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Tips for Magickal Timing

Author: Taliesin McKnight
Posted: March 20th. 2011
Times Viewed: 3,111

Magick is a very ancient science, and one thing that the sages of old have passed on to us is magickal timing. This truly reveals the scientific nature of the craft. Think of the sun, moon, and stars as a great cosmic clock. Everything has its time and place. The Master and founder of Christianity said that there is a time and a season for everything. This certainly is the case with occult science. There are certain cycles in the natural order and certain ebbs and flows exist in the Universe. Therefore, to move with the tides and cycles of nature is to add power to your spells and rituals. To go against these rhythms is to swim against the current, so to speak. Magick may still be effective, but not nearly as much so if done at the appropriate time. There are four main things to consider when doing magick: the cycles of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and the weather. In addition to these there are internal conditions that are important for magick.

There are seven ancient planets recognized by the ancient astrologers and magicians. The seven ancient planets are the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. You may notice that, not only are certain planets omitted, but also some are added that are not even considered planets by modern standards. Nonetheless, these are the astrological forces considered when working magick. The seven ancient planets have been called the “Governors of the World.”

This is because the great cosmic clock is said to affect the destiny of Man, and they hold in their hands the strange and surreal element known as fate. The seven planets rule over the seven days of the week and the planets also rule the hours in the day. The names that we have for the days of the week are derived from: Sunday (Sun day) , Monday (Moon day) , Tuesday (Mars day) , Wednesday (Mercury day) , Thursday (Jupiter day) , Friday (Venus day) , and Saturday (Saturn day) . Thus, when doing a love spell, for example, it would be best to do this on a Friday and during the hour of Venus (more on this in a moment) . Below I have listed the seven planets and their characteristics and correspondences.

Sun: The Sun is the bright orb of day. In Latin, it is called “Sol, ” which means “only.” The Sun is definitely the most important force in astrology and religion began with worship of the sun and the forces of light as opposed to darkness. The Sun rules over Sunday. The Sun rules over success, gain, riches, wealth, happiness, popularity, friends, social gatherings, healing, education, and spirituality. Mythological correspondences include Apollo, Mithras, Osiris, Jesus, Baldur, Belenos, and many others.

Moon: The Moon is the satellite that orbits the earth and pulls the ocean’s tides. The moon has been connected to the female principle of creation and to menstrual cycles in women for a very long time. It is for this reason that she is often depicted as a goddess, or even as the Goddess. The Moon rules over Monday. The Moon rules over psychic ability, divination, astral projection, intuition, dreams, journeys and business by the water, messages, meditation, and communicating with spirits. Mythological correspondences include Diana, Artemis, the Virgin Mary, Aradia, Mawu, Benis, and many others.

Mars: Mars is the god of war. Mars rules over Tuesday. This planet rules over war, competition, battle, fighting, struggles, overcoming enemies, military honor, victory, and strength. The mythological correspondences of Mars include Aries, Nuada, Tyr, Camullos, Indra, and others.

Mercury: Mercury is primarily the god of communication and education. This planet rules Wednesday. Mercury presides over communication, messages, communicating with spirits, divination, prophecy, apparitions, education, teaching, knowledge, and finding lost objects.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the sky god and King of the gods. He rules over Thursday. Jupiter has power over government, rulership, leadership, dominion, power, riches, wealth, business, promotions, good luck, money, judgment, legal papers, contracts, legal problems, courts, finance, and wisdom. Mythological correspondences include Zeus, Thor, Taranis, and Father Sky, among others.

Venus: Venus is the goddess of love. Her day is Friday. She governs romance, love, sex, marriage, fertility in women, beauty, attracting the opposite sex, friendships, brotherly and sisterly love, popularity, and social gatherings. Her mythological correspondences include Aphrodite, Aine, Freya, Innana, Ishtar, and Hathoor.

Saturn: Saturn is the god of time and of death. His day is Saturday. He rules over riches, success, good or ill fortune, judgment, destroying enemies, death, destruction, famine, disease, pestilence, karma, summoning spirits and the dead, overcoming bad habits, and purification. Mythological correspondences include Sadorn, Kronos, El, Arawn, and others.

In addition to the seven days of the week being ascribed to the seven ancient planetary deities or divine powers in nature, the hours of the day are also ascribed. There are two basic methods for calculating the planetary hours of the day. One of these merely follows the hours in the day, and the other is based upon the Sun. In the first system, the planet governing the day also rules over the hours at 6 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm. Therefore, on Friday (the day of Venus) , the hours of Venus would be at 6 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 8 in the evening. Using the other method, the planet rules over the first hour after sunrise and every eighth hour after that. It is not necessary to follow the days and the hours of particular planets to do a spell, but it certainly is helpful. Now let us move on to other astrological conditions.

