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Posted: Jan.2.2008

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Islamic Geomancy (ilm-e-Ramal)

Offered by: ALI PIRZADA

Located in: Hyderabad, Pakistan


Geomancy is a medieval Islamic form of divination that like many other medieval Islamic sciences, its roots and origin are in Ancient Arabia, Egypt, North Africa, China, Ancient Greek. After Ancient Rome has appeared in European Medieval.
Geomancy is traditionally connected to Element of Earth and was practiced by people living in the desert, using to draw the figures upon a sand.

The term "geomancy" comes from medieval Latin geomantia, first used in Spain in the 12th century as a translation of the Arabic name ‘ilm al-raml ("the science of sand") .
The practice is to be distinguished from a Chinese form
of prognostication based on landforms, also called
"geomancy" in English, that is entirely unrelated to the
Islamic art. The Islamic divination is accomplished by
forming and then interpreting a design, called a
"geomantic tableau", consisting of 16 positions, each of
which is occupied by a geomantic "figure". The figures
occupying the first four positions are determined by
marking 16 horizontal lines of dots on a piece of paper.
These horizontal lines of dots are usually referred to
as "generating lines", and each row of dots is examined
to determine if it is odd or even and is then represented
by one or two dots accordingly. Each "figure" is then
formed of a vertical column of four marks, each of which
is either one or two dots. The first four figures, generated by lines made while the questioner concentrates on the question and roll the divining dice and geomancers make four figures from dice, the remaining twelve positions in the tableau are produced according to set procedures. Various interpretive methods were advocated by geomancers for reading the tableau, often depending on the nature of the question asked. There are only 16 possible geomantic "figures", and not all 16 can appear in a given tableau. These 16 "figures" were often arranged in certain sequences with specified attributes assigned to each (temperaments, planetary associations, etc.) , and a sequence the 16 possible figures was known as a taskin.
If you are a Geomancers or do you interested in Geomancy and need Divining Dice of Geomancy then please contact me, i have a collection of Divining Dices,
All Dices are made in the right time of Astrological system!
I also carry Urdu Books and softwares of Geomancy,
For more information and photos contact me,


Islamic History of ilm e Ramal for urdu speaking people:

Ilm e Ramal aak muqadas ilm hai Jo Allah Pak nay Bani Israel kay Anbiaon par Wahi kia tha Bator e Mojaza, Is muqadas ilm ki tarikh aksar kotab
olom e rohani say milti hain kay is ilm ki ibtada Hazrat Adam (AS) par
khalik e kainat nay bazariya Wahi nazil farmaya jis ki tarikh kuch is
tarah hai:


Jab Hazrat Adam (a.s) aur Bibi Hawa (a.s) ko janat say nikala gaya to
hazrat Adam (a.s) ko duniya kay aak konay par rakha aur bibi Hawa (a.s)
ko duniya kay dosray konay par rakha aur dono main judai hoi, is doran
hazrat Adam (a.s) bibi Hawa (a.s) ki judai main ghamghin rehnay lagay aur
isi fikar aur soch kay alam main aap dariya kay kinaray baythay hoay
thay samnay rayt ki zameen thi aur Aap (a.s) ki fingers rayt main gari hoi
thi os waqat Hazrat Jabarael (a.s) Allah pak kay hokam say aap (a.s) kay
pas ay aut aap (a.s) ko kaha kay rayt par say apna hath otha ay, jab
aap (a.s) nay apna hath othaya to rayt par gari fingers say 4 nokton
ki see sorat bani mili is tarah (0000) is figure ko ahal e ramal
Tareek kehtay hain, Hazrat Jabarael (a.s) nay oskay barabar apni 4 fingers
garin is tarah 4 aur noktay ban gay jab on total 8 nokton ko apas main
milaya gaya to 4 lines ki see sorat bangai is tarah (----) is figure
ko ahal e ramal Jamaet kehtay hain, Phir Hazrat Adam (a.s) nay apna dosra
hath othaya to wahi 4 dots wali sorat bani mili, Aab aap (a.s) kay samnay
rayt par 2 figures bani hoi thi is tarah (0000) , (----) , 4 dots aur 4
lines, aak figure tarik aur dosri jamaet, Hazrat Jabarael jis tarah
khamoshi main zahir hoay thay osi tarah khamoshi main he roksat hogay,
Allah pak Rahim Karim hain onko Hazrat Adam (a.s) ka ghamghin rehna
passand na aya isliay Allah pak nay ilm ramal ka nokta bazariay
Jabarael (a.s) hazrat Adam (a.s) ko dia.
Yeh Aak tarah say chopi paheli ya qudrat kay raaz samaya hoa equation
tha jisay Adam (a.s) ko solve karna tha aur isi kay zariay Bibi Hawa (a.s)
ko dhondna tha, yeh aak mission tha jis main hazrat Adam (a.s) nay apnay
aap ko busy kar lia is equation ko samajnay main Hazrat Adam (a.s) ko kafi
arsa lag gaya aur isi arsay main Aap (a.s) qudrat kay kafi raaz samajnay
lagay aur Aap (a.s) nay Apnay RAB e karim ki khudai ka moshahida kia
aur jab Aap (a.s) pori kainat kay system ko samjha, gor kia to sajday main
gir gay aur ro kar ghir gara kar apnay Rab say Maafi mangi aur Allah
pak nay onko maaf kardia, yeh ilm to aak bahana tha kay hazrat Adam (a.s)
apnay Rab ko pehchanay, isi ilm kay zariay aap nay Bibi Hawa (a.s) ko
dhond lia aur Rab kay nizam ko samja, dil main khof e khuda payda hoa
aur ro kar gir gira kar apnay Rab say maafi mangi, Allah pak yehi chahatay
thay kay woh meri kainat main gor karay meray nizam ko samjhay mujhay
samjhay kay main kon hon isi liay yeh muqadas ilm ramal wahi kia gaya
Hazrat Adam (a.s) par.

Hazrat Jabarael (a.s) kay roksat honay kay baad aap kay samnay rayt par
2 figures bani mili (0000) , (----) , 4 dots aur 4 lines, aak figure
tarik aur dosri jamaet, Aap (a.s) nay 4 dots par ghor kia aur osay 4
elements say mansob kia jis say pori kainat ka nizam chalta hai jo hain:
Fire, Air, Water, Earth, yehni 4 dots (0000) ka pehla dot fire, dosra
air, tisra water, chotha earth hai, 4 dots wali figure (0000) main yeh
4 elements active hain aur jo 4 lines (----) wali figure main yeh 4
elements closed hain kuo kay os main dot nahi, Aap (a.s) nay aak dot
4 lines wali figure par rakha aur 4 lines wali figure say aak line 4
dots wali figure main rakha to figures kuch is tarah bani mili:
(-000) , (0---) , yeh aap (a.s) ko 2 aur new figures bani mili 1st figure
hai line, dot, dot, dot aur 2nd hai dot, line, line, line,
elemental system say 1st new figure (-000) main fire ka element closed
hai kuo kay wahan line agai hai, 2nd new figure (0---) main sirf fire
ka element open hai baki 3 closed hain, isi system say Aap (a.s) nay
aur bhi new figures bana li jo total 16 ramal ki figures banti hain,
isi tarah aap nay zaicha banana seekha jis kay zariay aap ko Bibi Hawa (a.s)
kay halat ka pata chala aur aak din is ilm kay zariay aap ki onsay
molakat hogai.
Agar ghor kia jay to ramal aak ibtadai language hai jo arabic ki ancestor
hai, ramal ki figures main 2 cheezain hoti hain 1st dot and 2nd line
inhe do cheezon say arabic kay horof abjad banay hain.

