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Category: Sales

Posted: March 18th., 2010

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Commercial Notice

Equinox Book Sale

Proclaimed by: sarapis
Proclaimed from: stamford lincolnshire, England



A selection of fine and first editions
Offered for sale

The Hell Fire Club

Spring Equinox 2010

To see images of our books in print please visit

Contact and payment details may be found at the end of this message.

1. Summers, Montague ‘THE WEREWOLF’ Trench 1933 first edition.

Here is a definitive account of the reality beneath the legends of the werewolf. Summers' researches are not just a matter of library lore, but bear the stamp of on-the-spot inquiry in Greece, the Balkans, and Italy. His European sources range from the Volsunga Saga to modern Siberian legends that Lenin began life as a Russian bear!

Summers' chapter on the British Isles, where the true wolf was the last of the wild animals to become extinct, includes an Irish case which raised a theological question that eventually reached the Vatican: Is the killing of a man-wolf murder etc etc.

A very well researched work on lycanthropy and the various superstitions attached thereto, suffused with Summers’ variety of reading in the literature of Europe, history of witchcraft and trials of persons throughout the late medieval and early modern periods.
Finely bound in black goatskin, endpapers are moiré pattern on a stock paper of blood red colour, the headbands of black and gold silks adding nicely to this handsome volume. Titles gilt to spine, to the front board is a design made up from various baroque tools, a monstrous head in the form of a wolf, this is a very handsome and atmospheric copy of this now rare first edition.
£225.00 GBP

2. Nicolas Remy ‘DEMONOLATRY’ translated by E.A.Ashwin edited with an introduction and notes by the Reverend Montague Summers.

Translated by E. A . Ashwin, ed with introduction and notes by Rev. Montague Summers. A classic study of late 16th c witchcraft by one of its chief persecutors. Nicholas Remy was born in 1530 and qualified as a lawyer, rising to prominence through the administration of Nancy in the Duchy of Lorraine He became a privy councillor to Charles of Lorraine (1567- 1607) Cardinal Archbishop of Strasbourg. On 24th August 1591 he was named Procureur General of the Duchy of Lorraine. "Armed with complete control of the courts throughout the ducy, not only did he encourage the magistrates to exercise the utmost vigilance in the pursuit of and the most unrelenting severity in the condemnation of witches, but, particularly during the year 1596 he himself journeyed up and down the province, examining suspects, searching out even the most remote villages and hamlets, and inquiring into all cases with the most idefatigable energy and perseverenace". Remy continued in this office from 1591 to 1606. He died in 1612. the first edition of his study of witchcraft and demonology was published in 1595 (Lyons 4to) .

Rodker 1930 limited first edition of 1275 copies, handmade paper, edges uneven, original orange staining to top edge. Bound full-leather in fine contemporary black calf, red black and gold marbled papers, headbands of black and gold, on the leather the veins of the animal eerily visible (particularly on the back board) five raised bands with exquisite and daemonic blindtooling throughout (over 200 individual tooling marks on this copy) making this an atmospheric and aesthetically appealing copy evoking the period of the inquisition.
£333.00 GBP

3) The Book of The Key of Solomon
(Sepher Maphteah Shalomoh)
‘An exact facsimile of an original Book of Magic in Hebrew
Hermann Gollancz
Goldsmid Professor of Hebrew, University College London 1903’
(Reprinted with additional material by the Teitan press in a limited edition)
And here sumptuously bound by hand in a limited edition
of only 12 copies in full leather by the Hell Fire Club

Only twelve copies have been bound by hand and talismanically inscribed with
the respective Zodiacal Spirit Seal from the manuscript copy of the Hebrew ‘Key’.

Constructed from a total of exactly 258 individual hand operations
(signifying by this the sum of the Hebrew word H.I.R.A.M. legendary architect of the Temple of Solomon )
from the first stages of binding to the final gilding of the book in 22 carat gold.
Each Talisman being written upon a piece of genuine virgin calf vellum 198mm x 99mm,
inscribed ‘Clavicula Salomonis Hebraeorum Regis’ amidst scrolls, and designated
‘ of only twelve copies handbound for the Hell Fire Club..’
And signed by the binder with his title as Prior of the Knights of St. Francis.

