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Posted: May 18th. 2012 5:34:10 PM

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The Book of Knowledge Part 2

by DeanneFrost

Age Group: Adult

Chapter 10
Astral ProjectionAstral projection is one of my favorite topics because with it, one can explore otherrealms, heal friends and family, talk to beings from other dimensions and planets and reconnectwith Prime-Creator. The amount of life and activity in our Multiverse is literally mind blowing! You can learn great things about reality. You can meet deceased family members. You can haveenergy-sex with beings that you might encounter. You can view your perceptual “past” orpossible “future” lives, for lack of better terms. (More on this subject will follow later.) Before going any further into this chapter, you must keep in mind that essentially there isno difference between Remote Viewing/Tele-visualization and Astral Projection. However, when speaking of the term “remote viewing”, the general implication is that it is being used as an intelligence gathering tool. The term “Astral Projection” however usually refers to moments when the projector is expanding their consciousness simply for exploratory or spiritual purposes.Another difference between Tele-visualization and Astral Projection is the process by whichawareness is expanded. What I mean by this is that during Tele-Visualization, the target inquestion is often immediately brought to the viewer’s attention. However, Astral Projectionexperiences are often described as a literal “pulling out the body” by some force. Please remember that the spirit and soul are literally one and the same. They are contained within theMind, which is all that is. Thus, when an astral projector’s “soul” leaves his body, it is merely his Mind expanding in awareness beyond its normal constrains. In actuality, You are everywhere at once already…right now. You are just simply not aware of it. This is a mind blowing truth: whenever you walk down the road, or drive a car, you are not actually moving anywhere. Rather, your perception of what is occurring is what is actually changing. When a human dies, their soul doesn’t leave their body, because soul is actually a product of the Mind…pure consciousness.
You are simply stepping into a higher vibratory realm. Because the spiritual awareness of themasses is so low, individuals often step into the afterlife and retain their ego-separationconsciousness. Eventually, after ascending the vibratory ladder of reality, one can experience lifeas it really is---pure Oneness and Vibratory Light.I have included, under the direction of The One a few key testimonies, taken from varioussources, which will reveal great truths to you. Once you learn Astral Projection, you canexperience these things personally! But first, let us go over a technique to experience the “leaving your body” sensation.
Remember to raise your vibration being Astral Projecting, because what you expect will literally manifest into reality on this place. In fact, the same holds true for the physical plane, because there is in reality no difference between the two…they are both illusions of the mind. But the physical plane takes longer to affect because it is muchdenser. However, with practice, and ascension, you can learn to alter physical reality as easy asyour dreams.
I’ve experimented with countless Astral Projection techniques, and can assure you that the one described within this book is by far the best I’ve used. The One also testifies to this.
The best way to induce Astral Project is….
Go to sleep at your regular time, but try to fall asleep no later than midnight. Make sure you try this technique only on days where you will not be busy. Also, don’t attempt any astral projection before this technique, at least not for the space of a day or so.Set your alarm clock for 4 to 6 hours. Once it goes off, wake up, go to the bathroom, splashsome water on your face and stay awake 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Tell yourself repeatedly, while you are waiting for the time period to end, that you will wake up in cycles. Make ityour goal to get out of your body every time you wake up, no matter what. Go back to sleepand set your alarm clock for 1 hour. After waking up, repeat your affirmations.
Note*Before attempting to “leave your body”, make sure to have a plan in mind of where youwant to go. It can be anywhere in the past, present or future. You can also explore alternatedimensions. For the first time, it is best to see yourself in a mirror. From this point on, every time you wake up, don’t move or open your eyes. Rather, wiggle your spiritual fingers and try to get out of your body. If this mental technique doesn’t work, try swimming out of your body. Try anything you can think of that wouldwork…levitating, sinking through the floor, rolling out to the side… the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.Repeat the techniques in cycles for the first five minutes after waking. If nothing occurs, goback to sleep with the intention of waking soon afterward in order to try again.
REMEMBER: When you wake up, don’t move and open your eyes. Let your first and most important thought be exiting your body. Sometimes, when “leaving your body”, it may feel like you’ve failed, because of how“physical” it can feel. When you imagine your hand moving, for instance, you might thinkthat you are moving your physical hand when in actuality you are moving your spiritual one. Don’t give up!
The reason why the sleep cycle technique works so well is that it removes the sub-conscious limitations imposed by the physical body and your logical beliefs. When one sleeps, the logical mindset disappears, and they are able to accept the fact that they are everywhere at once, or atleast able to go everywhere in an instant. Have you ever travelled in dreams or imagined being at some particular place…after which you instantly arrived in your mind’s eye? Astral projection islike this, except this technique “feels” as “real” as our illusory physical reality.
Below are a number of lengthy testimonies. Read them, absorb them and take the message toheart. After this, go explore these realms and experience the truths for yourself!
NOTE* Of the testimonies I’ve read, The One was the most pleased with these. However, the knowledge containedwithin is not entirely perfect. If you feel that the information conflicts with anything stated later in this book, remember to keep this warning in mind. Reality is very, very complex…. therefore it is often difficult for our current intellectual awareness to grasp what exists without finding perceived “contradictions.” A similar thing occurred when scientists discovered that light was both particles and waves. For years, arguments ensued over which wastrue. The final answer was simply both. The purpose of these testimonies is to show the power of the human, andthe potential uses of Astral Projection.
(This testimony is very powerful. I suggest reading it slowly)
Let me just say that one of the most frustrating things about coming forward with thisinformation is the constant third-hand misinterpretation from a misquoted, misrepresented article...picked up and rehashed and sensationalized for yet another nauseam. Add tothat, the judgmental belief systems that this misquoted information is filtered through...and then paraphrased...and added to...and then further distorted and again disseminated. I could spend every waking moment attempting to clarify something for which most people have no frame of reference.Sigh. For this reason, I am concentrating on finishing my book. There is no possible way toaddress the constant misunderstandings and judgments in an e mail, but I will take a moment for those who wish to take a paranormal stretch.'s a piece/peace of my mind...from the Diva's own mouth. I would simply like to share that astral projection is one of the most powerful tools for theexploration of consciousness that I have found to date, and believe me, I have walked down many paths in the quest for my spirit. I do not teach people to get out of their bodies to have sex with ETs. I have been astral projecting for nearly two decades, and for over a year now I have been able to consciouslycontrol and direct my experiences to unravel and confront "many" life issues. We have access tothose interdimensional realms and they are within our reach to explore. I believe it is the cuttingedge of experiential consciousness exploration.
