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Formed?: February '79

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Posted: Jun.22.2004

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DragonStar Covenstead Circle

Age Range/Type: Adult
Located in: Pineville, Missouri
Key Contact: Gypsy SilentRain

Spiritual Path: Eclectic Pagan/Draconian
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles... Legal Clergy... Teaching Available

Group Overview: The DragonStar Circle is a learning coven that trains and initiates members into the ways of Paganism. We meet once a week and we hold festivals and rituals. We also meet for emergency purposes to perform necessary majiks that deal with emergency circumstances. We do environmental work within our community to promote knowledge, healing, and growth. We are currently allowing petitions for new members and will accept applications. Please email for application to petition for membership.

We meet every Friday at 9 PM in Rogers for weekly circle and the coucil meets once a month.

The DragonStar Circle Bylaws
These bylaws are occasionally amended, and members are responsible for being aware of changes.

I. Purpose
The DragonStar Circle (DSC) has as its stated purpose the mission of providing a community structure dedicated to life-long learning and spiritual growth in the Pagan traditions. In order to fulfill this purpose, we (1) teach students of the Pagan community using a structured curriculum, (2) provide our members with an ongoing structured and supportive learning environment and (3) Provide ongoing community service and outreach.

A. And It Harm None, Do What Thou Will
B. Remember the Threefold Law Of Karma
C. Surrender None ... neither Freedom, nor Love, nor Peace, nor Justice
D. Give Freely To All ... Of your Heart, of your Mind, and of your Hand
E. The Strong Shall Protect and Nurture the Weak ... in Spirit, in Mind, and in Body
F. Merry Meet and Merry Part
G. To Know, To Dare, To Do, To Share

II. Structure
A. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) is a learning coven whose curriculum is based on multiple learning techniques and methods, used by founding members of DSC. We are made up of the High Priestess, Formal High Council, Council and Members. Of the Formal High Council we will appoint a secretary, treasurer and the Formal High Council will also include the High Priest and High Priestess, Assistant Priest and Assistant Priestess. The Formal High Council will always be made up of an odd number of members and include no more then thirteen (13) at one time and no less then three (3) . Other then the Position of High Priest and High Priestess, Assistant Priest and Assistant Priestess, the Formal High Council will be voted in based on a Majority Vote of the Council and those terms will be reviewed every twelve (12) month period beginning and ending in October. New Members of the Formal High Council will formally take their places during Samhain. We use a six (6) tier degree system, members complete each degree to advance to the next level of learning. Every member will began as a dedicant then progress to an initiate before beginning the first (1st) degree of our tier system of learning and advancement. DSC is a physical coven, members are required to meet, study, and do rituals and Sabbats together in person.
B. Members will be subject to all rules and bylaws stated herein.
C. Coven size shall not be limited to any specific number, but acceptance for new dedicants shall be halted and resumed as Leadership deems necessary.
D. Potential Members are those adults (over eighteen years of age) who apply for and are accepted into membership of DragonStar Circle (DSC) , and commence the dedicant phase of the tier system.
1. Members will be subscribed to DragonStar Circle (DSC) E-Group list. All of their lessons, questions, concerns and responses will be addressed in person.
2. Each Member will be assigned a mentor, with whom s/he is encouraged to communicate with.
E. Members are those who have completed the dedicant and initiate phase of the tier system , have been accepted as members of DragonStar Circle (DSC) , and have signed the Oath of Membership. Founding members are those current members who joined DragonStar Circle (DSC) prior to 1995. Founding members are subject to the same rules as all other members, except where noted in these bylaws.
1. Members will follow all rules and regulations of DragonStar Circle (DSC) and uphold their promises to their coven and take personal responsibility for their actions and actively participate in their learning process.
2. Each member (other than founding member) is encouraged to maintain contact with his/her mentor.
F. Elders are members who have completed Adept Status.
1. Elders may choose to become teachers and mentors, or they may choose to serve the coven in other ways, such as through research and writing.

General Membership

Any member who has completed the Initiation stage and been voted into the Coven shall be deemed to be First (1st) degree Initiate with the full rights and responsibilities of a Coven Member until such time as their own actions shall allow or require them to be placed into another status, as set forth in these By-Laws.
At no time shall a First (1st) degree member be less than 19 years of age. (See exception to this in the section on Minor Children of Coven Members.)
They shall have the responsibility of participating in Six Full Moon and Four Sabbats during a calendar year.
They may sponsor a new member after three months at this level.
First (1st) degree Members who are Minors may not be sponsors.
They are expected to grow and help others to achieve higher states as their abilities allow.
*All Members who are new to DragonStar Circle (DSC) will come in at this level, regardless of age or experience.

First degree Priestess or Priest
A member who has shown by their actions, commitment, and interest, and is physically, mentally, and spiritually able is eligible to advance to Priest or Priestess Level upon fulfilling the required minimum standard of One year as an Adept member in good standing.
Promotion to Priesthood, shall in no way however be granted merely on the basis of time served.
Persons eligible for Priesthood, must exhibit a desire that the Coven as a whole shall grow and prosper; as these members will be looked up to by others. This desire must be exhibited by their regular attendance at Coven meetings and functions, and by their willingness to give aid and guidance to others within the Coven.
At such time as a Priesthood member expresses interest in advancing to Second (2nd) Degree Priesthood Level, they shall submit to the Council a formal request for consideration. They shall be given a competency review upon completion of the Priesthood Training, to show they have a basic understanding of Coven practices and an understanding of a variety of “majikal” practices as well as the people skills to be a teacher, an organizer, or a leader of the Coven. The Formal High Council shall then vote as whether to grant Second (2nd) Degree Priesthood Level status, to grant a conditional Level 2 status, or to recommend additional training before the member reapplies for Level 2 status. The Council will then issue a Letter of Acceptance or Denial to that effect.
Responsibilities of this new position include:
Leading and\or writing of Rituals and events, 2 full moons and one Sabbat.
Taking on “students”
Ministering \ Counseling of others
Minimum age requirement of 25 years of age