Each Talisman is hand drawn in royal blue ink made from vegetable dyes, surrounded by an elegant border of leaves and scrolls, four Masonic squares and compasses, all in deep wine-red letterpress ink. The design of the vellum limitation label (which is carefully tipped into the inner page) reflects that on the front of the book and the inner covers.

We have made individual lead blocks from the gold tools used on the leather, the blocks were set into an antique printing press known as an ‘Albion Press’ and using a single motion of the printing arm to make each printed impression.

No images of these talismans have been reproduced here, they will only be visible to the owners of each book.

The Physical Manifestation
The Key of Solomon

Each of the twelve copies is fully bound in Royal Blue oasis goatskin, dozens of individual operations spanning many hours of skilled work have gone into the form of the book, following this are over two hundred tooled impressions, making this the finest presentation of Solomons Key yet envisioned.
Period tools from the last quarter of the 18th century (roughly contemporary with the age of the original manuscript) have been used to decorate the work. These tools show some signs of age and consequaently the impressions they leave are individual to them, thus these twelve copies are both unique individually, and distinct and irreplaceable as a group.
Genuine 22 carat gold, hand tooling both gilt and reflected in blind tooling (the making of reflected impressions in leather by impressing tools without gold) , the use of the ancient art of letterpress printing have worked together to create a veritable talisman of the wisdom and arcane science behind the Temple of Solomon and the entire Western Mystery Tradion, in this name of H.I.R.A.M. invoked by the construction of the book itself.
The spine of the book is decorated after the fashion of an antique Zohar, the leather carefully worked onto five raised bands which are laced into the boards of the book. These provide six distinct panels which each bear a royal crown in gold. Either side of the raised bands are a total of ten friezes gilt, deep borders of leaves and flowers of paradise. Double lines gilt to head and tail finish the decoration. To the book are rich woven silk headbands formed of alternate black and gold threads spun onto fine cane threads invented in historical bindings to protect the top and bottoms of the pages from the ravages of time
To the large front board is hand gilt a total of 49 individual impressions in 22 carat gold, a sumptuous panel (or ‘outer court’ of the Temple) of scrolls, leaves, and flowers of paradise. The centre bears a ‘Tree of Life’ branching out into four flowers indicating the four directions, the Four Worlds of the spiritual universe and the four Rivers of Eden .
Set into the border of this golden paradise are four squares and compasses, indicating the North, South, east and West of the Temple.
To the corners, reaching out into the deep of space are four irradiated stamens of ‘flowers of paradise’, with their petals and leaves furled back against the scrolls.

Upon opening the book we see a beautiful inner panel of moiré silk representing the waters of paradise, all surrounded by a gilt border of parallel lines all following around the leather jointed panel, gilt squares and compasses, finished to the corners with irradiated flowers of paradise. The inner cover is made handsome with a full leather joint pared finely to add both luxury and durability to the book, a style of binding reserved for the few.
Set as a jewel to the inside of this silk panel is a further panel of of leather blind tooled with a border which reflects as in a pool the gilt impressions on the cover. To the centre of this leather panel is hand gilt in 22 carat the ancient Templar sign of the Triple-Tau surmounted by a royal crown.
The Triple-Tau is formed both by the letters of ‘Templum Hierosalymos’ (Temple of Jerusalem) and acts as a secret key to the geometry of the ancient Seal of Solomon, or the hexagram. This Triple-Tau Key produces a marvellous array of 5 geometric figures (symbols of the elements as brought from Egypt by Pythagoras) . Placed one within the other these provide a visual model of the heavens and the observed motions of the planets. This Key forms an essential part of the inner teachings of the Holy Order of The Royal Arch of Jerusalem , appearing on the members jewel with the inscriptions:

(the key to the treasure)
(the precious thing itself)
(nothing is wanting but the key)
(if you can join these things together you will know enough)


Both front and rear inner covers of the Book of the Key of Solomon bear these panels tooled in blind and gilt, symbolising the doors, and doors within doors, of Ezekiels vision of the Temple of Solomon restored.
The blind tooling of these interior panels a response to the concept of ‘reflection’, of the upper and lower world meeting which is inherent in the geometry of the hexagram or Seal of Solomon.
Opening the books covers we are reminded of the mystical utterances of Solomons Song:

