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Formed?: May 5, 2011

New Members OK?: Yes

Incorporated?: No

501* Cert.?: No

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Posted: May.19.2011

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Temple of Luna (Fredericksburg)

Age Range/Type: Adult
Located in: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Key Contact: Frater infinity

Spiritual Path: Chaos Majick
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles... Teaching Available

Group Overview: Age requirements 21 or older. NO MINORS

Current topic:

7/29/18: Authentic magick is a method of how you develop freedom in everyday life. Much of the matter or quest is about how you relate to life in all aspects as an individual. . You might be a person who became socialized and trained to remain asleep. There are now ways to awaken.

5/23/18: How does one truly learn magick? The real secret is to understand the more you press through emotions and belief, the more you grow. Most of the time, dysfunctional boundaries of belief creates static. Life is meant to be beautiful and provocative. In truth, magick can be taught; but only you can attain true witch. No one else can do this work for you. Basic through advanced lessons are offered.

5/19/18: Learn the art of sorcery to obtain protection, love, wealth, and happiness. This class enpowers beginners with knowledge of spell and hex.

5/13/18: Limited Class Invite: Tis the season to Love. New romance and love melt together with the love magick class. Yes, you will learn how to create a open communication between the gods of love and your chosen goal.

5/6/18: The current witchcraft scene is one where the ideologies of community are often tainted by political agendas. As such, the authentic structure of magick tends to be limited by the house of operation. Such an environment can be emotional and even destructive to a students search.

The Temple of Luna is a none political phenomenon which specializes in methods of magick which are effective and evolutionary. As such, we are not the traditional style. The study of the Goddess earth and the stars requires a deeper relationship. For she is a true being of great import to everyone.

The Temple does not tolerate competition or games. The problem begins when people get on their proverbial high horse and preach other methods are wrong. Or even worst using politcal agendas as means of determining which is best for another.

Only the individual can determine their course of action. We do not associate with familial traditions. We do not stem from such origins. We are a freebase mystery connected school of occult power and development.

We do recognize the universal nature of occult knowledge and welcome those who are sincere. As a result our work is generally selective of good people. Disruptive people are assisted as well, although they usually choose other houses of knowledge.

If you truly want to know and practice in a real pragmatic way, free from dogma and lukewarm teachings, then you might enjoy our temple.

Beginner programs are available.

5/6/18: Learn the art of sorcery and natural magic. This is for adults only; as we have no classes for minors. To apply, send us an email with a detailed expression of what you wish to learn. We are friendly to thelema, and as well many other mystery schools.

4/27/18: Classes in candle Magick and chaos Magick. Get

4/9/18: Lessons in sacred magick.

3/31/18: The natural religions deify nature often with fertility and fulfilllment. The Goddess is amazing as you will soon find out.

3/26/18: The development of a will, power, and passion is related to an understanding and acceptance of the gift. The Goddess plays a role in this process. Continued practice is very important. You will have to work with alot of different paradigms and ideas. Daily practice in internal alchemy is essential.

Introduction: The Temple of Luna is an authentic school of the mysteries and advanced magick.

Our mission is focuses on magical attunement and eventual initiation. We honor and respect all manifestations of life as beautiful and worthy of respect. Our loosely held membership is a medium for exchange of ideas among advanced and focused initiates who enjoy a sense of trust, respect, and confidentiality. To coin a phrase, we are looking for a "few good men and women", The Temple of Luna.

Before contact understand we will reply to everyone provided enough information is contained in the inquiry.

Please provide detailed info as to your goals.

We are not the only game in town.

We do not offer social meetings or hookups. Everything we do is about the work. Secondarily, please don't contact us unless you are an open minded person.

All instruction is one and one according to ancient method. We are a connected mystery school with celestial connections.

We re very focused on our work. Serious stuff for a serious practitioner.

Also, we are considered somewhat outlaw. Meaning we really don't care to imitate any other groups and prefer to be left to be creative artist, magicians, and practice occult arts without interference.

We are tiny, but we have been around for a long time. So go figure.. smiles.

We do not accept those individuals who are not credible. If you love this work, you know what I mean.

PUBLIC MESSAGE TO COMMUNITY: The purpose of the Temple of Luna is to train, initiate, and prepare those for self initiation. We do not have any mandatory teachings, but we do have a structure which is accessible based on degees.

