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The Magic of Weather

Author: Merideth Allyn
Posted: July 9th. 2015
Times Viewed: 5,639

Weather resonates in the very fibers of all our souls. The prismatic hues of sun on water, rainbow-colored frost and dew, or a raindrop speared by a sun shaft on an emerald colored leaf mesmerize us. Weather conjures the seasons: the pungent smell of loamy earth and wood smoke in autumn born on the wafting wind; the frigid, biting, bolstering air of winter bringing clarity to our introspections; and the refreshing green, clean linen smell of spring breezes followed by the hot, sultry balminess of a long summer day rent by a black, booming and crackling thunder and lightning storm just at sunset to relieve the tension of the day’s heat. Weather changes us all. Weather has the power to change the way we feel.

Today, there is a cool but crisp breeze loosening the leaves from the trees as they swirl and spiral DNA-like to the ground with a harvest scent claiming the last few days of summer. The autumn equinox is at hand, when once again the day and night are of equal length to demonstrate the importance of balance, before the dark swallows more light from each day until the time of the winter solstice. When, on the year’s timeless wheel, light will again take its rightful cyclic place. Weather! Regardless city slicker or country resident, the magic of weather connects us all in universal, mundane, and spiritual ways. If the sentient powers our Creator/Creatrix endowed us with are even halfway awake, weather has the power to inspire great awe, mystery, creativity, and transformation.

Our very moods, our emotions, respond to weather: sunshine with warmth brings a smile to the grumpiest; rainy, cloudy or even overcast days can bring the doldrums or an overwhelming desire to stay in bed under the compelling comforter giving yourself permission to just live and let live; clear and frosty days bring sweater weather as well as making our mental acumen sharper; snow makes us feel adventurous and speaks to our “child within, ” and the autumn winds, with leaves flying, beckon us to frolic and play in all those resplendent and varied colored leaves of yellows, reds, browns, and russets that the previous season’s rains helped produce . And, then, of course, there are the destructive forces of weather that can so totally devastate towns, even entire cities, bringing in its wake terror and tears.

But, weather meant more than moods and sensations to our foremothers and forefathers. Weather meant life or death, food or no food. And, if you were a witch, wise wo/man, shaman, or medicine man or woman, you worked with the weather and its attendant elements and elementals to bring about weather changes as needed. Rice (maybe something else might be more beneficial for birds with our current knowledge) thrown in the four directions spelling for rain to squelch a drought was a natural, normal, even workable practice to adhere to. Knowing, understanding and perceiving signs in the clouds, birds, smoke, insects’ behavior of animals and the wind blowing the backs of leaves toward us denoting rain, rings around the moon or sun, indeed there are many more, and all were natural, studied and known…studied and learned through observation; studied and learned through living the conditions.

Our ancestors were not mere bystanders as many of us are today. And, the word “paranormal, ” in terms of weather phenomenon not understood or misunderstood, our ancients would not have comprehended since they, and all pagans, or country inhabitants, were one with the lands they tilled and the elements and elementals they lived adjacent to and lovingly and respectfully worked with. They, our families of old, were simply a part of…a part of everything…the cycles, the seasons, the circle, the whole.

But, we have forgotten. Technology, although expedient, has disconnected us.

However, we can learn, unlearn, relearn, remember and practice the magic of weather be it from our ancestors who could neither read nor write so they memorized verses to responsibly pass on to future generations until writing changed everything allowing us to combine the knowledge of science today and our magic. And, science has changed as well giving us more information about weather with science becoming more magical every day, learning and teaching quantum physics, that which we, as magical people, innately have known and understood for many years.

And, since we have forgotten so much and are so little attuned to the forces above and below and around us today, and we are so arrogant as to presume we can learn everything in a year and a day, it would be wise to be extremely cautious while casting weather magic spells. Unless already an adept or working with a shaman or wise woman or wise man of great knowledge about mundane and spiritual forces as well as weather phenomenon, I would choose to do only gentle spells and charms for gentle results as I, misunderstanding the word and character of arrogance once, performed weather magic with disastrous results.

Some adepts of ceremonial magic as well as natural-with-their-hands-in-the-dirt witches believe that if a change is made in the weather pattern around your little cottage that it will impact the entire global weather system and that could be problematic, even disastrous, for some folk while allowing you just what you wanted. Therein, we encounter ethical problems, ”harm ye none, ” and competition problems; which witch has the most power to conjure or change a weather pattern, the one on the east coast who is conjuring dry weather after flash floods, or the one on the west coast who are in dire need of consistent rain because blazing wild fires are consuming homes and forests until only ash is left.