‘..your temple is like a split pomegranate’ (shir ha shirim asher li shalomoh 4:3) which the Rabbis of the esoteric tradition interpreted as referring to the rapturous experience of the Shekinah (or feminine ‘presence of God’) within the Holy of Holies in the most secret part of the Temple, a cube of covered cloths reserved for the High Priest himself, where an occult communication with the divine would occur…

“…and he brought me there and behold a man whose face was like burnished copper, with a cord and measuring rod in his hands. And the man spake unto me ‘Son of man, see with your eyes, and with your ears hear, and set your heart to all that I am showing you…and he brought me to the interior of the Temple and measured the pillar of the entrance…and he measured its length to the face of the Temple, and he said to me ‘this is the Holy of Holies’…"

Facing the interior panels is a sea of blue watered silk moiré, like the sound of rushing waters was the voice of the angel who spoke to the prophet in his vision of the Temple restored.
Turning this page we delve into a dark and mist-filled space, the Holy of Holies itself, incense filled, dimly lit by streams of gold and astral fire, forms melting in the gloom. Each sheet of this beautiful inner paper handmarbled specially for this binding.
Beyond this darkness is the interior vision of the spirit: in this case one of the twelve zodiacal spirits, its talisman drawn upon finest calf vellum, laid against a sheet of pure brilliant white representing the purity of vision, and exaltation of the High Priest.

Within this book, this great talisman of the Science of H.I.R.A.M. and the Wisdom of King Solomon is present the legendary ‘KEY OF SOLOMON’ itself. A full facsimile of this now famous Hebrew manuscript impossible to obtain in the original edition.

The manuscript presented here provides numerous diagrams and occult seals not found anywhere else. Some of the material (the manuscript has been dated to the 1700’s) stems from known sources of a western nature providing an interesting insight into the ‘Hebrew’ magical tradition. Our document displays an ‘Almadel’ or complex tablet for conjuring angelic messengers, a type of magical device known from the early middle ages, as well as some material clearly influenced by the Heptameron of Pietro d’Abano.
Discovered by the original editor Hermann Gollancz in his fathers library and published in two separate short works (1903 and 1914) now unobtainable, the present publication reproduces both of Gollancz’s scholarly works upon the manuscript as well as an able introduction by the modern esoteric scholar Stephen Skinner.

A Summary of the Contents
Nil Nisi Clavis de Est
‘… I beg and command any one into whose hands this compilation may fall, that he will give it to no-one unless he be of a modest disposition, able to keep a secret, energetic in the pursuit of the work. And I adjure him by the living god, the creator of the universe, that in the same manner he would guard his own soul, he will guard this book and not reveal it to any unfit person…’

Preparatory Prayers and Invocations
On the Composition of the Divine Seal
Preparation of the Operator in this Art

Concerning the Nine Days of Preparation
Of the Blessing of the Salt
On the Place for Performing the Act &the Prayer
Concerning the Magical Weapons and Fumigations
Concerning the Almadel or Great Seal for Invoking Angels

On the Seals of the Twelve Constellations
The Magical Circles
The Conjuration of Barkiel

Book of the Images or Degrees of the Almadel
Concerning the Images of the Night
Conjurations of the Powers by means of the Almadel

The Book of Light
Concerning the Spirits of the Air ruling the Days
Fumigations for the Conjurations of the Stars
On the Pantacles and the Garments
Conjuration of the Spirits
Names and Seals from the Book of Rasiel

Book of the Seal of Beleth
Conjurations of Beleth
Concerning the Nine Talismans Revealed to Solomon
Angels of the Twelve Stations and their Conjurations
The Seven Planets and their Human Forms

Book of the 28 Houses of the Moon
Book of the Magical Operation of Simon Magus
(this operation has been learnt from a certain Demon who placed herself at my service)

Summary of Appendices and a Collection of Magic Secrets,
Attended by Numerous Diagrams, pages of Talismans and Magical Seals
A recipe for love by the Master Adriano
Recipe for seeing a Spirit in a Mirror
To escape from a Prison in a Magical Craft
On going through the Air in a Cloud
Seal of the Terrestrial Spirits
On binding and Subduing the Spirits
Demonstration of the Magic Circle
On Keeping a Spirit Enclosed in a Ring
On Seeing Spirits and Conversing with these
On becoming Invisible to Enemies
On Obtaining an Answer from the Spirits

The Operation of BARAKON
A Lengthy and Barbarous Conjuration of the Spirit to appear in a human form and give answer to all that the operator desires.