Second degree High Priestess, High Priest
By its very nature, Second (2nd) Degree Priesthood Level defies all attempts to constrain it within time limits or allowances. However a potential candidate should be a First (1st) degree Priesthood Level for “One year and a day” before the council gives notice. And the candidate will be at least 25 years of age.
A summary of what the Coven is looking for in a Second (2nd) Degree Priesthood Level member is as follows:
1. Understanding of the powers you intend to manipulate
- How they are raised
- How they are channeled
- How they are grounded
2. Adept at designing rituals involving all sensory modes
- A repertoire of songs, chants, dances, gestures, or mantras
- The availability of, or the resources to make, incenses and oils
- Invocations and spells
- Visual effects and symbols
- Meditations and postures
- And, most importantly, the skill to combine all these into a powerful, focused pattern or ritual
3. Clarity of purpose
4. Firm ethics
5. Understand timing
- Where a given practice or ritual ‘fits’ within the cycles of the moon, the wheel of the year, and the dance of the spheres
- How to pace a ritual once it has begun so energy is raised, peaked, focused, released, and grounded at the appropriate times
6. Understand the Laws of Majik
- This does not mean understanding the Coven Rules of Majik
7. A good understanding of the correspondences between colors, metals, plants, planets, elements, directions, animals, and so on ad infinitum
8. Good judgment of when ritual is appropriate, and when it is not
9. Willingness and availability to play an active part in the growth of the Coven and its members

*After “One year and a day” the New High Priest\Priestess will be able to “hive off” and form a new Circle within the Coven.

At such time as the Council notices the attributes within a Second (2nd) Degree Priesthood Level member, which makes them eligible for advancement, they will approach that member with the offer. There will be no applicants, reviews, requests, etc.

a. Sponsor responsibilities
b. Interrupted Sponsorship
c. Application
d. Dedication
e. A Year and A Day
f. Initiation

a. Sponsor responsibilities
We feel that the Sponsor / Dedicant relationship should be one of close friendship; a bond of two people, each learning from and guiding the other.

In addition to the set of responsibilities set forth in the original section of Sponsor responsibilities:
1) Purchase of a copy of Farrar’s “The Witches Bible” for the Dedicant.
2) Purchase of a blank Book of Shadows hard cover book, and
3) Being present whenever the Dedicant is in attendance at Coven functions.
We are now clarifying the additional responsibilities that we expect from a Sponsor:
4) Prior to attending their first Coven event, the Sponsor is responsible for sharing certain required information with the Dedicant. This information is intended to help the Dedicant feel at home within the Coven and should include, at a minimum, the following: a general outline of our rites, a basic understanding of practices and etiquette within a circle, and any other information they feel would help the Dedicant “belong” in the group.
5) A Sponsor should be in contact with the Dedicant at least once each week, and should physically meet with the Dedicant at least twice per month, in order to maintain open lines of communication (this does not include time spent together at Coven functions) ,
6) The Sponsor is responsible for keeping the Dedicant informed of all Coven activities, including who is required/allowed to attend, what the purpose of the activity is, when and where it will be held, what should be brought with, why the activity is being held, and how to best prepare for it so as to get the most out of it.
7) The Sponsor is responsible for keeping track of the Dedicants participation within the Coven, ensuring that the minimum participation requirements (8 full moon rites, and 6 Sabbats) are being met, as well as, being the “middle man” in matters of dues and activity fees.
8) A sponsor should monitor and guide the Dedicants progress on their spiritual path, including but not limited to their progress through classes, which includes the tracking of the tests therein, which must be completed before the Dedicants initiation, and offer them council and aid whenever needed. The Sponsor should have knowledge of this progress and be able to speak freely of it.
9) The Sponsor is responsible for reporting the progress of the Dedicant to the council, as well as any problems or concerns the Dedicant may have.
10) The Sponsor as well as the Dedicant is responsible for the Dedicants following of the Coven rules, By-Laws, and rules of conduct regarding behavior. The Sponsor should lead by example, and expect the Dedicant to follow that lead. As with any Coven member, the Sponsor should not degrade, bad mouth, or seek to harm the Dedicant in any way, physically, mentally or spiritually. This behavioral expectation extends to the Dedicants actions towards other Coven members and other Dedicants.
11) In the event that disciplinary action needs to be taken against the Dedicant, the actions of the Sponsor will be taken into account as well, and may result in disciplinary action against the Sponsor if it is found that they are responsible for the Dedicants actions, or if they could have done something to stop the situation before it got out of hand.