As such, we do not follow or subserviant ourselves to older traditions where strict adherence to rules is followed.

The Temple of Luna does not generate or accept any monies for its services. Nor do we have a political or nationalism belief or mission.

Also all our practices are claimed as right to worship. We honor the country of domicile and laws.

If you are already a witch initiate, please contact us with a detailed message of your interests.

3-1-18: We have openings for new students who are serious about magical work and building another Temple coven.

1-31-18: Was incredible intense. Lots of Elemental energy. Dog and Water mixed in with other wordly manifestations. We currently have openings for 3 new students.

1-28-18 Closed meeting in DC was incredible.

1-25-18: Denver lecture was fabulous. Alchemy still exist. Want to learn?

1-9-18: Busy time dealing with travel to Alchemist meeting in Denver. New students are welcomed at this time.

11-30-17: Much has been spoken of the Goddess Earth. We love her and ask her blessing on each and everyone, so they may love with compassion and most of all serve those who are in need of food, shelter, and mentorship.

11-15-17: Merry Meet. We are a loose collective of magi who specialize in chaos magick. We are not a traditional witch group; although we have many witches who like our work. Try us for the undoing of the great escape into the none real.

11-10-17: Meeting with alchemy initiates in Louisville, KY. This was a beautiful experience and we highly recommend.

11-2-17: The Day of the Dead is a time of reverence, holiday, and memory of all our ancestors and kindred spirits. May we live in light always.

10-22-17 Greetings! Most of us are searching for a way to improve our lives free from Abrahamic philosophy or xianty. This is a way which allows your own choice of path and development. Most everyone who has been initiated into the ToL have greatly changed and enhanced their lives through higher awareness and chaos magick. We invite you to request consideration. We are looking for very good people who fit into a specific open ended magical belief. As such we are open to most free thinkers and psychics. Males are also accepted depending on the needs of the Temple, although are emphasis is in creating High Priestess.

10-11-17 The Temple of Luna welcomes the new energies now bathing earth in a rebellious aspect of change. As we approach a more harmonious place within, our external life will improve. The Temple of Luna has several tiers of entrance into its profound teaching. We identify strongly with earth based magick and philosophy and as such consider each to be sacred, pure in intent, and capable of much growth. Most students will come with some knowledge of wicca and other arts, but the emphasis on chaos magick requires a change of intent and strong desire to work with body, mind, and spirit. We embrace a sense of freedom, and as such each may express how they please. Initiation is offered to those with demonstrated magical ability. While we do not feel the present day environment prompts weekly meet ups, we do have potential for group meetings. Each initiate of our teachings may determine which way this is manifested. Solitary or not, all initiates go through a one on one training. This is a phase in which a selection must be made as to connection with chaos magick. Not everyone makes the cut. We are glad to assist in anyway possible. In truth we are not exclusive, though specialized in body magick as it relates to spiritual experience. There is no messiah, or escape from your chosen path; as such we do not pretend to have a way for you. If you like what is offered, that is good; though we accept all beliefs as sacred and good.

10-5-2017 Full Moon: Let us be blessed on this day of fruition and accept the gift of love from the Goddess. Play and be merry. New students are welcomed.

9-10-2017: The Temple is open to a variety of tantric/energy styles and as such, we work with the conceptual energy paradigms of Austin Osman Spare, and Pascal Randolph.

9-9-2017: All aspirants to the work of the temple are given one on one instruction. After completion of such training; there is the possibility of work within a group context. Most chaos magi are currently solitary and while we encourage group participation, we do not regulate any students choice. According to many sources, the current situation points to one on one instruction. The concept is not new and is the traditional method used until contact can be made.

9-8-17: The temple focuses on the modern interpretations of the nine noble virtues, though we are not a northern tradition, we do glean teachings from all faiths. 1 Enoch and other obscure revelations are jewels. However, each student must find their way to the temple.

9-8-2017: All students go through diligent veting. All inquiries are handled gseriously and given much effort and labor. Keep in mind, we go through periods of a lot of inquiry; we may not be able to work you right this minute, but patience is a positive virtue. We have a proven track record of authenticity and performance. The Temple is a school of magism, and while we respect conservative approaches, ours is modern and open source. Meaning we do everything, but identify with nothing. In other words, Join the Wild Party...and Let Bacchus be your guide.

