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The History of Energy Vortexes in Sedona Arizona

Author: Mystik Astiroth
Posted: August 9th. 2009
Times Viewed: 2,270

About 120 miles north of Phoenix and 120 miles south of the Grand Canyon is a remarkable place of beauty and spiritual energy known as Sedona, Arizona. When one first drives into Sedona, it is perceived that this place is something special and of importance. The red rock formations are breathtaking and the natural beauty is mesmerizing. If one is searching for a new and unique spiritual experience, Sedona is the place you will want to visit and explore. Its remarkable vortex energy sites can be uplifting and cleansing and provide a fresh and new insight as to ones spiritual journey.

In beginning my research on Sedona Arizona and its incredible energy vortexes, I find it necessary to discuss the geology and natural history of how Sedona came to be. Sedona’s geological history is one of interest and intrigue. Its wonderful spires and canyons were created and carved out from the Colorado Plateau. Sedona is built on a bed of red wall limestone, which was deposited there about 330 million years ago by a small ocean. Water runs through this limestone and sometimes the limestone gets thin and dissolves. When this occurs, some sinkholes can occur. Most notable of these sinkholes is called “The Devil’s Dining Room”.

The limestone however is not what gives Sedona its color. Limestone is naturally a grey and how it gets its red color is when the oxidized particles of iron trickle down the limestone. This coats the limestone, which results in the rusty tones. There are four more layers that adhere to the limestone as well and this is called “The Supai Group”. This is about 600 feet thick and was created about 300 million years ago. There is also another layer on top of this called the Hermit formation. This was laid down about 280 million years ago. This is the dark red layer and it’s comprised of mudstone and sandstone. This is the final layer that everyone sees today when they visit Sedona.

There are other formations in and around the Sedona area that are a little higher than Sedona itself. There are an abundance of spires that used to be sand dunes. These were created over 270 million years ago. There is then a sandstone layer that occurred about 260 million years ago followed by a limestone layer that occurred over a period of 250 million years. There are fossils embedded in this and this is the same type of fossil layer that makes up the Grand Canyon as well. About 15 million years ago, lava flows filled in the fault lines. Today, natural erosion is what creates changes in the area.

Archaeologists who have studied Sedona have suggested that its history began over 10, 000 years ago when the first settlers who were Native American cave dwellers took up residence in the caves on the outer lying areas of Sedona. These dwellings range anywhere from 4 to 5 story structures and were believed to be built by the tribes of the Hohokam, Sinagua and Anasazi. Recognized around the world are these dwellings with the most widely known structures as the Casa Grande ruins and Montezuma’s Castle.

The last tribe to occupy this area was about 500 years ago and the mystery still remains as to what happened to them or where they went. A Spanish expedition came to the Sedona area in search of Indian mines. This occurred approximately in 1853 and the area of Sedona became a small ranching and farming area by 1876. On this approximate date, a gentleman by the name of John James Thompson took up residence in Sedona and became the first official settler in the area. This area became what is known today as the Oak Creek Canyon area.

Two dozen families took up residence here by 1900 and in 1902, a man named Theodore Schnebly created a petition to get a postal station for the area. When this was approved, he came up with several names for the post office such as “Oak Creek Crossing” and “Schnebly Station”. The Postmaster stated that these names were to long and that a much shorter name needed to be created. Theodore’s brother Ellsworth suggested that he name the new post station after his wife “Sedona Miller Schnebly” It was submitted and on June 26, 1902 the Postmaster approved it and the town of Sedona was born.

Today, Sedona is a mecca for earth and vortex energy with over 175 new age retail shops and services. But just how was the earth energy perceived and when did people start coming to Sedona for its remarkable power. It is known that most if not all of the Native American tribes considered this area sacred. They would come from all over the North America continent to seek vision and in site for what Spirit wanted them to do with their lives. Thus, resulting in the caves and dwellings that were built there 10, 000 years ago.

In 1993, a book was written by author Dick Sutphen entitled “Psychic Energy Vortexes”. In this book Sutphen states:

“Indian legend tells us that there are four places in the world designated as ‘power spots’ and that these four are broken into two plus two--two positive and two negative, or two "light" and two "dark." It is believed that the two positive places in the world are Kauai, an island in Hawaii and Sedona, both red-rock country. Sedona and Kauai, the Indians say, are vortexes of energy in which the Great Spirit gives birth to rainbows.”

It is believed that psychics and mediums have known about the energy of Sedona for years based on the knowledge handed down from the Native Americans. However, there was never any publicity discussing the area and it was pretty much kept as a secret among the psychic community. It wasn’t really until 1978 when Dick Sutphen’s book “Past Lives, Future Loves” which dealt with past life regression that people outside of the psychic community expressed an interest in Sedona’s vortex sites. In this book he described an experience while meditating at one of the sites known as “Airport Mesa”.