Operation to discover theft

Manuscriptial Appendix
Concluding the Manuscript is an appendix of occult operations containing amongst items of great interest:
The Magical Square of Pagtatron
Tradition from Rabbi Shalom
To Have a King or a Ruler do your Will
The Mystic Alphabet or Characters of the Angels
And the 360 Forms of
The Creator Of The Universe

Only one copy of this beautiful and rare book issued in 12 copies is now available £444.00 GBP

4. Waite, A.E. : ‘THE OCCULT SCIENCES: A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine & Experiment’ London 1891 first edition :

A compendium of transcendental doctrine and experiment embracing an account of magical practices; of secret sciences in connection with magic; of the professors of magical arts; and of modern spiritualism, mesmerism and theosophy Contents: Magical Practices; White Magic: The Evocation of Angels; White Magic Evocation of Spirits; Black Magic; Necromancy; Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic; Alchemy; Elixir of Life; Crystallomancy; Composition of Talismans; Divination; Divining Rod; Astrology; Kabbalism;; Professors of Magical Art; Mystics; Rosicrucians; Freemasons; Modern Phenomena; Mesmerism; Modern Spiritualism; Theosophy.

Waites work here reflects his magical and occult interests shortly after joining the hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, later works are markedly mystical and abstract in tone.

Full bound leather, black polished kidskin authors name gilt to spine, front board a curious lozenge device: I.N.R.I. with a central equal armed cross. Title to spine, date (1891) in lower compartment) .Marbled endpapers in deep blue and gold, matching head and tail bands. A very handsome copy of this rare work £185.00 GBP

5. Agrippa, Henry Cornelius : ‘FOURTH BOOK OF OCCULT PHILOSOPHY’

Full facsimile of the 1656 text without modern introductions or title pages, a handsome full leather copy of this important work:

Of Geomancy, Magical Elements, Astrological Geomancy, the Nature of Spirits, Magic of the Ancients. Contents: Commendatory Poems; Of Geomancy; Of Occult Philosophy, or Of Magical Ceremonies: The Fourth Book, Henry Cornelius Agrippa; Heptameron: or, Magical Elements, Peter de Abano; Isagoge: An Introductory Discourse on the Nature of such Spirits as are exercised in the Sublunary Bounds; their Original, Names, Offices, Illusions, Posers, Prophecies, Miracles; and how they may be Expelled and Driven away, Georg Pictorius Villinganus; Of Astronimical Geomancy, Gerard Ceremonensis; Of the Magick of the Ancients, Arbatel.

This copy full bound in light tan antiqued sheepskin, a traditional bookbinding material common in the seventeenth century, blind tooled with traditional rule and decorative motifs across the front and spine. Red and gold marbled endpapers with matching headbands. A superb copy of this important book which would grace any collection £155.00

6. Gardner, Gerald B. : ‘WITCHCRAFT TODAY’: Rider first edition 1954, a superb copy in full leather of this classic work revealing Wicca for the first time.

Introduction by Dr Margaret Murray. ' The author of this book, Gerald B. Gardner, is an actual member of one of the few covens of witches surviving in England and with an unbroken oral tradition that goes back to pre-Christian days. For the first time secrets of the cult are revealed by a practising devotee, and they differ significantly from testimony obtained by torture. The cult worship a Horned God, representing death, and a Moon Goddess, hitherto unknown in books on witchcraft, representing fertility and rebirth. The male priest in the role of the Horned God presides at Hallowe'en and February Eve Sabbaths, while the priestess acting as the Moon Goddess conducts the May and August Eve Sabbaths. We also learn of the origin of the broomstick in witchcraft rites, of the reason for using ointment when the rites take place in the open air in the night in the nude, of the charge to the young witch when he or she first enters the circle, and many other details of great interest. For instance, one of the reasons why membership of the covens is restricted to thirteen is that this is the maximum number of people you can get into a nine-foot circle with the necessary freedom of movement, i.e. to produce a whirling dervish effect- if the circle is larger "you cannot get gidy so easily". Revelations like these make sense for the first time of much that is reported in the witchcraft trials. The author tells how two witch covens joined together to "raise the cone of power" against Hitler in an attempt to stop the invasion, as their great-grandparents did to stop Napoleon and (as their oral tradition has it) their covens had done to stop the Armada .'

