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Vox ID: 304662

Skill Id: 13054

Posted: Aug.23.2009

Views 20256
Animal Stones (ilm Hajar Al-Haywanat)

Offered by: ALI PIRZADA

Located in: Hyderabad, Pakistan

Skill/Service Details: Asalam Alaikum,

An Animal stone is called "BEZOAR",
"Bezoar" comes from the Persian word, "pá zahar, " meaning "antidote against Poison" (pa-cure, zahar-poison) . The term is normally applied to stones found in the stomach and digestive system of animals. We use
the term in a generic sense for concretions to be found in all organs of animals, plants, and in other aspects of Nature.
Ancient Arabic naturalists gave specific names to the bezoar stones as found in animals. For instance, bezoar stones of eagles were called, "Hajar Al-Akab, "
The stones found in the head of fishes called "Hajar al-simak aur Hajar al-hot, "
"Hajar Al-Hayyat" was the name of the stone found in snakes.
The stones found in cocks were called "Hajar Al-Dajaj" and "Hajar Al-Hobara" was the name of the bezoar stone found in goose. read more about healing qualities of bezoar stones in old Arabic book called "Ajaib Al Makhlokat"
Bezoar stones or pearls are highly valued to the knowledgeable they are regarded in high esteem for their practical qualities in the healing of mind, body, and soul, as well as conferring upon the wearer wonderful psychic and spiritual qualities when used in the correct manner.


Some stones are fossilized parts of an animal or a plant,
After thousands or millions of years the parts of an animal or plant through a natural process have hardened and acquired occult powers. The formation of a fossilized body-part are directed by Nature's invisible forces and intelligences. Normally these intelligences are elemental spirits that guide the process of the creation of stones, and they subsequently make these fossils their home. Those carrying these fossils are served by the indwelling
elementals in various ways; they help to strengthen their keepers aura and nervous system; they confer positive energies; they empower the brain centers, etc.
The natural energies of these stones attracts luck, neutralizes and wards-off negative forces. They have a natural tonic effect upon the physical system. They are more powerful than ordinary gemstones and crystals when applied for certain purposes. Added onto ritualistic
items such as wands, they would truly empower an occult practitioner's magickal operations. Western occultists have yet to investigate and
discover the power of these stones that heretofore have only been
mentioned in mythological stories -- as secrets known only to the
They have been discovered in caves, jungles, sacred places,
historical sites and in the remains of animals and plants. Some of
them were magickally retrieved from the etheric planes by occultists
who specializes in this unusual feat. The power within these stones
are sometimes known by the psychic struggle the occultist had to go
through with the spirit guardians in order to acquire them.
Quite a number of these stones were gifts to our sources by tribal

Contact me if you are interested in these stones.

For Urdu speaking people:

Asalam Alaikum,

Gemstones ya Nagino kay asrat kay baray main bohat say log wakif hain
aur bohat say logon ko apna lucky birth stone janna aur ring main pehanna
pasand kartay hain. Gemstones say har koi wakif hai aur hum sub ko
malum hai kay yeh qudrat ka khazana humain paharon, zameen aur samandaron
ki teh main milta hai. Kuch log gemstones ki chamak aur khubsorti daykh
kar isay pehantay hain to kuch log gemstones kay asrat say wakif hotay
hain aur apnay star say jo stone match hota hai woh pehantay hain jis
say onki zindagion main nomaya tabdilia aati hain.
Gemstones kay ilawa kuch aysay ajeeb stones bhi qudrat kay khazanay
main chopay hain jis say log wakif nahi. in ajeeb stones kay sahri
asrat daykh kar insan ki akal dhang reh jati hai. in ajeeb stones kay
ilm ka raaz baray bozrogon kay seena ba seena montakil hota hoa hum
tak pohanchta hai. hum main say bohat say logon nay is ilm kay raaz
ko chopa kay rakha kisi ko nahi bataya aur yeh ilm in logon kay sath
he kabar main dafan hogaya.
Main aap ko in ajeeb stones kay ilm ka raaz aap ko bataon ga umeed hai
kay aap yeh ilm jan kar on logon ko bhi batay gay jo rohani olom kay
shokeen hain takay is ghomshoda ilm kay mutalik logon ko malum ho aur
woh is say fayz hasil kar sakain THANK YOU!

Hum sub ko malum hai kay Pearl yehni Moti seep ya sadaf jo samandar main
pai jati hai oskay andar say nikalta hai. Kya aap ko yeh baat malum hai
kay Pearls yehni moti Janwaron, parindon, keeron aur darakhton main
say bhi nikaltay hain. yeh baat bohat kam log jantay hain. yeh stones
janwaron kay sar ya mathay main say nikaltay hain ya phir stoamach ya
mayday main say. Jo stones sar ya mathay main say nikaltay hain on stones
ko CROWN PEARLS kaha jata hai aur jo stoamach main say nikaltay hain
onko BEZOAR stones kaha jata hai.
Jo stones janwaron kay payt main say nikaltay hain on stones main kuch
stones to woh hotay hain jo aam stones hotay hain jo janwar khorak khatay
hain onkay sath payt main chalay jatay hain yeh stone kisi kam kay nahi
hotay main in stones ki baat nahi kar raha. woh stones jo qudrati on main
pay jatay hain onko Bezoar stones kehtay hain main onki baat kar raha hon kuch
stones bohat chotay size kay hotay hain to kuch baray size kay bhi nikaltay
hain stone jitna bara hoga otna woh keemati aur nayab hoga yeh stones
ilm Al-Hikmat main use hotay hain in stones say tarah tarah ki dawaiya
bhi banai jati hain. Kuch stones darakhton main say bhi nikaltay hain
jaysay bans (bamboo tree) kay tanay kay jor main kafi kisam kay stones
nikaltay hain.
Janwaron kay stones kafi kisam kay hotay hain kuch crystal jaysay hotay
hain kuch gemstones jaysay to kuch aam stones jaysay, kuch ko tarash kay
khubsorat banaya jata hai to kuch bina tarashay khubsorat hotay hain.

