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Stewart Farrar: Testimonials 06
Type of Passage: Death
Date of Passage: February 7th. 2000

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: February 12th. 2000
Times Viewed: 12,659

Will Ye No Come Back Again?
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 06:33:17 (EST)

It was once said by the late Dr. Israel Regardie that "All the giants of magic have died." This was not the case until February 7th, 2000 when we lost Stewart Farrar.
Stewart, your works influenced hundreds of thousands, and the flame you helped to light will burn ever the more brightly for the life you lived and the legacy you left us. To Janet I leave my most sincere sympathies and thoughts; he touched no one's life as profoundly as he did yours, Lady. Let us at least remember the words of the Legend and take solace in them, "...and to be born again you must die." And so you shall again meet, and remember and love. The hearts of the world bleed with yours, you are not alone.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

To Stewart
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 06:15:01 (EST)

As the lulling roar of a distant thunder, so spoke you, o my magnificent Lord of the sacred Craft.
With words that resound with majesty and with dignity and with truth and with love. Bless thee o beloved priest and sage in thy crossing, bless thee!
Thou who didst become a great and shining vessel of our Lord Cernunnos and thou who hast taught me and so many others so very well with thy words and thine art and thy Spirit, I do bid thee farewell.
And even though I am saddened deeply by your loss, there somehow remains within, a glowing ember of joy as I pause to consider the Great Work that you have wrought and the great beauty you have brought to our fair though troubled planet whilst you did walk amoung us.
Therefor gentle Stewart do I lift thee up with my thoughts and my prayers, even as you greet the rapture of your beloved Summerland.
Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Blessed be,

Zehm Aloim
Phoenix Arizona

Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 03:32:30 (EST)


my thoughts and prayers are with you and gavin. This must be an incredibly hard time for you both. Stewart will be greatly missed. Your works have been an inspiration to all who have read them.


May you rest well untill your next life.

Maeve SparrowHeart
(Web Of Ariadne)

Maeve SparrowHeart
San Diego, CA

merry meet and merry part
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 02:20:00 (EST)

Dear Janet and Gavin,
Our hearts, prayers and blessings are with you. The work that the two of you and Stewart have done (and no doubt will continue) has been inspiration to our endeveors here in Spokane at the Spokane Pagan Alliance House. We are feeling the loss of one of our shining lights but will work to continue his vision. Merry meet and Merry Part, Stewart.We will see you in the Summerland.
Kate Raven and Ravenelf

Kate Raven
Spokane, Wa.

Wish I'd met him
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 01:58:20 (EST)

Stewart Farrar was an influence on me, but even more on my High Priestess and High Priest, Jolene and Bill, both of whom recovered from severe prolonged drug and alcohol abuse by their "coming home" to the Craft.
The Witch's Bible was the cornerstone of all our rituals, and the first book I was required to read when I joined. I was so envious when I found out that they met Janet and Stewart in person in Phoenix, AZ a few years ago.
I will forever be grateful for Stewart and Janet's teachings, but especially for their role in saving the lives of two people who mean the world to me.
I know he is forever Blessed.

Morgaine Brigid O'Herne
Boise, Idaho, USA

Gone, But He Will Always Be With Us...
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 00:39:57 (EST)

I don't know where to begin. I was fortunate to meet Stewart and Janet, later Gavin, on several occasions. I will always remember his great booming voice and anedotes with great affection. My first impression of Stewart, and Janet, came from the photo on the back cover of "The Witches Bible Compleat". It was that here was a prim and proper English gentleman. That concept was replaced in the early 1990's at a lecture held in an Amherst Massachusetts Church, when out strode Stewart in a black t-shirt emblazoned with a huge pentagram, wearing jeans, leather sandals and a chunk of quartz, the size of my fist, on a leather necklace. But his voice, his voice filled the hall without the aid of a microphone. It was a voice of wisdom. My words could never comunicate the scope of impact that his writings had upon my life. Though he is gone from this mortal plane, he will live on in his writings and our memories. The tears that I weep at this time are of twofold emotion. It fills me with great sadness that he has been ferried to the other side, and great joy that he has entered the Great Mystery and is shed of the mortal coil of this life. Sleep well Stewart, the gods are with thee. Janet, Gavin, we feel your loss.