This copy full bound in contemporary long grain goatskin, a rich dark green with a texture evoking the night forests. Viridian green and gold endpapers with flashes of red and black, red and green headbands, red leather title label gilt bordered by tiny flowers, spine divided into compartments.To the front board is a triple leaved floral device evoking the triskelos or symbol of the Isle of Man where Gardner first had his ‘Museum of Witchcraft’.

A uniquely bound copy of this classic work on modern witchcraft very rare indeed £225.00 GBP

7. Summers, Montague (translated) : ‘A TREATISE OF GHOSTS, Being the Psichologie (sic) or Treatise upon Apparitions and Spirits, of Disembodied Souls, Phantom Figures, Strange Prodigies &c &c by Father Noel Taillipied’ first edition (1933) Fortune Press.

A very scarce work by noted demonologist and historian of witchcraft Montague Summers. Possibly more useful today as it is a methodical treatise from a period still influenced by the hysteria (the original French edition was issued in 1588) but whose authorities lacked the acumen of Taillipied, or his obvious experience of the inner realms.
Contemporary dark blue crushed goatskin with a full grain, red speckled top edge with foredge and bottom edge untrimmed, many pages of this copy still left uncut from the original printing. Front gilt with floral centerpiece, border of twelve leafy sections around a further twelve indented buds. Titles gilt to spine. A very handsome copy of this insightful and unusual treatise on the supernatural £118.00 GB

8. De Ricci (Seymour) ‘CATALOGUE OF A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT RINGS’ Paris 1912, reproduction of the original edition limited to 350 copies, the collection of the late E.Guilhou.

Noted collector of antiquities Guilhou, the catalogue is a fine pictorial resource for images of the ancient gods and goddesses, cult signs and occult symbols.
Guilhous private collection was comparatively large and covered the ancient world, medieval period, Byzantine, Gothic, Oriental and some curious modern examples.
Twenty Four large b/w plates (showing up to 60 rings each) photographs of the collection ranged in their drawers, designs taken from impressions of ancient and early medieval rings, occult signs, ciphers and curious talismans. A collection of over 1600 examples.
Beautiful work in this enthralling area of symbolism and arcane lore, a very large book (345mm x 260mm) profusely illustrated. This copy specially bound in quarter vellum and marbled papers (pale azure and coral pink) with a blue title label gilt ‘ANCIENT RINGS : DE RICCI’ very neatly. A rare example of this obscure work.
£160.00 GBP

9. Bovet ‘PANDAEMONIUM or The Devils Cloister’ translated with an introduction and notes by Montague Summers. The Hand and Flower Press, Aldington Kent, 1951.

First Edition. Hardcover. Large 8vo. xxviii+ 192pp., facsimile of original frontis, facsimile title page, notes. Printed on rag paper. A limited edition of 1, 000 hand-numbered copies. First published in 1684, and further subtitled "Being a further Blow to Modern Sadduceism, Proving the Existence of Witches and Spirits in a Discourse deduced from the Fall of the Angels, the Propagation of Satans Kingdom before the Flood: The Idolatry of the Ages after, greatly advancing Diabolical Confederacies. With an Account of the Lives and Transactions of several Notorious Witches. Also; A Collection of several Authentick Relations of Strange Apparitions of Dæmons and Spectres, and Fascinations of Witches, never before Printed." Summers never got to see the completion of this volume, as it was in press at the time that he died.

An exellent copy of this rare work finely bound in rich burgundy half leather, pale oyster and yellow with green spanish ripple marbled papers, matching marbled endpapers with headbands of black and gold silk. Titles gilt to spine ‘PANDAEMONIUM’ in a square with gilt tooling of scrolled ovals bearing central stars, a very fine copy indeed £160.00 GBP

10. Duc du Berry: ‘LES TRES RICHES HEURES’ fine example of medieval art and iconic painting beautifully bound.
The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry or simply the Très Riches Heures (The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry) is a richly decorated Book of Hours (containing prayers to be said by the lay faithful at each of the canonical hours of the day) commissioned by Jean, Duc de Berry around 1410. It is probably the most important illuminated manuscript of the 15th century, "le roi des manuscrits enluminés" ("the king of illuminated manuscripts") .
The Très Riches Heures consists of 416 pages, including 131 with large miniatures and many more with border decorations or historiated initials, that are among the high points of International Gothic painting in spite of their small size. There are 300 decorated capital letters. The book was worked on, over a period of nearly a century, in three main campaigns, led by the Limbourg brothers, Barthélemy van Eyck, and Jean Colombe. The book is now Ms. 65 in the Musée Condé, Chantilly, France.

