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Posted: April 3rd. 2004 10:21:30 AM

Views: 1995

Jack Sparrow

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Age Group: Adult

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow was a hearty scoundrel
Upon whose shoulders luck always fell
His love was the sea, his heart was full sail
To no other gave love and so did not fail
Till one lovely maid caught Jack Sparrow's eye
With her soft curves, proud stance and temper high
She was strength and elegance craft into one
Her name was Black Pearl of the Caribbean

Black Pearl was his sun, Black Pearl was his moon
Black Pearl was the heat of the high sun at noon
She incited danger, adventure and treasure
For Captain Jack Sparrow no greater pleasure
Yet one thing remained for her to be his
One thing that prevented their eternal bliss
Black Pearl was pledged to one Admiral Trey
Jack knew he would have to steal her away

He waited and watched her form from afar
He wanted her as never wanted before
His luck was with him one hot summer's night
When Admiral Trey to shore did alight
To the fort he went to the Governor
And Jack saw his chance to finally have her
The fort being built on an old pirate's hold
Jack knew hidden ways reserved for the bold

By doors that were secret and passages dark
Captain Jack Sparrow went in for a lark
To see if he could find the armoury
The scallywag had hatched a plan you see
He crept quietly down a lighted corridor
Past a room where a lady was framed in the door
Entertaining a soldier was Scarlet
And Jack winked as he slipped past the harlot

Yet she caught Jack's sleeve as his tiptoed past
And turned the soldier away, thinking fast
She smiled and pushed the soldier to his knees
O'er his head draped her skirts to keep him pleased
Leaning close she whispered to handsome Jack
I'll have time for you later if you'll come back
For you there's no charge, I like what I see
And Jack, but a man was tempted, it was free

But Black Pearl waited in the darkened bay
And time was running short, Jack could not stay
With a smile and promise to return
He knew better than a woman to spurn
So he kissed her hand, swept off his hat
Jack made his way quietly as a cat
That danger averted, he took the stairs
To complete his plan he needed some wares

Down the stairs he went silent as a ghost
On his mission for the one he loved most
To free her from the terrible tyranny
Of the red coats and honourable Admiral Trey
Jack could put her to a much better use
He could untie the cruel bonds, set her loose
No longer would she do King George's men's will
Her fierce heart, Captain Jack Sparrow could fill

At last he discovered the armoury
And many weapons did Captain Jack see
He took for himself a rapier bright
To win his true love, he would have to fight
Next to his pistol he strapped his new sword
Swaggered about, played the part of lord
Till his glance fell upon powder and shot
And Jack smiled again at the luck he got

He picked up a sack full of gun powder
Growling at the weight this conniving cur
Carried his burden up the flight of stairs
Like some tinker to market selling wares
Like a drunk he stumbled down the hallway
Avoiding the door where Miss Scarlet stayed
With a sigh of regret, Jack carried on
Pearl waited, he must arrive before dawn

Jack emerged out of the secret entrance
Lay his hat over heart and thanked his chance
With a quick look around Jack slipped away
Into town where the Governor's house lay
He arrived at the gates, put down his sack
Saw the stout lock and was taken aback
Shrugging he thought he might give it a try
The gates were unlocked and swung open wide

Thanking his lucky stars Jack walked on in
Bigger than a Cheshire's cat was his grin
Two guards at the door stood at attention
While Jack crept up filled with apprehension
He put down his sack and glanced all around
And saw a sizeable rock on the ground
Nodding he thought that it would nicely do
And over the soldiers' head that rock flew

One soldier went off in search of the noise
Jack shook his head as he watched the two boys
He came up behind the guard at the door
Sword hilt met his head, he fell to the floor
Jack picked up his feet and dragged him aside
In the bushes again did Sparrow hide
The guard looked around for his companion
And Jack saw his chance to be Pearl's champion

He leapt at the guard his rapier high
And clouted him before he could give cry
Jack shook his head at the man by his feet
Sighing dragged him away, though he was beat
He took off the soldier's red uniform
And put it on with a look of forlorn
From the bushes he fetched his heavy sack
A Pirate's Life for Me hummed Captain Jack

He took from his effects flint and tinder
Letting a spark fall he stepped back further
And soon was running from the noble's stead
Through clapped ears, sound burst in his head
The explosion ripped across the dark night
And still Jack ran till the gates were in sight
He turned as he reached them to look behind
At the destruction, he knew he would find

With a lop-sided grin, continued on
While the red coats searched the Governor’s lawn
He made his way to the deserted harbour
His heart beating fast, he felt Black Pearl’s lure
Down to the docks went our scurrilous Jack
Whistling a tune, hands clasped behind back
His tall boots clacking down the wooden planks
Sparrow swaggered about on his long shanks

A figure moved at the end of the dock
A giggle from ahead, a woman’s mock
Jack saw a strumpet rise from the shadows
As she hastily rearranged her clothes
“Well well, ” said Jack, “What do we have here?”
The woman saw Jack’s clothes and paled in fear
“I wasn’t doing anything wrong, ” she said
As she coyly raised a hand to her head

“I’ll be the judge of that Miss, what’s below?”
Asked the soldier Jack, he wanted to know
What this bit of fluff seemed to be hiding
She simply wasn’t her time abiding
Jack smiled and slipped a hand around her waist
“Please now dear Miss, I have need of great haste,
What are you hiding, just out of my sight?”
Asked soldier Jack, hoping he was right