Avon Maser
Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

"you will always be a part of our family"
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 00:34:21 (EST)

I wish that I had gotten to know Stewart better the couple of times that you visited us in Massachusetts. I will miss him greatly. Stewart had such a tremendous impact on te revival of Paganism and Witchcraft in modern life that I can't image where I (or any of us) would be without his shining light. Janet and Gavin, if there is anything that you would like me to help with, please feel to let me know. As Lori says, "you will always be a part of our family". My thoughts, prayers, and magic are with you.

Vinnie Russo
Jamaica Plain, MA

Farewell, Stewart!
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 00:01:35 (EST)

I was lucky enough to meet Stewart and Janet when I moved up to Seattle, and became their "go-fer" for the day at the Longhouse. Stewart was a gentle, soft-spoken man, and I felt like I really got to know him during that day.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Stewart. May you rest, and return to those who love you!
Janet and Gavin, my whole-hearted condolances to both of you and your coven and those who were with Stewart when he crossed over. May the Goddess and God bless and keep you, helping you to deal with this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

Puck Shadowdrake
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Most Beloved Father-figure and Lord in the Craft...
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 23:59:02 (EST)

My Dearest Lady Janet and Gavin: I cannot express my feelings at the passing of this Grand Old Man of the Craft. I know you are missing him, terribly, as will all of us who were touched by his words and life. The few times we met I felt blessed by being in his and your presences. When you came to Seattle and I organized the Tea for you, all were touched by the tears shed when the Musical Group performed "Cantata for Beltaine". The book, "What Witches Do" was so helpful to me in the early years, and it remains in my library as a much cherished tome. Would that I could embrace you and let you know how much you and Stewart meant to me. I know we will all meet again in another life, if not in Summerland. Let your lives be a celebration of what Stewart promoted and stood for all these many years: The Craft as a beautiful, loving part of life. All my love, sympathies and blessings, Zanoni

Zanoni Silverknife
Missoula, Montana

Thanks for your vision
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 23:51:04 (EST)

First off, Janet and Gavin, I am deeply sorry for your loss and for the loss to the community of Wicca. Stewart would have been someone that I would have always wanted to meet... A true visionary and an inspiration to anyone and everyone who was serious about craft study... his passing to the summerlands is a journey that we will be saddened over for many years to come but I am sure that to him it will be a great reunion with his peers and leaders that taught him... A candle is lit for your family and to light his way.

Love, light and deepest respect to you Stewart.

Utah, USA

Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 21:52:36 (EST)

As most I looked to Janet and Stewart as guiding lights, leading the way to the Goddess and the God. Their books and lives were and are a great inspiration to all of us. My condolences to Janet, I know this time is hard. As for Stewart, may your days with the Goddess be filled with ever increasing joy until the time when we can commune in the Summerland with you. Until then...

South Carolina,United States

A Memorial To Stewart Farrar
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 21:50:06 (EST)

A Memorial to Stewart Farrar

A gifted author, influential elder of the craft, and inspirational leader in the neo-pagan revival; he was all of these and more. Surely blessed by the goddess, along with his wife Janet, he shaped the way the craft evolved and flourished. His insights, compassion and devotion to the ways of the wise offered a terrific model for the coming generations of those who would call themselves witches and pagans. Through his work, we saw who he was as a pagan, an elder and a person; his vision a true gift of the Goddess.
Forever immortalized in our heart, his legacy; which spanned decades and generations, will live on, on our lips and in our hearts as we share his wisdom with our children. Immortality is his as his name, ideas and knowledge live on in our traditions, circles and rituals. Having crossed many bridges during his lifetime and traversing new ground within our community, he has now crossed the final bridge; a bridge of fulfillment and destiny .He will be missed by all and cherished by the many generations to come.

