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Posted: May 18th. 2012 5:29:55 PM

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The Book Of Knowledge Part 1

by DeanneFrost

Age Group: Adult

The Book of Knowledge
By anonymous
“And in that time knowledge shall break forth and Love from The One shall be realized. Then many shall understand the Truth…” The One
Dear reader, I write this book because times are changing. Awareness is increasing rapidly. Every year, the powers at work in our world grow stronger, fighting for influence, both negative and positive. The knowledge contained within this book has long been available, but it has been hidden or ignored. The time for ignorance has come to an end. So, I write the truth. Please understand that the knowledge within this book is not theoretical. With enough practice and understanding, you can realize your true potential and see reality as it is…
This book contains the knowledge that the masses have waited for. The wonderful light, which has come into the world, is now being made known through this book. The following is a quote from the Higher Realms which was received during a moment of holy connection with The One:
“Write a book, and Truth will guide you. The book will spread through the world. It will bring joy to many.The words contained within will be known by many during the coming Age.”
After receiving this message, I decided to immediately begin writing this book so that the task given to me could beaccomplished.
You are right now reading the book that will become the next “bible” in the coming Age. Its truths will touch your heart. If you feel a burning in your heart, or an ignition of Joy, understand that your thought-matrixhas been altered by the words within. Your DNA has literally shifted to a higher phase. Please feel free to translatethis book into other languages. Republish it! Spread it to the world! This is the Divine Will. It is inevitable. My reward is not money nor recognition, but rather seeing the Truth set my brothers and sisters free…every single one.
One day, All shall read these words. I was also informed that a select number of people would be told about thecoming of this book. If you have had any dream precognitions of an important book, or have found yourself thinkingabout a book of truth to come, this could be The One contacting you for the purpose of spreading this wonderfulnews. If so, please feel free to spread it to all, free of charge!
THIS BOOK IS FREE FOR ALL. In my studies, I learned from and experimented with many sources, including various internet-based ones.
Freely have I received…therefore, this truth is freely given.
Please keep in mind---all of the sources and techniquesin this book has been proven through practice. These are not just theoretical. I send out a big thank you for those donated theirtime and energy and knowledge, because these are powerful techniques. These techniques start out simply, but then progress tothings such as levitation, teleportation, telekinesis and mind reading.
Take your time, as you won’t be able to do the “miracles” at first.I will not be detailing every secret of life in this book because I have been informed that others are meant to reveal these secretsin the future. Also, I find that simply telling people about a fact will eventually teach them not seek to out the truth forthemselves. People who are told too much, and not made to work, will take what they learn for granted. As such, some of thetechniques are left out so you can discover them on your own. This is not a mental game I am playing here. Everything that youneed to know in order to sustain self-evolution has been lavishly taught.Also, if anyone claims to have written this book, please know that the author of this work will most likely never reveal hisidentity. If the author does decide to do so, it will be many years from now, when the world is more open to these truths. If theauthor reveals who he is, it will be with proof. He will display the powers described in this book. Anyone who can’t do the things within is definitely NOT the author. I only give this warning because some might try to claim authorship and thus lead peopleaway from the simple and direct Truth. The reason the author does not want to step forward at this time is because theinformation herein is somewhat touchy. Organizations, which currently work for our ego-system-government, would harm me if I revealed every secret that I know.
Chapter 1
Quiet-Mind Meditation
Rather than ramble on, I’ve decided to quickly and succinctly describe what I’ve learned through intense study and practice…. and then speak of some of my own personal experiences. The reason I’ve chosen this method is so that you, the reader, will be able to experience these thingsyourself, rather than just read about them. At first, you might be looking at these techniques andsaying to yourself that they are nothing more than imagination. Let me assure you that imagination literally shapes and alters our universe. Whatever you imagine in your mind actuallybegins to happen on the physical dimension, because the only thing that exists is thought (physical reality is merely ultra-dense thought) and vibratory light… which can be controlled with practice. When the adept can control vibratory light, he can obtain miraculous powerbeyond current understanding.
Quiet-Mind Meditation
(This technique is utterly important for mediators who desire to take their power level beyond the low level the masses currently possess) . Even if I do notspecifically mention this technique in each chapter, ALWAYS perform it before the others.
This meditation decreases the noise and any troubling thoughts. It removes all outer and innerinfluences that are distracting. It is easy, and is incredibly important. Without mastering yourthoughts, you will not go far with meditations of power. This meditation is the cornerstone for allothers. It will be quite hard to master the sound of your thoughts, but keep at it. Once you reachpure quietness of mind, you will feel immense peace, and a sense of joy.Try starting every meditation with the Quiet-Mind Meditation. But follow your heart, as this is more important.
Ok… so find a comfortable place, and stare at something in your direct view. Use an externalobject to focus on. Keep looking at this space. Now, steady your breath. Make sure to slow it down, but keep it rhythmic.Close your eyes and focus your attention on the black inner screen. Listen to your surroundings.From here, work to push all thoughts aside until absolutely nothing but pure peace and quietremain. Hold for as long as you can.
Now, this seems incredibly simple. You might be thinking, “How could this give me power?” I assure you that this is just the beginning. This is simply the first stepping stone.One of my personal experiences with this meditation is as follows:
Sitting in a public place duringthe evening, I settled my mind. The facility lights nearby started flickering, once I reached a deep quiet state of mind and began breathing in energy (you will learn more about this in a following chapter) . Next thing I know, I began hearing the thoughts of others, feeling their emotions and seeing their auras. Then, after a few more minutes, I opened my eyes. The world seemed pixilated, because I was beginning to seeits true form---which is nothing but vibratory light. I then concentrated my calm awareness on a bag of trash nearby. In a moment, an opaque, white ball of energy flew out of my forehead and smacked the bag. It popped loudly. I also began seeing reds balls of energy float in my nearby vicinity.

