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Magickal Path: Eclectic
Age Group: Adult
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Magnetic Resonance
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Divorced
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Located in: Columbua, South Carolina

Likes: Death, Life and the Universe. Love is the cause of all emotions and no emotion can cause LOVE.

Dislikes: Fear breeds hate, hate breeds suffering. Yoda, You may not understand death but until you embrace me, you will not understand the world. This touchy feely new-age wisdom will condemn you to the depths of ignorance. War, Famine, Plague, and Death are all needed aspects to produce the REAL HUMAN. , Thousands are killed daily in the 90's and yet you do nothing for it isn't your tribe, and when a real warrior king rises to purge the terror from the earth you resist him. Free not only yourself but strive to FREE ALL OF HUMAN KIND REGARDLESS OF THEIR TRIBE!, Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone Else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation , --Oscar Wilde

Necromancer's Profile...

Through the lord of death comes change in the tarot, and yet the world fears all death and dreads his appearance. Yet he that walks with death, talks with death, even drinks with death afford the warrior the relationship to understand this force in the universe. Relationships based on respect and comfort fine tunes the sounds of war in the warriors ears and allows him to reach outside ourselves to focus completely on the goal at hand, eliminating the illusions of reality in some cases killing those illusions forcefully. In our lives we don’t see a mistake but see as a need for change, we don’t wallow in the past, instead we prepare for the future, we don’t regret our past mistakes, just vow to never make them, hell we don’t even see failure at all we just see a new opportunity opening to exploit.

The ninja of ancient Japan was known for great feats of strength, endurance and prowlness. They were able to leap great heights as to install them with the reputation to fly. How this was accomplished was training and technique. As a child, they were giving as part of their training a seed of corn to plant, and every day they were to jump over this plant for hours. If the plant ever got to tall for them to jump they were given another seed and told to start all over. Hanging from tree limbs for days at a time was also part of their training allowing them to remain motionless even under huge muscular strain. To this day snipers are taught to be motionless for weeks at a time, allowing them to slow and even stop the discomfort, and bodily needs.

Walking through the battlefield you must always be aware of your position in the reality not separate but in relation to the other people in your location, a general must take position of the entire universe and its position in relation to the devices to be employed. Mindfully walking through life is not draining or even scary to think about, it provides enormous amounts of time to the leisure, all this time is lost to the world because most do not watch for it, lost to the thoughts that hinder our development and are just a plain waste of time.

I am the Necromancer Brian, Confirmed Catholic , studied under a Buddhist, ceremonial excepted as Voodoo, trained under a Salem witch, and now wandering the world in search of that which I know doesn't exist. Here I stand to witness the passing of one civilization although I may never see the beginning of the next. Here are the teachings of one man. I speak to those of power, throw open your schools, release your publications, drop the cloak of secrecy or the free humans of the world will force a new reality upon thine head. For the power lies within, not someplace everyplace.


Life isn’t about the way it flows just pulls you along the river of time but the way you decide to take control of the journey and better the experience, staying away from the rocks. In a single day your random thoughts flood your mind and 78% of those thoughts are redundant and derogatory toward your self and person, this warrior spirit is releasing those thoughts learning to walk the meditation everyday, get rid of the detriment to you. Watch your thoughts for if you think of the golden be bee it will surely find you, your thoughts form your reality or reality from your thoughts. Many practices have the student take toll of this emotional baggage by require a log of thoughts be kept throughout the day, to emphasize the fact that you really are your own worse enemy, and if you doubt this fact try it for a week and see a side of yourself that goes unchecked every day. Follow the path and train yourself to think constantly and not let you mind wander here and there like a bumbling fool runs his mouth. Buddhist meditation, self-affirmation or even a spell recited all day while you try and control your thoughts will help stabilize you position inside the body you call home, instead of the soul fighting the body for control both systems will bow knee to the will.

Life the universe and everything is contained within the human experience. There is no point but to experience reality. How else would the universe look at itself. If God only knows "its" own perfection then how would it improve itself, let alone see anything but "its" perfection.

