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Posted: April 17th. 2004 8:15:07 AM

Views: 2455

The Cosmic Divine Kid is the KING

by the doc

Age Group: Adult

I, Mahaprabhuji shall now describe the virtuous acts performed by God during his divine ‘raaj leela’ and the divine names depicting these leelas, which, according to one’s state of deservance and love of god bestows joy and emancipation

1. Kshaatradharmapravartakaaay Namaha:
To remove the unnecessary weight of evil from this earth, protection of the virtuous, destroying sinners, promotion of devotion, religion, and paths of attainment of God, removal of immorality;- to perform these six main acts required in this Leela, using virtuous acts performed by Him – instead of His Divine Form; these activities which characterized the Warrior – the Kshatriya clan, which were not allowed due to the reign of Kansa, especially among the Yadavas, regenerating these righteous acts in all that exists, Obeisance to Him – God Krushna.

2. Divyayuddhavishaaradaay Namaha:
That battle fought with the potent divine arms, arsenals, and ammunition, One adept in performing amazing acts in Himself, desirous of the Leela of War, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

3. Jarasanghamaanita Sainyaghaatakaay Namaha:
God, the destroyer of the huge 23 akshovhini army of Jarasangha for 17 times – Obeisance to Him, God Ranchhodraya of Dakor, God Krushna

4. Dwarkapurnirmaanhetave Namaha:
Before the 18th Battle with Jarasangha, by utilizing His Divine Prowess of Yoga, the Cause of the Creation of the amazing gold-made city of Dwarka on the shores of the] Arabian sea – Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

5. Bhaktachintyasukhadaatre Namaha:
To grant fearlessness to his devotees, from the impending consequences of war, bringing all of them to Dwarka with His Divine Prowess of Yoga and giving them all pleasures difficult to imagine with the human mind, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

6. Yavanantakaay Namaha:
Kaalayavana who attached and tried to hold the seige of the god of mathura, destroying him by burning and thus accepting the services of muchukunda who was a great king and helped the gods in battles with the demons and earned a boon of gaining emancipation from god himself, who with his prowess and on being disturbed by kaalayavana, burnt him – Obeisance to him, God Krushna.

7. Muchukunda prasaadkaay Namaha:
Muchukunda – the great king, the son of iksawaaku, got the divine vision of god and also the boon of gaining the birth of a brahmin, one who knows the supreme self in all and attaining emancipation – Obeisance to him, God Krushna.

8. Sarvadevtaamanorathpoorakaay Namaha:
By destroying the entire army of the sinful kaalayavan, One who fulfilled all the desire of all gthe gods of heaven, obeisance to him, God Krushna.

9. Shivbrahmanvakyaparipaalkaay Namaha
After defeating Jarasandh for 17 times in battle, he appeased God Shiv and other allied Brahmins who gave him the boon of victory, keeping their given vows as the truth, because they are his devotees, he ran away from the battlefield for the 18th time – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna (God Ranchodray of Dakor) .

10. Daityamohancharitraay Namaha
By making Jarasangha chase Himself, and hiding skilfully in a manner such as one in which He could not be found, on the mountains of Pravarshan, showing to all in this divine Leela as if He had been caught in a forest fire, giving rise to misleading beliefs in Jarasangha and others – Obeisance to Him, god Krushna..

11. Rukminimanorath Poorakaay Namaha:
Shri Baldevji got married to Revatiji. After that divine incident, and listening to all His Divine Attributes and bevoming totally One with them, the deep desire of Princess Rukmini to marry none other than Him, and going to Kundinapur, alongwith the messenger brahmin Sunanada sent by Rukminiji and thus fulfilling all Her Desires, just by delivering the news of His arrival on her beaconing – Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

12. Rukminigaandharvavivaahaay Namaha
Merged in Him after listening to His Divine attributes and Leela, who out of her enitire love and being chose to marry Himself, thus a sort of ceremony called Gandharva Vivah, God abducted her amidst other suitors and enemies, then accepting herself as a wife and completing the marriage ceremony, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

13. Rukminipranapataye Namaha:
Rukminiji had vowed to give up her life with severe asceticism if she could not gain and marry God Krushna. By arriving Himself and moreover after abducting her and fleeing, thus giving solace to her with his Divine Words on seeing the chasing army of Shishupaal, one of her suitors and her brother Rukmi, thus protecting the life of his beloved – obeisance to Him – God Krushna!!

