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Posted: December 5th. 2006 3:39:47 AM

Views: 1444

Eyes of a Mystic: Magickal Poetry

by Lady Adellandra Dratianos

Age Group: Adult

The Ballad of Spirit and Shadows
-- Adellandra Dratianos 30Sept2006

From the Ancient Mystic Gods so Fair
Came a balanced love so pure of a pair
One from the Light, Silver and Bright
One from the Darkness, Chaos and Night
Theirs was the Love of Purest Desires
Theirs was the Balance of Life and Fires

She was Spirit, a Being of the Light
He was Shadows, a Being of the Night
Each yearned for something different and then
Within her the Darkness, within him a Friend
They came together, a Love so Pure
Within the Light and the Night they Endure

Passion's Fires from Dragon's Flame
Each calling the other's names
"Spirit, my Love, " He exlaimed unto she,
The Bright and Silver one so Free, "I love you
With thine own heart, my soul, my love, we will never part."
"Shadows, dearest, " She purred to her Night, "I love you
As well, for you are my all, for throws of love with you did I Fall"
"A love like ours will never be forsaken, " She said,
"Nor from each other our souls will be taken"

And so they were for centuries above
With the Ancient Mystics Gods did they love
But with each passing gone their brethren were covetous
And green-eyed with jealousy of something they couldn't muss
One day the Mighty Origin of Fates did appear
And tore their Souls from each other dear
"Shadows my dearest heart so true, fear not" Spirit supplied.
"For I am always with you. Think of me in darkest hours,
Think of me in your darkest of powers, and I
Will be there instantly, for they will soon see,
The Gods themselves will never separate you from me!"

They were Realmborn then, in two separate worlds
He a Draconian and she a dragonwolf girl
They eventually found each other again,
Realmbound for Darkness needed his Friend
Realmbound for Spirit needed her Mate
For completion and Balance they did partake
Once the Gods above they did see,
They were not happy they were not free

Once more did The Origin of Fates stepped in
Brought Visions to the girl, took away her friend
Separated and made to suffer in remorse
She thought the hell of it was her fault, of course
As for Shadows, he was strong, but the Chaos was stronger
And War of the Dragon Nations did rage on
Without the Love that had been his heart and soul
There was no more peace, there was no more control

The Ancient Mystic Brethren Gods, they felt compunction
What had they done, with their jealous action?
How could they have been so wrong, in being green-eyed all along?
They should have been happy for Shadows and Spirit
For they had found love where no one else would hear it.
In order to rectify their jealous misdeed, they told all to take heed
For one day, the two would find each other again
and the Chaos of Shadows will be with the Light of his Lover Friend

It did not take long for the Ancient Mystics Gods plan
To come to fruition, for Fates to take hand.
To bring back the Silver Light of Spirit to He
Who once let the Destruction and Chaos Run Free
To bring back the Darkness of Night to She
Who was swept away by the Fates for her to see
Once a Dragonwolf now a Mystic girl
Stuck now in three different worlds

The Once-Djinn High Lord O'Dell intervened
The Mystic girl was more than what she seemed.
He made her his successor as Young Guardian
And Trained her with magics so she could return once again
She was soon given Goddess Status again
She was the Goddess of Spirit, a helping hand of a friend
Taught of the Special Magics within her soul
Taught to tame the Wildness and within it, Control

On a chance meeting with the Dragon's Emperor
She happened to Feel something in her heart and soul stir
A whisper of a beat so wild and untamed, who was this
Male to make her feel this way, what was his name?
A Simple kiss opened up her eyes, for something
Wonderful, it became quite a surprise
She was his Spirit, and the Dragon's Fire awoke
He was the Shadows, wrapped in a Darkness cloak

The two were one once more, as their souls were balance
Hers was the Love unlike any other, and he was in a trance
She could no longer be with anyone but Him, her heart desired
The Chaos, the Darkness, of His Dragon's Fire within
He could no longer love anyone but her, his soul reawakened
To the Love, the Light, the Spirit she'd partaken