8-21-2017: Today is a fabulous solar eclipse, and perfect for magic. I am a chaos magi and on occasion teach. If you have interests in the occult or paranormal, contact me for further information.


The Temple is open to new members who are open minded, focused, and healthy. Our methods are a combination of ancient to very modern approaches to magick. You will be thoroughly instructed in defensive, life enhancement, and prosperity through ceremony and magical exercises.

You will be given email instructions and then, person to person meetings with the High Priest of our order.

The Temple is planning to go the next phase by applying for 501c status, but, as of right now, you have the generosity and expectation all will be respected and accepted.

What we are about is deeply spiritual. As such, we take our studies seriously, and most of all do expect you to do your part. All practices are carefully instructed; and especially designed for your personal needs. Your confidentiality and ours is essential. Your openness and our ethics are crucial to attaining your goal.

May you be well...and blessed



The Temple offers authentic instruction to interested students who are wanting magical skill sets.


The new year brings much promise of happiness and prosperity. Learn to use authentic magic for providing service to others and yourself, safely, and sanely. We teach traditional chaos magic so be prepared for the Goddess.


Each student of magical science must learn how to work with creative forces. It is fairly easy to apply the technology to obtain a result; but very difficult to gain expertise and focus. Our temple does not engage or allow binding or curses of other covens or people. Our position is always one of occult law and justice.


The new year is sure to provide many spiritual opportunities for everyone. The coven is evolving in concept, as we find more students are at beginning stages of exploration, but heavily self defined. That is a good thing and helps with guidance and exploration of authentic magic. There are many different ways to approach life, love, and magic. You can create....and we will be glad to work with you in your self appointed quests.


Learn the secret art of magick safely and in a powerful way. Contact for in temple practice.


Reclaiming a lineage from the ancient past, we invite students who are searching or exploring the deeper mysteries of magic and ceremony. Join us in a dedicated temple of chaos magick.


Much has happened in a few short weeks, which require further statement of our mission. Simply stated we are a mystery school doorway to authentic self discovery and greatly enhanced magical skills.

If you find us, we are interested in discussing how we might work in a collaborated effort.

We offer highly effective methods of magic based chaos magic paradigms.

To know, To will, To dare, to be silent
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.



The annual party was amazing. A artistic troupe of people showed up. Very magical.

Now that the Halloween is over we concentrate on students who are presented for initiation. In a rare opportunity the TOL is conducting open initiation. The outer court of the current is open.

Each new initiate will get a gift from us. A great way to show you WERE THERE.



There are many during this Halloween season who seek information about the Temple. Todays message is to them.

We are happy to discuss your goals in magic. We need your help in understanding we can only meet in person if there is trust.

Our message to humanity is about our mission of providing a fast and effective pathway to personal illuminism. We are not Illuminati however, but we respect ALL traditions as sacred to those who seek wisdom.

Each is free to choose. Let us be who we are; and you will find our attitudes as open and positive towards yours.

Some people might feel the commitment we require is too much. Well, its hard work, and the most you can expect is a maybe. There are no guarantees in life.

We do love the human body as an example of the Goddess. Our ceremonies vary from sky clad to full on robes. It is all a matter of where your heart is in life. If you think bodies and the things bodies do are taboo or fearful; then, you will find a slow pathway is more appropriate to you.

On the other hand, if you are one of those very gifted students who seek the most and the best, no matter what; we are interested in discussing things further.

We are a free spirited group of exploratory magi and witches.

A truly great person sees the Goddess in everything. Blessed Be Frater Infinity


The temple is authentic sovereign school of initiation as opposed to xianity religious worship. Our instructions from the Goddess require to provide a serious study of magick and mastery of life without the disrespect of egotism or judgement.

The portals of initiation open and close in many ways. All novices or Newby are encouraged to accept a free tarot card reading and sacred gift.

As such, we screen all students in a gentle compassionate way design to give spiritual insight leading into initiation.

Our work is simply customized to you. Our chaos magick section is a elite Corp of tried and proven magi who are dedicated to service.


Prospective temple or coven members often have concerned about sexual derivative ceremony. No authentic temple or coven requires sexual play. You have every choice, as long as others are respected for their choices.