b. Interrupted Sponsorship
1. By the Dedicant
If a Dedicant drops out for any reason during their Year and a Day, they shall begin again at the beginning if they can find a sponsor willing to take them.
2. By the Sponsor
If the sponsoring member is unable to finish sponsorship for any reason, the Sponsor must select a second degree or higher member and approach them about continuing the Sponsorship under them. If no other member can or is available, they can revert to the HP or HPS . Their only other recourse is to pause their Year and a Day until an acceptable sponsor is available.
Any member who is currently sponsoring a Dedicant when they opt to leave general membership shall have the following additional restrictions placed on them if they return to general membership at any point in the future:
i. The standard waiting period of three months before taking on a Dedicant following such an absence will not begin until the soonest of a) their previous Dedicant being accepted or denied into membership, or b) a period of 90 days has past. (This makes the waiting period a minimum of 7 months - 3 months minimum until Dedicant is accepted, regular 1 month waiting period following having a Dedicant, and the standard waiting period of 3 months for being absent.)
ii. A second instance of dropping out of general coven membership while having a Dedicant will result in the ineligibility of returning to general coven membership. Their only option in returning to the Coven will be as a Dedicant and even that only after a year and a day away from the Coven, and will be subject to The DragonStar CovenStead (DSCS) Formal High Council vote before being accepted as a Dedicant.
c. Application
Finding a “sponsor”.
1. Any full member may sponsor one person (or committed couple if there is a lack of available sponsors) per level they hold (i.e. 1 at 1st level, 2 at 2nd level, and 3 at 3rd level) .
2. A male/female pair, one of which must be of at least 2nd Level, must sponsor any applicant who is a Minor and if they are the parent or guardian. (The co-sponsoring of a Minor shall not limit the sponsor’s availability to sponsor an of-age Initiate.)

The Application Process:
1. When genuine interest is shown, the potential dedicant shall be given a copy of the entire Coven Bylaws, including the Coven Application for Membership.
2. Upon receiving the completed Application, The DragonStar CovenStead (DSCS) Formal High Council shall review it, and set up an interview with the potential Initiate.
3. Following the interview, “A letter of intent” acceptance or declined will be mailed to the applicant.
4. Provided there is a willing sponsor, a simple majority vote of The DragonStar CovenStead (DSCS) Formal High Council is all that is required to approve a Dedicant.
5. If accepted, a welcoming interview to set Dedication date and to go over the by-laws will be held.
6. Dedication ceremony
7. “One year and a day” trial period, before initiation as a first degree.
8. Upon completion of the “Year and a Day”, the Council must unanimously approve the Initiation of the Dedicant into the Coven.

·All potential Initiates must be at least 18 years of age. The exceptions to this are covered in the Minor Children of Coven Members.

d. Dedication Ceremony
Dedication Ceremony

Corners & Circle

God & Goddess


Sponsor and Sponsored stand before the High Priest/ess (depending on genders as well as who's dedicating.
HP/S: We are gathered tonight to witness the dedication rite of (Dedicant) . Will the Dedicant step forward?

Dedicant moves forward.

HP/S: Are you (Dedicant) ?
Dedicant: Yes, I am.
HP/S: (Dedicant) , you have come seeking knowledge and truth. Will you accept the responsibility of the knowledge gained, and always speak true?
Dedicant: Yes, I shall.
HP/S: Who comes to Sponsor the Dedicant?
Sponsor steps forward: I do.
HP/S: State your intent.
Sponsor: I, (Sponsor) , of DragonStar Circle (DSC) , from this day hence, take responsibility for the Dedicant, (Dedicant) . I vow to ease his/her interactions within the Coven; to assist in him/her lessons of the Craft to the best of my abilities; to assure him/her of his/her abilities within the Craft, and to counsel him/her in times of need.
HP/S: DragonStar Circle (DSC) commends you, and add also that the circle shall ever be open to (Dedicant) , even should him/her decide that The Craft is not the path him/her should follow.
HP/S lights large pillar of spirit color.
HP/S: This is the light of knowledge which we all endeavor to seek.
Sponsor lights candle of color choice from main candle.
Sponsor: As I have gone before, and gained previous knowledge, I now share said knowledge with (Dedicant) .
Dedicant lights white candle from Sponsor's candle.
Dedicant: I respect the knowledge as it is passed onto me, and shall endeavor to prove (Sponsor) 's decision to sponsor me.
HP/S: As you have taken onto yourself the sacred flame of knowledge, heed now, (Dedicant) , the Charge placed upon you by DragonStar Circle (DSC) :
That you shall respect the earth and all upon it.
That you shall respect your coven mates as a family.
That you should seek the counsel of your sponsor or elders should you find yourself not receiving the same respect that you give to others.
That you shall keep silent of all majiks wrought within the circle, and respect that any rituals that are expressly written for the Coven remain within the Coven.
Do you understand that which you have been Charged with?
Dedicant: Yes, I do.
HP/S: As you have taken Sponsorship of (Dedicant) , you, (Sponsor) , shall now heed the Charge DragonStar Circle (DSC) places upon you:
That you shall assist (Dedicant) in all his/her endeavors to better herself with harm towards none.
That you shall respect (Dedicant) should he/she surpass you and become your elder.
That you shall keep counsel with (Dedicant) in regards to activities within and without the Coven, and help him/her to understand the changes that may occur in both.
That above all, you shall endeavor to teach and keep firm that "It Shall Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt."
Do you understand the Charges that have been placed upon you?
Sponsor: Yes, I do.
HP/S sages Dedicant, then anoints him/her.
HP/S: We anoint you, (Dedicant) , in the name of the God and Goddess.
HP/S embraces Dedicant.
HP/S: Welcome, (Dedicant) , to our circle.
New Initiate gets formally introduced to other members of the Circle.
Cakes & Ale
Closing circle

e. A Year and A Day
A period of one year and one day must elapse between the dedication and the initiation ceremonies.
This period of time is required so that the initiate has a proper amount of time to avoid making a fad, impromptu, or coerced decision to join the Coven.
It also serves to provide stability to other Coven Members.

