable form. In its highest expression the Atziluth of Chokmah is the Great Name of Power that is the prime essence of the Divine Creator in its most refined and pure formless state. This name is the sacred Tetragrammaton, YHWH:

“YHWH is truly the Name of Names because it is the first positive force o consciousness in the act of conception. The contemplating Spirit of God arises from the Infinite Ocean and speaks the Word (YHWH) of Light becoming Life.” 2.

Chokmah holds the completed form of the sacred name before it is separated (the Vau (W) attributed to Binah- the Yod remains with Chokmah) and restructured into a place of form. It is the vibration of this name that calls worlds into being and ignites the catalytic spark towards the order of the Universe and all that is contained therein.

We see this in the archetype of Atum calling forth creation from his own seed and the waters of Nun. Odin was a god of battle, and also of wisdom, magick and poetry. His name means "fury" or "frenzy, ", and in this potent “name” is held a quality of fierce inspiration or dynamic force exerted to guided warriors and poets alike towards manifest creative outcome. Similarly, the Dagda of Celtic origins is known as the Father of the Celts, leader of the Tuatha de Danaan and god of knowledge. HE is both destroyer and resurrector of the life force that is given.

Briah – The Creation of a Concept- Archangelic
Queen Scale: Grey

Archangel Ratziel
“Guider of Creative Force”

“ The “Book of Ratziel” was said to hold the secrets of the stars. We would call it Cosmic Astrology today.” 2.

The Archangel Ratziel is also known as the “Herald or One Sent Forth of God”. The Auphanim, under the direction of Ratziel provide the action upon the energetic pattern that is carried through the Archangel Ratziel from the Source of Creation itself. His is the voice that speaks the Wisdom from the Universe for those who have the ears” to hear. His are the words that set into motion the wheels of the cosmos and the order that is set about the stars and cosmic matter. The Archangel Ratziel provides the experiences that create the “state of mind and consciousness” that bring us to a place of wisdom. It is for this reason that much of the teachings of the mysteries in ancient times were not written down, but rather were received word to ear, experience to experience, mind touch to mind touch.

Yetzirah- Forming the Image of the Concept- Astral/Angelic World
Prince Scale: Blue Pearl Grey

The Angels are the Auphanim- “The Wheels or The Encircling Ones"

" All activity is cyclic, and the Auphanim are engaged in keeping manifestation in motion. They direct force (Chokmah) towards form (Binah) and commence the curves in Time and Space. Our Wheel of Life-and-Death, solar cycles and every circular and circulating energy is dependent on the Auphanim.” 2.

The Auphanim are the organizers and directors of the force that emanates from Kether through Chokmah as it flows towards its mate in Binah. We discussed the process of the straight line emerging from the point and if we take this concept to the next level of action we can think of it in this way. The point of energy that is the brilliant urge of Kether moves towards Chokmah, extending itself in outreach and becoming the straight line of emanation. At the level of Chokmah, the Auphanim, in their potency as conductors, pull that straight line of energetic outpour into their cyclic core creating a spiral action of pattern and shape to be released in a cyclic type of action towards the goal of Binah. Think of keeping caught up in the spiraling force of a tornado, reaching the central point of calm and then the disbursement outward as contact is made with the outer edges of movement and motion.

Assiah- Active/Material World- Manifestation
Princess Scale: White, Flecked Red, Blue and Yellow

The Infinite Form of the Zodiac

The placement of the Zodiac within the sphere of Chokmah is the lesson of the all-encompassing cyclical nature of evolutionary process that is inherent within the structure of the zodiac itself. Each of the signs has its own energetic signature that is inclusive of modality and element. In this way all of the wisdom of the Universe and the greater plans of the Universe are accounted for and claimed within the process of attaining union with the Divine.

This attribution also sets up the connection of space and limitlessness that works in contrast and in synchronicity with that of Binah and infinite Time. Time and Space being those components which form or disregard the boundaries and laws to which we imagine ourselves bound. It is the power that is exerted on time and space that if used wisely and correctly ensures the progression and expansion of the life force. It is this same power, if applied and used in wise manner that opens the potential within the individual to make best use of the inherent qualities available at the given time of birth.

