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Posted: April 17th. 2004 8:12:11 AM

Views: 1895

The Divine Toddler Has Grown

by the doc

Age Group: Adult

Now I, Vallabhacharyaji, shall describe, those divine names of God which give pleasure and contentment to God Brahmaji, the appointed God of Creation and God Mahadevji, the appointed God of destruction of God Krushna, the One with curly black hair around His face. These divine names also explain the different divine forms of God (and I shall try to explain them) and gives intense joy in the hearts of devotees and will lead to Attainment of Ever Joyous God Krushna.

The Divine Names of Proudh Leela:

1. Adbhutbalakaay Namaha
Though being very young and child-like in form, yet by His divine attributes revealing Himself in His Supreme Being Form to His devotees and thus enticing them in being intensely fond of Him, the One renowned in the world and the Vedas, yet at this moment absolutely like the form in which He has incarnated Himself, even without describing or remembering His other Divine names, just being content and joyous by looking at His Divine and astonishing child-like form who has incarnated Himself in Devkiji, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

2. Ambujekshanaay Namaha
Increasing all the Rasas in the devotees with eyes like that of a lotus, the beautiful organ associated with gaining and imparting knowledge of God, One always involved in the Rasas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

3. Chaturbhujaattachakrasigadaashankhadyudayudhaay Namaha
In the four-armed action potential of God, with their respective weapons held in readiness like the discus, sword, mace, conch etc with His this Divine warrior form known as Madhusudan, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

4. Shrivatsalakshmane Namaha
To clarify the pleasures of touch with the Divine God, to make known His mastery over all the Rasas, the Omnipresent Self in all with His main characteristics of the Supreme with the symbol of that divinity on His chest, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

5. Koustubhabharangreevay Namaha
To make known the divinity present in all the abiding place of all those devout souls who have entered the Leela, adorning the jewel called Koustubha around His neck, signifying His intense love for devotees and His Leela, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

6. Pitambardhaarine Namaha
By giving infatuation and veiling all the Rasas of God, the divine illusionary strength Maya of God as the covering resplendent garment of golden hue, the Pitambar and adorning it, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

7. Neelmeghashayaamaay Namaha
The form which bestows joy to all the divine dark colour resembling dark water-filled clouds, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

8. Nanakalpavirajitaay Namaha
God, who adorns various different ornaments and accessories, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

9. Aatmavismapakmaanushvesha soundaryanidhaye Namaha
Surprised by seeing His Own Divine form and beauty, resembling that of a human being, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

10. Ramalaalitpadpadmaay Namaha
By incarnating Herself in Vraj, along with God, ever involved in and dedicated to the service of God, His Divine Lotus feet being served by Goddess Lakshmiji (Rama) , Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

11. Bhaktohitopadeshakaay Namaha
For His devotees, except for Himself, to serve or pray to anybody else, being not worthy of performing, banned and not advised by the scriptures, on seeing Nandji and others by making preparations for the sacrifice to appease God Indra, the king of heavens, to bestow good fortune and benefits to His devotees, advising them in that manner, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

12. Havimantradevtamoolbodhakaay Namaha
By explaining to Nandji, that ‘Havi’ an essential ingredient for the sacrifice ritual is obtained from cows, that ‘Mantra’, the mystic incantations of God Attainment can be known from the elite Brahmins, and as the God to whom it is all offered, Goverdhanji, the mountain form of God, thus explaining the true origins of all these required in a sacrifice and opining to perform this type of a Vedic nature oriented – ‘Gosav’ – praying and giving happiness to cows – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

13. Krutveshamohitdevaparikshakaay Namaha
By taking up the Divine Human form, confusing and infatuating God Indra with his own potency and bewilderment, by protecting Vraj for 7 days from the anger of Indra at stopping his sacrifice and testing his devotion, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

14. Ekdeshavrushtivayudevtakshobhajanakaay Namaha
Exasperated by the people of Vraj, not performing sacrificial rituals to appease him, God Indra sent all his god-like service-men used at the time of deluge of clouds, rains, lightning and winds to Vraj. Overpowering all of their destructive effects and protecting Vraj, giving cause to shaming these other gods, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

15. Sarvaroopaay Namaha
God, the ever-present inspirer in all, God the most ancient Time, to remove the false pride of God Indra, inspired Indra to send his destructive force of showers and rains to Vraj and then again inspired him to stop it after 7 days, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

16. Vedmaargrakshaay Namaha
By removing the hypocrisy filled religion and its practice, One who protects the Vedic and the religion founded by Shri Mahaprabhuji, Vaishnavism, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