Aak Dosri Rawayat kay mutabik Hazrat Adam (a.s) ki olad ba kasrat hoi
aur duniya kay charon atraf main phel gai to Hazrat Adam (a.s) ko apni
olad kay achay aur boray halat ki wakfiat ilm ramal kay zariay milti


Aak Rawait kay mutabik ilm ramal khoab kay zariay hazrat Idrees (a.s)
par wahi hoa, Hazrat Idrees (a.s) nay khoab main hazrat Jabrael (a.s)
ko daykha jo rayt par ramal ki figures bana rahai thay, hazrat Idrees (a.s)
nay Jabarael (a.s) say pocha kay aap rayt par yeh kya bana rahai hain,
Hazrat Jabarael (a.s) nay ramal ki 16 figures kay raaz say Idrees (a.s)
ko agah kia.
Aak dosri rawait kay mutabik Idrees (a.s) nay Allah pak say dua mangi kay
mujay kuch aysa wasila ata ho jis say main apni zindagi behtar tarikay
say gozar sakon, Aak din Hazrat Idrees (a.s) tanha rayt par udas baythay
rayt par lakeeray khinch rahai thay kay aak ajnabi shaks nay Idrees (a.s)
say pocha kay yeh aap rayt par kya bana rahai ho? Idrees (a.s) nay jawab
dia kay main aysay he apnay aap ko behla raha hon bore horaha tha,
Ajnabi shaks nay kaha aap shayad jantay nahi aap rayt par bohat khas
kam kar rahai hain yeh kam aap ki kismat badal day ga, Idrees (a.s) nay
os shaks ki baat ko mazak samaj kar nazar andaz kia, Os ajnabi shaks nay
rayt par aak aur figure banai jo Idrees (a.s) ki rayt par bani figure say
milti jolti thi isi tarah Idrees (a.s) nay os ajnabi shaks ki bani figure
say milti jolti aak aur figure banai is tarah banatay banatay ramal ki
total 16 figures ban gai, Tab os ajnabi shaks nay in ramal ki 16 figures
ki meanings batai aur onsay zaicha banana sikhaya aur is tarah hazrat
Idrees (a.s) ramal kay chopay raaz say wakif hogay, Hazrat Idrees (a.s)
hayrat say os ajnabi shaks say pocha kay aap kon ho kaysay is ilm ko
seekha aur mujay kuon seekhaya? Tab woh ajnabi shaks apni asal sorat
main zahir hoa aur kehnay laga main Jabrael (a.s) hon Allah pak nay yeh
ilm aap par wahi kia hai phir Hazrat Jabrael (a.s) ghom hogay, Idrees (a.s)
nay Allah pak ka shukar ada kia kay mujay woh ilm ata kia gaya hai jo
kisi ko malum nahi, Idrees (a.s) nay wafat say pehlay is ilm par kitab
likhi is tarah yeh ilm onkay baad aur logon nay seekha.