f. Initiation Ceremony
i. First Degree
ii. Second Degree
The Second Degree Initiation Ceremony is to be written by the Initiate prior to the ceremony, and will vary on an individual basis. The Initiate is to have full control over all aspects of the ceremony, including but not limited to who is invited, where it will be held, and what will happen during the ceremony.
iii. Third Degree
Third Degree Initiation Ceremony
Third Degree Initiation
Items Needed:
NEW: Blindfold
9’ Black Cord
9’ White Cord (2 - 4 ˝ foot pieces)
Unlit Candle (White)
Open Circle
Greeting and Saging

(HP and HPS positions reverse if Initiate is a male, also use God instead of Goddess)
Light Incense
HP: Blindfolds and Binds Neck, Hands, and Feet
HPS: Reads “Charge of the Goddess” (God)
HP: Performs ‘Spirit Invoking’ pent followed by the Inverted Triangle

Repeat with the Invoking Pents for each of the four directional elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
HP: “Salt of the North” - anoint with salt
“Bell of the East” - ring bell three times
“Smoke of the South” - anoint with smoke
“Water of the West” - anoint with water
HPS: Remove Blindfold - “With new eyes, See the world
”Remove Foot Bindings - “With new feet, Move through the world
”Remove Hand Bindings - “With new hands, Heal the world
”Remove Neck Cord - “With new voice, Speak the truth”
Initiate: Light new candle
Initiate: Take up Chalice (Athame if male)
Initiate: “I ____ High Priestess (Priest) of the 3rd Degree of DragonStar Circle (DSC) hereby charge this wine in the name of (Goddess/God)
Initiate: Drinks wine and presents it to each covener in turn
Takes “bread” and gives it to each covener in turn
Close Circle

The Council and Formal High Council
DragonStar Circle (DSC) Council shall be responsible for decisions that affect the coven as a whole. They shall make proposals to the high council regarding decisions that regard the Coven as a whole.
They shall be responsible for upholding of the Coven By-Laws
They shall attend monthly meeting to discuss proposal idea’s for the High Council.
They will overlook the Budget proposals of the Officers
They must hold a Yearly Vote for Positions of the High Council
They are responsible to inform members of any and all changes made to the Coven By-Laws
They will oversee members progress and review teaching techniques and methods.
They are responsible for submitting monthly reports to the High Council for Review
The council shall consist of no more then twenty-five (25) and no less then five (5) members who hold positions, with the High Priest and High Priestess position being automatic, and the other members will include the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Man at Arms. Any Full Member of the Coven is eligible for membership of the Council and will be voted in by Majority vote of the Coven Members. Elections will be held in October and there are no term limitations as to how long they can serve as long as they are fulfilling their duties and no one is opposing the position.
The filling of the first two council positions shall be automatic, as they are the High Priest and High Priestess.
The other positions must be filled with a First (1st) Degree or Second (2nd) Degree member, and shall remain vacant if no appropriate member is available to fill them.
The other positions not voted in shall be filled by appointment of the High Priest and High Priestess for an initial term of twelve months, at which time they must be approved by unanimous vote of all other Council members, whereupon, they shall become a full Council members. The Positions are subject to change by vote after twelve months time.
Elections will occur yearly during October.

Even though the High Priest and High Priestess jointly hold two position on the Council, their votes in Council shall not count unless there is an unresolved issue that cannot be agreed upon.
This arrangement has been chosen to show the power of a unified leadership while not giving them dictatorial powers.

Council Positions
HP- Gypsy SilentRain
Man at Arms-
Seat 1-
Seat 2-
Seat 3-
Seat 4-
Seat 5-
Seat 6-
Seat 7-
Seat 8-
Seat 9-
Seat 10-
Seat 11-
Seat 12-
Seat 13-
Seat 14-
Seat 15-
Seat 16-
Seat 17-
Seat 18-
Twenty-Five (25) Positions total

The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council shall be responsible for all of the Coven actions as a whole, with the exception of certain specific legal and monetary issues, which fall under the control of the Officers of the Coven.
They shall make all policy decisions regarding the Coven as a whole.
They shall be responsible for the upholding of the Coven By-Laws
They shall settle all Coven related disputes between Members
They must approve the Coven Budget as submitted by the Coven Officers
They must approve any potential Initiate to the Coven
They are responsible for any and all changes made to the Coven By-Laws
They must approve any Visitors or Guests with a 14 days notice
They are responsible for administering and approving the applications of Members wishing to advance
The council shall consist of no more the thirteen (13) and no less then (3) members who hold positions, with the High Priest and High Priestess position, and the other members each representing one of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Center) and the officers and assistant Priest and Priestess, treasurer, secretary and Man at Arms. Members, when appropriate should represent their personal element of power, but this is not a requirement, and adjustments will be made when there is not a qualified or willing member to represent each element in this manner.
The filling of the first two council positions shall be automatic, as they are the High Priest and High Priestess.
The other positions must be filled with a Second (2nd) Degree or Third (3rd) Degree member, and shall remain vacant if no appropriate member is available to fill them.
The other positions shall be filled by appointment of the High Priest and High Priestess for an initial term of twelve months, at which time they must be approved by unanimous vote of all other Council members, whereupon, they shall become a full Council members. The Elemental Positions are subject to change by vote after twelve months time.
Elections will occur yearly during October.