17. Bhaktimaargpravartakaay Namaha
By removing all difficulties from the lives of His devotees, reinforcing their dedication and devotion to Him, by proclaiming the path of surrender of God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

18. Goverdhanoddharandheeray Namaha
From the showers of deluge sent by the angered Indra, protecting Vraj and His devotees by His Own Divine Form, for the sake of His Leela, who lifted up the mountain God Goverdhan and held him up for seven days as protection, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

19. Sarvajaneenmahatmyabodhakaay Namaha
Renowned among the Gods and all people, making known His Supreme Being and importance, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

20. Bhaktavismaapakaay Namaha
By being the appointed God of heaven, Indra, filled with false pride, gradually knew and recognized God as the Supreme Being, humiliated, ashamed and being sorry for offending God, stopped the deluge rain sent by him and was astonished by this Leela of God; Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

21. Mohanprabodhbhayarakshakaadbhutcharitraay Namaha
By not removing Indra from his appointed position as the god of heaven, only destroying his false pride, conserving both the knowledge of Himself, as the Supreme and of Indra’s illusion too, being the source and inspirer of all, hence being the cause behind this too, One with such astonishing Leelas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

22. Lokavedollanghankarprapannabhaktasarvadukhnivaarkaay Namaha
Transgressing both the rules set by the worlds and the doctrines of the Vedas, the Remover of all miseries of Indra who offered himself and came to the Divine in Surrender, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

23. Indrasurabhiprasadakaay Namaha
By the prayers of the divine cow Surabhi, and out of the religious duties of one in service, the offerings made by God Indra to Himself, and pleased by both of them and showering His grace upon them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

24. Govindaay Namaha
By granting Him the revealing name Govinda, the protector of cows, by both Indra and Surabhi with His Own sanction, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna

25. Atyantabhaktanirodhakaay Namaha
By stopping all other vows and religious practices, like fasting on Ekadashi – the 11th day of the lunar fortnight of Nandji, His Ultimate pious devotee, and making Nandji totally involved only in Himself, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

26. Varanunaadidevprabodhakaay Namaha
To bring back Nandji who was abducted by the people of Varunaloka, one of the netherworlds, God went there and showed Himself as the Supreme Being and gave this knowledge to Varuna and all the other people, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

27. Vyapivaikunthapradarshakaay Namaha
After seeing such grandeur and importance of God in the Varuna loka, having the desire to see Vaikuntha, the abode of God by all the people of Vraj, being ultimately generous and bestowing grace, brought down and showed His entire Vaikuntha-loka right there in Vraj to all His devotees, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

28. Vaikunthastithyadhikbhaktagruhasthitibodhakaay Namaha
After giving the people of Vraj the divine glimpse of Vaikuntha, then making them understand that He Himself, the Overlord of Vaikuntha is with them in their own house, by bestowing intense pleasure and joy in Vraj, teaching them, that it was far better for them His devotees, to stay in their own houses rather than Vaikuntha, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

29. Madangopalaay Namaha
After giving the experience of non-dual oneness to the people of Vraj during the divine glimpse of Vaikuntha, then giving His Own divine experience as the incarnated God in Vraj, the One with matchless beauty, the protector of cows, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

30. Anaadibrahmachaarine Namaha
In the world, the religion followed by a Brahmachaari, in the first ashram phase according to the Vedas of celibacy, gaining knowledge and the search for truth are uninvitingly followed. In Vaikuntha, the Vedas sing the glory of God showing all this to Nandji and revealing Himself and His innocence, the source of all, the most Primal and existing as the Omnipresent Self in all, the Brahma, as also the Vedas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

31. Kandarpakotilavanyaay Namaha
To give His attainment to the Gopijanas in grace and generosity, God incarnated Himself of a beauty in which crores of Kamdevs (the god of love, Cupids) would feel humble, with His six divine attributes ever merged in Him, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

32. Sarvoppaanishattatoartagocharaay Namaha
Described in the Upanishads by the term ‘Raso vai saha’, the Ultimate source and knower of all the Rasas, matchless in beauty, the crux of all the teachings of Upanishads, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

33. Gopikarmanaay Namaha
On seeing the divine nights of the seasons of Sharad – Nov/ Dec, upon decreasing all the other infinite attributes in Himself except that of the Source and the Ultimate knower of all the Rasas, the One in whom the Gopijanas have intense love, devotion and their object of attainment, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