Well, I didn’t think of any of that when I did my first real all day and night weather magic several years ago. I was not newborn to the craft. I am a Green Witch who has practiced for a while. Blessedly, I had been read and later read all the fairy and folk tales from many cultures, and I suspected there was more to them than met a first listener’s ear or reader’s eye. But, I knew, I felt it in my mind, body, and bones that weather magic was something to be believed in. And, I loved weather! I loved looking at cloud formations and reading their weather messages, understanding animal omens when one crossed my path, knew that when a multitude of crows gathered, it meant a storm was brewing. And the crows gathered in masses that day…my weather magic day.

It was about six years ago. The drought in the southwest Tennessee area had lasted for three seasons. Only sprinkles of rain were my poor, but once delightful and colorful, herbs getting; all now shrinking to death-pale shades of lavender, brown mustard, and brownish pinks like dogwoods get when their petals are dying. Even the more vividly colored wild flowers were going to sickly shades. And, their drooped visage was so sad I could not contain my tears. And, it looked like dead gray-brown moths had crept around and in my flower and herb beds, covering the ground in particles of powder. Dirt was dust. And, we have loamy soil. I was devastated. I lugged water out to my blackberry bushes my then young grandsons helped plant, and to my front-yard herb and flower gardens, to the trees I had planted even farther out on our 12 acres including to my Hawthorns for the Fae and Sassafras for its root to make medicinal and tasty tea.

The willows that surrounded the evaporating pond with all my miraculously reborn new fish that had disappeared six years ago were now truly weeping willows. There was nary a fish left in that pond of once huge cats and breams the year before…but I prayed, spelled and charmed that at least a mommy and daddy fish would live…and, so it was that at least two did and the new little fish were about an inch in size. Pretty soon, though, if we did not have a lot of consistent rain, all the barely-okay-for-now willows and passionflowers around the pond, the lily pads and the pond itself, including the fish, would die. Death was all around me. I could feel its no-life, greasy-from-the-heat skeletal fingers drifting like mist and cloyingly encompassing me just as it was enervating the plants. I could not live with it. I would not live with it.

Yemanya, a South African water goddess, will always come within forty-eight hours of being called, and I called on the black mermaid goddess of weather with all the intent and focus any Witch ever had. I shook my rain stick to the skies, called on the grandmothers, called on Brighid for her healing powers, played my drum and CD’s that thundered in raging, stormy weather sounds. Bridge-breaking weather sounds. Splintering, cracking huge tree limb sounds All morning, noon, and night did I enact the drama for rain. I prepared carefully and reverently all of Yemanya’s correspondences knowing that like attracts like as well as I knew this would please her. She likes coral, shells, and blue and white beads.

It was close to midnight. The storm and I played tug of war all day and all through the evening. The storm would leave or go in another direction, and I would draw it back forcefully chanting words of power, drumming, using the rain stick for the rain sounds it produced. Again, like mimics like. Purple and black clouds roiled again into my sky above and within my area and just as quickly the whirling winds would send them out of my grasp again. I was relentless. It was relentless. Not one drop of rain had fallen from those swirling clouds since I had begun spelling at dawn. Now midnight. Could it be Yemanya had not heard me? No! Impossible! I was going to give her one more chance this night as the clouds whipped the storm and much-needed rain out of my range yet again. Once again I danced, I chanted the words of power, and the storm returned. And, finally it, the storm of all storms, crashed in upon our acres of yard, all the gardens, all the trees and our home. It returned with such raging force I did not know that our home would survive. Certainly, the tall cosmos and hollyhocks in the garden would not stand regardless the stakes, nor would anything taller than six-to-ten inches. Limbs crashed into the sides of our home, as huge trees toppled and splintered to the grounds. Our new roof was damaged as well from the unexpected hail we received. I was frightened. What went wrong?

I was what went wrong. Pretentiously, I failed to put protection around anything from our yard to our nearest neighbors’ almost a half-mile away. Nor did I place protection around our neighbors’ neighbors’. As such, I was an idiot. More than that, I was an arrogant idiot.

It’s not particularly humorous when we remember what we could have done prior to deter a catastrophe. A weather mage would not have been so careless. A weather mage would have known the signs, the omens, what they meant, what they, the mages themselves, were capable of, what could or would or should happen. They studied and practiced for far longer than a year and a day. And, they would have been able to sage or mage-like do what they intended. I was taken so completely off guard and went off so half-cocked in my quest, I was like a two-year-old attempting to ride a bicycle without training wheels. More than that, I was grandiose and unthinking. I had not studied or practiced enough to be able to control the maelstrom I pulled onto our land and home that night and very early morning. Plus, I, because of my carelessness, damaged others and perpetuated harm. It was not about intent, focus, then letting go or calling on Yemanya. I did all that. But, I forgot the most important step. The first step. Protection!