Mario Dannae Furtado
Hillsborough, NJ

Bye Stewart
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 20:35:40 (EST)

You have brought together with Janet many people on the path of the Craft. Thank you for your wise words over the years. Rest well in the arms of the Goddess.


Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 20:18:36 (EST)

I felt the loss of him all of last week. It is something that I can not even explain. It was as if a great power had left and the balance of the world had gone all wrong. I later realized it was because Stewart had left this realm and returned to the summer land. With great concentration I hope that you recieve what energy I can provide to help you with this great emotional loss. May the God/dess help you remember him until you meet again.

Jennifer Googins
Denver, Colorado, United States

Thank You
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 19:26:26 (EST)

Stewart and Janet,

Your book, "A Witch's Bible" was my first exposure to The Craft, many years ago, when I was in my teens. As the years went by I came to discover The Goddess was my path all along. Your words always were there, sometimes at very crucial turning points in my life. Even though we have never met, you have touched many of us in many wonderful ways.

Thank You.

Ariel SeaChild

Mixed Blessings
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 19:13:34 (EST)

Dearest Janet Farrar, I was very sad to hear of Stewart's passing. Though I have never met you or him personally, I feel the loss as though I had known him. I lit a candle to express to Stewart, now with the Goddess, that I thank him for all that he has done for humankind, and to make the path we're on a little more clear. I offer my deepest sympathy for you and all who knew your husband. Blessings,

Stephanie Thomas
Willits, California, USA

Deepest Sympathy
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 18:43:16 (EST)

Mrs Farrar
It was with regret that I heard just a few days ago of the passing of your Husband Stewart. I never met Mr Farrar but both he and yourself had an immeasurable influence on my life and spirituality through your writings.
I am a solitary practitioner and belong to no coven or groups and am not very expressive.
Please accept my best wishes for the future.
Bright Blessings

Brian Irwin

My deepest condolensces
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 18:26:14 (EST)

Janet, I did not know you or Stewart personally but I felt as though I have through your many wonderful books and videos. I sat in stunned silence when I heard the news of Stewart's passing. Although I know that is minor to what you and those closest to him must be feeling. The Craft has lost a great man and Priest. I hope you take comfort in knowing how much he is loved, admired and missed.

CPS - Coven of the Sacred Earth

Woodbury, NJ

Stewart -- You Witch !!!
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 17:10:01 (EST)

Was told long ago that You're a Renegade. An apostle of discourd... Stewart, the Gods/desess have received You in Summerland... I am greatfull today that you have been a beacon even to me. Journey well, Laugh well, we may just been wondering what hapenned to you. Be Good, Stewart, and never forget to learn (and disemminate...)--Arno EagleFox

Arno Du Toit

Sic transit homo reverendissimus.
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 17:01:21 (EST)

I won't say I knew Stewart personally. I met him and Janet at Stones Rising, when they brought stone from the ancient megalithic sites to place in the new circle. I asked their blessings, and they said they gave me not their's but those of the Lady and the Lord. He was a very nice man to chat with, and did not make one feel in awe of him (though I was at first). Janet and Gavin, may you know that our hearts are with you. I look forward to meeting Stewart again when it is time to do so.

Bydd i ti dychwelydd.
Mar a bha, mar a tha, mar a bhitheas bith go bragh.

Murchadh naCroi Pollta

Morgan Pierceheart
Malden, Massachusetts, USA

A Hero has fallen
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 15:44:15 (EST)

My heartfelt sorrow for Janet, Gavin, my good friend JD Stevens, and every soul touched by this man. My title says it all to me. A hero has fallen. He will live on around circles all over the world. I did not have the good fortune to meet Stewart. I can only see the impact he has had on every Pagan I know. He was truly a free person.

