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Rethinking Heaven: What Happens When We Die?

Author: Rev. Brian L. Sharp, Certified Medium & Psychic
Posted: September 3rd. 2016
Times Viewed: 3,138

As a medium, I can honestly say that my amazement with the human spirit continues growing as I do this life-changing work. I have seen families healed, witnessed my clients' faith in something bigger than themselves renewed and strengthened, and have seen firsthand evidence that we live on—infinitely and with even more vitality—in the next realms.

First off, allow me to say that I know from personal experience just how emotionally impacting it can be when a loved one passes. During my childhood and even into my adulthood my great-grandmother served as my protector, comforter, and best friend. I miss her to this day. Her death profoundly affected me, and I recall just how traumatized I felt at the time, convinced that that relationship had been permanently severed. Around that time and for several years afterward my faith in God*—in the unifying and universal force giving life to all of Creation—had dwindled to almost nothing. I felt angry, depressed and alone.

Then one day it suddenly came to me—almost as if out of nowhere: what had she always told me that she wanted for me? Easy--she always wanted for me to feel happy and successful in my life. In a way, the very woman who would hold me in her lap when I was a child, giving me sips of warm coffee from her cup and secretly giving me candy as she would read to me from her Bible, was directly responsible for my eventual journey to mediumship.

Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, I never quite felt that I had gotten all of the answers; there were too many gaps between what the church was telling me about God, heaven, and salvation and what I knew within the deepest levels of my heart. There had to be more to it. Otherwise, why would I have had such strange experiences as a child—experiences, which the church never managed to explain away? Indeed, there is more to it—much, much more.

As a child and into my teenage years I read voraciously about the paranormal—especially about “ghosts.” When I entered college and studied psychology, I dreamed of one day obtaining a PhD and actually studying these elusive entities scientifically as a parapsychologist. God evidently had another plan for me.

In my early twenties, I had my first mediumship reading. I felt an optimistic tension about the whole thing: finally I would get the answers I had been seeking my entire life! Although I could identify with some of what this particular medium had told me, I remember feeling disappointed at the time and thinking, “she's way off!” Something compelled me over the next few years to have further readings with other mediums. Much to my surprise, they had given me almost identical details! Now there had to be something to this. As the situation would have it, I ended up returning to the first medium and asking her to assist me in discovering my own abilities.

To my amazement the first spirit, with whom I communicated when working with this medium to discover my abilities was my great-grandmother! She made sure that I knew that she was SO alive—always happy, always smiling, and still with me every moment of everyday.

Researchers in the field of near-death studies have noted that individuals, who survive a near-death experience commonly report the same experiences of an afterlife: standing outside of one's own body and observing it; moving down a long, darkened space; feeling drawn to an unconditionally loving, incredibly vibrant, warm Light; reviewing one's own lifetime from the perspective of others'; meeting loved ones, pets and angelic beings; being told or feeling as though it is not one's time to die; and returning to his or her body. Some of these survivors even manifest supernatural abilities upon returning to their bodies, and commonly they will devote their lives to human service endeavors. I once read about a man, who had been heavily involved in the Mafia—had killed several individuals, stolen and robbed, and committed a laundry list of heinous crimes. Following a near-death experience he devoted his life to living simply without luxury and to a career as a social worker.

So what is the Afterlife really like? Well, for most individuals it is a perfect state of being—a state of infinite freedom and knowledge, permeated with universal love. Most organized religions think about an Afterlife as a place, but I personally find that it exists more as a mental state of being. In the Afterlife we are still the same people as in our physical lives—our personalities do not change, our interests remain a part of us, etc. We can continue to learn and to study new ideas and skills. However, we are no longer constrained by our physical and emotional limitations, by external stresses, and by what we do not have. We are freed in a sense to be our true selves.

In reality, “heaven” is all around us—everywhere. However, the spirit realm functions on a much higher vibration than the earth plane, so we do not notice it readily. Things move at a very fast pace on the spirit side of life. Think for a moment about a hummingbird, with its wings rapidly fluttering. We cannot see the detail in the hummingbird's wings but still get some sense that they are, in fact, wings. This is akin to what a medium does: we are able to shift our focus and attention to a state, in which we can see more of the spirit realm and in greater detail than most people.

Our loved ones in Spirit are always trying to communicate with us, though, and to assist us in our daily lives. Have you ever noticed that just at the right time—in a time of extreme stress—you suddenly remember the taste of your aunt's homemade cinnamon buns? The smell of dad's aftershave lotion? How about a memorable birthday party thrown by your mother when you were a child? These are all messages from our loved ones!

In our spiritual state of being we do not speak with vocabulary and grammar. Rather, we communicate via telepathy—that is, “mind-to-mind” thought. When I receive communication from a client's deceased family member I usually do not even understand what I am seeing in my own mind, but their loved ones communicate in a way, which will make sense to them. Often the client will not immediately recognize some of the details but will recognize them sometimes days, weeks or even months afterward.

Death does not exist—in any way, shape or form. Death is an illusion designed to give us better awareness of our own strength as a spiritual being. I will bet that you have many times heard that we “have” a soul. We are a soul, and we are temporarily occupying a physical body. Soul is our truest state and what connects us to one another. We are all one unified energy—the universal energy of love. We are all extensions of God, rather than exceptions to God.
Try this exercise to get a better feel for what Heaven is really like:

Sit comfortably or lie down in bed, and allow your eyelids to gently close. Observe your breath without changing it—the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and then exhale several times. Imagine that a beloved family member, friend or pet, who has passed to Spirit, is visiting you. Trust whatever comes to you—your first thoughts, feelings, and sensations. How does it feel? What does your loved one look like (their face, body, appearance, emotion, etc.) ?

Imagine that they are presenting you with a mirror, through which you can see into the next life. As the haziness gradually disappears from the mirror, images come into focus. What are they? How do you feel seeing them? What does your loved one want you to know about Heaven?

Trust completely whatever comes to you. It is helpful to immediately write down anything you might remember from this exercise after spending 15-20 minutes with it. Your experience may be different in the future; this is perfectly normal.

I would be especially interested to hear about your experiences with this exercise. If you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to share your experience on the Angelic Visions, LLC Facebook and Twitter pages:

If you are interested in learning more about how to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit realm or have an interest in learning to help others connect with their loved ones, I am available for personal mentoring and offer a certification program in mediumship. For more information please visit my homepage at:

I hope that you have found this article insightful and wish you many blessings in the days to come, my pagan brothers and sisters.

Love and Light,

Rev. Brian L. Sharp
Angelic Visions LLC

*For the sake of simplicity--and because pagan terminology of Divinity and Afterlife often varies from one path to another, the article often employs the terms "God" and "Heaven" when referring to these concepts, although no Judeo-Christian implication is intended.

Copyright: Copyright @ 2016, Brian L. Sharp. All Rights Reserved. This document may not be copied, sold or distributed without express written permission from the author.

All services and products available online at and associated websites are for informational use only. You assume responsibility for any choices and decisions you may make in conjunction with available services and products. Angelic Visions LLC and its representatives do not render expert, professional medical, legal or other advice. You are encouraged to consult such a professional for such advice when necessary.


Rev. Brian L. Sharp, Certified Medium & Psychic

Location: San Antonio, Texas


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