Erotic magick is a technique of spiritual illumination and is not to be confused with hedonistic lovemaking. Ancient teachings oppose any coercive or manipulation of students. You should have a happy heart and passion for any such work. If you do not, simply pass it on.

10-15-16: The Temple of Luna is now accepting new students who are interested in initiation of chaos magic. Unfortunately, we do not have instruction or ceremony for minors. Please do not request it.

What we do offer is a very direct and powerful means to magical development.

10-5-16: The Temple of Luna is a authentic school of magic and sacramental art. Learn the secrets of elementals magick.

Now accepting new students:

Please ask for our free reading and question sessions via email, phone, or in person.

Our group is available to those with a commitment to learn secret occult wisdom and practices of a authentic school. We accept all, regardless of your level of experience. You must be an adult. And of course, free from legal or court issues.


We revel in highly exotic ceremony. We provide a safe environment. We offer techniques by which you may benefit in many ways.. We accept those who are aware of the need for deep change and amazing exploration of life.

Some of our students have been empowered to pursue careers in business, education, and healing. As such, we stand on a proven way.

All ceremonial workings are private and we require confidentiality statements from all participants. Not so much, to prevent disclosure of our workings, but, to allow personal freedom.

There is never any money charged.

The Temple of Luna is a authentic school of magic opened to advance and basic practitioners of the art. We teach traditional chaos magic because our founder was also one of the founders of the chaos magic temple IOT in the USA from the start.

Keep in mind, chaos magic is intense and suited for those who like freedom loving exploration and enjoy ceremony.

We are like no other witch house. Smiles.


The Temple of Luna policy allows each to follow their own path and political beliefs as long as any such activity is not a compromise of the Temple of Luna in any way.

Ultimately, each is responsible for their own lives. We build lives and will through magic and awareness.

We honor and respect those who have been criticized or damaged by the pontifical control of their lives; and merely ask all to seek a path of liberation.

All aspects of magic are taught within the context of what is agreed upon.

We do not have a political posture of any kind, except we believe in the sovereignty of personal freedom as long as it is none violent and consensual.


Authentic instruction about chaos magic. Please feel free to ask any questions. We are one of the few temples started by one of the earliest adepts in USA.

Enjoy a free tarot card reading during your interview.


Learn how to bring down the Goddess and God in your life through magical methods. Its been a secret for a long time.

What is offered: Ceremony, divination, sacred rites, and Goddess worship. Elixir and herbal training combined with Divine Eucharist the chaos magical way. Worship the goddess and earn your Priestess.

Limited openings.


Learn the sacred art of witch power and magic through highly effective worship and technique.. Lessons include mirror skrying, ecstasis, and intense shamanic practice.

This is a serious study of chaos magic by one of the USA founders of the IOT. The Temple of Luna offers chaos magic initiation in the traditional way. Weekly study and practical, make attendance weekly important. Successful participants are initiated as Neophyte of Chaos Magick.

10-1-2015 New students are being accepted into aspirant status at this time. Each student can learn magic at their own pace. You will be initiated into the Temple of Luna to start off.

9-20-2015: October coming up with an opening for a witch in training wanting to learn a powerful form of magic and sacramental art. Selection process involves challenging magically oriented tasks, so as to discover ones path and work with the intensity of the inner self. Authentic and connected.

7-2-2015 Here it is independence day; and many new students from all over the world. Locally, there is private instruction which helps you develop a strong foundation. TOL does not offer academy style training, instead all work is experiential and tailored to your needs. If you are wanting a new direction in your studies; then try Chaos Magick as we teach it. smiles!

6 18 2015. June starts off basic training boot camp for students followed by initiation. This a quick no bs path for true seekers of magical skill and the goddess. Priestess training is available when openings exist.

3-1-2015 March brings us full circle and now accepting new students. We work with beginners and advanced.

8-1-2014 August brings an opening for a dedicated seeker of the magical art of chaos magick. The Temple of Luna is a cosmic connected school of occult learning. Each student is a star and facilitate your goals and aspirations. We also strongly emphasize the sacredness of the body and its use to attain gnosis and magical result.
6-1-2014 The Temple has a great deal to offer those who have a strong interest in magical arts as it applies to spiritual development. The Temple operates as a connected mystery temple whose sole and only purpose is the illumination and freedom of each. Truly you are a star. Our selection process is demanding and is meant only for serious students, regardless of path of orientation. The initiation comes through great compassion given by those who have been released from the earthly worlds and swim in the ocean of life, as a star.