34. Sakalyogaadhipataye Namaha
To give His own attainment of this Divine form to the devotees of Vraj, unable to be patient or to endure any delay in the same, out of intense grace, utilizing His innate illusory strength of Yogamaya to be utilized in this divine Leela to make everything pure, fit and beautiful using her services, God the Overload of different types of Yoga methods of His attainment, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

35. Aloukikapoornakaamjanakaay Namaha
That which is beneficial, fortune giving and to be utlized in the Rasa leela of God, everything indeed is created anew by God, utilizing all their services, bestowing intense love, desire and longing for Himself in the hearts of devotees with His divine melody of the flute, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

36. Ashapoorakstyatmakaamdeepakaay Namaha
By being the divine moon at the time of the Rasa Leela with its own movement, to give fulfillment and attainment of God, to the devotees of Vraj as well as those known as Charshanis with their deep temporary desire to know God, a different moon than what is normally viewed by the world, with its divine form, with its movement till the middle of the sky, which does not set, which does not have any defacing marks on itself and which increases the deep feeling of love, desire and longing for His Own Attainment has been created by God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

37. Shrungaarvibhaavaadiyuktaay Namaha
To bring about the chief Rasa of Shrungaar in everyone present, the beautiful nights of Sharad season, blossomed and fragrant flowers of the Mallika creeper, the divine moon, the unspoken words from the beautiful melody of God’s flute, enticed, captivated by all these, the arriving Gopijana devotees of God with their deep desire and longing for God, and His attainment, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

38. Satyavache Namaha
The boon of His Own Attainment granted at the time of the Gopakumarikas rigorous ascetic practise of the Katyayani vow, and to make His speech true, God who with the divine flute and melody invites and calls these Kumarikas in the Rasa Leela. The One whose speech always so truthful, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

39. Kamonmattgopangnaamuktidatre Namaha
By listening to the deep desire of His Own attainment evoking tunes from the divine flute, and the resultant longing arising within the Gopijanas, unaware about their bodies, life, special senses, minds and beings, being totally merged and captivated by God, unaware about their own appearance and apparels, in these Gopijanas full of love and passion, by putting His Own Supreme Self in the selves of all and thus bestowing complete joy and delight in them, giving them the knowledge, experience and emancipation of non-dual Oneness, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

40. Muktayaadhikfalgopimanomohakaay Namaha
To test the capacity, the deservance level of the Gopijanas for His Own Attainment, moreover, all those who had come by listening to the words of God, to remove their sins and faults with the divine words of God, that endeavour which is greater than emancipation, the direct divine experience of God; attached deeply in mind to their own purpose of His attainment, these Gopijanas were greeted with honour and lover by God’s sweet words, who explained the righteous religion of women to them, advising them to go back to their houses and thus bewildering them and giving them infatuation too, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

41. Loka veda sarva dharma parityakta gopi sevit charanaarvindaay Namaha
By renouncing all the rules, doctrines and limitations of all that is proclaimed in the worlds, the Vedas of all religions, the Gopijanas who had come near Him, who effectively countered over all the arguments of God, advising them to go home, proclaiming the victory of devotees of God, over God for His attainment, One whose divine lotus feet are always served by the Gopijanas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

42. Bhaktapratibandhnivaarkaay Namaha
By being intensely obsessed with love for God, those Gopijanas who left their houses, yet could not meet and find the path to God, these devotees called Antargruhagta Gopijanas, their selves were included in the Rasa Leela by God, who put a new life in their bodies, thus removing all obstacles in their deep desire of His attainment, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

43. Alabhdha raas gopisadyomukti pradaayakaay Namaha
These Antargruhagta Gopijanas who could not attend the Rasa Leela, out of the feeling of intense separation got totally involved in deep contemplation and meditation upon God Himself. He then removed all binding actions of virtues and sins from them, gave them emancipation of merging with Him, gave them a new body and also the ultimate result in Rasa Leela, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

44. Pariksh*tgopavadhusevitcharanaay Namaha
These Gopijanas who were tested by God for their love and devotion, who are looked upon lovingly and invitingly by God, whose divine feet are always served by the Gopijanas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

45. Nijjanasmaydhvansanasmitaay Namaha
After giving intense pleasure to the Gopijanas in the small – Laghu Raas Leela, by diminishing their intense love for Him, an reinstating that love in them in the form of intense desire and longing in some, and in some the emotion of being left out and not being chosen by God for love, to enjoy these emotios at their fullest, by giving some emotions of vanity and pride and then diminishing those and moreover give the experience of separation to them, by adopting what is commonly seen in people of the world, by stopping His divine love-bestowing smile upon them and thus destroying their vanity and pride, smiling through the corners of His divine face, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

