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Serge Clapa
Type of Passage: Death
Date of Passage: March 6th. 2004

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: March 6th. 2004
Times Viewed: 8,496

I met Serge several years ago, we had a short lived affair, but we each knew we were not meant to be together in that relationship. We since then had salvaged one of the most awesome friendships I have ever enjoyed. He was my big brother. We were always there for each other and walked each other through many trials, tribulations and broken hearts.

We spoke on the phone at least once everyday and he never failed to make me smile and laugh. I loved him dearly. We laughed together and we cried together... and once in a while we got rip roaring drunk together... just because we wanted to!

I keep expecting to hear the phone ringing.... and last week... when the phone became silent for a few days I got worried and called the police to check.. they found him as I knew they would.

Some of the messages that have been posted on my site and the responses from other members can be at THIS LINK

To my best friend: May you " as a blue star upon a field of green, Circling upward towards a golden sun"

Remembered Forever,
Ganieda, (Your Raven)

"I have been a member of Serge's esoteric arts community for several years now. I can't count the times that Serge bent over backwards to help me with advice, marketing and web tips. Long before anyone had ever heard of me or my artwork, Serge was enthusiastic and always helpful in that department. Serge was selfless, passionate, kind and so knowledgeable. He was a true visionary... and a muse for all of his "artists".

Earlier this year, Serge and I had quite a blowout. We fought like two passionate individuals sometimes do, but deep down we both felt horribly about it. I even temporarily left his community and artist list... and boy did I miss it and him. It didn't take long for us to patch things up, and I joined his community again whole heartedly just a month before his passing. I am so grateful that I was able to do that... and that we both "kissed and made up" and even came to understand each other better before his death.

I will forever be thankful that our paths crossed in this life, and that I had the chance to get to know this incredible man. I firmly believe that Serge is now on an even greater, more wonderful journey... but that he will still be inspiring his artists from the other side. Serge... thanks to the artists you so successfully brought together with your community (which really is much more like a family), your name, your love of art, your vision for an on-line art haven, and your passion will live on and on. I miss you already..."

Jessica Galbreth

Serge Clapa, I have know this gentle soul for a little over 3 yrs. He welcomed me to be an active person in his site and he turned in to a beloved friend. Serge and I emailed each other daily keeping our lives updated and just to give support, in troubled times. Serge, knew more about my little life than the people I live with. His concern for my art and all the artists on the list was huge - he got me - us- out there. I owe so much of my success to him.

We would email each other late at night and send our cyber love nightly. he was truly the most selfless person I have ever met. I will miss him greatly. I am so glad that he is my friend. he change my life in so many positive ways.

Serge - I love you Sweetie!,
Linda Biggs

Serge first emailed me in July of 1997...he'd visited my art site, Green Man Graphics and liked it well enough that he asked me to join his new virtual artist's colony at Alternate Realities in Art and Thought. There were maybe a dozen of us to start with and it was a lively bunch, my first e-list as well. Combine freaky artist types with the occult fringe and you get a sitcom-like collection of mixed nuts with volatile temperaments and sometimes mind-blasting talent...a three-ring cybercircus, all directed by our sweet/acerbic Belgian-Canadian ringmaster.

There are days (most of 'em?) when I still doubt my artistic talent. Serge never doubted me, though...he was a great coach and a great friend. Pep talks, constructive criticism, not afraid to be harsh when necessary but I can't think when the guy ever offended me. He had a vision of us being a particular "school" of esoteric art, appealing to our vanity that way and probably his own as well. I'm not altogether certain that we were or are a cohesive group as far as style goes, but in the almost 7 years I knew Serge, he never stopped promoting us as a community...he saw some commonality there that we perhaps didn't, some good reason to draw us together (pardon the pun; it's one of his).

I was broke most of the years I knew him and never sent him a dime, but he would feature my new work, anyway, giving me the same great exposure he'd give his paying customers. Then he'd tell me to get a job. :)

He was one of the best people I've n/ever met, on any plane of existence. Buh-bye, Serge.

Jay Williams

The heart and mind of an artist lies beyond the average range in both perception and emotion. The artist lives as though the entire world bears weight just below the skin and floats on the surface of each nerve ending. For in order for the artist to connect with perceptions not of his own - the artist must "feel". Serge excelled at this more than anyone I've ever met in the art community - either mundane or magickal.

The delicate blend between mindfulness and madness exists within each person - but within the artist it is manifested times three. For those of Serge's quality and giving nature cannot live without the expression in word, deed and thought. And there he quality and in giving. I believe that for Serge the world lay in transparent layers and it must have been difficult for him to watch between the layers when many could not see the world he knew. But ever present in the here and now- he blessed us with his glimpse beyond the everyday.

And his greatest gift was not that he saw such layers of creativity and beauty...but that it was his goal to share it.

Yes, his greatest gift was his sharing nature....his williness to comit time and energy for the preservation and propagation of art. What a hole he leaves where once stood a strong, confident solider- a protector of art. What a tear in the fabric that he spent a lifetime weaving...

blanketing us all with his blessed presence and perseverance and protection of our art. I search for the lesson that Serge's passing must be offering. Veiled in sadness it is hard to see such lessons.