A Final decree to their Brethren they cried
No one would come between them would live if they tried
No one will live to see the light of day,
that sought to take their mate away
From that day forward, the Gods and the Fates would Feel
How true of a love Spirit and Shadows had, for it was real
The Truest of Loves, of heart, Soul and Desire,
Of Honor and Spirit and Balance in the Dragon's Fire

In the Distance -- Magically Revised (Poem) :

In the Distance – Revised 3-25-05, night of the Storm Moon

Distant drummers play their song, in hopes someone will listen
It is the beat that guides our path, and the bells of truth that ring it.
In the distance lies a goal. It's up to us to reach it.
That someday we may take control, and have the strength to teach it.
In the distance there is a path, two different beats of drums.
The beaten path is rough to ride, but the smooth one is what comes.

Distant drummers move to music, that only they can hear.
If you take the time to listen, their tune is truly clear.
Each of us is different, each of us is one.
But in the natural order of things, we are all of the same sun.
Is there a way to distinguish, or stop what=s wrong in light.
The answer, no, there is no one that can say what=s wrong or right.

Distant drummers play their song, in hopes someone will sing it.
There is a beat that guides our path, we only have to seek it.
In the distance lays a common dream, where everyone is nice.
There is no prejudice or hate, and are no deaths each night.
Distant singers sing a song, in hopes for a better day.
It is the song of life, to teach our children, so they can learn and play.

In the distance, there are dreams and goals, to be found, tried, and true.
For life is a lesson we must live, and cannot ever be through.
Until our Summerland day arrives, we continue to reach for the stars.
The best way to get through life is to be exactly who you are.
No one can seek your inner Self, but you and you alone.
Let the elements be your guide, and may they become your own.

In the distance, chanting is heard, from a Solitary soul
Another lifestyle to unearth, another way to reach a goal.
Magick is all around us, inside our mind and spirit.
May the truth be spoken only in tongue, and the Deities come when they hear it.
A Witches ritual begun, the Moon in her glorious power.
It is the mid, it is the night, therefore the Witching Hour.

In the distance, power abides every one of Nature’s rules.
The Magick of the elements, felt through a single jewel.
The Circle cast for protection last, a long and fruitful sight.
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, seen by candlelight.
In the distance is the Solitary soul, another mode is heeded.
As the Spells and Oaths are cast, The Circle is now completed.

Remember Magick? (Poem) :
By: Adella DragonStar

I remember you; Do you remember me?
Back then you were so wild and free,
Years ago when it was just you and me?
I remember you; Do you remember me?

I remember when you were a kid.
Back then, doing things you never did;
Saying the things you never said since;
Yes, I remember when you were kid.

I remember a time when you were spiteful.
When the Magick flowing in you was so delightful;
You'd bend the rules and play the fool,
But all in all, I remember.

I remember when college was more than a dream;
You and I were the perfect team;
Either casting or invoking, we made the scene;
I remember you then, so long ago it seems.

I remember when we first parted, its sad;
Went our own separate ways, though it felt so bad;
I thought a lot of the Magick and Love we had;
I remember how you never Spoke to me again, and that made me mad.

I look at you now, and remember your face;
The happiness you bring is all over the place;
Lost are your memories of Magick?
Do you not remember my warm embrace?

I remember you. Now do you remember me?
Remember and think of the days we were free?
Can you picture my face? My warm embrace?
I ask of you today, Do you remember me?

A pause silences, the air is still.
Your voice rings out to me, sending a thrill,
Sending me hope in a world so sad and still.
I smile as I listen, and as you say the word I digress
-- "Yes."

The Dragon
-- Adella DragonStar

I am the protector of the weak
With magick in my eyes
A simple breath of fire from me
Would be a big surprise
I will guide your given path
When you need a hand
Just call upon your inner self
To help you understand
When times of life are sad for you
And nothing at all goes right
Call upon me to get you through
I'll help you in the night
My job is to protect and guide
Teaching rights from wrongs
Helping you to harness powers
Steering you all along
I am the mighty dragon
So magickal and true
Whenever you need a dragon
I'll always be there for you.