The Spiritual Experience of Chokmah: The Vision of God Face to Face

The spiritual experience of Chokmah is that of the Vision of God face to Face. This experience is none that can be taken in human form, for to do so would be to cease to exist in that form. But, if we think of the energies of Chokmah we can easily imagine that this would be a natural byproduct having been the first form to emanate from that which is formless. This idea encompasses also the cyclic nature of this interaction. Kether having become aware of its formlessness and desiring to create more than Itself, does so in its own image. This awareness causes a reaction of response from that which is being observed (Chokmah) . And, Chokmah can do nothing other than give response of awareness and recognition back to that which created it. In this way there is a dynamic that is set up, that if applied to the human experience can be likened to awareness and recognition of our Higher nature. It is our own creation and we its; so when we open to awareness and acknowledgement of it as part of our being we set into motion the reciprocity of exchange that allows us to ascend.

The Illusion of the Sphere: Independence

The illusion of Chokmah is that of Independence that is no longer in communication with the Higher nature. In essence it is divorcing oneself from the sacred union that is your birthright. In this way, the independent state is more divisive, rather than individualized which offers the polarity of natures with the understanding that each of the two are still contained within and part of the greater whole.

The Magickal Image: “A Bearded Male Figure”

The magickal image of Chokmah speaks to the energy of the Sage and the action that is required of him to ensure that creation will prevail. The image of having a beard denotes a certain maturity, that gives the impression of one who has come into an age of wisdom though the lessons learned from misdeeds and recklessness that often accompanies youth, as well as the responsibilities and creative outpour of life giving seed in the role as Father. If we take this attribution beyond its visual contrivances, we see that it is essentially the flow of the masculine nature and the force that is the precursor to form taking hold and redefining. Just as the Sage gathers his lessons into himself and transforms them to a place of knowing and wisdom, so does the raw energy of this polarity draw from the infinite place of gnosis before issuing forth its wisdom.

Personal Study: The Living Tree-Journaling

The suggestions in this section are meant to open your awareness and understanding of the particular sphere in ways that are physical in action and viable in result. This month, as we focus on the sphere of Chokmah and its Cosmic connection. This exercise will take you on a journey of self-discovery through astrology. Don’t worry that you know nothing about the subject. You are only going to look at the basic information of your Sun, Moon and Rising (Ascendant) signs. From there you can explore as deeply as you wish adding each of the other components as you go along.

Opening to The Cosmic Rhythm
This exercise begins a study of your astrological blueprint:

You want to find out what your Sun- Moon and Ascendant signs are. To gather this information, you will need to know: Your Date of Birth, Geographic Location of Birth and Time of Birth. An easy-to-navigate site that will generate a free birth chart is Cafe Astrologyonline at:


In your journal, using one full page for each, write down your sun sign, your moon sign and the astrological sign of your Ascendant (or rising) signs.

Beginning with your sun sign, do some research into what the energies and attributes of that astrological sign are. Look through several books or sites on the Internet, so you can gather as much information as possible.

When you have gathered what you feel is enough information, set aside some time to sit in quiet meditative reflection. Look through what you have written down. Close your journal and then allow yourself to be open to receiving the pieces of that information that you feel most closely resonate to yourself. This is the place of moving from simply taking in and adding more pieces of knowledge and actively experiencing the information, forming conclusions and then drawing from the wisdom or essence of what you have learned.

Do this for your moon and ascendant signs. Keep records in your journal and use this information as the beginnings of gaining more insight about yourself. It is not without reason that "Know Yourself" was carved at the entrance to the Temple of the Oracle of Delphi. Your astrological blueprint is unique to you and contains everything you need to know to be an effective, productive and enlivened being.

1. Fortune, Dion.The Mystical Qabalah, Revised Edition.Boston, MA:Red Wheel/Weiser, 2000.

2. Gray, William.The Ladder of Light.Samuel Weiser.York Beach, ME:Weiser Books, 1981.


Robin Fennelly

Location: Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania


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