Blessed Be,

Will Painter Face

Will Painter Face
Kansas City MO

Sympathies from the members and friends of COTA
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 15:18:42 (EST)

The members and friends of COTA from Marietta, GA wish to express our sympathies to Janet and Gavin and the rest of Stewart's family and friends. When a person of Stewart's knowledge and wit passes through the veil, the impact of the communities loss is felt far and wide. There is nothing that we can say that will ease the pain of loss but know that we grieve with you. Brightest blessings

Rose, Stan, Harls, Drina, Nicole, Sarah, Rebekkah, Jade, Bret, Jonathan, Jason, Lena, Mary, and Jason Cole
Marietta/Smyrna, GA

A Great Forefather
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 15:00:41 (EST)

I never had the chance to meet with Stewart or Janet, but I read their books, and became greatly involved with them. Stewart was a great mentor to me, if only in my heart and mind, and in his books. He will be missed, but yet he lives on . In each and everyone of us. Anyone who's ever read any of his books, has been touched in some special way. Stewart, you will be greatly missed, but for now, enjoy your time in the summerland, for we shall all meet again. Janet, my blessings to you, for as the old saying goes, behind every great man, is a great woman, and that my dear, was a tribute to you. With Love and Honor, Janett. (Breanna WinDancer)
HPS of Coven Of The Two Worlds
Bedford, Indiana

Breanna WinDancer
Bedford, Indiana

Condolences from Appalcahian Dragan Dreams
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 14:09:10 (EST)

Farrar Wisdom has positively impacted out coven and the magick will go on - Blessed Be Lady Wyldbirch and Silver Dragon

Wyldbirch & Silver Dragon, Appalachian Dragon Dreams Coven
West Virginia

from Jade and Shayla of SerpentStone
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 13:51:08 (EST)

from Jade :my heart is broaken,but we shall meet and know and remember and love them again..and now atleast he and Serpent can finish that conversation.
from Shayla:i was blessed to have met you all and did not know at the time you were famous so i got to talk a bit with you and the heart of this wolf howels for an alpha has run in the last hunt and we all will miss him .
you all have my love and if i can do anny thing i am at your call ,i love you my elders my family.
oh dear now he and Serphent are truly lose on the rest of the world now it is us who will get no rest ::big smile::
they wont let us goof off i am shure
Oh and i am expecting a baby ina few weeks..before his passing the Child had his name Ian Stewart Crooks .
so another name sake is on his way ! loves im glad you have eachother to hold on to at the moment hope you feel our love and hugs and support.

Shayla of Serpent Stone
Smyrna Tennasee

My Visit to Ireland
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 13:27:38 (EST)

In May of 1997, I was travelling through Ireland...and had the good fortune to get a chance to visit the Farrars and Gavin.
Stewart was rather quiet...I believe he'd just recently been ill. He mostly sat in the corner on the computer. But I consider myself very fortunate to have met Stewart and to have known him even if it was for only a few days. It was an honor to know someone who has done so much for the Wiccan community...whose writings have been inspirational as well as educational.
We'll always treasure the gifts Stewart has given us. He made it possible for so many of us to be here.
Blessings and love to Janet & Gavin and to the family and friends of Stewart Farrar.

Riordan M. McGrath
Daytona Beach, FL

A Founding Father Continues His Journey
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 12:54:13 (EST)

Stewart Farrar, author of such books as "A Witches Bible Complete," "What Witches Do," "The Witches Way," "Eight Sabbats for Witches," "The Witches God," "The Witches Goddess" and countless others continued his circle of life into the Summerland's on Monday morning, February 7th. Stewart had suffered a stroke and was recovering in his home in Ireland with his wife, Janet, and friends. Janet and Gavin Bone had been caring for Stewart when he departed on his journey.

Stewart lived the pagan way. He dedicated his life to helping others. I hold the utmost respect for him. When I first started down my pagan path, I was pointed to Stewart's writings. I began with "A Witches Bible Complete" (now called "A Witches Bible"). The book is a compilation of "The Witches Way" and "Eight Sabbats for Witches." It was that book that sparked the interest in me to follow this path. Within a couple months, I completed my "Farrar library" and dedicated myself to this path. There are countless people who have been touched by his kind words. He not only touched the pagan community but so many others. He has written novels, mysteries, and verse. He was one of the true great mentors of our life. And his words will endure for all generations to come.

