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Posted: March 4th. 2006 12:43:37 PM

Views: 1473

Lord Dashrath's son - godly king Rama

by the doc

Age Group: Adult

Ram Ras – Tulsi Dal

Shri Tulsidas Ramayana

Baal Kaand

· Tulsidasji says that listen out of the two letters that form the divine name of Shri Raghunathji, the first that is “Ra” is above all other letter in the form of a protective Chatra and the other letter “Ma” resides as the jewel in the crown (Mukutmani) (Anusvaar)

· Tulsidasji says that if one desires enlightenment from both within and without then using the tongue from the door-like form of the face, then let down the lit up candle like the divine name of Shri Ram should ever be spoken by the devotee
? should ever be adorned by the mouth

· In this Iron Age (Kaliyug) , the name of Shri Ram is like the wish-fulfilling Kalpavruksh and is the source of ultimate good fortune because remembering this divine name Tulsidasji who considers himself as cheap as marijuana (Bhang) becomes as pious as plant Tulsi which is used for service of the Divine

· Shri Tulsidasji says that whether out of love, hate, anger or laziness, any person who recites this divine name Ram finds good fortune in all the ten directions.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that this Divine name Ram is like a definite Mantra, jewel among Mantras and can wipe off all the destined (difficult times) difficuties that an individual might face.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that only that will happen which the Divine God Ram has already thought of, hence why increase arguments for something that is always so destined as good fortune.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that without the company of those who love truth, one cannot attain discriminative intellect and without the grace of the Divine God Ram, men of truth will not be available. Satsang is the root of the tree to happiness and the fruits are:-
· Daan : Generosity
· Yagjna : Sacrificial rites
· Tapa : Penance
And conscious efforts are its flowers and enlightenment are its fruits of the tree of happiness (joy and its source) .

· Shri Tulsidasji says that with Satsang even hypocrite individuals turn over a better leaf - the way by the touch of Parasmani iron turns into gold. It is only through destiny that good individuals fall into bad company. However, the way the jewel on the head of a snake remains where it is, similarly nice individuals do not forsake their goodness or their nature which leads them to Divine Satsangs.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that in the world of those who have neither enemies or friends but are equanimous like sages, I bow to all of them. They are like fragrant flowers in the cupped hands, one for plucking the flowers and other for holding them – thus spreading their divine fragrance. For those sages, people who do their benefir or their loss are seen with equanimity by all those whose divine refuge is Shri Ram.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the way nectar is useful in granting immortality and poison is useful in granting death, similarly good individuals do goodness and sinful people commit sins and everyone finds their own action as ultimate.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that God has created the universe with both flaws and attributes. However, saintly people become like the divine swans and leave away the poison which is water-like and take the nectar from society which is akin to milk. That is, with discrimination saintly people live in this world which has both nectar and poison.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that certain substances in the universe become good or bad according to the company that they keep and the sages very well know this. For eg
· Grah – planetary position (astrology)
· Aaushadh – medicines
· Jal – water
· Vastra – clothes
· Pavan –wind (stench / fragrance)

· Shri Tulsidasji says and exemplifies through the following example about the nature of the world that if water is mixed with milk, it is sold at the price of milk itself. However, if the sour element of hypocrisy enters the same milk then it loses its natural charm. It changes the attribute of milk itself.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that one can visit one’s friends, father, Guru (teacher) , God even without being invited to do so, however one should not go to such places where there is slightest amount of hesitation and yet if one does so, one encounters misfortune.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the world is full of great amount of tragic consequences, however losing one’s self-respect is the worst kind of dishonour and pain.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that even without giving a second thought one should always obey what one’s parents, Guru or Master tells one to do.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that no faults ever encounter one who is competent – for example the sun, fire and the river Goddess Gangaji.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that God Ram is the illumining source through which one visualises the world and who Himself is the master of Maya (illusionary strength) , Master of Knowledge and the source of infinite divine attributes.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that only that things happen in the world which is sanctioned by God Ram and there is nobody who can do otherwise.

· Shri Tulsidasji narrates that once when God Shivji laughed and said nobody is a Pandit nor is anybody a fool and that everyone becomes according to the divine wish of God Ram.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that Maya (Illusionary strength) of God Ram is very much strong and that there is nobody born in the universe who have ever not been infatuated by the Divine Maya of Shri Ram.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that one must never underestimate an intelligent enemy and further exemplifies it that both Rahu and Ketu though have only their heads remaining cause problem to the sun and the moon (in the form of eclipses) .

· Shri Tulsidasji further wonders why Brahma, the appointed Lord of creation created woman because by the nature of being dependent on others – father, husband and son, they have few chances of happiness even in their dreams.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that whenever their occur major flaws in religion and increase in the evil (Aasuri Tatwas) and the world is in a total turmoil because of such demonic forces wherein the following four became totally miserable – planet earth, mother cow, intelligent elite and demigods, so it is during such times that Divine God Ram takes up various bodies and removes all the misfortunes of the above four.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that whatever is about to happen, such circumstances automatically come and meet the individuals and destiny takes such individuals to where they should be at that precise moment.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the way the mountain keeps the grass on its face and head, and the ocean keeps the form on its face, Planet Earth keeps dust on its body, similarly gigantic ones have love for things which are small.

· Shri Tulsidasji says listen to Bharadwajji that when destiny takes a turn then even gems turn into pieces of glass and if sold do not give its original value and the dust on the mountains becomes like Yamraj – the God of death.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that at any given moment, God meets his devotees according the their love and devotion for Him.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that I know that my Divine God is omnipresent an that he incarnates Himself out of intense love.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the way a small Ankush can control a huge elephant, similarly a small Mantra can control the appointed Gods of gneration, operation and destruction (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) .

