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Category: Sales

Posted: June 19th., 2009

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Commercial Notice

unique books

Proclaimed by: sarapis
Proclaimed from: stamford lincolnshire, England



Occult and Magical Works

individually handmade


The Hell Fire Club

Offered for sale

Midsummer June 2009

1. Nicolas Remy DEMONOLATRY translated by E.A.Ashwin edited with an introduction and notes by the Reverend Montague Summers. A unique copy of this rare first edition in full black calfskin

Translated by E. A . Ashwin, ed with introduction and notes by Rev. Montague Summers. A classic study of late 16th c witchcraft by one of its chief persecutors. Nicholas Remy was born in 1530 and qualified as a lawyer, rising to prominence through the administration of Nancy in the Duchy of Lorraine He became a privy councillor to Charles of Lorraine (1567- 1607) Cardinal Archbishop of Strasbourg. On 24th August 1591 he was named Procureur General of the Duchy of Lorraine . "Armed with complete control of the courts throughout the ducy, not only did he encourage the magistrates to exercise the utmost vigilance in the pursuit of and the most unrelenting severity in the condemnation of witches, but, particularly during the year 1596 he himself journeyed up and down the province, examining suspects, searching out even the most remote villages and hamlets, and inquiring into! all cases with the most idefatigable energy and perseverenace". Remy continued in this office from 1591 to 1606. He died in 1612. the first edition of his study of witchcraft and demonology was published in 1595 ( Lyons 4to) .

Rodker 1930 limited first edition of 1275 copies, handmade paper, edges uneven, original orange staining to top edge. Bound full-leather in fine contemporary black calf, red black and gold marbled papers, headbands of black and gold, on the leather the veins of the animal eerily visible (particularly on the back board) five raised bands with exquisite blindtooling throughout making this an atmospheric and aesthetically appealing copy evoking the period of the inquisition. £333.00 GBP

2. Mathers, S.L. MacGregor : THE GRIMOIRE OF ARMADEL with an introduction by William Keith.

The Grimoire of Armadel was a work supposedly derived from the mediaeval black magic text known as the Grimorium Verum, but more likely a seventeenth century work (or at least a seventeenth century reworking of an earlier text) . Mathers had apparently completed his translation of this work in the late 1890s, but circumstances conspired against its publication, and although it circulated in manuscript amongst the members of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega (the group of Golden Dawn members who remained loyal to Mathers following the split within that order) .

Excellent copy of this edition (Weiser 1995) finely bound in full midnight hue goatskin, silver grey marbled endpapers with red black and gold, matching head and tail bands. Gilt motif to front board: a cruciform design composed from double vescicas (a mystical symbol representing the intersection of material and spiritual worlds) of Arabic influence with an equal armed cross saltire at centre. Five raised bands fine gilt tooling of double lines either side. An excellent copy £135.00 GBP

3. Mathers, S.L. MacGregor: THE KEY OF SOLOMON THE KING foreword by Richard Cavendish.

Long accounted as amongst 'the most famous, or infamous, of all magical textbooks' this translation of the so-called "Key of Solomon" is based on 7 manuscripts then housed in the British Museum . The translation is by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, one of the founders and leaders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, occult scholar, and nemesis of Aleister Crowley. It was first published in 1888, reissued in 1909, and remained out-of-print until it was reissued here by Routledge with a new introduction by Richard Cavendish in 1972.

A unique full leather bound copy of this famous grimoire in a lovely vintage printing, bound in long grain black kidskin, gilt floral design to centre front, five raise bands gilt lines either side. A stunning marbled endpaper of tan gold black and red, matching head and tail bands. A superb copy £115.00

4. Waite, A.E. : THE OCCULT SCIENCES: A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine & Experiment London 1891 first edition :

A compendium of transcendental doctrine and experiment embracing an account of magical practices; of secret sciences in connection with magic; of the professors of magical arts; and of modern spiritualism, mesmerism and theosophy Contents: Magical Practices; White Magic: The Evocation of Angels; White Magic Evocation of Spirits; Black Magic; Necromancy; Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic; Alchemy; Elixir of Life; Crystallomancy; Composition of Talismans; Divination; Divining Rod; Astrology; Kabbalism;; Professors of Magical Art; Mystics; Rosicrucians; Freemasons; Modern Phenomena; Mesmerism; Modern Spiritualism; Theosophy.

Waites work here reflects his magical and occult interests shortly after joining the hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, later works are markedly mystical and abstract in tone.