The High Priest and High Priestess Positions may only be vacated through resignation or a 75% vote of the entire Coven (including Initiates and Associated Solos) unless through resignation. They cannot both be replaced at the same time, there must be a period of no less than 6 months between the replacements. A separate vote must take place within 30 days of the removal to appoint a new High Priest or High Priestess. This vote shall also be made by the entire Coven (including Initiates and Associated Solos) but requires only a 2/3 majority.
Except due to elections, the other four positions may be vacated only through resignation, or a two-thirds majority vote of the Council, following a hearing into the matter of why said Council member should be removed.
Even though the High Priest and High Priestess jointly hold one position on the Council, their votes shall always be counted as two separate votes.
This arrangement has been chosen to show the power of a unified leadership while not giving them dictatorial powers.

Current Formal High Council Members Revised February 2008
HP - Drayden
HPS - Gypsy SilentRain
East - Term Ends October
South - Term Ends October
West - Term Ends October
North - Term Ends October
Center - Term Ends October
Assistant Priest -
Assistant Priestess -
Secretary- Position Held
Treasurer- Position Held
Man at Arms-Position Held
President - Position Held

Coven Officers
The Coven Officers are required by law in order to incorporate as a legal church. The offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary are required, and must be held, while any others are optional, and may be held by anyone approved by the Coven.
Officer positions are a one year term, with no limits on how many terms someone may serve. Officer posts will renew automatically unless someone wishes to step down, or someone wishes to run against an incumbent. In either of these cases, there will be an election held on Samhain. Any stepping down or challenge to a position must be tendered by Maboon.

Absentee Members
After three (3) months of non-activity with the Coven, any member shall be considered an absentee member, at which time, they shall lose their power to vote, and eligibility to hold Council or Officer positions. These powers shall be restored after the second (2nd) month of resumed Coven activity. Council or Officer positions must be reappointed or elected providing they are still open.
After one year of non-activity, they shall be formally removed from membership of The DragonStar CovenStead (DSCS) and notified in writing at their last known address.
In no way may an Absentee Member be coerced into leaving the Coven, except as their actions would require it if they still held regular membership. Absentee Members shall not be held responsible for the paying of Coven Dues.
Exception to these guidelines shall be provided for members on a case-by-case basis upon petition to the Council.

Associated Solo Practitioners
Associated Solo Practitioners are those like minded individuals, who, while not wishing to be a permanent member of the Coven, do on occasion, wish to participate in group ritual or activity with the Coven.
Upon being sponsored by a current coven member, these individuals must fill out an application and be unanimously approved by the Council. At that time they will have an open-ended invitation to join the Coven for group ritual or to attend Coven functions or activities for the period of one calendar year. At the beginning of each successive calendar year, their actions during the previous years activities will be reviewed by the Coven Council and a simple majority vote taken to determine whether or not that status shall continue to be honored by the Coven during the next year.
They are not expected or required to pay dues, but gifts to help with the operating expenses of group activities in which they are involved would be appreciated. They will be responsible for the payment of any activity fees for activities in which they participate.
They do not have voting rights, and may not hold Officer or Council positions; they will, however, place themselves under Coven rule and agree to abide by Coven laws during such time as they are on Coven Property or attending a Coven sponsored activity.
Note: There is no limit to the number of Associated Soloists that a member may sponsor, nor does sponsoring an Associated Soloists limit sponsorship of an Initiate.
The Minor Children of Associated Soloists have the same status as a Minor Child of a full Member.

Visitors / Guests
A Visitor or Guest must be accompanied by a sponsoring member, and must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Coven for each activity they wish to participate in.
They shall not be expected nor coerced to pay any dues or give any gifts. However, if they are attending a Coven sponsored activity, which has an activity fee, either they or the sponsoring member shall be responsible for providing it.

II.A.7.i Visitors: A visitor is defined as any non-ritual-participating person who is present during a coven activity or function. (i.e.- someone who is there for the social gathering)

II.A.7.ii Guests: A Guest is defined as any person who is not associated with the Coven, but who wishes limited participation on an event by event basis.

Minor Children of Coven Members
i. Married both parents in the circle
ii. Married one parent in the other not
iii. Single parent with custody
iv. Single parent without custody
v. Divorced parent with custody
vi. Divorced parent without custody
vii. Widow \ Widower
viii. Legal guardian
ix. Step parent
x. Other blood relative
xi. Living together
xii. Homosexual relationship
xiii. Foster children

Any child attending a Coven sponsored activity (including ritual) must have a Permission Form on file with the Coven.

Exceptions to the age limit of Initiates
In the event that a minor child of a Coven Member wishes to join the Coven, they must be at least 13 years of age, and have the written permission of their parent or legal guardian. Upon finishing their Initiation, they shall be a 1st Level Member with all rights and privileges thereof, except for the right to apply for 2nd Level. They may apply to 2nd Level once they have reached the age of 20, but cannot be initiated into 2nd Level until they turn 21.
In the case that a Minor wishes to join the Coven, and neither of their parents or legal guardians is a Member, the Council may make an exception based on extenuating circumstances (which must include the full written consent of their parent or legal guardian at a meeting with the full Council) to accept them as a “Minor Child of the Coven”. Any and all formal paperwork presented to the Child must be countersigned by their parent or legal guardian in the presence of 2 Council Members.