Stewarts journey into the Summerland's will be a grand one. He is taking his place with the elders of the craft. Truly, he has taken his place among the wise ones. As said in the Sacred Garden Requiem "For each day, we see the Sun die into the horizon. Yet we do not mourn His death. And each morning the Sun is reborn. For each year, in autumn, the leaves wither and die. Yet we do not mourn their deaths. And each spring the leaves return."

May we all commemorate in this time for him. The sadness has rung through us all. Stewart will be greatly missed. But he will never be forgotten.

Stewart, my friend, with love we meet; with love we part. With love we shall meet again.

Reverend Raymond Larose
Derry, NH

A Man of inspiriation
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 12:46:12 (EST)

I've never met the Farrars personally. I've never had an occassion to dine with them, go to a book signing, or any of that. But, I can say that Stewart Farrar's writing has touched me personally in many different ways. I've learned a lot about spiritual thought and practice from his writings, and when they didn't have the answer, they'd point me in the right direction. I have many of the Farrar's writings and I'm saddened to hear that someone that's inspired so many people, whose thoughts and writings could spark many to look deeper, has gone on to Summerland. I give my condolences to the Farrar's, their family, and their friends. He will be missed.

Bright Blessings
Blessed Be

Michael C.
Colorado Springs, Co

Light and Laughter
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 12:40:22 (EST)

A good man who "cleared the way" (as said in another post) so that the rest of us might walk it easier. Never met you but the world is now less without you.

Good bye Stewart. Enjoy yourself and I will think of you when I laugh.


Doug Anderson
Seattle Washington

Brides Blessings
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 12:29:19 (EST)

We met Janet and Stewart Farrar at a book signing and lecture in Phoenix Arizona in the late 90's.

He and my husband had a marvelous time smoking and telling bawdy jokes in French. Now they are both wrapped in the arms of the Goddess and her Consort. Summerland may never be the same with them running a muck.

I and my family would like to express are heartful love and loss to you My Lady and dear Gavin. You all have impacted many and will continue too. You drew a picture for my daughter Janet it was a charecture of you and your consort and now shes grown has her own family and takes care of terminal children you and Stewart inspired her to that and she still carries those drawings with her everyday.

Blessed Be and Be Blessed
Lady Amber and Family
Children of the Morrigan Coven
Phoenix, AZ USA

Corinne Duhamel
Phoenix, AZ USA

Wonerful memories from a wonderful teacher and friend as well as family
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 12:03:23 (EST)

The first time i met Stewart and Janet i will never forget they wraped us in there arms and whisperd blessed be. They knew no strangers all were family to them they gave wonderful insite on things we have just begun to understand as pagans ourselfs. janet and i were talking one day on a problem i was having and janet told me there is no wrong way as long as you know it feels right in your heart do itand it harms no one. i hope that we all are as blessed as this loving family that we learn to walk the path we have chossen as proudly as they have and we have the courage to stand up for what we belive in even in the worst times. to know that the gods and goddess are with us always in every thing we do. Janet and Stewart were the greatest teachers in this life time and gavin added to that vast knowledege that they had to share with every one! you Stewart will always be in my heart as a wonderful friend, teacher ,and family member you were like my grandfather a breath of fresh air that i will always hold close to my heart. Janet and Gavin know that i love you both and if there is any thing you need just call i will be there one way or the other. Janet has taught me many of things in the time we known each other. but the most improtant thing was to always look inside for my answers to the questions i have and the answer will be there.i will always miss Stewarts smile and the gleam in his eyes when he was going to play a joke on someone but his love will always be in my heart .

with love Stewart on your new and wonderful journey!

Carolyn Stevens
kansas city , mo.