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the way rivers come and meet the ocean irrespective of whether the ocean wants it or not, similarly righteous people get all kinds of happiness without asking for it.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that whatever one really loves, one definitely finds and that there are no doubts in this fact.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that of what use is rain after the farm-land has dried up, similarly of what use is repentance after the time has gone away.

· Shri Tulsidasji says to himself that O Mind, leave all hypocrisy and bow down to the feet of God Hari – wake up from this deep sleep in the night of infatuation that either way lot of time has passed since all have been asleep.

Thus ends the scriptural collection of Baal Kaand of Tulsidasji’s Ramayana.


· Tulsidasji says that only those people find true Satsang upon whom God generously showers His Grace upon.

· Tulsidasji says that who doesn’t destruct Himself by coming across the wrong sort of company. Even wisdom disappears by the company of people of lowly intellect.

· It has always been the custom of the prestigious clan of King Raghu that a vow once given is always followed irrespective of the loss of life.

· Tulsidasji says that Oh mother, listen, only that son is fortunate who lovingly obeys what has been spoken by his parents. It is rare in this world to find such a son who gives contentment to their parents.

· Tulsidasji says that in this world especially for women there is no other ultimate religious duty than the regardful service of in-laws.

· Tulsidasji says that the individual who does not listen to the voice of the Master or the Guru, who are the well-wishers always without any reason, repents fully in the heart and there is a definite loss in this welfare and prosperity.

· (For a woman) the following are always sources of happiness:- parents, sister, a loving brother, a loving family, friend circle, mother-in-law, father-in law, guru, company of respectable elite, those who come to aid and dutiful loving son.

· But O Lord, till the time the husband is present all these relations bestow happiness, however without one a woman (a widow) feels that inflamed loss causing her more grief than the heat of the sun. Without a husband all the following become causes of sorrow and are painful:-
· The body
· Wealth
· Place where one resides
· A kingdom
· Earth itself

· Tulsidasji says that without a husband all enjoyments seems like diseases, all adornments seem like unnecessary, excess weights and the world seems like the Yamaloka - abode of the dead. O God, dear to me as Life, without you there is nobody in the world who can give me happiness.

· Tulsidasji says that Oh Master like the body without a life (corpse) , like the dried river similarly a woman without a man does not seem fitting or proper.

· Tulsidasji says that all those people have wasted their human life if they haven’t listened to the advise of the Guru and the Master and have not followed what these elite and parents desire.

· Tulsidasji says that only that woman is a good mother whose son is a devotee of the Divine God Ramchandra.

· All scriptures and morality dictate that God inspires good and bad action and correspondingly gives the resultant fruits – one reaps as one sows – (in the sense that one gets a just fruit of one’s labour whether good or bad) .

· Tulsidasji says that Oh brother who gives either happiness or sadness to anybody? Everyone gets happiness or sadness according to their own Karmas / performed actions.

· Tulsidasji says that meeting and parting, enjoyment of the senses, good actions, bad actions, friend, foe, moreover the meeting with friends, enemies or saints or an indifferent attitude, all these are facets of ignorance for till the time one is enrolled in the cycle of birth and death – till that time all wealth, karma, adversity and time go alongwith the above mentioned.

· Tulsidasji says that till the time there is this Sansaar till that time land, house, money, city, family, heavens, health all these are by knowing, listening and thinking with the mind, one finds that the root of all these is infatuation and these are not useful in gaining emancipation.

· Tulsidasji says that the way a king turns into a beggar in a dream and a beggar turns into Indra, god of heavens, but in awakening there is neither gain nor loss, know these similar to the world we live in.

· Tulsidasji says that what is it that fire cannot burn, what is it that the sea cannot drown, what is it that a feeble looking woman can’t accomplish and who is it to whom time has not made its mark upon?

· Tulsidasji says that after knowing all this, anyone who has deep love for the Divine feet of God Ram, for all those the temple is within themselves, in which both King Ram and Queen Sita live together.

· Tulsidasji says that Oh Father, for all those to whom only you are the Master, the father, Mother, friend or Guru, then you reside alongwith Queen Sita in the temple of their mind alongwith all brothers.

· Tulsidasji says that all those devotees who do not want anything and have casual love towards you, then you reside in their minds as if it is your own home.

· Tulsidasji says that the Divine God Ram is only fond of pure and unadulterated love. All those who wish to know may know it as such.

· Tulsidasji says that wealth, house, happiness, friend circle, mother, brother – all of them should burn in hell if they cannot help in the devotion of divine feet of Shri Ram.

· Tulsidasji says that God Ramchandraji is the infinite source of fortune and joy and yet he sleeps on the grass on the ground. Hence the working of destiny is considered to be very very powerful.
· Tulsidasji says that knowing all this it is futile to be angry and it is useless to blame anybody. Everybody is asleep in the night of infatuation and they keep on dreaming different kinds of dreams.

· Tulsidasji says that when discrimination arises then infatuation and suspicion both disappear and one gets love for the divine feet of Shri Ram. Hence Oh friend, the Ultimate emancipation is the assemblage of mind, speech and action in the divine feet of Lord Ram.

· Tulsidasji says that by listening to the Leelas of Lord Ram one breaks the bondage with the world because the compassionate God has incarnated Himself as a human being for the well being of – devotees, planet earth, brahmins, cows and demi-gods.

· Tulsidasji says that there is no other religion except that of Truth – such is what is mentioned in the Vedas, the Puranas and other scriptures.