I, _________________________ authorize my child/ren (listed below) to participate in Coven activities. I understand that I may change my decision at any time, and I will notify the Coven in writing if such a decision is made.
I understand that minor children are not allowed to join the coven without the express written consent of a parent or legal guardian. However, with the consent of at least one custodial parent minor child/ren are allowed to participate in group activities and/or rituals. I understand the Coven requires the consent of only one parent to allow a minor child to participate, and ANY dispute in this matter by either a nonmember or joined partnership IS NOT the responsibility of the Coven to solve or mediate. Furthermore, I understand that the Coven IS NOT legally responsible for obtaining consent from additional parents, mates, lawyers, etc., and all liabilities for obtaining such consent shall be my responsibility.
I am aware that minor child/ren are not allowed at all events, and respect this. I am further aware, that minor child/ren are the responsibility of the participating parent, and I assume full responsibility for my child/ren, and will hold harmless, the Coven, it’s staff, volunteers, and any property owners wherever we may gather.
I understand that I may exclude my child/ren from participating in any Coven/Circle event on a per event basis, and that my will in these matters shall be respected by the other members without mocking, ridicule, tormenting, or pressure being used to sway my decision.

___ I do not wish my Child/Children to be allowed to participate in such functions.
___ It is my wish that my Child/Children be allowed to participate in such functions.

(Child/ren’s name (s) )







Signed Date
Witness Date
Witness Date

The DragonStar Circle (DSC) - Child Permission Form - Revised February 2008

Outcast Members
Any former Member, Initiate, or Associated Solo who was cast out of the coven for any reason, must wait at least a year and a day before they may reapply to the Coven for membership. If reapplication for membership is considered, they shall begin the entire process from the beginning.

Members who leave us
Any Member who voluntarily leaves the Coven for any reason, must wait at least a year and a day before they may reapply to the Coven for membership. If reapplication for membership is considered, they shall begin the entire process from the beginning.

Any Member may voluntarily change their status to Associated Soloist at any time. They then become subject to the guidelines set forth in that section of the Coven Bylaws. If they decide to rejoin the Coven, a unanimous vote of the Council is all that is required to renew their status and to restore them to their former level. Irregardless of the level they return at, they will not be eligible for a Council or Officer Position for a period of two months, or be eligible to sponsor a Dedicant for a minimum of three months. Furthermore, any advancements towards a higher level shall be reset as if they had just attained the level of eligibility to apply for the next level. Also, any Member who returns and is then appointed or elected to a Council position is ineligible to vote on any Coven business that is "in process" at the time of their reinstatement, including but not limited to new memberships.

Any member who voluntarily leaves or changes their status to Associated Solo while they are currently sponsoring a Dedicant become subject to the special restrictions set forth in Section II.A.2. Initiates subsection b. Interrupted Sponsorship.

III. Member Application, Acceptance, and Terms of Study
A. Acceptance to The DragonStar Circle (DSC) is dependant upon the rules stated herein. Applications submitted when prohibited by these rules will be discarded unread.
1. Applicants must be eighteen years of age or older.
2. Applications must be complete and must meet all guidelines and formatting rules posted on the Application .
B. Incoming applications will be filtered by the Leadership Council, who will contact the applicant (hopefully in a reasonable time-frame) to confirm receipt.
C. Applications following all stated guidelines will be voted on by the Leadership Council. The applicant will be informed whether or not his/her application has been accepted, is being sent back to the author with a request for a rewrite, or has been rejected.
D. Once an applicant is accepted, s/he will be notified via mail.
E. Newly accepted members immediately enter a probationary period of no less than two weeks and no more than six weeks. In that time, they are expected to complete their first lesson, as well as the weekly circles. Probationary members are required to complete any additional assignments. Once these requirements have been met, the member is no longer considered probationary, and becomes responsible for all actions.
F. Grammar and spelling, a strong respect for the English language, and an ability to communicate with clarity are of great importance to our members.
G. IMPORTANT! Members are expected to uphold themselves to a higher standard of being. Any member not complying with this idea is subject to a formal review by the Formal High Council.
IV. Initiation
A. Students who have successfully completed the dedication period of one (1) year and a day of study and wish to dedicate themselves to further study and service may apply for initiation into The DragonStar Circle (DSC) .
B. Leadership will review the applicant's work and vote to either accept or deny the application.
C. If accepted, the student must sign the Oath of Membership, upon which s/he becomes a full coven member with voting privileges, and is admitted into The DragonStar Circle (DSC) . If denied, the applicant must be released from all DragonStar Circle (DSC) -related obligations.

V. Leadership Council
A. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council members are here to filter Member and initiate applications, to aid integration of new students and members, and to discuss lessons and concerns. They can be trusted to help.
B. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council currently consists of founding members, but Leadership positions may be granted to elder members at current Council's discretion.
C. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council members will be subscribed to a Leadership e-mail list in addition to all other coven emailing lists.
D. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council will consist of no less than three (3) and no more than Thirteen (13) members at any given time.
E. It shall be The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council’s responsibility to create committees as needed, to appoint members to those committees, and to maintain the ultimate health and functioning of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) .

VI. Member Status
A. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council governs the application and acceptance of all The DragonStar Circle (DSC) members and coven initiates, tracks the status of all members, and brings inactivity to the attention of the inactive member and his or her mentor.
B. Active status will be maintained by all members, unless permission for a leave-of-absence is granted by The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council. Inactivity may render a member subject to release from the coven. Extenuating circumstances may be taken into account, and may be put to The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council for consideration. Active status is defined as meeting the criteria listed herein.
1. Each member must be present at all classes, circles, rituals, and meetings.
2. Lessons must be completed on a regular basis, as determined in consultation with the member's mentor.
3. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) members must give updates on their research and/or work.
4. Differing opinions are always welcome, but all members will handle disagreements with respect for their fellow journeyers.
5. Additional assignments such as book readings, film viewings, and critical response essays may be issued by The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council at any time, with reasonable completion dates imposed.