46. Kaayik tirobhaavit gopipunjaay Namaha
By removing the worldly love that He Himself had kept in the Gopijanas, by His divine slow smile to Himself, to remove false vanity and pride from them, making Himself physically disappear amongst themselves, to give the experience of intense separation of God and their selves to this group of Gopijanas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

47. Radhasahacharaay Namaha
Only one Gopijana known as Radha Sahachariji remained unaffected by vanity, and in her continuous, innocent, deep love of God, the Chief among the Gopakumarikas; the one who became the companion of God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

48. Virahavyakulgopanganaanvesh*tmargaay Namaha
By the disappearance of God, also of their vanity and superficial love for God, and the appearance of their deep longing of the Self to merge in the Supreme, getting totally remorseful and lost in the feeling of separation, the Gopijanas started to search the path leading to God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

49. Gjyaantulyabhaktabhrantijanakaay Namaha
By being the sole companion of Radhasahachariji, she felt herself as being the ultimate and she too felt in similar emotion of false pride and vanity like all other Gopijanas of Vraj. Giving her the false impression of making about to sit on His shoulders, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

50. Nikatsthitibodhakaay Namaha
By understanding that God has disappeared from her side, Radha Sahachariji, out of pain of separation became weak and was about to faint, catching and supporting her with His divine lotus-like hands, making her comprehend that He is always near her, moreover the other Gopijanas who were searching for Him and had become very similar to the condition of Radhasahachariji, to save their lives and beings, of these devotees of Vraj, teaching them about their faults, and of His proximity to them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

51. Gopivarnitnikhilgunaay Namaha
As the antidote for the faults of false pride and vanity in them, singing the glories and praises of God is the only means, understanding thus, the description of God in the ‘Gopigeet’ by these devotees praising His infinite attributes, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

52. Bhaktashuddhivilambataay Namaha
Expressing their anguish in various ways, singing the glories of God too, on fainting entering His Divine Leela and on being rejuvenated describing His Leela to one another, to make all His devotees and Gopijanas faultless and making them become totally without any means, to attain Him, God, who causes this delay, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

53. Deenkrupaprakatitroopay Namaha
Not attaining God even by using the means of singing His praises, being totally helpless and crying in desperation, God Himself appearing in front of these penurious devotees and Gopijanas of Vraj, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

54. Sarvamanonayanaahlaadkaay Namaha
By incarnating Himself in a form which would humble crores of Kamdevs together, giving intense pleasure to the eyes and being of all Gopijanas, giving delight to all the organs of perception and action of the Gopijanas, within and without, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

55. Gopikavakyavichaarkaay Namaha
In the counsel held by the Gopijanas, thoughtfully replying to the questions regarding singing His glories and His attainment, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

56. Swadharmanirdhaarkaay Namaha
Before replying to the questions of Gopijanas, explaining to them initially the morals and religion of an individual self, and then announcing His Own Divine religion and morals, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

57. Sarvarasaabhigjyaay Namaha
By giving the intense experience of all the Rasas in the Gopijanas and thus His divinity, Himself involved in the subtle worship of His devotees, initially giving them all the pleasures of mind and body, and then by the debate and the question-answers giving them the intense pleasure of His Divine speech, beginning the pinnacle of all the Rasas, the Raasa Leela, One who is the source the ultimate knower of all Rasas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

58. Raasamandalaanekroopay Namaha
By incarnating Himself amidst every two Gopijanas, and takingsuch innumerable Divine forms, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

59. Uddiptakaamrasapoorakaay Namaha
In the great divine Maha Raasa Leela, by the experience of songs, dance etc. and the complete experience of ecstasy and the resultant deep desire and longing that arose in all the Gopijanas, satisfying all of these desires with His various divine acts, moreover talking an incarnation for each individual Gopijana and giving her contentment, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

60. Atikraantmaryaadaay Namaha
By being involved and merged totally in the divine experience of all the Rasas, One who has transgressed all the norms of the scriptures, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

61. Bhaktadainyanivaarkaay Namaha
By being totally merged and complete after their divine union with God, and the consequent experience of humility and tiredness, with His infinite and generous Grace, comforting them by moving His divine hands over their faces, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

62. Yamunakirtijanakaay Namaha
Tired by the Rasa Leela and its resultant contentment, to rest and remove all this experience of fatigue, entering the waters of the Yamuna and performing the divine Leela with them in these waters, and increasing the glory of the holy river and devoteeYamuna, by the touch and the dispersal of the divine beads of sweat of Himself and His devotees, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