Chapter 2
Going Deeper Meditation and Breathing Energy
It is very important when you are meditating to not only quiet your thoughts, but also bring yourmind to a deep level of relaxation. The mind operates on four major levels, with a few sub-levelsin between. The sub-levels will not be covered because they are not essential to this exercise.The four levels of mind are Beta (awake) , Alpha (relaxed) , Theta (deeply relaxed; almostasleep) and Delta (fully asleep) . When the mind reaches the Alpha level, you can then work withyour meditations much more effectively. Theta can also be used, but it takes practice to maintainconsciousness without dipping into Delta. To enter Alpha, and eventually Theta, once you havegrown in skill, do the following exercise.
Step One:
It is important to do this meditation in a place where you will not be startled. Performthe Quiet Mind Meditation (Q-MM) .
Step Two:
“Feel” yourself stepping down a ladder into a dark room, or moving down an escalator. If you are using the escalator technique, make sure that you are facing backward inyour imagination so that you get the sense of moving backward.
Step Three:
When you are ready, feel yourself free-falling backward and landing in a deeperlevel. If you have done this correctly, you should be in a trance, at which point you are ready towork.The key to this exercise is not fashioning some complicated plan, but rather following thesimple, yet highly effective method of lowering your brain-wave state. The benefits of thismediation, aside from increasing your spiritual powers, include heightened senses, bodyrelaxation, lower blood pressure, stress relief and peace of mind.If you see anything, or hear anything spontaneously while performing this technique, don’t panic. When your mind is relaxed, it is often open to unexpected occurrences, such asseeing energetic entities, hearing astral voices and feeling strange sensations.
Breathing Energy
We will be getting further into the topic of energy later in the book. However, it is essential thatyou know the basics of breathing energy; otherwise your meditations will lack “kick”…so to speak. For now, try to breathe in energy in the following way.
Step One:
Perform the Q-MM and the Going Deeper Meditation (GDM) .
Step Two:
Breath deeply through your nose and blow out through your mouth with your lips theshape of a hole. Feel a sensation fill your body. It will be different for each person.Imagine that your body is a sponge surrounded by golden-white light.
Step Three:
Feel this sensation taking place. Note* you don’t have to imagine the energy. Butyou definitely have to feel it in order for this technique to work properly.

Chapter 3
Remote Viewing/Tele-VisualizationRemote Viewing/Tele-visualization is one of the most powerful skills you can learn. Personally, I prefer the latter term because it frees the subconscious mind from the already establishedmilitaristic connotations that have been energetically bound to the term “remote viewing”.
Unfortunately, military agencies have yet to fully grasp the Spiritual side of man, and as suchoften limit the creative, right-brained information gathering systems, which all humans arecapable of, with left-brained “logical impairments” as I like to call them. Once you understand that You are unlimited, Tele-visualization shall become quite easy for you. And the mind clutterwhich often plagues Alpha-level remote viewing will dissipate.
The following is a technique I’ve used…to great affect. The first part exercises imagination. Thesecond part strengthens your perception.
Part 1
Get comfortable, and then employ the Quiet-Mind Meditation. Once your thoughts aresilent, close your eyes and visualize a forest. Listen to the noises that surround you. Visualize thisscene as much as possible.
VERY IMPORTANT: A highly effective technique for increasingvisualization intensity is focusing your eyes, once they are closed, upward and inward. They should point toward the spot slightly above the middle of your eyebrows.
Imagine the sound of a river. Next, see the river and follow it downstream.Walk until you reach a pool of water, covered in mist. The pool is surrounded by a large, grey stone wall, which is smooth. Small pockets of green, plant-life grow in many places. Listen to the soundof the pool as it bubbles.Listen carefully, and then imagine the pool saying your name four times. After this, you are done.
At first, this may sound quite ridiculous…like daydreaming and nothing more. But what manyfail to grasp is the level of detail that must be involved when practicing this technique. Keeppracticing until it literally feels like you are physically where you are projecting your mind. Atthis point, you will have mastered this technique. This is immensely enjoyable because you can learn to literally project worlds which “feel” real.
Part 2
Now that you’ve developed intense imagination, you can expand upon this ability. Start by having a friend or family member place a random object in the center of an adjacent room. Make sure that you are not aware of the object. Use the Quiet-Mind Meditation and imagine yourselfleaving your body and walking into the next room.Try and guess what the object is.After succeeding, attempt Tele-visualizing friends or family and then confirming what you seelater. For instance, you can use this technique to view someone you know, and then call them andask them what they are up to.
The possibilities of Tele-visualization are limitless. Once you become skilled, you can view many things, past, present and future. Because time doesn’t exist, you are able to literally access unthinkable amounts of knowledge.Ever wondered whether a conspiracy theory was true or not? You can find out. Because the timehas come upon the world to reveal the deep secrets of reality, I will say that many things are notas they seem. However, for the sake of my health, I will not disclose everything. Some things are too dangerous to talk about openly. Learn these techniques, and all your questions will be answered. At the end of this book, I reveal many of the secrets I’ve discovered through this technique, though not all has been disclosed.These pictures are examples of some things you might see while Tele-visualizing differentplanets, or alternate dimensions.