I have met loved ones who have transitioned, gone to past lives, and what I perceive to be futurelives. I have seen other entities that I cannot/will not even begin to label, much less, discuss onthe internet. These experiences are sacred to me and I'm learning not to offer them up to anonslaught of viciousness and ridicule. I will, however, tell you that in the astral state, I have had healings, and have floated in a sea of knowingness that is beyond thought...overwhelmed withlove, acceptance and close to the "source" as I have ever felt. I must admit that it is my primary target when I consciously get out.This skill is the same as a near death experience but it is controlable, repeatable and not traumabased. Many NDEers have stated, it is life altering. Imagine doing it at will, without it beingtrauma induced, and controlling your destination. It is a thought responsive realm in which your focused/directed thought/intention will immediately manifest the experience of your choice. Mygoal is to be "awake" 24 hours a day. Let me further add that I have been able to target/direct my exploration to see my four hybrid daughters. I had suffered much guilt at having rejected them and in that interaction (meeting them on the astral) I was able to tell them how sorry I wasand express my love. It was as healing and cathartic as lifetimes of therapy. I can't go into themany experiences I've had that suggest this to me, but that is my feeling. As for sex on the astral, it is not physically localized. Nor is it the religiously orchestrated, guilt-ridden, pornographic act that we have relegated the sexual union to...allowing it to bebastardized on this plane of existence. Sex on the astral is a complete merging of energy and spirit...a communion and knowingness that goes beyond so-called rational thought, into a realmof pure being. The astoundng experience of the higher astral planes are perceived as somewhat orgasmic only because that is the only way we have of describing that incredibly profoundlyecstatic state of being. We keep trying to ascribe our moral values, attitudes and definitions toother worldly experiences where they simply do not apply. As John Mack says "You can't get there from here." It would be helpful if we could start lookingbeyond our dualistic views, judgments and limited perceptions. My feeling is that the entities that we come in contact with are soul groups that we have had incarnations with. It's like an expanded understanding of reincarnation that goes beyond our physical/human lifetimes. Please understand that these are my impressions and I fullyunderstand that these concepts will be beyond the pale for those who cannot embrace theseideas.One of the reasons I teach people consciously controlled out of the body is that I'm very awarethat you cannot convince anyone that "any" experiences are real, much less, paranormal ones. But, when we are able to have our own personal and experiential validation of themultidimensional beings that we are, we gain an unprecedented and expanded view of the natureof reality. We can switch on that dormant DNA and accelerate our spiritual evolution, oftenbeyond our capacity to articulate it. Homo Noeticus...the next leap in our evolution. We areawesome and creative beings capable of much more than we can ever "fully"'s simply amatter of how much "more" you "want" to know. Personally, it is an insatiable passion.
Victimization and fear (and certainly "hard" science) will never solve this mystery....but paranormal pioneers might stand a chance of piercing the veil. I believe that to know yourself asan inter/multidimensional being can put you on equal ground with any entity that you come incontact with. I know, from my own experience and several other people's, that OOB explorationcan be a powerful tool for experiences in terms of processing these interactions.For anyone interested in this skill, might I suggest two books. Adventres Beyond the Body byWilliam Buhlman. Buhlman's book is an amazing work that looks at hyperdimensional physics and its eventualmerging with metaphysics or what he calls mysticism. The inevitable evolution of physics will beto look beyond dense molecular form into the subtle underlying structure of matter and into theconscious multidimensional universe itself. I guarantee you that OOB exploration will peak your interest in physics. I can't say enough about this book or its brilliant author, whom I have had the great fortune to meet and interview. I sugest that before you attempt this exploration, you take a hard look at your belief systems and clear out any fear, judgment, criticism, resentment and anger. Reality is relative and experienced reality is relative to the personal energy frequency of the observer. Even science has now moved from particle-based (physical) to non-physical (frequency-based) observations and is finally factoring in consciousness. We will only experience the energy frequencies/entities closest to our personal density or vibratory rate, in essence, those with which we resonate. It's one of thoseabsolute truths...what you put out is what you get back. How much of the unseen, non-physicalsubstructure of this multidimensional universe are you curious enough/fearless enough toexplore? How much do you want to make peace with "all" interactions, relatinships and experiences? Before I do my lecture right here and can check out Buhlman's book and explore it for yourself, if you so desire. If you want a lighter and more simple book on the subject, one that takes the voodoo out of theOOB experience, I suggest:Out of Body Adventures by Rick Stack Sorry to go on so long, but I don't "come out" of my cave very often. I guess my excitement about OBEs is pretty obvious; I could go on about it forever. To anyone reading this, I wish you manywondrous travels on your journey to the "One". The following is the profound story of an individual who had many astral projectionsthrough out her life. Her narrative beautifully describes what can be experienced while inthis state. Once the mind "leaves" the body, you can see what it is like to physically "die"because their essentially is no difference. I have personally experienced this. You can too!
I am no authority on what the soul must have. I can only speak from my own experience like the fore mentioned story. I can also state with complete knowing that the singular note of unity that I had heard in my head and all around me so loudly prior to passing out, was both God and theUniverse all at once. It was a revelation of something that I had always believed anyway, but now had experience firsthand. God is the Universe. The energy of the Universe, the energy of God, whatever you want to call it, there is one truth and that truth flows through every singlething tying us and everything else out there together. If I hurt you, I only really hurt myself, because you and I are the same. We are connected thought this vital force of energy so that just like my body is composed of many molecules that are in turn composed of atoms. You and I are simply atoms of the same molecule. We perceive ourselves to be separate when in reality we areall just expressions of God, of the energy of the universe. Although we perceive ourselves to beseparate beings because we have these separate physical bodies and blinders over our spiritualeyes, when we die, you and me, we will see that we are just drops of water that fell from the sky, separated for a moment, only to be rejoined when we enter back into the ocean together. And then we will see that I am you and you are me and everything is tied together by the energy and love of God that flows through every single speck of dust in this universe of ours. That was what I realized in the singular moment of hearing the musical like note of the universe singing in asymphony all together. That is what that moment of pure bliss, of ecstasy, of rapture revealed tome. More truths came to me in the minutes following my regaining of consciousness although I wasnot inside of my body. As I hovered above myself listening to the conversation of the nurse and doctor and knowing what each was about to say next, I realized with great clarity I have beenhere before. In this chair, in this office, I have met these people countless times in countless livesand I have done this, this what I am doing right here and now, countless times. We are repeatingourselves, our lives, our meetings with one another, all of it, we are reliving it over and over and over again so much that in this state I was in, there was nothing you could say to me that I could not predict, because every conversation, every nuance of life, we have lived billions of times over in billions of ways. At this moment I started to slip back into myself. I felt the blinders slowlystart to cover my eyes and I entered back into my physical self. As it was happening, as the physical took control away from the spiritual I remember screaming inside of my head to myself…you must not forget this, you must not forget the true nature of things, these revelations that have been made to you today, you must always remember the truth of being, and you must tell people about it so they will know too.