14. Rukmiprabhrutidushtamaanasdukhdaaye Namaha
By defeating the entire chasing armies of Rukmi, Shishupal and Jarasangha, removing their false pride and thus giving cause to shame and pain in their minds; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

15. Rukminivivaahpradarsh*tgruhasthadharmaay Namaha:
Bringing Rukminiji with Himself victoriously to Dwarka and then marrying her according to religious rites and customs to exemplify to all people the life of a householder and the way to live in it with bliss, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

16. Trividhvivahkartre Namaha
To lay down and exemplify the righteous path of religion marrying Rukminiji with the predominant attribute of Rajas (as compared to the people of Vraj with that of Tamas) , in all the three known ways Gandharva – Rakshasha and of the Vedic mannerism, Obeisance to him, God Krushna…

17. Kaamjaanakaay Namaha:
The god of love, Kaamdev, a small portion of the Divine god Vaasudeva, who was burnt to ashes by mahadevji, the appointed god of destruction due to his being contrary to righteousness; was reborn as king pradyumnaji in the house of queen rukminiji, as the virtuous and religious god of love [cupid] by his divine wish, --- Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

18. Shambarghaatakpradyumnaay Namaha
The evil lust personifying demon Shambarsoor kidnapped young Pradyumnaaji from the delivery-mother’s room and through him in the ocean. The child was swallowed by a fish. The fish got caught by a fisherman and was gifted to Shambarsoor himself who sent this gift to the kitchen to be prepared for a meal. On cutting the fish’s abdomen, the child came out in the hands of Mayavati who originally was Rati, the divine wife of Kaamdev the God of love. She gave the power of knowledge and illusion (Mahamaya) to him, her formed husband who then with this acquired power killed Shambarsoor, married her and brought her back to Dwarka, giving joy and delight to all. One who inspired all these acts and events, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

19. Jaambavatipranpataye Namaha
To remove the false accusation on Himself, regarding the divine jewel called Syamantakamani, He went to the cave of king of beard Jaambavan who along with his army of followers had helped God Ram in his previous incarnation to search for P. Sitaji and had a subtle desire then to prove his mightiness to God. To fulfil that God fought with Jaambavan for 28 days till Jaambavan recognized his opponent to be God Himself and gave Him the divine jewel as well as his daughter Jaambavatiji. God accepted her whole-heartedly with her main attribute of Saatva and marrying her thus becoming the centre of her life, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

20. Lokanirmitsarvaarthagjyaapakaay Namaha
By returning the divine jewel gotten from Jaambavanji to Satrajit its rightful owner and thus destroying all the false accusations, imaginations and rumours against Him, thus giving cause of illumining the truth, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

21. Satyabhaamavallabhaay Namaha
By gaining the lost jewel back with his head bowed in shame and regret, Satrajit broke off the previously decided husband Satyabhaama and gave her hand in marriage to God. Satyabhaamaji with her predominant attribute of Tamas and her divine characteristics of being patient, serene and always truthful was lovingly accepted by Him, one for whom Queen Satyabhaamaji has divine love, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

22. Satrajitswargahetave Namaha
Satrajit inspite of knowing God Krushna as God resorted to being attached to other Gods hence was killed while being asleep. Leaving his body yet being attached to that divine jewel he entered into that form. This was taken by devotee Akroorji to the holy God’s feet; symbolizing pilgrimage places like Kashi where Satrajit finally got his emancipation and reached the heavens due to the divine wish of God, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

23. Samantakmanihartre Namaha
The divine jewel Samantak given by other Gods if remains close to one then it acts as a hindering factor in the merging oneness of the devotee with God Himself, hence for the good fortune and benefit for His devotees, inspiring others to steal the divine jewel due to His divine wish thus being the cause of the theft of the jewel, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

24. Shudhkirtisthapakaay Namaha
It was believed by all that whereever devotee Akroorji resides, it rains and there is no epidemic or disease prevalence or discord in that city. Hence calling devotee Akroorji alongwith the jewel back to Dwarka, also thus removing the false accusation on him and being the cause of the well-deserved fame of His devotee Akroorji, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

25. Akrooraadibhaktadoshnivarakaay Namaha
By calling devotee Akroorji back to Dwarka from Kashi and showing the divine Samantakmani to all, removing the painful false accusation and causes of sins in his devotees both Akroorji and Krutverma, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

26. Kalindipataye Namaha
By initially marrying the three divine attributes personified by Rukminiji, Jaambavatiji and Satyabhaamaji and now about to marry the five personified form of Righteous Knowledge, God went to Indraprastha and married Kalindiji the daughter of the Sun God who was praying with severe asceticism to attain Him in the waters of the Yamuna river. Obeisance to God Krushna, the divine consort of Kalindiji.