· Tulsidasji says that Kevat (sailor) describes that if you want to cross-over the other side then grant me the privilege of washing your Divine feet.

· Tulsidasji says that all those who have left hypocrisy in the mind, action and speech and starts having regards and affection for your Divine feet, till that stage irrespective of trying 1 crore other options one doesn’t find happiness even in dreams.

· Tulsidasji says that life, death, experience of happiness and sorrow, fortune and misfortune, meeting and departing with loved ones, all these O Gosai! Are all as helpless as the day and night are in front of
Time and Karma

· Tulsidasji says that only a fool can be happy in times of joy and sad in times of sorrow. Patient is one who knows both these and patiently waits for them. Hence a patient man keeps his cool by thoughtful knowledge and leaving aside guilt, becomes a well-wisher for all.

· Tulsidasji says that Vashistha Muni sadly said that Oh Bharatji, listen, destiny is very strong. Hence life or death, gain or loss, goodness or evil all this is in the hands of destiny.

· Tulsidasji says that knowing all this whom can one blame or whom should one get angry upon?

· Tulsidasji says that any person who discriminates between what is to be done and what is not and obeys the vows of his father, that person eventually gets happiness, fame and a place in heaven.

· Tulsidasji says that by listening to the wonderful speech and being happy in the mind, one should listen to One’s Guru, one’s Master and one’s parents and one should not think whether it is appropriate or not because thinking such one entitles to gaining sin in one form or another.

· Tulsidasji says that if the body is sick then all different types of pleasures becomes useless, similarly without the happiness of God everything becomes senseless, the way a beautiful corpse would seem without the facet of life similarly without happiness of the Divine feet of Shri Ram, all my happiness is worthless.

· Tulsidasji says that I am not interested in Dharma, Artha, Kaam or Moksha but this is what I desire that in every birth, I have deep regards for the feet of Lord Shri Ram and mother Sitaji.

· Tulsidasji says that in this world, only action is considered to be the greatest, everyone shall reap what they sow.

· Tulsidasji says that it is better to understand what work is worth doing or not worth doing. Hence if a work is being called good by everyone and one does it in a hurry it is possible that one might have to repent later and such people are not considered intelligent by the Vedic scholars as a step in wisdom.

· Tulsidasji says that King Ramchandraji first met Kaikaiyi and with His beautiful nature and devotion, gave calmness and serenity to His mother Kaikaiyi by falling at her feet and explaining the effects of Time, Karma and destiny gave comfort to Queen Kaikaiyi in various different ways.

· Tulsidasji says that King Ramchandraji met all the mothers and gave them verbal comfort explaining to them that Oh mothers, this entire world is under the wish of God, hence it is futile to blame any person.

· Tulsidasji says that any action whether good or bad is given to us by destiny and our parents are the cause behind all births in all ages.

· Tulsidasji says that Oh father the life of an individual soul is in the hands of God and it is useless to be sad.

· Tulsidasji says that it is impossible to hide either love or enemity. Hence it is best not to involve oneself in one’s mind with misleading beliefs.

· Tulsidasji says that even animals and birds know what is good and bad for them hence why should it surprise anybody that man with his huge amount of knowledge and attributes would not know about the same.

· Tulsidasji says that all the actions of destinies are extremely adverse. Everywhere one sees different predatory birds like crows, owls and cranes. However, the ‘Hansa’ or the Royal Swans are found only in Maansarowar. Such is what is heard, that nectar is only ‘heard about’ while poison is visible everywhere like above example of birds. Hence all actions of destiny are adverse.

· Tulsidasji says that Queen Kaushaliya said that it is nobody’s fault. It is only destiny that is the giver of joy, sorrow, loss, profit and all these actions of Karma are very well-known to the destiny makers.

· Tulsidasji says that the test of gold is by rubbing it on stone and a test of man is his behaviour in times of adversity.

· Tulsidasji says that the way fire supports smoke and mountain supports grass, similarly big and generous people give respect even to those who are far less in social positioning.

· Tulsidasji says that the religion of the master and of the selfish soul is opposite. Love doesn’t have knowledge and hatred is blind.

· Tulsidasji says that with God’s grace his love for the divine feet of Shri Sitaram continuously keeps on rising.

· Tulsidasji says that O King Bharat, just by reciting your name all sins and all sorts of adversities disappear. Similarly one gains fame in this world and happiness in the heavens. Thus ends the scriptural collection from the Ayodhya Kaand of Tulsidasji’s Ramayana.


· Shri Tulsidasji says that the following 4 are tested during the times of adversity :-
1. Dheeraj : Patience (infinite patience is the fastest way to know God)
2. Dharma : Righteous morality
3. Mitr – friend
4. Nari – woman

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the Iron Age Kaliyug is a storehouse of sins and in this age Dharma (Knowledge / Yoga) , Japa – repeatedly remembering the names of God, Tapa (Asceticism) – none of these become useful but for the fact that one prays religiously to the feet of Lord Rama and thus proves oneself to be an intelligent intellectual.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that O Princess, listen – mother, father, brother are all well-wishers however, they give consequent fruits in a measured limit but O Janakiji a husband is one who gives unlimited fruits and those women who do not do the seva of their husbands are considered as immoral.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that O Lakshman utilizing your discriminatory nature, intellect and use of force alongwith time, do protect mother Janakiji.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the following 4 if bow down lead to a lot of unnecessary pain:
1. Ankush – for governing elephants
2. Dhanushya – bow and arrow
3. Snake –
4. Cat

· Shri Tulsidasji says that even if One knows the scripture very well one must regularly keep on revising it so that one does not forget the important lessons similarly to never trust a king because he will definitely give punishment if one makes a mistake.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that irrespective of keeping a woman close to the heart, the following three are not to be trusted:-
1. Raja – King
2. Shastra – Scripture
3. Stri – Woman

