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Stewart Farrar: Testimonials 01
Type of Passage: Death
Date of Passage: February 7th. 2000

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: February 12th. 2000
Times Viewed: 16,481

To My Valentine
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 13:32:02 (EST)

"A Loving Gift From Your Wife"

You gave me amber on the day you proposed, you knelt at my feet in conservatory and all around us white roses. On our wedding day you placed pearls around my throat. Yellow roses graced my bridal flowers, you said 'I love you!'

I wore jet when I kissed your cold lips and watched you drift away from me.
Red roses wept perfumed tears, lovely companions on your fiery journey.
All gone, all lost, winter had come so fast, so soon.
Rose at my door, your white rose, my Stewart.

Janet Farrar

Thank You
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:17:58 (EST)

When you read someone's words. Words that have been carefully crafted and deftly laid out there for all to see. You come to know a part of the author. At least by extension. Greatness is not measured by popularity, but by the amount of change one creates through their work. Stewart, though I have a lump in my throat, I do not intend to greive at length. Instead, I will celebrate what I see that is good in our community for in large part YOU helped to make these present day changes come about. You have many, many "children" the world over. We all owe you. We always will. From our household, our hearts and hands to Janet and Gavin, may we meet again in this life. And to you, Stewart, may we meet in the next. Thank you for your Love and your teachings. Good Journey.

Steve McManus
Conway, NH,USA

Well Remembered
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:15:25 (EST)

I am one of the fortunate ones who had the opportunity to meet and interact with Stewart, Janet, and Gavin on two separate occasions. Stewart's charm and playfulness drew people to him in a circle of love and laughter while his knowledge held people spell-bound in discussions. His greatness was not achieved through ego-based demands, it was built through a life of love and selfless devotion to his own spiritual pathworking.

The most important idea that Stewart left us with, in my opinion, is that we must each walk our own path. Writers and leaders such as he could only provide us with templates, but the living must be in our own hearts. In so doing, we choose to honor his memory every day.

My love goes out to Janet and Gavin. I am familiar with the demands which have been made on their time and energy in recent months. I also know they have met these demands through the strength they found in their love for Stewart. May they now find the peace and rest they so richly deserve in this time of mourning.

Tennessee, USA

Over the Rainbow
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:12:51 (EST)

My deepest admiration to Stewart's life and work in bringing so many of us into a greater understanding and appreciation of the God and Goddess. We have all been blessed by his time with us. We'll join him in the Summerlands someday but until then he will remain warm within our hearts.

Sharon 'Brighid' Dawson
Southbury, Connecticut USA

We Go On....
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:09:36 (EST)

Almost 8 years ago I met Stewart, Janet and Gavin when I coordinated their visit to Phoenix, Arizona. Our paths again crossed at Ancient Ways Festival and Starwood in 1995. In all of these meetings Stewart was always glad to see me and hear about what I was doing on my path. He encouraged me to write and keep a journal and not to let the politics and pecking order sway me from my path as an eclectic Druid and Wiccan. Janet, the timeless love you and Stewart have for each other is the template that I use in my relationship with my love, Arlene. I cannot and will not even begin to imagine the grief and loss you are feeling. Know that Arlene and I have been sending you and Gavin energy and are here to hug you and just listen if needed. Gavin, thank you for being there as a coordinator, caretaker and family member for Stewart and Janet. I look forward to us sharing a cup of tea again soon. Stewart, old man, say hello to Doreen, Gerald and Alex for us and we'll keep the paths going here. Stop in and chat once in a while! Thank you all, again, for being there and making a profound difference in my life.


Don Davis, Founder,
SPIN - Solitary Practitioner Information Network

Tucson, AZ

Merry Part, to Merry Meet Again
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:06:29 (EST)

The Craft has lost its most eloquent spokesman. His writing remained wonderfully lucid while containing in irresistible level of scholarship. We, who would write (however much or how little) about any expression of Neo-Paganism, would do well to aspire to Stewart's level.

His timeless books represent some of the core texts of Wicca. They will remain central members of my library--material to which I will return time and again.

Stewart, take your well-deserved rest. May you be reborn into a world better-ready to accept what you know to be true, and what you have taught us.