Here is yet another example of the beauty of the alternate realms, and of our world. Thisauthor should be happy that The One, through the guidance of my Higher-Self, has chosenthis testimony to bring light to All people. No longer is she, "just another bleep in theonline blog world."
"Because I don't know any of you and I'm just another bleep in the online blog world I really debated for awhile about sharing this experience with you. Then I had a conversation withmyself and realized that only people that really care to know of this experience will be"Universally" invited to read it. I wish I could give you a lot of background, but then again we allhave "back" drops, experiences, etc. So it's better that I just tell you about the experience and letyou take away what you wish.Let me start out by saying that I've been "astral" travelling since I was very young, although Ihad no clue what it was I was experiencing. I've kept detailed journals on all my experiences -currently at 101.The one I've chosen to share tonight is that of December 20th, 2008 - a night journey!
I was in a dark hospital with only lights at the nurse station. I could tell by the way she wasdressed that I was in the 1920s. Her name was Elise or Lisa or something very close to thisname. Directly across from her was a room with a woman and a newborn baby boy. I suddenlyhad that baby boy in my arms and I named him Sai. Yes, I chose his name. The brown headednurse (pretty and normal size - dressed in white with a white hat on) said "what are you doinghere, you aren't not to be here!" She said it over and over and over again and I stayed there andtold her I wasn't leaving. She said, "you do not have the right or permission to be here!" Next, Iremember holding that child in my arms - it seemed like an eternity and I felt close to him. I felthis being and I handed the child to the nurse and said I was going UPSTAIRS. She said, "you can't go up there, you'll never make it and they won't SEE YOU!" I don't know if I said anythingback to her.The next thing I remember was going into the hall and seeing a very, very, very narrow stair casethat you couldn't see the end of and it was dark with tape on the side that said "caution" and if you were to miss your step you'd fall off into the darkness there was absolutely NOTHINGTHERE. I remember being very careful as I climbed my way up and I remember feeling veryafraid but realized I needed to go up there. Next thing was at the top - a wooden door - nothingelse and as I entered the room there were a handful of figures - people - men and women andthey said "we've been waiting for you!" I entered the room and they said "you made a long journey"....I remember nothing else except I do. I don't remember the conversation but I knowwho they were and I know where I went.I know without a doubt that I met ascended masters on the etheric plane. It was not NOT NOTASTRAL! I crossed over - something very different from previous travel. (note from theauthor... all planes are simply illusions of the mind. The Only reality is The One...the complete disillusion of separation...)
The reason why this is so important to me is because I had aborted this amazing soul and the child's birth date would have been December 20th. The child was indeed BORN! I named him! It doesn't matter to you "why" but I feel compelled to tell you just a bit of information on why Ichose to have an abortion. I aborted because I already have two children and I went out with aguy on a date and was given a date rape drug and the details you can figure out on your own. I hated making this decision and it took me to the very depths of my being, of this creation, of this Universe - it was painful, horrible and so incredibly painful - I can't discuss with you. It was a very painful decision.....more than I can write about to be honest with you.The thing is - I had this OBE - very deep and without words OBE that was there for me and confirmed everything I ever believed about love, consciousness and GOD! I was granted one onone time with the masters of the universe (so to speak) . I was HEALED - YES HEALED andfree to move on. OBE can be healing - yes it can. This was not ASTRAL - I must tell you this – it was higher consciousness level.I want to tell you something I learned for sure. YOU ARE THE CO CREATOR OFEVERYTHING THAT MANIFESTS IN YOUR LIFE - ALL OF IT!!!! YOU EVEN AGREEDTO BE BORN AND YOUR DEATH DATE AS WELL. YOU KNOW YOU DON'T EVER REALLY DIE RIGHT?
“Sorry, this was hard to share and I wish I could say more but just getting it out there is enoughfor now."
This testimony above pleases The One tremendously... because will be used across theworld to encourage those who have experienced great depths of guilt, pain or fear. Just know that you can heal your life at the deepest levels by connecting with Creator. You cango within and discover the infinite love your heart has always desired. Please understand, nothing, other than Yourself, can separate you from Creator/You. If you harbor fears and guilt, you might resist the light of Source. Be careful to not be duped by guilt and fear-based systems.
Our world is crying out for truth. Many are going to church, reading old books, turning to friends, or what have you, as a means to access happiness or "knowingness". People want toknow what their purpose is. The ultimate purpose of life is pure, unrequited joy. Even the manipulative, fear-based systems many currently adhere to are designed to inspire people to liveso that they can experience eternal bliss. Without this prompt, no one would care. But there areother matters which concern us in our daily lives like, "what should I do with my life?" and soforth.The good news is that you can find the answers to these questions.

Chapter 11
Channeling the Higher-Self Everyone has a Higher-Self. This Self is You as real You really are. This is Your Divine Self, orGodself. This Higher Being, which is Us, guides you in your life. However, because of fear, guilt, etc, its influence can sometimes be distorted, so that any message of divine love is lost.Conscious mental filters, which have been established because of the Dark Matrix, keep youfrom understanding how to connect with your Godself. Your Spirit is more fast and powerfulthan you can imagine. Here is a technique which will allow you to channel your Higher-Self.Using this, you can ask for guidance in many, many things. For instance, after entering deepmeditation, you can ask your Godself to teach you how to more effectively perform Telekinesis.If done properly, you WILL receive an answer. You can also pray to your Higher-Self forblessings, though you should grow from depending upon your Higher-Self to becoming it.