VII. Curriculum
A. Curriculum development and lesson plans will be overseen by The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council.
B. Input from members will be the main source of material for the development of new lessons or the revising of existing lessons.
C. Minor changes to the curriculum, such as editing for form or content, may be made by The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council without consulting coven membership. Major changes, such as introducing new topics, changing the order of topics, changing The DragonStar Circle (DSC) requirements, etc., must be approved by a simple majority of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council before being implemented.

VIII. Mentoring Program
A. All members shall be assigned a mentor by The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council, with whom they are encouraged to discuss lessons, questions, concerns, and personal issues privately.
B. Involvement in the Mentoring Program will be voluntary for elder members.
C. The DragonStar Circle (DSC) as well as founding members in The DragonStar Circle (DSC) may apply to The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council for a position mentoring students.

IX. Hiving Covens
A. Elders, who have successfully entered Adepthood, may petition The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council after one (1) year of service to create a new branch of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) coven in their home region pending their acceptance to the terms of Branching which will be:
1. After successfully Hiving a period of three (3) months probation will be observed. Terms of that Probation will be given at the time of Branching.
2. Once Hive is successful there will be no requests for help or support for five (5) years time.
3. A Yearly report will be given to the DragonStar Circle (DSC) concerning your progress and successes.
B. Access to The DragonStar Circle (DSC) curriculum may be granted to the Hived coven as long as that coven abides by all the rules and bylaws of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) .

X. Privacy
A. Members may not reveal the identities of any other members, nor may they reveal any discussions, lessons, or materials to which they are given access, no matter the form, to any person who is not a member of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) . Failure to abide by this rule of privacy will constitute grounds for immediate removal from The DragonStar Circle (DSC) .

XI. Amendments
A. Any and all amendments to or repeals of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) bylaws must be passed first by a simple majority vote of The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Formal High Council, and then by a majority of the general membership. Any full coven member may introduce a proposed change to the Coven Bylaws. All proposed changes shall be introduced during a coven business meeting Which will be held monthly before the Full Moon Ritual.

Coven Property
1. Real Properties
2. Monies
3. Goods
4. Belongings
5. Coven Budget

Each year during the third week of January, the Coven Treasurer will issue a form stating all gifts, dues, etc. that apply for each Member (or any other party with gifts in excess of $100.00) so that they may have a record of them for their taxes. Note: Activity Fees are not reported on this form due to current tax restrictions.

II. B. 1. Real Property

a. Land
b. Buildings

II. B. 2. Monies

a. Dues are payable on the 15th of each month
Membership dues : $10.00 (per year $120.00)
Initiate dues: $5.00
Children from the age of 13-18 that participate with their family member are as follows $5.00 per month.
Minors who become full Members have dues of $10.00 per month.
When a child turns 18 they are no longer considered as covered under their parent or guardian.

At events children are counted and paid for just like a guest.

Dues shall be paid 1 month in advance. Dues are payable on the 15th of each month. (For the following month) IF dues are not paid by the 20th of the month, a late fee* of $1.00 PER DAY will then apply until dues are paid.

In either case disciplinary action shall follow upon the 90th day and you will no longer be welcome at ANY coven event. Suspension of participation to any and all offices held.
Reinstatement of offices and privileges shall return after dues are current and remain current for a minimum of 2 months.

*Late fee - The Coven understands occasional financial difficulties. IF needed and brought to attention by responsible person in a responsible time frame. We may on a case-by-case basis temporarily suspend this action.

A gift is considered any monies or items given freely to the Coven.
c.Expense Reimbursements
Expenses to be reimbursed by coven require a receipt to be turned in by member requesting reimbursement.
Reimbursements will only be issued for items pre-approved for purchase by the Coven Treasurer.

II. B. 3. Goods

Goods is the term applied to all expendable items held by the Coven. Examples of these are :
Candles, Incense, Herbs, Etc.
These goods are to be supplied by the Coven, using the allocated funds from the Coven Budget, and shall remain the sole property of the Coven, their use for any purpose shall be at the discretion of the Coven Council.

II. B. 4. Belongings

A complete list of all items owned by the Coven shall be kept by the Coven Treasurer, and will be available for viewing upon request.

Coven Library
The Coven Library will be built by donations of books by Initiates at the various levels.
In addition to these donations of books, any gift given to the Coven in the form of books will be added to the Coven Library, and any cash donations so marked will be used to purchase books for the Coven Library.
The Coven Officers may also include an annual line item dollar amount to be used for the expansion of the Coven Library in the Annual Budget not to exceed 5% of the annual gross revenue of the Coven.
The Coven Secretary shall maintain a current listing of all books in the Coven Library, and if they are checked out, by whom, and the expected date of return.
Any Member or Initiate of the Coven may check up to 3 books out of the Coven Library at any given time, for a period not to exceed 14 days.