Missouri, USA

Hail and farewell
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 11:02:28 (EST)

So many have spoken so elequently. The works of the Farrars have been a part of my spiritual life from book one. Teachers, guides, reference sources. I was so honored to meet them and Gavin briefly at a Beltane in Northern California a few years ago, a treasured moment in my life. Thank you Stewart for all you have been for all of us.

Avilynn Pwyll
Silverdale, WA, USA

thank you, love you Stewart.
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 10:50:39 (EST)

On sunday I visited the pages from Janet, Stewart and Gavin for the fist time. Everything is fine with them then was my feeling, but the next day Stewart had past away to the summerlands. I feel sorry that I didn't know him better. A few Years ago He and Janet and Gavin visited Holland. I was fortuned that I could meet them in Amsterdam. It 's a treseaure that I kept for many years. Stewart was like a Granfather to me. The things to say must have been said. I wish all the best to Janet and Gavin. Blessed be from the land of Freya.


Friesland, Holland

In Memory.....
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 10:44:59 (EST)

Although I never got to meet the Farrars,like many some of my first reading material regarding Witchcraft came from them.When I first heard that Stewart Farrar had died,I lit a candle for a man whose great,blazing light had helped so many to "come home".Although he's gone from this plane,I like to think that some part of him will still remain to inspire future generations.I think that his legacy-his writings and good will,wit,and patience-will continue to be the valuable first step for many into paganism and witchcraft.But overall,I think that some part of him will continue to guide those who are seeking onto the path of knowledge,and be a source of quiet strength to us all.

Boone,North Carolina

Farewell to a Fellow Traveler
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 10:27:50 (EST)

It is to my great regret that I never did get to meet Stewart, yet I feel I know him well. As an erudite author, he did a tremendous amount of good for the cause of Wicca, straightening misconceptions and introducing the Craft to thousands who were seeking. His books were not only informative but enjoyable - a pleasure to read. We should celebrate his passing, for he has moved on to where he is now needed. But that celebration can only be tinged with sorrow for ourselves, that we have lost a good friend and brother.

Raymond Buckland
Ohio, USA

An Elder to Us All
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 10:08:21 (EST)

I am deeply grateful to have known Stewart Farrar in two ways--first as the joint author of several books on Wicca that have profoundly affected my sense of what it is to be a Witch and second as a delightfully witty and charming man that I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with when he toured Texas twice. I can only regret that he wasn't able to write more and tour more often!

I call him an Elder to us all, because he (with Janet and Gavin) greatly influenced the beliefs, practices, and rituals of English-speaking Witches by his writings. The first time he visited North Texas, Stewart and Janet attended some of our local covens' rituals to gather information for a book that they were researching on Wicca in the United States. Somewhat to his surprise and amusement, most of the Circles they attended used the forms given in EIGHT SABBATS FOR WITCHES and THE WITCHES' WAY. What he and Janet had written had been widely assimilated by the entire Craft community--not just by the Alexandrian-Gardnerian tradition within it. On both visits he (and Janet and Gavin) stressed the oneness of our faith--not via doctrine and imposed uniformity to anyone's vision of it (including his own) but through love, devotion, and mutual respect. In that, too, he was an Elder to us all. Stewart Farrar was a treasure given to all who love the Lord and Lady--and I thank them for his life and that it has, does, and always will touch my own. Let us always honor and celebrate that life!

For Stewart, may you receive the hero's welcome of which you are worthy in the Region of the Summer Stars! For the rest of us--and most especially Janet and Gavin, may memory lighten sorrow!

Carrie McMaster
Denton, Texas, U.S.A.

Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 09:57:58 (EST)

I never got the chance to meet Stuart and Janet the last time they were in the Twin Cities due to health reasons. But my HP took my copy of the Witches Bible and had it signed for me. I will treasure it always, because Stuarts words have touch me on a very deep level.
My High Priest and friend past from this realm Nov 13,1998. And I felt the same way then as I do now, profound sadness at the loss of such an important person in my life. And yet joy that they have achieved the last greatest Mystery of Life, and rest in the arms of the Goddess.

"For there are three great events in the life of man; Love, Death, and Resurrection in a new body; and Magic controls them all. For to fulfil love you must return again at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must remember and love them again. But to be reborn you must die, and be ready for new body; and to die you must be born; and without love you may not be born. And these be all the Magics."