· Shri Tulsidasji says that God Ram has an incorrigible habit of taking care of those who have no other means of seeking protection.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that God is easily pleased by that devotion in which His devout devotees are happy.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that devotion itself is quite independent and does not need any sort of aid. Moreover all knowledge and science are dependent on the devotion, hence O father, this devotion is that which gives unheard of happiness and which is possible and available only if one has the aid of all truthful saints.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that it is essential to have affection for the divine feet of all saintly people and discipline (niyam) . Moreover it is better to have one’s mind, action and speech towards the same (all saintly people) . Moreover one must perform services of the following:-
1. Guru
2. Father
3. Mother
4. Brother
5. Swami / Master
6. God

· Shri Tulsidasji says that who-so-ever feels intensely with this devotion his hair stand on their ends, their speech is shaken with deep emotion and their eyes water out of sheer happiness. Similarly O Dear one, all those who do not have any false pride of hypocrisy or are involved in the bondage of lust, for them, I am always accessible.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that I always reside in those hearts where through mind, speech and action the devotee is just under my refuge and being desireless of everything else, sees my glory forever.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the following all want to milk the sky to get milk, i.e. to say that these relationship seem impossible
1. A beggar who demands respect
2. A Daas (servant) who wants happiness
3. An addict who wants wealth
4. A prostitute who wants to reach the heavens
5. A greedy man who expects fame
6. A messenger who wants pride

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the following virtuous people are spoilt by the following which has come to my knowledge, which I am disclosing to you
1. A saint is spoilt by the company
2. A king is spoilt by a bad counsellor
3. Knowledge is spoilt by pride
4. Moderation is spoilt through intake of vices (alcohol)
5. Love is spoilt without humility
6. Attributes are spoilt with vanity

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the following even though small should never be considered as less dangerous
1. Shatru – enemy
2. Rog – disease
3. Agni – fire
4. Paap – sin
5. Swami – master
6. Sarp – snake

· Shri Tulsidasji says that if the following 9 people are in opposition to oneself, it does not lead to a good result
1. An armed man
2. One who knows a secret
3. Swami – the master
4. Moorkh – a foolish man
5. A very rich man
6. One who has healed you
7. One who travels and sings professionally (? Banjara)
8. A poet
9. A cook

· Shri Tulsidasji says that Kaakbhushandiji says to ___ that strength of the intellect and the aura of the body decrease immediately the moment one puts one’s foot on the wrong path.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that nothing is impossible in this world to those who have the welfare of others as their utmost priority in this world.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that O Master though there are innumerable names of God as described in the Vedas and though one is greater than the other yet let the name Ram be the utmost like a hunter’s passion for a group of birds (metaphorically speaking for sins – as the utmost pious name against sins)

· Shri Tulsidasji says that let the name Ram be like the full moon in the night of devotion and all other names be like the endless stars and may they all reside in the sky like the hearts of devotees.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that God said that Devi listen to this, I speak with joy and tell you that an individual who leaves everything and prays only to me, I take care of him, like a mother who protects her young helpless child. A kid is about to touch a fire or a snake is protected by the mother by separating it from the potentially close source of danger, similarly do I protect my devotees who are single-minded in their devotion towards me.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that however when a son grows up then the mother does love him but the previously said story changed implying that the mother is no longer concerned about protecting the baby because the son has become an adult and can protect himself. You so devoid of pride are like my baby son while the gjyanees (the knowledgeable elite are like my grown up sons.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that those devoted to me have only me for their guidance while the gjyani has himself, however enemies like lust, anger etc are similar towards both. Hence the devout who do not leave my devotion thinking on similar lines that killing the enemies of my devotees is my responsibility while killing those of a gjyani are his responsibility.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that Shankerji says that Hey Uma, that human is the most unfortunate who leaving God runs after gaining the objects of the senses.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that Shri Ram says to Shabri O Bhamini ( a beautiful lady) listen to me attentively – the only bond that I recognize is the bond of devotion.

· God says that there are nine types of devotion – the first is company of the men of truth, the second is love for the katha – sermons expounding the glories of God

· The third is to serve the divine feet of one’s Guru without having any false vanity, the fourth is without any hypocrisy singing the Divine attributes of God and his glory.

· The fifth is an unwavering trust in Myself and repeatedly and devotionally saying the mystic mantra Ram. The sixth is control of the senses and of the sense objects creating a virtuous character for oneself, renouncing unnecessary worldly duties and staying consistently in that what is taught by the men of truth.

· The seventh is seeing the entire universe as that Divine form of mine and yet considering the devout holy truthful men even greater than myself. The eighth is contentment in whatever one gets and a habit of not seeing faults of others even in one’s dreams.

· The ninth is simplicity and non-hypocritical behaviour towards all, a profound trust in the heart for myself and being without joy and sorrow in any situation in life.

· God says that akin to a cloud without water, is the man without the feeling of devotion irrespective of his having the following
1. Intelligence
2. Virtues
3. High family status
4. Strength
5. Wealth
6. A liking for religion’s values
7. A prestigious blood line
8. A good caste and a good creed

· O father listen, anger, lust and greed are the 3 major mortal enemies and have the competence to instantly deviate even those munis who are the foundation of knowledge.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that greed is served by desire and hypocrisy. Lust is served by a woman and anger by harsh speech. This has been thoughtfully told by the Munis.