27. Pandavarajyasthapakaay Namaha
By residing Himself in Indraprastha, and inspiring devotee and friend Arjuna to save the life of demon Maya from the devastating forest fire in the woods of Khandavavana, then in return getting a wonderful place and city designed by Maya for the Pandavas, thus being the cause of establishing the devotees, the Pandavas in their Kingdom, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

28. Mitravindaapataye Namaha
Returning to Dwarka from Indraprastha, God went to Avanti, abducted and married Mitravindaaji who had already chosen Him as her consort, being the personified form of rigorous self-discipline, thus protecting her from being forcibly and unwillingly married to other suitors due to being pressurized by the brothers, thus being the divine consort of Mitravindaaji, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

29. Satyaapataye Namaha
To fulfil the vow of Kind Nagnajit of the Kosal region, God took seven Divine forms and tamed seven warrior bulls of the king, each personifying hindrances in the form of devotion and attainment to God i.e. hunger, thirst, disease, unecessary worldly and vedic actions, gambling, intoxication, lusting after loose woman. Thus by completing the king’s desire and vow, and marrying his daughter Satyaaji (Naagnajitiji) , Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

30. Bhadrapataye Namaha
By accepting Bhadraji, the personified form of discrimination between the constant and the inconstant in life, the daughter of His aunt Shrutkirtiji, at the request of her brothers, the personified forms of the Divine speech denoting God and His attributes in a sermon (katha) , the Divine Consort of Bhadraji, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

31. Lakshamaanapataye Namaha
By accepting Lakshamanaji, the daughter of the King of the region of Madra by being blindfolded and hitting the target of a moving fish eye in marriage, Obeisance to Him God Krushna, the divine consort of Lakshamanaji.

32. Rohinipataye Namaha
Rohiniji being well-known in place of Bhadraaji in the science of the divine, mystic incantations leading to God attainment, the scriptures of Mantra Shastra, the chief among the 16000 captive women in the prison of the evil demon Narkasura, God destroyed the demon and taking multiple forms accepted all of them in marriage, due to His divine wish, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

33. Shodashastranayikapataye Namaha
By invoking the desire of knowing the Oneness in all , his chief purpose being the upliftment of women and giving god attainment to them out of his infinite Grace, thus easily destroying Narakasura the demon, releasing the 16000 captive damsels, bringing them to Dwarka and marrying all of them, each one with all the attributes of divine woken , who took incarnations for His pleasure, the divine consort of these angelic celestial 16000 beauties, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

34. Moorayaye Namaha
Killing the five headed demon Moor, personifying the toxins and waste prevalent in water, on his way to release the 16000 divine women from the prison of Narkasura, Obeisance to Him God Krushna, the divine foe of the demon Moor.

35. Narakantakaay Namaha
To release the 16000 divine women from captivity, moreover to return the divine symbols of heaven like the celestial crown and covering; the earrings of the divine Aditiji from Narkasura with the consent of Satyabhaamaji, the earth signifying the wife of God, to be rid of the unnecessary waste and weight on herself, Narkasura being the son of Mother Earth, during the incarnation of God as the divine dwarf Vamana, the destroyer of Narkasura, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

36. Vasoodhapujitcharanaay Namaha
After Narkasura was killed, Mother Earth brought his son Bhaagdutt with herself and sang the divine praises of the glorious Leela of God and prayed to His divine feet, Obeisance to God Krushna the one with such amazing divine acts.

37. Sarvajaneensukhhetave Namaha
By granting fearlessness and a kingdom to the divine devout Bhaagdutt, the son of Narkasura, taking 64 elephants of the prestigious Airavat clan and the released 16000 divine women to Dwarka, giving pleasure to them all and also to God Indra by returning the divine symbols of heaven to him and the earrings to his mother Aditi, thus bringing bliss to all in heaven too, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

38. Parijatapharanaay Namaha
Forcibly taking the Parijat tree from heaven and also removing the false pride of Indra and his wife Shuchi, for his divine consort Satyabhaamaji, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

39. Mahendraaadidushtaboodhinivarakaay Namaha
Indra etc are appointed Gods and are not the ultimate source or owner of all that exists. God has kept different things everywhere for Himself. Refusing to give him the Parijat tree, defeating him and forcibly taking the Parijat tree from Mahendra and other appointed Gods, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

40. Sarvaratnakoshaadipooritgruhaay Namaha
All the possible items denoting aristocracy and fortune in all the three worlds, keeping them all like jewels, precious stones etc with him in his palace alongwith the divine 16008 royal queens, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

41. Rukminyeedistrimantraparikshakaay Namaha
Testing and examining the states of minds of all the royal queens including Rukminiji in various ways, Obeisance to Him God Krushna