63. Sudarshanmochakaay Namaha
Nandji was praying once to Mahadevji, incurring the sin of dependence and reliance on some other God, he was caught up by a serpent. Releasing His father, Shri Nandji from the snake’s grip by touching it with His divine feet and also giving emancipation to the celestial musician – a Gandharva called Sudarshan who was cursed to take form of a snake, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

64. Baladevabhistdaatre Namaha
To give His attainment and Divine Union to the devotees in the categories known as ‘Pushti Maryaada’ i..e. when the grace of God and some efforts of the devotees for His attainment go hand-in-hand, keeping Balaramji, His brother together with Him in the Raasa Leela, and giving fulfillment to Baldevji’s desire too, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

65. Shankhachudghaatakaay Namaha
In the Raasa Leela alongwith Balaramji a Gopijana was abducted by a demon in disguise called Shankhachuda. Destroying him and thus removing the sins in this Divine Leela of God, His form and His name and in the means and efforts required to attain His grace, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

66. Gopikleshnaashakgunaarnavaay Namaha
On expressing the performing the Leela of His Divine Name where no means or efforts are required, and on His wandering in the woods, the Gopijanas who could not bear his separation and were in pain, appearing before them and giving them contentment by Himself and His infinite ocean like attributes, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

67. Swasamaangunaay Namaha
By giving the experience of His Divine form from without and with His innumerable attributes and Leelas and its knowledge and experience from within, which being the ultimate endeavour and end-result of God attainment, giving a form, union and divinity like His Own, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

68. Sarvavashikarandwaadeshvidhacharitraay Namaha
By His divine and infinite attributes, captivating the minds of all, women, gods, celestial beings etc, each day having twelve ‘Muhurtas’, a veidc time span of two hours each, one whose praises have been sung in the 12 coupled shlokas of the 12 different Leelas performed during the day, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

69. Vrushabhasuravidhvansine Namaha
After renunciation of all the norms of the world and the Vedas, the entire Vraj and its devotees being involved only in Him, and proclaiming the path of effortless singing of His glories in joy and delight, and then having the desire to perform the Rajas-Leela, that associated with virtuous means and actions, and removing the obstacles in this Leela, by destroying in the form of a bull, the sinful demon Arishtasur, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

70. Naaradaadibodhitaklishtkarmane Namaha
Naradji the devotee of God, symbolizing both the paths of virtuous actions and devotion leading to God’s attainment, explaining all the already performed Leelas of God, in front of the evil Kansa, thus making him know before-hand the amazing acts and Leelas of God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

71. Dushtdurbuddhinaashhetave Namaha
By listening to all the events from the mouth of Naradji, the evil Kansa, under the influence of the demon Kaalnemi got furious and ready to kill Vasudevji. Again, by the advise of Naradji, who changed this evil intention of Kansa by the Divine inspiration of God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

72. Shishtagjyaandeepakaay Namaha
Inspiring Kansa not to kill Vasudevji and other devotees, but to indulge in other acts of bondage like sending the demon Keshi to Vraj, keeping the wrestlers Chanur andMushtik well known for terminating their opponents, being ready for the bow-sacrifice, sending Akrurji to Vraj to invite God to Mathura for the same etc, One who thus illumines and inspires to Action, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

73. Keshyaadimahadushtanibarharnaay Namaha
After killing many cruel and irresponsible demons, God also destroyed the demon Keshi and others who were following the commands of Kansa, and had come to Vraj to kill God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

74. Naaradaadivanditcharanaay Namaha
To complete the work requested by other Gods of destroying Kansa, inspiring him to put Vasudevji behind bars, Narada aware of this sin, came to Vraj, asked for forgiveness of God, sand His glories and bowed to the Divine feet of God Himself, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

75. Vyomaadidushtpeeditgopagopirakshakaay Namaha
Disguising himself as a cowherd, Vyomasur, the son of the evil demon, Mayadanav, abducted all other children and friends of God who had gone to graze cows in the woods. Expert in the skills of magic and illusion, he infatuated and defiled these children and then locked them up in a cave. Protecting all of them, and their mothers – the Gopijanas of Vraj from this demon – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

76. Sadbhaktihetave Namaha
By granting to the people of Gokul, the ultimate endeavour of being engrossed in God’s Leela on deep contemplation and visualizing God, and thus the path of Manasi Seva, service to God and devotion, moreover granting devotion to the Satvik – pure Akrurji, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna,