Go somewhere quiet and sit comfortably. First, do the Quiet-Mind Meditation. You might want to have a pen and paper in hand to take notes. Next, take three deep breaths. Imagineyour mind (conscious) sinking into the warm, inviting Earth. Continue downward until youfind a mineral that appeases you. See the mineral glow and grow brighter. Pick whatevercolor you prefer. Imagine the light now changing into a beam. "Feel" it and see it. Watch It as it enters into your bottom right foot. Become aware of your foot. Continue to drawthe light up the right side of your body. Become aware of the right side of your body, which lights up the whole of it. Next, move the light beam to your left shoulder. Move it down the left side of your body, while keeping awareness of the areas it touches. Move the light intoyour left foot and finally send it back to the Earth. Imagine that the light is in continuousmotion.After this, see a third energy beam rise from the Earth. You can change its color if you wish. Watch as it enters your body at the base of the spine. Make sure you actually "feel"this happening. Imagine that your Root chakra is a circle of light, like a wheel, which fills it with energy and glows. It starts to spin. Soon, all negativity, fear and pain clears away. The chakra is spinning in wonderful alignment with spine, which acts like an axle. Imagine and feel your Root Chakra open up. Continue to move the beam up each chakra, repeating the basic steps. This is basically the same thing as the awakening the chakra meditation, but inreverse. REMEMBER: It is best to start with the Crown chakra if you are a beginner, otherwise these energies might overload your physical body. Only attempt to start at the Root if you feel you can handle it. After reaching the Crown Chakra, shoot the beam of light out of your head. Make sure youfeel this actually leaving. You might hear sounds. Now, you are ready to meet your Higher-Self. See yourself rising up with beam that isshooting from your Crown Chakra. Enter into a sacred doorway, which is designed with your personal symbols. It is your favorite color, and material, and is absolutely beautiful.Visualize this until it is very, very vivid. This is your Temple. Only you have the key. It canlook like anything you desire (a forest, a sitting room, etc) . But whatever it looks like, imagine a fountain surrounded by a pool of clear water. At first, you see yourself clearly inthe reflection. But the water soon gets wavy and out from this pool, you see a powerful being rise. Remember to keep it very vivid. Greet this being, because it is your Higher-Self.
When you are ready, feel yourself merge with your Higher-Self. You as your Higher-Self now leave the Temple and follow it back to your physical form. You enter with yourHigher-Self through the Crown chakra. Breathe in deeply. Do you feel different? In yourown time, open your eyes. Now, ask yourself the questions that you desire to receive. Write down your impressions. If you hear words (often the case) write them down as well.After the questions feel complete, close your eyes once again, and take your Higher-Self with you back to your Sanctuary. Let your Higher-Self return to the magical fountain pool, knowing that it is there for you whenever you need it. Now go retrieve your mind, accepting it as a part of yourself. You may stay in your Sanctuary as long as you like, orreturn to it whenever you want, for it is your space, a place where you are truly free. Whenyou are ready, return to your body through the crown chakra. Your awareness returns tothe room you are in and you feel refreshed and balanced.When you are finished, return to the Temple and see your Higher-Self return to the pooland disappear. You are finished.To begin honing your skills, ask yourself questions which you could verify later, such as “What will the weather be like tomorrow, ” etc, etc. Write down your impressions and see if they are correct. Over time, you will become amazingly accurate.
If you don’t want to imagine a pool, you can use a river instead.It’s more about connecting with what works best for you.

Chapter 12
The Voice of God TechniqueThe following testimony, which The One was pleased to share with the world, should bemediated on thoroughly. Once the message reaches deep into your being, continue reading this chapter.
Many years ago when I first started learning about the power of meditation I began by trying to teach myself how to do it. I simply lay down in a dark room at work on my lunch hour and asked Creator to fill me. Immediately my skin began to vibrate which scared the hell out of me! Little by little and day by day I would reach deeper and deeper states til many times my body would disappear and it would feel like my head was a stone of pure consciousness. I began to manifest many things and people began to tell methey could see light around me. But then I got distracted by the world around me and lost the desire todo this. I am afraid to let someone into those deep recesses of my mind and I definitely do not want tohave an OBE or see all possible futures. I would like to progress to the point where I could do some healing and inventing of things that the earth needs. Namely clean fuel. Now you might be thinking, “What does this testimony have to do with the title?” That is a good question. The reason why this story was added to the book was because The One desired that you would be able to understand how powerful you truly are. It is also vitally important for you to remember that this technique will by no means work until you have fully grasped reconnection with Creator/Yourself. The reason why many fail to master the Voice of God Technique is because…..
1) They have doubts. If you doubt even one bit when using this method, it will not work.
2) They have not overcome the fear of the Dark Matrix through the power of love…which in turn leads to doubt, etc. With fear, you can never connect to Creator.If you are having trouble with this technique, come back to it after having mastering the rest of this book, because this is one of the most difficult ones…but only because people have been told for years that they are powerless. Sadly, this lie is deeply implanted in the DNAmemory of human beings today. It takes a lot of work to undo this. Before explaining the actual technique, I want to share a personal experience so that your heart will accept the message. Consequentially, if you truly believe this, you will have success.
After a long time searching, I began to realize the power of words. At first, I noticed that whenever I had a bad attitude and would say certain things like, “Im not happy”, I would end up feeling that way. On the contrary, if I spoke positive words, I would feel better.This got me thinking about the power of words. So I started doing some research. After a few months of no success, I met an individual who had long since come to the realization that through the power of words, anything is possible. He was able to command it to rain, command people to be healed, command lights in traffic to turn green, command people to act a certain way… and so on and so forth.
What he would always do is say something like this, “By the power within me, I command it to....” then he would say what he wanted to happen. For months, I asked him to teach me the secret to doing this, but he refused because he said, “You are not ready because you have selfish motives.” I then asked him to command that these selfish motives would leave me. He agreed.
He said this, “By the power that I have, I decree that all selfish motives will leave you, so that you will be responsible with the power you seek.”