II. B. 5. Coven Budget

The following is the outline of a Coven Budget proposed on 2-04-2008 by the Officers :

Fixed expenses
500.00 for 501c3 one time fee
250.00 Articles of Incorporation one time fee
100.00 Per Year for Ritual Expanses

Rules of Conduct
1. General
2. Ritual
3. Magical
4. Etiquette

1. General
a. Respect Mother Nature
b. Respect Yourself
i. Don’t Over Commit Your Time
ii. Don’t Over Commit Your Resources
iii. Don’t bury your feelings or emotions
- Take the necessary time to cool down, but then express them in a clear, concise, constructive way.
c. Respect All Others
i. Respect their Beliefs
- in Religious Expression
- in Customs
- in Sexual Practice or Preference
ii. Respect their Property
- Ask BEFORE you borrow something
- If you borrow something, return it in a timely manner
- If you use something, treat it with care
- If you lose or break something, replace it
iii. Do not belittle or put down anyone because of who they are, how they act, or what they do
d. Remember: As a member, or initiate, you now represent not only yourself, but also how others perceive and judge the Coven as a whole
e. Controlled Substances
- There will be no consumption of alcohol by anyone who is under the State mandated Legal age.
- The consumption of alcohol to the state of inebriation will not be allowed during ritual, and anyone who shows up for ritual in such a state will be asked to leave.
- No other controlled substances of any kind, other than prescription medication authorized by a physician, will be tolerated on Coven property, or at a Coven sponsored activity.

2. Ritual
a. Skyclad worship is prohibited.
b. All participants should be clean and freshly bathed for ritual.
c. Please resolve all personal issues and conflicts outside of ritual. (Note: anyone excepting themselves from ritual because of an inability to do so, shall have that desire respected. If it is an ongoing situation, and they wish, the matter may be brought before the Council for mediation.)
d. Ritual is a time of fellowship, celebration, and worship; gaiety and joy are encouraged, but horseplay, one-up-man-ship, and rudeness will not be tolerated.
e. Mistakes are made in circle, and slight accidents (bodily or otherwise) will occur. Kept to a minimum, ritual can flow around these islands of disruption and still be a beautiful thing.
f. In circle, the Priest and Priestess conducting the ritual deserve your respect. They put time and effort into putting this together for you, the least you can do is behave and follow their lead.
g. If you have brought a visitor/guest to ritual, please be sure to tell them the guidelines as well as making sure they act accordingly. We don't expect them to know everything that we're doing in circle, however we do expect them to have a sense of decorum and respect.

3. Magickal
NOTE: The performance of magick is a sacred personal right, which bears responsibility in equal measure to its benefits.
a. Magick shall never be used to coerce someone to do something or to change their will or to intimidate someone.
b. Within The DragonStar Circle (DSC) , any form of Sex Magick shall only be performed in private, by consenting adults, and should only be used by couples that have an existing intimate relationship outside of their magickal practices.
c. Blood Magick is prohibited, except for the following exceptions, and even with these exceptions, the shedding of any blood other than your own is strictly prohibited, and even that must never be coerced or required.
- the dedication of an Athame or other personal power item.
- the construction of a ‘Witches Jar’, or other similarly structured personal protection spell.
d. Magick should never be used as a status symbol.
e. Real Magick can stand on it’s own merit, we don’t make up results to impress others.
f. No Magick, even if you are sure it is beneficial, shall be performed for another person without their direct consent.
g. Any Magick performed for another person must conform to the same rules which apply to members.
h. Any Magick performed for a nonmember should be very carefully considered before commencing, and if you are unsure as to it’s beneficial or ethical use, you are urged to seek the counsel of another member who is not personally involved.
i. Magick shall not be performed for others, member or non-member, for a profit. Reasonable fees to offset the expense of materials or time spent notwithstanding.
j. Intentionally interfering in the Magickal workings of another Member is prohibited; even if you are only trying to help, ask first.
k. Any original Magickal Spell or Research is the sole intellectual property of its author. Even if they share it with you, you must obtain their permission before sharing it with anyone else.
l. Any Magickal Spell or Research submitted to The DragonStar Circle (DSC) Book of Shadows, becomes the property of the Coven as a whole, and permission must be granted by the Formal High Council, before it is shared with nonmembers.
m. It is OK for Magick to be fun, and we do encourage its use at any time and in any way appropriate. As with anything else you do, the more you practice the better and stronger you get, but it should always :
- have a purpose (even if it is just practice)
- follow the rules
n. during the gathering of natural components for spells, always respect Mother Nature, and a gift, or at the very least, a sincere Thank You should be given in exchange.
o. Remember, that using “wrong” methods to obtain a “right” result, will pollute the Magick and it either won’t work or will backfire and do more harm than good.
p. Magick should not be used as an emotional response to an upheaval. In other words, look before you leap, and consider the ramifications first; it’s easier to not do than it is to undo.
q. Preemptive Magical Attacks are forbidden. Any Magickal Attack should be part of a defensive strategy, again weighing the consequences of your actions before proceeding.

4. Etiquette
a. If any one member has a problem with another, they must approach each other directly. If said member feels that they cannot do so, then they can approach an Elder to mediate between the two parties involved.
b. Esbats/discussions are to be conducted in an orderly fashion. Tempers will rise, but voices don't have to. If it must be, a "Symbolic Fish” will be implemented so that everyone has a say in the matter. If you have any questions about how a "Symbolic Fish" is used, you'll soon find out. It is probably best to have pen and paper on hand during these times, as several points will probably be brought up.
c. Dating
i. There will be no dating between full coven members of any level and an Initiate.
ii. As much as we would like to encourage the formation of long-term productive relationships between members, we also want to discourage flings and any other forms of relationships which may interfere with productive interaction between Coven members. As such, the policy is … No more than 2 different ‘partnerships’ may ever be formed from among other Coven members. If you find yourself in a position in which you have already had 2 ‘partnerships’ with other Coven members, and you wish to initiate a third, we respectfully ask that you resign from the Circle.

Telephone: (504) 410-2435

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