Chapter 4
The Human BodyIn this chapter, you will learn about the important energy centers which exist in our bodies. They are known as Chakras. Most people are only aware of the seven major chakras, if that. Thisbooks offers extensive information, which should be absorbed slowly. Rushing through thismaterial, especially if you are just learning about the energy body, can be quite overwhelming.However, there is much that is not mentioned within this book. The One has informed that astime goes on others will come who are greater and wiser than I. They will divulge thisinformation when the day is right.Below is a brief outline of the numerous chakras 3.

Dimension = Chakras 1-74
Dimension = Chakras 8-155
Dimension = Chakras 16-226
Dimension = 23-297
Dimension = 30-368
Dimension = 37-439
Dimension = 44-50
7 Major ChakrasRoot/Base Chakra
The Root Chakra is the center of physical energy and vitality, which islocated at the tailbone. It grants an individual the energy to succeed in business goals, and is thecenter of manifestations. In the ancient world, the Root Chakra has been associated with dragons.When the Root Chakra energy is balanced, you will feel Centered, Grounded, Healthy, Fully Alive, Unlimited physical energy and can manifest abundance.When excessive energy is present, you will be Egoistical, Domineering, Greedy andSadistic. It can also affect your sex-drive.Energy deficiency in this center creates a lack of confidence, and an inability to achievegoals. It also causes you to become suicidal. It can make you feel unlovable, uninterested in sexand masochistic. One of the problems with current religions is their constant emphasis onblocking personal desire for some supposed higher goal. Guilt and fear and suppression of desires can create energy blockages in this region, which are quite unhealthy. Illnesses that result from an unbalanced Root Chakra include Drug addictions, anemia, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, gynecological problems, and even Aids and Herpes, thoughmodern medicine has yet to understand why the Root Chakra would have an impact on this.
Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, emotions andintuition on the gut level. It is located 1-2 inches below the navel, and slightly to the left side of the body. It is influenced by how are emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood. Itis also the sexual center for women.When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, you have these qualities: You are friendly andconcerned for others. You have a sense of belonging. You are intuitive, clairsentient and possessa good sense of humor. Finally, you radiate warmth and compassion.Excessive energy causes explosive emotional behavior, extreme ambition, andmanipulative inclinations. It also causes you to be caught up in illusions, overindulgence, and thetendency to see people as sex objects, rather than partners.Deficient energy creates the following: Timidity, fear so great it is immobilizing, over-sensitivity, self-negation, excessive guilt, clingy sexual/emotional energy, guilt about having sex, and the feeling that you are being abused. It can also make you frigid and impotent.
Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the belly and this center forpersonal power. When the Solar Plexus is open it means you have found what gives you pleasureand makes you feel fulfilled. One way to discover your gift is to consider what you most enjoyeddoing when you were a child, as these were, and still are, your natural inclinations.When the energy of this chakra is balanced, you become outgoing, cheerful, self-respecting, respectful of other, skillful, intelligent, relaxed, spontaneous, expressive, willing totake on new challenges and enjoy physical activities and good food. You will also posses astrong sense of personal power.Excessive energy creates a judgmental outlook, obsession with work, perfectionism, over-intellectualism, sexual inhibition, and the inability to show emotion or warmth.Deficient energy creates depression, a lack of confidence, worry about what other arethinking, confusion, poor digestion, fear of being alone, sexual insecurity, a need of constantreassurance, jealously and distrustfulness.The illnesses that can result from being unbalanced are food allergies, digestiondifficulties, liver damage, diabetes, gall stones, muscle cramps, spasms, depression and difficultybreathing.
Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest. It is the center of compassion. When the heart is open, you transcend the limits of your bubble-reality. You begin to care about causes, and Love, like saving the planet, helping others, and being kind. This is oneof my favorite chakras personally.When the energy of this chakra is balanced, you feel compassion, empathy and a care forhumanitarian causes. You also see the good in everyone. You have a desire to nurture others.You are friendly, outgoing, in touch with your feelings, able to fall in love. You will also findyourself unable to wait for the right partner.Excessive energy can make you demanding, critical, possessive, moody, melodramatic, manic-depressive and abusive with money or sex. You will be tempted to use conditional love to control others. An example for this is the following: You might say, “I love you if…” or “If youreally love me, you will…” etc, etc…
Deficient energy creates paranoia, self-pity, indecision, the fear of letting go and beingfree, the impression that you are unworthy of love and the inability to reach out to others. Youwill also be terrified of rejection and in need of constant reassurance.Illness which result from unbalanced energy include heart pain, heart attack, high bloodpressure, negativity, fatigue, difficulty breathing, tension, insomnia, anger, paranoia and cancer.
Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is the center for communication. When this center is open, you will have a powerful desire to talk about what you are feeling. When you do this, some of your old friends will fall away, but your true friends will always be there. Do not ignore workingwith this chakra out of fear of what it may bring.When the energy is balanced in this center, you feel contented, centered, able to live inthe present and artistic. You will also posses a good sense of timing, a skill at speaking, and theability to mediate and experience Divine Energy.Problems from excessive energy are arrogance, self-righteousness and long-windedness.You will be dogmatic, addictive, sexually macho, undiscerning and able to get along only withpeople who are easily dominated.Deficient energy causes timidity, excessive silence, inconsistency, unreliability, weakness, an inability to express thoughts, deviousness, manipulative habits, and conflict withyour religious upbringing. You may also be afraid of sex.Illnesses and troubles caused by this unbalance are speech impairments, such asstuttering, unwise use of knowledge, lack of discernment, and immune system difficulties.
Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye chakra is the center of psychic power and higher intuition.You can receive guidance, channeling and tune into your Godself. This is the center that enablesyou to experience telepathy and astral travel.When this energy center is balanced, you are charismatic, able to accept guidance, notattached to material things, unafraid of death and sexually independent---by this I mean that youwill not feel the need to have a partner. You will be a master of yourself.Excessive energy prompts pride, religious dogma and an authoritarian personality. Youwill also be an egomaniac.Deficiency in this chakra creates schizophrenia (the inability to distinguish between theEgoself and the Godself) , lack of discipline, unassertiveness and a fear of success.Illnesses with result from imbalance are confusion, mental handicaps, bad eyesight, lack of clarity and psychic exhaustion.
Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and is responsible forconnecting you to the higher realms.When the energy of this chakra is balanced you can perform miracles, transcend the laws of nature and access limitless powers of the mind.Excessive energy creates a constant sense of frustration, unrealized power and depression. You might get migraine headaches. You might also feel unusually distant from thosearound you, though every once in a while, you will feel a burst of uncontrollable passion.Deficient energy in this center makes you joyless, catatonic and unable to makedecisions.Illnesses which come from an unbalanced Crown Chakra are stress, worry, hysteria, headaches and depression.
Dan Tiens
In this section, you will learn about Dan Tiens, the spiritual chakras. The Dan Tiens are to thesoul what the seven main chakras are to the physical body. As we ascend into spirit form, it isthese centers that become our lower centers. As time passes, this will start to make more sense toyou.
God’s Head Chakra
The God’s head is also known as the Higher-Self. It is comprised variouspoints which reside above the head. The first point is located to the left of the head. This is known as the Wisdom Center of our spiritual being. A bit higher, and on the right side of the head, you have what is called the Activity Center. Next is the main aspect of the God’s head. It is located 15 inches above the head, and looks like a golden orb of light.
Soul Star Chakra
Next is the Soul Star Chakra, which also links to the Core Star Chakra on thephysical body. The Soul Star Chakra is located about 6 inches above the head.
Thymus Chakra
The Soul Seat is the seat of the perceptual “soul.”Keep in mind that essentially all things are Mind. It is here that we find our communiqué with the first source. Thiscenter can be found at the Thymus Chakra just above the heart.Note*Source intelligence flows from the spiritual center located at the pineal gland in the head, just behind the minds eye. This center, if viewed, would appear to be like a golden sun.
Core Star Chakra
The Core Star appears like a pure ball of white light when viewed. It is located an inch and a half above your belly button. It is here that the soul/energy-intelligenceresides, and it is here that we find The One that waits within.
Earth Star Chakra
The Earth Star Chakra appears as a greenish-brown orb when viewed. It is located 6 inches below your feet. It is also the center that grounds us to the physical plane.
Tan Tiens
The Tan Tien is the center from which all martial artists move when they perform. It is from thiscenter that martial-artists draw power to break concrete. It is a ball of power about two and one-half inches in diameter.It is located about two and one-half inches below the navel. It has a strong membrane around itso it looks a bit like a rubber ball. It can be gold in color. This center harbors your will to live inthe physical body. It holds the physical body in physical manifestation.It is with your will and this one center that you have created a physical body. From this centercomes a great deal of power to regenerate the body, provided that the healer grounds the Haric line deep into the molten core of the earth.When the Haric line extends down into the earth, healers can gather great power. When used inhealing, the Tan Tien can turn very bright red and become very hot. This is what is meant bybeing grounded on the Haric level. When this happens and the Tan Tien turns red, healers feelintense heat all over their body.
Haric Lines
The Haric line runs from the top of your head to the base of your feet in a straight line. Aligningyour Haric level will get you in touch with your life purpose. The exercise that follows will do this. It is best to do this each morning. You will be amazed at the results you get.
An Exercise to Align Your Will with your Life Purpose
Step One:
Imagine a sphere of energy inside your body on the midline of your body, locatedabout one and one-half inches below your navel at the Tan Tien. You will be turning yourTan Tien from gold to red.
Stand with your feet about three feet apart, and bend your kneesdeeply, as shown here. Let your feet splay outward so that you do not twist your knees. Align your spine. Pick up a piece of hair that isdirectly on the top of your head. Pull it so that you can feel the verycenter-top of your head. Now pretend that you are hanging from this piece of hair. This will align your body on a plumb line with the earth.
Place the very tips of the fingers of both hands into the tan tein, Asshown here. Keep your fingers together. Feel the tan tein within your body, and make it hot. Make it red hot. If you connect to it, soon your whole body will be warm. If your body does not get warm you have not connected to it. Try again. Practice till you succeed. Once you havesucceeded, move your awareness to the molten core of the earth. Now place your hands in a triangle position, with your finger tips pointing down into the earth directly in front of the Tan Tien. Just likein the image here, feel the connection between the earth's core and your Tan Tien. Now you will really feel the heat … so much that youwill start sweating. You may even hear a sound similar to the onemartial-artists use as a cry when they are about to strike. If your Higher Sense Perception is open, you will be able to see the red color in your Tan Tien. You will also see a laser line of light connecting theTan Tien with the molten core of the earth. This is called the Haralaser line. If you don't see it, imagine it. You don't have to see it tomake it work. Now place the fingertips of your right hand into the Tan Tien, and point the left palm toward the right side of your body with the fingersdown. Hold the left hand directly in front of the Tan Tien, like in theimage here. Hold this configuration until you are stable. Now bring your awareness to your upper chest area, about threeinches below the hollow in your throat. Also focus on the midline of your body. Here is a sphere of diffused light. This light carries thesong of your soul, your unique note that you bring to the universalsymphony. It carries the longing that leads you through life toaccomplish your purpose for life. Place the fingertips of both handsinto the soul seat in the upper chest as you did before in the Tan Tien.When you connect to it, it may feel like a balloon is being blown upinside your chest. It may feel very safe and sweet there. Feel that sweet, sacred longing as it rests within you. It may remain nameless, but you can still feel it. It looks like diffused light around a candle, but it is purple-blue in color. Expand the purple-blue light in your chest. Next, place the fingertips of the right hand into the soul seat. Point the ingertips of the left hand down to the earth, over the Tan Tien. The flat open palm of the left hand faces the right side of your own body. Feelthe Hara line running directly down from the soul seat through your Tan Tien and down into the center of the earth. When you can feel thisvery strongly, move on to the next step.