Long story short, after a few weeks, profound changes began happening in my life. I found myself truly caring about people more. Often times, I would simply cry when seeingsomeone who was hurt. Great love entered my heart for homeless people, or the down and out.On several occasions, I would drive out to an old store at 1 or 2 in the morning and spend timewith the homeless people who were there and who needed a friend. Finally, one day, my friend agreed to tell me the secret. When he did so, it was so simple I laughed. He told me this quite simply: “Have complete faith.” That was all. I asked him to explain more thoroughly and he replied, “You are One with God. And you are God. Why would manifesting reality be difficult for God? Why would manifesting be difficult for You?” His reply left me stunned. Deep down, I knew that what he was saying was true. But before me stood a man who had actually realized this truth emotionally, not just intellectually. He then left after a short conversation.Though the process has taken quite a long time, Ive now mastered what this man has. I too have healed people by commanding it to be done, have changed traffic lights, have commanded rain storms to stop and start. One of my favorite experiences was when I was at work. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Being filled with the Love of God, and feeling astirring in my belly, I said happily, and without any doubt, “Weather, I command you to get colder. May a beautiful, cool breeze sweep through (then I named my city…which I will not reveal) . This is done by the power within me!” I almost shouted while pointing sternly at the sky, which was rather funny because I was at work. Within about 15 seconds, a huge gust of wind was roused, and the temperature dropped to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. My co-workers were absolutely blown away by how quickly the temperature dropped. The funny part about this story is that the cool weather lasted for a few days afterward until I decided that it was no longer necessary to make the climate obey my wishes.
Are you excited? You should be, because you can do this too. To master the Voice of God Technique, you first must be able to connect with God/Yourself.
Start the meditation by going deeper and relaxing. Then repeat to yourself the phrase, “I and the Creator AM One” or something to this effect. Keep saying this, and continue thinking about the implications of such a statement. Breathe in deeply, and feel the energyengulfing your whole body. Imagine, if you want to, a great, golden light becoming You.
Eventually you will feel an unfathomable joy rush over your heart. It will actually startmoving within your body, generally starting in your belly. Every person has a differentexperience with this. Personally, I feel a warm bubbling on the inside. One of the side-effects of this is speaking in tongues, which I’ve done on occasion. If this happens, don’t beafraid…just realize that Spirit is expressing the beauty of the divine creational matrix through your lips. Please be warned: The pleasure of this exercise can become so intense you won’t be able to move. Your body will literally go into complete orgasm, making it almost impossible to move. In public, this can be strange for others, who have no understanding of Spirit. If this happens, you might want to come back to normal human awareness. Once in this euphoric state, simply command what you wish to happen. If you do no tharbor any doubt at all, ALL things that you command will be done. It is as simple as that.
Even Jesus understood this simple principle. He once said, “If you say into this mountain„ move, and have faith, it will be done for you.”
The One wanted me to show this photo. Stare at the picture and feel a sense of infinite wonder and beauty descend on your heart.Realize that You are an infinite consciousness in an illusionary field of play. The green light represents your Love-side. It is surrounded by the golden Matrix geometric patterns. Do you feel something different? This is a tiny, tiny, tiny example of thepower and love you will feel when using this technique. Remember; all reality is actually Vibratory Light.

Chapter 13
Thought FormsThought Forms are condensed psychic packets of intelligence that can perform a number of operations. Since all matter is composed of thought anyway, a thought form, with enoughpatience and attention, can literally take on a life of its own.Let me share with you a personal experience regarding thought forms.
After reading about thought forms, and becoming obsessed with the idea of fashioning my own, I decided to invent, in my mind, an incredibly powerful being that could be used to bring advantages to my life. While this idea seemed good at first, over time, the being I created took on a life of its own. Because I had infused it with so much power, and created it so that it was “all powerful”, it tried to turn on me. It tried to control me, to make me worship it, as a means to absorb energy. Realizing this, I quickly waged a war against it until it was completely dissipated.
Thought Forms are dangerous to work with unless you are creating them from a place of pure love. They can suck up the emotions of others and mutate into very nasty creations. They can even manifest in physical reality and attack you. I don’t need to mention how dangerous it can be when massive groups of individuals energize a negative thought form. It happens on afrightening level, even to the point where certain higher dimensional beings have literally had to step into our sphere of awareness and restrain the madness we are creating.Most people are not aware that many of the religious icons they encounter are in facthighly energized thought forms, which have, through years of manifestation, acquired incredible power. Fortunately, thought forms cannot over come the power of The One. All humans are sustained by The One, and are protected by its light when we reconnect. Another important note---The One wants everyone to know this---is that many (not all) alien encounters are a result of thought forms spawned by our sub-consciousness. I have been told that some will receive this news with aggravation. Do not feel this way. Simply realize that these encounters are a part of you, not outside of you. Before constructing a thought form, I must say that it would be wise for you to only do sowith loving intentions. Otherwise, you might accidently wreak havoc on yourself.
Step 1
Decide what it is you want your thought form to do. Be specific.
Step 2
Build the thought form in your mind. Employ your increased imaginative abilities, until you can literally “see” it in your mind. You might also be able to “hear” it.

Step 3
Input the thoughts you want the thought form to have… "help others, love, forgiveness, mercy, happiness, friendship, healing, compassion.” This helps the thought form remain positive.
Step 4
Input the thought form’s mission or purpose. Be specific. For example, you could tell your thought form to “Locate cancer and remove it from my entire body.”
Step 6
Give your creation parameters to work within. For example, you could say, “Remove all cancer without harming the body.”
Step 7
Give it tools to use. For example, you could grant it a container with unlimited capacity to place the cancer cells in. Avoid harmful tools like “sharp objects” or “energy weapons.”
Step 8
Give it energy and verbal support. Tell your creation that it is "Invulnerable toeverything but my command" and has “unlimited energy to accomplish your task, unless I take it away.”
Step 9
Refine the input. You could say, “You have unlimited capacity to absorb anythingwithout doing harm and unlimited capacity, until I say otherwise, so that all tasks will be accomplished.”
Step 10
Refine yet again. Say, “You have unlimited agility.” You can use this to protect you thought form. You can say, “while removing cancer from the body, you may use agility to avoid white blood cells.”
Step 11
Finally, re-emphasize. Say, “Complete your task without causing any sort of harm, except for the cancer cells. Only destroy cancer cells.”
Step 12
Set a time limit. Tell your thought form, “Once your task is done, return to the nothingness from which you came.” Once again, tell the thought form about its mission commands. You are done.
This is a technique I use. However, you can be creative. Just be warned; your thought form might appear physically at random times, unless you de-energize it. It can even appear to unsuspecting family members, which, while it can be quite amusing if harmless, is utterly dreadful to behold if negative. Thought forms will often enter the dreams and daily lives of people you know unless you are careful. Have fun with this one!

