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Posted: December 28th., 2017

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Forest Moon 2018 Message

Proclaimed by: Forest Moon Grove
Proclaimed from: Mount Vernon, Washington


2018 brings a whole new year of adventure, intrigue, and maybe new avenues of the paranormal. 2017 was a move forward in FMP as we were successfully able to stop abductions, something I never thought possible as until Feb 2017, we had never attempted utilizing the astral in alien abductions, and now we have 5 confirmed cases that we have successfully stopped. Many paranormal teams and groups out their scoff, “Really, there’s no such thing as aliens” well you know what, explain that to the abductees that what they experience is all in their damn heads, I’m here to tell you what they experience is very real and traumatizing just as much, if not more then your clients that deal with spirits. All aspects of the paranormal are traumatic for those that experience it with either a malevolent entity or a pissed off spirit.
Here's one that always baffled me. What is the paranormal? You call yourself a paranormal investigator, yet there’s no such as thing as Bigfoot, or Aliens, but oh my god you’ve seen you a spirit. How about this, you are a ghost investigator, or a Cryptid investigator, NOT a paranormal investigator, because that would mean you encompass all aspects of the paranormal. Years ago when I attempted para-unity for the first time, it was about 2011 or so, and I found back then that maybe 1 in 50 groups even remotely had an interest in UFO’s or Bigfoot, now it may be 2 in 50 but they all love to ridicule each-other and then wonder why there is no unity. There never will be, that much is true. FMP will always work with select groups we find can handle the way we do business, but the minute I sense any form of lack of ethics or a sense that they don’t fit with our case-load or how to handle crisis, they will be cut away, I’ve done it before and I’m sure it won’t stop. So many seem to think they know everything about these fields, just wow, FMP has been working 12 years now, and you know what, we learn something new every case and we adjust our methods and get better the next case, some of these teams need a slap in reality.
So many want to “prove” what will never be proven, and every experiencer is seeing pareidolia or photo matrixing, but here’s my question, were you there when the photo was taken? Did you experience what the photographer saw or felt? Probably not, I agree with Corey, our Lead Investigator, if you can’t see something in the first 10 seconds, then I may doubt what the experiencer saw but I will never talk down to them, so I guess that makes me an IBE (I Believe Everything) person as some love to use.
Then there are the teams that everything must be about “science” or “technology”, mediums aren’t viable. Well guess what, where the hell is your scientist? FMP has 2 fully degreed scientists on our team and we don’t even do this for “science” we do it for emergency response, but we have our scientists to analyze anything we may get and as consultants on how to respond to some issues we may encounter. Playing with technology, which oh by the way, can be manipulated by every paranormal aspect out there, seems to be the way many teams utilize to “prove” there is something there. There is no balance if you only use technology, or only mediums, or only astral, there is balance when you utilize all 3 and all 3 can collaborate your information.
So, with all this being said, where will 2018 take us? Well for FMP we will continue to go on stronger and with those teams that work with us, 2018 will be a year of mysteries as we move into the new year. We will continue to train every month, we will be at more events locally, S-4 will expand as it already has, and Para-Con in September will be great as it always is, and then we have our Paranormal Festival that Sheryl Hershey is preparing in Bellingham, WA which will be new. 2018 will be the year that FMP puts its damn foot down with ridicule, condescending attitudes from other teams, and will move on helping our clients daily as we always have. We are a 24/7 365 day a year emergency response team and we always will be, we don’t believe in damn entertainment, we believe in the reality 90% of our clients experience. Yes, there is psychiatric issues with some, and with those we will help them with other resources the best we can. The bottom line is, we don’t do this for fun, or for our health, we do this because the need is there and many teams just don’t cut it. Deal with that, or get the hell out of the way because I’m done with ego, attitude, and I’m better than you from those especially that are new to this field.