Large quarto full colour reproductions of all the original pages, fully sewn.

This copy beautifully rebound in half vellum with corners, azure cloth with matching endpapers of pale blue. Titles gilt to a blue leather title lable on the spine.

A very fine and unusual copy £145.00


Title page in dark red and black, facsimile edition printed on handmade paper by The Hell Fire Club, numbered copy of a limited edition of only 40 copies made (7 full leather copies were privately issued with planetary sigils) numbered copies from 1-33 individually by hand in sepia ink.

Archidoxes Magicae comprises three parts:
i) The Secrets of Alchemy: containing matter on the spirits & bodies of the planets, the tinctures and how they are made, of the conjuction of male and female, the forms of the glass instruments, vessels, furnace etc etc. Muiltiplication, philosophical conjuction, of the red tincture and on ‘..buds appearing in ye glasse..

ii) Of Occult Philosophy: of Consecrations, of Ceremonies Magical, Conjuctions, characters, on the powers of the Pentagon and Hexagon, supernatural diseases, dreams & visions, terrestrial spirits, possession and ‘..the great abuse of the magick art by them that use it for negromancy and witchcraft..’

iii) Of the Mysteries of the Signes of the Zodiack: being the Magnetical and Sympathetical Cure of Diseases ‘as they are appropriated under the Twelve Signes Ruling the Partes of the Body’. Part (i) giving a selection of ailments and their alchemic and talismanic remedies, an elegant synthesis of astrological and sympathetic magic. The instructions for constructing the famous ‘Trident of the Magic Arte’, which in this text is actually a silver lamen used in conjuction with operations to cure the generative organs. Part (ii) comprises a complete textbook of astro-alchemic talismanic magic for the cure of disease, each sign allotted a pair of circular magic figures to be engraved upon talismans composed of a balance of metals peculiar to it, such as Gemini whose seal is composed of a regulus of gold and silver in equal proportion:

“… Let them both be melted together, the Sun entering the sign of Gemini….when the work is completed let the quicksilver be poured into the quill, the day and hour of Mercury, the moon decreasing..”

The end of the volume comprises a short treatise on killing with poisons, on preservation of livestock by talismanic means, and a curious magical weapon used to drive away insects.

“A Table Shewing the Fit Times to Transmute Metals” as a final addendum gives an excellent guide in the application of the talismanic instructions found throughout the pages of this remarkable book.

A very fine copy handbound in half fair kidskin (undyed) with vellum sides. Blind tooled borders of ornate scrolls with leaves and cornucopias, spine with double lines and corded centres. To the front of the book the title has been printed by hand using a letterpress (in a dark olive ink) the initial letter of ‘Paracelsus’ aligned centrally and made in gold. Endpapers of archival handmade stock brought to a fine beeswax polish to complement the leather. To the inner board is a reproduction bookplate: ‘DASHWOOD LORD LE DESPENCER’ in an armorial crest flanked by a gryphon and a hart, the arms of the Dashwood family circa 1700’s. A superb copy in excellent condition, much sought after £118.00 GBP

12. Golden Dawn Facsimile: Z 3 The Enterer of the Threshold

facsimile of a Golden Dawn Inner Order Manuscript

‘Cogito Ergo Sum’

Dated January 1st 1896

Beautifully printed in full colour
and bound by hand

in a limited edition of

56 copies (numbered by hand) bound in half full-English, ie. with the leather being cut more generously so as to cross to the middle of the front board, giving a luxurious feel to the book. Marbled paper sides using the same sheets as the endpapers.
The spines of the 56 half leather copies being titled ‘Z 3’ with a triangle of dots between the letter and trhe numeral to signify the Operation of the Magic of Light.

Marbled papers by Ann Muir (traditionally made by hand with carrigheen moss and light-fast pigments derived from natural plant extracts, onto a good stock of archival paper) , in a typical nineteenth century style whose coloration is chosen to harmonise with the colour scales relevant to the forces of the Grade Ritual of Neophyte under the activity of Thoth between the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. Black and Gold head and tail bands, 5 double lines gilt to the spine reminiscent of the Nemyss worn during ritual.