Full bound leather, black polished kidskin authors name gilt to spine, front board a curious lozenge device: I.N.R.I. with a central equal armed cross. Marbled endpapers in deep blue and gold, matching head and tail bands. A very handsome copy of this rare work £185.00 GBP

5. Bouget, Henri : AN EXAMEN OF WITCHES translated by E.A. Ashwin & edited by the Reverend Montague Summers, Rodker 1929 limited first edition.

Based on his own trial experiences it describes over forty cases Bouguet examined and in repute it rivalled the Malleus Maleficarum and surpassed similar works by noted contemporaries like Bodin and Remy.Part of its success was because of its appendix., "The Manner of Procedure of a Judge in a Case of Witchcraft" which codified existing statutes and court procedures.Boguet's family attempted, unsuccessfully, to suppress the work after his death.
This copy being one of a limited edition of 1275 copies produced by the publisher John Rodker in 1929, characteristic handmade paper with uneven edges, top edge stained green. Fully bound in black pin grain morocco (used most often on large bibles in past centuries) with a gilt design to the front board of an inverted pentagram 666 to the centre, floral swirls in each angle. Round the circumference inscribed HENRI + BOUGET + DISC- + OURS + DSORC in gold, punctuated by crosses at the points of the pentagram.
An unusual copy of this rare and important work on witchcraft £245.00 GBP

6. Agrippa, Henry Cornelius : FOURTH BOOK OF OCCULT PHILOSOPHY
No date but undoubtably the 1978 Askin facsimile limited to 500 copies. Full facsimile of the 1656 text without modern introductions or title pages, a handsome full leather copy of this important work:
Of Geomancy, Magical Elements, Astrological Geomancy, the Nature of Spirits, Magic of the Ancients. Contents: Commendatory Poems; Of Geomancy; Of Occult Philosophy, or Of Magical Ceremonies: The Fourth Book, Henry Cornelius Agrippa; Heptameron: or, Magical Elements, Peter de Abano; Isagoge: An Introductory Discourse on the Nature of such Spirits as are exercised in the Sublunary Bounds; their Original, Names, Offices, Illusions, Posers, Prophecies, Miracles; and how they may be Expelled and Driven away, Georg Pictorius Villinganus; Of Astronimical Geomancy, Gerard Ceremonensis; Of the Magick of the Ancients, Arbatel.
This copy full bound in light tan antiqued sheepskin, a traditional bookbinding material common in the seventeenth century, blind tooled with traditional rule and decorative motifs across the front and spine. Red and gold marbled endpapers with matching headbands. A superb copy of this important book which would grace any collection £145.00

7. Gardner, Gerald B. : WITCHCRAFT TODAY: Rider first edition 1954, a superb copy in full leather of this classic work revealing wicca for the first time.
Introduction by Dr Margaret Murray. ' The author of this book, Gerald B. Gardner, is an actual member of one of the few covens of witches surviving in England and with an unbroken oral tradition that goes back to pre-Christian days. For the first time secrets of the cult are revealed by a practising devotee, and they differ significantly from testimony obtained by torture. The cult worship a Horned God, representing death, and a Moon Goddess, hitherto unknown in books on witchcraft, representing fertility and rebirth. The male priest in the role of the Horned God presides at Hallowe'en and February Eve Sabbaths, while the priestess acting as the Moon Goddess conducts the May and August Eve Sabbaths. We also learn of the origin of the broomstick in witchcraft rites, of the reason for using ointment when the rites take place in the open air in the night in the nude, of the charge to the young witch when he or she first enters th! e circle, and many other details of great interest. For instance, one of the reasons why membership of the covens is restricted to thirteen is that this is the maximum number of people you can get into a nine-foot circle with the necessary freedom of movement, i.e. to produce a whirling dervish effect- if the circle is larger "you cannot get gidy so easily". Revelations like these make sense for the first time of much that is reported in the witchcraft trials. The author tells how two witch covens joined together to "raise the cone of power" against Hitler in an attempt to stop the invasion, as their great-grandparents did to stop Napoleon and (as their oral tradition has it) their covens had done to stop the Armada .'
This copy full bound in contemporary long grain goatskin, a rich dark green with a texture evoking the night forests. Viridian green and gold endpapers with flashes of red and black, red and green headbands, red leather title label gilt. A uniquely bound copy of this classic work on modern witchcraft very rare indeed £220.00 GBP