Chapter 14
Energy and Yoga A lot of what is written in this chapter was shown to me by The One. I was led to a certain website (which I will not name) and told to practice many techniques. Another important note is that not much has been changed from the original instructions, as this was the will of The One. I was told to “leave it as is, unless you feel the need to change it.” I assure you, with enough time, you too can master what is presented. One last thing before starting; if you feel that this sectionis unorganized, it is merely because The One has desired the book to unfold this way. Be happy and just go with it, and see where it takes you.
Please keep in mind…this is a long chapter, whichis broken into various topics. But they all focus on some aspect of energy. Read it slowly and digest the information over time.
* My Higher-Self has informed me that this diagram is not entirely correct. But it will work for now. Please do your own research on the human energy body, as this is utterly important.
Prana is an energy force which creates a magnetic field in the form of the Universe. It permeateseach individual, as well as the Universe at all levels. It acts as a physical and mental energy, where the mind gathers information; and as intellectual energy, where information is examinedand filtered. Prana also acts as sexual energy, spiritual energy and cosmic energy.All that vibrates in this Universe is prana: heat, light, gravity, magnetism, vigor, power, vitality, electricity, life and spirit are all forms of prana. It is the cosmic personality, potent in all beingsand non-beings. It is the prime mover of all activity. It is the wealth of life.It is the principle of life and consciousness. It is the creation of all beings in the Universe. All beings are born through it and live by it. When they die, their individual breath dissolves into the cosmic breath.Prana is not only the hub of the wheel of life, but also of meditation. Everything is established init. It permeates life, creating the sun, the moon, the clouds, the wind, the rain, the earth and all forms of matter.
Prana and Consciousness
Prana and Consciousness are in constant contact with each other. They are like twins. Prana be come focused where consciousness is, and consciousness, where prana is. Yoga suggests that as long as the breath is still, prana is still, and hence consciousness is still. All types of vibrations come to a stand still when prana and consciousness are steady and silent. Because of this connection between breath and consciousness, yoga has devisedpranayama to stabilize energy and consciousness.With reference to yoga, prana can be described as something that flows continuously from somewhere inside us, filling us and keeping us alive: it is vitality. In this image, the prana streams out from the center through the whole body. Pranayama is the measuring, control, and directing of the breath, and thus of energywithin the organism, in order to restore and maintain health and to promote evolution. When you are troubled, restless, or confused, you have more prana outside the body than within. Too little prana in the body can be expressed as a feeling of being stuck or restricted. It can also show as a lack of drive or motivation to do anything. We may suffer from physical ailments when prana is lacking in the body. Yoga Sutra mentions disturbances in thebreath, which can take very different forms. On the other hand, the more peaceful and well-balanced we are, the less our prana isdispersed outside the body. And if all the prana is within the body, we are free of these symptoms. If prana does not find sufficient room in the body there can be only one reason: it isbeing forced out by something that really does not belong there. When we practice pranayama, we try to reduce our internal garbage and replace it with more and more prana within the body.To make it clear: Because we can influence the flow of prana through the flow of our breath, the quality of our breath influences our state of mind and vice versa. One definition of theword yogi is "one whose prana is all within his body."Prana is power. Proper acts of breathing are ways of harnessing that power. When a person attains a feeling of oneness with the rest of the universe, his anxiety tends to disappear. When the in-flowing breath is neutralized or joined with the out-flowing breath, then perfect relaxation and balance of body activities is realized. In yoga, we are concerned with balancing the flows of vital forces, then directing them inward to the chakra system and upward to the Crown Chakra. Whatever happens in the mind influences the breath; the breath becomes quicker whenwe are excited, and deeper and quieter when we relax. In order to influence our prana we must beable to influence the mind. Our actions often disturb the mind, causing prana to exude from the body. Through daily pranayama practice we reverse this process. Blockages in our bodies come from the mind. All garbage that we might find in ourselves was originally produced by incorrect knowledge.When practicing pranayama it is very important to keep an alert mind, for the processesthat are being observed are very subtle. The only dynamic process is breathing.Here are a few practical suggestions for keeping our attention on the breath. One idea is listening to your breath, especially if you make a slight noise by gently contracting the vocal chords. Another is following the areas through which the air passes. If exercises such as these help us concentrate on our pranayama, that is wonderful. But the true aim of the various techniques and breath ratios of breathing in pranayama is first and foremost to give us many different possibilities for following the breath. When we follow the breath, the mind will be drawn into the activities of the breath. In this way pranayama prepares us for the stillness of meditation.The changes you might experience from this practice occur over a long period of time. If we are practicing pranayama and notice a change of mind, then prana has long before entered thebody. The proof of the pudding is in our relationships with others.
Exercise for strengthening the Sacral Chakra
Exercise for opening the sacral chakra involves working with movement in the hips and lower abdomen. Simple self-nurturing activities, such as long, hot baths, showers or swimming should not be over looked. Nurturing our bodies is the first step to nurturing others.
The Goddess Pose
- Lie flat on your back and relax. Relax your legs, pelvis, and lower back. Bend your knees, until your feet are close to your buttocks. Slowly allow your knees to part, allowing the weight of the legs to stretch the inner thighs. Try to relax. Do not push your legs farther than is comfortable. Hold this position for two minutes, or more if you can. Now, slowly bring your knees together again. This puts us in touch with our sexual vulnerability, which paradoxically must be understood before we can fully open ourselves up on this level.
Pelvic Rock
- Starting on your back with legs bent, slowly begin to rock your pelvis upward and downward with each breath. Inhale fully into your chest and belly, exhale fully, and upon the endof each exhale, push slightly with your feet so that your pelvis comes off the ground pushing thesmall of your back into the floor beneath you.
Hip Circles
- From a standing position, bend your knees slightly, and drop your pelvis forwardso that it is directly in your central line of gravity. Keeping the knees bent and flexible, rotate thepelvis in smaller, then larger circles. The head and feet should remain in the same place while the pelvis alone does the moving. Try to make the movement as smooth as possible.
Leg Lifts
- This exercise helps move energy through the pelvis, often into the upper chakras. It is a classic Kundalini exercise, and a wonderful energizer. Lie on your back and relax. Lift your legs 6 to 12 inches off the floor and spread them apart at this height. Bring them together again and then spread out again. Rest after about five of these.Then raise your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor and spread them to each side. Bring them down, and together. Repeat this until you are tired. Raising the legs should be accompanied by an inhalation. Lowering the legs should be accompanied by an exhale. This exercise is a strong Kundalini-raiser with powerful results. It is important not to strain and to avoid sore muscles. For all those who are unaware, Kundalini is simply an energy force within our physical bodies. It is important to develop this.