Hazrat Armiah (a.s) ki kom kay log ilm najom (astrology) say aak dosray
ki madad kartay thay aur is kay sath mashgol hotay thay aur onkay liay
koi shogal nahi tha magar woh ilm najom main nazar rakhtay thay,
Pas Allah pak nay Armiah (a.s) ki taraf wahi bhayji,
Tum apni kom say kaho kon afzal hai jo asman, najom, koakab, chalnay
walay falk, shams aur qamar ki taraf daykhay woh motehrik hai aur os
main harkat hain aur woh oskay mutalik bagair asal kalam kay sath baat
karta hai kai dafa sahi hota hai aur kai dafa khata hojati hai,
Ya jo zameen ki taraf daykhta hai aur yeh jamad sakin gair motehrik hai
jis main harkat nahi hai, mitti main lakeeray khinchta hai aur tumhai
on cheezon kay baray main khabar dayta hai jo oskay awal say akhir tak
os saal main hai aur jo kuch oski barishon, nibat, ajnas oskay bhao,
oskay sastay aur mehangay honay say hai aur jo tumharay dushman tumharay
sheharon main chaltay hain tumhai nosrat aur shiksat kay baray main
khabar daytay hain aur tumhai zindagi, mot, omaron kay lambay aur chotay
honay kay baray main khabar daytay hain aur yeh ka hamla mozakir ya monis
main say kya janay gi,
To onhonay kaha balkay jo zameen main daykhta hai afzal hai, agar tum
hakim aur fazil ho ya Nabi aur tum is par kadir ho kay jo kuch tum bolo
osko apni dalael kay sath zahir karo aur jo kuch tum nay bola oskay sath
amal karo, Agar tum nay yeh kardia to hum aap ki atba karain gay aur
aap ki Nabowat kay sath eeman lain gay.
Pas Hazrat Armiah (a.s) nay kaha ay Rab to sub say ziada jannay wala hai
jo kuch onhonay kaha mujay woh taleem do jis kay sath main onkay ilm
ko batil kardon, Pas Allah pak nay hazrat Armiah (a.s) par 16 ramal ki
figures nazil ki phir Armiah (a.s) nay on figures ko onki kom kay tarikon
say tadbir main sorat di aur har figure kay neechay likha jo borj, koakab,
manazil, atraf, jawahar, anasir, nibatat, haywan, horof, adad oskay sath
makhsos hai aur makhlokat main har shay oskay sath makhsos hai,
Pas Hazrat Armiah (a.s) onki taraf ay aap (a.s) nay onsay kaha muj say
pocho jo tum chahatay ho bayshak main mitti say oskay sath tumhai khabar
don ga, Onhonay Armiah (a.s) say pocha jo kuch is saal main awal say akhir
tak hoga aur on tamam kay baray main jo zaraet, hawaon, harkat, sukon,
barishon aur narkhon kay sastay, mehangay honay kay baray main hoga,
Hazrat Armiah (a.s) nay onko din ba din, saet ba saet agah kardia aur
jo kuch Aap (a.s) nay kaha to onhonay apnay cheharon kay sath onki taraf
maylan kia aur onhonay Hazrat Armiah (a.s) ki tazdeek ki aur inhain apna
Nabi man lia aur jis tarikon par woh pehlay thay osay onhonay batil
kardia. Isliay Nabi kareem (S.a.w) ka kol hai: "Meray bhai Armiah (a.s)
mitti main lakeeray khinchtay thay pas jis nay onki lakeer khat ki
moafkat ki woh thek hoa".