So, Para-Con will be Sept 22, details will be forthcoming as FMP is joining the local Upriver Craftsman and Artisan Guild, here in Concrete where our HQ’s is. We will have a booth every weekend through the summer, teach classes to the public on paranormal issues, disaster preparedness etc, and get the word out about Para-Con, then the Guild will also be sponsoring Para-Con, so exciting things are coming for 2018. Para-Con always kicks off with our Speakers BBQ and Bonfire night of the 21st at HQ’s where we unwind and get ready for Para-Con, then the 22nd Para-Con kicks off with lectures, workshops, and vendors…all FREE to the public, followed by our VIP Roundtable at a local establishment which you must have VIP tickets which cost 30$ and is limited to 25 people. Then we wrap up the 23rd with our farewell to the Speakers until 2019.
So, S-4- started out July of 2016 as The Area 51 Café with Co-Hosts SJ and Russ Wells, formerly of FOG Paranormal. We did two shows, then both our vehicles broke down and we couldn’t get together to continue so we kept the Area 51 Café name and did separate shows under that umbrella. I changed the name to S-4, a bunker in Area 51 and switched to Blog-talk radio back then, did a couple more shows, then I found Spaced Out Radio around the same time frame. I changed the name to S-4 with E2 and merged over to Spreaker where we got picked up by SOR and ran every Sunday night. Marcum’s schedule at work got crazy so he had to back out and I changed back to just S-4. Now it’s awesome where we have Corey running studio and we have a full panel with Eric Marcum our scientist, R Keith Andrews as our Astrologer and Alien Race Specialist, and on occasion even Dave pops in or Joe Rupe from The Fringe FM who we are now affiliated with as well. We catch flack on occasion about the show, but I say to hell with the haters and we move along, I don’t have the time or the patience for the ones that love to talk sh*t about that which they know nothing about. We have 2 topics at the beginning of the month, then is our monthly Roundtable, and then is the FMP Team show. I also do special edition shows where I will make our training audio so those out of State or Country can listen in and follow along our presentations for training and some teams, such as Tessa’s team Four Corners Paranormal actually follow along our training as part of their own team training, now I think that’s awesome. So, for our S-4 Schedule we have:
Dec 30th for our End of Year show coming into 2018
Jan 6th Winter Survival, how to survive a winter storm and preparation for it.
Jan 13th Is UFO Disclosure here?
Jan 20th S-4 Roundtable
Jan 27th FMP Team Show- Updates on the Astral and what are the trends of the month
Feb 3rd Are demons everywhere? And if not, what is it people are seeing?
Feb 10th Geo-Engineering
Feb 17th Roundtable
Feb 24th FMP Team Show
Mar 3rd Is UFO Disclosure coming?
Mar 10th Native American Lore and Legend
Mar 17th Round Table
Mar 24th FMP Team Show
Mar 31st Current Abductions compared to Historical Abductions
May 5th Missing People- Where do they go- Is it Paranormal
May 12th Earth Mysteries
May 19th Round Table
May 26th FMP Team Show
June 2nd Disaster Preparedness- how do you react
June 9th Bigfoot and Other Cryptids
June 16th Roundtable
June 23rd FMP show
June 30th Alien Experiencers Stories and how it affected them
July 7th S-4 2 Year Anniversary show
July 14th Secret Societies, are they real and what do they do?
July 21st Round Table
July 28th FMP Show
Aug 4th Where is the Paranormal half way into the year, are we any better than 2017?
Aug 11th Terrorism and Politicians, is there a connection?
Aug 18th Round Table
Aug 18th FMP Show
Aug 25th Where is America at now? Conspiracy and Politics
Sept 1st Chemtrails- Who makes them and why?
Sept 8th We’re coming into Fall are you ready for Winter? Winter Storm Preparation
Sept 15th Round Table
Sept 22nd PARA-CON
Sept 29th FMP Team Show
Oct 6th Media’s Role in the Paranormal and how they ruin or improve the field
Oct 13th Why is the Halloween Season such a draw for beginners in the paranormal?
Oct 20th Round Table
Oct 27th FMP Team Show
Nov 3rd Economic Conspiracy- what is it about our economy that makes the world go round and what about these Bilderbergers, where do they fit in
Nov 10th Veterans Day show
Nov 17th Round Table
Nov 24th FMP Show
Dec 1st Is there an increase in the paranormal during the Holidays?
Dec 8th What are the newest trends for 2018 and Holidays in the paranormal?
Dec 15th Round Table
Dec 22nd No Show for the Holidays
Dec 29th What’s in store for 2019?