To An Admired Man I Never Knew
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 11:15:24 (EST)

I will be the first to admit that even though I was familiar with Mr. Farrar's standing in the Pagan Community, I had never read any of his books. Being a procrastinating Aries, I always would say, "I'll buy one of his books the next time." Well, after reading about his passing and the throngs of praises and admirations from fellow witches who were touched by his gentle soul....I am determined to get to know this man and his eloquent writings. In my mind, it is never too late to appreciate the "Father of Witchcraft" and his gifts. My deepest condolences to Janet and Gavin. May the Lady's loving embrace bring you comfort and strength.

Ravynne SilverChief

Thank You
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 10:07:21 (EST)

I remember reading 'What Witches Do' when I first began this path. That is when my admiration for Stewart began. I've read many of his writings and seen him on video. He seemed a very kind and spiritual man, a wonderful leader. He has given so much to our community, taught us and guided us. We have lost one of the great teachers of our community. So soon upon the death of Doreen, it is tragic indeed. My heart and sympathy goes out to you Janet, and Gavin for your loss. Stewart touched my life, and thousands of other young witches striving to find our way. I would thank him, and both of you, for that. He will be missed.
May the Lady touch your heart with comfort.

Lady Morgaine (HPS, Coven of the Mystic Spiral)
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Thank You Stewart!!
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 09:29:00 (EST)

Stewart Farrar is one of few men I wish I had chance to confront, shake his hand and say Thank You! Because of him, his efforts and accomplishments I am so proud of who I am today. He has paved a road for all of us to walk on, together and forever. To you Mr. Farrar and to us! Thank You and So Mote It Be....

Damon Ryan Gomes

A Great Loss
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 09:25:38 (EST)

Dear Janet and Gavin,
I was deeply saddened to hear of Stewart's passing. The world has lost a unique man and a great writer.
My heart goes out to you both at this time.

Blessed Be

Abigail Rieley
Dublin, Ireland

Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 09:25:02 (EST)

Farewell on your journey.

Thank you for your warmth, your dedication to the craft and for being a great High Priest and guide to my Initiator.


The Gift of Ages
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 09:01:14 (EST)

I was only fourteen when I first heard of this great man and though I never chanced to meet him, I was and have always been touched by writings. To me he was a Grandfather of Magick for he gave to me as he did many the "Gift of Ages",
His wisdom, light and knowledge.
He will be forever missed and we will keep his memory as well as the knowledge he gave us in our hearts forever!
Sleep well Dear Grandfather!

Tampa, Florida

Till we meet again
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 08:32:11 (EST)

What can I say - I loved that old man. A contemporary of my own father, and a fellow Cancerian to boot. In many ways, Stewart is everyone's father in the Craft. He brought a male presence to modern Witchcraft. He did so with his erudite ways. He was sensible, but not stuffy - hardly that.

I swore I wouldn't be sad or cry, but alas, I failed on both counts. Despite what we know and believe about our religion - birth, death, rebirth - the endless spiraling, it is human emotion that makes us sad at the passing of a wonderful man. A man I've had the privilege of meeting
and knowing several years now. Enjoyed his company both here on my home soil, as well as his adopted home in Eire. His wisdom and his humor will be missed - such a lovely man.

Stewart got involved in the Craft at an age that many of us have yet to reach. Because of that unique quality, he brought a wonderful perspective to this, our religion.

His superb works, and wisdom came out of violating one of the first rules of journalism - getting involved with your subject. Loses impartial objectivity, they say. Well, thank the Gods he did so. You, rebel, you. Because he broke the rules, thousands of witches and pagans around the world can be themselves.

I paint not a glowing platitude for him, he would hate that. And, Janet would kick me bum. He was real, with quirks and faults and no illusions about anything.

He's earned his well-deserved place in Summerland. He helped pave a way for so many of us. Will we be as worthy to carry on his legacy?! How I will miss not seeing him again on this plane, isn't that the best we can hope for?! Rest well dear friend and Witch.

A viszontlatasra; or, until we meet again.

Mark Sosnowski
Bridgeport CT

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