Symbols are basic representations of a unspeakable truth so that only the most basic experience of the observer can divine it's meaning. Symbols and the lack there of

Every religion, society and person has certain symbols they hold holy or as having more power. These are just an extension of the universe and have no real power unto themselves, each being interchangeable with a thought model. Resistance to the fact that symbols are just symbols stifles the growth but also leads deeper into the illusion of reality by causing a duality.
From the beginning of time the human race has seen symbols as a way of expressing higher thoughts that have no words. Such symbols are given power and recognition by societies and reach a point of holiness, even within the occult there is a belief that the symbol has the power and not the observer of the symbol. A star onto of a Christmas tree is the same star the pagans wear around their necks, is the same star that the police officer wears. Say your in China, and see someone wearing a star, but wait he is no policeman but a communist leader, and although the star means something it is you who add the power, or lack there of.

Each of these are the same symbol and might lead to belief the symbol holds the power, although each star has a different meaning. This is where symbols diverge and we have to ask if the symbol is just the observer imbue the power like a cartoon cell overlay. Symbols are basic representations of a unspeakable truth, so that only the most basic experience of the observer can divine it's meaning, someone listening to that primal form of communication associated with higher consciousness.

One of the biggest surprises to me was while experiencing other religions and Holinesses, the experience was so similar that it requires you to rethink you perspective. Does it matter if I use a circle or a square to form a magi-ck protection, how about a skull shape, will a fractal do?

Dropping of the way seemed easy to do when you are a master, but even then as training you should gradually drop the need for the "way" advancement will be easier in the long run. You will not be distracted my physical phasism in your daily practice, nor by the lost ghost that seemingly appear and disappear. This gradually descent into immateriality removes the blocks of most ceremony magi ck advancements to walking the power in daily life. BY removing the physical image it is replaced by a stronger mental image (stronger because you used the physical tool in the first place) , a symbol of that tool that can be carried inside the infinite bag of a magician to be removed when needed. In history there have been tales of bags that can contain the whole world and never be filled, that can contain objects inside without ever filling, and within these stories is the key to your development past the need for formed circles, tools, and even others. You are never without this bag and the contents are limited only by you, so that in any situation you have exactly what you need or would want. With a gradual withdraw of this need to use the physical symbols, but upon returning to a discarded symbol there still is the usefulness although playing with dirt feels like playing with dirt. That feeling will start to permeate all those discarded and even the ones not discarded because the mind prefers the intangible to the tangible as the later contains paradoxes the mind has to deal with and rectify before the energy can be defined with intention.

Throughout history symbols have been used by the power to display and infect the people with certain intention feeling and desires. As the power structure used these symbols to enslave people to the physical, all masters seem to lean away from the use of them, even shunning money as a symbol of work. This isn't the biggest reason to begin the regulating of your symbol intake and use, but the greater experience in a universal mind is the reason. Stop trying, stop attempting, stop preforming, stop it all it isn't real, it doesn't exist, and there is no spoon. The gods don't need you in fact they don't want you anymore so grow up.

A rising tide raises all boats.

Common good rarely means the true good of the common people and is a subjective term to show intent not results that are rooted not in fact but impressions rooted in feelings. Huddled in the foxhole the warrior only cares for the good of himself, his combat buddy and the unit he is assigned to. These are the extent of his world and people who really make a difference to his life as he does in theirs. This breeds action within the warrior to help those around him because of the direct influence his decision make, not just to others existence but to his own survival. When he hears "for the common good" the warrior expects it to be direct action not some intention to act, in some indirect way. He takes in his brothers and gives them low rent; he takes care of those sisters in humanity to require support and caring of a male figure without threat. Utopia will never take the form we assign to it for our own outlooks are cloaked in the fog of war we calling living as humans, it must develop out of the small steps lived everyday toward the greatness. Grand views and actions accomplish very little to the common people, while allowing the tyrants vision of grandeur and pity of the populace. Such terms as common good are to broad for the warriors time except in general philosophical arguments and produce nothing in the form of strategy or vision, except to the weak minded that require a mental opium to adjust to life.

Thought experiments are a great way to expand the mind and unleash hidden potential.


Theology – Human enlightenment experience – There is nothing but consciousness, all else is a product of intelligence, combine consciousness with intelligence and you have wisdom. Wisdom produces greater understanding and greater need for understanding. The more you know the more you understand you know nothing.