· God Shiva says to Parvatiji O consort, I’ll tell you my own experience of that the entire world is like a dream and singing the glories of God is the entire truth.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that lust, anger, pride are like an army of creating strong infatuation. However, even among those a woman personifying illusion (Maya) is the ultimate cause of grief.

· Shri Tulsidasji says that the bodies of women are like the flame of a lamp, O mind listen to me, leave your pride and your lust, do not become like a moth running to the fire, pray religiously and regularly to God Shri Ram and seek the company of men of truth.

Kishkinda Kaand

· Shri Tulsidasji says that I am totally carefree, without worry, with total trust in you in the way a servant is in the hands of the master or the son is in the hands of the mother.

· God says that everyone calls me equanimous however that person with single minded devotion towards me is liked by me the most.

· Listen Hanumanji, such persons with pointed devotion are those wherein the belief do not ever gets removed that I am a menial servant and all that exists in existence is the form of my Divine God.

· It is sin to watch a person who though a friend is not sorrowed by a friend’s misery.

· The attribute of good friends are :-
1. To stop a man from going on the wrong path and lead him to the right lane
2. To hide his faults and to promote his virtues

· The further attributes of a good friend as denoted in the scriptures are:-
1. Never to have any doubts in give and take
2. Utilizing one’s own strength and intelligence to bring about the welfare of each other
3. To love him hundred times more in his misery.

· The one who talks sweetly on the front but shows a lethal behaviour behind one’s back, O brother, such bad company must be renounced for their minds are crooked like the stride of a snake.

· The following four are painful like a piercing thorn in the foot
1. A foolish servant
2. A greedy king
3. A bad fallen woman
4. A hypocrite friend

· Though the Munis strive birth after birth, it is very difficult to take the pious name of God Ram by them at the time of death.

· O God, atleast now have mercy and give me this boon that according to my action (Karma) whichever birth I get in whichever species, therein let my love and devotion be for the divine feet of Ram.
· For whom are you crying for, because the ‘Self’ is eternal and the sinful body composed of earth, water, space, wind and sky – the five elements is lying in front of you.
· Mahadevji says that O Parvatiji, no one in this world is more like a brother, a mother, a father, a Guru or a well-wisher like Shri Ram.

It is the habit of all the demi-gods, humans and saints to selfishly love nand devote themselves to God.

· Only that person is most fortunate and virtuous who has immense love for the divine feet of Lord Ram.

· The immense fame of God Ram is like the medicine for this diseased cycle of birth and death and any man or woman who listens to this will have their entire desires fulfilled by God Shri Ramchandraji, the eternal foe of Trishira.
· It is essential to listen to the infinite Leelas and Attributes of Shri Ram whose body is similar in colour to the blue lotus, whose beauty is greater than a crore cupids (Kamadev, the god of love) , and whose pious name is like a hunter for a group of birds, metaphorically speaking against hoards of sins.


· O Father, on a weighing scale balance if you put all the heavens emancipation on one scale, even then they will not be able to equal one moment of meeting with the truthful elite or doing satsang.

· To that fortunate individual on whom Shri Ramchandraji showers his grace, the following modify themselves:-
1. Person turns into nectar
2. Enemies turn into friends
3. The ocean turns into the size of a cow’s hoof
4. Fire does not burn
5. The great mountain Sumeru made out of gold is equivalent to dust

· Oh Hanumanji, now I have gained the trust because without the grace of God one does not encounter men of truth.

· Oh Vibhishan listen! It is a known practise of God that He always has overflowing love for his devotees.

· Oh You! Leave this false pride which is the base for all ignorance and misery and lovingly remember the main king of Raghukul – Shri Ramchandraji – who Himself is the ocean of compassion.

· All wealth and splendour of all those who antagonized Shri Ram are lost.

· Shri Ramchandraji’s message for Shri Sitaji – The pain in my heart is lessened somewhat by sharing, however with whom should I say it to – no-one knows this pain. Beloved, the essence of love between you and me is only known by my mind.

· And that mind is ever engaged with you in your thoughts. Kindly understand my love for you in these few short sentences.

· Jambavantji says O Raghunathji, Listen O Master, the person upon whom you shower your grace is ever fortunate and ever happy. All the Gods, the Munis and the people ever remain satisfied with him.

· He is the only one who becomes victorious, humble and has an ocean of attributes and His beautiful fame spreads across three worlds.

· O God, the person upon whom You Yourself are happy finds nothing impossible. With your showered grace even Cotton which is extremely inflammable can start a major forest fire and totally burn and destroy the forest, implying the inconceivable becomes the possible.

· The following three if out of fear or hope speak nice and falsely praising speech then they themselves lead to entire destruction:-
1. A minister – loss of a kingdom
2. A doctor – loss of the body – affliction
3. A Guru – loss of morality

· O Swami! If you desire good fortune, fame, a brilliant intellect, a godly path, and other vivid forms of joy, then renounce other women like the moon of the fourth lunar day.

· O Swami! It has been mentioned in all the scriptures and the Puranas that both good and bad intellects reside in all, however, where there is piety there are numerous forms of prosperity and where there is a predominance of the bad intellect, various forms of adversity.

· O Lord, feverish desire, anger, fame, pride and greed are all highways to hell; Renounce all of these and pray to God Raghuveer to whom all Holy Saints take refuge in.

· I have listened to your pious fame by my own ears that You are the Destroyer of all fear that worldliness creates. O God, You who gives happiness to those who are under Your refuge and remove all sorrows from those who are sad, O God Raghuveer, Protect me! Protect me! (Trahi, Trahi)

· O Father, it is better to reside in hell, however let destiny not give the meeting of lowly people (Dushta) to me.