77. Akruraadibhaktamanorathparipoorkaay Namaha
Due to the evil company of the demons and King Kansa, Akrurji had lost the path of devotion. Reinstating this original desires of devotion and God attainment in him, accepting those desires of his and involving the self in His Divinity, thus granting him fulfillment of his aspirations, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

78. Nandaadigopamathuragamanotsavhetave Namaha
By listening to the news of the bow sacrifice and its invitation from the mouth of Akrurji, the inspirer of Nandji and other devotees of Vraj to go to Mathura and giving them zeal, enthusiasm and celebration, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

79. Bhaktadukhamoolacheedakaay Namaha
By destroying Kansa, the cause of many pains to His parents and being the form of the most ancient and powerful Time, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

80. Gopikamanahakarpanyasheelhetave Namaha
By staying as the most beloved in their hearts, and showing His Divine form in all its glory while going to Mathura, the Gopijanas intense in their apprehensions of the separation with God by day and night, with the thought of being unable to sustain their lives without God, inspirer of such humble emotions in them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

81. Gopikavirahanaashakvaakyapoonjaay Namaha
Consoling the Gopijanas with His Divine speech, the Gopijanas experience intense anguish of their beloved’s impending departure, convincing them of His returning in the form of His Divine Message with His friend/messenger. Talking up the form of this Divine Speech, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

82. Bhaktasanshaycheedakaay Namaha
While bathing in the Yamuna river, devotee Akrurji was suspicious of whether God is really God or a human being, showing him His divine omnipresent form in the waters of the Yamuna, thus destroying Akrurji’s suspicions, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

83. Vyaapivaikunthavaasine Namaha
By removing the hiding veil of Maya – illusion, showing Akrurji His divine form and His abode – Vyaapivaikuntha in the waters of Yamuna, One who resides in that divine Vyaapivaikuntha, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

84. Akruraadibhaktastutanantgunaay Namaha
On seeing the Divine vision in the waters of the Yamuna, Akrurji and other devotees sand the praises of the infinite attribute possessing God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

85. Satyapratigjyaay Namaha
Inspite of being sent by the evil Kansa, on his way Akrurji experienced rekindling the flame of devotion and the ultimate desire of His attainment, and offered himself in the surrender of God. Following and making True His Own vow of ever protecting those in His surrender, He gave His divine vision to Akrurji in the waters of the Yamuna, One who is always truthful in His vows, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

86. Swagunapratibodhakaay Namaha
By revealing Himself and His importance in all divinity to Akrurji, on their beseechful prayer to God, to enter Mathura in the form of six verses, each one explaining the six ever-present attributes of God, inspiring them to thus reveal this knowledge about Himself with His attributes, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

87. Mathuradarshanotutsukaay Namaha
After sending Akrurji initially to Mathura, then Himself being enthusiastic on seeing this city, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

88. Swaadhaarvaikunthasthapakaay Namaha
Defiled and becoming sinful by the company of the evil Kansa and others, to remove these faults, revealing Himself, with all His divine spiritual attributes, alongwith Balaramji, the embodiment of spiritual morality, establishing His Own Abode Vaikuntha in Mathura itself, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

89. Pourpurandhripoonyajanakaay Namaha
Residing in Mathura, all those women-folk devoted to their husbands, revealing Himself in all divinity to them, to give them this experience of utmost joy out of His Grace, God the inspirer and the producer of divine good fortune in all of them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

90. Rajakaadidushtanaashakaay Namaha
Not listening to His commands and not giving Him His desired garments, God the destroyer of all those sinful laundry-men cloth dyers and others and similarly removing all the sins from within of other residents of Mathura, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

91. Vastraadhyanekakalpabhoosh*troopay Namaha
After killing the disobedient and sinful cloth dealers, dyers, traders, taking the garments of His choice, and giving them to the skillful traders, and adorning these very well stitched garments and other ornaments, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

92. Vaayaksudaamabhaktalankrutaay Namaha
Becoming pure and pious just by the Divine Vision of God, with all their internal and external sins being purgated and adorning the well-stitched garments given by the tailor and moreover adorning the flower garland as given by the gardener called Sudama and thus accepting their services, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

93. Atyutdaaraay Namaha
Pleased by accepting these minor services offered by both the tailor and the gardener, granting them their wished for boons in all His divinity and generous Grace, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

94. Kubjanoolepaalankrutaay Namaha
On walking further on the road leading to the palace, meeting a hunchbacked dwarf known as Trivakra, who had become thus due to diseases which gave her the appearance of being bent form three different parts of the body, and accepting the sandalwood paste offered by her and adorning it with His form, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

