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Be At Peace...

Author: Elwin Shadowstrider
Posted: May 17th. 2009
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I usually end my posts this way at Ravensgrove. The original saying came from a book entitled, What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson. It was said from one character in the book to the protagonist of the story. They were in Summerland, and Chris, the protagonist, was still distraught over his own death. His friend, in Life, and in Summerland, tried so very hard to teach him Peace. Chrisí friend was leaving Summerland for the lower realms, to help others ascend, and his parting statement has been made indelible upon me ever since.

ďChris, be at peace.Ē Squeezing his shoulder, he left.

This one scene in a novel is one of the moments I was enlightened and ascended myself above what we consider the Mundane.

Here is where I had a change in my own life, and from a novel. This is but one of the steps I took that lead me back to the Old Ways. To have everything laid upon a silver platter and handed to me in this form was in short, monumental. I didnít sleep for three days; the ascension was that profound upon me. Such a truth that I found in a manner that was so simple.

Understand it matters not what faith you follow, what Pantheon you choose, what Deity or Deities you follow. As long as you find that inner peace, that peace is beyond price, and in that same peace, you will actually gain a wisdom that transcends this life. What we all must realize is the fact that Time is irrelevant, it has no purpose, none.

Albert Einstein said that Time is only relevant to the observer. To observe and keep Time close to you, you are hindering yourself, and confining yourself to parameters that mean, once again, nothing. Society holds Time as important; it defines so very many things, and entraps and enslaves society as whole as well.

When one realizes that Time is no longer important, and that you can just be, everything opens up to you. Opens in a way that very well may shock and surprise you, an oneness of being is what comes forth, a link to all that is, and once found, and it will never leave you.

The reason I stress the importance of peace, peace of whom and what you are, is that itís a guide. A guide to the Path of Summerland, or heaven, Nirvana, whatever names you may have for it; mostly itís the same. In all my studies, this society is much unprepared for death, more than any other. In other societies death is seen as a time of rest, of renewal, of peace. Here, in our society itís viewed as the Grim Reaper, the skeleton holding the scythe, ready to cut you down, destroying all in its path. The usual Halloween scary ideas come to mind, death, the universal leveler of all life, gruesome, and wicked, is what is portrayed here. Nothing is further from the truth, by far.

Crossing over is nothing more than changing your clothes, or changing your shoes.

Allow me to give you an idea, imagine you are driving your car down the interstate, traveling along at a nice speed, making good time. Without warning, your car breaks down, you pull over to the side of the road; attempt to restart your car. You realize that itís really broken down. What do you do? You get out of your car, and begin to walk towards your destination. Life and death are the same in this idea, life is your car, your physical body, when it dies, breaks down; you, the real you, does what? You exit your body and continue your journey towards your destination.

Itís no different, your body is nothing more than a flesh machine, and it too will break down, like any other machine. The process of death may be painful, but even that is so very short lived, unless itís delayed by disease or sickness. Hereís where the peace comes in, when that day comes, as it inevitably will, when you are at peace, youíre not bound to the physical plane as long, your transition is easier. The peace becomes the guide; you know that thereís more than what you have known. Peace will guide you to the next steps towards Summerland, while your journey continues.

When that peace is attained, your ego isnít as terrified of what your heart and Spirit know by faith. That we do indeed go on, this isnít the last stop, this is but the beginning of the journey. The ego refuses such faith, it always will, your ego will continually tell you that this is all you have, get it while you can. If this were the case, well, you definitely canít take it with you, and once your journey continues you will see that it was rather foolish to try and take it with you.

Oneís ego will always try to win, in any argument, in any material gain, in any relationship; ego is the driver of most of everyone. In nearly everything on the physical plane, ego is what gets the vast majority in such spiritual distress.

Many find the idea of any conversation on the subject of death as morbid, frightening, and would better be left alone. I disagree, entirely with that argument, without any idea on the process of leaving the physical plane and shifting to the ethereal plane, many will be confused, and disoriented on the next steps of their journey.

Here, in the physical world, the body is everything, the mind is but the collection point, and decision-making point, the physical body is required to carry out anything here. In crossing over, the mind is everything, that canít be stressed highly enough, itís everything there. The fact that you will have no ďrealĒ physical body to perform the functions and actions you are used to, means you have but one option left, your mind. Beings this is the case, you must realize that the physical, after death, becomes the illusion and the mind becomes the reality.

This is another point of the peace I brought up earlier, in a peaceful state; your mind will project a peaceful environment, one that allows your growth to continue. Whereas a dysfunctional mind that is confused will initially project a place of confusion, and will take time to shift away from.

The other part of death, I am sure you have heard the expression of ďMy life flashed before my eyes!Ē This too is true, here; you review your own life, all by yourself. No judgment other than your own. What worse thing can you possibly imagine that you alone judge your own actions; stripped of all excuses, and stripped of the rewriting we all do to our memories?

You have heard the expression, I am sure, ďA man is his own worst judge.Ē Here is where this is the truth, in its entirety. You see, we will be the judge of our own karmic actions, the good and the bad, none is withheld, and all of it is laid plainly before you. Like I said, thereís no judge to shake his finger at you, youíre alone, and itís your story of your own life.

In a peaceful state, this too is easier by far, and you are able to accept your own judgment against and for yourself a great deal easier. You will learn of your triumphs, and also of your failures, you will see where you could have done better and in other places in your life where you have exceeded your own expectations. In remembering my own deaths, many times over, makes it easier for me to understand the processes better, and in the long run, I am prepared.

There is no longer a fear of the unknown, as the unknown becomes the known, and the mysteries are but more lessons to us all. Peacefulness within is not only important here in this world, but itís even more so later, in Summerland. There, where the mind is everything and the body is the illusion, and we rest, gathering ourselves up for our next journey here to the physical world.

Here is where my faith in my Goddess differs from most; I personally think we have a choice, on whether or not we return here. I have decided I will stay there, learning all there is, and becoming a Guide, or hopefully, a Teacher in Summerland. There is still yet work to do, even though you are where you are in a period of rest.

The difference is that you choose to work, because itís something that you want to do, not because you have to.

You see, as most of society is so much unprepared for death, there are some who arenít. Not out of bravado, or unbelief, just that a few may know the way, and society teaches us to ignore those that know better. Most people may give lip service to the idea of Summerland, or Heaven, or Nirvana, but when push come to shove, many really have no idea, or understanding of such a place. That too is a shortcoming of modern society, and very unfortunate as well.

Our journey is a long one, and will take some time to understand completely. Well, multiple lifetimes, at best, if we can manage to get it right, but; we are indeed human; we all make mistakes, everyday. Thatís why pencils have erasers, and computers have backspace buttons.

We all are in a beautiful dance with the Universe, and our Eternal Parents understand we wonít get it right the first time, and in order for our spirits to grow, and to be the beautiful beings we are meant to be, we have many chances.

How you choose your life is up to you. I recommend you find the peace within. so very many have no idea just how important that truly is. Itís something you may have to practice to understand entirely, but it will come easier each day, the more you do practice. That peace is what I would give to any that I could, alas, that is a lesson best learned from experience alone. A gift such as that would not allow someoneís spirit to grow, as it should, and therefore a pointless gift.

Practice that peace. Seek it out, you will find it soon enough, and then Life truly begins as you have never known it before.

Always Thy Brother,
Elwin Shadowstrider ) O (

© Shadowstrider #58744

Copyright: Copyright to be retained by me, Elwin Shadowstrider


Elwin Shadowstrider

Location: Bartlett, Tennessee

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