See you later....
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 09:46:12 (EST)

Herne's Cottage...Stewart sat at the computer, fag burning...Francis playing the guitar...with me....Janet and Seldiy chatting over a cuppa...the breakfasts, oh, the breakfasts..Stewart and the missing Garda Dobermanns, Drogheda, Carberrys...Slieve na Cailleach on a windy Wednesday.

I must send love to Sidekick Fred.

I recall the man, not the legend. Go well, old friend.


Stewart, thank you for your appreciation of everyone else, particularly of us and for your encouragement in what we have been trying to do with our research and our music. You taught us so much about the Craft and about much else! And thank you for the joke about the logs ......... Blessed Be forever and Wassail!


Nigel Bourne
Croydon, UK

Farewell Great One.
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 09:33:36 (EST)

Stewart was one of the best and most patient people I knew. I will miss his ability to see beauty in everything, I will miss his sense of humour & terrible jokes. I will miss that funny little tee hee laugh of his. I wil miss the ever burning cigarette & the passionate interest in everything new that came his way. Him sitting quietly & pensively in the corner while the rest of us made noise & mayhem around him. His keen sense of justice, his ability to see both sides, well most of the time anyway. He was many things to me. Without him and Janet, I would not have met & married Peter, nor had my two amazing children, he has a lot to answer for.......

Barbara Lee

Good Journeys Stewart
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 09:29:28 (EST)

I met Stewart a few years ago at a story telling dinner. I was struck by his kindness, and his sense of humour. I knew that Stewart was not well, and I wanted my children to meet him. To meet one of the people that has done so much for our religion. He and my youngest son happily made rabbit ears behind each other's heads as pictures were being taken. None of us will ever forget him. He was unfailingly polite and warm and found time for everyone that wanted it. He was a great man, and his presence among us will be sorely missed.

Mattea Heldner

Arlington, Texas

honouring a man of power.
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 09:25:29 (EST)

Though i only met stewert in the last year of his time in mid earth, i would like to honour his memory as great scribe of the craft and a grand human being......bev.

bev and del

Good-bye and thank you
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 08:27:41 (EST)

When I was prompted to renew my interest in the occult the first book I bought was "What Witches Do".It was the first step on an wonderful journey to new worlds.It has been strange and scary at times but I do not regret it.Thank you for showing me the way.

Matthew Goulding
London uk

Thank You Stewart
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 08:02:33 (EST)

"What Witches Do" together with Doreens "ABC of Witchcraft" were the very first 2 books that we bought on Witchcraft. Stewart was instrumental in guiding us into the faith that we love so much. May the God and Goddess welcome him to the Summerland with open arms. To Janet may we express our heartfelt sympathies, but also assure her that this life is only transitory, and we meet again. Thank you Stewart and Janet, your books have been an inspiration to so many. He will be sadly missed.
Blessed Be.
Phocaena @ Kat

Phocaena and kat
Australia [originally U.K.]

After Stewart
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 07:33:23 (EST)

At present both Janet and myself feel there is a gaping whole in our lives! It will take a while for us to fill the vacuum caused by Stewarts' passing - if we ever can.
I will miss my literary mentor; without him I would have never have had the courage to write, and certainly not the skills.
We were both pleased that Stewart passed over into the Summerlands in a gentle and dignified way; we only weep for ourselves. Our only regret is that he missed the re-publication of his beloved Omega. At heart Stewart was always a novelist.
I will miss him greatly.


Gavin Bone

A true leader
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 07:04:44 (EST)

Stewart Farrar loved the Pagan community into existence. His intelligence and tireless work have instructed the vast majority of us. We are who we are, in varying degrees, thanks to his writings, videos, spoken words and his actions as a highly visible leader. Every member of my coven has learned from his labors, and there is still a legacy that will continue to teach us in his absence from this plane. Rest well in Summerland, you've earned the respite. Hurry back when the time is right - we need your strength.