· O Compassionate One! The person with whom You are pleased is not affected by the following three types of hindrances prevalent in the Universe:-
1. Aadhibhouthik – pertaining to the body
2. Aadhyatmik – pertaining to the mind
3. Aadhidaivik – pertaining to the soul

· O Parvatiji! Ultimate are those saints who shower goodwill, good wishes even on those who have harmed them.

· God says that when an individual soul comes to Me then I destroy all sins that he has incurred in his multiple crore lives.

· God says that I am accessible to those with a guiltless and serene being, I do not like hypocrisy, deviousness or falsity.

· Till the time an individual does not leave feverish desires which are the cause of the heap of sorrow and does not serve Shri Ramchandraji, till then He is not comfortable, balanced or intelligent and his mind is not at rest even in his dreams.

· Till the time God Ramchandraji adorned with His Divine Bow and a quiver full of arrows does not reside in the heart, only till then do sinful tendencies like greed, infatuation, envy, vanity and false pride etc. remain.

· Mother, father, brother, son, wife, body, wealth, house, friends and family all these are like the weak thread which inspires the misguided feelings of false ownership (Mamta) ; instead by making a beautiful, strong thread let the mind tie itself to My Divine Feet (Bestowing Devotion) .

· The human being is like My own Prana, who has love for the holy feet of the truthful Brahmins, is constant in conduct, vows and discipline, works for the welfare of others and tries to please Me (God) by praying to my Divine form and attributes (Saakar Bhagwan) .

· Lakshamanji said (in anger) O God! How can one trust destiny? By intense fury of the mind let the ocean (to cross over to bring back Goddess Sitaji) be dried up. Destiny comforts those whose minds are weak and cowardly. Lazy people keep on crying “Destiny – Destiny” for comfort.

· A being becomes happy in that manner in which he has been assigned to live by the Swami Himself – ordained and ordered.

· The following if pursued is like planting seeds in the soil that has dried up and is of no use:-
1. Request to the foolish
2. Affection to the hypocrite
3. Morality to the obstinately narrow minded
4. Divine knowledge to those who are infatuated with false ownership
5. Renunciation to the greedy
6. Calming the senses to the angry
7. The Divine sermons or Katha to the one obsessed with feverish desires.

· O Garudji, listen the lowly do not heed to requests but to beatings and thrashings. Just like the banana plantations which bear fruits not by crore of ways in which it is watered but by cutting them.

· The following are worth a thrashing (at times) :-
1. A drunk
2. The foolish and the uncultured
3. Misbehaving animals
4. The lowly, sinful
5. A woman who behaves irrationally

· Singing the glories of Lord Shri Raghunathji bestows all good fortune, the One who respectfully listens to these glories crosses over the ocean of worldliness without any steamer, ship or boat.

Lanka Kaand

· That devotee who calls himself as my follower yet is the foe of Shri Mahadevji, such persons are not liked by Me even in my dreams. That person who wishes for My devotion and yet remains averse to God Mahadevji is foolish and lowly with a very poor and miserly intellect.

· By the grace and the prowness of god Shri Ramchandraji even heavy stones floated on the ocean, hence those who leave God Raghunathji and pray to any other Swami is foolish.

· The scriptural rules of conduct denote that love or opposition must be done with those who are similar and akin to one another (in strength and skill) .

· The following 14 though alive are as good as dead:-
1. Those following sinister rituals for harming others
2. Feverishly desirous
3. Extremely miserly
4. Foolish
5. Very, very poor
6. One without any fame
7. Very, very old
8. One who is ever sick/ diseased
9. One who is always easily angered
10. One who is averse to God
11. One who is averse to the Vedas and Holy Saints
12. One who lives for maintaining his own body
13. One who utilizes all that is pious
14. One who is at the bottom of the ravine of sins.

· Time or Kaal does not hit anyone with a stick but takes away religious morality, strength, intelligence and thoughts when one is unaware.

· If you desire your own good and well being, let go of all futile and baseless imaginations and serve God Shri Ramchandraji, leave your feelings of vanity, false ownership, and pride and wake up from this immense sleep of yours, from the night of ignorance.

· The compassionate God Ram said, O friend listen! That chariot which bestows victory is different (and not this one)

· The wheels of this chariot are valour, courage and patience. Devotion and truth is its flag and rightful conduct its banner. Strength, discrimination and control over the senses and working for the welfare of others are its horses. Forgiveness, compassion and equanimity are its reigns through which they are chained to the chariot.

· The service of God is the intelligent charioteer, renunciation is its shield. Contentment is its sword, generosity is its battle axe, intelligence is its enormous strength and the best science (that science could offer) is its tough bow.

· An unwavering and a pure mind are its quivers. Control over the mind with tranquility, Yama (restraint) and Discipline leading to the mastery over the Self is its various arrows. Prayers and regards for truthful Brahmins and Gurus are its impenetrable armour. There is no other way in which victory can be assured. O friend! Anyone who possesses such a chariot of religious morality does not have any foe anywhere to defeat him.

· O Father! One does not get a real brother from the same womb in the world though a son, a woman, wealth, house and family could be repetitively gained or lost. Hence, thinking in this manner wake up to the reality.

· O Ravana! Know this well in your heart that no one is spared from Time (Kaala) .

· O God of Gods, You please have compassion for me so that the Divine name Ram becomes like the sea vessel for me to cross the ocean of the world. O God! You are the Uplifter of all and are known to shower grace and compassion, hence please deliver me too (whom are so lowly) .

· In this manner, God showers His grace causelessly. Hence Tulsidasji says O Foolish ones, leave all these botherations of hypocrisy and pray to God.

