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Beauty in Death

Author: Elwin Shadowstrider
Posted: November 15th. 2009
Times Viewed: 2,386

I had looked around a few days ago, not long after Samhain and noticed the overall beauty of the changing colors of the trees, the shifting patterns of colors that at times are a riot of conflicting colors. Reds in so many differing hues and tones, golds that would easily rival a king’s coffers; yellows that can captivate and expand your imagination beyond what we would believe that could be possible, then the whole wisdom of the death of the God and the Goddess in mourning was imprinted upon me.

We believe in this society, through many different cultures, that death is something wicked, to be feared, and most of all something that is to be looked upon as the absolute end of “who” we are. This idea gained popularity somewhere in the nineteenth century, before this the idea and concept of death was a time of rest, a time we all worked so hard to achieve, a time of renewal. History isn’t entirely clear as to why the ideology of death was changed, or by what faith for that matter.

Death isn’t the frightening “end” as we are taught by society, it is a beautiful event, one where our rest is just begun; where we are able to again be who we really are, what our journey’s end has allowed us to grow into. Death is yet another gateway in our journey, that gateway returns us all to the arms of the Goddess, and where we can reflect what we did learn from our sojourns in life.

This past Samhain taught me something that I never even thought of, beauty in death, while life was drawing to a close for the God, and he has died, the beauty of everything from the riotous colors of the trees, to the multitudes of animals throughout the world that are preparing for the longer winter nights, it is a preparation of Life.

Life will continue it is a spiritual given; just look around you, the signs are all around you, they are all there. If a tree would know that its life was over in winter, the leaves wouldn’t just fall; the tree would fall with the leaves. The trees know that spring will come. Life will begin again.

Even the animals know this, that after sleeping as if dead in hibernation, they awake in spring, with the life that flows through the entire world, they too know that Life doesn’t end in winter. So it is with ourselves, our own deaths from this plane crossing the Veil; and into the place we truly belong. Death isn’t the end…it’s merely a beginning.

As we look at the changing world and see and feel in our very bones of the changing seasons, we also see yet another lesson. That lesson is that life will begin again, that is a promise to us all; the God Himself is reborn, therefore, why shouldn’t we have the same Gift from our loving Goddess? There isn’t any possible way a mortal could possibly get things right the first time in life, at least, none that I am aware of; and most definitely not me. So, with that in mind, how long then is our resting and learning times before returning to this world?

This world is our proving grounds; this is where we apply what we have learned in the Summerlands. Our lessons and times of rest vary, just as we are all individuals and our lives are varied; thus it is with our own personal growths and what we need to ascend even further spiritually than we are currently.

We all have so very much to learn, and some more than others, just what we require is an individual goal, each relevant to ourselves and ourselves only. As I have said so many times before, we all are on our own Paths, we may be walking in the same direction, but our perspectives are different from each other. The individual needs of rest and planning of the next life again are varied. None will match, and in most cases, we change our races, our nationalities, and our cultures. No one culture can provide all that is needed for growth. We plan what we require to enrich ourselves, and to evolve beyond what we started out as.

Our Goddess looks upon us all in these cases, we are given great freedoms to choose as we need to, and our choices are blessed by Her before we embark on our new destination in life, and given what memories we can have that will not interfere with our growth in our choices. Sometimes, the memories are very little to none, as the soul requires, and to find its way in the streams of life.

There has been a question posed to me on how we can speak or see those who have crossed over into the arms of the Goddess. In this respect the answer is simple, in most cases the soul must rest, and the nature of the body’s death; was it fast, before the soul knew it had crossed, or was it a lingering sickness? The periods of rest can easily be several lifetimes here, we must realize that the concept of time is non-existent in the Summerlands; a lifetime here is only a heartbeat there.

In the vast majority, they choose to rest and learn before taking the challenge of life again. The Learning Ones can choose to speak or find a means of communication to the physical realm. The choice of the communications is entirely up to the soul itself, through EVP, through séances, through mediums, through Ouija boards, crystal pendulums; essentially the list is indeed endless on the means of communications.

Basically, the soul must stop and take time to learn and to rest before returning. However, not in all cases, there can be a drive in the soul’s being that circumvents that rest period, and most often it stems from Love. Yes, Love, the strongest of all our emotions, through our love we can accomplish anything we desire.

These souls who are driven to return for love are returning for their soul mates. The opportunity to find one’s true soul mate is extremely difficult, and most spend several lifetimes achieving this objective. When the soul mate is found and one crosses over before the other, the soul is just about driven to take the first body that is available; often it places the souls further apart, and separated by a world at times, and when the souls do finally find each other, the new life is much younger than the older one, and the reunion is painfully brief. The drive to be with the soul mate can be blinding, and must be considered well before returning to this world.

On hauntings, the levels of the afterlife are several, and without some preparations in this life, the way to Summerland can be a confusing one. The first level is aqueous, somewhat akin to a heavy fog, or a mist. This is the level we arrive at soon after our bodies die; we are still held here, by grief of those left behind. Seeming unfinished tasks that we soon learn aren’t that terribly important.

The grief of our loved ones will hurt us in this realm, and will keep us from ascending any further, until we learn that we must move on and to let our previous life go. This realm is where many see if they experience a death or near death experience, there are few that see beyond this realm but those numbers are few, unless they know the way from remembering our previous crossings.

The hauntings here are those who refuse to leave, where the Veil is the thinnest, and requires little effort to part the Veil to communicate with others. The true effort requirements are from the soul itself, fighting the desire to leave the aqueous regions. Some are driven by intense hatred or anger to stay here; others are driven by intense loves. The ones who are driven by hatred or anger typically are the poltergeists, or the malevolent ones. These are by far the most dangerous to encounter and should be approached only with intense knowledge and preparations, these generally mislead the average person; the Witch is most often best equipped to deal with these. Even then, the Witch needs to be extremely careful and to be spiritually guarded at all times.