95. Kubjaadibhaktasahajadoshadoorikaranaay Namaha
By removing all physical and internal faults of being hunchbacked, bent etc. from Kubja and other devotees and reinstating beauty of form and function in them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

96. Swaleelopayikroopabhivyanjakaay Namaha
Generously out of Grace, as being useful in the Leela, giving that divine beautiful form to Kubja, similar to Goddess Lakshmiji in appearance and in good fortune, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna,

97. Mathuramahotsavaay Namaha
Giving her desired boon to Kubjaa, walking further on the road leading to the palace and revealing His divine form to the citizens of Mathura, thus being the cause of the divine celebration and joy in their hearts, this ever joyous God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

98. Daityadharmanivaarkaay Namaha
Mathura previously was known as Madhupuri, the dwelling place of a demon called Madhu, moreover at the time of His arrival was already defiled by various evil persons residing in the city, hence the consequent sins and faults in the bodies and the beings of the residents of Mathura, removing all these evil-like characters from them, simply with this Divine from and His arrival, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

99. Dhanurbhangabodhitkaalaay Namaha
To remove all the faults present from without in Mathura and her residents, creating the huge noise heard all throughout the worlds by breakign the bow meant for the sacrifice, thus announcing to the evil Kansa of his impending death and destruction, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

100. Atisamarthyabodhitaaklishtakarmacharitraay Namaha
By using one of the broken pieces of the bow which He Himself had broken, and counter attacking the well-armed sent army of Kansa, destroying them and also the guards watching over the bow, by incarnating Himself as the Ultimately omnipotent, yet not desirous to be in a war temperament all throughout, interested more in His Divine Leela, the One capable of performing such astonishing Leelas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

101. Mrutyudharmabodhakaay Namaha
By listening to the immense noise created by the breaking of bow, unable to sleep out of fear, and at times giving him death denoting and depicting nightmares, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

102. Kuvalyaapeedghatakaay Namaha
At dawn, by the end of the night, going towards the podium for wrestlers and faced by the death-like intoxicated elephant known as Kuvalyaapeed, killing him instantly, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

103. Gajadantavaraayidhaay Namaha
Taking the tusk from the dead elephant Kuvalyaapeed and adorning these ultimate weapons of war, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

104. Nikhiljanamanonayanaaahladkaay Namaha
Though involved in actions denoting the Veer Rasa, the actions befitting a warrior, yet captivating the minds and beings of all other people and bestowing this joyous experience in them from within and without in totality, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

105. Sarvarasaavirbhaavkaay Namaha
Granting His divine vision to all according to their love for Him, level of deservance and affection, incarnating in Himself in all the different ten Rasas, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

106. Nikhilkaminipremavalokitaay Namaha
Mainly meant for the women-folk of Mathura, incarnating in Himself the divine beautiful form like the God of Love-Kamdev or C upid Himself, in the stadium giving intense love and desire to them, and lovingly looked upon by all those women devotees of Mathura, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna

107. Chanooraadimahamalladaityagarvanibarhanaay Namaha
Destroying the greatly known evil and powerful wrestlers like Chanoor etc. and also their false pride, in the arena created by Kansa for such bouts.Obeisance to Him, God Krushna

108 Kansaghaatkaay Namaha
After killing the wrestlers, one who rushed forth and killed the evil Kansa, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna

109 Vasudevdevkidukhnivaarkaay Namaha
Removing all miseries from the life of His devotees by killing and destroying evil, releasing His parents, Vasudev and Devki from the bondages of the malicious Kansa, giving them intense love for Him and making them totally merged within His Divine Supreme Self and thus removing all their pain and anguish, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

110 Yadukulnalinivikaaskaay Namaha
A wife who is saddened without her loving husband, similarly all those devotees with deep love for Him, yet pained by all the harassment’s of the evil doings of Kansa and others, acting like the life-giving sun to the lotus-like clan of the Yadus, the Supreme One, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

111 Kaaldukhnivaarkaay Namaha
The presence of God with His Divine Attributes like the religion of His generous bestowment of Grace, His smile granting devotion and His knowledge revealing form and eyes, creating all these in the clans of the Yadus, giving youth, energy and enthusiasm to the prematurely aged and suffering, thus removing all the adversities caused by time, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

112 Pradarsh*tsadachaaraay Namaha
Though not required by Him, yet accepting and performing all the religious rites and ceremonies performed by the recently released Vasudevji according to his clan of Yadus and their respective customs, One who proclaims thus by His acts the importance and righteous actions, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