The phases of the moon are also a very important element to consider when doing magick. The main thing that affects magick is the phases of the moon. While the moon is waxing (growing) and during the full moon it is a time for creative magick and increase. Thus, this is the perfect time for bringing things into your life, such as prosperity, a new job, romance, beginnings, and growth of any kind. The waning (decreasing) phase and the new moon are for destructive magick and getting rid of things. Therefore, when the moon is decreasing, this is a good time to do magick for decrease such as getting rid of bad habits, losing wait, banishing negativity, removing obstacles, removing unwanted people from your life, protection, communicating with the dead, divination, and death.

In addition to this, the moon also enters a different sign of the zodiac ever few days. Thus, when the moon is in the sign of Taurus or Capricorn (Earth signs) , this may be a good time for prosperity spells. In the same way, when the moon is in the sign of Pisces or Cancer (Water and emotional signs) , this may be a good time for love spells. Of course, these are both creative forms of magick and should be done during the increase phase of the moon. To find the zodiac sign of the moon or to see lunar phases, simply look it up online, or find a good astrological calendar. When looking it up online, be sure to check a few sites to make sure they all agree and the information is accurate.

The Sun has its own phases and patterns, of course. These may be placed into 3 categories: zodiacal, seasonal, and daily. These are rarely used in magick. This may seem come as a surprise, and rightly so! The Sun is the single most important astrological force. However, since this is rarely used, feel free to discard it. Going by the moon and the planets is enough according to many magickal systems. On the other hand, it could do nothing but help your magick to go by these natural tides and rhythms as well. The sun enters the different phases of the zodiac every month or so. The signs of the zodiac are 12 constellations or groups of stars.

When the Sun rises in a particular constellation or zodiac sign, it is in that sign. It would lend power to a spell to do work during the appropriate zodiacal sign, such as Aries for leadership or Capricorn to aid in business. The 4 seasons have power as well. It would be unrealistic and rather limiting to work only a certain form of magick for a whole season or month! Perhaps this is why most magickal systems discard this form of timing. Spring is for new beginnings and fertility. Summer is for the same. Fall or Autumn is for harvest, reaping rewards, and death or endings. Winter is also for death and for deep meditation and rest. These are natural cycles, which were the basis for the celebrations and rites of the pagans as well as for Christians (Christianity is derived from older pagan religions) . Sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight serve as power points, when the Veil between the worlds is open. Sunrise is for new beginnings. Noon is for peaks of power and growth. Sunset is for endings and death. Midnight is a powerful point in time that can be used for anything. In fact, midnight has long been regarded as the “witching hour.”

The weather should be considered only in certain cases. Thus, this is a minor issue. Would it be best to do a ritual calling on the powers of the Sun on a cloudy day when it is not within view? Of course not! This would best be done on a Sunday, during the hour of the Sun, on a day when the sky is clear and sunny, and during the daytime (preferably at noon) . In the same way, a ritual calling on the Element of Air or on the powers of Jupiter (the sky god) would best be done on a cloudy and preferably windy day. Jupiter is also the god of lightening and thunder and storms. Thus, a thunderstorm would be an ideal time to invoke this god. Storms are also a time when destructive powers of nature are present and awakened. Furthermore, considering the powerful influence of the Elements and the charged atmosphere, storms are a great time to add power to any kind of spell or ritual.

Internal conditions are the last kind of influence to consider. Do you feel tired? Then this may not be a good time for magick. If you feel angry or irritable, this may not be a good time to do rituals or spells for peace! Magick is the extension of the magician. Therefore, considering that the power comes from the practitioner, internal influences may be the most important thing to consider. One’s interior nature should reflect that of the spell. With practice, one may be able to turn on or turn off emotions at will and may be able to put oneself in the proper mind for the rituals at hand. This, however, takes practice to master.

By going along with the cycles and tides of nature, one’s spells would be greatly enhanced. The magus does not have to obey these timings, but it is strongly advised. To go against them is like trying to swim against a strong current. This takes strength. But to ride the tide takes no effort at all. In fact, the powerful tides and currents of the forces of nature may carry a weak magician in the proper direction toward his or her goals. Put quite simply, it is always best and advantageous to “go with the flow.”


Taliesin McKnight

Location: Dallas, Texas

Author's Profile: To learn more about Taliesin McKnight - Click HERE

Bio: Taliesin McKnight is a researcher, lecturer, and writer on the subjects of Comparative Religion, philosophy, the Qabalah, magick, psychology, and the occult. His studies have brought him to share ideas and knowledge with those of like mind. He is a licensed inter-faith minister. He speaks Spanish, English, French, and Italian. Taliesin's videos and articles are published on more than 20 different websites. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

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