Leaving your left hand where it is, raise the fingers of the right hand over your head. Let the middle finger of your right hand point up to the ID point, three and one-half feet above your head.Feel the Hara line, which extends from the soul seat up through your head to the small, upside down funnel-opening of the ID point. Thissmall opening is really a small vortex. It has an open end which facesdownward. It is the hardest to feel. Try it. It may take some time. Thisvortex represents the first point of individuation out of the godhead, or Is-ness. It represents the first point of individuation from the Onenessof Source. When you are able to get the Hara line through the ID point, it suddenly disappears into formlessness. When it goes throughthe funnel, it may make a HSP sound …like a cork coming out of abottle. You will instantly feel the difference, because as soon as you dowhat has been described, you will have a thousand times more power.Suddenly everything will get quiet inside, and you will feel like abridge of power. You have aligned your Hara line.Wait for several minutes until the Hara line is stable.Then lower your right hand. Point your fingers up, and turn your right palm to the left side of your body, so that it is over your soul seat. Thiswill be more comfortable for you.Keep the left hand pointed down and the palm to the right side of your body. Hold it over the Tan Tien.Feel the Hara line and the three points. Make it straight with your intention. Intend for it to be straight, bright, and strong. Keep your intention until you feel it get straight, bright and strong.Straighten your body again so that it is as if you were hanging from ahair on the middle-top of your head. Tuck your buttocks under a bit, and deeply bend your knees, keeping your feet three feet apart. Splay them out a bit to protect your knees. As you bend your knees, theyshould come down directly over your feet. Check to see, feel, and hear if the points are strong, firm, and charged. If there is weakness in anyarea, note which area it is. This is an area that needs healing work.Concentrate on it longer. Align the Hara line and enhance the pointsthe best you can.When you have aligned your first point of individuation, you havealigned yourself with your life purpose. You may not even know what it is, but you are aligned with it, and your actions will automatically besynchronistic with it as long as you remain aligned.
Other Chakras
The Cerebellum Chakra: The Cerebellum Chakra is located on the back of the head. It is positioned at the base of the skull. This Chakra is known as the “well of dreams”. It is throughthis center that one learns the skill of internal vision. Internal vision is the human version of anx-ray or nuclear magnetic resonance (MMR) process, and is as equally sophisticated. Internalvision includes the ability to look into the body and see what you want to see. There is energyactive in this center while working with peripheral vision. Crystals that aid with opening thiscenter include Spirit Amethyst and Selenite.
Chakra Meditations
When starting the meditations described in this chapter, you must do them everyday for 1 or 2weeks. It is safe to continue the process for 2 weeks. Some people suggest doing the CrownChakra first, because the body handles the process better from the top down. When performingthis meditation, you should feel tingling, pressure, or heat.
Crown Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Crown Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the first Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feel anythingsuch as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Third Eye Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Third Eye Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the Third Eye area and make it larger. Once you feel anythingsuch as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open. You might also see colors and visions. Please remember, anything you see is probably just a projection of your conscious, or an entity trying to scare you. If negative images occur, simply realize that they can’t hurt you, because they are a part of you. Tell them, with a loud, strong voice, “Good bye!” or simply yell the word, “Small!” repeatedly until they disappear.
Throat Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Throat Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel ithappening. Bring this light into the Throat Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feelanything such as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Heart Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Heart Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the Heart Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feel anythingsuch as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Solar Plexus Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Solar Plexus Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the Solar Plexus Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feelanything such as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Sacral Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Sacral Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the Sacral Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feelanything such as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Root Chakra
First, lie down on your back or sit up with back straight. Relax yourself and quiet your mind.Draw your attention to the Root Chakra. See a ball of glowing light (preferably white or golden…other colors will also work) becoming brighter. Work on this until you can feel it happening. Bring this light into the Root Chakra area and make it larger. Once you feel anythingsuch as tingling, heat, etc, you have accomplished the task. The chakra is now open.
Have fun with these meditations, as they will make you feel so much better. Be prepared for vivid dreams, increased intuition, Out-of-Body-Experiences, and so on…