Joppa, HP Aradia's Children
Long Island, NY

Away to Summerland
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 05:48:43 (EST)

Merry Meet,
I would like to send my Love and support to the family and loved ones of stewart farrar.
I have gained alot of knowledge and understanding of the craft thanks to the unselfishness of the farrar's to share what they have.thank you!!!I myself will be honored to meet stewart and thank him when my time comes to go to the summerland.Although death is a time of sorrow
for us here,it is a time of joy and advancment for the one on the way to summerland.Peace & Love.
Blessed Be,


Memories of Stewart
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 05:36:34 (EST)

I never got the chance to see Stewart in person as so many others have done, but I will never forget my first thoughts when I saw his picture. There is the Sage, I thought. How right I was. His intellect and wisdom will live on forever in his teachings and writings and in the memories of the people he has touched. Ae far as I am concerned, he couldn't ask for a better memorial!!! When I depart for the Summerlands I hope I can be as proud of my achievements as he can be of his.

'Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. 'Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. 'Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them. In the Vales of the Summerlands, where the brave may live forever.

Farewell Stewart!!! We will miss you but never forget you! Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!!!

Moira Rowanspear
Bremerton, Wa.

Thank-you and Farewel
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 05:16:02 (EST)

It was "What Witches Do" that changed my view of the Craft. Up to that point, I'd considered it sensationalist, rather silly and truly little more than a game for teenage girls and over-credulous losers. I had only bought the book because it was a cheap introductory volume from a book club and I picked it up without much enthusiasm.

That soon changed and I zipped through the whole book in double-quick time. Stewart Farrar couldn't be dismissed as either a crank or a snake-oil salesman and his calm, matter-of-fact descriptions of his beliefs and experiences opened a space in my own mind into which I could finally allow the Truth I had been searching for for years to enter and make sense.

Stewart's ability to combine a rational, intelligent analysis of his changing world view with an obvious and passionate conviction in the spiritual wealth of pagan faith gave me (and I'm sure many others) the confidence to embark upon my own journey into paganism.

Not many books can claim to change lives; this one changed mine and, for that, I shall always give thanks to Stewart Farrar.

May he walk ever in the Light.

Blessed be.

Bradford, England

Those who go before...
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 02:21:12 (EST)

In our community there are too few leaders to whom we can all look up to, stewart was one such leader. His presence will be missed.


Gone but not forgotten
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 01:32:42 (EST)

Oh Stewart you will be missed.
I never had the pleasure of meeting you in this life, so until we meet in the Summerland I've only the pleasure of your works to sustain me.
My blessings and thoughts are with you, Janet and Gavin in this time of grieving.

Denver, Colorado

Rest ye in the arms of the Goddess...
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 01:20:09 (EST)

It was with a heavy soul and heart that I first heard of Stewart's passing. Although I never had the distinguished pleasure of meeting him in person, both he and Janet held a strong point in my spirit that I will always carry. Their books - wonderfully crafted and gifted - will always serve as my main references and admiration. I was also fortunate to obtain a copy of their first video on Wicca/Witchcraft and remember listening and watching in comfort and elation as Stewart spoke on the Craft from his heart. Stewart will always be with us in mind and spirit. His teachings and soul has touched us all in many ways - he is and shall be one of the great Teachers. Rest ye well, Stewart, in the arms of the Goddess.
Janet - my heart and energies go out to you for your loss, and let it be known that we are always with you in thought, spirit and love. Blessed be well.

Riverside, CA

Thank You For Touching The Lives Of So Many
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 01:17:27 (EST)

We were saddened to hear of the passing of such a great man such as Stewart Farrar. He embodied the very essence of the craft in his words, his thoughts and the way he touched the lives of all those around him. Some of us who did not have the opportunity of meeting him first hand, learned of him and about him through his own written words. May He rest in the Summerlands in the arms of the Lord and Lady. Hail and Farwell to a teacher, A Witch, Simply A Great Man!

Ninave & Julmond
Staten Island New York

Fare Thee Well.
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:55:56 (EST)

There's books and there's _books_. Books you glance at, books you forget you had and buy again.
The Farrar's books are in a class by themselves. They are the first books I bought when I knew I was serious about becoming a witch. The writing was wonderful, the pictures spoke volumes. Janet was beautiful (still is) and Stewart noble.

It does sadden me that we have to say goodbye to one of the grand old ones of the Craft, especially after having to say good bye to others all too recently.
But I also think we were lucky to have them. The Farrar's books will continue to hold an honored and dog-eared place upon my bookshelf, and Himself will hold a place in my heart.
Thank you.