· People are very clever in giving advises to others. However, there are very few whose actions and conduct are in accordance to their speech.

· The way in which clouds get-together and disperse, similarly various happinesses like sons, wealth, women etc come and go. The flash of lightening is seen among the clouds, however it is not steady and disappears quickly.

· O Compassionate towards the weak, have pity on me and take away this duality filled intellect through which I keep indulging in unfavourable actions, imagining happiness where only sorrow exists where I roam falsely considering myself as happy or joyous.

· God Shivji says O Parvati, inspite of practising various types of Yogas, repeatedly uttering the sacred Mantras, being generous, observing penance, performing various Vedic sacrifices, following vows and disciplines; yet God Ramchandraji does not shower His grace on them as compared to those who have incessant love for Him.


· It is only with great good fortune that one gets true Satsang through which effortlessly one attains deliverance from worldliness.

· O brother, there is no better religion like the welfare of others and no worse sin that causing pain to others.

· This human body is attained through good fortune and is rare even for the Gods. Such has been mentioned in the various scriptures. This body is the basis for pursuing all means and is the door towards emancipation, hence anyone who does not attain the godly kingdoms with this human body, finds misery even there, repents endlessly by shaking his head repetitively and falsely blames time (kaala) and actions (karma) and God.

· Devotion is all independent, is like the mine – in exhaustible stores – for all joys. However, without Satsang, man cannot attain this. True saints meet one as the end result of pious actions (meritorious deeds) . Only Satsang relieves man from the entanglements of the world.

· Speak O! as to what effort is required in this path of devotion, it does not entail practice of Yoga, sacrifices, chanting, asceticism or fasting but by having a guiltless, pure and simple nature without any deceit or fraud and is practised by being content with whatever one gains.

· Angad says, by respectfully holding his hands in prayer – “Convey my prostrated pranams to God and do keep on reminding God Shri Raghunathji about me”.

· O Master, O Shri Ram! I only beseech one boon from You, that my love and devotion for your Divine Feet does not decrease in the various eternal births and lives. Have grace on me and grant me this boon.

· God Says, Whether it be man, a woman or a eunuch or any sentient or unsentient who be renouncing all deceit serves Me in all conditions is the one whom I find My most beloved.

· O bird! I will tell you the truth. That devotee who is desireless and committed is as dear to Me as my life. Thinking thus, leave all hopes, wishes and whines and serve / pray to Me alone.

· O Goarudji! It has been agreed by the Vedas and even the wise men say that for your own ultimate self interest have love for even the most lowly.

· Silk is made from the silk worm, from which are made various beautiful, adorable garments, hence though impure and unclean yet the worm is maintained by all in the way they preserve their own lives.

· O Garudji! God is my only master and I am under His Service – without this deep emotional belongingness, the ocean of worldliness cannot be overcome – Know this as the true doctrine and pray to the Divine feet of God Shri Ramchandraji.

· That being is fortunate who serves God Shri Ramchandraji knowing Him as omnipotent, One who makes sentient what is insentient and visa-versa.

· That person who faithfully and consistently listens to this entire glorious sermon , he gains devotion for God Hari effortlessly which is hard even for saints to achieve.

· Anyone desirous of gaining intense love for the Divine feet of God Shri Ram or for attaining emancipation must listen to this nectar like sermon of God by making his ears into appropriate cups which can receive this Katha.

· How can one trust someone who though announces himself to be under My service, then places hopes and wishes into another.

· Without true Satsang one cannot obtain the glorious sermons of God, without listening to the pious Kathas infatuation is not destroyed, without being free from such ignorance one does not have unwavering love for the Divine Feet of God Shri Ram. Irrespective of doing numerous types of Yogas, chanting, knowledge seeking or renunciation, God Shri Ramchandraji is not obtained without intense love.

· O Parvati! The illusory strength of God Maya is extremely powerful, who is such in this world (men of knowledge) who has not been infatuated by the same?

· It is surprising that mortal man so indulges himself in false pride when the Divine illusory strength of God put even Garudji, who himself is full of knowledge, is the topmost among devotees and upon whom is astride the Master of all the three worlds into the powerful bonds of Maya.

· That Maya infatuates even God Mahadevji and Brahmaji (the appointed Gods of creation and destruction) , then how can another meek being be taken seriously? Knowing this as such the saints always serve God, the Master and the Husband of the Divine Maya.

· Who is it in this universe who has not been blinded by this infatuation? Who has not danced to the tunes of cupid (Kamdev the God of love) , who has not been perplexed and bewildered with endless desires and whose heart has not been burnt by the ravages of anger?

· In this universe is there any man of knowledge, any ascetic, any courageous soul, any poet, any intellectual (Pandit) or one with admirable attributes who has not been spared by the snares of greed?

· Who is it (in this Universe) who has not become cooked with false pride of wealth? Who has not become deaf by the onslaughts of assumed greatness? Who has not been wounded by the beautiful arrows of the attractive eyes of luring ladies?

· Is there anyone who does not become restless by the ever-changing cycles of the three gunas (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) , is there anyone who is unaffected by the onslaughts of given honours and the resultant vanity? Is there anyone who is not wavered by the intense fever like attacks of vigorous youth? Is there anyone whose fame has not been squandered by the feeling of attachment?

· Is there anyone who has not been besmeared by envy? Unruffled by the strong winds of grief/ sorrow? Not bitten by the female serpent of intense worry? In this Universe who is unaffected by the Divine Illusory Maya of God?

· Is there anyone with the patience and discrimination of Godly intellect who has not been affected by the worm of desire for the wood like body? Whose intelligence has not been soiled by the 3 deep desires of gaining wealth, women and sons.