In stones aur pearls ka ilm shaman log jantay hain, jo log jangalon main rehtay
hain Qudrat ki rohaniat main ghor wa fikar kartay hain onko english main
Shaman kaha jata hai aur jo shamans humari country Pakistan main hain
hum onko fakir ya jogi sapayray kehtay hain.
Jogi yehni sapayray is ilm ki kafi jankari rakhtay hain, onki zanbeel
yehni bag main jo woh kandhay main latkay ghomtay phirtay rehtay hain
in bags main kafi ajeeb chezain hoti hain, in ajeeb cheezon main yeh ajeeb
stones bhi hotay hain. WAIT!! main on jogi ya sapayron ki baat nahi kar
raha jo ghar ghar par har kisi say bheek mangtay nazar atay hain jo jali
plastic kay gemstones logon ko day kar onko fool bana kar paysay lekar
chalay jatay hain, main real jogi ya sapayron ki baat kar raha hon jo
apni he rohani duniya main magan rehtay hain.
Mera kafi in sapayron kay sath waqat gozra hai aur mainay onkay ilm ko
seekha aur onki bataon aur stories ko ghor say sona aur mujhay on say
rohaniat kay kafi raaz malum hoay. main bachpan say he in logon ko pasand
karta tha jab bhi koi jogi ki sada ki pukar ya been ki awaz aati main
sub kam chor kar oskay pas jata aur 1 rupaya dayta aur woh mujhay been
sonata aur sanp dikhata aur main sanp ko apnay hath main layta aur ajeeb
khushi mehsos karta. Meri khoj thi kay main asali jogi say milon jis kay
pas ilm ho aur woh mujhay aak din mil he gaya.
Jogi log jangalon main jatay rehtay hain aur nature main aur nature ki
rohaniat main ghor wa fikar kartay hain, woh jangalon main meditation
kartay hain, chila wagayra kat tay hain aur nature say request kartay hain
aur nature onko apnay chopay khazano main say yeh ajeeb stones gift karti
hai, kuch jogi logon ko khuwab kay zariay isharay miltay hain aur woh
os jaga pohanch kar stone hasil kartay hain to kuch ko chaltay hoay
he rastay main para mil jata hai. yeh log jungle main garon, nehron,
talabon ya dariyaon kay kinaron say bhi stones hasil kartay hain ya
phir maray hoay janwar main say nikaltay hain. apnay maksad kay liay
janwar ko mar kar stone hasil karna yeh nature kay khilaf baat hai aur
jo yeh bora kam karay ga woh apnay maksad main kabhi kamiab na hoga aur
ak real jogi nature ka ehtaram karta hai aur woh kabhi aysa kam nahi karay
ga. jo janwar hadson main mar jatay hain ya shikari ya gaon kay log
khanay kay liay janwaron ka shikar kartay hain on kay zariay bhi yeh stones
hasil kiay jatay hain.
In stones main ajeeb sehri kashish hoti hai aur yeh kafi logon ko apni
taraf bhi khinchtay hain. inki kafi stories soni hain, aak wakia humaray
apnay gaon main hoa, aak humaray gaon ki orat nay khoab main daykha kay
jahan Ghazi ka Alam laga hoa hai (jo gaon say alag ground main laga hai)
wahan khazana dafan hai, woh orat subha sawayray apnay betay kay sath
wahan gai aur os jaga khudai karni shoro kar di jo jaga khuwab main nazar
ayi thi magar onko khazanay ki jaga aak bara ajeeb stone mila onhonay
os stone par ghor nahi kia khud ronay beth gay kay hum nay lalach ki ya
hum say koi galti hoi tabhi khazana na mila aur khazanay kay badlay yeh
baykar pathar naseeb hoa aur woh osay thokra kar chalay gay.
Woh os pathar ko apnay pas rakhtay onko khuab main ishara mila aur jaga
bhi muqadas thi jahan Alam laga tha to os stone kay asrat say he onkay
boray halat badal jatay aur jo khazana onko khuwab main nazar aya woh
kisi na kisi rop main onko milta. Nature ki chopi paheli, nature kay
chopay raaz sirf Shaman log he jan saktay hain.