8. Davidson, Thomas: ROWAN TREE & RED THREAD, A Scottish Witchcraft Miscellany of Tales Legends & Ballads Together with a Description of the Witches Rites & Ceremonies first edition, Boyd, 1949 full leather binding
Davidson wrote Rowan Tree and Red Thread as an essay with half of it devoted to a collection of practices (sympathetic magic, transference magic, incantations, invocations, elf arrows, widdershins) , witch organization (covens, rituals, feasts, dances, witch rides, initiation ceremonies…) , and persecution (witchcraft acts, sentences, witch prickers, tests, confessions, torture…) and the other half of his essay dedicated to folk tales and ballads involving known witches, witchcraft, and the Devil. It is a wonderful collection of lore, the tales alone in the original Scottish context are a rare find, and the bits of genuine folklore hidden within the pages make this book a wonderful addition to a historical witchcraft collection.
This copy bound in full contemporary black kidskin, dark blue marbled endpapers with black and gold flashes, sympathetic head and tail bands, a gilt motif of thistles to the front board, title gilt to spine. A very fine copy of this rare title £195.00 GBP

9. Chrisina Hole: WITCHCRAFT IN ENGLAND Batsford 1945 first edition.
Evoking all the evil fascination of a witches' Sabbath, Witchcraft in England is an ideal introduction to the wild and strange force that for so long a time held a frightening sway over man's imagination. A full history of the belief in witchcraft in Egland alone would require many volumes much larger than this. But within the covers of one remarkable book, the author shows how varied were the roots from which this strange plant flourished, and how diverse were the attractions of magic which drew together philosopher and criminal, political plotter and lovesick woman, great lord and peasant in one vast, ill-assorted company. Covers: Bells, Books, Candles, Witches' Sabbaths, FERTILITY Rites, Witch Hunts, and oather manifestations of the Black Arts that held England spellbound for centuries. A remarkable work illustrated with a succession of ex! pressive sketches by artist Mervyn Peake, black and white and sepia tint half-tone drawings.
Lovely first edition copy with signs of ageing to original paper, top edge with original deep burgundy coloration, clean edges. Fully bound in contemporary dark purple crushed morocco leather, deep red blck and gold marbled papers with matching headbands. A fine example of the illustrated book in a fine binding £90.00 GBP

10. Summers, Montague (translated) : A TREATISE OF GHOSTS, Being the Psichologie (sic) or Treatise upon Apparitions and Spirits, of Disembodied Souls, Phantom Figures, Strange Prodigies &c &c by Father Noel Taillipied first edition (1933) Fortune Press.
A very scarce work by noted demonologist and historian of witchcraft Montague Summers. Possibly more useful today as it is a methodical treatise from a period still influenced by the hysteria (the original French edition was issued in 1588) but whose authorities lacked the acumen of Taillipied, or his obvious experience of the inner realms.
Contemporary dark blue crushed goatskin with a full grain, red speckled top edge with foredge and bottom edge untrimmed, many pages of this copy still left uncut from the original printing. Front gilt with floral centerpiece, border of twelve leafy sections around a further twelve indented buds. A very handsome copy of this insightful and unusual treatise on the supernatural £118.00 GBP

11. Summers, Montague: MALLEUS MALEFICARUM Translated from the medieval Latin treatise of Kramer and Sprenger, perhaps the most notorious handbook of torture and execution mania known to history. Pushkin 1951.
Charged by Pope Innocent VIII to investigate witchcraft, Dominican friars Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger traveled throughout Germany gathering Alpine lore and legend for Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches' Hammer) . First published around 1486, the book-with its detailed instructions for identifying, trying, torturing and executing witches; and its tantalizing tales of shape-shifters, incubi and succubi, and mortals in league with Satan-was long "considered the authority" on the subject (Kies 118) . "The Malleus went through 28 editions between 1486 and 1600 [and it] did much to spur on and sustain some two centuries of witch-hunting hysteria in Europe " (Britannica Online) . Kramer and Sprenger were "careful to affirm that they collected, rather than furnished, their materials originally" (Bibliotheca Diabolica, 4) . "In every ! way a 'character'" (The Times, London) , controversial author and scholar Summers-who styled himself "The Reverend, " although details of his ordination as either an Anglican deacon or a secret "Old Catholic" priest remain unclear-had a passionate interest in medievalism and the occult, which led to his publishing this first English translation of Kramer and Sprenger's work. Illustrated with engraved frontispiece portrait of Innocent VIII, rubricated titles and initial pages.