Chapter 5
ClairaudienceClairaudience is the perception of spiritual noises from other realms and dimensions, particularlythe astral. When receiving a message, you may feel pressure on the top of your head. This isbecause your Crown Chakra is opening and responding to the energy being sent its way.Clairaudience is a useful skill to have, and is fairly easy to acquire.Hearing voices in this manner is not like physical hearing generally. Be on the lookout for incoming messages during your meditations. If this take time to master (even a year) , don’t give up. Eventually the proverbial dam will burst and your abilities will begin to manifestquickly.Step One: Perform the Q-MM and the GDM.Step Two: Focus on your ears, or one ear first, then the other, if that helps.Step Three: Bring your energy into your ears and push it out.Step Four: Feel the energy being sent into the ether, then draw it back into yourself. The soundsof the spirit realm should be attached.Step Five: You might get sounds vibrating and echoing in your mind. You might hear muffled conversations or normal voices. Don’t be afraid, as fear only attracts negativity.

Chapter 6
Controlling Energy
Controlling energy is of upmost importance for those who wish to attain great power. Once youunderstand how to feel energy, you can learn to tap into the Multiverse. This opens a portal of awareness, which then leads to various abilities like Telekinesis, Reality Distortion, Time Warping, etc…
To begin to control energy start by using the Quiet-Mind Meditation. Next close your eyes and seeyourself (mental body) standing in front of your physical body. Visualize a bright and warm lightencompassing your mental body. Now imagine your mental body entering your physical form. Next, extend your hand and push all the energy you feel out of your fingertips. Afterward, drawenergy back into your fingertips. Do this with each hand, and each foot. Once you’ve master this, you are ready to learn how to connect with the Earth.To do this, stand barefooted preferably in grass or dirt, and feel the vibrations of energy come from the earth through your feet and into your body. It’s that simple.
It helps to imagine theenergy from the earth as red balls of warm, pulsating plasma. Learn to connect with the Earth and then you will have an easier time connecting with water energies. I’ve personally experienced moments where the connection grew so strong that I wasable to move the water by mere thought alone. Though these stories are not highly published, certain adepts have mastered the ability of freezing water at will, and then melting it. They canalso lift large amounts of water and shape it as they will. True Water-Benders indeed! I’ve seen some of this personally.
To connect with Water, or any other Liquid energy for that matter, you will need a large body of water. A bathroom would work.Place your hands in the water. Hold them in there. Next, shut your eyes and imagine that brightlight surrounds your body. Draw this light into your body and focus it in the center.When you are ready, imagine the light moving into your right hand. Hold it there for a moment.Make sure that your hands are spaced about a foot apart. Once you are certain that you have roughly the correct distance (don’t let small details distract you) . When you are ready, drive the energy from your fingers, into the water, and into your left hand. Hold it there for a moment.Push it back out of your left hand, through the water and back into your right hand. Hold... Whenyou are ready, repeat the cycle of tossing the energy back and forth until you master control over what you feel. Eventually, you will be able to send your consciousness “into” the water, at which point you will be able to control it rather easily. These techniques will come later. For now, I want to teach youhow to feel life force energy. This is especially useful if you are Tele-visualizing a different planet and want to scan for intelligent life. I assure you, the universe is exploding with it.
In order to do this you must first employ the Quiet-Mind Meditation. Now visualize a forest, full of wonderful, exotic life. Remember; make the image as detailed as possible. Once you feel like youare physically there, this meditation will become infinitely more powerful. You should be able tosmell, taste, touch and hear things.Focus now on touching the forest, and the animals, if any are present, with your energy. Draw some of the energy from the trees, plants, animals (whatever you wish) into your hand. Stretch outyour feelings until you feel a tingling in the hand you are using. Feel that energy enter you andempower you.
When you master the ability to feel Life-force, you’ll develop many abilities. For instance, you can sit in a park and close your eyes. As people approach, you will feel them doing so. Withpractice, you can read their energy and learn many things about them.
One of my favorite experiences with energy reading was when I walking through the grocerystore. It was just after a deep and relaxing meditation, and I was feeling particularly in-tune withmy senses. I was seeing peoples? auras easily and picking up on their emotions and such. Whenever I looked at someone, I simply knew what they were thinking, what they had experienced in the past, how they felt, and what their future would be. It was wonderful. I evenverified this by talking to a certain gentleman, and saying something that I knew he needed tohear. He immediately smiled largely, and became much happier.
*This will be an important diagram to learn, as you will be coming back to it in the future.