42. .Laukikleelavakyavishaaradaay Namaha
By refusing to talk to Rukminiji , thus giving her the experience of the sudden loss of His divine company and speech, resulting in her being faint and unconscious with this pain and then consoling her and inspiring her to give Him, His expected replies of love and longing, God, skillful and adept in using words akin to those used by the world, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

43. Shrutyarthapratipaadakdashadashayputraay Namaha
Those which personify and reveal the divine meanings of God attainment, such 10 sons were born to each of the royal Queens and consorts of God, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

44. Kalidharmapratipaadakvanshaadikartre Namaha
God’s divine decision and wish of not keeping behind any pure Kshatriya in this Iron Age of Kaliyug, that of the warrior class, inspired Anirudhji, the son of Pradiyumnaji to marry his maternal uncle Rukmi’s daughter, thus keeping his own established time of Kaliyug and its rule of a mixed progeny, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

45. Baanasurabalaantkartre Namaha
Anirudhji married Usha, the daughter of demon Banasuraa. He was kept imprisoned by this demon to release his grandson from this captivity, fighting and destroying Baanasura in this battle, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

46. Mahadevaadisanmanhetave Namaha
God Mahadevji, the devout appointed God of destruction, was appeased by the services of Baanasura. He came to fight against God. God infatuated Mahadevji with a yawn evoking weapon called Jrumbhaanastra eventually getting out of that using his total destructive powers, Mahadevji attacked God with his missile like Jwara. God pacified it with His own Narayana Jwara. Thus recognizing him as the ultimate God, Mahadevji sang his praises and thus protected the life of his devotee Banasura; Obeisance to Him God Krushna, the one with this amazing honour bestowing leelas on both Him and Mahadevji.

47. Jwaradidoshnaashakaay Namaha
By pacifying and not destroying the Jwara form of the destructive missile like weapon used by Mahadevji and removing from it its ability to devastate, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

48. Prahalaadaadibhaktavansharakshakaay Namaha
By protecting Banasura belonging to the clan of his devotee Prahalaadji and pleased by the praises sung by Mahadevji for his devotees protection, Obeisance to Him God Krushna, the protector of all.

49. Daanaadidharmabodhakaay Namaha
Cursed into taking the form of a chameleon, reinstating his original form of a king to king Nruga and via him explaining to his sons the path of Rajas leading on to Sattwa and the benefits of righteous duties like giving and donating to the deserving needy, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

50. Nrugamokshahetave Namaha
By giving emancipation to King Nruga by His divine touch, the king generous by nature had unknowingly donated a Brahmin’s cow to another and ended up having the curse of experiencing hell in the form of the life of a chameleon; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

51. Brahmanyaay Namaha
By advising the young princes of the Yadu clan of being aware and not taking the wealth or property of the one who knows the supreme self; God the loving protector of Brahmins, the Supreme Self, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

52. Pushtimaargpravartakaay Namaha
By giving intense pleasure to the people of Vraj with his own divine form filled with grace and love as the ultimate end to achieve on his departure to Mathura and his vow of returning back, meeting them with his own form of Righteous means and Balaramji giving them intense joy and pleasure again, Obeisance to Him God Krushna – one who established the Pushti maarg.

53. Yamunakarshanhetave Namaha
Balaramji merged with the divine form of God alongwith the Gopijanas, was involved in His leela and plays; by the refusal of Yamunaji to join and play with them, and the resultant change in the flow of her waters by Balaramji, Obeisance to Him God Krushna the inspirer of all these acts.

54. Spardhaadidushtavimochakaay Namaha
Taking the form similar to God and competing with Him, the sinful king Poundraka, announcing himself as Vasudev was killed by His hands and given emancipation, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

55. .Poundrakkashirajhantre Namaha
By falsely behaving and announcing himself as Vaasudev, King Poundraka and his supporter the king of Kashi both were destroyed by God Himself, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

56. Devtaantarvaradaptagarvanaashakaay Namaha
To avenge his father – Kashiraj’s death the son Sudakshin appeased other Gods and got from them a destroying fire power called Krutya. Swelling with pride, he sent this Krutya to burn the city of God’s residence – Dwarka. God, with His divine discus Sudarshan removed both Him and Sudakshin from Dwarka – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

57. Kashidahakaay Namaha
By sending the destructive Krutya back to Kashi and burning that city instead with His divine Sudarshan signifying thus the inability’s of vices to ensnare those knowing the Supreme Self, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

58. Dushtanivasdoshnaashakaay Namaha
By being the Cause of burning the Holy City Kashi, thus removing all the sins there due to the dwelling of sinful people and thus reinstating it as a pilgrimage place, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