Government – Exclusive (You want power, you don’t get it) Independent (Without loyalty but to the race of human, experience of consciousness, and beings of consciousness in all forms it takes) Democratic (from the local level up, never to hold a lower or same position, never to make a life of power) Triad (three, power at the top should never rest with any less than three)

Economy – Creative Knowledge (The NEW) consumption of knowledge, the pursue of knowledge in the form of technology to pursue knowledge. What is the true experience of standing upon the ice fields of Utopia as the three more moons of Jupiter rise from the southeast? The exploration of ideas, experiences, and knowledge, in a non-competitive capitalist society where the lack of marketing makes the only sales point the word of mouth with a integrated sales/experience reports from every owner. High access to knowledge and knowledge holders produces infinite boosts to technological advances, as technology increases, a rate of advancement in the human experience and ability (Capitalist Economy) gradual but expodentially till all you have to do is a little work and see the visions of the universe. This would be possible for you are building on the shoulders of your parents, not just playing in their shadows.

Industry – Experimental Universal Experience Creation (based in the creation of new technology to increase the knowledge and experience of every being on earth, providing an enlightening experience of discovery for every incarnation. (I do not want to be the eternal; I strive to be honored with the experience and knowledge, to be able to experience being in eternal the smallest of ways) New technology and innovation drive the economy that leads to a greater experience/comfort increase of humanity throughout history and in pure form all having access to all, the power of which will create a non- currency as technology will make the consumer babble society disappear for a renown and experienced knowledge consume. Consume the renown by creating the next great jump in that area, and only till another is made. At first, years, months, days, and then hours and maybe even seconds, only now does it take tens of decades to advance.

Laws – Responsibility for the actions of thane self, help when you can and see others in need. Group Values on a local basis, diffuse at the world level to bare basics minimalist in nature and drive to be non-existent. RESPONSIBILITY to yourself and your fellow man, you create your local reality and when your reach is global you change things globally, when you reach to humanity you change the universe, but humanity must want to change. Honor is doing what is right without having to be forced to.

Military – Every citizen is responsible for the defense of themselves, others, and all. “Technology Evolved” (those that have produce the greatest advances in Religion of Science, Art of engineering, Compassion of the Gene, Painting of Being Evolving, Dance of Words and the Music of Math) are the ones that understand the destructive potentional of top of the line and hence use restraint will control the need for Liberation when Oppression, Intolerance, Tyranny, and Self Destruction rear its ugly head. There are those of and part of a warrior class mercenaries are encouraged in all aspects of the civilization for they are the risk takers, the life takers. This warrior class needs to be raised for they are the pious, the evil, merciful, yet tyrannical, tolerant, yet judgmental, all powerful, yet tied at the wrists to all causes. Once the general public has created heroes of the warrior class, the warrior class obediently obligate to bent knee to the populace, honor demands it.

Liberty – Enlightened self research- Looking through the experience of life and understanding that freedom, is Liberty, is eternal. You must understand when you hurt others and are being destructive even to self, that has a detriment to others well being, this lowers the experience for all. Once a limitless technological boom frees the world from the worry of a consumer society to contemplate such things as this, which will increase the physiological changes for evolution, increasing the use of the brain will force development of denser grey matter in all humans, not just the highly educated. Teaching calculus to preschoolers is not unheard of.

Technology – Infinite as the eternal source of all, as the economy is based on the pursuing of technology to increase the knowledge and experience of all. Terra-forming the universe of this experience; with the sound of one person laughing at himself. As the driving force of efforts throughout the world, importance is place heavily on education and every generation will learn basics at a earlier and earlier age, algebra in the second grade, this will have the effect of allowing the generation to cope with the effects of constant change in technology, and the ability to teach “all” the math you need for masters in physics in one year of fourth grade as competitive schools are the cut throat business and wheelers and dealers. Technology of the conscious experience can only be described the greatest discovery of all time. Human and conscious experience is the only important technology, material things are there to give us this experience, are created by us, but fleeting images in the end.

Arts – All of the total expansive universe is a canvas You are yet to even see, Let alone know what inspiration you have yet, to experience in a small corner of realty. Integration of arts and technological design. Produce the useful art that is extraordinary simple beautiful within the workings of universe. Painting on the night sky With a dance of object blazing though upper atmosphere producing a show seen by half the world. beauty can just be beautiful, but when it is functionally gorgeous There is nothing more to be seen. But the stars falling to earth. Cleaning the space junk for new universal physics. Paving the way To Realities un thought of And the microbe grows up