This copy full bound in black kidskin with a striking gilt design to the front board: a central Christian cross foliated with maltese, four small flowers coming out between the arms of the cross suggesting the INRI inscription seen in churches, to the left and right are two standards suggestive of imperial staffs or ecclesiastical batons, sun discs to the centres, top of the design a Chi-Rho monogram indicating the name Christos which the Emperor Constantine saw in his vision above the words in hoc signo vinces: In this Sign you will Conquer. An unusual copy reminiscent of the inquisition, blood red moiré endpapers, matching headbands, v good £110.00 GBP

12. Summers, Montague: DEMONIALITY: INCUBI AND SUCCUBI translated from the Latin treatise (De Demonialitate) of Father Sinistrari. Fortune Press 1927 first edition, printed on hand made paper, number 442 of a limited edition of 1290 copies.
Exceptional copy of this first edition classic work on witchcraft eroticism, delves into the murky experience of male and female demonic entities, conjures a series of metaphysical proofs and legal definitions for every form of immoral crime relating thereto. A sound example of psychical and scientific investigation of its time, numerous natural similes given for the disturbing experience of demonic sexual predation, quite unusual conclusions considering the book formed part of a legal code drawn up for the Vatican. Summers translation was considered an immoral work and was retained by the inquisitors of his day (under the Obscene Publications Act of 1857!) , many copies of this rare work having been subsequently destroyed.
This copy being one of the survivors, fully bound in dark midnight hue crushed goatskin, top edge with original gilding, handmade marbled endpapers of red and gold with veins of black, contemporary flyleaves of handmade paper tipped in. The front board fully gilt by hand with a stunning goats head composed from a series of antique tool impressions, giving the feel of a baroque hand. Gilt ruled border with long corner pieces, central border panels having crosses breaking up the inscription in gothic characters: LUDOVICO MARIA + SINISTRARI … DI AMENO DE + DAEMONIALITATIS INCUBI + ET … SUCCUBI COITUS + DAEMONE . A most individual and unusual homage to the powers of darkness £295.00 GBP

13. Paracelsus, Theophrastus: OF THE SUPREME MYSTERIES OF NATURE: OF THE SPIRITS OF THE PLANETS, OF OCCULT PHILOSOPHY Englished by Robert Turner 1656, title page in dark red and black, facsimile edition printed on handmade paper by The Hell Fire Club, numbered copy of a limited edition of only 40 copies made (7 full leather copies were privately issued with planetary sigils) numbered copies from 1-33 individually by hand in sepia ink.

Archidoxes Magicae comprises three parts:

i) The Secrets of Alchemy: containing matter on the spirits & bodies of the planets, the tinctures and how they are made, of the conjuction of male and female, the forms of the glass instruments, vessels, furnace etc etc. Muiltiplication, philosophical conjuction, of the red tincture and on ..buds appearing in ye glasse..

ii) Of Occult Philosophy: of Consecrations, of Ceremonies Magical, Conjuctions, characters, on the powers of the Pentagon and Hexagon, supernatural diseases, dreams & visions, terrestrial spirits, possession and ..the great abuse of the magick art by them that use it for negromancy and witchcraft..

iii) Of the Mysteries of the Signes of the Zodiack: being the Magnetical and Sympathetical Cure of Diseases as they are appropriated under the Twelve Signes Ruling the Partes of the Body. Part (i) giving a selection of ailments and their alchemic and talismanic remedies, an elegant synthesis of astrological and sympathetic magic. The instructions for constructing the famous Trident of the Magic Arte, which in this text is actually a silver lamen used in conjuction with operations to cure the generative organs. Part (ii) comprises a complete textbook of astro-alchemic talismanic magic f! or the cure of disease, each sign allotted a pair of circular magic figures to be engraved upon talismans composed of a balance of metals peculiar to it, such as Gemini whose seal is composed of a regulus of gold and silver in equal proportion:

… Let them both be melted together, the Sun entering the sign of Gemini….when the work is completed let the quicksilver be poured into the quill, the day and hour of Mercury, the moon decreasing..

The end of the volume comprises a short treatise on killing with poisons, on preservation of livestock by talismanic means, and a curious magical weapon used to drive away insects.

A Table Shewing the Fit Times to Transmute Metals as a final addendum gives an excellent guide in the application of the talismanic instructions found throughout the pages of this remarkable book.

A very fine copy handbound in half fair kidskin (undyed) with vellum sides. Blind tooled borders of ornate scrolls with leaves and cornucopias, spine with double lines and corded centres. To the front of the book the title has been printed by hand using a letterpress (in a dark olive ink) the initial letter of Paracelsus aligned centrally and made in gold. Endpapers of archival handmade stock brought to a fine beeswax polish to complement the leather. To the inner board is a reproduction bookplate: DASHWOOD LORD LE DESPENCER in an armorial crest flanked by a gryphon and a hart, the arms of the Dashwood family circa 1700s. A superb copy in excellent condition, much sought after £118.00 GBP


If you wish to purchase or reserve any of the above works please contact in the first instance:

or personally to

Eamonn Loughran
Hell Fire Club Books
The Castle Inn
Castle Bytham
Grantham, Lincs
NG33 4RZ
(+44) 01780 410504

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