59. Muktihetave Namaha
One does not get emancipation in Kashi due to the presence of evil demons. Removing all those sins and faults from Kashi by burning it and reinstating its well-known fact of being able to give emancipation to those who pass away there and moreover to those who attentively listen to this event describing the sermon of God, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

60. Dusangdaptadwividhaadivadhahetave Namaha
Dwividh – the monkey was a devotee and was King Sugreev’s minister in God’s incarnation as Shri Ram. Yet by being in bad company of evil people like Jarasangha, Kansa, Narkasura etc and thus becoming vain –glorious in his own power, came and distrubed Balaramji in his Rasa Leela in Vraj. The enraged Balaramji with the divine desire of God destroyed Dwividh and others like him. Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

61. Rajyaadidaptakauravgarvanaashakaay Namaha
The Kauravs vain with pride and arrogance about their Kingdom, made a prisoner of Saamb – the son of the royal queen Jaambavatiji who had gone to abduct Lakshamanaji, the daughter of King Duryodhona from her marriage ceremony wherein willful suitors were present. To release him from this captivity, Balaramji who had gone to negotiate and get him back was enraged by the Kaurav not listening to his advice, got ready with the omnipotence of God to drown the entire city of Hastinapur in the river Ganga with His divine plough – the source and the inspirer of these events, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

62. Maryaadabhaktidaptabhaktamohanaashakaay Namaha
Naradji, unable to know the divine form of God, through the Maryada – Vedic scriptural path of devotional attainment of God, infatuated and dejected; thus by explaining His divine leela and illumining His devotee Naradji with knowledge, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.
63. Jeevadhikaarshastragarvanaashakaay Namaha
Naradji’s misguided belief that even God does not do anything contrary to that mentioned in the scriptures, removing this ignorance from the individual self personifying Naradji and his belief in the righteous scriptures, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

64. Sudharmalankrutcharanaay Namaha
To exemplify righteous living to all, God Himself awoke early in the morning, finished his daily tasks, regularly attended and adorned his court and settled issues and other debates about religion etc – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

65. Bhaktapekshaaavbhashetave Namaha
Jarasangha had made 20800 kings into captives (prisoners of war) . Their desire to be released from this evil bondage by God’s hands and fulfilling part of that desire by sending a messenger to them; moreover king Yudishtir’s devout desire of honouring Himself in the great Rajasuya Yagjna – the horse sacrifice – ascribing overall victory, fulfilling that by sending Naradji to him; the cause of all these events – Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

66. Uddhavaadiboodhianusarine Namaha
To release all the 20800 kings who came to his surrender from captivity and to complete his devotee Yudhishthira’s horse sacrifice, both works coming together thus, taking the counsel offered by Uddhavji, his friend and loyal minister at court, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

67. Jeevdharmaavbodhakaay Namaha
To decide before hand the proper of the improper means and the conceivable results prior to any acts, such being the way for all individuals before taking up any task, to know the purpose, the aim and the means to do it – making this known to all by inspiring Uddhavji to do and Himself following his advice – Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

68. Heenadharmaavalambanjeevakaryakartre Namaha
By disguising themselves as Brahmins and asking for a hand to hand combat from Jarasangha during the time for seeking alms from the evil king, thus using fraud and following the rules of the unrighteous to complete the work of His devotee King Yudhishthira and being the cause of Jarasangha’s death by the hands of the wrestler Bheem, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

69. Bhaktagjyaanhetave Namaha
By revealing His divine form to 20800 imprisoned kings and thus giving them knowledge and devotion for His attainment, the eternal cause, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

70. Pushtinimittagjyaapakaay Namaha
The captive kings made humble by being totally bereft of all means, either of the Kingdom or of appeasing God, that itself is the harbinger of attaining God’s Grace, making that known to all, and the Kings, thus establishing the Pushti path of the devotional attainment of God, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

71. Raajsooyaadipravartakaay Namaha
The inspirer of such acts like performing the holy sacrifice called the Rajasooya yagjna, the devotion arising in King Yudhishthira on his knowing of the release of 20800 kings, completing his sacrificial rite by bestowing divinity on the entire act, by being honoured and revered Himself by all, before all, before the rite began, thus announcing Himself, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

72. Shishupaalaadibhaktavaikunthpraptihetave Namaha
By creating obstacles and hurling abuses to God, opposing firmly the honoured reverence of God about to take place, God who knew that Shishupal and others were previously his door keepers Jay and Vijay who out of being cursed by Sanat Kumars were sent here to regain their positions in His divine abode Vaikunth, hence by killing him and others out of grace, he reinstated them in their previous devout states, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