Each copy of either binding having a replica of the original bookseller-stationers printed label inserted to the top left of the inner board.

All copies are reproduced in facsimile to read the exact size of the original script, full colour throughout by offset lithography onto 115gsm paper with a 100% cotton content produced by the prestigious mills of ‘Crane & Company’ who have been making paper since the 1850’s by time honoured methods and to the highest standards.

The document we present is an important historical record and a significant Inner order document for all involved in studying the tradition of the hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and all those systems derived from it. The original copy, in the possession of an English Cancellarius of the Order derives from the very early years of the Order and the first unfoldments of the Adeptus Minor curriculum as envisaged by Samuel liddell MacGregor Mathers from 1893 onwards.
The copyists motto ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ was that of a Mrs Jean Gillison, transcribed from the orders copy ‘Issued by DDCF and NOM’ the inner order mottoes of Mathers and Westcott respectively. The copyist, an otherwise obscure figure, was active in the Order before the historic division of the Order in 1900. Raised to the Second Order of the Rosae Rubae et Aurae Crucis probably around 1895 she most probably joined sometime after 1893 when most of the material she copied was being released for study for the first time.
The Aleister Crowley archive left to the Warburg Institute by J.F.C. Fuller has a document relevant to Jean Gillison, wherein there is mention of a disagreement between Mathers and his financial sponsor Annie Hornimann. Evidently, the irregular teachings of Dr. E.W.Berridge (Frater Resurgam) were the cause. Whether Gillison, as an Adept, came out in favour of Mathers we cannot now tell.

The ‘Z’ series of documents are perhaps the most important and magically illuminating of all the Golden Dawn descriptive papers, revealing layer upon layer of insight into the operations of the formulae of the magic of light.
Additions, omissions or alterations in the early orders material will thus be of great interest to both historians of and scholars within the Hermetic Orders, equally to those interested in and engaged in practically applying the formulae expressed.

The manuscript contains a title page in red and black inks, carefully written, followed by a contents and the subtitle

‘Complete symbolism of Admission of the Candidate…

…Containing the Symbolism of Admission to the Neophyte Grade
Closing, Oration and Equinox’

Throughout the first sections of our text there are minor alterations and additions, as one would expect from a manuscript copy which would require clarification from oral sources or from memory, such as the insertion of: ‘…as in the case of the Imperatrix..’ at one juncture and so on. But we also find illuminating additional material such as an elaboration of the ‘Tree of Life in The Aura’ which is absent in Regardie.

In our manuscript, terms for the psychological and spiritual faculties of the Initiate are rendered in Hebrew troughout, names of the invisible stations and God-Forms are given in Coptic respectively, whilst (on page 23 of the MS) we have an interesting passage ‘…on Thoth as Metatron .. (written again in Coptic and Hebrew) .. in the Sign of The Enterer of the Threshold…’

Other alterations or additions serve as essential stage directions in the performance (physical or astral) of the neophyte Ceremony, ie: MS adds ‘…in the midst of the triangle of Aroueris..’ where Regardies narrative has ‘ the presence of…’ etc etc.

More Significant are two longer passages one (MS p 29) on the 42 lettered Name and visualisation of the Assessors of the Dead, followed (MS 31-33) by a series of comments on the ‘penal clause’ and the aspect of the ‘Evil Triad’.
The connection between the Candidate and his/her Higher Self is mde evident to the Initiatory Officers (‘…and members of the Second Order who may be present..’) and there follows an injunction to Silence in regard to the ‘Form of the Higher Self’ which hmay be apparent to the spiritual sight of the assembled initiates.

‘Of the Complete Symbolism & Meaning of the Step,
Sign, Grip, Token, Grand Word & Password
Of the 0’=0’ Grade of Neophyte…’

Alongside alterations in the text at this juncture the MS adds two interesting passages: one a note by S.R.M.D. (Mathers) on invisibility, and another very interesting aside on the use of various robes and masks modelled on Egyptian deities in ‘…private magical workings…not of the econd Order….’

‘The Symbolism of the Ceremony of the Equinox’

Our manuscript adds a small number of points including a reference to ‘..mystic circumambulation..’ describing the ‘…limits of the Sun (gives a symbol) ..’ rather than the narrative in Regardie which simply reads ‘limits of the circle’..
Following this is a highly interesting note upon the action of the Solar Light and its connection with the Password, and the connection of the Officers Insignia therewith.