OK so that’s the 2018 S-4 schedule, people may change each show as along with our panel we have started getting some of our new folks into the show to experience the show on the air and to have a little fun. We also started being aired on KSVU 90.1 FM our local station on Wednesdays 10 AM-Noon, and you can listen in live every Saturday Midnight PST after Spaced Out Radio, at our Spreaker Site or through The Fringe FM. S-4 has been growing steadily as has been our You-Tube Channel for S-4 so don’t miss out.
Now, Training is the 2nd Sunday of each month and that schedule is as follows:
Jan 14th 2PM Annie’s Pizza, Concrete, WA Topic is UFO and Alien Abduction
Feb 11th 2PM Annie’s Pizza, Concrete, WA Topic is Occult Symbology and the Paranormal
Mar 11th Ft Casey Investigative Training/ Use of Equipment/ Use of Protection
Apr 8th 2PM Annie’s Pizza, Concrete, WA Topic Paranormal and the Law, Government Involvement.
May 13th Wilderness Survival and First Aid
Jun 10th Wilderness Camp-out and investigation putting it all together.
Jul 8th Annie’s Pizza 2PM Psychic Basics and Mediumship in the Paranormal
Now, bear in mind, The Artisan Faire starts in May, so we may have a booth running there all weekend, every weekend so if you are interested in assisting or running the booth let me know, we will need volunteers all summer.
We also have our joint-group and FMP Business meeting at the Burlington Library 230PM the 3 Saturday of each month and that schedule is as follows
Jan 27th- Burlington Library 2:30 PM Riverside Room
Feb 10th (Different Date due to availability) 3:15- 5PM Burlington Library
Mar 24th 2PM-5PM Burlington Library
Apr 21st 2PM-5PM Burlington Library
May 19th 2PM-5PM Burlington Library
Now, with FMP comes our HQ’s group, Forest Moon Grove, which began in Iraq in 2004 and is now established as a legal Pagan Church which covers Pagan issues. Now on that, when we find our Pagans in the Military needing assistance with supplies, religious leader endorsement, or facing discriminatory issues, that’s where we step in. What do we expect for 2018? Having my Homeland Security degree, I plan on doing a threat assessment of those radicals that are against anyone not of their belief that wish to persecute those in the Pagan belief, or any other non-Christian belief for that matter. We also may expand our homeless program and start up the homeless closet again as we had one in 2012 and we will be a County asset and education center as well. I’am an Ordained Pagan Clergy and also available for Handfastings/Weddings, Hospital Visitations and any other needed resource for Clergy. We do have a large network of Pagan resources for those that need assistance.
I also run a group that focuses on disaster preparedness and survival. I was in the Army 19 ½ years, I was a Combat Medic as well as Truck Mechanic. I held certifications in HAZMAT, Human Trafficking Identification, OSHA Inspection, Counter-Terrorism, and many medical certifications, FEMA certifications and more. I have an extensive library in the Skagit Homesteader group which anyone can join as disasters are a non-discriminatory issue and affect everyone the same. I will be teaching disaster prep classes next summer also at the Faire here in Concrete and conducting my own threat and hazard assessment in our community, then bringing our findings to the authorities that will pay attention.
There will be many improvements in our HQ’s with new roof, new flooring, solar power for our well pump and generators to prepare for the harshness of our mountains. Of course, that includes our gardening, chickens, and rabbits we have, and of course Bo, our Guard Sheep. On a personal note Issy, my mate, will be working as a Tax Preparer for a local company, I will have my Homeland Security Associates in April and move forward to my BA in May, then eventually my Masters in Domestic Terrorism and Extremist Groups.
What you can expect is a group that won’t tolerate slander, won’t tolerate members in our group and team being harassed by other individuals phishing for information or people to come join their wonderful team or group because they “do it the right way”, there is no right or wrong in this field, there is an ethical way, and an unethical way. I’m not playing with slander or disrespect, this group has been around 12 years and many of our members have been in this field over 20 years and some, all their life. Time to weed through the chaff and remove it.
This is the end of 2017, welcome in 2018, expect big changes and improvements in paranormal, Pagan, and all aspects of the Forest Moon’s Operations, look forward to a new year, a solid team, and a solid year. Eric.

Telephone: (360) 8407674
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