73. Duryodhanaadidushtamaanbhanghetave Namaha
To remove the unnecessary burden of evil on this earth, in the Rajasuya Yajgna of Yudhisthira, Duryodhan burning out of malicious envy; God became the cause of their embarrassment in the illusionary Maya Palace of the Pandavas and giving them the experience of humiliated shame, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

74. Yudhisthiraaadibhaktagarvanaashakaay Namaha
At the event of Duryodhan’s humiliation, God Himself kept a serene silence and thereby destroyed the false pride of Yudhisthira and other devotees, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

75. Pradumnyaaadiyaadavgarvaprahaarkaay Namaha
In the battle with Shaalva, who had appeased Mahadevji and had received from him the divine airborne craft called Soubha, who attacked Dwarka to avenge his defeat, during the time of Queen Rukminiji’s marriage to God, Pradumnaji and other Yaadav sure of their power fought and were beaten badly and fainted in battle. God, the cause of thus destroying their false pride, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

76. Tapasyaadidaptashaalvaadighatakaay Namaha
Being vain glorious in his ascetic practices and gaining the boon from Mahadevji and his vessel Soubha, attacking Dwarka and giving pain to its citizens, God finally removed all his pride by killing him and destroying his craft, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

77. Punyaadiheendharmagjyaapanhetave Namaha
Shaalva and other demons appeased and attained God in His utmost illusory form, hence Shaalva created God’s father Vasudev in battle with his deceiving illusory powers. To confuse everybody further, God too in his Leela to show and reveal the unrighteous paths taken by these demons and eventually killed and destroyed both the illusion and Shaalva, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

78. Mukhyasiddhantpravartakaay Namaha
To spare his devotees from the confusion and chaos created by the illusive strength of demons, God displayed his omnipotence and eternal multitudinous forms of Leela, thus establishing the principle of Oneness and His own supremacy, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

79. Dantavaktravidhurathaadimuktihetave Namaha
Destroying and killing Dantavaktra and Vidhurath, who came with the desire to fight against him, and giving them emancipation, Dantavaktra originally being his second cursed doorkeeper like Shishupaal, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

80. Kshtriyadharmanatyopsanhaarkartre Namaha
Beginning from the initial battle preparation of Jarasangha till the destruction of Vidhurath, God then completed His desire of the Kshtriya warrior religion and battle, thus stopping that drama like the Leela of war, Obeisance to Him, God Krushna.

81. Nyastashastraay Namaha
Beginning from the slaying of the demoness Pootna till the death of Vidhurath, God who had renounced all His desires for battles and gave up His weapons, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

82. Baldevtirthyatrapravartakaay Namaha
To perform various religious rites, like that of sacrifices and going to pilgrimage places, God inspired Yudhisthira and Vasudevji to complete the Yagjna and convinced Baldevji to go on a pilgrimage and not take part in the battle of Mahabharat between the Kaurav and the Pandavas, thus increasing the importance of such rites and holy places, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

83. Sootghatakaay Namaha
If Baldevji returned earlier during the time of war then the purpose of God of removing evil from the face of earth would be hampered by Baldevji siding with the Kauravs. Keeping that possibility in mind, God inspired Baldevji to kill the disrespectful orator Sootji at a place called Naimisharaanya where the sermon was going on and in repentance continue further on his tour of pilgrimage places, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

84. Paarthsaartheye Namaha
To remove evil from the face of the earth, in the form of battle, to side with and protect his own devotees, God consented to become the charioteer of Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

85. Avyaktageetamrutamhodathipravartakaay Namaha
To prevent Arjuna from incurring sin if he fought keeping the obligation of the Kshtriya warrior religion in mind, God inspired Arjuna to be despondent and commanded himself to fight in the battle for the benefit of all, advised Arjuna with the incomparable nectar like epic - The Gita – Obeisance to Him God Krushna.
86. Kauravbalantkartre Namaha
Destroying the armies of the Kauravs alongwith Arjuna and other devotees Pandavas, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

87. Itarpakshapathnaashakaay Namaha
On the day of the fight with maces between Bheem and Duryodhana, Balaramji came to Kurukshetra from his tour of pilgrimage places. Siding with Duryodhana, Balaramji advised him not to fight this battle. God, siding with His devotees, inspired them both not to heed Balaramji’s advice. Moreover advising Balaramji to go to Dwarka, thus protecting and siding with His devotees and removing all other divine help to the opposite sided Kauravs, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