Qudrat ko jab yeh stones aur pearls daynay hotay hain to insan ko kisi
na kisi bahanay ya zariay say mil jatay hain. Jo log lalach aur janwaron
ko takleef day kar yeh stones hasil karnay ki koshish kartay hain woh
kabhi kamiab nahi hotay aur on logon ko bhi kamiabi nahi milti jo yeh
soch rakhtay hain kay pata nahi stone milay ga kay nahi aur onko bhi
stones nasib nahi hotay jo galat timing main talash kartay hain.
Agar koi shaks seep kay moti hasil karnay kay lalach main samandar kay
kinaray jay aur dhar sari seepon ko tor tor kar moti hasil karnay ki
koshish karay to osay kabhi moti naseeb na hoga, jis ko moti milna hoga
jis kay naseeb main hoga to osay achanak he mil jay ga woh samandar kay
kinaray ghomnay ki garz say jay ga oski nigah seep par jay gi woh osay
othay ga hilanay par kat kat ki awaz ay gi tornay par aak chamakdar moti
osay hasil hoga. yeh aak ramz hai is par ghor karna chahehai.
Qudrat ko apnay chopay khazanay say koi cheez dayni hoti hai woh is
tarah aak din achanak apnay aap mil jati hai.
In ajeeb stones aur pearls ko hasil karnay ki lalach main logon nay
sakron janwaron ko baydardi say zalmana tarikon say mara, apna bohat
sa paysa kharch kia, fazol main keemati waqat zaya hoa magar onko in
stones ko hasil karnay main kamiabi nahi mili. yeh log muktalif totkay
kar kay yeh stones hasil karnay ki koshish kartay thay jaysay Frog ya
Toad ya Girgit onko zinda pakar kar jahan gosht khor cheontio ka bil
ho os main kisi dori say bandh kar latka daytay takay cheontia oska
sub gosht wagayra kha kar chat kar jay kay sirf hadion ka skeleton
baki reh jay aur cheontia hadion ko aur os stone ko chor kar baki sub
gosht kha jay gi is tarah stone hasil hojay ga aur dosra totka yeh kartay
thay kay bari glass bottle main namak dal kar frog, toad ya lizard ko
dal kar bottle ka dhakana band kar daytay thay aur bottle ko hilatay
thay kay namak main woh janwar dab jay phir os bottle ko rakh daytay
takay namak onkay gosht wagayra ko gala day sirf hadia aur woh stone
reh jay. Yeh sub tarikay zalmana hain agar in tarikon say yeh stones
hasil bhi hongay to on main koi asrat na hongay kuon kay in stones main
os janwar ki rooh aur os janwar ka mokhfi power chopa hota hai jis janwar
ka bhi stone hota hai aur takleef day kar stone hasil karnay par koi
power stone main nahi hota khud woh stone os insan ko tabha wa barbad
kar day ga jo is tarah kay totkay kar kay hasil karnay kay baad in stones
ko pehnay ga.
Aap ko yeh Stones Shamans, Jogi sapayron kay zariay asani say mil saktay
hain, yeh log nature ki hidden force say khob wakif hotay hain aur yeh
log in stones ko hasil karnay main maharat rakhtay hain.
yeh log jungle main, garon main, parindon kay goslon main, poranay
darakhton main, nehron main, aabsharon main aur dafan ki hoi cheezon
wagayra main talash kartay rehtay hain, Nature ki hidden force onki
madad karti hai aur woh sahi jaga pohanch kar on stones ko hasil kar
laytay hain, woh sahi waqat main talash kartay hain aur nature say
request kartay hain to nature ki hidden spirit ya rooh kahain ya mokil
woh onko guide karti hoi os jaga pohancha dayti hai jaysay kahin janwar
mara hoa mil jata hai aur os janwar main say woh stone hasil hojata hai.
Shaman logon ko stones ya pearls hasil karnay main moshkilat ka samna
bhi karna parta hai jaysay garon main jahan yeh stones hotay hain wahan
saanp ya koi zehrila janwar hota hai to yeh log wazaif ya mantar parh
kar apni hifazat kartay hain.garon main kafi saanp hotay hain mainay
kai jogi sapayron kay jismon par saanp kay dasnay kay nishanat daykhay
hain jo in stones ko hasil karnay main onko paray magar onpar zehar ka
asar nahi hoa mantar ya wazaif ki waja say. yeh log din raat in stones
ki talash main jangalon main phirtay rehtay hain aysi jagaon main jatay
hain raat kay waqat jahan macharon aur keeray makaron say woh jaga bhari
hoi hoti hai yeh kam wakai jan jokhon wala kam hai, kabhi kabhi Qudrat
meharban nahi hoti ya koi nahosat aajati hai to onki mehnat baykar jati
hai aur woh khali hath lot aatay hain. Shaman ko stone hasil karnay
main jitni moshkilat ay gi otna os stone main power hoga tabhi bori
taqatain is stone ko hasil karnay main shaman ko moshkilat main phansati
hain. kuch jagaon par jahan yeh stones hotay hain wahan jinat ya asayb
ka kabza hota hai jo stone ki rakhwali kay liay hotay hain, shaman log
chila kashi kar kay onka muqabla kartay hain aur yeh keemati stones
hasil kartay hain.
Aap ko yeh stones shaman ya jogi sapayron say mil jay gay woh aap ko
in stones kay mutalik kafi kuch batay gay ya aap mujhay e-mail kar kay
in stones kay mutalik details malum kar saktay hain aur kuch stones
meri shop dhaaro par bhi available hain.

Stones ki list to kafi bari hai main yahan kuch mashor stones kay mutalik
likh raha hon mujhay yeh malumat jogion ki zibani mili to kuch mujhay
Arabic aur farsi ki porani books main say mili hain.

SNAKE STONE (Hajar Al-Hayyat)
Is stone ko jogi sapayray log kafi muqadas mantay hain yeh stone inhe
logon say dastiab hota hai. sapayray log isay Nag Mani kehtay hain.
Arab kay log bhi is stone say wakif thay arabic main is stone ko
"Hajar Al-Hayyat" kay nam say pukara jata hai aur farsi main isay
"Zehar Mohra" bhi kehtay hain. bohat say olmaon nay is stone kay mutalik
apni kitabon main tazkira kia hai jaysay Kazwini nay kitab "Ajaib Al-Makhlokat"
main is stone kay mutalik bataya hai. English main isay "Mad Stone" aur
latin main "Ovum Anguinum" kehtay hain. Yeh Stone Saanp kay Sar main say
nikalta hai, yeh Saanp kay sar par obhar ki tarah zahir hota hai jab
isko nikala jata hai to yeh naram hota hai magar hawa lagtay he pathar
ki tarah sakht hojata hai. yeh muktalif saanpon kay sar say nikalta hai
jo muktalif colors main hota hai magar jo black cobra kay sar say nikalta
hai jo black color ka stone hota hai woh bohat khas hota is main zabardast
sehri asrat hotay hain.