· In the manner by which a child cries impatiently when faced with the first sorrow but the mother overlooks the pain initially to remove the source of sorrow permanently, similarly God Shri Ramchandraji for the long lasting benefits of this devotees takes away all false pride from them. Tulsidasji says why don’t you all pray to such an affectionate mother-like God?

· The individual proud soul is under the bondage of Maya while this Illusory strength of God with its ravine like multiple attributes is under specific commands by God.

· The individual soul is bonded and helpless, God is omnipotent and independent. God is One, while the Jeevas (souls) are many.

· In the way various delicacies for meals become unsuitable without salt, similarly without devotion all admirable attributes and happiness become worthless.

· This eternal and ultimately pious devotion whose glories have been sung in the vedas and the puranas and which is sought after by saints and the masters of Yoga is obtained rarely by someone through your Infinite Grace.

· O Ramchadraji, have grace on me and grant me devotion because O God, You are like the wish fulfilling tree (Kalpavruksha) for Your devotees, You are the Ocean of Grace for the benefit and fortune of Your meek devotees, You are the Source of Joy and Happiness.

· Without knowing your greatness it is not possible to have trust and without trust not possible to have love. O King of Birds! In the manner by which the greasiness of water is impermanent similarly is love without devotion.

· It is possible to attain knowledge without the Guru? Can one gain renunciation without knowledge? The vedas and the puranas describe that is it possible to gain happiness without devotion?

· Verily O father! Is it possible to gain a serene rest without contentment? Irrespective of trying for a crore times, a boat will not sail without water and one may die trying to do so.

· Without contentment, the endless desires are not removed and without the destruction of desires, one does not gain happiness even in ones dreams. Without praying to God Ramchandraji is it possible to remove desire? Can a tree stand on its own without any soil or foundation?

· Without the trust, one cannot get anything accomplished, similarly without praying to God one cannot overcome the fear of the snare of worldliness.

· Without trust, one does not get devotion and without devotion to God Shri Ramchandraji cannot be pleased and without the grace of God one does not get a contented rest even in one’s dreams.

· God, the ocean of Happiness and the source of Grace recognizes only the bond of love and thus can be attained, hence by renouncing all false attachments, pride and vanity pray to God Shri Ramchandraji with His divine consort Sitaji.

· In Satya Yug there was prayer, in Treta Yug there were Yogic sacrifices, in Dwapar Yug there was Yoga to attain the paths of God. The same in Kaliyug can be achieved by the pious names of God.

· There is a major pious prowess in Kaliyug that one attains just by a total, meritorious involvement with the entire being and mind; however one does not entail or fall into sins by the same process if one indulges into irreligious activities.

· All the attributes and the faults created by the Divine Illusory strength of God cannot be removed without praying to and being in service to God. Knowing this as such, renounce all desires and bow to God Shri Ramchandraji always.

· How can that individual be sad who is always involved in the welfare of others? How can he be poor who has the wealth bestowing Parasmani that can turn lead into gold? How can that person be fearless who always opposes all others, moreover how can a lusty lewd individual be free of stigma and remain untainted.

· How can one attain a fine intellect if one is in the company of the wrong people? How can one who indulges with the women of other men attain the path of righteousness?

· How can a kingdom be maintained without knowing morality? How can sins remain after describing the glorious character, life and leelas of God?

· Can one attain a pious fame without performing any meritorious actions? One who indulges in sins, what can he attain but disgrace.

· O Parvatiji! That individual who after renouncing lust, anger and false pride has love for the Divine feet of God Shri Ramchandraji and sees the entire creation as one with God, then how can he have any opposition with anybody?

· That individual in whose heart resides the jewel of devotion for God Shri Ram does not face sadness / sorrow even in his dreams.

· O God! I have this deep trust in my mind that those who serve God Shri Ram are more distinguished than God Ram Himself.

· God Ramchandraji is the ocean, truthful and patient, saints are its clouds; God is like the sandalwood tree, the saints are like the wind. The fruit of all is the wonderful devotion to God Hari which cannot be attained by anyone except a true saint. O Garudji! Knowing this as such one who involves Himself in the true Satsang becomes accessible to attain the devotion of Shri Ramchandraji.

· There is no other body like the human body which is sought after by all beings, this same body becomes the ladder either to attain the heavens and emancipation or the horrors of hell, it is the same that gives the joys of knowledge, renunciation and devotion.

· In this world, there is no sorrow as great as poverty and no joy greater than the meeting of the saints.

· Let ghee be obtained by churning water, let oil be found from sand, yet without devotion to God one cannot cross over the ocean of worldliness. This principle cannot be avoided / overlooked in any sense.

· O Parvatiji! There is no other benefit than the meetings with true saints, however the vedas and the Puranas describe that without the grace of God one cannot obtain such meetings either.

· O Parvatiji listen! In this world only that lineage is pious, fortunate and worth worship wherein a respectful devotee of God Shri Ramchandraji is born and resides.

· O God Shri Raghunath! Let me always have deep love for you the way a lusty person likes women and a greedy individual one likes money.

Author's Notes: 08th March 2006
Shri Hari Jayanti
Holashtak week
yesterday was Durgashtami
according to ancient hindu calendar...
Translated from Hindi into English, from the book 'Ram Ras, Tulsi Dal'; a compilation and version of few verses, metres, and poetry, from the original Ramayana, a great Indian Historical Epic, besides the Mahabharat.
Due thanks to its author, currently in Mauritius, Dr.P.K.Gumashta [MBBS, MD, DPB, LLB]
contact details:
{for anyone interested in the Hindi Version}

Author's Location: Baroda, India
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