Exercise One: Feeling Your Energy Field
What we are going to do here is stimulate the charkas in the hands by briskly rubbing your hands together, which will warm them up. Once they feel nice and toasty, hold palms together and line up the fingers. After this, slowly begin pulling your hands apart until you feel a pushing or a pulling sensation (some people feel one, while other people feel the other) . Usually this occurs when your hands are about four to eight inches apart. If no sensations occur, keep trying. I promise you, it will. Some people don't feel the energy until they play with it by moving their hands closer together and then farther away. Imagine squashinga marsh-mellow. Once you feel the energy field, just know that it is your aura; this radiant energy field surroundsyou. You have just learned another technique for sensing a part of your aura. In the next exercise we will explore the ability of seeing energy.
Exercise Two: Seeing the Energy Field
What we are going to do here is stimulate the charkas in the hands by briskly rubbing your hands together, which will warm them up. Once they feel nice and toasty, hold palms together and line up the fingers. For this exercise you will need to find a black or very dark surface in your home (a piece of clothing, a table top, or even a turned off television) . Turn off all lights and pull down the shades. Next, light a candle and place it behind you. Now put your hands in front of the black surface and examine them. You should see a whitish, filmy glow emanating form your fingers. (Tip: Try focusing on the background.) Do this with afriend and experiment with the energy you see. Have some fun, and see how close you can come to touching your energies together. The physical aura is not always easy to see because it can be very subtle. Don't be discouraged, though. When you do begin to see your glow, try increasing it through concentration. Wishing, and concentrating, will project energy, and you'll see the auric field more clearly. Also, ask your Higher-Self for guidance or advice. This will greatly increase your productivity.
The Channels of Energy: Pingala and IdaPingala Nadi
The right channel ("Pingala Nadi" in Sanskrit) is also called the Sun Channel. It begins at theSacral Chakra (2nd center) and travels up the right side. It crosses over to the left temple (ego) at the Third Eye Chakra. It provides the conduit for our active energy. This energy is comprisedof our mental and physical activities.When the demand for energy on this side is too great, the left side is weakened; the desire tohave joy of the Spirit evaporates. When the right side dominates, the personality becomes verydry and aggressive. Excess pressure shoots up the right side and crosses into the left temple, and into the ego. This causes it to inflate and block the central channel. The entire system is thrown off balance. Blinded by ego, sensitivity to our own emotions is diminished.This causes us to make decisions, and take actions, that dominate or disrupt the lives of others with a firm belief that they are necessary and logical. Taken to this extreme, right-sided behaviour leads to heart disease. The high-tech, high-powered, "fast-track" environments of the Westernworld's cities and suburbs are generating predominantly right-sided citizens. It is difficult tomaintain equilibrium between emotions and action when work, school, and shopping environments are aggressive and stressful. Most of us live our lives with the accumulated negativities of the past clinging to our systems.Sahaja Yoga practices are effective at removing negativity and balancing the chakras andchannels. Using simple meditation and techniques such as foot-soaking, lying on the ground, sweeping the aura, and shoe-beating, you can begin each day with joy from the open chakras and energetic power from a balanced system. You can revitalize yourself and the relationships around you simply by working on yourself from the inside out.The state of the right channel is felt on the right side of the body. In the beginning, it ismost easily felt on the right palm.
Ida Nadi
The left channel ("Ida Nadi" in Sanskrit) is also called the Moon Channel. It begins at the RootChakra (1st chakra) and runs up the left side, crossing over at the Third Eye Chakra (6th center) into the temple. It provides the conduit for the “desires of our hearts”. From these desires or wishes, our emotions are triggered. Emotions are actually desires that have not yet materialized. These desires and the attendant feelings about them travel throughthe left channel. They then go to the appropriate places in the body to bring about the actions of fulfillment. Our desires are essential for action. Without them we would have nothing to actupon.The greatest quality of the left side is to provide joy, which is the steady condition of theSpirit. You may remember having this joy as a child, or you may have observed it in young children. They usually wake up in the morning happy. While they may experience physical and emotional pain once in a while throughout their day, they do not cling to it. Rather, they cry, recover, and resume the steady state of joy.The desire for this joy is still alive inside all of us. It may be blocked or covered with"tarnish" from emotional or physical injuries experienced in living life. Before this knowledge spreads through the world, will not have effective techniques for clearing away the hurts andblows that are normal in living active life. The practice of meditation helps us remove oldtensions and make joy our steady state of being. Problems of the left side tend to result in passivity or emotional extremism whereby weare thrown between elation and depression. With this type of imbalance, self-discipline becomes difficult and bad habits become hard to correct. In the worst case, we become lethargic and self-obsessed. Because this channel feeds also into the skull area, pressure on the brain become sexcessive. This cycle is what causes such problems as mental breakdown, epilepsy, and senility (decay of the brain) .The state of the left channel is felt on the left side of the body. In the beginning it is mosteasily felt on the left palm.
The Central Channel
The central channel ("Sushumna Nadi" in Sanskrit) is also called the Middle Path. It begins at the place where the Kundalini resides and passes straight up the spine to the highest chakra (the7th or Crown Chakra) . As the conduit for the parasympathetic nervous system, the central channel coordinatesour involuntary or autonomic nervous system activities. We do not have conscious control over these activities.Our heart beats, our lungs breathe, our blood system manufactures plasma, our brain centralizes and coordinates communication, our mind performs "word processing"... all of this and more. Miraculously, the involuntary activities of our body function according to an organized operating plan with such complex interactions, syntheses, and communications that our advanced medical research, which is now even probing into the DNA, recognizes that we, despite modern knowledge, have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. We have discovered that the human system is so vast and so ingenious that even to getsome type of rudimentary understanding of it requires recognition of our ignorance of it. We are at a new frontier. The activities that take place through the parasympathetic system are spontaneous. They happen naturally, without our doing anything. The rising of the Kundalini and her work, as well as all spiritual activities, are spontaneous. The implication of the parasympathetic nature of the Middle Path is that the rise of the Kundalini is totally beyond our own volition or control. Once our Kundalini has been awakened and has traveled through this central channel and out the top of the head, we can begin to become aware of the vast internal galaxy of our subtle system. This initial "enlightenment" or realization is only the beginning of our greatest adventure. More on Kundalini will follow in a later chapter.
