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Faery Guided Journey

Author: Merideth Allyn
Posted: May 15th. 2016
Times Viewed: 4,788

During May Day, Midsummer’s Solstice, Samhain or at any ‘tween time or in any ‘tween place, this journey will aid those who wish to meet a Faery, communicate with one and take from it a very special message. This journey will take about thirty-to-forty minutes. The Fae will, after your journey, know you a bit more and may take an interest in your mundane and magical lives. For certain your seasons will be more colorful and more filled with joy and laughter that just cannot be held back. Of course, you will laugh and giggle, even if not prone to, for you have been touched by Faerie. Since this is a guided imagery designed to meet the Good People, the Fair Folk, The Gentry, or The People of Peace, there should not be any distress or worry about meeting the bad sort that, yes, do abound. This journey can be done as a solitary or in a group/coven.


God and Goddess Candles, seasonal
Flowers, seasonal
Water Bowl/Salt/Water
Any incense that you deem appropriate, censor
Cake Plate
Libation plate or bowl
Cakes/Fruit Juice or Ale/Wine
Wand (prefer instead of athame)
Green Altar Cloth
Gray candle for the Fae and any other correspondences such as gemstones, faery icons, etc. that you wish to use to decorate altar.

1.) Cast Circle with Earth, Water, Fire and Air, beginning in the West where the Fae dwell in the OtherWorld, Tir n’an Og, Avalon, Elphame or the Lands of Mist.

2.) Welcome Elementals and all GOOD Fae (emphasis on GOOD) , saying:

All Elementals Blessed Be
All Faeries and Other Good Beings Blessings to Thee
By West, by North, by East by South
Spirit, too, all about
Lady and Lord of the Green Wild Wood we welcome Thee
And call You to our Circle three times three
Divinely you bless us as you protect us
As we honor all of Thee!


3.) Say: The Circle is cast and we stand within with our Lady and Lord of the Green Wild Wood and with Love and Power all around.

4.) Say to your group, coven or record if solitary:

5.) Tonight, we are going to do a short, guided journey to meet and greet our Faery guide whom may also be a messenger bearing a gift. Everyone knows that many a fairy tale begins with the words: ‘Once upon a time’, although I do not know whose time it was or is because it, the time, is in Faery time. The Faery live in the Eternal Now that, if experienced, feels like forever…just like standing still forever in timelessness. As modern physics has determined, time is relative to where you are and where you are going. This is particularly true in Faeryland where time and space shift into the Otherworld of timelessness.

The month of May ushers in the summer warmth, Midsummer the heat and October welcomes the dark, winter cold. So, Faeries are out in abundance during the anytime of time but especially during the months of May through late summer and autumn. These times will give you a better chance to communicate with a Faery, see one, feel one or mentally or audibly hear one.

Timing is everything in magic, and it is equally important for Faery magic. Dawn, noon, twilight and midnight are good times to invite the Fae to your doorstep or your secret place in the woods or to your Faery altar. While doorways and rabbit holes and all ‘tween places are good areas to beckon them, as well.

Faeries surround us and are above and below us. They are here regardless we believe or disbelieve, or even if we just don’t know. So, whether you believe or not, I would ask that you suspend your disbelief, become open minded, and let your consciousness expand for this short period of timelessness. And, for a few moments, imagine the beautiful land of Avalon, or the mysterious isles in large or small bodies of water that emerge just at sunset and where sailors have been lost forever…Elphame, The Land of Promise, Tir N’a Og, The Land of Mists, or any number of Faery place names.

6.) If everyone is ready, we will begin. Please remember, the Faery you will meet will have a message that is personal to you. Not to or for anyone else. So, it will behoove us all to “listen loudly!” Be attentive. Be aware. Be mindful.