Chapter 7
CleansingThe chakras are 7 important centers of energy/life within the body. They act as energyprocessors, transmitting and absorbing negative and positive influences. Chakras are easily “damaged”, which means they can become overloaded with negative energy rather quickly.When chakras are harmed, it leads to physical problems. The reason many diseases exist today isbecause the modern world has mostly forgotten human energy centers. Because of suppressionfrom various groups, even from thousands of years ago, man has been told that he is nothingmore than a physical entity, a lowly beast. Any form of spiritual healing was consideredanathema. Once the world understands the importance of cleansing chakras, mental instability, depression, anxiety, and physical illness will begin to decrease. Eventually, humans will possessgod-like powers to heal all diseases.
Ive personally used some of the techniques (to be found in later chapters) to heal all kinds of sickness with my mind alone. Anything is possible, even raising the dead, re-growing missinglimbs, curing cancer, etc...
To cleanse your chakras, it is important to start with the Quiet-Mind Meditation in a comfortableposition.
Root Chakra
After succeeding, imagine a warm red light located at your Root Chakra. Focus your attention onthis light. Remember to employ your newly developed Tele- visualization skills to actually “see” this light. Feel it also. Feel the heat and the pulsating energy. Imagine that the light becomeslarger, warmer and more energetic. Make sure you feel this. Once you are ready, remove negativityby burning it with the light and releasing it. After this, wash your newly clean chakra in energizedlight. Imagine this energy center as a beautiful red orb.
Sacral Chakra
This technique was taught to me by a dear friend of mine. As we were sitting in meditation in alush forest, he explained the following.
The sacral chakra is slightly different than the root. It has two openings. The location of these is at the pelvis, at the front and the back. Make sure you visualize an Orange light at both locations…front and back…of the pelvis when performing this exercise.
Now that you are aware of this, simply repeat what you did with the Root chakra. Just keep in mindthat you should see, and feel, two lights.
Solar plexus chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra also has two openings, in the front and in the back. If you are confusedabout its location, see the diagram. It is located below the sternum and above the belly button.Now, imagine two yellow balls of light, both in the front of the Solar Plexus and the back. Imagine, and feel, the light grow stronger, and warmer. Feel the pulsating vibrations. Next, burn up andrelease your negativity.
Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra also has two openings. I learned this after performing cleansings by onlyimagining one opening. When I told my mentor this, he laughed and explained the location of thesecond opening. The two openings are located at the front and the rear of the Heart Chakra, justlike the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.When you are ready, visualize two green lights in your chest. They are warm, and bring with themthe joy of the holiday season. Feel joy ignite within your heart. Once this happens, you will knowthat you are in contact with the Heart Chakra. Feel the warmth and love. Next, burn away allnegativity and release it. Imagine this center as two bright, happy lights.
The Heart is one of my favorites to exercise because it allows you to connect with the love thatlives inside. At the deepest levels, all humans are incredibly loving, joyous beings. Most havesimply lost that knowledge because of suppression, ignorance, mental conditioning, etc.
An example of the influence of the Heart Chakra can be seen in one of my personal stories. After exercising my Heart Chakra, I met with a friend of mine to discuss some business. This friend at the time felt like he?d offended me because he had critiqued some of my in our previous meeting.Tuning into his thoughts (you will learn how to develop this skill) , I immediately felt a rush of love explode within my heart for my friend. I felt and imagined my love entering his heart from atube, which was connected to mine. Immediately, he stopped feeling nervous about whether I wasangry. He began smiling, chuckling, and patting me on the shoulder, like a long lost brother.This might sound strange, but the impact of a love connection is profound and beautiful. Allhumans are absolutely gorgeous beings, not ugly wretches from birth as many claim. Most human weakness comes from the fact that the chakras are not properly aligned. One day, theentire world will understand this glorious truth, and true love will be available to everyone. Oneday, you will walk down the street and see a complete stranger … yet you will know themintimately. You will feel as they do, because you are, in essence, One. You will love them in anoverpowering, wonderful way just because they exist. Jesus was correct when he said that, “What you do unto others, you do unto yourself ” and that “love is the greatest of these.” Wise words indeed…
Throat Charka
Similar to the Heart Chakra, the throat chakra also has two openings. After settling your mind, imagine two blue lights. Feel the peace emanating from these cool, relaxing orbs. Feel them slowly grow warmer, bringing a sense of immense peace and quiet. “Feel” the sensations. Make sure the color is a light blue, followed by a deeper blue. Now, cleanse the negativity and let it go. Surroundthe chakra in the light and expand.
Third Eye chakra
Like most of the chakras, the Third Eye also has two openings. An important thing to remember when doing this exercise is color. When first starting meditation, I ignored the colors, choosing whichever suited me. This worked well enough. My mentor however explained to me that visualizing certain colors attaches energies which are more effective for certain areas. He alsoexplained that imagining a certain color at will is a wonderful mental discipline, which is very true.Therefore, I want you to imagine a light purple color for this exercise. Once you become an Adept, you can switch colors. Imagine two light purple balls growing between your eyebrows…at the front of your head, and theback. See the light expanding and become hotter. Feel it also. The more you see and feel, thebetter. You might experience popping noises, flashes of lights, or see etheric entities. The ThirdEye is a portal to the energy world, and will allow you to see energetic beings. If you encounteranything negative, imagine a bright, white light exploded around your body. Also, call upon Prime-Creator/Source, as this is often all that is needed to drive away negative beings.After burning away the negativity, visualize the blank chakra area becoming a celestial globe oflight-purple light. Fill the space until you feel a pulsating, or some other sensation.
Crown chakra
The Crown Chakra opens portals to increased awareness. It is quite wonderful to experience anopening of this Chakra. It only has one opening, and is related to, as my mentor explained, thecolor of golden-white.The process of opening the Crown Chakra is similar to the others. Imagine a hot, white light, brightand healthy above and around your head. Feel it actually pulsating…do this until your headliterally feels hot. When you’ve done this, burn away the negativity, and imagine the area as a healthy golden-white light.
Opening the Crown Chakra will bring you to an expanded feeling of power and presence. This issomething a practitioner must experience, because simply hearing the stories of others will not capture the essence of what this can be like.