How to Charge the Flow in the Nadis
The following exercises are for changing the flow from Ida to Pingala. Select any one of the methods that suits you best. To change the flow from Pingala to Ida just perform the same exercise on the opposite side.
Pingala1. Plug the left nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth for a few minutes.2. Lie down on the left side for ten minutes. I personally do exercise one & two together3. Sit erect. Draw the left knee up and keep the left heel near the left buttock. Now press theleft arm-pit on the knee. In a few seconds the flow will be through the Pingala.Ida1. Plug the right nostril with a small piece of cotton or fine cloth for a few minutes.2. Lie down on the right side for ten minutes. I personally do exercise one & two together3. Sit erect. Draw the right knee up and keep the right heel near the right buttock. Now press the right arm-pit, Axilla, on the knee. In a few seconds the flow will be through theIda. Pingala Abilities Telekinesis, Invisibility, Clairsentience, Bi-location, Teleportation.
Ida Abilities: Telepathy, Empathy, Psychometry and Teleportation
Zero-Point Energy
Zero-point energy is the hidden energy of the universe. It conceals the other dimensions that exist apart from the physical dimensions that we all live in. Through Zero-Point energy, an individual can conceal themselves from others. The following is a very interesting exercise, which can be used to conceal you from the sight of others. I have personally used this method to keep myself hidden from the people around me. It can be quite hilarious to perform this inpublic, especially because it allows you to walk past people, or sit in a chair without being noticed, unless someone is intensely looking for you. You can become skilled enough to be virtually invisible, even if someone IS looking for you.
Personally, I haven’t mastered this level yet, but a friend of mine has. She has scared me more than once by simply appearing by my side. It has become a sort of game between us. Though I could get hurt for revealing this, The One desires the readers to know that certain “black” organizations in our government have taught their agents the mastery of this technique.
Visual Exercise
Step One
Charge your physical body with energy.
Step Two
Close your eyes and see your visual body standing in front of you.
Step Three
See your visual body filling with energy.
Step Four
Visualize, and “feel” that an Indigo colored energy is flowing from the universe and entering your head through the Crown Chakra on your imagined body. Let this indigo light move down and spread to every part of your visual body.
Step Five
In your own time, see your visual body entering your physical body. Feel this body actually enter you. Make sure you feel it. Imagine and feel the energy in your visual energy entering your physical body.
Step Six
How do you feel? If you do this right correctly, you are ready to move to part 2.
Remember: You must master this exercise before moving on to the fifth force energytechniques is that clear.
Zero-Point Energy - Nature Cloak
Step One
First stand in the middle of a room with your hands by your sides and your feetslightly apart. Then close your eyes.

Step Two
Visualize that you are standing in a forest with beautiful trees and plants all around you. Feel the life energy of the forest flowing through your energy system.
Step Three
Now see your physical body filling with Zero-Point energy.
Step Four
In your own time, project an image of a tree around your physical body so that you can not be seen by anyone or anything.
Step Five
Ask the forest to fill this Zero-Point energy tree that you have projected with life. Once you receive this, fill the tree with prana energy, thus bringing the tree to life. Do this, and actually “feel” it happening. Eventually you will not be able to be seen physicallyor energetically.
Step Six
When you have done this well, draw the Zero-Point energy, prana energy and the forest energies out of this tree and back into your physical body.
Step Seven
You may stop the projection of the tree and open your eyes. How do you feel?
Zero-Point Energy - Charging Exercise.
Here is a useful technique for charging yourself with the necessary energy to produce a cloak.
Step One
Turn off all disturbances and sit in a quiet place, or lie down on the bed. Closeyour eyes and take a few deep breaths. Concentrate on your breathing. Visualize and “feel” that an Indigo energy, flowing from the universal cosmic energy, is entering your headthrough the Crown Chakra. Let this light move down and spread to every part of yourbody. As it passes through each part of your body, feel at one with the energy and feel the parts of your body relaxing.
Step Two
Let the energy move down into your feet, and feel the energy coming into your hands. Feel the energy flowing out through the palms of your hands. Spend a few minutes feeling this energy flowing through your palms.
Step Three
When you are ready, open your eyes.

Fifth Force Energy
Of all the energies in the universe, Fifth Force Energy is the most powerful because all living things are made from it. This includes every living being, including humans and aliens. On other worlds in our universe, and the parallel universes, other races more advanced than our own areusing Fifth Force Energy to power their worlds and their technologies. This is the natural order of things. In time, we will do the same because a revolution is coming up on the world. This book is one of the catalysts of this revolution.You can observe this energy by holding an object in your hand and throwing it into the air. As you throw this object, watch how it moves through the air. You will notice that no matter how you throw the object it will move in some sort of direction while it is airborne. But another and more exciting way to see Fifth Force Energy is the following visual exercise. Using this method, you will learn how to see Fifth Force Energy at work.
Seeing Fifth Force EnergyVisual Technique
Step One
Get comfortable and relax. Employ the Quiet-Mind Meditation.
Step Two
Close your eyes and visualize that you are in a beautiful forest. (If you desire tochange the scenery, as with all these meditations, feel free. For example, if sitting on a mountain side during a winter, thunderstorm is what you prefer, go for it. Just make sure to feel the energies of your surroundings, etc…)
Step Three
On the ground just in front of you, imagine a small rock. Pick up the rock. Remember to use your visualization techniques so that it actually “feels” like you are touching and moving the rock.
Step Four
Now I want you to throw the rock into the air. As you do, notice the energy around the rock.
Step Five
As you are watching the rock, you will notice that the energy around the rock changes slightly. What you are seeing is Fifth Force Energy pulling the rock towards the greater mass, which is the earth. Continue watching the rock as it returns to the surface of the earth. Watch how it clings to the rock and moves it back to the ground.
Step Six
Open your eyes and write down your findings on what you have observed in this Once you understand Fifth Force more thoroughly, you can begin to use Levitation more easily. The first time I meditated, I actually bobbled upward until sitting on the peak of my garage. The after-effect of this experience was ecstatic joy.
Fifth Force Energy Rapid
Charging Technique Visual Exercise
Step One

Author's Notes: Part 2 relating after part 1, all very interesting, feel free to email me at about anything or if you want a nice word document of The Book Of Knowledge i will send it :-)

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