Yeh stone aap ko jogi sapayron kay pas say he milay gay. asli stone
bohat mushkil say milta hai. aksar jogion kay pas nakli stones hotay
hain jo woh khud banatay hain jo same asli stone ki tarah he lagtay
hain, asli stone ki pehchan is tarah ki jati hai:
1.Jab isko ziban par rakha jay to woh ziban par chopak jata hai aur
suck yehni chosnay lagta hai.
2.Pani kay glass main dalnay say is main say bubbles nikaltay hain means
woh pani ko apnay andar jazb karta hai.
3.Size main 1 inch ya is say thora bara aur daykhnay main plastic ki
tarah lagta hai aur wazan main kafi halka sa hota hai.
4.Agar isko pani ki satay par halka sa rakha jay to yeh tayrnay lagta hai.

Istamal Ka Tarika:
Jogi sapayray log is stone ko bohat muqadas mantay hain aur is stone
ko khas dino main doodh pilatay hain, Na paki ki halat main is stone
say dor rehtay hain aur na hath lagatay hain, roz isko loban ya agarbati
ka dhowa daytay hain, phool rakhtay hain aur is stone ko band khano ya
almarion main nahi rakhtay, kholi hawadar jaga main rakhtay hain.
Agar pocket main rakha jay to kisi pak saaf kapray kay pouch main atar
laga kay rakha jata hai aur pocket main right side main rakha jata hai.

Tabi Khasiat:
Is stone ki mashor zabardast tabi khusosiat yeh hai kay agar kisi ko
saanp das lay to dasnay ki jaga par is stone ko rakha jay to yeh wahan
chopak jata hai aur saanp ka zehar chosnay lagta hai aur jab zehar chos
layta hai to khud alag hokar gir jata hai jab osko doodh main dala jay
to tamam chosa hoa zehar doodh main chor dayta hai aur doodh nelay color
ka hojata hai.

Mukhfi Khasiat:
Yeh stone jis kay pas hoga os par bori safli taqatain, kalay jadoo
kay asrat asar andaz na hongay. is stone ka taluk patal say yehni
underground hidden powers say hai jis say safli taqatain os shaks ki
madad karti hain jis kay pas yeh stone ho aur bhi bohat is kay sahri
khuwas hain ziada malumat kay liay mujh say rabta karain.

Kehtay hain kay jab Naag hazar baras ka hota hai to oski tesri chopi
ankh jisay sixth sense ya chati has jo dimag kay beech main pineal
gland main woh paki hokar stone ban jati hai isay naag mani kehtay hain.
is stone ki madad say he naag jo rop badalna chahai badal sakta hai.
Qudrat yeh tohfa os saanp ko dayti hai jo hazar baras say ibadat kartay
rehtay hain in saanpon ko ichadhari kehtay hain yehni woh saanp jo apni
icha yehni marzi say jo rop chahai os rop main asakta hai. yeh saanp
is taqat ko hasil karnay kay baad logon ki madad kartay hain.
Ichadhari naag kay hazaron wakiat hain jo har culture aur muktalif
mahzab kay log batatay ay hain, humaray mazhab islam main bhi kafi
rawayat hain jo sahaba akram nay batai hain (iskay liay mera article
exorcist parhain) .
Arab kay logon nay in saapon ko jinat say mansob kia hai yehni jinat
saanpon kay rop main hotay hain kuch mosalman hotay hain jo logon ki
madad kartay hain to kuch kafir hotay hain jo logon ko parayshan kartay
Naag ka khana e kaaba ka tawaf karna, Naag ka Nabi pak (S.a.w) kay pas
ana aur qurani ayat ka pochna, Sahaba ko rastay main morda naag milna
os main say musk ki khushbo ka ana is tarah ki kai rawayat aur ahadees
hain jo ichadhari naag kay baray main hain.
Ichadhari naag apni mani yehni stone ko khazanay kay dhar par bhi rakhtay
hain, naag ko khazanay say ishq hota hai, khazano ki jaga par naag ka
hona yeh koi aam baat nahi, naag ko khazanay ki jaga par say hatanay kay
liay aamil log kafi chila kashi aur amliat kartay hain, kafi stories
humay sonnay ko milti hain kay falan jaga par khazanay ki deg dafan hai
magar wahan kalay saanp ka pehra hai, naag yeh khazana osi ko dayta hai
jis kay naseeb main hota hai, koi aur kitni bhi koshish karay osko khazana
kabhi naseeb na hoga, lalchi logon ki nasal ki nasal fana hogai magar
khazanay ko hasil na kar saki.
Ichadhari naag ki mani hasil karnay kay liay lalchi jogi sapayray koshishon
main rehtay hain magar kabhi woh kamiab nahi hotay, aap nay is tarah ki
indian movies bhi daykhi hongi ya stories parhi hongi. jab yeh ichadhari
naag kisi par meharban hojay to osay khazana bhi daytay hain aur mani
ka deedar bhi karatay hain, jin logon ko raazi khushi ichadhari naag nay
mani di woh log aamil kaamil ban gay aur logon ki madad karnay lagay.
Ichadhari naag apni mani ko bohat sanbhal kay chopa kay rakhtay hain
aur aak khas waqat aur sayat main osay zahir kartay hain. ichadhari
naag male aur female jab khas waqat main miltay hain aur mast hotay hain
tab is mani ko zahir kartay hain aur mani main say nikaltay noor ko
daykh kar khush hotay hain suror main atay hain nachtay aur mast hotay
hain. jogi sapayray log isay kundalini shakti kay tor par bhi ghor kartay
hain, kundalni shakti aak power hai jisay bio electric current bhi
kehtay hain yeh power tab active hota hai jab koi bohat suroor main ya
masti kay alam main ho, ichadhari naag bhi male aur female jab suroor
aur masti main atay hain tab yeh power stone ki sorat main onkay mo
say ogal kar nikalta hai yeh sperm nahi hai (sperm mo say nahi nikalta) .
yeh aak rohani power hai ziada is power ki malumat kay liay mujh say
rabta karain.
Ichadhari naag ki mani hasil karna na mumkin hai, aamil logon nay isay
hasil karnay kay liay kafi chilay katay, parhaiya ki magar onko kamiabi
naseeb na hoi, ichadhari naag hum logon main golay milay hoay hain onko
koi pehchan nahi sakta magar aak aamil aur jogi sapayray log onko pehchan
laytay hain.