In all, we have here a fascinating piece of evidence from the early years of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the thought of the esoteric school still manifestly developing and distilling into rich pools of insight.

The last page of the Manuscript magnificently titled:

‘…Here endeth
The Portion of The Book of
The Voice of Thoth
Which is called
The Enterer of the Threshold..’

Of this exceptional work we have a few remaining copies in half-leather to be sold at £76.00 GBP sterling.



Some Observations on the Symbolism
The Hell Fire Club
Arranged in Themes

Printed Sol in Capricornus MMXX

‘Libertati Amicitiae Que Sacra’
‘Sacred to Liberty & Friendship’

Published by the Stewards for the benefit of all Members their Guests
Friends of the Priory of St Francis of Wycombe

We respectfully present this short work to our readers, an overview of the symbols and structure of the Hell Fire Club as used in its surviving Chapters. Contained are nine brief essays written by a long standing member of the Hell Fire Club, covering such topis as

‘The Physical Appearance of the Chapter Room’

‘The Lamp in the Great Chamber its Origin and Symbolism’

‘On The Four Doves or Degrees’

‘On Alchemy in the Chpater’

‘On the Strewards Office: the First Key’

‘On the Second Key & its meaning’

‘On the Mystery of the Abbot’

‘On the Inner Temple Lamp’

Originally designed as a series of brief papers for members in Chapter, these documents draw upon the purely oral transmission of ideas that goes on between the Stewards and the Members during meetings. Meetings held monthly often investigate esoteric themes and take the Club traditions and symbols as their starting point, like a wheel revolving through the year the Stewards draw upon the complex connections within the Chapter Room diagram (often a floor cloth or arrangement of the symbols in physical form on the table) created by applying the two ‘Keys’ described separately in the book.

Throughout the year attendees at Chapters see the symbols woven together in new and unusual ways, through relating stories of the Club, discussing history and investigating its structure the members find correlations between it and their own inner worlds. These connections grow in unique ways and all are equally respected, the essential act of sharing wine and good company being analogous to the relationship one has with ones inner being: a fine balance built on Love and Harmony.

The material in the book has been given at different times variously in the caves at West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, in the meetings of local Chapters and even in the address at the Great Chapter, an open event held once a year where the Club makes itself available to all seekers after Truth.

In publishing these papers in physical form we hope that the Love & Friendship which inspired the original Members will once again light a path for all, that the symbols and their use will find a resonance with those of honest heart and mind, and that the honours and privileges of the Club will in the future be bestowed on all those who desire to accept them.

Each copy of this work includes a moveable diagram called ‘The Book of Alignments’. This diagram is based upon the floor cloths used in chapters and allows the user to clearly and simply apply the lessons of the Chapter (as explained by the Stewards and the application of their own symbol to the floor cloth) to their own inner universe.

‘Aud Hospes Contemnere Opes’
‘Dare O Guest, to set Wealth at Naught’

Proceeds from the sales of these copies go towards the assistance of Members, upkeep of Regional Chapters and other good works.

Edition Limited to

22 copies in full navy kidskin, handtooled with the Inner Temple Lamp, endpapers printed in full with the ‘Twelve Constellations’ painted by Antonio da Varese, inner papers of black mondi, cream mondi half title, text printed onto 110gsm cream laid papers. Sewn with a single ribbon of wine red satin, headbands of dark navy and gold silk. The ‘Book of Alignments’ in a black mondi paper envelope sent with the book.

108 copies in half cloth navy and azure, with a printed title label. Inner board having a fold-out star chart of the Twelve Constellations by Antonio da Varese, the ‘Book of Alignments’ inserted in a mylar pocket to the back board. Text hand sewn with a single wine red ribbon, printed onto 110gsm cream laid stock.

Pricing and postal information:

Full Leather Copies £60.00 GBP

Half Cloth Copies £22.00 GBP

To enquire about availability of any of the books listed or to request postal costs to your location please contact me directly:

Eamonn Loughran
The Castle Inn
Castle Bytham
Grantham, Lincolnshire
NG33 4RZ

Payment via PAYPAL may be made to


Telephone: ( (+44) 01780410504
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