Chapter 8
Psionic BallA Psi Ball is created when you form your energy with your mind and hands. You can make this energy cluster any shape you desire, though the “ball” is the most common shape people think of. Psi, once energized properly, it is quite tangible and can be used for various purposes, such astelepathy, healing, knocking down objects, etc. Eventually, after enough work is done, you willbe able to see your psi ball.My personal experiences with Psi balls are too numerous to name. But the most noteworthy onesinvolve busting holes in thin sheets of particle-wood for the fun of it.
To form a Psi Ball, start with the Quiet-Mind Meditation. Once in a deep, relaxed space, choose an energy source for your Psi Ball (see “Energy and Yoga” chapter for an extensive study of energy…. if you are having problems summoning energy.) Also, decide what thepurpose of your Psi Ball will be. You are only limited by lack of knowledge andimagination.Energy can come from anywhere, because everything is made from it. Drawing this energy is simple. All you have to do is visualize energy pouring into you. You also need to breathedeeply, until you feel energy rush into you like a sponge. Imagine that your body is asponge, absorbing light and energy. The reason why imagination works is because allreality is composed of thought. Thought and Vibratory Light are the only things that exist.And they are themselves are simply One thing. Therefore, whatever you think abouteventually becomes reality. This process on the physical plane is generally slow, but witheffort and practice, you can begin to alter the physical world just like the dream world.Once you reach this level of ascension, your power, love and joy will be eternal.
For this exercise, you will draw energy from the earth. Start by imagining, and “feeling”, roots sprouting from the base of your spine and into the earth. Feel this taking place and allow the earth’s energy to rise into your body, filling every inch of it.
Direct this energyinto your eyes. Visualize it forming a ball. Feel this ball taking shape. Bring your hands 4 to6 inches apart.Visualize the energy flowing from each of your fingertips, like miniature AuroraBordelaises, as they coalesce and create a solid shape. It can be any shape. Choose whatcolor (or colors) you want.
You should feel heat, tingling, pressure, etc…
Practice adding certain emotions to your Psi Ball. If you know someone who is willing toexperiment with you, try using the Psi Ball to touch or tickle them. If you must use a Psi Ball on unsuspecting people, as a way to improve and test your skills, fashion positive onesand shoot them at strangers that are nearby. For example, input all the happiness, love and joy you can think of and watch as the person you are affecting begins to smile and laughmore. You can even make someone delirious with joy if you are skilled enough. This is abeautiful and wonderful skill that All should learn. Imagine a city, or society, whereeveryone constantly gave joy to each other simply by being in the same presence. This willone day take place, as The One has told me. Only our decisions can choose how soon thiswill happen though.Program your Psi Ball. Visualize a clear picture of your intention. Project the picture of what you want and feel into the ball. Once you feel you are ready, speak to your Psi Ball.Tell it to go into the earth and fulfill your desire. Now release the Psi Ball and open youreyes.

Chapter 9
Spiritual DefenseI write this section because it is important to realize that humans can be attacked. In fact, ithappens more often than one might think, but most of the time, people are not aware of it. Haveyou ever had those moments where you suddenly feel bland, angry, upset, sad, depressed, ortired, for no apparent reason? This could be due to many things. Rather than go into the variousspecific entities that can impact people (the reason I chose not to detail them is that imagination attracts beings…if I described what might happen, you would think about it, and possibly attract it) I will explain the best ways to defend yourself if such things occur.First, you must realize that All is One. All of reality actually exists within you. No matter whatyou encounter, it is a part of yourself. All negative entities are merely manifestations of You. Butthe paradoxical part of this is that you might also be a manifestation of them. One cannot existwithout the other.
The best way to avoid spiritual duress is to raise your vibration. All reality operates within asystem of vibrations. Lower vibrational beings are attracted to individuals with low vibrations.These vibrations result from fear, anger, anxiety and sadness. Joy, peace, love and hope raise your vibration. Connecting with Source/Prime-Creator raises your vibration immensely.If you are under an attack, simply imagine and feel white light surrounding you. Call upon yourHigher-Self to protect you. Smile and laugh, and know that the entity in question is nothing more than a part of you. Command it to leave by saying the word, “Small!” repeatedly until it disappears. Below is an image that you can imagine yourself becoming… as a means of empowerment.

Author's Notes: I didnt write this im generally just trying to share to all, this keeps getting deleted by the government so for those who get the chance to see this, copy it, save it, share it with others before it goes again. Everything in this is truly amazing and worth the time to read. :-) Feel free to email me at about anything and also i can send you a nice word document of it (A lot easier to read and share) There is also a part 2 and feel free to have a look at my written stuff and poetry :-)

Author's Location: Westcliff-On-Sea, England
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