* FISH PEARL (Hajar al-simak aur Hajar al-hot)
Yeh stone aak khas kisam ki fish kay sar kay hisay main say nikalta
hai, is fish ko "pathar chita aur sanol" kehtay hain, is stone ko
sang sar maahi bhi kehtay hain.

daykhnay main yeh stone topaz yehni pokhraj ki tarah hota hai yeh kai
rangon main hota hai. fish kay sar main say chotay chotay tokron ki shikal
main bhi hota hai.

Tabi khasiat:
Yeh stone sang e masana aur sang e gorda main mofeed hai sang e gorda
wa masana ko tor kar kharij kar dayta hai, bachon kay marz namonia main
bhi mofeed hai.
Sahri khuwas:
Sharf e mashtari kay din khushbo laga kar gold ya silver kay taweez main
band kar kay pehannay walay ko kabhi rupay payson ki tangi nahi hogi, is
stone say oskay rizak main barkat hogi jis job kay kam main hath dalay
ga osay kamiabi milay gi.

Yeh stone poranay aur baray size kay mandak kay sar kay hisay main say
nikalta hai, yeh stone bhi snake stone ki tarah apnay andar bay panah
tabi wa sahri asrat rakhta hai.

Yeh stone bhi muktalif colors ka hota hai in main jo white color ka hota
hai osay acha mana jata hai, Asli stone ko pehchanay ka tarika yeh hai
kay stone ko kisi mandak kay samnay rakh dain takay mandak ki nazar
ospar paray, agar stone asli hoga to mandak stone ki taraf tayzi say
ay ga aur jhapatnay aur stone ko aap say chinnay ki koshish karay ga
aur apni taraf say pora zor pori koshish karay ga woh stone aap say
hasil karnay kay liay agar stone osay hasil hogaya to woh osay nigal
lay ga.

Tabi Khasiat:
Iskay tabi khuwas bhi same snake stone jaysay hain is stone ko agar
saanp kay dasnay ki jaga par laga do to yeh wahan chopak jata hai aur
zehar chos kar alag hokar gir jata hai aur doodh main dalnay say chosa
hoa zehar doodh main chor dayta hai, agar is stone ka koshta bana kar
is ki raakh ko sobha kay waqat ak chatki bhar lay kar 3 roz tak pani
kay hamra istamal karay to os shaks kay liay mofeed hai jisay aksar
saanp dastay hon to osay humaysha saanp kay katnay ki takleef say
nijat mil jay gi, yeh stone homoeopathic medicine main bhi use hota
hai iski tablets banai jati hain yeh tablets jism main say zehar ko
khatam kar dayti hain.

Mukhfi Khasiat:
Agar is stone ko ring main pehna jay aur ring aysi ho kay stone finger
ki skin say touch karay to ring pehannay wala shaks koi zehreli chez
khay ga ya peay ga to iskay asar say yeh stone bohat garam hojay ga.
Aak clerk ko aak bara mandak mila tha jiskay sar main osay dana obhra
hoa nazar aya woh samaj gaya kay oskay sar main stone hai, clerk ko
kahin zarori kam say jana tha osnay mandak ko apnay coat ki asteen
say mazboti say bandha aur wahin chor kar kam par chala gaya jab woh
wapis mandak ko laynay aya to mandak osay na mila aur osay is baat par
hayrat hoi kay coat ki asteen waysi he tight bandhi thi jaysay osnay
bandhi thi magar mandak os main say farar ho choka tha is say malum
hoa kay yeh stone jail kay qaidion ki rahai kay liay bhi mofed hai.

* DUCK STONE (Hajar Al-Azar)
Yeh stone duck kay payt main hota hai.

Tabi Khasiat:
Agar is stone ko ghis kar os patinet ko pilaya jay jisay motion hon
to oskay liay mofed hai.

Mukhfi khasiat:
Yeh stone osay use karna chahehai jis ka animal totem duck ho.

* JELLYFISH STONE (Hajar Al-Isfanj)
Yeh stone jelly fish kay payt main hota hai.

Tabi khasiat:
Is stone ko use karnay say masanay ki pathari ko khatam kar dayta hai.

Mukhfi khasiat:
Yeh stone osay use karna chahehai jis ka animal totem jelly fish ho.