FYI = Faeries can come to us disguised as something we would want to see or are comfortable seeing because some of us may not be familiar with or frightened of the unknown, especially when it comes to Otherworldly beings. Some may see a child-like figure, or an actual Faery child, but of a normal child’s height. Some might see the winged Faery of the Victorian times (there all sorts and sizes of Faeries) , and some might get a deliciously familiar smell like honeysuckle and wild roses all rolled into one. This is normal as they come in the scents of the season---the scents of the flower Faeries, the Devas, and the Dryads, Nymphs of the woods, Nyads of the water or another kind. And, most definitely the Faeries of these lands you now occupy. Some might experience music, tinkling chime-like bells, or the sound of children playing and laughing. You might experience a thought form that comes from the Fae…or a picture in your mind. Be open to anything and everything because this experience is yours and no one else’s. *It’s important for you to know that as a result of this guided journey, you have been marked and forever you will experience the magic of the Fae. Now the Faeries know you. So be sure to leave gifts and libations for them from time to time so that they will continue to enrich your life. Sweetened cream and butter are Faerie favorites.


I would like everyone to turn so that they are facing west where the Faeries dwell. Do not face any other person because this is a personal journey. (If doing as a solitary, just record all directions) . (GIVE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO TURN.) Next, I want you to find something to put your focus on: a tree, a leaf on a tree, a particular cloud, the sky, or bush. Whatever you choose to put your center on, become deeply attuned to it. You may blink, but focus as if you were doing a really intense spell and begin to alter your mental patterns or perceptions. I want you to find a position that feels comfortable and get into that position now. (PAUSE 10-20 SECONDS SO THAT ALL CAN GET COMFORTABLE)

Now, close your eyes so that you can’t see your focus anymore. Take three long, deep breaths, inhaling then exhaling, then relax into your regular breathing rhythms. (PAUSE 10-15 SECONDS) Feel your breath in your chest as you inhale and exhale naturally. You are feeling lighter and lighter as if you could just float or soar high into the skies. (PAUSE JUST A COUPLE OF MOMENTS.) Now shift your body again just slightly and become even more comfortable, allowing Mother Earth to be your pillow. Continue to focus on your breath. (PAUSE 10 SECONDS.) In a moment, I am going to count down slowly from ten to one. When you reach the number one you will feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. (PAUSE 10 SECONDS.)

Now I want you to picture in your mind a green pinpoint of light on a black screen. (PAUSE 10 SECONDS) As you gaze at it, it keeps getting bigger, brighter, and greener. As you continue to gaze at your large orb of sparkling green light, you hear something in your mind. You know for certain that you are being asked to walk into and through that portal of green. You feel no fear. (PAUSE 10 SECONDS) Whatever is behind all of that green light is welcoming you. Slowly walk, float, or fly to the light and then pass through it until you are inside the portal. Your steps are effortless. You are walking on a sea of green glass. (PAUSE)

You are still within the portal of light, and you are just ready to find out where you are, but there are green swirls in front of you. They are so swirly and green and foggy you cannot see beyond them for a few moments. (PAUSE) Then the light clears. In front of you is the most beautiful forest you have ever seen. What is in your forest? (PAUSE) What animals? (PAUSE) What birds? What trees, bushes, thickets? (PAUSE) What peoples your forest, what and/or who plays in it? (PAUSE 10-20 seconds.) Take time to envision your forest just as you would have it. It will be the loveliest forest anywhere as it is the forest of your dreams. (PAUSE 30 SECONDS)

Now walk along and admire your beautiful, intoxicating and enchanted forest. Can’t you smell those wild roses and honeysuckle, the lavender, the rosemary and lemon thyme? What are the other scents of your forest? (GIVE THEM TIME TO WALK THROUGH, 30 SECONDS) . As you continue slowly walking and admiring your creativity, you look through your forest of trees and see something you did not put in your forest. (PAUSE) There is a tree that you absolutely, undeniably did not put there. It is a huge old and gnarled oak tree with sprawling roots. You can see the roots tumbling out onto your magnificent green forest. It is a beautiful old tree. You stand in surprise and wonder for a moment but then notice that there is a door in the tree. It’s a door perfectly made for your height and size. You know for a certain that there is someone you are to meet behind that old, oaken door. (PAUSE) Are you anxious? Excited? Afraid maybe just a little? Does your heart beat a little more quickly? It doesn’t matter, though, because you are not so afraid that you will not explore it further. You slowly walk to the door and unlatch it. (PAUSE) You bravely walk in and start to push the door closed behind you. But, unexpectedly it slams shut behind you! (PAUSE)