1-20-2014: Sorry no minors are ever admitted to our functions. Those interested in family friendly options please continue looking. We restrict membership to those over 20+

6/12/2013: We still offer basic magick classes. We have erotic and ectasis teachings for those bold enough to embrace.

The newest approach to magick will involve two streams. The return of the owl god or Atlantian mysteries; and the path of the stellar hosts. Both paths have equal pschic requirements and skills. Tne Temple of Luna has a special opportunity for those who are willing to the huge amount necessary to gain such skills and abilities. We heavily stress esctasis and all sensory methods of trance induction. As such we are closed to those with issues. People who have interest in tantra and sexual arts but have little magical training will be encouraged to learn the basics of magick first. Once one has a strong foundation; then a more problem or issue free travel through the dimensions and realms can be made. We are only interested in those who are self chosen; you know who you are and it is our function to anchor the mystery and provide a place for your workings.

5/26/2013 Learning the art of magick is a self chosen path. If someone really teaches you magick; they are teaching you how to think, observe, and make your own decisions not theirs.

2/8/2013 We are accepting new students who are dedicated to learning the art of magick and ceremony.

7/12/2012 From time to time we get request for teachings from people who do not have the time to follow our program or think entry into this coven is easy. First of all, all students should be able to spend at least 5 hours every two weeks for meetings and one on one teaching. If a student shows ability and potential, they are invited to group work; which is much more intense and productive. Frater Infinity will instruct all beginning students, to insure their foundation is strong. Keep in mind, we have protectors who will work magically to allow entrance for those who are sincere and compassionate.

7/4/2012 We are now accepting new students for one and one instruction; and then invitation to group workings. We are friendly and will teach you the secret arts of magick as related to Chaos Magick and other new kinds of magick.
4/1/2012 The International Headquarters of the TofL has created a regional temple in Fredericksburg, VA. We require one on one teachings to start. Also expect your life to shift, if not please do not contact.

We now have openings for those wanting to train as High Priest or High Priestess in Chaos Magick.

All initial training is one on one with a selected teacher.

All students from here on out, must PROSPECT to our temple. Upon completion , you have the right to wear the robe, ring, and colors of this order.

Prospects will be given training and guidance how to complete liber MMM. That is a basic requirement. From there they are High Priestess. Additional training is required depending on what ones magical intent and goals are.

Please be advised, we are in alignment with the ancient model of on one, before invitation to group settings.


3/13 with the upcoming Sabbat we will be screening participants for this fun and rustic event. All students are invited; and those who are not...they too. Currently, all temple students join the temple of luna site on facebook. There are all levels of participation. We have close to 600 students world wide. If you want to come to Fredericksburg, VA we have temple workings. However, there is a strict standard, and we hope to see you through. We will guide you; as an individual. This is a male and female copositive environment, so please be respectful and loving.

We now offer one on one consult or question period. Free professional quality tarot card readings; and crystal ball/pendulum. We do not charge for anything. You can write for a session. You must be over legal age. And we are purely ethical; as our guides demand that of us.

1/26/2012 The Temple of Luna respects all beliefs and opinons as central to human freedom and advancement. We are open to many different views as long as there is no harm done, violation of law, violence, or compromise of human rights. We recognize the importance of the human factor and consider such work as personal and private. General membership will teach the basics. For those who want a temple experience; more intense programs are offered.

1/21/2012 We are happy to announce FREE witchcraft classes for those who have an interest in learning a powerful magical system which honors the male and female equally.

If you are the kind of student who wants to learn and yet innovate your own way of doing things; then this is the way to go.

Our High Priest is Carlos Melendez, a long time practitioner of magick, divination, and spiritual advisement. His tenure with major international spiritual groups coupled with strong practice make his classes not only lectures, but actual ritual praxis.

The class will be comprised of true seekers of these ancient ways, with no restriction to sexual orientation, religion, race, or creed. We are free and we see no reason to limit such.

If you truly want to learn magick in its deepest modes of power and expression, this limited opportunity is up to you.

We are free....but we appreciate small token or donations. (We just want to pay the electric bills) crafts and ceremonial tools are as always your responsibility and costs.


Our sacred temple space is available to our students.