The Unicorn
-- Adella DragonStar

I am the watcher of the night
Protector of your dream
I am the one to comfort you
Silencing your screams

I am Magick, I am love
I am a wish come true
I'm anything you want me to be
I live inside of you

I am playful, I am bright,
I'm magickal and fair
I am like a ray of sunshine
Blinding rain's discouraging glare

I am the watcher of the night
Soother of your screams
I am the mighty unicorn
Guardian of your dreams

I am the One and All
-- Adellandra Dratianos, 17Oct2006

I am the Earth I am the Moon
I am the summer sun in June
I am the whispering winds that blow
I am the calming waves in the oceans that flow
I am the Goddess, I am the Night
I am the One, and I am All.

I am the Unicorn, Guardian of Dreams
I am the Mighty Dragon, Silencer of Screams
I am the Hunter Wolf, racing through the Night
I am the Hawk, Through the Skies at Flight
I am the Goddess, I am the Night
I am the One, and I am All

I am the white snow of winter slumber
I am the brilliant autumn leaves so bright
I am the warmth of summer's horizons
I am the scents of springs delight
I am the Goddess, I am the Night
I am the One, and I am All

I am the Earth you walk upon
I am the Sun that beats down
I am the rushing waters of the ocean
I am the rumbling mountains
I am All around you, yet I am only One.

I am the rain that cleanses
I am the earth that heals
I am the keeper of the Spirits
I am All the Powers that feel
I am that which is in your world
I am a child, a mother, a girl
I am the Goddess SilverMoon

Eyes of a Mystic
Adellandra Dratianos, 21Oct2006

Through the Eyes of a Mystic
The World is Magic
Mystic's Eyes of Silver-Blue
Hold the Magic Rainbow True

We live in three Different Worlds
Though We are All the Same
The Inner and Outer-Realm
We Play the Mystic Game

We Dream in Many Colors
We Share in Many Rhymes
We Come from Many Realms
We Hail From Many Times

Through the Eyes of a Mystic
The Realms Unite
Harmony, Peace, Magic Release
Even in War, we Will Fight

We carry Many Forms
From Many Different Kin
We are Lovers, Fighters,
Dreamers and Friends

Through the Eyes of a Mystic
All is Magic
From the mind and the hand
Those who Learn it, Understand

-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 24Oct2006

I yearn for the night to wrap around me
I ache for sleep to come
To take me away to Realms uncharted
To steal me away to friends made there
In dreamtime, I am free to be myself
In the Realms, I am more than a girl
For only in dreams do I ever be
more than I ever hope to be here
The Night whispers lullabies in my ear
as it blankets me in comfort and warmth
I call the spell as I snuggle in tight
The Dream Chant
I listen to melodies played only in my mind
I think and imagine myself with my lover
For in dreams, and only in dreams,
Am I truly free.

Freedom Flight
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 24Oct2006

As a bird upon the winds I fly
as a Dragon in mortal dreams I fly
the wind courses through my beaten wings
my arms reach out
my eyes they close and I drift away
the cool light of the moon behind me
the vast sea of green below me
the sparkling waters of the ocean salt in my nose
No one can see me as the dragon
no one but my mate can hear my calls
Below the wolves howl their greetings
It's a great night for a freedom flight

Samhain Night
-- Adellandra Dratianos, 31Oct2006

The Veil between the worlds is thin
Spirits of the lost ones pass in
Visiting with those left to live
To our hearts their love they did give
Rejoice, for they're no longer gone
Their Spirits did indeed live on
Honor them with tidings of the night
Set an extra place at the table tonight
But be aware the veil's other guests
That pass through with all the rest
To keep them going on their way
confuse them with masks,
they will not stay
Leave a bowl of goodies at the door
for those who come to explore
Samhain is New Year's Day
Be happy, celebrate,
for Yule is on it's way
Crisp autumnal leaves are bright
with color and flavor in the night
Have fun, rejoice for today's the day
to Laugh, to love, to imagine and play
The Night brings out the darkest of hours
The coolest of times, the greatest of powers
All Hallow's Eve, the pumpkin's lit
With silly faces carved into it
To ward away evil spirits from the feast
And attract the spirits of the least
A celebration of delight
Samhain is music and magick bright.