Who is there to meet you? What does this being look like? (PAUSE) Smell like? Sound like? (PAUSE) Is it much different from you? (PAUSE) Take time to assess and investigate your surroundings. Be polite for after all, you are a guest in the tree’s domain with a faery there to greet you. You are finally in Faeryland. Does the faery in front of you tell you what it is? To be on the safe side, ask what creature it really is. Point your index finger at the being in your mind’s eye and let a stream of iridescent blue light encircle it. Ask it what it is. Say three times: Show yourself truly. Show yourself truly. Show yourself truly. Any being that does not wish to be exposed will immediately leave. Do not be surprised if it does not give you its name for a Faery to give you its name would be to give you power over it. For now, you just want to be sure it is what it says it is. If a Faery refuses to tell you what it is, it is not what it is pretending to be…that’s just one Faery rule you can always count on. There are many others.

But your Faery tells you that, indeed, it is of the Faery world. Remember everything about it. (PAUSE 10-20 seconds.) Talk to it a bit. Ask for answers to such things as: Why are the Faeries so reluctant to be seen? (PAUSE) Why don’t they like to be spied upon? Why do they run from humans now unlike in the olden times when they walked with men? What are some other questions you might ask? Maybe, why do adults have so much trouble viewing Faeries in nature when children do not? Ask it anything you want!!! (PAUSE)

But after your fact-finding expedition, you become a little impatient and want your message, gift or thought form that is coming to you now. Can you hear it? (PAUSE 10 seconds.) Can you see it in your mind’s eye? (PAUSE 10 seconds.) Can you feel it? (PAUSE longer) . Take time to focus…you don’t want to stay too long in Faeryland as we might get mesmerized and have to stay for a year and a day returning to earth as Rip Van Winkle did old and ancient and not knowing anyone anymore and only known to the ancients of your village. (PAUSE) The being you have met gives you your gift or message. Study it and ask yourself what it says or symbolizes. How does it touch you intuitively? Do you know why you got this particular gift or message? (PAUSE 10-20 seconds.) Remember it. Burn it into your mind as this message or gift will come to be…maybe soon, maybe later for it is of the Fae of timelessness.

Now that you have the message, rule number two of the faeries: DO NOT THANK THEM!!! For some reason thanking them really annoys the Fae so just give your Faery a gift when you get home in the form of cream or honey, real butter, or strawberries, even chocolate. For the Faeries have a sweet tooth. And, from now on do not ignore anything that happens to you during the months to come. Remember that the Faeries now know who you are personally.

We will, now, slowly leave Faeryland.

With your gift or message in hand, you will say goodbye to your Faery friend in whatever guise or disguise it came to you. (PAUSE A MOMENT) You go out by way of the oaken door of the beautiful tree and toward the bright green portal of your beautiful forest, lingering there for a few seconds so that you might burn its beauty into the forever land of your mind so that you may visit again anytime. For now the world of the Faery will be much more open and accepting of you.

Too soon you are at your emerald green portal and through it. Take this time to come slowly back to the human world of linear time. I will count from one-to-ten. When I reach ten you will come back to the awareness of this present moment. Stretch. Take your time to come back fully. Clap your hands, get up, move around, or touch the ground to center yourself in the time of now, the present moment. Finally, we will chant together, starting at a medium speed and then increasing in speed until we can chant no faster.

Three times we will say:

“Oh, do not tell the priest of our art,
Or he would call it a sin.
But we shall be in the woods all night
A conjuring summer (or whatever season) in!
And we bring you news by word of mouth
For women, cattle, and corn.
Now the sun has come up from the South,
With oak and ash and thorn.”…Old verse

5.) Hand out cakes, ale or juice informally. This will ground everyone further.

6.) Open Circle, say farewells to the Lady and Lord, the Elementals and the Fae.

You may use this farewell should you choose:

Water then Earth then Air then Fire,
All good Fae and other desirables
The Lord, The Lady, Spirit all,
Blessings Be for heeding our call!
Hail and Farewell!!!!

Go widdershins around circle with wand, say!

Gods and Goddesses, Faeries and Elves,
We thank you for joining us here
And guiding us through the mystical light
Protecting and guarding us for the rest of’
This season’s amazing days and nights!

Blessed Be!

Merry Meets!!!

Copyright 2016


Copyright: All Rights


Merideth Allyn

Location: Jackson, Tennessee

Website: N/A

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