113 Sandipanimrutapatyadaatre Namaha
After the ceremony known as Yagnopaveet, the thread ceremony enabling one to be ready for gaining knowledge, going to Ujjain to learn from His preceptor Guru Sandipaniji, and in return in the form of Guru Dakshina, the offerign made by a disciple to His Guru, returning the already dead son of the Guru to him, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

114 Nandaadigjyaanbodhakaay Namaha
After returning to Mathura from the Gurukul, the place of learning of Sandipaniji, sending His friend Uddhavji to Vraj, to comfort, console, grant knowledge and give His message to His loved ones like Nandji etc and to transform their knowledge of Him and about Him as being God the Supreme instead of their comprehension of Him as the son, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

115 Yashodasenharakshakaay Namaha
Though knowing Him as the Supreme Divinity by Yashodaji, His mother, yet also preserving her intensely felt love for Him as her son, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

116 Gopikaadiloukikbhaavdoshadoorikaranaay Namaha
On seeing Uddhavji, the messenger of their beloved God and knowing him to be His dear friend, yet revelling in their emotion of false pride and vanity, the remover of all these faults by the divine knowledge bestowing message, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

117 Uddhavaadimadhyambhaavbodhakaay Namaha
Seeing the intense devotion of the Gopijanas and their path of love to attain God, and seeing them in this state of separation from the Divine, to make Uddhavji and other devotees understand that these are all filled only with love and devotion towards Him and by their intensity and longing His not being able to withstand their pain and incarnating Himself with His Leelas whenever they wished and thus not being separated from them in reality, one who thus taught this middle path of love for attaining Himself, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

118 Swanishthamanodoshanaashakaay Namaha
In the minds of Nandji, the Gopijanas etc., the feeling of their being separated and left away from God due to the prevalence of their natures and trying to know Him as the previously understood son and beloved; removing this fault filled knowledge in all by His Knowledge of being the Supreme omnipresent primal Being and by the presence and vision of the immortal and continuos Leelas; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

119 Kubjaadimanorathpoorakaay Namaha
By going Himself to the house of Kubja and other devotees, thus accepting the offerings of Her services and granting fulfillment to all her desires, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

120 Akrooraadibhaktasanmanhetave Namaha
Honouring Akroorji chiefly and all her devotees like him, One thus involved in such acts towards all His devotees, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna

121 Bhaktahitchintakaay Namaha
Considering the welfare of His devotees the Pandavas, and then acting out what was best for them, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

122 Pandavasthapakaay Namaha
Granting the Pandavas the positions and states suited best for their interests, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

123 Kuntipreetihetave Namaha
By finding out all about the welfare of the Pandavas via Akroorji, consoling them in their misery by the messages of Akroorji and Vidurji, thus being the inspirer of intense devotion in Kuntaji for His Attainment, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

124 Proudhleelavibodhakaya Namaha
Sending Akroorji to King Dhrustirashtra to make him understand that he should be just and equanimous in his feelings and conduct towards the Pandavas, like he does for his own progeny the Kauravas and warning him that if he does not act so then he himself would take steps for the welfare of his devotees the Pandavas, thus announcing his divine desire of performing this Proudh (mature) Leela, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

125 Bhaktapakshabodhakaay Namaha
He Himself protects and never leaves the side of all those devotees who come to His surrender and offer themselves in devotion to Him, making this known throughout, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

126 Dhrutrarashtragyaanbodhakaay Namaha
Everything is in the hands of the Supreme, there is no single individual act of mine alone; making this known and inspiring such words to Dhrutarashtra, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

127 Ichchavaadsthapakaay Namaha
By making Dhrutarashtra aware of his always following the divine wish and proclaiming and establishing the phenomenon of the overpowering rule of God with his wishes, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

128 Mayapravartakaay Namaha
Everywhere and at all times it is only the divine wish being implemented. Yet desirous of not letting Himself or His knowledge and attributes being known by everybody, even though there are scriptures which reveal God using His divine illusionary strength called Maya to infatuate people and mislead them, thus promoting and establishing the cause of Maya too; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

129 Sarvabhivanditcharanaay Namaha
He has incarnated Himself in the clan of King Yadu, this being known throughout yet by infatuating people with Maya thus stopping the mass activity of being known and being attained by all, One whose divine feet are always bowed by Brahmaji the appointed God of creation etc; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

In this manner I Mahaprabhuji have described the ultimately pious and devotion bestowing 128 names of the divine Proudh (mature) Leela of God Krushna.

Author's Location: Baroda, India
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