I did not listen or act in accordance to Universal Spirit that could have and would have helped me had I just slowed down, attended to, and listened. I just wanted a nice, consistent, gentle rain that would last for a couple to ten days. But arrogance prevailed. Instead, our home and acreage and our neighbors’ homes and acreage were the only places in a rather large town that suffered any real damage that night.

Today, I study the science of meteorology a bit as I know that science goes hand-in-hand with magic. I listen with my ear to the ground. I listen with my ear to a tree. I focus on the signs of birds, insects, halos around moon and sun, cloud formations. I study, and study, and study. And, learn, and learn, and learn. Then practice, and practice, and practice. Then listen some more. And, I journal it all. Beginning with the small and gentle, I have learned to do a little weather magic. I don’t generally give spells to people or write them for them. There are plenty of weather magic spells in books and on the Internet. Spells are personal, and every spell you acquire from someone else, a book or from the Internet, personalize it. Don’t just use Yemanya because one of her attributes is associated to weather magic. Find out everything you can about her. Why you are using this herb or that herb the spell calls for. Why this stone or crystal or that one. Why this color candle instead of the red one. Read, understand, know, be attentive and then BE WISE!

If I believed that power, brandished by a human being’s word was a bunch of nothing, if I had ever doubted, I learned that night that it was not. I, also, learned that magic of any kind should not be taken lightly. We have to go back and retrace steps…add new ones, yes, but study and learn from our ancients, our predecessors and those who hold power now be it from the meteorologist or from the Crone adept who understands and knows weather magic and who might live nearby.

Yes, weather changes us all. The magic of weather is so powerful that it must be experienced in its natural state, safely yet freely wild to be appreciated and become a part of us. And, should you wish to practice weather magic, return to the sages and mages of old to learn. Don’t just go out willy-nilly to do some casting or charming. Learn a few of the weather sayings or a gentle charm or two to begin with. Weather spells have either been responsibly written in a book for you to follow or not. You, preferably after study, can write your own. Always, always, always, check your motivation for doing weather magic. Remember, to our ancients it was studied, learned and LIVED in order to help situations that were unkind or even deadly to them. Say only what you mean to say, and do only gentle spells unless apprenticed or taught by an elder or adept or have studied weather spelling yourself for such a length of time as to become effective.

And, don’t just study for a year and a day. Study weather magic each day and forever! Magic is a journey that unfolds, if we pay attention, on a daily basis. If you are afraid to put your ear to the ground, literally, or afraid to put your ear to the rough bark of an old oak, or if you’re afraid to walk barefoot or if you don’t go outside no matter the inclement or sunny weather at least one time during a day to absorb all that nature has to offer, then you were not born to be a weather mage. Weather calls to those who cannot get enough of the adventure it brings…the wind whistles, the rain and fog mysteriously beckon, and your soul responds.

For you to continue to pass on weather information from our ancients, I have compiled a list of a few of the very old weather sayings. Science has many interesting facts as well. Look to “The Farmer’s Almanac, ” weather calendars, and diaries of old to find more of these helpful and magical weather sayings. And, don’t forget to personally journal if you choose to.

When Oak trees bend with snow in January, good crops may be expected.
Violent north winds in February herald a fertile year.
Open crocus, warm weather, closed crocus, cold weather.
When on a dull morning a patch of blue sky appears big enough to make a pair of sailor’s trousers, the day will turn out fine.
Ring around the moon, rain coming soon.
Ring around the sun, rain will likely come.
Rain before seven, fine before eleven.
A sunshining shower, never lasts half an hour.
If crows are noisy, cawing loudly to each other, it is a sign of rain and so is the flying of swallows near the ground.
Bats flying low to the ground on a summer evening herald fine hot weather the next day.
The deeper the mole digs his hole, the more severe the winter will be.
If the fur on animals is thick, it means a cold and possibly snowy winter.
The woollier the wooly worm, the worse the winter.
Caterpillars emerge from their cocoons only when the barometric pressure is falling. The high winds of the subsequent storm carry the new moths or butterflies to fresh feeding grounds.
When a bad storm is coming your way, get out a heavy church bell, or any bell with a loud clanging sound. Ring it three times in the direction of the storm and you and your home will be protected. Add a chant or a charm to it to make it yours and more effective. But the three clangs should do what is necessary.


Merideth Allyn

Location: Jackson, Tennessee

Author's Profile: To learn more about Merideth Allyn - Click HERE

Bio: Merideth Allyn is a Freelance Writer who has worked as a journalist in the print media for 35 years after which she began freelancing. Her work has appeared in Modern Witch, Witches and Pagans, SageWoman, Circle Magazine and she is a current columnist for Crone: Women Coming of Age. Her work has also been published in 15 anthologies for which she has won awards.

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