-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 1Nov2006

Northern Earth Mothers
Eastern Winds Whisper
Southern Fires Burn
Western Waters Flow
Inner Spirit Entrances

The Mother, She Loves
The Father, He Teaches
The Moon, She Shines
The Sun, He Brightens
The Stars, They Twinkle

The Goddess Maiden Learns
The Goddess Mother Nurtures
The Goddess Crone Knows
The Green Man Grows
The Hunter God Feeds

The Ancients Shine
The Hawks Fly
The Dragons Know
The Dolphins Protect
The Wolves Run Free

Witches Sing
Immortals Dream
Children Play
Companions Dance
Elementals Enchant

Dragon Dance
-- Adellandra Dratianos, 3Nov2006

Dragons are the epitome of the Elements
Our Hearts are the very spirit of the Ages
Our Souls are the strong current of waters
Our Minds are the Air and magic the Winds
Our bodies are the Earth's Desired Fantasy
Our Wings Encompass the Warm Fires

We Fly, for in flight we are free
We teach, for as teachers we are wise
We learn, for as students we are inquisitive
We grow, with every breath of life
We Live, in loyalty, love, and magical bliss
We honor our loved ones, and the wise ones all-knowing
We fight for truth, justice, for all our kind

Dragon's Dance in the bright moonlight
Amongst the moon's white light
We sing, we dance, we play and have fun
We mate for life, for us there is only one
Dragon's Fly among the stars
Twisting, turning, loving, yearning
Dragon-mates are free in Flight
But ever watchful of the Night

The Wolf
-- Adellandra Dratianos, 7Nov2006

I am the Mighty Hunter
Leader of the Pack
I am the Great Protector
When courage is what you lack
I am the Wolf

I am the Forest Seeker
Catching scents upon the breeze
I am the Gentle Guardian
Who comes when you have need
I am the Wolf

My ears the hear many things
My eyes they seek the moon
My nose it smells when danger's near
Or the aromas of the summer's June.

I will protect your dreams at night
I will steadfast by your side
when nightmares give you a fright
I will be the gentle guide

I am Hunter, Guardian, Friend that's True
Guide, Protector, Teacher, Pack
When you need me, I will be there for you.
I am the Wolf, Leader of the Pack

Ancient Mystic Magesties
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos 8Nov2006

I am the Guardian of the Earth
Powers of its magick bow down to me
My Gift is Silence,
the Night belongs to me
I am the Wolf

I am the Guardian of the East
The Winds blow at my commands
My Gift is Knowledge,
the Rising belongs to me
I am the Hawk

I am the Guardian of the South
Fires burn at my Calls
My Gift is Will,
the Noonday belongs to me
I am the Dragon

I am the Guardian of the West
Oceans and Seas follow my lead
My Gift is Daring,
Twilight belongs to me
I am the Mermaiden

I am the Guardian of the Spirit
Without me, none would exist
My Gift is Progression,
They All Belong to me
I am the Akasha

I am the Earth's Pack-leader
I am the Air's drawing power
I am the Fire's wildness
I am the Water's cleansing
I am the Akasha, Within and Without

I am the Magesty of Earth
The One that Mothers
I am the Magesty of Air
The One that Whispers
I am the Magesty of Fires
The One that Deafens
I am the Magesty of Water
The One that Cleanses and Heals
I am the Magesty of the Spirit
The Akasha, The One, The All

The One With Many Names
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 10Nov2006

As Adella Moon DragonWolf
I am a witch, lost in dreams
studying about my craft
in the Mortallan Realm, I'm bound
My physical body found
Tapping away at senseless words
Trying to make sense of it all

As MoonWolf
I am the Alpha SheWolf of the Packs
Many Packs listen to my calls
We Hunt together, Work Together
Mother, Play and Love together
For we are One Pack, United
And Nothing is going to change that

As Adellandra Dranna Dratianos
I am a DragonWolf girl
Empress of the Dragon Nations
With power at my every whim
My family is close, our bond is tight
Children of all backgrounds are magical