Our temple portals are opening and we are ready for new students. here is your chance to become priest or Priestess of our order. Out of this group we will vote in a High Priest and High Priestess. smiles

12/24/2012 Imagine the fun and frolic of meeting with someone who can teach you a real style of magick? The Goddess sings when we meet together and worship her in the magick of the moment.

The Temple of Luna is now offering a free chaos magick correspondence course complete with practice and exercises.

Upon successful completion of the lessons and assignments you are qualified to petition the Temple of Luna for the degree of Neophyte. However, you have no obligation what so ever to do so.

In addition, each lesson will include private lessons based on your unique goals and the temples ability to facilitate.

Carlos Melendez is a well traveled initiate of the ancient way having been born with psychic abilities. Such a unique ability paved the way for numerous spiritual experiences from childhood on. Dr. Melendez is a former cofounder and Adept of the prestigious Illuminates of Thaneteros and a initiate of international rosicrucian orders. His history also includes the Aeth Priesthood; Sexual Cultivation, and Tantra. His temple work includes MT and founder of temples in California to include Santa Barbara, Summerland, Ventura and Fredericksburg, VA. In addition, he has non obligated students throughout the world. His facebook page Temple of Luna is one part of the active groups emphasis.

We only work with women and men over 20 years of age, due to legal requirements. If you are under 18, we do not have suitable programs for you, sorry.

We have a new Temple, the Temple of Luna Fredericksburg. We offer free ten week course on ceremony design and basic magick. Once completed you are may wish initiation into the temple.

A bit about the temple. There has been temple workings in rural
Virginia for many years. Due to the conditions and the fact, our beliefs may be misunderstood by more conventional religious bodies such as xianty faiths; we operate as a closed or confidential activity.

Personal freedom is one of the strongest majicks we have to offer and as such we honor those who are different than us; as we expect and demand the same of those who would be our friends or associates. In truth, we feel a low profile is necessary so as to allow us to work in confidentiality and privacy.

To be honest, we find all religions have their own unique beneficial beliefs and philosophy. Ours is oriented towards a type of worship which is purely creative and dependent upon the views of the aspirant at the time. All beliefs change through history and we do not have a permanent dogma.

What we do have to offer is one on one instruction and eventually group workings. As such, we are looking for people who are self- reliant, mature, and open hearted. Self-reliant to be capable of self governance, mature in the ways of life (not necessarily age dependent) , and open hearted to learn new things and study subjects foreign to our own.

This alchemical process of becoming involves initiation and regular testing of ability. There is however, no pass or fail; what we do know is that passionate and regular practice will upset the applecart of fixed belief.

One should not inquire if they are happy with their present condition and do not wish to change. You certainly do not want to contact if you are involved in study with someone else, and merely want to complete a assignment by checking out what we do.

In the first place, we are an initiatory org; and the temple represents a sacred place to us. The temple space is temporarily anchored where we set up altar; but the portal is permanent and has been created many years ago. One of the first things we want to teach is how to properly enter and exit the portal. Once you are conscious of such interactions, many options exists. Deeper initiation allows one to explore creative aspects of the Divine Goddess or creative forces.

The process of majism involves: the elemental, planetary, sol, constellation; and distant nebula. One scales these dimensions and eventually has the will power to determine much in life; formerly reactive.

Discipline and honor of other students are always important. There is no level of of superiority or control within ones spiritual journey. The temple is however a sacred but somewhat mundane anchor with certain rules. An initiate of ours, has the responsibility of teaching proper ethics and morality without creating a controlling situation.

Another big difference, is we will work with all students, except those who are aggressive and have not learned the harm caused by unfocused intention. We will not work with those on psychiatric drugs or egoic belief in domination of others.

The work is all about mastering the subjective field of self; meanwhile understanding the objective side of self without subjective mastery is very limiting.

Your participation in this work is conditional. We allow, you to select. You may leave us anytime for any reason. Each is a star unto themselves.

Respect of the human condition is important as we know, lack of respect with bodies, is a sure sign communication with other beings will be filled with disrespect. We do not own other intelligences, though they are formed to assist us, we do not own them beyond our intention they participate in our creation.

Ultimately we learn to be a law unto ourselves, not based on egotism but on the fullest responsibility for creative majism.

The Temple of Luna (Fredericksburg) invites you to inquire and to consider learning our teachings. Blessed be.

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