* SPARROW STONE (Hajar Al-Khattaf)
Ababeel nami bird kay nest main 2 stones pay jata hain aak red color
ka dosra white color ka.

White stone patient kay galay main locket main pehannay say marz say
nijat mil jati hai, sexual power ko bhi barhata hai nazar bad ko dor
karta hai, agar bachay kay sar kay neechay rakh dain to khuwab main
nahi daray ga.

* ROOSTER STONE (Hajar Al-Dajaj)
Yeh stone morgay kay potay yehni sang e dana main hota hai.

Agar kisi ko doray partay hon to patient is stone ko locket main
dal kar pehan lay to bimari say shifa milay gi, nazar bad say bachao
kay liay bhi best hai, male sexual power ko bhi barhata hai agar isko
ring main pehna jay, jo bacha khuwab main darta ho oskay sirhanay rakhnay
say boray khuwab nahi atay.
Jis ka chinese star Rooster ho ya animal totem rooster ho oskay liay
yeh stone use karna best hai.

* SPARROW STONE 2 (Hajar Al-Sanobar)
Yeh stone bhi ababeel bird kay nest main hota hai is stone ko hasil
karnay ka tarika yeh hai kay ababeel kay chozon ko saffron kay pani
say rangeen kar kay nest main rakh dain jab ababeel apnay chozon ko
daykhay gi to samjay gi kay onko yarkan ki bimari yehni pelia hogaya
hai aur woh chozon ko thek karnay kay liay aak khas stone ko dhond
kar lati hai aur apnay nest main rakhti hai.

Jis shaks ko yarkan ya peliay ki bimari ho woh yeh stone locket main
dal kar pehnay to osko is bimari say shifa milay gi.

* EAGLE STONE (Hajar Al-Akab)
Yeh stone Akab kay nest main hota hai is stone ko hilanay say stone
kay andar kat kat ki see awaz ati hai magar stone tornay par andar
kuch nahi milta yeh stone aksar akab kay nest main hotay hain jab koi
shaks akab kay nest ki taraf rokh karta hai to akab isi kisam kay stones
os shaks par phayknay lagta hai akab ko yeh feel hota hai kay log oskay
nest par isi stone ko hasil karnay kay liay atay hain.

Pregnant orat agar is stone ko locket main ya ring main use karay gi
to bachay ki paydaish main takleef na hogi.
Jo koi is stone ko apni ziban kay neechay rakhay to dushman par fatehyab
hoga aur jis shaks say jo sawal karay woh manzor karay ga.

* DOG STONE (Hajar Al-Kalab)
Jo stone dog ko maray aur dog os stone ko danton say otha lay is stone
ko hajar al-kalab kehtay hain yeh stone aksar black magick main use
hota hai.

* CAMEL STONE (Hajar Al-Nakta)
Yeh stone os jaga say milta hai jahan camel miti main lotpot hota hai,
agar is stone ko kisi aashiq deewana kay bazo main bandhay to foran
oska ishq zail hojay ga aur apnay hosh main ajay ga.

* HUMAN STONE (Hajar Al-Batan Al-Insan)
Yeh stone insan kay payt main hota hai, agar iska sorma bana kar ankh
main lagay to ankh ki safaidi zail ho.

* RUDDY GOOSE STONE (Hajar Al-Hobara)
Yeh chota sa stone mashor parinda "surkhab" kay potay main say nikalta
Jis ko ziada ahtalam ki shikait ho ya ishal ziada atay hon woh is stone
ko apnay pas rakhay to shifa yab hojay ga, agar is stone ko locket
main pehna jay to jis ko neend ziada aati hogi oski neend main kami
wakay hojay gi.