As Lady Guardian of the Realms
The One with Many Names and Forms
I help those in need, whenever deemed
As the Oath of the Realm Crusaders states
I have many subjects, but even more friends
Many Armies are at my command
To keep peace in All the Realms of All the Worlds

I am all these things, and more
Memories, dreams, imagination, truth
My spirit is of a Goddess
It's who and what I am
Magick, Music, Family, Friends
Pack, Draconian, Ancient Mystic
I am All and I am More

Vampire's Kiss
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 12Nov2006

Kiss of Flame, Know my name
Breath of Fire, pure desire
Drink of me, when in need
You Desire me, so Feed
Take within you the passion's feast
Power, immortality
Feel life taking you by the hand
By the heart and soul
Feel the Fire taking control
Bloodlust, Heated Fire
Magical errotic desire
Feed from me
My Kiss is Life
My blood is Fire's flame
Drink from me,
I Feel your Need
Your heart no longer beats pure
But only with and for me endure
Heart to heart and soul to soul
Let the Flame's heated desires
of my Life take control

Anxiety Attack
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos 12Nov2006

Too many things around me
So many people surround me
Feeling closed in
Where do they end and I begin?
My heartbeats quicken
I feel it echoing in my ears
Surrounded by darkness
Where's the Light?
Help me for I'm lost
In a box of nothingness
Deep inside my own mind
There goes my heart again
Louder, stronger, quicker, harder
Beating in my ears,
pumping blood through my body
Must get away from here
Too many to Listen, to Feel, to Hear
A little voice deep in my mind
Speaks up, “relax.”
“Take a deep breath, count to ten,
“In through the nose and out again.”
I close my eyes and obey
Taking my time and mind away
Heart slows to steady rhythm
In, Out, Breathe, Relax
The Light, there it is, as clear as day
In my mind I walk to it
In, Out, Breathe, Relax

Of Wolf and Pack
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 12Nov2006

Love, Life, Honor, Trust
Pack is All
Family, Justice, Peace
We Live by many Rules
Simplicity is best
Alphas are Mothers and Fathers
Betas are Aunts and Uncles
We Love, Live, Learn, Laugh and Grow
Hunt, Forest, Kill, Teach, and Know
Smell the prey upon the winds
Race to catch it before it gets away
Feel the Earth's beating heart
Beneath tough pads
Warmth of winter's fur covers
Stores up fat for Spring's birth
Pack are Family
Pups in Spring, grow by summer
To start their own Pack by autumn
There's power in our numbers
With each litter we grow
Stronger, Faster, Longer

Bright and Shining Moon
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos 12Nov2006

Look to the sky
Dark as the Night
The moon shines above
A warm incandescent light
She Smiles, my Lady Luna
From her havenly skies
The power is within her
There's magic in Her eyes
Bright and bold, beauty told
Legends and Stories
From You are they told
Mystic moon, shining bright
Half the Darkness, Half the Light
Luna's Light will guide the way
Show the Path to the sun's new day
As you wane, so do I Rest
As you wax, and Full I'm my best
Hark! The Bright and Shining Moon
Lady Luna, Loving, gentle Luna
Guide the Path in Nightly Hours
Grant to me your awesome powers

A Beltane's Chant (ABC Poem)
-- Adellandra Dranna Dratianos, 18Nov2006

Around the
Beltane's Glowing fire
Chanting is heard,
Drumming is felt. The
Earth, She rises higher and higher
Green Goddess of
Havens dealt
Jewels of
Kingdom's named.
Loving arms of the
Mother's Embrace
Nature's seeking
Oceans Fame
Prince and Princess for
Queen and King's Grace
Raising their voices higher and higher
Sing to the skies
Touching, Embracing,
Underneath the moon's glow
Various voices joined in Choir
With heart's love, the Beltane's fire
Xylophone echoes purest desires
Youth and blessing, raising
Zenith's light.

Author's Notes: Most of these "New" Poems were written by myself within a 2 month period. These are the more Magickal ones of my collections. The Rest of the "New" can be found at the Website below.

Author's Location: Montague, California
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