Hazrat Danial (a.s) Paharon kay daman main chop kar tanhai main Allah pak
ki ibadat main masrof rehtay thay, Aak din Hazrat Jabarael (a.s) is ilm
ramal ko aap kay pas lay aur farmaya, Allah pak ka hokam hai kay gumrah
logon ko haq ki taraf dawat dain aur ilm ramal ki madad say logon kay
dilon ko haq ki taraf phayray isliay kay aap kay pas zahiri tor par koi
wasail nahi hain, Chinachay Hazrat Danial (a.s) pahar say otar kar neechay
ay thori rayt apnay sath liay misar (egypt) kay bazar main aak konay main
akar beth gay, har shaks nay akar pocha kay yeh rayt kaysi hai Aap (a.s)
nay farmaya kay tum muj say sawal karo main iska jawab don ga, chinachay
bohat logon nay muktalif sawalat kiay kisi nay kaha kay hum kis kam ko
jatay hain, kisi nay kaha kay aaj hum ghar say kya khana kha kar chalay
hain aur humaray ghar main kis kadar dolat hai aur kitnay aadmi hain ya
humaray ghar main khazana hai ya nahi, hai to kis kadar hai aur kuch nay
pocha kay humaray dil main kya hai, Aap (a.s) nay is ilm sharif kay zariay
say aysay sahi jawab diay kay os main fark na tha hazaron ahal e misar
eeman la ay.
Kuch Hazrat ka kehna hai kay jab Hazrat Danial (a.s) kom ki mukhalfat ki
waja say shar say bahir gay tab yeh ilm bator e mojaza ata hoa tha,
Aap (a.s) nay is ilm kay zariay logon kay dilon ka hal bayan kia is say
kom main hazrat Danial (a.s) ki izat aur aytmad payda hogaya, ortay ortay
yeh khabar os waqat kay badshah ko pohanchi to osnay hazrat Danial (a.s)
ko bolwa bhayja aur imtehan laynay kay liay chand batain pochi jin ka
Aap (a.s) nay dorast jawab dia jis say badshah bohat mutasir hoa osnay
hazrat Danial (a.s) say kaha kay aap meray baytay ko ilm Ramal ki taleem
dain, Hazrat Danial (a.s) nay shezaday ko bari dil jami kay sath ilm ramal
ki taleem dayna shoro ki aur is ilm main mahir kardia, jab shezada ilm
ramal main kamil hogaya to badshah bohat khush hoa, Badshah nay kholot
main hazrat Danial (a.s) ko bolaya wahan par shezada bhi mojod tha kol
3 afrad wahan par mojod thay, bataon bataon main hazrat Danial (a.s) nay
shezaday say farmaya kay humaysha say yeh mamol chala araha hai kay har
aak zamanay main Allah pak nay logon ki hidayat aur rehnomai kay liay
aak paygambar ko bhayja hai, tum ilm ramal kay zariay malum karo kay
is zamanay main koi paygambar mojod hai kay nahi?, chinachay shezaday
nay khat ramal khincha aur hisab laga kar kaha kay is zamanay main paygambar
mojod hai, Hazrat Danial (a.s) nay phir pocha kay agar paygambar hai to
is waqat kis shehar main hai?, shezaday nay hisab laga kar bataya kay
isi shehar main hai, Hazrat Danial (a.s) nay phir dariafat kia kay isi
shehar main kis mokam par hai?, shezaday nay jawab dia isi mokam par hai,
Tab Hazrat Danial (a.s) nay pocha kay agar paygambar is jaga par hai to
woh kon hai? shezaday nay phir hisab laga kar kaha is jaga par hum 3
shaks hain na to main paygambar hon na mera bap paygambar hai beshak
aap paygambar bar haq hain, Badshah yeh giftago son raha tha woh aur
shehzada osi waqat hazrat Danial (a.s) par eeman lay ay oskay baad baki
tamam kom bhi gomrahi say tayb hokar hazrat Danial (a.s) par eeman lay

Is ki aak tarikh Alama abn khaldon nay apni tarik alam main is tarah bayan
ki hai:
Babylon kay Badshah Nebuchadnerzzar nay Jerusalem par hamla kia aur
Haykal muqadas (Temple) ko veeran, barbad kar kay bani israel ko
zanjeeron say bandh kar bayaban nanwa main qaid kia.os waqat bino
israel kay qaidion ki tadad 96 thousand thi aur woh bayaban main
muktalif makamat par katar andar katar kholay asman kay talay rayt
par bethay qaid wa band ki sakhtian jhayl rahai thay, os waqat israel
kay deeni rahnama Hazrat Danial (a.s) thay jo kom kay is tarah kay
sakht halat ki waja say sakht parayshan thay, chinachay kom kay muktalif
girhon kay halat say agah honay kay liay Allah pak nay Jibrael ameen (a.s)
kay zariay ilm ramal ata farmaya.
Hazrat Danial (a.s) rayt par bethay thay aur dil wa dimagh kom kay
bais parayshan thay hath rayt kay zaron main garhai thay, jonhe
Jibrael (a.s) nazil hoay to aap nay hath rayt say alag kar kay onki
taraf tawaja ki, Jibrael nay aap ko Khuda ka salam dia aur farmaya
"Danial parayshan na ho aur rayt par apnay hathon ki onglion kay nishanat
ko daykh aur qudrat Khudawand Rab almeen molakhta kar",
Aap nay nishanat ko daykha to woh noktay (dots) ki tarah thay dono
hathon kay 8 dots banay thay, in 8 dots say Hazrat Jibrael (a.s) nay
Hazrat Danial (a.s) ko ramal ki 16 figures taleem farmai aur in figures
ki meanings batai jin kay zariay Danial (a.s) bani israel kay muktalif
girhon kay halat say wakif hoay aur phir isi ilm kay zariay aap nay
Babylon kay badshah ko apna garweda banaya".