People began writing him asking how they find and travel to this location. The idea that the energy from this area could enhance psychic ability drew much interest from many people from around the world. In his book, Sutphen writes:

“For many years Arizona has been the rapidly developing psychic center of the country and now far exceeds Virginia Beach in the number of organizations and activities. This psychic concentration is within a one-hundred-mile circle that includes Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Prescott. .." Speaking of Sedona, he said, "there is more psychic activity per capita here than in any city in the country...”

Subsequently, a famous psychic by the name of Page Bryant also lent a great deal of publicity regarding the energy vortexes in Sedona. She lived there for 10 years before moving to North Carolina in 1990. She had a talk show and repeatedly discussed Sedona as well as other psychic phenomenon. It was a combination of Sutphen’s book and the publicity provided by Ms. Bryant that led to the explosion of exploring Sedona by the late 1970’s. It was at this time that scientists and geologists began looking at the “ley lines” of Sedona.

Ley lines are the hypothetical alignments in the earth associated with significant geological sites such as monuments that are either man made or of megalithic origin. Archaeologist Alfred Watkins suggested the existence of ley lines. As a result of his research, it was determined by the psychic and occult community that ley lines have an electro-magnetic force associated with them. Thus, resulting in psychic energy.

The strongest point of this energy is where two ley lines cross and intersect as they do in many areas and sites in Sedona. This creates a “vortex of energy” in the locations where the intersections occur. A vortex is described as a swirling energies coming out of the earth’s surface. These energies react differently with each individual. The way the energy reacts with a person depends on what the person is like. Their emotions, drive, ambitions, fears, etc. It is very much like the energy that emanates from each of the chakras or energy centers in the body. If an individual is sensitive to these types of energies, they will be successful in feeling the energies at Sedona’s vortex sites and locations.

The energy vortex sites in Sedona have different types of energy associated with them and there is a science as to how to experience them to their fullest. These types of energies are masculine, feminine and balanced. The masculine or “up flow” type of energy is energy that is the strongest on its highest end and weakest at its lowest end.

Masculine energy is what gives an individual their self-confidence and determination to accomplish goals in their life. It’s the type of energy that a person needs to take charge of their life and not to be intimidated by others. It assists with being responsible and taking on risks and knowing the risks as to avoid them. This type of energy also provides focus in order to accomplish tasks and projects. This “up flow” of energy also energizes the body when it’s depleted.

When meditating and experiencing this type of energy, visualize drawing the energy up through the spine and energizing each chakra point. The vortex site to experience the masculine/up flow energy is the site known as “Airport Mesa”. This sits on the very top of a red rock site overlooking practically all of Sedona. One thing that may be noticed is that the trees at this location have “twisted” trunks, which are known to be caused by this energy.

The next type of energy is the feminine or “down flow” energy. This energy has goodness at its high end and that which is considered evil or bad at its low end. It compliments the masculine energies. Feminine energy is what gives an individual their emotional makeup. Their goodness, kindness, compassion and the ability to love. It is recommended that a person experience the energy at one of these locations before visiting a “masculine” energy site. The reason is that this type of energy also helps remove negative energy from your being.

When meditating at one of these sites, visualize the negative energy being neutralized by the down flow of this vortex. This will remove unwanted energies before energizing yourself at an up flow vortex location. One of the primary locations to experience this form of energy is the location known as the “Red Rock Crossing” or “Cathedral Rock” vortex. The strongest point of energy is located next to the river at the closest point to “Cathedral Rock”. This energy is also wonderful for any kind of healing that may be necessary such as cleansing the aura.

Balanced energy as one might guess, is when the masculine and feminine energies are working in harmony with each other. It is possible for a person to have more masculine or more feminine energy after visiting the appropriate site for each. Therefore, it is recommended that after visiting the up flow and down flow sites that you visit the site known for balance. This site is known as the “Boynton Canyon Vortex”. The energy at this location balances the masculine and feminine. This can be related to what is known as Yin and Yang in Asian cultures.

If one has too much masculine energy, they appear to be abrupt and not have concern for the well being of others. They tend to be self-centered and show no kindness or compassion for other people. If one has too much feminine energy, they tend to let other people take advantage of them and they show no strength for themselves. If a person shows more anger than fear, then their masculine side may be stronger. If they show more fear than anger, then their feminine side is taking control. Having a good balance of both of these energies leads to healthy relationships with others and yourself. This balance can be achieved by visiting and meditating at the “Boynton Canyon Vortex”.

Sedona can be an amazing experience for everyone who visits there. One should have a basic high-level understanding of ley lines and energy vortexes in order to maximize the experience of the sites. It is also recommended that a person work with the energies of other natural items such as stones, crystals and herbs in order to strengthen their perception of feeling vortex energy.

I have had the wonderful experience of visiting this place and experiencing this energy for myself. It cleared my mind and energized me on a spiritual level.


Ruland-Thorne, Kate. Experience Sedona, Legends and Legacies.
Thorne Enterprises, 5th Printing 2004

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Meta Adventures, 6th Printing December, 2003

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High Mountain Training and Publishing Company, 1997


Mystik Astiroth

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


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