She sighed and stepping aside she gestured
“It’s a shipment of beer, or so I have heard
Booty pirates were forced to leave behind
That me and my man here happened to find
This very night it had just floated in
Where me and my man here happened to sin
But he has drunk himself into a stupour
And left me on my own in the harbour

I’m Giselle, would you like to take his place?”
Jack considered as he studied her face
An appraising glance Jack looked up and down
At her fine curves straining against her gown
With a sigh, “I am but a poor soldier
“No coin, just orders from my commander”
“Fear not, ” said she, “A soldier doesn’t pay
I like a man in uniform, so stay”

“Wait for me there love, " said Jack "by the beach
And Jack swung down the ladder, just out of reach
Barrels of beer were tied to a light skiff
A drunken man snored, and Jack caught a whiff
“It is time for a bath, me old hearty”
Said Jack as he rolled him into the sea
The man sputtered, “Help me, I cannot swim”
Sighing, Jack rolled his eyes and pulled him in

The man spat out seawater then sat down
"What is a soldier doing out of town?
Unless I see no soldier before me
But a scoundrel and a pirate ye be
I'm guessing ye're making for lady fair
But how will you get her once you are there?
It'll take more'n one man, or so I think
So sit down with me here, and have a drink"

Jack looked at the man, was he one to trust
But a pirate must do what a pirate must
He breached a small barrel and held it high
"If you know of a crew, I'll tell you why."
The man licked his lips and said "Aye, I do
I know just where you can find your new crew"
"Your name, " said Jack, "be quick, it's getting late"
"My name's Barbosa, I'll be your First Mate"

Jack and Barbosa paddled back to shore
And stumbled through the Blushing Mermaid's door
The two sat down at a table of three
"Eh Bootstrap, I've a proposition for ye
I know ye be lads grown mighty thirsty
How 'bout all the ale you can drink for free?"
The lads looked to Jack, who gave them a nod
"Where'd you think I found this tired old sod?

I offer ye lads a life of freedom
Sailing on the high seas, if ye would come
I've a fair lady that I must rescue
But first I'll be needing you lads to crew"
They looked at each other and raised tankards
"Aye!" they shouted as one, bloody drunkards
Jack drained his mug then he pushed back his chair
"Then lets be off to rescue lady fair!"

Jack wove his way through the crowd to the door
And suddenly found himself on the floor
Somebody had bottled him to the head
Thanks to his men that somebody was dead
Jack then drew his sword, his men behind him
As others drew steel in candlelight dim
"Lads, looks like we'll have to fight for our beer"
Said Jack standing tall in the face of fear

They battled their way until they were free
From that stinking pub and bad company
Soon they were running down the cobbled street
Silent on the cobbles were booted feet
They slipped through the darkness to the water
Though Jack's head ached and his vision did blur
Jack shook his head, wading into the night
The lads gave cheer as he came back in sight

Jack brought the skiff that was loaded with drink
"Ye've more than earned this me lads, I do think"
They then broke open another barrel
And they passed it around, thirsty as hell
"We'll take the rest with us, to the fair maid
Once we have gotten her dowry paid"
The lads laughed at this, as one climbed aboard
To Pearl made their way silently forward

"Wait for my signal, I'll give ye a shot
"If I need you again, whether or not"
And with that Jack climbed away up the rope
Of the anchor with high spirits and hope
He pulled himself through a starboard porthole
And through the belly of the ship he stole
He carefully climbed the stairs to the deck
And cautiously poked his head up to check

He slipped past the *******s and found the boats
On portside he lowered one on its ropes
Jack smiled as he rowed back around the ship
Till he was sighted by men on the lip
"Ahoy!" cried Jack "Come give us a hand!
I have just rowed all the way from mainland!
I have a message from the Governor
So hear me out me lads, you'd better!"

Surprised, the *******s pulled Soldier Jack in
And Jack raised his hands to quiet the din
"The Governor's house is under attack
And he bids ye to come and guard his back"
The soldiers looked to each other and spoke
"Our orders were to stay, is this a joke?"
Jack threw up his hands and to them he said
"Did you not see the blast? They've taken the stead!"

The soldiers nodded and said "We will come"
Jack said "I've orders to wait till ye're done
I don't want no glory, that's up to you
Get yourselves going, fight strong and true!"
They clapped Soldier Jack on the back and hopped
Into the small boats, they couldn't be stopped
Three soldiers remained aboard the tall ship
And Jack turned to them and gave them a tip

"I've news for ye lads, I hope ye can swim"
Said Jack as he pushed one of them in
The other two quickly drew their own steel
And battled Jack right back onto the keel
Jack hopped onto the railing and kicked out
Knocking the man out before he could shout
With his dancing blade disarmed the last
Tied and gagged him, put him in a boat fast

He went to rail on the side starboard
Looked down and shouted to make himself heard
"Are you going to stay down there till day?
We have a ship to sail lads, far away!"
With a cheer his men swarmed onto the ship
Looking forward to an unexpected trip
Captain Jack Sparrow with his lady would stay
They'd make their own fortune, in pirates' way

His hands caressed her, he turned her away
From the sight of the land and out of the bay
Checking his compass he sailed to the light
Of a new dawn and their futures now bright
Nothing could dim the twinkle in his eye
As he stood at the helm, Black Pearl's sails high
And from that day onwards no golden hoard
Could stop him going down, all hands on board

Author's Location: Woodbridge, England
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