Benefits – Work is only work because that is the way it has been, but it isn’t what it can be. Unencumbered experience that produces the greatest sense of all that corporal consciousness has to offer in knowledge and base conscious experience. Finding pleasure in all of reality and not playing with the dirt for the sake of playing with dirt. That is the true work of the soul, not the mindless prattle. Create

Drawbacks – Use and increase of Mammalian brain tissues, will expedite dropping of the media and media addiction for knowledge based social interaction and community experiences. Interchange the word media with formless entertainment, smoke and mirrors creation, and lying creations. Understanding emotions as a perk of life and should not rule as a tyrant of previous needs and experiences, enjoy even the worst times are getting better. GROW UP Evolve already
Those with help and those that need help. Don't sell me something, don't deny knowledge, come freely or come not at all. Your oaths in the next life will haunt you till the end of time, for not helping those around you. Play with your dirt forever. There are nothing but interesting people to meet, but the company you keep is that which you will become.

You just assume your human and everyone has done it, this is my body, this is my face, this is my soul, but what evidence is there that you are what you call human. What makes you think that you are anything but this little single point of consciousness peering out from either side of your nose? Does blue look like blue to everyone, or have we just agreed that color is blue when it looks green to me. How can you truly describe a color without referencing itself in another form? Blue looks like the color of the sky, is just another reference to itself, I could have a green sky but call it blue because that is what everyone calls that color.

When we enter this world as children we are confused and require much teaching in order to “avail” ourselves of the physical experience. Like a new recruit in boot camp, the world has rules that confuse and confound us, yet slowly we begin to understand the rules and they guide our actions. It is not until we totally make these rules our own that we can operate in society, but this is not reality. Reality is the rules of the universe not the rules of boot camp that is human society, and many of these rules are designed to condemn you to a life of physical slavery and emotional torment. This is where the warrior steps up and takes the rules of boot camp and once understood discards them as rubbish to be burned in the cauldron of his personality.

This assumption stretches into all practices that I have come across; my system is better, my way or the highway, you can only get this information from my way, my lineage gives me the right. Better is about competition, is freeing people about competition, no it is about freeing them, not about the liberator, us. There is no better or worse way there is only action, and inaction. A bunny trapped in a cage doesn’t care how you free it just so long as it is free and hopefully not right into the hands of the coyote. The way things were going after the Second World War till now should appall the free people yet it wasn’t in their backyard so who cares. Those people are your people, brothers of humanity, those imprisoned are your fault and responsibility as the stronger and the free. Chivalry isn’t dead you just forgot what it means to be a liberator and hold your values while other abandon theirs for what is new and popular. This is what the warrior holds dear as you do things in the course of battle that pale the white horse and curl the blood, but you do these things for because of the honor of being be called. Productivity has always in the past been seen as a rating of a country, and America is unbeaten in this regard even with China having more people, along with the happiness and well being of its people. When you repress any group productivity goes down as the repress people’s wills rebel against the oppression they have consequences that pollute the body and mind. Violence is not an action of free people is an option of the repressed; liberation is the option of the free.

Your will is your reality, there is nothing that isn’t created by you in this universe you call reality. There is no way you can differentiate between anything but illusions fed to you by some senses and textile experiences, but you are just a point receiving these sensations.
And death took down the name of the old man upon the old parchment before flipping the switch in his pace maker off. We will all be burned into the parchment, even the masters (buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Abraham, Dianna, Osirus) past through the gateway of death.

Fear not death and you become limitless. Hell, just buy him a beer and say see you later. Most of the time he'll let you go , for a while, but never forget he will be coming back once again.

Current passing through wires produces magnetic fields, but the actual physics of what and why of magnetic fields is a little fuzzy. Within your nervous system are electrical currents that produce a small magnetic field. These small super efficient wires transfer power with very little loss, as death approaches and electrical current casts off the magnetic field.....

"He who knows himself knows God." or the Muhammadans of the phrase, "I take refuge in God"
Ghazzali says, in the Ihya-ul-ulum. "Satan laughs at such pious ejaculations. Those who utter them are like a man who should meet a lion in a desert, while there is a fort at no great distance, and when he sees the evil beast, should stand exclaiming, 'I take refuge in that fortress, ' without moving a step towards it. What will such an ejaculation profit him? In the same way the mere exclamation, 'I take refuge in God, ' will not protect thee from the terrors of His judgment unless thou really take refuge in Him."

Traveling the country playing in a world of wonderous illusions. Time is to short and reality to important for you to take it so seriously

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