88. Sudamarankbhaaryaarthabhoomiyannitendravaibhavaay Namaha
Cajoled by his wealth-hungry wife, yet coming to Dwarka to meet and have the divine vision of God, not giving anything to his friend and devotee Sudamaji, yet creating wealth and splendour, akin to God Indra of the heavens for the penurious wife of his childhood friend Sudamaji at their place, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

89. Hetusthaapakaay Namaha
On returning home from Dwarka and seeing the splendour at his place, on thinking about the cause behind this magnanimous change, inspiring Sudamaji to know Him as the eternal cause, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

90. Deshkaalaadidharmahetvanusarine Namaha
To remove all faults from the region of Kurukshetra, and from the final destruction Armageddon denoting time of the sun called Suryoparag, restoring to, inspiring all and Himself, following the religious rites of the proper forms of purifying bath, generous giving to all etc, thus acting as the protector of all, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

91. Yatrotsaupravartakaay Namaha
Inspiring all to come to Kurukshetra during the time of the Solar Eclipse and perform the pilgrimage of the holy Kurukshetra thus being the cause of celebration and jubilation among all Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

92. Akhilnayanamrutabdhipoorkaay Namaha
By giving His divine vision to all those who had come to this pilgrimage to Kurukshetra, filling their eyes with the divine, oceanic nectar of His form, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

93. Gopikaadishakshatkaarhetave Namaha
Prior to coming to Kurukshetra, by sending his friend and messenger Uddhavji to meet the Gopijanas and making them understand the divine Oneness of all, here explaining to all of them the Supreme Self in all that exists and its experience, God thus became the cause of the Gopijanas knowing, experiencing and understanding His divine form in totality, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

94. Rukminyaadibhaktisthapakaay Namaha
By replying to the questions of Draupadiji (Panchali) , Queen Rukminiji was telling them the fact of their acceptance by God and their making as the Royal Queens, thus inspiring devotion and His attainment in all, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

95. Sanmaargsthapakaay Namaha
By honouring and revering the great sages like Vyasji, Naradji etc who came to Kurukshetra, thus establishing the path of intense regards for teachers and sages and saints, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

96. Vashisthaadisevitcharanaay Namaha
God, whose divine feet are ever prayed to by sages like Vashishtha, and others who are always ready for His service, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

97. Vasudevyagjnamahotsavkartre Namaha
Inspiring Vasudevji his father to perform the divine Yagjna – sacrificial rite in Kurukshetra and thus being the cause of celebration there, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

98. Vasudevgjyaanbodhakaay Namaha
By purifying the internal beings and conscience of all by the divine Yagjna and moreover inspiring sage Narad to explain His divine form, importance and omnipresence as the Supreme Self in all that exists, thus making Vasudevji comprehend the unifying Oneness- Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

99. Devakimanahpeedapanodakaay Namaha
Saddened by remembering the slain 6 children who were killed by Kansa prior to His incarnation, God to remove her pain brought them back to life, gave them upliftment and emancipation, thus removing all misery from His mother Devakiji, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

100. Devaadibhaktashaapaadidoshnashakaay Namaha
God Brahmaji, the appointed God of creation, was inspired to have a desire for and thus to go after Sarasvatiji. On seeing them they were ridiculed by the 6 sons of sage Marichi. Angered by their conduct, Brahmaji cursed them to be born as demons. Hence they took birth at the house of Hiranyakashipu. Then in Devakiji, they were killed by Kansa. Bringing them back to life and giving them emancipation, removing all adverse effects of the curse and pleasing His mother, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

101. Devakimrutapatyadaatre Namaha
To please His mother and to fulfill her desire returning all the 6 children of Devakiji to her who were killed by Kansa, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

102. Devakisthanandaay Namaha
By taking the form of all the 6 children who were brought back to life, God to please His mother and accepting her affection by being fed by her, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.
103. Bhaktachintyasukhdaatre Namaha
By bringing back to life the already killed 6 children, thus giving his devotee mother Devakiji unthought and unimagined pleasure and joy, also revealing Himself as the Supreme Self, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

104. Subhadravivahhetave Namaha
Arjuna, the Pandava, disguising himself as a monk (Sanyasi) with his staff came to Dwarka. By being the cause of marrying of his illusion personifying sister Subhadra to the man signifying Arjuna, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

105. Janakaadigjyaanmanorathpoorakaay Namaha
By going to Mithila Himself, with all other devout sages, imparting devotion to King Janak and others on the path of knowledge and God attainment thus fulfilling their desires, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

106. Shrutdevadhiupasaksanmargbodhakaay Namaha
Advising seekers like Shrutdev and others in Mithila to have devotion and regards akin to Himself, for those who are His devotees and who know the Supreme Self, thus illuming this righteous path, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