New Jersey, USA

The Great One
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:38:04 (EST)

I write these words with deep sorrow in the passing of this great man. A man who possesed the courage, wisdom, knowlege and dedication to the craft. Who pioneered a path for others to follow in his footsteps.
I and other witches like me, owe so much to " The Great One " for his work. My deepest sympathy to you Janet, he will be missed.

Blessed be,


Ralph J. Wiebe
Richland, Washington/USA

A joy in life
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:32:22 (EST)

Always a shock to learn of the passing of one who has touched me - especially if literally. I had the fortune to meet Stewart during one of his trips to the U.S. He struck me then as a soul brimming with joy. He was the first to show me how someone can write with both thought and poetry about parts of life that are both deep and frolicsome.

To Stewart, thanks again for everything, merry part, and safe journey.

Glenn Holliday

Hail And Farewell
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:28:38 (EST)

Stewart Farrar was, and will remain, one of the brightest stars in the magickal firmament. His writings on the Craft were unsurpassed in their intelligence, clarity and positivity. His contribution to the rennaisance of Witchcraft was enormous, and his thoughts will continue to influence pagan and magickal thinking for many years to come. He was, in addition - to use the vernacular - a decent skin.

"Love fled and paced upon the mountains overhead and hid his face amid a crowd of stars" (W.B.Yeats)

Zak Martin

Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:15:22 (EST)

It is said that the pen is mighter then the sword,
for the Divinity, Stewart Farrar weilded his pen like a true warrior king. His words inspired many to rediscover the Goddess in all her brilliant splender. His academic approach validated the Carft in theological circles more then he probably could have ever known. I still remember reading 'The Witches Way' and felling the excitement of finding a rare treasured gem. The outer garment of the text made sense. But the inner garment, the hidden book was possed with the spirit of Divinty. In my excitement I quickly bought everything I could get my hands on by him and Janet. Since then I have become a theologian. I present lectures on the Craft for my local university. And it is Stewart and Janet Farrars material on Wicca that I present. From an academic standpoint, thier material is the best that has ever benn published. His mighty pen will be greatly missed. Alex Sanders claimed the title, Stewart Farrar earned it! All hail our fallen King, Good bye Stewart, may the Goddess hold you in her loving arms wil you wait for Janet to join you in your next lives....Blessed Be! Dear Janet Farrar, I would like to express my great sorrow for your loss and would like to thank you for the years that you shared Stewart with us. The Wiccan community would not be as rich today if it where not for the two of you. May the Goddess walk with you in your time of sorrow, thank you...Blessed Be!

Catherine McGovern

A bit from my own B.O.S.
Sunday, February 13, 2000 at 00:13:26 (EST)

I found myself at somewhat of a quandary of what words to express here. I finally just gave up and decided to include here a notation I had made in my B.O.S. when I heard of Stewart's passing. It is my hope, that it is adequate.
"What a wondrous gift to Summerland the world has given this day. Stewart Farrar, poet, writer, gentleman of unequal standing. I never had his physical presence to miss, I can only speak for myself.. Instead, I shall miss the continuation of shared knowledge and life he has blessed to me and others... his audience. Enjoy his presence Summerland, for he is not yours to keep. I pause in wonder at the idea of the next embodiment such a man would take, filled with the wisdom and life lessons he has taken with him from this life to the next. It gives one hope, does it not?"
My thoughts, support and abiding respect go of course to Janet and Gavin during this time of grief. My deep respect and debt go to you both for sharing such a spirit with us all. It is my fervant hope that Stewart's spirit soars on the wings of the dragonflies....



I'll raise a Pint in your name
Saturday, February 12, 2000 at 22:38:58 (EST)

16 years ago I came across a book in my uncles bed room. I was 14 years old and already in the grips of spiritual turmoil. I knew there was a spiritual path out there for me but I could not put a name to it. Its name came in the form of that book. What Witches Do. From that day forth I called myself a Witch and I have not looked back. Your books are the cornerstone of the Craft that I practice. I just want to say thank-you and I am sorry that I did not get to meet you on this side of the curtain. So in memorial I will crack the top of a can Guinness and suck slam that baby to the dregs !

Merry Part and Brightest Blessings !

New York

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