The usual most potent weapon against these is, believe it or not; Love. They don’t wish to be reminded of what they have lost.

Others are just are just wandering, and not all who wander are lost. Some may have already returned to Summerland and returned to the lower levels to learn and to guide those who wish to ascend, and have forgotten how. These souls can frequently travel back and forth between our realm and Summerland, with proper training and knowledge beforehand.

There are yet others who are on the “same wavelength” so to speak. It is vibrational energies that match from an individual here and a soul within the Veil. Even then, the soul has the choice of not answering or heeding the call.

A soul within Summerland doesn’t have to respond to those here in our realm, only if the call makes them happy, or wishes to convey a warning, or to express a very deep love to those whose energies match, or to ask a message be sent to those left behind. There are a very talented few who are able to “tune” their energies to those they are wishing to contact, making the communications easier for both sides.

The decision to return…that is left to the individual, almost entirely. The reason I say almost entirely, is the fact that my own soul has been on the move for some 600 plus years, and Hecate has already stated that requests from me to return will be denied; I need to rest, and to take time to absorb my previous lives and all the experiences that go with them. Otherwise, the soul is responsible for planning its growth, with guides of course; with those who see the patterns within a life or lifetimes and advise the soul what is needed still to grow.

The end of our journeys is to finally stay with our Goddess and God, knowing we are indeed complete, and nothing further can be learned from life or this realm, that the rest is from them directly. That is our soul’s end destination, to never again leave our Goddess and God, which we have learned all we possibly could, and we are at peace with ourselves and all that we have done and no longer will we suffer, and set ourselves in harm’s way.

We have a choice in life, to do what we must, to abide by the Law of Three, to adhere to our hearts’ calling, “And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”. The ascended ones in this world know instinctively that this is both immense freedom and binding at the same time, and forces us to see all things as far as we are able in our limited wisdom we have here in our present realm.

Not even the wisest of us all can possibly see all ends, to know where all things must be, and where all things will be in the end of our Paths. Within this life we have the choice of leading our lives by our five senses, or to ascend beyond our senses and to live by our hearts, and above all, Love.

Love is our Gift, our Path, and in that Love we can accomplish wondrous things. Our senses are but tools in this realm, tools to help us in our journeys, and when we ascend beyond our senses; the Goddess forever changes our hearts. She does, can, and will ALWAYS changes what She touches, always. That is an immutable fact, present in every Pagan, every Witch, no matter what your Path may be, you have been changed irrevocably by Her.

Our lives will be lived one way or the other, by our senses…or; we can see beyond it; and we realize then. THERE IS MORE! Our lives are intertwined with the threads and weaves of Magick, we are in the weave of Nature, of all things, and of the greatest; Love.

Some of us can see into this weave, and we soon see that all are Magickal beings, the choice to wield or to ignore Magick is our choice, but Magick is a part of us all. A Goddess given right to every last person breathing on this planet; some burn brighter than others, others seem to be blessed with extraordinary gifts, others blessed with an understanding of Love, and how Love is always our gift from our Goddess, always.

To ascend here is almost the same as ascending once you cross the Veil, we must see beyond ourselves, to rise above our senses and to realize that all of it, down to the first star ever born, was a Gift to us all from Her.

She did all things in Love, that Love is what we must learn above any thing else. When that Love is learned, everything makes sense, all at once. To see with Her eyes, and to Love as you have never known.

Ascension is a very hard thing to convey, to put it in its simplest form, it’s seeing and knowing that you; yes you, no matter how great, nor however small, are loved by Her. The hard part is getting past yourself, getting past the very idea that a Goddess has any time for a small soul. You have no idea, if you haven’t ascended, just how important all of us are to Her. All of us are loved. When that love is realized, anything is possible, including the understanding that She loves us so greatly that we must be happy, and to be happy we must be complete. That process takes a great many lifetimes, many more than we could really imagine.

Some lives we remember who we are as Her children, others we don’t or deny it altogether. The lives we remember are wondrous ones, where we can accomplish a great deal before we return to Her.

True peace comes when as a spiritual being that we are; realize that death itself has no sway, no hold over any of us. When we lose the fear of death itself, peace will overtake you, and you soon learn to see that all the things that happens in our lives is nothing more than learning experiences. We learn that all things are connected, that we are part of that connection, and time loses its importance as does the mundane distractions. Then we begin to learn of completeness and to carry that lesson with us as we go, and to remember it before we return.

Because, if you so choose, you will return here again.

This subject is well beyond the few points we have looked into here, far beyond any one mortal, nor do I believe that even collectively we could piece together the entirety of the Summerlands, and our journeys. We are all individuals, part of a collective, and forever Her Children.

I don’t deign to speak for the entire Pagan community on this subject, this is what I have learned, what I have seen, and what She Herself has taught me, (I love you Hecate!!!) , and maybe, just maybe this would help someone along their own Paths, that is my true hope.

I leave you Brothers and Sisters as I have come, in Peace, know that I carry a Love for all of you, even the ones I may never meet.

In Hecate’s Eternal Loving Embrace and Laughter,
Thy Brother,
Elwin Shadowstrider ) O (

BE AT PEACE…………………

Copyright: Copyright to be retained by Elwin Shadowstrider
© Shadowstrider
Written Samhain-Yule 2008


Elwin Shadowstrider

Location: Bartlett, Tennessee

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