Bezoar stones aur pearls kay ilawa Allah pak ki banai nature main kuch
aur aysay stones bhi pay jatay hain jo apnay andar gazab kay sahri asrat
rakhtay hain, in stones main kafi Fossilized stones hotay hain.
Fossilized stones kya hain? jo jandar ya janwar hazaron salon say zamin
main daba hoa ho woh stone ki tarah ban jata hai aysay stone ko FOSSIL
kehtay hain.
Fossil Stones kay asrat kay mutalik shaman log kafi jankari rakhtay hain
in kay pas yeh stones aksar mil jatay hain, meray pas bhi apni zati in
stones ki bari collection hai.
Mera interest in stones main is tarah payda hoa kay yeh on dino ki
baat hai jab main school main parhta tha mujay books parhnay ka kafi
shok tha, aak din meri nazar aak thaylay walay par pari jo porani books
sell kar raha tha, thaylay par meri nazar aak english book par pari
jis ka nam tha "Eye witness guide of FOSSILS" mainay woh book li aur
ghar akar os book ko ghor say parha aur fossils kay colorful photos
ko daykha aur mujhay aak naya ilm seekhnay ko mila, mujhay fossil stones
main dilchaspi barh gai mainay is ilm main Allah pak kay karam say kafi
maharat hasil kar li aur fossil stones ko daykhtay he malum par jatay
kay yeh kis species ya kis jandar ka hai stone ki mineral compostion
kya hai aur kis period ka hai jurrasic ya triasic etc.
Mujhay pehlay in stones kay sahri asrat kay mutalik malumat nahi thi
aur na he is baat par yakin tha kay fossil stones main koi asrat hosaktay
hain, mujhay yakin tab aya jab mujhay in stones nay apnay asrat dikha ay.
Main aak din apnay friend kay sath pahari ilakay main ghomnay gaya wahan
achanak meri nazar aak ajeeb lakri (wood) kay tokray par pari jo aam lakri
jaysi nahi lag rahi thi mainay osay othaya to woh stone ki tarah wazni
thi main samaj gaya kay yeh fossil hai mainay aak baat note ki kay is
stone ko apnay hathon main laytay he meri tabiat bojhal honay lagi hath
garam honay lagay, paon main dard mehsos honay laga jaysay kafi wazni
hogay hon, tabiat main ganodgi tari honay lagi mainay socha kay mera
wayham hoga mainay woh stone apnay friend ko dia oskay sath bhi kuch
aysa he honay laga aur woh dar kay maray stone ko phayknay laga mainay
os say woh stone lay lia aur ghar akar apnay ustad yehni apnay father
ko dikhaya, meray father nay stone ko hath main lia apni ankhain band
kar kay kuch parha aur mujhay woh stone dia aur kaha yeh bohat khas
chez hai isay sanbhal kay rakhna, yeh stone aab bhi meray rakha hoa
hai iski porisrariat aur sahri asrat kay raaz say main abhi wakif nahi,
mujhay bhi Qudrat nay yeh stone dayna tha hazaron salon say woh zamin
main dafan tha phir kisi tarah bahir zahir hoa mera intazar karnay laga
aur aak din mujhay mil gaya Qudrat nay meray liay osay sunbhal kay
rakha tha meri kismat main osay milna tha so mil gaya, is stone kay
milnay kay baad mujhay yakin hogaya kay fossil stones apnay andar asrat
rakhtay hain.
Sadion say log in stones kay asrat say wakif rahai hain, mainay kafi
shaman aur jogi sapayron aur fakiron say in fossil stones kay mutalik
pocha aur onhonay muktalif stories aur ajeeb wakiat mujhay bata ay,
onko yeh baat malum nahi hoti kay yeh dinosaurs kay dor ka stone hai
ya hazaron salon say dafan honay kay baad fossil bantay hain, woh log
alag kahani batatay hain, woh akar yeh kehtay hain kay yeh Qudrat ki
hidden force ki taraf say gift hai aur in stone ki qadar woh karna janta
hai jo oskay asrat ka kail hota hai ya wakif hota hai aur nature khas
bandon ko he aysa gift dayti hai jisay chahai warna aam insan kay liay
to yeh aam stones ki tarah hotay hain jo raston par paray miltay hain,
bas stone ko parakhnay wali ability honi chahehai aur yeh ability khas
bandon main pai jati hai jo rohaniat ki field main hotay hain.
Mera jo scientific nazria tha fossil stones par woh badal gaya aur main
in stones ki rohani asrat ko jannay main lag gaya, kafi research ki aur
mujhay kafi raaz malum hoay qudrat kay in raaz main say aak aham raaz
aap ko batata hon,
Jis tarah hum tawiz ya tilsim khas waqat aur sayat daykh kar banatay
hain aur os khas waqat aur sayat ka baytabi say intazar rehta hai kay
woh waqat ay aur hum tawiz ya tilsim bana ay, aam dino main agar tawiz
ya tilsim banaya jay to woh kam nahi kartay on main koi asrat nahi hotay,
sayat aur onka maksos din hota hai osi din main he bantay hain, isi tarah
soraj girhan aur chand girhan main bhi tawiz ya tilsim banatay hain,
yeh kuch khas din hotay hain rohaniat kay in dino main tawiz ya tilsim
bananay say os waqat aur din kay asrat in tawiz aur tilsim main save
hojatay hain aur tawiz ya tilsim apna asar dikhatay hain, yeh kam to
aksar aamil log ya astrologer kartay hain.
Same isi tarah Qudrat bhi khas waqat aur sayat main tawiz ya tilsim
banati hai jo humay fossil stone kay rop main miltay jin main tarah
tarah ki ajeeb shiklain ya banawat bani hoti hain, woh lamha woh waqat
jo hazaron salon pehlay hoa woh fossil main save hota hai ya preserved
hota hai, jis tarah hum apnay bachpan ki photo daykhtay hain photo main
nazar ata bacha jo aap hain aur irdgird rakhi cheezain os waqat ki photo
main qaid hogai hai woh lamha jo gozar gaya aap kay bachpan ka photo
main save hogaya hai aak dam tham sa gaya hai.
Same isi tarah fossil stone main jandar preserved hokar photo ki tarah
hum ko hazaron saal gozarnay kay baad milta hai, woh lamha os dor ka
aur khas waqat kay rohani asrat or os jandar kay rohani asrat stone
main hotay hain yeh qudrat ka banaya hoa tawiz ya tilsim hai jo khas
waqat main banna shoro hoa aur kisi khas maksad kay liay Qudrat nay
os ko preserved kia aur phir osko mila jo oska haqdar hai.
Har Fossil stones main mukhfi asrat nahi pay jatay jo khas waqat main
fossil bantay hain onhe main asrat hotay hain, kuch fossil stones main
boray asrat bhi hotay hain onko use karnay say insan moshkilat main
phans sakta hai, yeh sub batain aap ko wahi log bata saktay hain jin ko
in stones ka ilm ho ya aap mujhay contact kar kay details malum kar
saktay hain.
Shaman, jogi saparay ya fakir log Bezoar stones aur pearls kay sath
fossil stones ko bhi dhondtay rehtay hain aur yeh stones onko easily
mil jatay hain kuch to aam fossils hotay hain par kuch bohat khas hotay
hain jaysay kisi janwar ki ankh fossil ban kar nayab moti ya pearl ki
shape main ban jati hai in nayab ankh kay fossil pearl main zabardast
mukhfi asrat yehni occult powers hotay hain is tarah kay nayab fossils
bhi garon, jungalon ya mukadas jagaon main mil jatay hain jahan janwaron
kay fossils aksar pay jatay hain.