107. Akhilnigamnijjanasansuthaay Namaha
God whose praises are sung by all His devotees, the personified form of all scriptures which denote the Supreme Self, revealing Himself in word and their meanings, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

108. Sarvagamyaswaroopaay Namaha
That divine form of God who established this path of Pushti unknowable by all, learnt and known only by scriptures of this path and this divine form, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

109. Aishwaryaadishadhdharmasthaapakaay Namaha
Everything and all that exists being the eternal joyous truthful divine form of Shri Krushna, the Supreme Self, God with His six divine attributes like unmatched Splendour etc., His Omnipotence of being, making everything, moreover having the potential in each task to do, not to do, do something else; Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

110. Bhaktadushtavaibhavnaashkaay Namaha
Destroying all happiness, wealth etc., begotten by His devotees who have prayed and appeased other gods, removing from them all their sins for their benefit, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

111. Bhaktasankanivaarkaay Namaha
By His divine nature of always protecting His devotees and always removing their cause of misery, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

112. Vrukaadidushtaghaatkaay Namaha
Mahadevji, the appointed God of destruction, unthinkingly gave a boon the demon Vrukasur. To relieve him of his sufferings and to prevent the demon from abducting Parvatiji, his divine consort; by beguiling Vrukasura to burn himself by putting his hands on his own head and thus giving cause of joy to Mahadevji, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

113. Brahmashivaadivanditcharanaay Namaha
On knowing that his problem are all solved, God, whose divine Feet are being praised and bowed to by Brahmaji, Mahadevji who sing His eternal praises, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

114. Sarvotkarshabodhakaay Namaha
To test God Himself, sage Bhrugu kicked Him in the chest. By remaining serene and peaceful during that test, announcing His Supremacy in any situation, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

115. Vipramrutapatyadaatre Namaha
To complete the vow of Arjuna who had decided to save the lives of the children of a Brahmin, or else jump into a pyre, God, the protector of His devotees; brought back to life all the children of the elite sage and prevented Arjuna from disaster, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

116. Arjunaadigarvaprahaarkaay Namaha
Using the means of bringing back the children of the Brahmin, giving Arjuna the Divine vision of His Own Form as God Bhooma, thus taking away the false pride in their own prowess of preventing death in Arjuna and His other devotees, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

117. Dwarkanayakaay Namaha
By expounding the mysteries of religion and giving joy to all, in the courts of Dwarka, residing as the King, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

118. Nanavilaasvilasitsukhaabdhaya Namaha
Alongwith all His royal queens, enjoying Himself with various pleasures and giving boundless oceanlike joy to all, the Source, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

119. Nikhilnijjanaprapanchavismaarakaay Namaha
Thus, by performing such eternal amazing Leelas, giving intense love and longing to all His devotees and friends, according to their affection and state of mind, making them forgetful of the world and merged only in Himself, Obeisance to Him God Krushna.

In this manner, I, Mahaprabhuji have described all the various Divine Names of the Nirodh Leela of God Krushna to impart devotion to His devotees as performed by Him in His Raaj Leela.

By devotionally understanding the Divine names of the Baal Leela, one begets love for God Krushna. With that of the Proudh Leela, one gets longing and the desire of being continuously unified with God Krushna.

By reciting the Divine Names of the Raaj Leela, one begets intense devotion for the Divine Feet of God Krushna, the feeling of always being in His service.

Those devotees of the Maryada Maarg will get intense love for God by understanding His infinite greatness and importance as revealed by the means of the scriptures. All the faltering senses become serene, pacified, focussed and centred on God Krushna. Hence those desirous of attaining devotion and God Krushna must always recite the Divine names of God with love and reverence of all the Baal-Proudh-Raaj Leelas like the mystic incantation Mantras are read about.

Thus ends the Trividh Namavali as expounded by Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Author's Notes: I would like to humbly add that all the scriptural poems are taken from the 'Shreemad Bhaagwata Maha Purana' - one of the 18 Puranas as found in ancient Indian scriptures, and have been translated from Gujarati by me.
The author who has done the major work from Sanskrit to Gujurati is P.Navneetpriya Shastriji. His address is -
"Vraj Vihar" , Moti Pol, Nadiad [Gujarat, India - is 0091 268 2550908]

Shri Vallabhacharyaji as is mentioned in the poems ending incarnated himself nearly 500 years ago and has translated the Purana into 7 meanings as in those of the following:-
letter [aksar]
word [shabda]
verse [shloka]
chapter [prakarana]
sub-section [adhyaya]
section [skandha]
scriptural, [ shastra] as in their context as mentioned in the Vedas.

Author's Location: Baroda, India
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