Hazrat Isa (Jesus Christ) bhi ilm e Ramal jantay thay Bible kay mutabik
kuch yahodion nay aak orat ko Hazrat Isa (a.s) kay pas lay ghay aur
kaha kay is orat nay bara gonah kia hai aur Mosa (a.s) (Moses) kay kanon
kay mutabik is orat ko sangsar karna hoga aur aap is kay baray main
kya kehtay hain, Hazrat Isa (a.s) zameen par ongli say kuch likhnay lagay
aur khamosh rahai jab yahodion nay phir pocha to Hazrat Isa (a.s) nay
yahodion say kaha kay "tum logon main say jo gonahon say pak ho woh
pehla pathar is orat ko maray" yeh kehnay kay baad aap (a.s) phir say
zameen par kuch likhnay lagay, yahodi yeh son kar aak aak kar kay orat
ko chor kar chalay ghay, Hazrat Isa (a.s) othay aur pocha akayli khari
orat say kay "sub kahan ghay? kisi nay kuch bhi nahi kaha tum ko?"
orat nay kaha "nahi kisi nay kuch na kaha mujhay", Hazrat Isa (a.s) nay
orat ko kaha "main bhi tum ko kuch nahi kahon ga, jao aur aab dobara
gonah na karna" (John 8.2-12)


Hazrat Abn Abas (R) say rawait hai kay:
"Mainay Rasool Allah (s.a.w) say pocha kay Ya Rasool Allah mainay aak
shaks ko daykha kay betha hua rayt par khat khinch raha tha aur logon
ko batain bata raha tha aur log osko jotla rahai thay,
Aap (s.a.w) nay farmaya "yeh ilm aak payghambar ko wahi hua hai, jo shaks
is payghambar kay amal kay moafik is ilm ko istamal karay to mojab
sawab hai."

Yeh ilm Allah pak nay anbiaon par nazil farmaya isliay yeh aak sacha ilm hai, jo shaks is kay asool wa kawaid kay mutabik is par amal karay ga sawab kay ilawa is ka heesab sahi aur sacha sabit hoga aur logon ki bhalai aur mushkil koshai hogi, kuon kay yeh ilm har lehaz say sahi hai jis ko parwardigar nay apnay khas bandon ki rehnomai kay liay nazil farmaya, is kay israr wa ramoz bohat gehray hain.
Is ilm ko har mazhab ka shaks kar sakta hai, jo shaks apnay mazhab par kaim nahi reh sakta woh is ilm par kabi kamiab nahi hosakta, har aalim ko apnay mazhab kay asolon ki pabandi nihait zarori hai tab jakar aap is ilm par hawi hon ghay aur awam ko faiz pohancha sakay ghay warna nahi.
Main yeh ilm logon ko net par seekhata hon agar aap bhi is muqadas ilm ko seekhna chahatay hain to join karain humara rohaniat say bhara online DHAARO group.
kuch logon kay mutabik yeh ilm bohat mushkil hai seekhna, onka yeh kehna aur sochna aak tarah say sahi hai kuon kay ramal ki sari books main yeh ilm mushkil lagta hai mujhay bhi books main mushkil laga par Allah pak kay karam say meray walid Muhammad Urs Pirzada nay mujhay easy tarikay say yeh ilm seekhaya woh meray walid he nahi meray Ustad bhi hain jo ilm e Ramal kay master hain aur mujhay bhi master bana rahai hain, meray walid ko is ilm say ishq raha hai aur mujhay bhi is ilm say ishq hai, mainay kabi is ilm main kamil honay ka dawa nahi kia aur jo dawa karay woh gomrah hai,
Agar aap ko yeh ilm seekhna hai to mujay contact karain main aap ko easy tarikay say software ki madad say seekha sakta hon, mazhab ya religion ki koi pabandi nahi main har mazhab walon ko seekhta hon on kay mazhab kay tarikon say,
Agar aap ko yeh ilm ata hai aur is ilm kay mutalik koi questions hon ya Ramal kay Quray (Divining Dice) ya Books ki zarorat hoto mujhay contact karain.
Cell: 03003799165
Facebook id:

Meri Online shop Dhaaro par aap ko ilm Ramal ki kafi books mil jay gi main kuch books ki list yahan likh raha hon. main books worldwide har jaga send karta hon. ziada malumat kay liay mujay contact karain.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*URDU RAMAL BOOKS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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By Molazim Hussain

*Karishma Al-Ramal
By Molazim Hussain

*Aftab Al-Ramal
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*Imtiaz Al-Ramal (kalmi diary)
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*Israr Al-Ramal
By Agha ashraf

*Misbah Al-Ramal
By Shah Zanjani

*Shams Al-Ramal
By Ilyas M.A

*Rahim Al-Ramal Volume: 1, 2, 3
By Abdul Rahim

*Ilaj Ba Ramal
By Abdul Rahim

*Molam e Ramal
By Nazar Hussain

*Mehtab Al-Ramal
By Mehtab Ali

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*ARABIC RAMAL BOOKS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

*Al-fasal Fe Asol ilm Al-Ramal (in Arabic language)
By Al-sheikh Muhammad Al-zanati

*Al-Akwal Al-Marzia Fe Marfata Al-Aymal Al-Ramaliah (in urdu)
By Al-Sheikh Muhammad Al-zanati

*Risala Mezan Al-adal Fe Makasad Ahkam Al-Ramal (in Arabic & urdu)
By Saed Abdul kadir Al-Hussaini Al-Adhmi

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*PERSIAN RAMAL BOOKS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*Siraj Al-Ramal (in farsi)
By Saed Roshan Ali

*Kitab Ramal (in farsi)
By Nasir Muhammad bin Hyder sherazi

*Anwar Al-Ramal (in urdu)
By Mir khairat Ali

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*INDIAN RAMAL BOOKS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*Aina Ramal (in urdu)
By Mohan lal

*Jama e Al-Ramal (in urdu)
By pundit girdhari lal

*Amli Kitab Ramal (in urdu)
By pundit kirshan kumar

*Kalid Dakaik Al-Ramal (in urdu)
By Munshi chotay lal

*Masdak Al-Ramal (in urdu)
By Munshi Rakhbeer singh

*Ramal Sorkhab (in urdu)
By Munshi Rakhbeer singh

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*EUROPEAN RAMAL BOOKS~*~*~*~*~*~*

*Ramal ahal e Europe (in urdu)
By Nepolan
Translater: Muhammad Asmatullah

*Geomancy In Theory and Practice (in English)
By Stephen Skinner

*Divination By Geomancy (in English)
By Stephen Skinner

*The Oracle Of Geomancy (in English)
By Stephen Skinner

*Earth Divination, Earth Magic (in English)
By John Michael Greer

*A Practical Guide To Geomantic Divination (in English)
Israel Regardie

*Handbook Of Geomancy (in English)
By Aleister Crowley

*Geomancy Book (in English)
By Cornelius Agrippa

*Astrological Geomancy (in English)
By Gerard Cremonensis

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