Mutalif culture kay shaman ya fakir log muktalif mythological stories
batatay hain fossil stones kay baray main woh fossils kay mukhfi asrat
kay kail to hotay hain magar onko kuch fossils kay mutalik yeh malum
nahi hota kay fossil kis jandar ka hai woh apnay ancestors ki kahania
seena ba seena sontay aur amal kartay hain jo fossils kay baray main
hoti hain jaysay hindu aur jogi sapayray log aak fossil stone ki puja
kartay hain jisay salagram ya saligram kehtay hain yeh aak zabardast
tilsimati stone hai.
Is stone ka intakhab bohat dhian say kia jata hai kuon kay in main subhi
lucky nahi hotay kuch apnay andar boray asrat bhi rakhtay hain, black
color kay salagram stone ko apnay pas rakhnay walay ko shohrat aur kamiabi
milay gi aur red color ka bhi acha hai, jo salagram stone na munasib ya
thek nahi hota woh stone apnay pas rakhnay walay ki family main jhagray
aur adawat ya dushmania payda kara dayta hai. Salagram stone main jo
spiral lakeeray hoti hain woh bay dhangi hon ya tarteeb say na hon ya
brown color main ho aysa stone apnay pas rakhnay walay ki wife ko mar
dalta hai. Hindu log is stone ki bohat izat kartay hain aur is stone
ko achi tarah dho kar perfume laga kar puja ki jaga par rakhtay hain
aur iska mantar parh par iski puja kartay hain.
Salagram stone aak circular gol shape ka fossil stone hai jis main
spiral pattern banay hotay hain jaysay seep ya gonga (snail) ka shell
hota hai. yeh aak prehistoric samandari janwar snail ka shell hai jisay
"Ammonite" kehtay hain jo hazaron salon kay baad pathar ki tarah ban
gaya hai jisay hum fossil kehtay hain, kuch jogi sapayray log ammonite
ko saanp samajtay hain jo pathar ka ban gaya hai aur is stone ki kafi
izat kartay hain stone ka shape bhi is tarah hai jaysay koi saanp kundali
mar kar aram kar raha ho.
Christianity main bhi Ammonite fossil kay mutalik stories milti hain
jaysay st.paul malta kay island par gay aur wahan kay hazaron lakhon
saapon ko pathar ka bana dia, isi waja say malta kay christian log in
ammonite fossil stones ko kafi mantay hain aur in stones kay mukhfi
asrat say bhi khob wakif hain.
Hum is Ammonite fossil ko saanp samjhain ya koi aur janwar samjhain
magar yeh aak hakikat hai kay is fossil main zabardast mukhfi asrat
chopay hain.
Salagram stones ya ammonite fossils kay ilawa aur bhi kai fossils hain
jin ki yahan list likhon to kafi bari list ban jay gi.
Pakistan kay sobay sindh jo oliaon ki sar zameen hai yahan oliaon ki
kafi mazaron main bhi fossils stones mainay daykhay hain jin main aysay
asrat mainay daykhay hain jis say akal dhang reh jati hai aur main sochta
hon kay Allah pak ki banai is qudrat main kaysay kaysay raaz chopay hain
aur in raaz ka ilm Allah pak khas bandon ko he ata karta hai jisay
chahai, woh jahil ko aalim fazil bana dayta hai to aalim fazil ko jahil.

Mainay aap ko Bezoar, pearls aur fossil stones kay mutalik kafi kuch
aap ko bataya magar shayad aap ko malum na ho in stones kay ilawa aur
bhi animal stones hotay hain in main aak "ANIMAL EYE STONES" bhi hain
yeh stones qudrati banay bhi mil jatay hain aur kuch log khud bhi banatay
hain jisay "sokta" karna kehtay hain yehni janwar ki ankhon ko kisi
kapray ki potli main bandh kar bhaap daytay hain jis say woh moti ki
tarah ban jatay hain yeh Al-keemia ki recipes hoti hain agar aap ko
in stones ko bananay main interest ho to mujhay contact kar kay recipe
malum kar saktay hain.

Animal stones kay mutalik mera article khatam hoa Allah pak aap sub ko
rohani oloom ko samajnay ki tofeek ata farmay takay hum in oloom ko
samaj kar insaniat kay kam asakain (ameen) .
InshAllah bohat jald aap ko kuch aur rohani oloom kay raaz bataon ga
apnay is rohani bhai ko duaon main zaror yaad rakhiay ga.

Allah hafiz.
Bezoar stones, Pearls ya Fossilized stone meri shop Dhaaro main availabe hain agar aap ko in stones main
interest hoto aap mujhay contact kar kay in stones kay
mutalik malumat hasil kar saktay hain.
Agar aap books main interested hain jis main in stones kay mutalik likha ho to yeh books bhi meri shop main available hain jo urdu main likhi hain main kuch books ki
list yahan likh raha hon:

* Ajaib Al-Makhlokat (old arabic book)
By Amad uldin zikariya

* Hayat Al-Haywan (old arabic book)
By Alama Muhammad kamal uldin aldamayri

* Karishma e Qudrat
By ikhlak Hassan Lakhnoi

* Anwar e Tilsimat
By Alama Rafique zahid

* Qanon e Tilsimat
By Alama Rafique zahid.

In books main aap ko bezoar stones aur pearls kay mutalik kuch malumat milay gi magar in books main fossilized stones kay baray main nahi likha hoa, fossilized
stones ki malumat kay liay aap mujhay contact kar saktay


Thank you!

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