Maybe it is to take his exmple and learn to protect ourselves?

Oh, Serge, you shall be greatly missed. And I hope to see you again in this lifetime...for the piece of my spirit that you touched shall be ever focused upon the horizon for your return. You are loved. And as saddness passes - shall each of us you worked to promote and protect come to bear witness to your teachings and help.
Thank you Serge. Thank you for everything. Your friend in the Craft of the Wise

Sabrina -- your "Ink Witch"
(Sketch of Serge just above was done by Sabrina on 3/9/2004)

I am very sorry to say that the Internet and Web art world has lost one of it's most courageous and dedicated advocates. Serge Clapa of Esoteric Art .com passed from this Earth on Friday and we hope that his new journey takes him to where he has always wanted to go! Serge has always been known to lend a helping hand to those who ask. An avid admirer of art in all forms he created Esoteric Art .com to help show the works of artists who may not have had their work ever seen by masses. We will miss him dearly!

Good bye old friend...

Ralph Manis
Infinitee Designs

I met Serge about 7 years ago when we were both Co-op members of Avatar Search. When he went on to create he invited me to join. I am very glad I took him up on this offer. Participating in his site's co-op galleries was very inspiring to me as an artist. I feel his venture was an wonderful asset to the entire online community as well as it brought so many artists together in a kind of fellowship. Serge's support and friendship meant a lot to me. I will truly miss him and feel blessed that I had the experience of working with this great man.

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."~Albert Schweitzer

Nanci Jennings Williamson
White Tower Graphics

Serge was a dear friend and support. I was in the terrible position of having to break the news of this tragedy to the other artists on his list. It has been heartbreaking. Since yesterday morning I have answered what seems like hundreds of e mails and phone calls from the people who whose lives were touched by Serge. His life was his website and the artists who were his family. Many on the list had never seen Serge or even spoken to him in person, yet they cannot stop the tears. If only he had truly known how dearly loved he was and what an empty space his passing has left.

We are determined to keep his list and his site running as his monument. It was something he dedicated a huge portion of his life to... supporting HIS artists. I laugh now as I hear in my mind his possessive tone. We really were his artists and he gave, literally everything.

His son, Damien, has assured us that his passing was quick and no amount of medical intervention could have saved him, such was his illness.

Now, as I look at his picture on my desk, I see him chuckling at the silliness of all the sorrow. He would have thought that a proper memorial to him was to paint. Even on occasions when he would call and I was feeling sad and he was feeling just as, he would say "Why aren't you painting? I haven't seen any new work. Get to work. How can I promote you if you don't work?"

Now we are all getting to work for him. He will always be my Papa Smurf.

Autumn Domoslai

The Esoteric Art community has lost a great advocate. Fantasy and alternative artists whether involved with Serge's community or not have lost a great advocate. So much good has been done by this one gentle man to promote art that would happily go ignored by the mainstream vendors. I've been a member of the Esoteric list and sites for several months, and had just started getting to know Serge. Even though I was a relative "newbie", Serge always manages to make his newest acquaintances feel like old friends. I'm going to miss you, Serge! I know you're somewhere safe and beautiful, surrounded by wonderful artwork checking in on us still, willing us to greatness!

Mary Layton

I will miss Serge's kindness, throughfulness, fairness and consideration. We had our moments of disagreement, and he was always passionate about his opinions, yet we were always able to remain friends no matter what happened. That is a rare thing, but then Serge was a rare spirit.

Brandi Jasmine - Writer, Photographer, Illustrator

I didn't know Serge personally except through email; but he stood out from the crowd of contacts I made doing business via the internet. He showed himself as unusually kind, patient, and attentive to others' needs. He was highly sensitive and I believe, very evolved as a human being. I know he was lonely and I wish for him that it is no longer so.

I do hope this last days on this plane were fruitful for him and that wherever he is now, he's experiencing rewards for all the giving and loving he shared while here. The earth is a little less warm, less understanding for his passing.

With sincerity,

Sharon George

My regret is that I never got to meet Serge in person, but through conversations with him I knew his spirit. He is a force whose spirit is still with us even though he is on to other things. Now, without the effort he always exerted, he is still our muse.

Serge gave of himself incessantly to inspire and motivate his artists and to share the results with the world-wide community that he truly served. He believed absolutely in the world as a community and loathed injustice.

He cannot be replaced, but he showed the rest of us what 'could be' and we are left with the challenge of how to take what he gave us to the next level.

I hope that his journey is blessed.


i have known Serge for about 4yrs or so, and i believe that i was one of the first to join his esoteric artlist...
i dont know exactly why, but ever since i met him, i always trusted Serge...
i was one of the artists that would never ever ask him of any favor because i always knew that he was doing the best for me, and he always did...
i really really really admired Serge, and i always will...
i admired the way he truly did care for the artists that he represented...
i admired his computer knowledge...
i admired the time he put into his work...
i admired his tenacity...
i admired his fearfulness of speaking his mind
i admired everything that i knew about him, and the things i didnt know were not a factor...
i will always know him as a great human being, which is really all he wanted...
i do not think of Serge in the 'past tense' ...
we all know that he IS still with us...
we just need to use a different way to communicate with him

david G

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